The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 3
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}rm PARIS FACE THMS1 Sooner Oil Status Tense Sri-ike Votes Taken By Union Employes of One Companv -•, * * * OKLAHOMA C1TT. i/Pf. — A troubled atmosphere prevade& Oklahoma o!l circles Saturday as a result of, strike votes taken by union employes of the Indian Territory Uluminatins: OH company in The,^Oklahoma City and greater Sew inol& districts There was no move Saturday to re-open negotiations between the unionized Indian Territory employes and company officials at Bartlesville. The workers F*r{- day ni^bt threatened to strike unless, tbe company came to an agreement on Tvase and labor conditions. About 1,000 workers here and 250 in the Seminole and TVynona | areas are seekin™ Ti-asre increases j averaging about 25 per cent. I Workers in the Wynona Osa?:c district were to meet Saturday njsht and vote on a strike and it ivas expected a committee from BARNES OF : i 1 DALLAS IS DEAD C. JR. Barnes o£ Dallas, former resident of Parity died mt Baylor hospital Saturday Jnorairij, from injuries received in a fall while mt •work. He was engaged as a contractor. The body will be brought h«je Sunday at noon, and funeral services -will be held at the- Manton- Fry funeral ehapftj on Clarksville street at 3 p. m-, conducted by the Rev. Charles T. Tally. Jr.. pastor of First Congregational church. Burial will be made at Evergreen cemetery. Mr. Barnes, 47 years old, had resided in Ballas about 10 years. Hs is survived-by his n-idow. and three sisters. Mrs. Anna IX Stewart o? T*aris. Mrs. J. A. ttindley of Finley. Okla.. and Mrs. T. C. Patrick of Dallas. FOUR RIDE TO FLAMING DEATH IN TEXAS BUS CRASH Bar Group ClosesMeet FORT "WORTH. Tex,. UP). —The Texas Bar association adjourned its annual convention here Saturday after electing H, C. Pipkin of the union would call on company I Arnarillo president and adopting I reconin^endations for drastic re- I form in this state's code of crim- i inal procedure. Also recommended was establishment of a state constabulary and a, nine-men supreme court and the shortening of litigation throug-h vesting in the courts of f*.\fj> V-O- m- * i*^- %^-****•«» ».-*"«. --| "-' j - j - • .2 -finerv. Sixteen Champlm stations ! civil appeals final jurisdiction in •here"were picketed Saturday and the bulk of appellate matters, reports indicated the picketing:} Pip^n. who has been a director ' w« under wav in other cities. j in The association for six years and ' ' the directorate's chairman for two .'yean?, was elected without oppo- j ?irion by acclairn. He succeeds HEAD ' John C. Townes of Houston. I -TV. T. Armstrong of Galveston C Continued Frora Pace Ou** Chairman Fletcher and Senator; Vandenbers assailed the Demo-1 cratie administration for the estab-j of what they termed a; tfe« by measures of interference! contro. of industry a»d ag^etiltare. not only lias delayed the return to sound economic principles and confused our entire political and of.'.capital'" i-xtojfe* '«9*at to e!*et Republic** gr«*wm«n and senator* in tk» ** year of 1534, a,"-J «•>»*> fc«l«nc« be saved for the presidential* y«»r of 1335. "bureaucracy^ and for a fiscal' HAILEYVILL.E. Oil*. tfH—A» as*?d couple was burned to death near Dow late Kg^K 3^. 3.^^ policy which they said was setting J "«"»*"'- «<=~- "TT^ "~~~~ " d TVhen fire< sta f ted by *** e up a huge debt that ultimately i su ^, r \ ^ ajd ^ Sa _ tu ! d: f 1y .L ha !. t ^ e .._ Re ; * lon of a can cf k * ros «** . must .be paid -"by taxation or { repudiation." _ _ _ . . . Geors* F. Getz. national trea- officials Monday, : Meanwhile trt«?mbers of oil field unions in Oklahonia and JCarfsas joined a movement to picket fillins: stations and properties of the Champlin Refining company of Tvnid as a result of a lockout of HO employes at the Champlsn SEEK TO ELECT TAMMANY YORK, (>P)—As postmast- \ -pared to leave Thursday for an [ ecctensVve •western trip. leaders close to the administration were reported Saturday- nicht to bp Keeking to hasten the election of a itew head of TaTnmany Hall. Stalemated since the tinprece- *nted ouster of John F. Curry. tary, a post he has filled for eigor CContlr.ued trom Pa»e Oise? This is the charred wreckage of a bus in •which four persons died and 11 others were injured when the huge vehicle, bound from San Antonio to Dallas, crashed against a bridge abutment near Lancaster,Tex., and burst into flames. A fire blowout wa« blamed for the accident. {Associated Press Photo) publican party will try to I campaign chest of ?1.090.9<)9. As 1 much as is necessary, he said. -A ill "The final alternative unless we « retrench." said Vandenbers. "is j the "printing: press* z x x whether j we like* it or not this is one of j the realities ahead." | Fletcher asserted congress had j given President Roosevelt, powers t "comparable only to those posses- j sed by Mussolini and Hitler," and } charged the president has "in j turn delegated contro! of the live- \ I lihood, business and property of \ I the individual American citizen to i a, vast maze of theorizing, meddling:, lendics: and agancies." The Democratic party, he said, j has "gone completely new deal," j a?«l "has moved away from the j j faith and policies of Jefferson and { Jackson, Cleveland and Wilson." The Republican party, he said, does not believe "that the national wealth and well-being of the whole people can be increased by- restricting production and by causing: an artificial and unnatural scarcity." whK-h they were kindlinj; m. .fire to cook the *>v«?nir»ar meal, destroyed t!"!**tr horn**. "' borrow-in 5- j | Booth Fletcher and Vandenbers: j LAURA WHEELER DESIGNS A TEDDY BEAR THAT IS QUICKLY MADE By GIBBON'S' POTEET This nation called the United States of America is a potential Garden of Eden. In FACT it is a, pauper begging sit its own door. In ancient days Old Croesus became the symbol of riches. Even unto this day when we wish to 'Depress the idea of great riches we say. *'As rich as Croesus." This nation is rich e'-'en beyond the dreams of Croesus. In all tb» »s- senUaJs of life, all the comforts. 3 ea in all luTcuries this is toe riches, nation that has ever been on earth. And still we have the greatest number of paupers that ever existed in a first class nation. And contemplate- this: leaving ew incompetents and moral had Incurred the administra- j tion's disfavor, embers of Tam- j Saturday afternoon. however, many's executive committee plan- | naval and police authorities met | out a. _ , ^ ned informal conferences Monday with the American consul "here \ degenerates, the very people in. tb* hope of a compromise may j and all decided that it would be j have produced all oar vas be reached. RADMOR TOURS Two "TCorld's Fair parties now : being organized by Mrs. L. X. .Dancajs, assisted by other club ; -n»3f*.rs. - Parties leave- Paris July 21st and August 1 Sib,. Mrs- Dirncan has conducted a. number of educational tours from coast to coast* including: pa.r- lie* to San Frars Cisco and Saa- ^iias'o expositions in 3315. A.3- "dress C55 5. Church St., Phone 7T5. unfair to punish the crews for the] of supplies that f&efis and clothes misdeeds of their comrades. ..the people and aD the "wealth" ? The fights broke out in several j piled up in the centers—the very [•cafes at once, and were quelled People who have PRODUCED all 1 only after naval patrols came to i this are the very people who are Itbe assistance of the Nice police, j now on starvation, ihis « a "new j 1 -rv,~ **™*~~ ^** ««tir.> a t^ at i thing under the son. Tn • oid f The damas'5 w-as estiraate at | 25,000 francs (51.525). and -w ! Tictr becotne tne subject of a ne 1 international claims board. ! Sailors and civilian*,, -with -whom 1 they fought, still showed some and thicsly eett!ed nation? like ! .' | Cbina they often have "famines" ] I b^ccuse of a lack of a production j , I of food. - Byt we have starvation j land of plenty. This is an Tn fact it is a. Tnon- i said Fletcher, "that the government by "tampering trith .our currency, by destroying confidence, by SPECIALS Black Walnut SUNDAE BIG COMBINATION OFFER 35 Onc Quart "Pride of Paris" Ice Cream One Adult Theatre Ticket A REGULAR 70c VALUE BOTH FOR Choice of—Chocolate . . Tutti Frultti . Vanilla .... Strawberry . . Cherry ...Boston Pudtiing .... Fruit Salad _ Black Walnut ... Almond Toffee Sherbet. CORNER DRUG STORE of Farls" C. J". Musselman, Frop Phone S7 Knock-Out Purchase CUDDLE TOYS PATTERN 745 sTy. It not nafural. It A Teddy Bear is ens of tiie kid-, material- The clothes are made of dies* favorite playmates. It always I bits of cay-colored, material- ?attsm [ resentment in spots^ Saturday, the I , ; former being particularly ..angry ( ^ !fi . no * KA"\"E TO BB. It c!d not j has sonaethimg droll about it .and i Pattern 745 coniains 5 over the shotting of Joseph Kline,, | j^^ v, ap pet5. It was MAI>E- to {besides that is easy to grab onto^ i for a bear about 15 Inches }22. by Xjcon Curpy. chief of the 5 happW. Tt COUI-D be corrected. S TbJs bear—-nrade ot btst r*ro pieqgs" wh=rt ff-^isbed anc tire clothes I Surete. | jt *s ICliae's condition -was reported i horse slightly improved but lie still had j sti-par 'the bullet in fels neck. - trtsuiT •a«^ caused by trj^ing to "swap ? in t"ri^ TnicGi^ of xne r" by trying to <s" afi^r tn"- hands llywood {not counting the soles > is very sho-pru: coTnpiet© airections rcr; quickly made. It may be dressed malting tb« bear and clothes and j "change { as a- boy or girl teddy. If you wish yardage requirements. | a": I to please the youussters FpeciaJly.: Send 10 cents in stamps or coin | I Tnake a t-prm pair, Tfee bear can: (coin pret?rred> for this pattern; i be Tnade of cotton broadcloth, i to TSe Xews. Needle-craft De?-.. | I ginghain. a. calico print if he is''-?2 Eighth Avenue. New York, X. j j to be real <lroll. or some wooly! V. j handful c J-iVtr Gotcr Chffxgts facial C$?ifesr.. .Thin face or round face? Either may be tsadc to appear isorc oral by applying rouge according to certain principles of art. * Sxbtlt £l*;ttr?!.. . Attractive features may be artistically accented ... Sylvia Sidney, starring h stcs a Max Ftxfv those less so, sabducd. thsr bcaurj-, and bcjutj- oatv, Is emphasized. ^ Ccl-jr Har>^r t j £iffkf~Up ... the skin, the eyes, cfae hair decide rhc color scbenic. It is vital to natural beauty tha t colors in make-up harmonize. Paramount's Thirty-Day Princess Color Harm&ny r- I men representing the bonc^oMers | reduced—that is to say. that THJE | ! right alter the \va.r are th^ boj-s j HIGH *COST" OF COMMODITIES: | who cbanged trumps on the ?oc— | s5ioi:!d be reduced—or. that the- j ! ]?le. During aiwi right after th-3 \ products of labor shoulji decrease j I ~«-ar the bondholders Sad bouchi < j n Collars and ths dollar should! I the bonds with tn& war-time <iol- rxCKEASE in r-urchasinsr r^ower | • tars—smaller dollars. Th:s ht:'e i "I i bunch of aryjai-tl pirates <2ec:de<i | in terms of ceni-iiouhies and labor- | I that. THEY would have z. "i-ost-.J "The count-- was flooded with j | war reacjiiscraent," They decided ; aLrgr rr "°rsts iba 1 ^ ^^e -r.-^-^ sii'£e~- | (to drive down t«- VATUE of *!! I Ing . ^ m , h j - hic lTcwt*of livis^-i j other forms of property in order i _ . ~ t i to *"ai?preciitle"* the purchasirtg ? *~* i ~* ii —"~ < - i -"-- o.i.-^s. ci 1 - — i : power of the- dollars they hs5 In. i were so subtle and DrI-CHITPU' \ the bonds, Mosi inen re ! the "deflation" campaign j was the purpose of that camr-a:=Ts < them as true, to their o^-ii great )—to reduce all values arid prk-es S injury." I in order to give mere power to I Those are the words o? H5 rreat •dollars. This wauld ' ersabic th-> \ a ,,,- r ,"^;, v '"^ Ij^,-^ -"^e- "e^-- T h ^. i!; 01 ^ 1 ?^: d ^ 1Iars to co ^ tr j ! aU Ue^"^en through "alf a^'s'have | 5Iany men do not yet unj-?r- ) p^Xo.« > ""ui>' ^'- < "d'->^"- at ^V'- It has j vT^lf! T^'^iS* ^a^Tr\» - **^-5p'^ -\\~n~v' "^ ^l^- |.* "-^ - v - ptAiic -nn«,. nap.t.^a. *» n> . r>- ; jj e€n ^forked arter every vrs.r and I cause, the v«-ry bunch -^ ho -w-o-Kra f ^ v ,.,,^ ^^ .„, ,-:-« r>-.^ H^p.^, jihe scheme control the pr«* '" Urs.""That"burch' o^'dryland"oir- jthe ma:n; and they USK th- rv-:-«s I- &TM VT ,^. rh ~ r ^^ ^^^P do "«o £ I to fc-ot the peopse. Irs fact j arsrurncnts arc ^o irssidiou; ! >uh*«e that they have fooJeii ! part cf the presss. That the A Dallas Wholesaler Wanted Out of The Bathing Suit Business So We Took These Off His Hands at a Give* A way Price ! 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J j ers. i hat :>ur.c:i I'*s»o< ''-"-TV -H~* ••-' j cltt^ IV,.V- L3SO.V »J ; ujndersiar'j and trssc "h?y | on? to tl» srparc-nt ber^fit cf th« ; This tivnr the robbery TS so great _ * innc:-~ I He is a Iramrd | >s HT; hoTtest rrt3 j thirtk. is ""part I ;-*a:p* American Indiaris ^ ~f | most hoR**st rtir* that ever ; robbed arid mined the"i, I "Rol-ert 1», O*A *•? r-, 1 - S a s absur it \vas wh-?T5 Creates- MC the value- ^ be '"vaJi-.c" saTi'on she'.:' :e c" litt'e dollars i- c? try to chance back th~ ih::- ; cr no'A- Is to "h? 0-rbts w-?re- Titade. ii'-'ts up. The ;*?•••! as full of e*. irood POWDER ROUGE LIPSTICK rha iij ctmic for hoors. Mmt Bftttmrv F*ce in cc4or r it& tb* 1 color *on* . , . M»x ^. Ptrfrxi ca<4« •wi lifel»¥e E!OW o? color to the <-bwfc», . . ScwxwhJjlrr ftaMrtlj.t tcrturc. « *!w»js Ncctb rtrnly, fete Cmrsawc Ijpjtkk completes the coJ uaiTo«B foe hoc». Speci • w*r Fr<C.» YOUK PERSOKAI. COLOR HARMONY MAKE-UP CHART Max Factor M*fcc-Up Scrvkc Dcp*rtnKot..-is«n Soot PerfeinsBroi •r: jtrxJ hi? ss^" licw ir T\'orked. TV'ouId you beH^vt-. T t-st 1^ €>•« f n ? Here i» what .•^ayjt about how the cazarnity ' •^'hich the Tsation is suffer-in"?: broujrht on. In Mr. Oven"* b "MOXET." on FRS^ S. thss jruas^ appears: Qu^stton: "Mr. O'T« k r,. nz^t •was thr parric of 'STO-C! bro\ about t" rial power of Tb.c country, thr>: trol of fbr poiitioa! T r?atiOT» and ov*r th*" 1 t-rx'r "Pcsrt!. thr "Fft^ Bank srivl it* rf\rr N"EKDS. To;: ^ of rsic* ! I h-\v«> rcff r?' !u .T man dred Thar is fa.!??, be for? Con- UK.ATE and NF,\v rtcr-r-y. rn? tho -^ Kra- ustice who Of cov?rniYU*nt a t*mi« tfc* dollar was at it* lo*^- fst in purchasinsr TW'tver conceived the idea that it would -be to THEIR ADVANTAGE TO tX- CREA5E THK PUKCH.ASIXO POWER OF THt" I>OI-T*AR in which th*?r furtcls •w«r<> iiyv*>ste<J, ,Th*y» th*r*for«, -dernAnded that ?onators: •'.rivii Ijemke bil! antJ as laws and T ".viil c: vot**." th-=- nation wot; saved, and .Amev.cit TAOU!-: Oardcn t>f Kdrn. md^etJ, BON.t>S ARK SKT KEFUGIO. Texas. \^- — •ht >se >.ac! set bonds of i for C. H. v'JacK> Ash- ) l*y of Austin anvl a ^-oTnan *wfco j sa-id she- was Ashley's \vifp. Mrs. f Xina TV* el Is Ashley., after they \vatved examining: trial in his court ots chftTsffts of rr»\jr«l<?r for fh«* kill- Ing of J, C. Pollard oft a . . Women's and Misses* Regular. $5,95^ 3-Piece Bicycle Suits Three pieces include House, snorts and* as snovn. Pretty pique in many teciutuiH color comblnaiicns. 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