The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY WBWS. FREDERICK. WD. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 18, 1931. 8EVCH SIATEFEED READY FOR BIS Bountiful Crops Of Past Season Boon For Wild Life. '0 BE FED IN WINTER Over-production of cropi uitii the oasequent 5ca - prices is a sad !£o» to laryland: farnser;, out a great break or the b:ris ·«rh:ch io;oum in Mary- mi dur.n; the -Air.te-r. State Game Garden E. Lee i*C-j=ipte s^id Tnurs- ay. oat.oBS :or t-ie w-irjer^ig of tie ates -a-ild life are be-tter this year n ihey haie been in t*a years." Mr. eConspie ^aid. -Dtiring the pas; two inters K has been necessary for the u to expend th-c'jsands of dollars provide feed for tbe gaze birds and ralJiacle insectivorous and song ds ^i order that the game ni^ht re through the cold ·areather so as to irvive until the next hunting season nd so ihat the «rvioe performed by insect-destroying bjrds ntisht not e lost, to the farmers oi the state. Weather Also Favorable. "This year feeding arjs: be continued, f course, bat; tae large crops of the utnma gram harvest have left grain the fields and she fact tha; rainfall year was above that of 1930 has ssured the birds better cover this ·sin- Last winter was one :n which iiere would have been a serious loss of :M life if it were not for the feeding 1 USE OF WASTE PRODUCTS ', Cornstalks Brine Turned Into Substitute tor Lumber. 1 «:·-·· .ooit u? ;::? L'^ted Siate* Bureau c-.i-:i-f i:-.c .:vr.i; a:.u ioj.prre::'. lor : r. .s. .u:i.xr _-''o..:u -..^uid. I::- 3 PO- Ihe Navv Depar'.snont \ia*. Lulormcd i\ Lii'ut Oir.traisckr G C HlU-hcock. jmrr.aiKler ol the d'.iwioa. that tw fv » -j^s were rtiuriuns urscitr the'r n»:: io'.\c: · Ba'.lxvj. ap;rox!inatc.\ 30 ::^fs ;iai ' w -- on 0 »f '-iitf c.''.l^.o:j I';-,. S--.4 «i rvportod !o lu'-c a ho!? A O 'o\ t'.irw ·-«.""- l" "·" outor hull iitar .:·.- ,.ur: The tc'R c: t:-.c S-;6 »^- Tho S-li- CHRISTMAS FOODS AT REMARKABLE LOW PRICES Feast on the best this Holiday Season! The A.P. Stores offer you the finest of Christinas Foods . . . From all corners of the world . . . At unusually low prices! t Photo by Acme) \VOVXDED IX BATTLE with the Chinese, a Japanese soldier is shown in thi« mnarLable photo from the Mancburian front, as he subumitted to treatment in an impr«»i»«tl hvopiial bclnud the lines at Tsitsihar. Xote t!»e painful expression on the rictiin'» face. i::er iii;\ ;--a: »v»rr^'i i.- W.:e^i ^.ria is b -::;; '.e".xl .-^ s.'.'.o ^ur-v of a v .;·-.;.: t . i :.o: '. "- :. ^ ·.: .r . M:_^. .^^^. · r. :i..i. t _-:.i. ':i .,x:,'. : i - --., x-:. ·: .ur- , · ·, · ,,..» : ._ . ,.ri.'. 1:. .«.-:. i-L'- SUBMARINES COLLIDE j Ships Of t . v I Im Crash Uurine · l.ictual laaru\ri. oi then by the state and by p«ople interested in maiataitt^s these va'.aa'ale - "TJrjs far '.here has creatures. o: leeisg the b:rds. iw; when ro: "Shocks of com leli 12 ih* £eld pro- cays and saon'sioras come, :l:ere vide shelter and food for ihe birds, es- . be a real r.?cd as underfed b_ras * pecialiy urhen snow is on :he groyne, cumb easily :o exposure." Partners with a surplus of immarke:ed! * grata can perform a valuable service i»"' Xo Christmas Parole For FdIL placzsg some of this There :he buds ' Washington. Dec. 17 --There TV:!! can get to it when the grotind is cov- no release Iroin priori in :he Chns:: :ing o! Albert B. FaH. He will spend the ia\--probably niacy weeks of the New Ytrar in the N'cw Mexico S:a:e Pe::::en'.:ar-. The Ju^::ce Deoann-.ont said no actio:s by tr,e parole board c^uld be t\pec:ed beiore January and Attorney Genera! Mitchell couldn't say vihec. tnat. the board m-gr.t dispose of Fall's application for parole. or :.-.e L'r.'.ted S'ate.- fleet, the s-14 ar.d S-:6. n:uit KO cr^ c-x:k AS The reij;-. o: a c^lliMv p i ci-irir..: :.i,t:- ,-al c^erv.^es ::i the G^ir -: P?.::i:sia The S-16 str-^.-k the S-H. flaj.-h.p or the Submarine Di-.iiio:- (. -*hi mak- -ag » sjbm-.ri«-a appra--h to :hc la'tt-r :::p rnere were ::\ i:".,'-r-«s t-j per- r.ROAIH'AST Christian Science Service OF Kaltimcre Ma Br.i:. ·!: ol !' - M. - l u r C':u"«-l !"..· .-: C:r;r. !. - ! Ol.riat S-:- :··_;· :·· P --','i: V.,usi. S r N D A V \IO1?N1\G .T 1 ' A M \V(\\0 !!:: \V !.. N · r S 4 .-i:!-i'i K" :.i!: S^'.-:;.-f S rv; t-s \v.!l ly -oit th' 1 !!r^; and third y o! .-· -r\ *is int.". t ·aapsp El^i^ RDI Capeskin Fur Lined for men and women Good Ir-oking and a decided!} practical gift. Warmly lined u:th rabbit fur Smartly fin- :-.:-cd. For tiress or drivins- P^ pr^ ^m %. '? 4JIFT TOWEL SET complete to-.'-: snd two »r» GIFT match' Eca'Jti- _ f -j I 'f-cfrsible j.-,,._,,,,; , j e . -^^^ ^ Toys! Toys All ^5 Gift! GLOVES /·:--AA -· -·- a'-- '-o v:^ «fc GiSt Mu§£lers oi silk and rayon «^- : ·m Very, becoming new Fall patterns -- plaids and checks in ample selection. An exceptional quality at this low price . . . and of course, possible only at Pennev's! of Thev'Ii be received with cries of de- lurht! For they are stylish. pocx!-j looking - . . and washable. Thcy come in the season's best shades! Ar.d tbe price is LOW ^ SLIPPEKS ^^«^l^ v *' «»'%' msm*^. 1 I rf / *£^£*5^» in doubt . .. GIVE i" 1 -^, *r V - . ^ J ^ ' · ' f "i \;---yy \ /*' s.-iX Gay . . . Sraart « . . Dainty for Mea . . . Women and Oil I dr en A ; ^ This . . . Junior Pool Table .-I sensation at 9. ^ jHe wants i a smart Marathon What a surprise v.hcn he finds one of these «naphnm hats under the Christmas Tree! Finer than ever quality, yet Penney'* asks only Travel Sets \ cho:cc g i f t ' Es c f"':il S'Wict jccesor:cs in a smart black Flcxhide C3£e! Others 95 C no £^j A--! \oiir son w i l l be a proud pos-scssor. if he receives one of ;i:c?e fur Ch-i--t: 1 -3j! --"x23". and 26 high. T-AO 36" r.:a-,)?e cues 16 r.u.nlcred balk. Xet r-ockets. Others 9Sc up Smart "Gloria" Umbrellas -S:r.3rt i--c.kir.g with the c3e%xr «rst. rn.vic-r. t;pe handic:! .'it t-cct:ve border ;nd ^ Afi s«ps Give Her "GATM©BE" A'o. 455 M Sheer Chiffon! Full-fashioned, of course, with dairiy picot top. silk-plated toe ard sole, flattering heel, cradle foot. \Var.ted ic "A smartly in;the weather in xi_ / * /»-'* "-^^X BERlbOTU^EAR Men's Gift ^' r**' r' £« H a a a 8 9 a 9 a a a »i n a a a H a 3 n a 3 n n B PURE REFINED LARD 3-25c 59 JLB. CAN $1.17 Best Granulated SUGAR 10n-i»«44e 100-LB. BAG $4.40 a E B B B A AP TKNDFK TIXY A.AP. GOLDEN BANTAM PEAS' CORN 2 c-. 35c 2 c- 19c It O, STK1K.E, CHKSTEKFIELD OK C AMEL CIGARETTES *--'!. 29 TINS OF 5«--J FOR 65c 1OXA SAUER KRAUT 3 - 23 A.AP. PVCK. fcg*S*?i5*«!S?*2f£3?* \i»s ? ^i.flRCiilV£» o« - Frederick, Md. 116-120 North Market Street PUMPKINS CRISCO 3 L « t i ; r v r 1 Ib. can / I C FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fancj' Grapefruit 6 for 25c Medium Tangerines 2 doz. 25c Crisp Lettuce .'large head 10c String Beans Fancy Juicy Oranges Crisp Celery Cccoanuts 2 Ibs. 15c 2 doz. 35c 2 for 25c 2 for 15c B H H S B B B B B M B i B B a n i^ B £? B U *».,(« ,, tB , ·'.·! , tius;/idiii£tii BKOBUa f ^\j g ^ 2 =c? n ^s a /Ki B · B f- m ^ " K^5 V *i\i 9 ^Ni B -^ · ^?^ B f · s ^' ^ \ i : ^S /^« li Ss ?S H ^J a Si i?'j 0 as f ^ B ft 5 ^ B #5 2 -·^T B ^\5 a 53 A B B !- tM i^sj fl £'"·$ B f*^ " ^5 B S:? » -5 B ?'j B ~*^ B ^ B " ,"-J H ^"' * |/ 1BI i a £^ a ,,-,- Of *^ i £* a /· a /" a a 3 f- a 3 * a f n ji ' f ? * ^2 , f - · a r 7 B ' _ B /· K t~ Z -3 FOB THE HOLIDAY ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 5 * *»* 98c Attractive Gift Wrapper CHOCOLATE Cl'T ROCK Cream Drops Hard Candy ib 19c ib 19c Fresh Cocoanut Bon Bons Ib. 15c FANCY i^T innci * T L ° W QUALITY 1^1 V«/ J. 1^ PRICES MIXED, BRAZILS, c\ -| ALMONDS OE FILBERTS lb ^l c LARGE. BUDDED WALNUTS . . . ib29c BAKING NEEDS OromcaarT pUt«f dates^. 19c _./ ,, ""T' *^ w " ^* Citron Peel ,,._ , w «....«Jb. 29c SUN MAID RAISINS 2 is o z pkg,. 23« Swansdown, PiUsbnrr, Gold Metal Cake FJonr .... ,, pkf 27e ANN PAGE -- PURE PRESERVES i »· i- 19c Alorst Cwoaout . ..,,. can 15c { Black Walnnt Meat *^ Ib 2Sc Woods Mince Meat Ib. 22c' En S li sh Walnnt Meat »i Ib. 40c Sweet Cider gal. 49e S? 10 ?. 01 ^ CUlB -""· 29c , Fruit Cakes ,.TM . . . each 75c R. K. Plum Puddini: Jb. can 27c Bnlk $1*41^ seisins . .. 3 Ibs. 23c Heinz Mince Meat _Jb. can 2Ic Marshmellows Ib. pkf. 19c Dromedary Cranberry lona BartJctt Pears I;re can I7c Sauce . .- can 19C|Ion2t Peaches ** Ige. cans 2T« ON SALE AT ALL OUE STOKES Gift Orders 75=, 99 S $ l-25, '1.49, S 1.95 AND GIFT ORDER CERTIFICATES Redeemable At Anv A.P. Store in the Conntrv ASK ABOUT THEM SEND ONE TO A NEEDY FAMILY FINEST QUALITY MEATS SMALL LEAN PORK LOINS «b 1 2'/ 2 TENDER, JUICY CHUCK ROAST «» 1 3 Lp.nj} PrPRh TTaTn;; l|j 13c Lean Smoked Picnics ^b ll^ic Lean Fresh Shoulders Ib 10 1 ic 3-Corner Roast . Ib 19e Fresh Ground Beef Ib 17c Slab Bacon Ib loc Sliced Bacon Ib 25c Rour.d or S ; rloin Steak Ib 9 5c Verv Good Franks' . .. Ib 17c Plate Boiling Beef . . Ib. lOc Fancy LEG of LAMB * 1 9* T OTi ff/\l/T*T\ TT i WO ·* f 3 * Lean bMUKbu HAMb ** 1 5 c ?i-.rcs of Ham Ib 25c B B m B B K B B B H n a a B B i B B E K B B J! I! k » a n B B B B R a H B s B B EBEUIB I EiKBtnre r

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