The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 29, 1970 · Page 31
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 31

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1970
Page 31
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THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Pm*« B-15 Friday, May », 1VM Damascus .Boy Scouts Hold Meet r ,:,". Parents of Damascus Boy Scouts in Troop 445 were briefed last night on the highlight of the Scout year, the activities at Gosnen Scout Camp in Vir. ginia. Troop 445 boys will attend camp August 1 to 8. ,,,Also on the program was a Court of Honor to award badges Jto boys who have taken another step up the Scouting Trail. New Tenderfeet are Eric Savoy, Joseph Duvall, Rusty Lemly, John Stull, and Brian Anderson. Mov- ., ing up to Second _Ctass were 'Steven Jacobson and Ronald New- Jin. First Class awards went to · James Belcher and John Kesner , and the Star award was made .to Toby Gouker. Merit badges were presented as follows: John Keaner, reading; Rodney Fry, scholarship; ,Don Grate, chemistry; and public speaking, Garth Weldon. ..Twelve boys won their Tot and Chip awards for knowledge of how "to use a knife and axe. Scoutmaster Robert Gouker and chairman of the Troop Com- ^mittee Harvey Mueller told the .parents about Goshen Camp, including how to prepare the boys for the camp and what will be happening at camp. The boys started sharpening their Scouting skills on the last weekend in April when they camped near Woodsboro. Participating with Gouker and Mueller were C. Lewis, D. Knoll, R. Fry, G. Duvall, J. Kesner, G. Shipley, J. Weldon, D. Robert, G. Fry, J. Belcher, J. Rachel, D. Crate, A. Nelligen, D. Barcroft, J. LaWall, R. Lemly, J. Walters, M. Simmons, R. Lindsay, M, Dottellis, R. Nelligan, K. Plummer, S. Jacobson, D. Mahylis, T. Gouker, A. Beard, L. Perkins, R. Newlin, D, Root, R. Hansberger, E. Savoy, R. Merrell, E. Lindsay, B. Anderson, and A. Hawkins. On May 9 the boys hiked to the seven churches of the sponsoring Ministerial Association, on May 13 they helped clean up the American Legion grounds, on May 16 they participated in the National Capital Area Scout Exposition with a display of a model camp, and on May 23 they helped park cars at the Damascus Elementary PTA Auction- Carnival. The Hocking Chair Theatre HOLIDAY CINEMA NOW SHOWING WUhSb«w«At7:«Hfcf:M Extra Show Fri, Sat. and Son. At 4:30 GREGORY PECK RICHARD ..DAVID CRENNA-JANSSEN EVERYTHING IS CHANGING- Even the old standard thermometer held under the tongue of Margaret Gullietti is becoming a thing of the past. Nurse Karin Shelin uses a new electronic thermometer to check PamMcGlone's temperature during a demonstration Tuesday in Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, a Chicago suburg. The new thermometer registers the patient's temperature within seconds, compared with the three minutes required with a conventional thermometer. (AP Wirephoto) March Police Report By GEORGE DORSEY Staff Writer A Maryland State Police traffic summary for Frederick County shows that while the total number of accidents dropped in March, the number of fatal accidents equalled the total for the first two months of 1970. Two persons died on Frederick County highways in March. One of the deaths occurred on U.S. 15, the most dangerous road in the county, according to an accident report compiled from statistice obtained by Barracks B of the MaryiandState Police. Four persons have been killed on county roads since Jan. 1, 1970. During the same three month period last year, eight persons had died in motor vehicle accidents. One pedestrian was killed this year, compared to two killed last year. In March, the most dangerous day to travel was Sunday. February's most dangerous day was 1 Saturday and January's worst day was Friday. The most dangerous travel hours in March were from 7-8 a.m. and from 11 p.m. to midnight. The worst travel hour in January was from 8-9 a.m. and in February the worst hour was from 3-4 p.m. The total number of accidents has dropped since the January high of 136, February had 129 and March had 110. UJS. 15, UJS. 40 and. 1-70 still have the most accidents. The accident rate on UJS. 15 has increased since January when 10 per cent of all the accidents occurred on this road. In March, 20 per cent of all the accidents occurred on UJS. 15. The three major causes of accidents in March were speeding, failure to yield right of way and wildlife. Speeding, as a cause of accidents, dropped the February high of 33 per cent to low for the year in March of 19 per cent. One of the factors in this reduction was an increased police enforcement with 50 per cent of Chiz Medora Myers Bffl Beard Present CLUB 40 WEST Route 40 West -- Patrick St. Extended (Formerly Free State Inn) 662-6815 Lunch -- Dinner -- Cocktail Lounge Happy Hour 'Til 6 P. M. Daily Lunch Specials JEANNIE WISE, CHEF DANCE Wed.-Thurs.-FrI.-Sat.-Sun. No Admission--Proper Attire At All Times NOW. THRU TUBS. "Duawkh Honor" At 8:40 "Bloody Mama" At 10:90 HI-WAY 16 Mites W. of Fred., Rt. 40 The INCREDIBLE SAGA of "MA" BARKER! PAT DON DIANE H INGLE -STROUD-VARSI OUR CO-FEATURE _||g H P LOVECRAFTS CLASSIC TALE Of TERROR [M] jf tiunwicH HORROR -HMMMIH iMJp IfcWI WlWWIIffcfcfc HI IH-BIH-I natmaaiOHU ~-.,^ j| MOVIEIA8 all State Police arrests resulting from speed violations. The most deadly day of the week in 1970 seems to be Saturday as half the persons killed on county roads were injured on a Saturday. On Monday and Thursday, the other two persons died. Since beginning 1970 through March, 240 persons have been injured in traffic accidents on county roads. Last year, during the first three months, 257 persons had been injured. During the first three months of 1970, the number of property damage accidents are up slightly over last year's totals. 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She Said! 3:30-2,9-(C) Edge of Night 4,8--(C) Bright Promise 5--Mister Ed 7,13--(C) One Life to Live 11-(C) He Said! She Said! 20--Eighth Man 4.00--2,5--(C) Flintstones 4,8,11--(C) Another World- Somerset 7,13--(C) Dark Shadows 9-(C) CornerPyle.USMC 20--Little Rascals 26--(C) Sesame Street 4:30--2-- (C)--Movie--"Way ol a Gaucho" 4--Movie--"PT109" 5-(C) I Spy 7--Major Adams 8,13--(C) David Frost 9--Laurel and Hardy 11--Perry Mason 20-- (C) Speed Racer 5:00--9--(C) The Saint 20--Batman 26--Mistergoers 5:30--My Favorite Martianl 7,11--(C) News 20--Munsters 26--What's New 6:00--4,8,9,13--(C) News 5--I Love Lucy 7--(C) News 11--(C) Duckpinsand Dollars 20--Lost in Space 26-(C) World We Live In 6:30-2-(C) News 4,8,11--(C) News 5--McHale's Navy 7--(C) Game Game 13--News 26--(C) International Cookbook 7:00--2,4,11,13--(C) News 5--Dick Van Dyke 7--(C) What's My Line? 8--(C) Truth or Consequences 9--(C) News 20--Addams Family 26-- (C) Newsroom 7:30--2,9-- (C) Get Smart 4,8,11-(C) High Chaparral 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7,13--(C) Flying Nun 20--(C) Beat the Clock 8:00--2,9-- (C) Tim Conway 5--(C) To Tell the Truth 7--(C) Brady Bunch 13--Movie--"The Notorous Landlady" 20-- (C) Of Lands and Seas 26--(C) Bookbeat 8:30--2,9--(C) Hogan's Heroes 4,8,11--(C) Name-Game 5--(C) David Frost 7-- (C) Ghost and Mrs. Muir 26--(C) NET Playhouse 9 00--2,9--Movie--"The Visit" 7-- (C) Here Come the Brides 20--Movie--"Kind Hears and Coronets" 10 00--4,8,11-- (C) Bracken's World 5--(C) News 7,13--(C) Love American Style 26--To That Grew Up 11 00--2,4.7,8,9,11.13--(C) News 11.30--2--Movie--Double Feature 9--Movie--"Dracula's Daughter" 12:00--Movie--5--"Juarez 1:00--4--Movie--"Whistling in the Dark" 7--Movie--"Sunscorched" 9--Movie--"Dementia 13" 1:05--11--Movie--"Badman's Country" 13--Movie--"The Lone Hand' Saturday 10.00--2,9--(C) Wacky Races 4,8.I1-(C)H R Pufnstuf 5-(C) Porky Pig 7.13-(C) Hot Wheels 20--(C) D.C. In Action 10:30--2.9--(C) Scooby-Doo 4.8,11--(C) Banana Splits 5--Dennis the Menace 7.13--(C) Hardy Boys 20--Don Reno-Bill Harrell 11:00--2.9--(C) Archie 5--(C) American West 7,13-(C) Sky Hawks 20-- Pioneers 11:30-4,8,11-(C) Flintstones 5--(C) Movie--"TheMan Behind the Gun" 7,13--(C) George of the Jungle 20-(C) Roller Dei by 12:00-2,9-(C)Monkees 4,8,11-(C) Jambo 7,13-(C) Get It Together 12:30-2,9-(C) Perils of Penelope Pitstop 4,11-(C) Underdog 7--(C) American Bandstand 8-4-HClub 13-- (C) Conversations 20--Movie--' 'Jungle Captive" Frederick N«w» wtd Port PROGRAMS 1:00--2--(C) Woman's Journal 4--(C) The'C'Thing 5--Movie--"The Purple Heart" 8--(C) Roller Derby 9--(C) Superman 11--(C)Grump 13-- (C) Government Story 1:30--2--(C) YourFamily Doctor 9--(C) Johnny Quest 11--(C) Wild Kingdom 2-00--(C) Job Finder 4,8,11--(C) Baseball Pre- GameShow 7--(C) Daisies » 9--Movie--"Curtain Call at Cactus Creek" 20--Movie--"The Astounding She-Monster" 2 15--4.8,11--Baseball Astros vs. Mets 3-00--2-- (C) Defensive Driving 5--Outer Limits 3:30--2--(C) Child Study 7--(C) Call of the West 9--Movie--"Curse of the Swamp Creature" 20--Movie--' 'Attack of the Puppet People" 4-00--2--(C) Big Picture 5--(C)Daktari 7--(C) Paris 7000 26--Cooking 4:30--2--(C) Horse Race 26-- (C) International Cookbook 5:00--2--(C) College Variety Show 4--(C)Startime 5--My Favorite Martian 7,13--(C) Wide WorldOf Sports 8--(C) Porter Wagoner 11-(C) Kerby Scott 20--(C)F Troop 26-- Sign Language 5:30--2--Movie--"Cowboy" 5--(C) Mothers-In-Law 8--(C) Golden Voyage 20--(C) Medical Center 6-00--4-- (C) It's Academic 5--I Love Lucy 8.9--(C) News 11--(C) Pinbusters 26-- (C) Interface 6.30-4,8--News 5--McHale's Navy 7,13--(C) News 9--(C) RogerMudd 20-(C) Big Valley 26-Folk Guitar 7:00--4--(C) Perspective 5--Dick Van Dyke 7--(C) Porter Wagoner 8--(C) Death Valley Days 9.11--(C) News 13--Movie--"Fury of the Pagans" 26--(C) SoniaMalkine 7.30-2,9--(C) Jackie Gleason 4,8,11--(C) Andy Williams 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7--(C) Let's Make a Deal 20--(C) Beat the Clock 26--(C) Something Else 8- 00- (C) --5--Mitch Miller 7--(C) NewIywedGame 20--(C) Hugh Hefner 2G--(C) William F Buckley Jr. 8.30-2.9--(C) My Three Sons 4,8,11-- (C) Adam-12 7.13--(C) Lawrence Welk 9- 00-2,9--(C) Green Acres 4,8.11--Movie--"Don't Just Stand There" 5--Perry Mason 20--Movie--"Repulsion" 26--Rainbow Quest 9 30--2.9--(C) Petticoat Junction 7.13--(C) Durante-Lennons 10 00-2,9--(C)Mannix 5- (C) News 26-NET Playhouse! 10.30--5-- (C) College Variety Show 7 - ( C ) N . Y P D 13--(C) News 10.50-13--Baseball Orioles vs. Angels 11:00-2.4,7,8.9,11-- (C) News 5--(C) DavidSusskind 20--Movie--"Attack of the Giant Leeches" 11-15--9--Movie--Double Feature 11 20--7--Movie--Double Feature 11 30--2--Movie--Double Feature 4--Movie--"Sex and the Single Girl" 8-(C) Movie--"Mary. Mary" 1 00--5-- Movie--"Terror in the Haunted House" 1 30--9--Movie--"The Toast of New Orleans" 13--Movie--"Ten Gentlemen from West Point" Sunday 10.00-2,9--(C) Lamp Unto My Feet 4--(C) MassforShut-Ins 7,13--(C) Fantastic Voyage 8--(C) Hearthside Hymns 11-Movie-" Wild River" 20--Movie--"Let's Get Tough" 10:30-2,8--(C) Look Up and Live 4- (C) Issues 7,13-- (C) Spiderman 8-McHale'sNavy 11:00-2,9-(C) Camera Three 4--(C) Topic 5-- (C) The City 7,13-- (C) Bullwinkle 8--Sea Hunt 11.30--2-- (C) Face the Nation 4--(C) Dimension Washington 5--(C) Insight 7,13--(C) Discovery 8--(C)Skippy 9--(C) Jewish Community Hour 20--Movie--"The Little Princess'' 12:00--2--Movie--Double Feature 4--(C) Community Tieline 5-(C)GirlfromU.N.C.L.E. I 7--(C) Daisies 8-- (C) Cartoonland 9--D C. News Conference 11--Movie--"Houseof Bamboo" 13--To Be Announced 12:30--4--(C) Moment With 7--(C) Outlook 8--CalI of the Outdoors 9--(C) Face the Nation 13--From the Top 1:00--4,8-- (C) Meet the Press 5--Movie--"Mara Maru" 9--(C) Government Story 13--(C) Newsmakers 20--Movie--"Blondie on a Budget" 1:30--4--(C) Guideline 7,13--(C) Issues-Answers 8--(C) Championship Bowling 9--(C) Amateur Hour 2:00--4--(C) Voices 7--(C) Boxing 9--Movie--"The Battle at Apache Pass" 11--(C) Meet the Press 13--Movie--' The Prisoner 2:15-8--(C) Baseball Phillies vs. Braves 2:30--4--(C) YOU! 11-- (C) Visual Girl 20--Movie--"Panic in the Streets" 3:00--2--To Be Announced 4--(C) Meeting of the Minds 5--Movie--"The Garment Jungle" 11-- (C) You and the Law 26--NET Playhouse 3.30--2,9--(C) Track Meet 4-- (C) Georgetown Forum 7--(C) Nanny 11--(C) Hazel 4:00--4--Startime 7--(C) Eddie's Father 11--Danny Thomas 13--(C) Call of the West 4-30-2,9--(C) NFL Action 7--(C) Indy 500 Parade 11--(C) College Bowl 13--(C) Variety Show 20--(C) Big Valley 26--(C) Bookbeat 5 00--2--To Be Announced 4--(C) Station to Station 5--Movie--"Marked Woman" 8--(C) Parade of Music 9--(C) ACiiylsPeople 11--(C) Man on the Move 13--Movie--"Dangerous Mission" 26--French Chef 5 30--2--(C) Amateur Hour 4.8.11--(C) In Which We Live 7--(C) Room 222 9--(C) Seven Days 20--(C) Hawaii Five-0 26--NET Festival 6:00--2--(C) News 4.8--(C)FrankMcGee 7--Death Valley Days 9,11--(C) News 6- 30-2- (C) Death Valley Days 4.8--(C) College Bowl 7,13-(C) News 9--(C) News 11-- (C) Sunday Supplement 20--Movie--"MardiGras" 7 00--2.9--(C) Lassie 4.8--(C) Wild Kingdom 5--(C) Here Come the Stars 7--(C) Land of the Giants H--(C) North Star 13--(C)NewsSpecial 26--(C) Black Journal 7:30--2,9--(C)--To Rome 4,8.11--(C) Disney 8:00-2,9-(C) Ed Sullivan 5--(C) To Tell the Truth 7,13-(C) FBI 26-(C) The Show 8-30-4,8.11--Bill Cosby 5-(C) David Frost 20--(C) Wrestling 9- 00-2,9-(C) Glen Campbell · 4,8,11--(C) Bonanza 7,13--Movie-"Hostile Guns" 26--Forsyte Saga 10:00--2,9--(C) Mission Impossible 4,8--(C) Bold Ones 5- (C) News 11--(C) Fabulous Sixties 26-- (C) Advocates 10.30-(C) S-Square World 20--Pioneers 11 · 00--2.4,7,8,9.11--News 5--Movie--"The Life o! EmileZole" 11:20--7--Movie--"Satan Never Sleeps" 11 · 3013-Movie--"Only Two Can Play" Monday 9 30-2-(C) News 4--(C) It's Your Bet 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 10:00--2-- (C) To Tell the Truth 4,8-(C) It Takes Two 5--(C) American West 9-(C) Lucille Ball 13--Movie--"Free for All" 10:30--2,9-(C) Hillbillies 4,8,11--(C) Concentration »-(C) Steve Allen 7-(C) The Now Women 11:00--2--Peyton Place 4,8--(C) Sale-Century 7-(C) Girl Talk 9--(C) Andy Griffith 11--(C) Galloping Gourmet 20--JackLaLanne 11:30--2,9-(C) Love of Life 4,8,11-(C) Hollywood Squares 5--(C) QueenforaDay 7,13-(C) That Girl 20--Our Gang 12:00--2,9--(C) Where the Heart Is 4,8,11--(C) Jeopardy 5--(C) Panorama 7,13-(C)News 20--(C) Romper Room 12:30-2,9- (C) Search for Tomorrow 4,11--(C) Who, Whator Where 7,13-(C) World Apart 8-- (C) Noonday on 8 1:00--2-- (C) Woman's Angle 4,9--(C) News 7,13--(C) All My Children 8--Dick Van Dyke 11--I Love Lucy 20--Movie--"Double Identity" 1:30--2,9--(C) As the World Turns 4,8-(C) Linkletter 7,13--(C) Let's Make a Deal 11--(C) At Home in Maryland 2 00--2,9-- (C) Love is a Many Splendored Thing 4,8,11--(C) Days of Our Lives 5--(C) Galloping Gourmet . 7-(C) NewIywedGame 13--(C) Mike Douglas 26--Stock Market Report 2:30-2,9-(C) Guiding Light 4,8,11--(C) Doctors 5--(C) Movie Game 7-- (C) Dating Game FAMILY Now Thru Sunday DRIVE-IN On Rt 18t 1 Complete Show 9:M P. V ELVIS PRESLEY MARY TYLER m MOORE ** 'CHANGE OF HABIT' A UNIVERSAL PICTURE · TECHNICOLOR* LAST 2 DAYS FRI., 2, 7 * ·TIVOLI SATURDAY, 1 ft 3 WALT 7 ft 9 SUN., MON. TUBS MAT. 2 P.M.--NITE 8 P.M. WILLIAM WYLERS SPAPFRI

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