The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 8, 1948 · Page 9
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 9

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY. JANUAKY 8, 1948 ,m^^f--^--------i--winwrrm-,------^--^^··^·^·'^·^····'··'·····^·^^·^··^"··'^^·····^ PACK THREE, SECTION TWO* 1.IJS III Mlk'l'L' I) (loo miles of state . included I" Maine'* 11 ^A; Aiding Work- arsholl Risk in Ky PKTKI'v KI N U A M'asliiiii'.lou C'o- \VAS1I1NGTUX, ( one w a n t i n j ; to h i '. si number of | i i t " t i n .Mni'shall J'h'ii \ \ h i c h cally utianss\ri"i!lo. i What f ; i t : i ' ^ n t o r i , \} l)n- M.ii'ilKill 1'lan \ \ i l i 'I hero t'i none It i l . .1 i j f k tin 1 U. S. D I I I t t , j-(,es t h r o u g h \ \ i t h t ' n t i ' i n j ! to hi IP K i : : o v K ' l l i i s whole 1 idea u! i · cit t i y i n » to hoi)) anothcT is the iu;:"i".i iroject ever conceived. 'I lit 1 job is to build a brand new · . '· of trade patterns for conduct..', Hie world's business. Jt will l.iU- heroic measures, such as the "M; isluill J'lan, lo make up for contract ion of the British Em- t js simply great ^relieve -PERIODIC "I^PP^lf? Mfet^ with uncomfortable fullness to -r.'K-n ·rou 1 '. . d I r.ucft 0! irirv. A!,o :. jrtul Or """'II m « y prrfrr \.\ 1)1 \ K. il 'I.Mtl.l I s - ail.!..! iron I! M * .*^-i LM rt'xk^ It, \4 ---·*· **vX Modern buildings, away./ro.-n the traffic of everyday commerce, an amazing new world of rr.scro:copcs, test tubes, retorts nnd other chemical apparatus--the rt:c.irca laboratory. Here investigators diligently rtudy new nice ns of ccmbatirgdkcnsc--hoping, testing, rcjccUrsg, pcri-.rp; a thousand tirr.LS before success is achieved. Other chemLtb v.-rc-5'.o with nature, slowly extracting from her the secrets f f the \itarr.ins. All confident of the ultimnte succe;; of trc : r f:ght to free the world of disease. Your pl.yiician prcicri'. ?-. r - 1 \\ these products for the benefit of mankind. We v.e Merci Prcscfi'p/.'on Cheir.kolt EVEN BETTER WITH PURE i " A / A n !· i-a 11 ;H .ihoiil Ih' 1 practi '01 in 1' c t h a t ! I K '..o.kM p u t - .UK! Hie disruption of Japan( i i i a l u t i M-, Chinese and Indonesian trade in t h y Pacific. It may then be asked if the r':ir-li.ill I'lrin isn't doomed to l.uluro hfjause it ignores the his- to; ic trade relations, in which west- 11 n Kurope exchanged inanufac- ti.ud ;{oods for eastern Europe's Jood. Possibly. Bui Marshall l-'anners believe that, in a short t u n . , Hub iiaditional trade between ' . " ' e r n and western Europe will '.'jine be ck. * * "t As to why the U. S. should now !»e called on to pay dollars for Aireiitino beef and wheat, South /inerican coffee and West Indian su^ar ior western Europe, there is no satisfactory answer. It is ii:st tiu- only solution thought (/i thus far. L. S. apiculture can't grow all the food Europe needs. Before the war, there was a triangular'e pattern in which, for ex. M-'J!", Europe got dollars from I . S. tourists, used the money Ic buy Latin-American food sur pluses. This then enabled the Latin-American countries to buy 1 i.:,nulactured goods from the ,1' S. ' With the possible exception o£ | inc- Argentine, Latin-American j countries cannot now afford tc lit ance extra-heavy relief food 1 shipments to Europe. So the so iiilion suggested is for the U. S to finance the exports of food to Europe. To prevent such deals from get ting out of hand, there are cer U.n safeguards, such as Congres jeccnlly applied to stop-gap aid Eh at, limit to 10 per cent of th total, the amount of food pur chased outside the U. S. at highe than U. S. prices. Second, to au t!'on/.c the purchase in other coun lues of i-eiief supplies wheneve ihe prices are below U. S. levels. It is frequently asked what use there is in trying to make up west- c t r Europe's trade balance de- iicits, since this area has never l:ccn self-sufficient. There is no -intent now to make western.Eur- 1 ope self-sustaining. The idea is · to make it merely self-supporting I--so that it can pay cash for its imports. * it S When it is pointed out that Europe has defaulted on most of its debts m the past, this cannot be denied. When it is asked ,no\v · much of the Marshall Plan funds v:iil be repaid, it must be admit- hcd that over half of the $17 bil- 'l ; on proposed for four-year aid j v.ill not be repaid. Outright grants i ; i c .scheduled for expendable rc : 'Lot supplies--food, fuel and fer- ' tiiizer. Money spent for machinery end other capital goods will be in the form of loans, and will be repayable. Won't all this drain on American supplies increase prices in the U. S.? It probably will. Snar- ;T scarce materials like steel can oniv make shortages in the Li.l S. seem worse and so force prices ln°licr. If the question is asked: Isn t f.-.erc a chance that the Marshall Plan will fail to stop communism? --the honest answer is: ies, it m:,v. In spite of Marshall Plan rid" a number of western European countries may go socialist furlKer nationalize their m- tiustries. But if these countries do "c'.enuially make this swing t o the left, they will do it by free choice -- not because they were 101 cod into it by despair. There is only one safeguard n*t this. It is to authorize 1 tiTo President to stop further aid to" any country at any time he f-nds it no longer in harmonv v.:lh the U. S. national interest. t-ti i MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN MOLASSES CRISPS (2 DOZEN COOfCiiS) l /z Cup Mayrosc Lard 1,2 Cup dark molasses 2 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon lemon rind 2 cups sificd fiour 1; teaspoon soda Vs teaspoon salt !· teaspoon ginger J ,i teaspoon cinnamon Combine lard, molasses milk and lemon rind. Add s i t t t d dry ingredient"; qraii'.:.*!!;.- Chill dough. Roll J / £ incii thick and cut into desired sha Bake at 400 s F. for 7 to minutes. Farmers io Start ing -Farm records well kept and acl«d on lead lo more successful formini;. They arc a must for I oun- men who wish to get ahead under present-day compcUUu j and commercialized sj-stcms of farm- jp-." Farm Adviser Pnul T. ttilson 19-6 about 2.GOO account kcencrs had 30 per cent more Irrois income per acre than the wcn«-e of all farmers m the state. ?' SdftiSi. the accounting farmers 1 had the necessary intonnabon fw e tax returns, credit stalc- profit-sharing ^"g^ft le settlements, and to siuav r fa'rrns for letter organization management." .he saio. in referring to tne \aiuc r c r d « announced a beginnmg farm accounts for young the school on First Decoration Day The first Decoration Day celebration was held at Columbus, Miss. RING OU NUAL as never i Visit.the store that leads in low prices during our annual January clearance sale. Hundreds of items drastically reduced. Many items marked at cost, some below cost. Buy ' now for later. Sale items can be exchanged, but no refunds. Sale starts Friday. Values lo $8.95 GIRLS'WOOL JUMPERS $1.98 Values CHILDREN'S SLEEPERS 03 $' '$' i95 95 s95 $ S1.98 Value GIRLS' WOOL SKIRTS oo jtSfsa i NOT ALL SIZES IN EACH PRICE GROUP YOU CAN USE OUR LAY-AWAY ON SALE COATS AND SUITS ' ' · _________ ______ ____ OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES Values to 49c LADIES' Regular $12.98 CHENILLE Regular $2,98 RUFFLED Values to $7.95 Now Curtains SPREADS Values to $9.95 Regular $17.95 SHEEP LINED Regular $1.39 Yd. DRAPERY Values to $11.95 Now Material Values to $14.95 Now Regular '$6.95 LADIES' Regular $8.95 CHENILLE Reg. -$1.98 BOYS' Values to $4.49 BATH ROOM weaters SETS Reg.. $3198 WORK Reg. $2.98 MEN'S Sweaters REGULAR 95 VALUE PANTS , $10.95 VALUE Reg. $6.95 BOYS' Keg. $8.95 BOYS' $6.95 ^ 7 aIues 25% Wool Reversible JACKETS Mackinaws ^^ Beautiful pastel colors with a wide satin binding. Iuy 2 at Ibis low- price. Reg. $4.95 MEN'S PANTS $7.95 Value BOYS' LEATHER JACKETS Mens' AH Wool MACK!HAWS Values to $10.95. Heavy all wool coats and jackets in plaids and solid colors. Some have leather trimmed cuffs and front. ·RKBBBBBmHMHBa §2.98 Ladies' Suede JACKET! ··HWWPW*TM^"^ Reg. $2.9$ Ladies* ERS Values to S2.98 BOYS' Dress Fonts [ill East Poplar St. Harrisburg. HHnoi- Regular $1.19 BOYS' 5 f« J.l P'Vtm * "»« l

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