The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 12, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1924
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY* NOVEMBER 12. 1924 THE HTJTCHTNSON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. a ?fcOIAL N ICES * ant.) • WIDOW wishr.i lo share mortem homo with limn nml wife or ladles. Nice nrui warm. iMionn sr::i\v. :;-!J-J'iin Loa T L.o.-i'1'i Itciiiilah .In-own ^.(rocket ovoriinl: bell In had:, Ulil Blovcs In pie-lu i: m oily iir weal or Hoiiltuvi-flt of Hutchinson: mil minx' tlllin u mil mil. Ki -wanl. Phnnn MM >.I. 4-I2-lilm Li'.->T-~iii IhiT^hTnrton I.-KUI. can of llprht cylinder oil. l-ieave til'ponei »in>lon. 4-12-r.ll-: I.OST-Hrilck tlr« nnil rim near Stnf- fotil. Call Chalmers Hotel. Uownpl. .|-ia-:i)_lin PARTY* who took bicycle from tilde "C Calliollc CJIIIITII last Klinday l» known; return Immeillutelf to llll-l EUt Fourth mill avoid trouble. 4-12-ldm FOUND A FUR ehoKer. owner may tiavo •amo by proving property and pay lng for ad. 125 IKh, cant. IMi.'-iH.m 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. » Cir^BltsiIl Sftaaum iSsifts For all aches and palna. Special ' ladlu' treatment. Prices reasonable, Call 137. 119 West Sherman. CHAS. I. WILSON, chiropractor, 1H4 North Main, phone 2735. 8-11-JSIiilm L)Ii. O. ». MO ROAN VETERINARIAN Specializing In doss anil cats. • 1SI East Fifteenth. Phono 7J«. OPTOMETRISTS: Darlanda', 24V» N Main. - s -an-aii-U WE specialise In filtlnB slaaacs. Ship; mall llros., Masonic Bide, Room 7. S.T.-'Sitltl CARPENTERING BUILDING done by hour or contract Just completed flno home at 211* West 13. Reliable and honest contracting. It will pay 'you to phono 390-IJ Jj W. Parmli'.v. n-ltl-lfim CAlU'EN'fBitlNO | furniture repair Inn. Phono lOTSJ. a-8-2l.iim 10 ORESS MAKING- MILLINERY It ALTERATIONS, suits and dreasmak- tiw. Kemodeiliiif, pleating, furrier. Mrs. Richards, phono 2203J. 10-13-21111111 WANtilt)—Dressmaking, satisfaction juaranteeil. Jlrs. Hays, 514 N. JMnln. lli-S-iiitm 1* PAINTING PAPERHANGINQ 3AS. ivHITE wall paper storc/lUKi S. Main, phono 2'JO. Residence 1'J l't>. 12-5-25dm WANTED—Paper hanging and paint- lng. Wall paper furnished. Phone 3017W. C. W. Hnserntan. l2-24-V5dm. 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 14 ALL, KINDS OY ELECTRICAL. RKPA1R WORK COMER ELECTRIC STORK 4 N. aLa-ln Phone 021 14-15-m-w-r-2mlm CLEANINO, vartlinhlng anil waxing flours. Phone 3050. 14-4-H'din C. V. PK1CIJ— UuholaterlnB. Ch- 924, 14-l<l-2a|i,M ELICCXKIC motor, armature rewind ins. repairing. Wo buy, sell, rout na.d motors. , HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS Phonn 202. 7 South Walnut. DlCtCl.E AND SUNDRIES. GENI-JK- Alj REPAIR SHOP 331 E. Sherman. Phone 2470 14-11-51.110 LAUNDRY WORK CURTAINS launaercu. Pnone I9US.I. 15-18-2Sdm •WASULNO und IronlnE called for delivered. Phone M4.IW. 15-11- \VANTH .i~Washing and ironing. North Poplar. 15-10 WANTED—Washing 1 and Irmins. CHI at. waah in soft water West fith. Phone SS96W. \VASHINUS wanted. Phone 3: Called for and delivered. lfi-y. and 3D): 10 IS Wo m Ifidm ODE SERVICES OFFEtiED 18 16 PRACTICAL nursing wanted. Phone 3550. L!i±±'ii. TRASH hauling, all kinds. Ph. 2TS1.I. lli-l-Hbilm 17^^RAOlOEOAilPIV1ENT^U Ranis* Parts sue- Access- •adas. IS&dlu® Maps-Sirs lFirop«r2y Mais. CmEtewail N. Mmm IP&omB m2. i7-i4-2fmm iTHREE -tulio raiilo, batteries, uTf)"'"s s.nd loud speakvr, Jf,0. Plume 1K22W. 17-ll-2dm 19 MALE HELP WANTED IK EARN 1110 to ?2">u monthly, expenses paid as railway traffic Inspector. Position guaranteed after completion of 3 montliH' home study course or money refunded. Excellent opportuni- ' ties. Write for free booklet K-29S. Stand, lluslness Training Inst., iiuf* falo, N. V. WEN—Learn barber trade. Our training makes you a lnaster barber in short course. Big pay. Write. Moler Barber College, 511 Main, Kansas City, Mo. 1 ii-s -1 otii WANTED—Man to cut down tree lor tho wood. Phono 45II.I betbre s a.m. or after tj ;i.m. lfl-S-15m WANTED -^"Paper hanger. Phone 1084J. 19-12-liim 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED 21) OIRLS WANTED—Apply In person l experience not * required. Ineeda Laundry. 534 East C. !(l-12-:diil WANTED—A woman ambitious for position beyond uffice work or clerking. One who is refined, of earnest purpose and expects to work for tho opportunity offered. Apply box K-ll, care News-Herald. 20-IQ-tltlm WOMAN or (Jlri to assist with housework and euro of children. Out or city In the country. Phono J.V.I2.I. 2P-l2 -4mn WANTED— Housekeeper. 2 111 family. Uefer'Hees ri 'wuived. Call 507 Rora- hamtii-Wlt.-y IJiilg. 2U--IL'-IiJui W .\.\Tivl )i-Si -liool gill lo work for roinii and board and small wages. I'bi.i... 2i:,r,j. 20-I2-iidm SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN AT i > *'CE—5 ladbs to travel, dolnori- .•'tami S t :ll dealers for well l:ii"un toilet goods manufacturer. X2li- s -iii in r ivk. II. It. fare paid. Can also uxr- 2 Jocn! sales rc/iresi'nlatlvcs. Ex- Peri.'!!!•« unnecessary. Goodrich Drug l 'i... limalia. Nebr., 22-I2-12ni S5 SITUATION WANTED, Zs FEMALE CONFINEMENT cases nursed IrTpr?- vate home; firlees reasonable. N-II c-o News. iS-H.-Hm BOUKwork, 80o Mrs. Hislnger, 26siiXr W-s -BUil SITUATION W.ANTED, FEMALt (Cont.) HODIl work, M ^rs. Holland. Phone 3160,1. iia-a-iaii; STIONOllllAPHER wishes position, l.-ll. care News-tlnrnld. 2ri-10-ldm WORK by nour.' Phono 2U04. 25-2;i-2bdir. WANTED—Position as housekeeper, fall 114 East "til SI. 25-ll-3dm 2B MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE, lis BE A MILLIONAIRE, 100 Million marks $1.00. liig bunch genuine bank Issues totaling 300 Million $2.00. Dot Vernon, 1830 No. 18th St.. Pluln., Pa. 2il-2."i-20dm, CORN ensilage, also liafflr feed. .1. 'r, Wlllllll. Phone 24F4. 26-I2-2DE FOR SALE— 4 -hole cook stove, 3i4 2nd, west. Call after 3 p. m. 20-12-21'I. FOR SALE—Absolutely new Underwood typewriter, also used Itoyai. You can save M0 If you net quick. Randies-Allen Advertising Co., 3 W. Sherman. Telephone 071). 20-3-7 FOR SALE, cheap—Sceond-haiul hath tub, hot water" lank and heater. 10 East Second. 20-ll-3dm FOR SALE—Real estate 3% contract at discount. — aslt McNnghtrn! 2ll-s-2r»lm VoR SALE—Ivory reed baby buggy. Almost new. 120 East 3ril. 20.12-3ilm FOR SALE—Apple wood. Phono 34"F3T '.'l'.-8-Dec 4n FOR SALE—7Vo real estate lust mortgages. —ask McNnghteni Phone 055. 20-8-25dm FOR SALE—Topsy stove; also heater. Phone 2S37.1, 26 -ll -2dm FOR HALE, cheap—Several hundred feet of radiation. Phono 972 or 3003. 20-7-Oilm GOOD THINu6 TO EA iCont.^ j CALL 20F3 for pears, apples, honey and pumpkins. 35-2S-1D2.V CHILE, Hot Tomales. Jlamuergers. Tho best In Hutchinson. Try them. C. and E. Lunch, 20-A East 1st. Phono 312. 35-0-2<"ii!m F'OR SALE—Sweet tender, irrlgaii-u turnips by bushel or truck loan. Farmlngton Nursery, Phone 11K0 af- ler 0 p. in., 3025W, 3»-12«2ilm FOR SALE—Turnips Jl a bu. ueuvel ed. Phone lllOU, 712 West 1st. A. I Cram. :ii ,-ii-4nm UOOD pumpkin pies, 30c each. i.'op corn halls .Oac. l'hone 11I4J. 36^12 .nam UOOD home baking. Ph. 1144.1. 3f,-3-2siim i J EARS, wttulfall 75c, hand pickeil $1.25. A. M. Davis, ]ihone 3VK4. 35-U-(idm TTAlKtE. HOiyiCE llread made from Hern's flour took first prize at State Pair. Why not buy it for less money than other flour? 35-4-llltlm THIS Is the season for muBh anil corn bread. We huve meal made from new corn. Call 1200. Horn's M"ls. 35-4-10dm W1NESAP apples; 114 miles east on aiedora pavement, ono mile north. Coleman Brothers. 35-7-17m 38 MACHINERY OR TRACTORS 38 BIOHT-lnch second-hand International feed mill for snlo very reasonable. Kansas Implement Co. 3G-ll-2dm 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 FOR SALE—Large shipment "Apex" Electric washing machines at one- half retail price. Come seo them at Hutchinson Bonded Warehouso, 701 East Second street. 20-U-IDF FOR SALE—Manure for lawns. Call 3S1C.I. 20-;!0-25dm C1UJNEA pigs, otc each. 405 East 2nd after 0 p.m. 2fi-10-4dm IN FINE condition,Lady's heavy coat, fur 'trimmed; also dress, slzo 3S. Reasonably priced.' —Boy's overcoat, age 8. 101 East 7th. 29-ll-lfiM MAGAZINE subscriptions. Mrs. Ina Klles. 317 East Fourth. 2ti-.s-2bitm TIRE Bargains—30x3; J5.1D. 30x3 ft; 16.25. 3 and 3Vt In. tubes Jl.10 JJu vail Tiro Co., 112 E. Shorman. 20-12-25rtm TRAILER for solo. Third Ave. Mo tor Co.. 14 E. Third. 24-10-4DE 27 MISCELLANEOUS SALI OF 27 TRADE PAIR vveanllnip mules for two-bottom tractor plow. R-10, caro News. 27-25-15 dm. 28 MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED 28 WANTED—Couple to rent well furnished house and board one person for same. Seo 915 A East. 28-ll-3dm WANTED—Excavating and hauling; all kinds of team work. Phone 4N11. ' 28-15-ll:13m WANTED--A1! kinds of used furniture; one pioee or an entiro houseful. Crook Furnlturo Exchange Co., Phone 1)0. 28-ll-2;,ilm 23 WEARING APPAREL 29 ISsurcD&y Cdurselia Mrs. Ina Klles, phone 2728. 317 East Fourth. 20-7-2fidm' HIGHEST prices for men's clothing and shoes. Phono 115S.1. 20.12-2i.uo IN fine condition: lady's heavy coat fur trimmed; also dress size 28: lea- sonably priced; boy's overcoat, age 8. 101 East Seventh. 29-11-Uim LAliV'S brown cloth coat for suie, price 15. Phono 4S0W. 29.12-2DE 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SO A SMALL Vlctrola, fumed oak case, slightly used, (00. Jenkins Music Co.. 122 N. Main.') \ SMALL piano, suitable for school use. Fumed oak case, practically new piano. Prlco $315. Jenkins Music Co.. 122 N. Main. 3D-12-3DE BRUNSWICK- model upright phonograph, with mahogany case. Excellent condition, $65. Jenkins Music Co., 122 N. Main. 3i'-12-;:HE CHEAP, base-burner stove, good condition. Call at S South Main. 31-8-13m EXPERT piano tuning and repairing. Rorabaugh-Wlley Mualo Dept. 30-ll-6dm PI AN OS— P110.VOU RAT'H S' Whitney plana, »l,'.0; Slarr, J225; Klm- bal, $125; Viclrola, S'J.*,; Brunswick vl'5; Columbia, $63; Vlctrola. $50: Violins. Drums, Bund Instruments. Easy terms. P.ORABAUGH-WILEY MUSIC DEPT \ 30-9-3DE W. M. BALI, Piano Timer. Phone 4100J WE put In phonograph springs. H. (X I'lllllps. phone 1549. 3l)-lt)-2Sdni HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 CASE iron Good tiBed furniture, such as rugs. gnt. rniih'e.s, etc. '2(iV/ s N. Mnpie. i-nont, a_S41, avciiiiies 1574J. ai-H-^uui', Hlectri.' washing 1 iiMiehin*^ nt one- hnlf retail iirleo. Coin.* *u>e$thfnn ;it Dutclilnsrjii Bnndocl Warehoiiae, 701 J^"Ti"J__K^ on t1 Htrt -ol. ' ;il-ll -4DK - FOU SALE New and used furniturr, gas range*, heating stoves. One 4-piece manogany suite, nearly new, $125. One roil top desk, good as new. HA V WORKMAN 20214 N. Maple Phono 3841 31-6-25e FOR SALE—Duofuld, perfect condition. $35.OfKPhone 3207.1. 3t-12-ldm 1'OR SALIO—Oiiod base burner. Inquire U'S Tenth West. 31-lS-Atlm GOOD gas heater for sale. Call at 1U7 East A after 5:"0 p.m. 3l.ll-10dni liKlllEST cash prices palil lor all kinds of used furniture. Nothing too good; nothing to poor. Crook Furnt- lure Exehnngo Co.. phone 90. 31-ll-25dm liOMEMADE comforts. Phone 2217. 3l-30-26dm WANTED—Furniture, rugs, stoves; highest prices. Johnson Furnlturo Co.. Phone 394. 31-5-25DE 000 W. 22nd—1 base-burner, $15; 1 gas • heater. $3; 1 electric Reznor, $1.50. Phono lomv. 31-mwf-I5m 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 3* SI •EcTArrTlBNT^~tATEs" To Students. $3.00 per month or 3 months for $7.50. Exclusive agents for Royal and Corona. All makes of slightly used ana ebuilt machines. Repair work reasonable and guaranteed. RENO TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 405 N. Main. Phono 3033. 34 FUEL 4V FEED 34 FOR SALE—Sudan grass straw, l'hone W. J. Morgan. 34 -ii-Odtn 35 GOOD THINGS 10 EAT 35 on ih.- j.ib. unic- ;tn -.N'-4ilm High! Di UUV' your TlianksYivliigUirkeysTrom the farm. Call 301 Barlow. FOR SALE—Big type Toland China boars. Some, extra good boars slrea by Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Dam is Jade by Norlslde Kit by Plea- etts Orphan. These boars are outstanding breeding prospects all have boon vaccinated and are priced right. For frlher Information, address Seth Jones, Box CI, Hutchinson, Kansas. 38-3-25ilm FOR SALE—Sow and pigs. Ph. zuj. ;is-s-4fim F'OR SALE—Choice Duroc males Phono 10K.12. C. W. Danford. 38-ln-Mm FOR SALE 00 Duroo pigs, $4 each. Wm. Hirst, R. F. D. No. 5, city. 3S-s-14m 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS 3a "AT 2 P. M., November 29th, 1924, Missouri Pacific will sell at public auction, to the highest Wilder, nt their freight depot, one harness machine for the account of tho Peerless Transfer Co. und O. C. Parks." 39-12-ldm 40 PET STOCK 40 FOR SALEr-Two female Toy Fox Terrier puppies. Box 173, Sterling Kansas, 40-10-Jdn) TRAINED pedigreed setter, $50, flno looker. Wire C. C. Jones, 258 Lewis •St., Memphis, Tenn. 40-10-2lin 41 POULTRY <& SUPPLIES 41 ARCHER'S standard bred Burt Orp. ...''"f, 1 . 0 " cockerels. 262D North Adams I n. JilioJ. 41-11-Orlm Phono 16K13. Mrs. Bert Hodson 41-12-2DE FARMERS-Will call for your poul- „ ', r ,?' W highest cash prices. I. S. Rellly, Ph. 4291W. V 41-3-l6dm FOR SALE—Barred Rock cockerels. „* , i" li SI J? 1 "'"" 'rom heavy layin B strain. W. H. Ward, Nlckorson. Kan 41-17-25dm 9i^? A V ,I: ' — P'yniouth Rook and Muff Orpington pullets. 322 East Third. 41-12-i;itn MONEY TO LOAN (Cont.) AVAILABLE NOW to COSIPLKTK YOUR LOAN No commission—Immediate closing, easy repayment terms. SALT CITY BUILDING LOAN AND SAVINGS ASSN. Phone 972. E. Carey, pres. Lloyd Brown, sec. 45-12-ldm AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.i HOUSES UNFURNISHED (Cont.) 5 r ,b 5Vi% 0% We represent loan companies with millions available to place on goon Central Kansus farina, 5% with mod crate cimiuilssion, yi-jTb with small commission, or 0% with no commission. Amain! Interest. Consult us now THE COE-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and insurance. .• 45-4-25dm »«rv5c« PDbm—? Service plus Satisfaction is the foundation on which wo aro bulidlnB our business. We arc anxious t.i make your loan and count you as one or our Satisfied customers. No. 4 E. Sherman St. 48 AUTOS AND TRUCK* 4i SNHTirOt OSEID) CAES 1910 Ford Touring lyio Four cyl. studebaker 191S JJtilck Touring - I'JIO Stud»baker Big 6 Touring 63 Cadillac Touring. 1919 Marmon Touring 1918 Bulck 0 Touring 1911) Willys 6 Touring 1923 Studebaker Light 0 Sedan QsiiFlk M©ft©ir C®, 110-112 W. Second 46-12-1DE BL'lcK roadster, very cute model, fine condition, two neiv tires, $800. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 4rt-ll-4tlm iii'!V5., nn<l Dressed Pmilfry HEN.VINGSEN PRODUCE to Phono 779. We deliver. NICE arge rooms, furnace Heat, with or without board. Ph. 1470. 32/ East ^ h - < '- ^m •' , "• f.l-10.;:,im S "^X E t nAl ' , Wh ,", e Wyandotto cockerels for sale. Phone 3739.1. 41-7-0rtm f„u V 'i;S? ED_, !' ou '? rec"eTvir7r^~J POULT^n ^ptN'^'c^ A. 0 ' Dr ' 11033 „„? 0 )T.° any ' ,e a ,e r named below and PAv e i a nJ u I' "a'r-Pounil package of PA.N-A-CE-A, enough lor 24 hens »"*'•, Then see the comos and wattles begin to turn red, a sure sign of gotting ready to lay. Then get from your dealer a pack"V B H°I ?, UL . TOD . J° ,HE »'» "< 5'our flock. ;,.„ ,1. t0 ,ho rallon onco a day. Thon see tho eggs come. Dealers who have samples—The Mam." S °" < ' Mero ' Co " 4th a "'' WANl'ED TO BUY—300 or 400 welt matured pullets. Phone „ T write R. L. Evans. Darlow. Kan. 41-11-M-W-F-Nov 12E 20 SPRING pullets. PiSTnT~3S877 4l-12-3dm 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CAFE for sale. 115 S. Walnut. =^7 — 42j02-6dm FOR SALE or trade—Equity T'u 4- room house. Might cons) lor vacant kits. Phone 3037W. 4"-7-6ilm °-it t ? t , Arl!: qna land to trade to7 Ilutohinson property, call 207 North Main. . 42-7-6DE Plenty of ready mouey to buy. build repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up to 1,0% of value, you pav back principal ami Interest at |ii.;i 3 I!.',?, 1 , 1 ,"', fc ; r „ each * 1 ' 0M borrowed; wo want to talk with you about It. Coo- ihoinson Improvement Co., Masonic BJd^^pJione_752 J 43-30-25d in UK ' i ' '* 011 fust mortgago real estilto' security, -ask .McN'aghten: IstNiH'l 2i'igj, 4f.-S-2f.ilm "V.'^i'^' - T° l0 "". small amounts. Wolraro Loan Co.. 15% North Mam. 45-21-2autn t\ u(f "I? loan on your homo on easy monthly payments, —ask Mc- Nnjrh«nJ_First Natl, lildg. 45-8-25dm o'.o FARM loans. Anderson Investment Co., Phono 638. 27« s. Main. 45-6-25E $1,0011,000 to loan on farms. Newlin' Manning Loan Co. 45-2li-25dm MONEY TO LOAN Improved city properly or farms. —asic .McNaglUcn! 4a-8-2uilm GEN ERAL stock for sale in a town In Stafford co., consisting of the following: $ 700 In Shoes. 300 In Work Clothes. 1000 Shelf Hardware. 2T.0O Groceries. 3000 Dry Goods; furnishings. 1200 In Fixtures. This entire stock sold at a big discount. Realtors take notice. Oonn Collopy. Turon, Ivans. 42-12-0dm FOR SALE—Tiros, batteries, radiators and used parts; ulso Ford touring und Dodge touring. 128 F East. 46-S-13m FOR SALE—Chalmers coupe, goou condition, also golf clubs and Cole- mitn lamp. Phone 32F2 40-12-401'J MAXWFJLL touring car, flew pamL a good light car. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 46-11-ldm NOW wrecking K-45 Bulck; 37 olds mobile; Fords and others. A. K. Johnson, 15 South Washington. -l<i-10-2aflm NASH touring car, good condition, good tires, $425. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 4i!-ll-4ilm One Ford Touring 1924 Olds Sedan Chandler Sport Touring. One Olilsmoblle Touring 1920 Hup Roadster. S). A. BemugiEtus Motor C®" FOR SALE or Tradii—T922 Ford timr- ing car. Plume 3112. 4'.-l2-i;iiin TWO SIPl.XI«kLS~ 1923 ChovrolC't Coup-*, hutloon tin >3 Jn 'JIt ly-l.^OltLsniobilo Tourine, new paint , PANNING & USEES! IFIONE 10 Cash—Terms That Aro Easy—Trace 46-12-1DI-: . mm cams 1921 Chassis, real good. 1923 Ford coupe 1923 Ford Roadster, starter 1921 Ford Sedan, plum good 1922 Dodge Touring, A-l 1922 Bllick Touring, new paint 1920 Chevrolet F.H. Roadster 1921 Ford Touring mis Maxwell Touring Model 53 Cadillac Touring, cheap Lots of other low priced cars. Let us know your needs, Mar 8 Tho Used Car Market L. J. Sllfer, Opp Convention Hall I0-3-3DE ©SEED £A1& ^ALUJEii 1923 Uuiek Coupe Hudson KomlsUT Jti'o Tnurinj; For»l TourinB lU'J On)tlaud Touring, your pri^e. 107-111 W. Second I'honn 12.". 0110 of" me Third Ave. 4i',-U-lDE 1922 Ford Coupe for sale best buys In the. city. Garage, II East Third. NEW Ford sedan, Pnono 771. 4H-'.'T-'.;~.PM 4? M Of O P T 'SU PPL IE :L "~A "" ~ff REPAIRS Fi.iR RENT—Five-room house and one block of garden nrnniul. E. 11. Payne, t-20 Wt-.n 7tb. phono 1;:::7W. M-ll-Min AUTO repairing, corner of G and Hmi-an.). All work contracted and guaranteed. Ph. 60FU. Ed. Hninmel. 47-ll-4dm BATTERY ritnfton euiilpinent lor sale. Inquire 213 Seventh, west. 42-11-3DE LAST MCDMTISI we wre<*kati 24 cars. Win<lslilekl glass fitted. Tirca anil bnttcrlfa. 22, 24, 28, 28 West 47- , :4-L,".nin. 50 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD fttl MODhMIN fllciMUng rooma. iJast Sherman. fi0-«-2rulm MoUKliN sleeping rooms. 'Ma r,u.-"r '...•f-- )ont? & w - 4 s - j i fij rn MUDKHN ioonin^ Phone 'mT. _:>< 1 - s - ii<i m AlODEUN aleepinfj rooms. iiiT~\V"""&7 o'J-^-L'.'irlin MO DEI IN sleeping rooms. i*1tTT^llJ. . . r >Q-lG-^:itlrn ONB madcrn stfrepinK rnnhi; pnej rfiisonable. 3i'7 Knst Flr«t. r.M'il-iiiim SLEHP1NO rooms. 227 East."Sherman. B0-lu:a6-U:2fi SLtEKi-'lNO rooms. 213 West Kittn. fto.s-i!5(im WARM sleeping rooms, %z pi*V W<TK. _ 313 Kast U. itU-S-Zhdrn St ROOMS WITH BOARD 61 FOR HKNT-Two furnlshPil rooms, para t,*t; nlso wash ins mnrlitne for Jnnulro 71B Ka?t F. .M-lu-ai >A1 IiOAKD and room; iurnaco ln?;it. Fast Shorman. f ( l- z .s- 2b am CtiMKoKTABLF rooms, HLOLUU heat, meals served. 500 N. Main. . f»X-4-12dm UKNT—r> room i -ottuije, ni«>ihirn oxei'pt (urnnci 1 -. K«rnvi', lait,-c rhieK- rn lumsft ,M\ lots. C. 1-. H. Kent, l«'".t N*. .M.iin, _r»r piinji^ 3 :'»J. _ '•>'>-] I -".Pi: furnni-f, px^eilfrit condition. I'Mimo "".•iTi nr l*n;t. nil !*'< >il KK.Vr— h'iVK'ifmttt (til'"I*', m.>rlr*rn t'Xi'Opt furnai:o with «araiij:i>. rail l is^r. fir,-iu-:;-im Ft 'it KFNT—li-roorn house on 'IViiln W'v.vt. Infjulro U'S IVntli West. FIVK-nuim lumso In i.'areyvlil* 1 ; fine place fur chiolti'na, UeftarpntM 1 . 1 :. In- ()uiriijj Iii_\ Vi• st _F1 f_t!i. f>tl-11)-: 1!tn l't ill S A LH liy ftwncr. 2 sit t unin lious.v, 7f.»S and Tin Ea^t Third. In- tUiIrn J11> Bn.^M'hl r-1. S fl - l'J - 111 > K F« »JI liF.N'T—. r )-n!uJi) ncn*. moiftni biniEalow lo adnlts. Phono 2.211. . rifl-£7-2ridm t'Oli HI :NT—flood modern .i -iomn cotlafit;, Karagi\ t'loHo In. I'h. 5<4-11-i;<1m FOU HKNT—S ruom houst 1 , 4 hlocks from .Sherman n nd Main. CA n ho divided Into 2 niuu-tmrnts. Modern »'.\<-i-pt furnace, f30 pur mo. l'hone -Nir..i. r.n-f-,it>K FC'K HF.NT—6 room c-otaKfi and 1 auro of Rround In Carevville. i'nom* Ft.tU HEXT— HIx-room furnished cottage. • In exchange for boarding widower. Inquire 310 West. Sixth. _____ Sfi-ll-Hm FOR RENT—F1 ve-rnom modern and garnge, 22 Fast 12th. Phone 3368. 1(>-Idm FoK KENT— 4 -rofirn house. Fli. HrtUTW jrt -lO-'Hlm MODERN furnished 2-room suite closrt in. Board If desired. IM East 6th. Phone 37. 61-3(i-25dm MODERN rooms. Uoard. 3')0 w. 2nu. 61-^7-i:. r >dm ROOM, Board, %i week, 027 l-:aat i.. [>l-U-13m 62 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FURNISHED cottage, $15, 308 W. 2nd r>2-3o-2j(»m ilOESEKEEHINO or sleeping rooom. J _tl_EnRt 7th. 52-11-lftM FOR RENT—2 unfurnished or partly furnished rooms. Rent rcanonat)le. Inquire 32S West 2nd or phono as4SW after 0 p.m. o2 -ll-li.m FOR RENT—Two furnUhed rooms, curntje; also washing nuichiih) tor ?nlH. hunifro 716 East F. 52-lM-3(Un IJUMT liouHekeeping rooms, 20s E. B. HOUSEKEEPING rooma, luo vv est Uigfier. No objections to children. 02-ri-iuuw HOUSEKHKPINO rooms. i05 •V. 2nd. 52- 22-2 fiflm HOUSEKtiEPliNO rooms. 211 W. titn. 52- 2S-L *.ilm MODERN furnished liRht housekeeping rooms, G04 East O. 3052.1. 52-:!0-25DB Sl'lTl') of nv<> downstairs front rooms idoely furnished; price reasonable. 202 U W.^t. B2 -ll -2drfl TWO or three well furnished nousi: keeping rooms, bath. 221 West 1st. P2-n-ism TWO nicely furnished modern IIKIH liousekeeping rooma. 220 Wi im. r .2 -ii-iuam llROUND floor housekeeping rootna modern except furnace. 200 West inn bJ-'j-iam 54 APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED APARTMENT—Close In. furnished or unfurnished. Call 2060W or 14S1. M-4>Hji>h; MODERN apts. and rooms. i>lu iv 1st. 54-2S-2fniin RENTAT.3 1 go. Chemical, 4 rooms S.W> tl .So. Chemical, 4 i-ooma S.'* 0 iHt & Palace. 4 rooms 12.00 621 Wost 6th. 4 roonm 1-.00 1=>1S 3nl, l> rrn-iins 13.00 1000 Hast tJih, fi romnn tiOO East "F," 7 rooms lj>-00 422 N. Chemical, d rooms 15. ( H» 512 East Campbell, 4 rooma .... I'l.oo 624 East 4th. 5 rooms •iz.W G17 WPM 7th, 5 rooniH fnrn i>0 "21 Kn.^t Phfrnian, S rooms mod. 40.oo 204 East "A." »i rooms mod 4o.tJ0 M Wp.Mt 4lh. Storeroom 4n.oo 512 Nortlt Main, I business room GJ.OO Steam heated office rooms. —ask McNAGHTENl Realtors. Phono 65.". 1st Nat*I Bldg. Call 15S5J evenings. 56-8-8dm New Fall and Winter Dresses 1 SEE OUR M NEW SILK DRESSES and WOOL DRESSES that we are sellinij $5.75, $6.75, $10.75 | PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE WEEKLY | Comer Commerce Co. I 17-19 NORTH WALNUT STREET 8 HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont.) I 65 LOTS FOR SALE 65 E®m* ISitriaiiiuJa Our list JncHtdt-s aom« exceptional 1—Strictly modern Crescent Park honui new and snappy. 2 — Hi nnd m w Wr^st 17th Includes every known convrnlcnco; ea5y funs. :!~Cloj«f> in ti room strictly modern. This Is an absolute bargain. 4—2 lu-uw'Sltes at knockdown prices. CAREV REAI/ ESTATE * INV. CO. Insuror—Lloyd Rrown—Hi-nl tor. HaleKiu^n: Sander. Schoonovvr Huelianan. 503 North Mnln. Phone 972. fi 1^12 J. dm FOt T It room COttflga $1,400, terms; Pit") mrcs p<n>d western Wind J10 per acri-, small poynu ht. Bennett tfc Ben- scottT. ph"ne 105i. fi4*I2-l«m HYDE PARK. CORNER A UEAE I4AHDA1N From owner. Address liox 320. Hutchinson. 65-15-2fidra FIVF-room cottaRfl, modern Except furnace, close in locution, rentM !22 .f.fl. price ?2.00ii. J200 cash. Ron KiMilty Co., phono 770, fil-ll-Mm Eo\V rate loans on husinep.s property. MoNaghten! 1st Nat'l Itlde. ._ ti4 -H -2fmm NEW, nttracttvo S-room cottage. Went 12th stroet, onk floor.s, cabinet work, furnace, garage; price $3,300, easv toriT]?. Phone 770. G1 -11 - 2 dtii 4 ROOM cottage $11. S rooms bath ?20. 0 rooms furnifuhcd close In J3". _Pho'|ft 10n4. hH -12 -ltitn j-UOoM bouse, modern except tur- na<:e. Phone 2206. HtJ-7-Rdm 5-ROOM cottage and garage. 215 West Eighth. Kfl-il-tidu, . ROtjM cot luge for rent, close in. Phone Darlnw 1205. r-9-4-w-t-m-Hdm 57 HOUSES FURNISHED &/ FURNISHED houso for rent; nice North Main location, H rooms, hot air furnace. Kent to adulta without children. Ph. 3034. 57-tO-4dm FOK RENT—Modern 6-room furnished house with garage. Phone 3 !Hiu. r »7 -il-:Min FOU RENT—Modern furnlsh'jd bunga- l 'iw in Riverside Court. Airs. w. <...'. Beck. . fP1 -..s-t»!m 1-tjR RENT—Six-room cottage niceiy furnished. Call 3542.1. f »7 -U-^lm FL'ltNISHED five-room cottage, ^ai W t 'H t_l_^j__t_. fi 7 - S - (if 1 m FUH.NISIU;].', inodt'i'ii, 6-room lions" 311 West Sth. 57-H -2. Vim ONE ihrci'-rooni furtllsnea mixtei n cr-ltage. 223 East Second, f.7-it-HHIm NJCEEY furnf.shcd 4 -roaiM houve at 42S East C, $2U month. Inquire. 43U East f\ &7-12-Li >E -ROOM furnished house on car line. l'hone 2l*Qi;j . f ,7-in-3dm b3 LlUSINtSS HRUHERTY -J ROOM for rent, 25x125 feet, 419 South Main. Inquire at 417 South Main. t',;J-lo-10dm STRICTLY modern private apt. 25luW 64-lK-sr.din 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 APARTMENT, prlvaTe^thTTrTl 'MrM Avenue Ea;<t. l'hone 14. 5;.-7 -i:hn CoSY, modern, ground apai t im-nt; flrophice for winter. 234 E. Sherman r-'j-it-iMm FOR RENT—Furnished 2 -room apartment connecting bath, private entrance, 117 East bth. l'hone 2U3'j\V. 55-12-tMtn URN1SHED apartments. I'imn,- 3 :iii>. DM FOR RENT—New modern dup;ex, fur- nfs 1 -"- 1 — --" * •'• shed or unfurnished. Phone ,U2 »J. !>5 -s-4(im FURNISHED heated apts. Phone 2JSJ 55 -ir.-u;niir, l*'OR RENT—Euniitihcd or untiirmsir d, new* apartment. Call beron- or after school. Phone 2432.1. 5r ,-]^-;!flin .MODERN apts. ami i'ooifiaT ~5io ~E~iVt7 55-30 -11:25dm MODERN apartment and sTe.pmg __room8. _100_Kaat Ejourth. 55-27-25dm MODERN furnishVd apartTut^tTl,':^ - _Ea.nt. MODERN aparlmentT 307 SOMETHING new In a :C-row. niahed apartment. 211 East r* 'West 2iiiT"." _ fir»-n-(i(im "tTir" .i'Ht. i _ 5-7 -'iilni TWO nice npn; tm.nt rooimt*"j'.7|~ "J'-^JIV heap. Call at 207 North Main. iV-T-tidin TWo-room furnished a pa's 1 1 in i ni", very good and reasonable, tunning water i each room. The Woodard. i'J% E. 1. "* 20-12(1 in 3 ROOM apartment, <l~a.i furnace heat. Call 377 :iW. niudi-rn, r.r.-iS-iDE 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 5ti FOR rtENT -StrlcYtv"^ hoiisi-. 11 Easi. i ;.t|i; iUf-;o l room li">use with 7-acie tract, fenced und loss fenced: one-half ncrf tract 4 oum bouse, double nuran<*. wiil tr.'ub' for equity in town propertv. phon* 1 " _ A ._J_ -1 ii. 1 ' 1 - _ 'r »«-l2-2ilm FOI: RENT--IO:T ~ih. .''"«r ~fu7mT niiideru excopt, lively palnt-di 2 month, lnaiilrt.- JOG .Seventh. ,. ; ,, S | ROOMING house proposition 100 E. 4 fi3-13-2ndtr IS- ROOM rooming house for wale cheap. Call at li)9}_ South .Main. G3-S-*idm M HOUSE:- *-UR SALE '** .N'II. 1—Five room semi-modern house, well built and in good condition. Lot tiGxPio feet. The finest variety of fruits of all fcfhda that grow in Hutehinfion. The entire piftcw is fenced with good woven fence. Fine blue- gra*s lawn, and shade tt round the house. Clo^e in location. Price re* dui-ed to ?22.MUin for quick caie. Would take good cheap car as part ot first payment. No. 2—Norih end five room mortem bungalow. Oak fU>or.i in two rooma, flro place, large living room, two h^i- roonis, complete, imth, built-in features in the kitchen, break fast room, targ« cement basement, garage front drive, and chicken house. House in fine condition. Price $3,00.00. $5U0.yu down. No. 3—For Ront—Seven room thoroughly modern, close in. $45.00. Five room inndei'u liouso eto«=e to Roost- vlet school. 525.00. KING BROTHERS. Realtors. Chore ;;'»? First Natl. Rank lllctf*. Eveidngs 1927 W. fM- 12-2Um. EAST FRONT 7-ronm nifiy, Kiyllshly built, north part, central home with huge living room and fireplace, sleeping porch, JI.U00 cash, balance easy turn*. The Urchin ReaUy Co., phune 42. RI-12-ldtn FOK SALE—A 4-roorn house with seven lots, good garage, cement cave, all kinds of chicken housua: price Sif.yrtft. terms. Nate. .Veal, llvitl Estate, phon e 1 7 1 i>. 0 4 - B - fid in FOil SALE. I'heaiv—< Jond 4-room I'm" nishe-d house willi garage, 11 ,000, terms. l.'S/i.l. iU-Pt -3dm FOR SAEE at largaln-217 F East und 301 D East, Wrlto Rax 22, (lei l e s e o. K*: i n s. t -1 1 - 2 5 d e 926 Kast 5th Street; flv*» ruoim mm1- prn oxfi 'pt fin-iittce. Bm;ill paynu-nt iliuvn will hnnillc. ttno acift trttct on 4th Street road, rlvn Voom tnoiU'rn house anrl otnur buUillnjt3: small paytnem down will also )iandl4 this proposition. Choice buiutlng: sits on 18tn; $555. Small Amg stock snil fixtures, do- Inp a gooil buslniKs, to exclianRe for Hutchinson property. Realtors, l'hono «0(i. «l-ll-lclm 8 room house -\\>st cth 5 room hotiHci West l\th 1 I'IMMIO ll room Wost It Ih.blj.uo G loom 1-* Kast zo<n>.tm Sonlo 4 room houses which 1 can sell fur $100 .(11) down and monthly payments. I't.'ll riALI;— Vacant lots In uu^ine;<s tll-tti. . f/avlfan I, Kan. I'ht.tie B151V Dr. \\. F. School. Hulcliln.^rin Kan, . ' i3 :*?j_-' 1L12IL l.t.i'iH fur ^al^—In ICiittsiiit- i-.-niettiry, rcasonahl*> for cfl.-ih. l'hon,j ..^ijj, or Call at S10 N. W.islilngtim. 65-S-12K 60 FARMS FOfl SALE B—» fib I'AK.M HAUCJAIN " D1KKCT FlttiM OWNER S!0 a. HaalU'll Co., ICtn.. milts county; all love! ami best (,f ,oll; extra Kooil state of cultivation: Kill now In wheat; fine condition; i:u a. ready for oprim; t;vp: to a. itrasa; ti-rm.i on half. Aildress Box 320. Hutchinson. IS-25ilm 1GH-A1..111-: improvcl (arm f.,r *.Ui'. a mill a south of liiman. AiMro-^s Mrs. .racoh ^Vlcns, Ionian, Kan , nr I f Wlerm. Ilulil.-r. K'an. •:«-7-Htr! 67 TRACTS FOR SAL Four Sale, Trai* er IKeasil l-acro tract, clone to Ilntchltison, 6- room house, about 2 a t -r.->. In a.iaira, eoml soil. W. !•'. Iti-Kler, inman, Kan- K-I.Mtm '-•i 'I'll Arizona land to ti-atf.) for Ilutchlnaon propony. Call at "07 .N Jfaln. 'ir-ii-«dm iour Property ivitn CAREY REAL RSTATI0 ii INV. CU. 50J M. Mam. l'hone D72. «7-n-^sitm PROPERTY for sale. Phone a'JS5W. • ; iu-iii.iidm 'rltACT-. A (J1-: alto on Rock Is and J^llii flood liullrllnit alto, B, inth, Sl .iiso. Brown llros., Realtors, ISVj N. Main. Ji_T -J ^lm VACANT lots In the t>»rthcitsC pan of the city, A six aero tract in l-'armlnKton, -well Improved. other «ood tracts close In lo trade. See Stewart, U> a _N. Main li7-;r-llim l',4 South Alain l'iione 892 lil-iJ-lnin Saz ISnaiBii IfflecaiiB Six tunctiy tuo'lion home. East 11th at. Three bedruoniH, two fire-places, room, (tarnse, corner lot. I'riee ?5,2.'>". See KIXKKl. AllKNCV 210 St. lilt, lllilu. Realtoi.t. Phono 2t)5^ til-12-ldm WM iPmy FnBi (1) Viva mis., Jargc, niort, homu, double garage, paved .street, rented 525 «.-toady Income, pavs KVi '-'p on T-L- i.00, t.ale price, goes for JI.DOtt v.nM\ t bal. icrma. (2) De.slralibi Crescent l'urk hite, owiiert by non-re'Jldent who forfeited contract, can he nought at very low figure, cash or pnynients, good homes ann-oundlng. (M) ',1 rrn. tiiurly new homo on 4ih Av«?.. rt*n**"d soli Cor ?El00, easy terms. Wy have others. Realtors—T^oans—Insurance—Rentals. [•.4-12-tiim A V, RI "' tr;K1 ' In, 2 ncrea in ui- fa if.a. 6 romn bouse, lights HUM gas. large barn. Can ho bought Htcs imyina rent. ri24 w. Plum. rt ? - fi - ::r.o ,n 68 REAL ESTATE. EXCHANGES 68 A smiJAiu-: awvws 7 ml. north I. ml. west of Kendall. 4S0 a gonfi farm land, 16o nrvcx ha.^ rlraw. i'rlce ?!t.7,',n, mlgp. J l.-VO 2 yrs (i'i'c. Will undo (or Hutchinson prop- '•rty. CONNEK-PYOK INV. CO. Reaitorp. 304 1st National. IM\oao 227S. TTTil TRADE ^.20 aej-.-H 1 "^.i'""in southwest of HutrhiiiHun. for ID MM within 20 mites I luti-hiTi^ou. A .i- dress 1-11, c;n e News - Ib -i ;i!d. WE want residence loan. 1 *, stinlght or nionlhly payments. a--ik AIcNaghten; _M - s. 2r .dm 16-W-ar city loans. —Me.Nagnt'Mif «l-H-2Rdm ^.VAMJ house, garage. 3 lota, torHiiW cheap. I'lume 2202.1. (14 - 10- 4din Hero is a real buy Cor *u trie on* wanting in that most exeniient mock on 6tii East. I.ot 110 foot frnnt to alley, f» room lioitsu that, is livabin or can be remodeled to suit new ownal. 'I'o close a deal thi» place is offered at only $l,7r»u. Very small payment down ami easy monthly payntenis. Don't let this get away. We i*:tn recommend >r. 6 room, xu-ictly modem, pu ruffe, on A East, one block fine fchool. <>n ear line, i'rlce 51.200. 1'art cash, tcmis on $2,500 at 0%. T.A MBORN-MAYFIEEP CO., Realtors l'hone 17S5. lOvenings l'.'.'U B4 -12 -lrtm u i uc K ut" s i xi-:ss 'coi iN'Eil" Incomi' about 10% grosn on yoariv basin. Owner non-resident. !,ih.-rn» terms. Rrehm Realty Co., plmm- ^L• 61-12-ldm KO U -SA 1.1 'fVir ""liiub"..- uT ty modern hntno in ^i 1 "' '••n:-:;-•.••'>. t \uoi\ \<y 't ion, i • 'le i i ; o Fhonft 2or l".(*:; ' ••>•}_ l- OR (MTV l 'ltnt'KllTV HO't nciv.s* iiiiiitr e>r,tu,i'.i« n. l.- ii' In \viie;it. IL 'O :t. t'iHture. 1 I'min h -'Ur-- . gvau '-iy. pi :i ••'«'. chb'Ken tmiise, win.r piped ftom elev;* led t .nnt;. I .ocnl. 'I J J >i FijJb 'M willh'Mit of i'm ins. portuni'y for niiri ulm w^ms ni:s• • t furmmg. 1 - n ''i"p gf >''s with place, flavgain at J2f» an acre. —sislk McMai.IhlaaiS Phone fi',5 or Int Natl. moil. l.f.r.lW I'Veni.iu's. ''-'-''-Mill u'.sT.V ifoTI-fl. iN"T(T\V.N'" Town of (it'll, nil mi. of JluicMitHori. O!;.oi! Ktnne iiulMinK. hoi water neat. Will re;.I fi-r fT .'i per mnnth. Price $ii,i.'^; it's clear. Want, tract clone to mini" town. CoNNKR-I'Yi.K INV. CO., Kealiors. :;iVI 1st National. pi,.-io S2T1 _ _.',s-i;-l,im 'I'll TKA iii:— .Modern uii-Vii-il.,le r «»|. lU'ii'-e Properly in llntehlineai, K'.ui.. for w-e;it"rn Katisrta land. N.iie Neal, Kcal 1-Ialali-, phone 17111. -ti-f.iltn Fol "Ts "u .Ti flood lu-aeie ta:in elane In. lir.-ai'ie uniutprnvil fat-m. lO-.'ure tract, \<\ ie.-il worth the mnney. Smrio |.;ood buva In cky property. Horn! .'.-ro.ini liouse furiiirshed for rent. w. it. SKI.HI-:N Phone l',a Mouth Main St. CS-l:M'lm 69 REAL E ST AT E~ F OR R£rj f M Poll Ki-i.W-'-'li' riv,7n~n™tMirn : ,ffi <"'-'' , " r '^ Main St. Phone .lnT'l or 11. J. VV. 1 lai rlaon. i'.i -10 -ilrlni Poii j:i-:.\T A l,o.. t Uiim no 1 'aBt first 70 VV\NTED TO BUV A NT I-'I . I.I.IK. Phoiii. Hit-, - Fi riiaif-N':" 7i )-i:-;i.i. New strictly uui|lci-n full haaement Muliil oak rtoi-is. lirealifa.Hl nnolc, front iirlvn Karane. noitheaat pari, Jl.lHii) i i -.'ivli, ha'.-liH-" li-nns. No ;* J Shei man. Itiehm Realty Co. 01-12.ldm i lloro in a liny tltat will mnko you money ami mtil;« yoti a Kim living wliile growing In value. A Kcnn oouiiiy larin niljnlnina Hut.-. Uison, 2 mill's (rom court house:. Wnir sizoil house, RO'.ul burn, eilo an. sliedfl. IS arres ot nlfftlfn. liog tishl ft'imoil, anil cnnionf IHK li'iuse Kverylhlng ready to nlep into anil go lo work. All tillable lauil. Small eusli uayment. Exlra liberal tcrmn. Let us show you. and insurer. 12 Kast Slteruiau ritreat. ()Ter 6(i years In HutcnniBon. Plinn* 310J—After « o. m. Dhone 123. s.,,...i. *... i. aiio« you. FRANK PILK. Mcrr. Real Estate. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS-A Mark of DistinguUhment! By Blosser THA T S FIME!' LOOU AT A! AMtS * A bu /010(3 - WHY DO YOU PUT LJR' AFTEK. ycUE A) A MS WUY-THATS To 'V; let people M^KM Z aim'v" AS old \ AS My POP" f"

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