The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 5
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THZ DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK, MID., MONDAY, MAY 16, 1932. FIVE DEATHS Among County Women's Clubs PERSONALS WEDDINGS Hvattstown LOCAL MENTIONS Miss Nellie Thomas, tali city, left - j j Sunday to spend some tiaie with r*la- Hammoztd--Zvpp. Miss Florence V. Zej;\ trus city, and- e-r's Day swn by Ko\. K. w J.^uirt m the S ,5. Q Mrs. Charles Boyer. Mrs. Harriet S. Bayer died May 14 a: Ivan s. Hammond, of HLefdysv:!le. Baltimore. follow- \ St. Agnes Hospital, Saturday ever.-- ig at 6 ocUx'k M E. Woodsboro Woman's Clob. ing an operation. She was '.be wife of | HyatW.own. May 16.--Thr three follow The Crowd To Doub's Switch. churches oi Hyatv.owii observed M^h- ! ^jnday Night. May 16 M't*:c ".\v Jolly LOCAL MENTIONS Repeated By Special Request. "THE STRANGE BEQUEST" , . . -j;;cUy. May S A Hivia! jj'.r.r.s Band BUS If A'." · M ·* POTTS GRIFFIN. We are offering lor rent fcr the season the master dwelling with, lawn Mol:vrs Day Lai--j 15-'. CVr.t-- 31v P M. C. Marie, at hoase at Clarksburg. Fuseral frosi hotzie of the deceased at Halethorpe -«nth barial in Loudo-im Part j ceiaetery, Baltimore. ':. and Mrs. Ralph Williar and have moved from the Frank E. «^; _ _^ _ , .. ^ property. Mt. Airy, to the: a «, r _ ; Cramer had charge of the recitation , house owned by George W. Clay in that W ehl«r. ?a.-tc.- p!ac*. Mr. ant! Mrs. G. E. Roop ana chinch, at the statist ·- ·r. : family will vacate their present aprt- Saturday norti.rss at 10 Cooler--McDonouth. rxd F. C.xl?y. of Conrjs. jiid Vi^ f L MdX-:i?.iSh. o' Mru\via by Rev. Dr Charles E ·.:-.· Pr-s · : ice cc ··cry rtiotrlv u:;vl Mr Cl.rt^n Andersoi! at-.^I ; ted r^lj-.i^rs i:: Bslturxre on Fine W»'cb Erpairint- reii.^nable. Won s-...''X SAMUEL I. TY'oKK 12! North M.'.TSt-t Strv*: ?earsor , fcoa , e ' gave a demonstration in preparing! meat above the Hams Garage and rr~L.. 'cocESisaay meals. Recipes were given :=»ve into the WOiar home on Jur*e 1. George M. KUpp j a _ d soax VWT deUck)us ^^^ ^4! George M. K-ipp. son of »»·«* X.,, tfwich ; ^^ d ^.^ b v s M^ Louise Savior spent the past aad Beulah Knp?, near High Krob. ,^ c _ M b .^^.^^ week-end, at tie home of her parents. died Sarorcay night at 8 °"cl?ci I " " ; - " · ; _ · " · ^-.eJ Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Savior. WalStersvUIe. at the Frederick City Hospital 1 I*--o-s re-reh_.s »ere seneu , .. _ . _ aged 2 years, 8 months. 9 days. He i survived "oy his parents arid the yyjri-g brothers: Glen, Eugene arxl Dor- j sey Klipp. Ptseral frosi the hcaie of his j graadaaather, Mrs. Fannie Klip?, near j Kaob. this afternoon at 2 o'clock, j .j.- re5 , de 3 . George--Deitrik. J G*sri?, of Shi.-ksin:iny. i . ani Mis IIKI C Deitr::k ot bv H?v Nit ,", the h-^::5«? o: the church Mr and Mrs. 1-a DJV.- or. ijutic^y. i-X-k T:»y '»*«· Mr .1:1.; Mr- l".rah\n: Sruiuiitix Ar.U Mr !,-'... r Nv'.tis. of We:.'. Vir- sr.-sia. Mr a::^ Mr Ktrir.VLs Ri-.;»is a.vl Furniture Mi tint. Krpairiiit. Kerlnii-hiitS Place .-^-rs ::.'·» !or .-rwa ivvvs. »ir«K» server*. ber.:h« ^jrch s»-tr.«. 2v»er tx.\f*. etc FREDERICK SPECIALTY. 117 EaM Fotirth Sv "Hrlp IVitroy Lawn Mowers Sharpened. FRANK JAMES. ·Phone 15:-K 127 W 5th S: CITIZENS 1 NATIONAL BANK .u detail and furnished. POTTS GP.IFFI:.", REALTORS tlT COURT STREET PHONE 603 NOAH E. CEAMEE SON. k'll. M:J- PLAN FLOWER SHOW ! studers at the University of X! ! where Miss Savior is ctxnpleting her ! sophomore year. Smith -- Sandidgc. rrher and M M Mi! ·· B-'.l AUr.uuti ol ; a:.a Mrs T:i.-uix .1.' .- pl K ' V i - -^Kl :..-lJI. Mr O?A*ur I'^t'.t't \Varrield. Mr i::i Mrs. Jisptr Pr.oe -- Rev. E \V. J.-roan. Arm and Miv- Chris- Keeter '.\s-rf di:ir-r guests o- Mr. jr.?. M E Mrs Ar.ti^ VTKSS KICK Hulbs. ^- tVjr;h S'. . 'I'l'.orx CS-M B1.1 ; :?s -- ,, ----- ----- . ·aritli ssrrkres oorid!i(r»d by Miss Evelyn . To B* Held By Kockvillc Garden Club | t«e;e. ioth of Charles T?-sr:. Mr*. E. L N,-r*od . . n R. Ahalt who has be*n yv. Va.. sere rr-irriec here Safirdav at -- ML.NS KlLalxtii I-lor^ie. vl Wjtsh- -. 1Y Look I)»nvers. Don't fo.-g^t :::· '-:»; dan.-«-s a'. Fred- Jun:::.T. «-.*r Saturday a::d Mon- On June 3. RockTtlle, May !6.--Plans for a j staying for son» tirr.e ^i the south 53^ Mbs Manr Ancdo. ': er jhow :o be staged in Rock-rille o= j North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Ahalt Miss Mary Angelo, of Martinsarg. i June 3 were considered 2jy the Roekville i u -^ re married at this church. Mr. W. Va.. died at the Frederick City i Cosmcasity Garden C-tib at the home ] Ahalt makes his norse in Cincinnati. Hospital 3.1 3 o'clock this morning, j of Mrs. TV.' Law-son Kirig. and a core- ; Ohio, and Mrs. Ahalt lives in Balti- Rev. Nat G Barr.hart. jacg Sunday at the Episcopal ch-arch o - Trinity M. S. Church. South. They Mrs Good Shepherd. Rocky Mount. ^ eTf accompanied bv Eiwar?! F. iVrn- irtston. VL-t ^-d iter ;.»r»-:-.. Mr. 5!.r.:-.f. Frt« buj. .·:-. M-'t'.day r.i^:tt^ C.:ir Store 9.15- b£ Eciia F. Rose ryhough ani 3 Get License In Baltimore The body was sent to Marnnsburs f^r - mittee. consisting of Mrs. Leonard L. burial. M. R. Etchison and Son, f-on- j Nicho'json. chaL-man; Mrs. Benjamin T. j erai directc*s i Slmore, Mrs. J. Harry Gormley, Mrs. i " _LJ . George F. Kane. Mrs. George A. Ninas ! T7T T\TT?T? A T Q a=d Mrs w - L2 ' K *°~ Ki ^ '"^ r-***^ \ f U iN X-fX\.ZT.l-O to make arransements. i j All garden clubs of Montgomery ; The runera! of Mrs. Martha E. Al- !«·-»·?. ~ e O^-^- ol Coltimb^a and! ·where she ^ returning May 19. Miss nna Conklm. \Va«hin5tc-n. »"as - o f fries is in this city Sun- Mr p ar k W. T. Loy. HagerstOTr-.. for- baugh wife of Gorge W. Albaugh. trho j died Thursday at her home near New j Midway, was held Si^tday wi:h serv- j .^ ices at Haagh's church at two o'clock j""' -rlv of this city, attended the annual sections, it was decided.' jjay' Day celebration at Hood College to participate- ! Saturday. ne club voted t Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wood. West- --Mr. ar.d Mrs Frank W;»a'.jf\ spent a i.-vy Mr and Mrs W. V Burc-tu- --Mr. .-;n! Mr-~ Ss::vaol Kt^if'.i a::-J Price' A marr.sse license was issu«i ::i Bal- ;\\o r!i:idrr:i, o' \VashtnWon. v;-,cd $:oOJa::.t $1095 tir.ic-re to Royal \V. Roberts. :16. Fred- Mrs. Murt-hy. S1S9J \'3'.-^- . erick. and Florence A. B-.^wen. 20. --Mr. a:s,i M.". \\\ -.t«-n CrJ-*foro and Mrs F,'.n!:^' C'ra^-forvi. of \Yah- G°C. Prtre --Mr. and Mrs. HriC- T!-.ontp,-j:: and M.try h",_^!)--.!-.. ···-·-nod »i:h Mr Clramnre! Our E:r.:r? St-x-i: \Vo.:r.o-.-.'.v and M -.-.::j Coa'-s an.i Suit* it Nearly Hi'.f- Taylorsville Taylorsville.May 16-- Mrs. Le^ daushter. Helen and s"n. U-roy. L'nson Br:d*e: Mr. and Mrs. George T:tom;-s ::'s r.ire:.-.-. Mr. a:ui ..Ir.- KEMP S Of. the Sqtlaro ' Drink Murr Milk. participate 22 var- i io-js Sower shows to be held in this! M-^dav «s.-enin 5 at the home o: Mr. -- -^rs. Franoi-. Stt.bbs and little son. and Mrs. Mxffe. Jr. -^ v * "turn-x! from t:-.e hcsritaJ to '.he home cf her EW her. Mrs Li..ia:i Stone \\-ur cheapest j:;.i best food. JOc a "'"""CHARLES \VERTHEIMEK Best FounUln Serrlce In The City. PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES CHICKS FOE SALE. B\BY CHICKS BAKRE: :.i.v.:rv. l r - t v . Iliac . THK CITIZENS' N A T I O N A L BANK ', OF FREDEUICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUKPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. B.VKER. Chitrman o/ Beard. HOI.MKS 1. UAKEK. President. JOHN H. BAKEH. .a: ^ on S'a'.tf JOHN N. CLARY. ciated Manv beatitifti! floral tokens class of Calvary M. 2. church will meet j we~ preset-id The pallbearers were i with Mrs. R. E. Btirdette, Thursday eve- i George" Biggs. Sari Gilbert. Benjamin j ning. Mrs. Charles GartreU will be | Gilbert, Jesse Creager. Harr.- Kline. ! hostess. Edward Ma toon. Ir.tertr.ent; in Mt. Oli- j --The members of Calvary M. Western Mary- · Qin? I ir " h h - r daus!s5er at OlUlA ! lane co..ege. i- _Mr. and Mrs. Roylar.d Gosneil were Saturday evening. Four CARROLL AND PATRICK STS. Opp-5ite Poet. O;iice. ^jri;otrr_. J«* \,-?^.ze-. ii^-... ^s.-^ic. :---*'---*.- I · ^ ^. /.o-^e c:a"Ti-na" ^-^-^'nc T-OtI" Edward Matoan. Interment in Mt. Oli- j --The members of Calvary M. E. j Doris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Les- , ;'°=- s *' ^"f .,,:" ro ' ' *" " vet cemetery. Thomas F. Hice, funeral i church are planning a mothers' and j -^ Mullineaux, Mt. Airy, is undergoing j -- a0 -^ . '. " ? '' ^r v- a -,H V- dir»cto- " -daughters- bancuet to be held in the 'observation at, the Children's Hospital. --«°- \va-.e. son t . -v... a~u ..-^ u u .7UL_r.. i ^ , \iw*-. - T.»-VM- TX. ·*·*»· H n . , T " TTllS-Or.UIi ·.'·. ! near future. The funeral o! Joseph Blair took i --Work was started last week k con- j place Sunday at 4 o'clock frara his late | struct a ce-s- cooling- tower at the local i I -Washington. Mrs. M. S. Pearre, who has been ; James VL'aner ha-i the misfortune t o ; ' cut his lip badly .-"layins bail- ' --Mr. and Mrs. Tnoinas M-^ore. Jr.. At Htndrickson's. Sarrifice S.ile of Spring COATS AXD SUITS. Lot 1--30 Coats. 6 Suits. S7.95 Cash. Lot. 2--10 C_s!s. -S Suits. S10 00 Cash. N'.S! OS SALES NO t:i9T EQITTY r- -hf Ctrcu:: cr'.:r: '. .·' Frcd-rlcit County ; 5. :·..:-.£ :r. EC-;'-:.' i MJV Tf-::«. 133: , · G-:-.- K Mo-.-.rr. A^xrtr el :=-i:v.-.:-: F. N*»- j . »»r. V.C-.SS5*- oJ H a r r y C S'.o-sScr 3-.--J , : ;.i:-.r O St-::tfr. V.!i s:- O:t Pf.::-.s«. In :hc V.i::cr ct the P.r;-j:t ot Sates 2-ffl . - O'dr.-rd. Tbv- or. :!-.* 7t:-. . Cour: bv Ouy ' M ^-···-·-- A«isn" I a bovc cs-i^p. 3:-.!j fl'-?d thcrrlr. »» · to K-jl-.v ri-.::~ ar.J^ni ta- t Baer. Allen Jones. James Bowers. Dan- | --The local baseball team is rehears- isi Butler. Interment in Mt. Olivet : ing this week for its second an- cerneterv. Thcmas P. Rice, funeral di- · nual minstrel shots: to be given May 26 rector. " i and 27. The SOOT» made quit* a Sit j last year. The funeral of the late B. Erard Hep- : --Jesse Butler, while operating a ner took place Sunday afternoon at 2.30 ' dicer at the local canning plant last o'clock. Scrrices were held at the horr.e ; ?."eek had the end of his first finger of the Misses Wilson. 119 East Patrick | on his right hand severed, when it was ! caught between the knives of the ma- i"' i EXTEND RELIEF DRIVE j Truman Franklin had a delightful f-sr Special Dance. ELI G KACGH. CtrrV: of the C:rc:i;t C3i:r: !or; County Gcy K. Ma'.-.rr. So"..c:'.or. i True Copv--Tesi. | ELI G HAUGH. Clerk, i d --..T: ll-tlJ-JO-;- 6 JOSEPH McDiviT. Vice-Prtxident. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Cashier. SAMUEL G. DUVALL, Assistant Cashier. J. TKAVEKS THOMAS, Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALLER, CHARLES H. CONLEY. M. D., JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAK?HI. JR., JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAS B. RAMssrRGH. ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. i JOHN N CI-ARY. A" !:-.:»» o: In!'jr»r.c« O V.R 3VRS FREE. Sy.lcl'.cr. Thcnc 730. 9 N Court St. LOST AND FOUND. LOST -001.11 ·.VHIST-IVATCH. NEAR 103 MISCELLANEOUS. CKOCISETERS -- EXPERIESCEtD ON IN| :.i.-.:- :-..i:-.J-:r.a-!- ssctj-j^s. Wr;-.e Chas. Me'.; 11 N S.V.:i S-. . Phlta . Pa. I 5-H-d:;j!5-S7«2l« j PIANO T'JNNtN.'l AND RADIO REFAIRINO : a sp«::i'.'.y Atbcrt C 'i'^r:er 'PSone ' 519-VV. S V.'is: 13 S s'.rce! 5-:-d2S: WANTED. I WASTED TO BUY.--MOrSRrf DWELLING 1 G.-.c ."nt.on a:'.d pr.ct. \Vr:'.e Bax !6C9. WANTED --DESK :-.«::o:! for cs j; :n Frc;!er!eic: AND TELEPHONE CON- rtuptay Nc^-^-Pos:. Box 1304. Ap- street, and were conducted by R«~. Dr. Charles S. Wehl«r, pastor of the Presbyterian church. Pallbearers were: Roy i as trip along the Potomac river. Mer- j ^j-j- vrEU - PARK, HVATT3TO\V-. ! ton Franilin caught one Sish wei;nins Tuesday Site. Mar 17th. also a cake chine. --Mr. and Mrs. Herman Beck and I. Hyndman, Shirley Watts, Charles 5. family were callers at the home of Mr. Hahn, Robert 3. Croihers. Samuel E. j and Mrs. Lewis Shafer, Patapsco. Sua- y County Campaign Is Short - Of G ^ ! --A birthday sarprUe party was given I at the home of Mr. and Mrs. IVUlians RockviTLe. May 16.--With several j ingles Saturday evening m honor of Vi-alit. Gento. 25?; Ladies. 25c. thousand dollars the ouota set. as still needed to meet j Mr . i ? ies. The evening their goal, workers of j ^.j s-.v; hundred. Th- s spent, a:sy- o resent w-ere 3hn Barnes. Mr. and H. Barnes. Mr. and Mrs y evening-. Joseph and Lindsay Shaf- ORDER NISI ON SALES Ir. T!:e ORPHANS' COURT Cf Prcdcr:cS Count'.-. Mr.rylar.d. -- .. -- j Ap.-;l T?rw. 1931 j Regular Dance. la the Matt-r of the S.V.e of :he Real j ,, . . , . . ,, . _ , Est.i-* o! S-'2abeth N:chj -. d-cc.isti. Lir-tons Ha.:. \0:.ow Springs. Taes-: Jn th . M a t , f r or ;11 . Report o: Sates. dav r.t;ht. May 17th Bus leaves Fifth F:tcd thr 9:h day or MIT. !932. otrcc-t comer 8 p en. 25c round trip.; Ordon-d. bv ;r-.c Orphans' Court^of Frrd- Ke;ular Dance. Nichctn t a t ? of Fre^.^r:ck Ciur.:y. dec?j this day reported to th:5 Cr.:rt bv her Ex,_ I e:-:;or b» ratified ar.d contlrn-.ed. ur.t-'ii FOR RENT. -*****· POIl KENT --MODERN 5-ROOM. SECOKD · ' Ilcor a p t . Apply «1 Nor'-S Miricrt St. ; 5-iS-Ct-*. '. FOFt RENT --MODERN 3-3OOM APAB.T- i rcisor.-.a'.c. A p p t y 314 W. S3!i:S Si. FOR RE.-"T -- FUBNISHED FRO.-.T ROOM. _,...,!,-., /^- c .j^ or t~a persons. 1*9 ""ess ~ ..... S-IS-d6t FOR REST.--GABAGS. APPLY S37 SOUTH M.-.rif. strict S-I6-(SSt' Fon RENT.--6-ROOM HOUSE. 523 NoaTH Bcr.t; St. Apply 43! K- MarScl str«;. FOR RENT --2 HOUSES AND' 2 OARAGES or. East Ps:r:ci street. Appty 407 East Patrick street. S-K-dS: HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION FOR RENT -LAHC.E FR\.ME BUILDING. oe'.irec:i -i'.h s:-.d 5th s'reet. on ISirkct street Apr'.y to D. W. Kehne. Marylir. J. 5-H-d3t Bamesvilie Bamesville, May 16.--Miss Marjorie I _ Renn, o* Washirigton. was a gtxest of | ----·' her sister. Mrs. J. R. Lillard. --^The Communiry L-eagtie Tuesday risht, with tr.e vice-presi- \ recently of Mr. a cent. Mrs. John O. pvles. presiding, i so~. Washington. _ . . . . - : _ T r . - o - , r ; -vr- --Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dodson son orl | Charles, and daughter Eelen were guescs id Mrs. O. F. Patter- D. C. a^^- i-i e business rneetinr, a verr en- t -- ilr - a -z 1Irs - Houck of Winfield joyable"~program was" siren. " · ^ere callers a; the home of Mr. and "--V-s" Lawr^nc" 4 Chiswell has re- ' J.Irs. H. S. B«cs, Sunday afternoon, turned from "a t'-o-weeis" visit wirh | --A surprise par.y was given Mrs. Major and Mrs. Jos. M. White in Aber- '. A. D. Cronk last Thursday evening. g^., ; when a num'oer of friends assembled. --ilr. and Mrs. Clagett Hilton visited ; for bridge, having brought their cards. Mr. Alva Feete in Baltimore for sev- ' tables, and refreshments along. Among : the party werst Mr. and Mrs. Raymonr mittee from covering all of t \ tory to which they were ass: Willie Greene Day. executive secretary · wi deciced this aftemosn to extenc the ' Tavlorsville. M f the terri- j Bve -s 5p en - Monday afternoon at the signed. Miss j 5,33,^ o f ; % i r =. .Raymond Franklin at Trimmed. Flowers ar.d la"r. taken car afield. She has been bedfast for , ,,,,_,·-,-_,, ,,.,,_ Anv ;=-,,,, trie- : -.jj. -?hor.e 632-J. White wash- j The Etec::tor«' Report states !S» A=-.oi: °'.?-« 3 b h r " : H - r ' drr:1 and F: "-5'" s oCered for only --Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Jenkins had t ! A total Of S33.000 is needed by the as ;he:r gue5 ^ Mrs. Ef5e Lam- , Kcpea i o{ the Prohibition Laws league for wort curing the coming .- -^^ an( j S3=s Harry and Wo-^crow. also · -^jj^-ccd bv attorr.evs o! the District! year, S31.000 of which already has M - ar ,,j Mrs . j 3 ; ;r . Trite and children ^ _ ^ been raised. ; John. Hilda, Marie ar.d Kacherire. all i ^..,..-_ ar ..j ~ S f.*~ Frederick. Ml.. L of Lir.~ooc. , \vin;hest«r Hal!. Saturday. May 21st. j C NEWTON THOMAS. JOHN HEP.SHBEROER. LOUIS C ETCKISON. J-JiS's cf '.!;- OrsSar.-.' Cc"rl J. F. ?. HEAGY. Eiera'-or i-.S Attorney other property o! a mucri . rxt thirds fi !n property j R-VT - -SOUSE KO. 15 W. 5TH ST. "Xppty 13 W. s:h S:. 5-I4-d3:- APARTMENT. d=ctt!r.i! on Par* A r e . $3.500 Kith a h.Bher price- Txt) -- - , !5 df lrrd. A rrai opportusSty for t!l? , FOR RENT --FUP.KISKED ci-tv b'-d i 205 East Sccor.i strrel- s-13-c:: \ JOB AWAITING YOU. ! -- -S -com moiisrr: br;ck d*et!tns for to-Jrls; j FO R RENT--509 SOUTH MARKET STREET. bus .^ e ..5 w; .j- C p~cr.-. bijck mod?m nttlr.K ; mii'-rv. 7 rcon; bricS: house. App.y J» True Copy Test" Harnev --Dorothv. ;i:;le daughter of Mr. and tickets. JfELVTS F SHEPLSTT. Register cf v.'ilts fcr Fredrrfck Co-j^ty. Md d :aay 3-!5-i:3-33 station :nctud::ig or.e acre for cin-.ptnz p'Jr- t,catrd on HlKfc^iT. May '-ride on S. Mr-rltc: St. EXECCTOR'3 NOTICE This '.." :o E.v? r.ctice titnl the su^-crter? Orphans' C3"rt of Mrs. Tratcan is -.hrsa-,6r.c-d witn chants for corr.plirr.entarv rneT, May 16.--Miss Romaice Val- i pneumonia. by. of Chevy Chase. ~3re stt?p=r gussts j nounce tee sirtn o. cf Mrs. Laurence Price. i named Rudeil TTatkins. so-. Mr. Var. To: j crardetter for J. P. K: City property. . . . . . 27 acres on H:sh-=-2F f-"r c^o..- , Ir.E with etcclr.clty. a;h and gravitation : sTiiesi. A real opportunity for lo-jris: FOR ar.d Sling sts'.-.on business. i FARMS FOP- SALE ' cf ar.y sLze. price ar.d location.' , FOR KENT.--MODERN 6-ROOM KOPSS. Divid GroCT. 'Phone 9;5. 5-!3-dSl RENT-SIX A.VD Sa-.TN n-.cderr. apirtaicats -»r::r-. s.'.ras;s rcr 5' K2 Possec-stDT! at App.y -3 Th.rd S t . o r 'Phone 1 4 3 4 . a - I j service cc-nscientious adrice. to consult Htce. P. LUTHER RICE. RSAi ESTATE ! "PHONE HS4 29 EAST THIRD ST. FOP. n't lili j FOR RENT.--HOUSE IS V.-EST SAINTS ST. I A p p t v Mar- E. \ 215 Roci-eJ i Terrace. 5-ttt-dt: HELP WANTED. RENT.-- SIX ROOM APARTMENT, tir;- saricn. csr?.;e. a'.t moiers. 334 West Patr.Ci 'St. Tet. 84! 5-12-dSt- FOR RENT -- 2-ROOM KOUSS NO 461 '.Ve-t S-.-'-t". S: . S'-O AU3 4-ro=n; souss N- 3;3 »v Pitr.c's St. s:o. Appty I- S- SSip.-y. 144 '.V Ch-rc!-. St. 5-11-dtf ·*-*^T"g"^ __'=""t~iTXCEt P A I N T E R S ' d ., , 3.. ,, 3 _ o: "-^^7.-:; 4o~,- on - sh cu 55 ^or K 'FOR P.ENT-».PARTV-SN- CORNER MAS- -·erT--''"" 'V-'-'.-'T IIS S PV.r'.c* St.. ·:?'- ar.-J Ser;=i strCJlE. l3-.-rf.alc pes- T LINK. S.15-d3f Apr'.J- Faracrs M«!ianiC4 CARROLL PIERCE. ET.-c-:-.o rf n-.iy 9-l5-tt3-31-;e Investigstir-.g rep-orts that the slayers of tite Lindbergh baby haci been arrested, the Associated Press said Sunday nizht that su;h "~ors ^rer-; ur,four.ded. The reports. ~hich seem-ec to hare orisinatsd over tr.e radio. had -s-iie circulation Sunday and resulted in many inquiries to The Xe-s-?ost Sunday There ·K-as abs3lu:-e'.v no trjth tc- th-e reoorts. "he Ass:U:e= Press stated, aft^r a thcro-jglt ir.vesti- gation. Trtistees For Colored Schools. |s?eat Saturday r.ight »i:a Mr. and Mrs. j -*.. A. « ar.d B..^ c. Speak - s j^- M, oppe . H-^kville. Mav IS.-Trastees of color-i Charles ST.ildt ar.d str- David, -.ear cor s?er.t__i.-.ur=t:a, or. a ,,, .... 5 ; ... i:ay :-;-.;-«. mar.j-er. Sp-::a. tr.i5 ed oublic schools in Mor-tgomerv oot; ' tOTm. ' --lirs. noTraro ?n:e_ar:a^Srs. «x- :Orce! -,r Fir. 5 er Wave ar.d 1--ere a.--vDin»d tr ;"-£ B-^ard "of Sdu-' --~^~- ar.d Mrs. Severn Fozls ar.d ace Kips.ey att«r.=ca tr.e May caunr.' sharr.?:-t). £: 03. ?-?rrr.=r.-sr.' Wave. 54 00 |I^.: 0 _ "^ 'v- 3 -^'- La--o-_sv ; ""e " J D isoa Everett.. Ur.ton Bridge, visited Mr. cyan;:! meeting -hieh was held at th* -?;-. : e 56T-J. 217 X. Msrk-:t St. j p-^..;^- 3"ihiso r r"Henrv Rig^t darks] ar.c Mrs. Joseph Kelly Sunday. .Methodist Episcopal church. '.V^ . __« :--.--r rt--'".-,- s^-ar.-»-"- Kraitstmrr. · --Visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Jo'r.r. £ter, Frtda... OTU3ER NtSl ON NO I:;".T EQt;i In the c:re-:t Co.:rt :cr h r Appt:c3r.--s m~« be s-.eidy. ·K-.ttir; rt Permanent. pDslttor.. satary anri rr.i'i^ion. A"pt~ in p^rjor: or-ty: frcin -- . t") 3 p m. See Mr. Lav.r.. Frar.rl's da.ty -Ji-e , ar-.S r.-n- ·s-ere: Mr. ar.d ; o^'i- Q-r----- ^··'c'a--?!-^- T^c-'^'-^a-* Irfv* ; HarT^r. rj^ar to-K^i. i J.^t^. O-I^.. -- . C: -- 6*-»^.J«. 4.-5....«.^»-. JJ^-*-. ' -I T *·.-- - --~»-- ^ _ j :.lartir.sbt;r». Otho Thorr-stxa; PDles-i Mrs. Harry Recs. Har.overt Mrs. Jtnr. , Sur.cay at ---e r.orr.e ! -Hie. Sarr.uel Copelar.d: R*;Sville. j KarMr. Sr.. ar.d daughter R-sa. Litt! ; Charles D^ffir.: Scotlaad. L-»--U Hurley, i * /VI ~ i Jr.: -Mr. and M- Aloer- T. Bvcrs sp-.t Mr ?a.-.-r.»-. - Mr. ar.d Mrs. Walter C. Mo-re. Wtxc- ' bir.e. For Sale. Go--d Values Ir. Used Cars 2 -- I3d;e Sedans. 3 -- Dcdg^ Coup-is. FOR SALE. Miss r3ro;hT Bamcs of j--t'i- Quir.-e Orchard. Sarah Broirr;: I -- Mr- a=d Mrs. Clarer.-ce Harrisr. Har.- ; Kar^a ar.d cl-..l-dr.:r.. ?3-jlir.c ar._ z,^- H : -e- PsaS ?-"-ii~=T C Hattan- Sar.dy i over, soer.t -s-icr. the Otter's yard. Lar^cs-xr-c. "sD-ir-=- -^l"vn 3-ihot;- N'ori-sck. Mil-' i!r. ar.d Mrs. Er..:h Yealy. I --Mr. ar.d Mrs. ?oy Wrijl-.t. ar.d , o=; Holland: Grifton. Richard IXcsey; · --Mr. ar.d Mrs. Dilly Mort th«ir ch:l=reri. Baltimore, sper.t Sattir^av evc- Brisht-c-r.. Cli!ttr. Thctcas: Washir.?torj i duelling repair.tec. Coupe. :-- Packard 7 Passcr.gcr S-tdan STALEV MOTOR CO. F:«kr::.-i. ?.rd In the "3"r- c.t '-·-- .:rrcr: o: Si-« MIfC t^- :nj d^T n; :.:-.-. :xi Or=er"i. T.-it 'r. T- :.: -- ·;*-.- 3f Mi-- ' FOR SALE.--N'O ::·' WEST THIRD ST . S -j'rxTr t s ' f ' f t ' r - - - ',: S3.".-.' -" Sea- £'tale . rei.i''nt.»V"«^ : sr.-; -:" Fr--l1-rtci Gltrr.-r r » p - r t « d ·-· -. · ' Cv--: ^·r vr .:.-»--. F R y;i-tt. 1"3 N Itsrcet v.ree; 5-:5-i3" ~ ' f ~ - ~ * - ^ - - ^ ^ t ' r e v ' i - '.' f.*-.."i'.tT r ^ t f j a n ~ t c?rrtr~ ~ ~." ^-.~". - r *-" r ^ i s " to t^e c"r.- FOR RENT --6-ROOM BRICK HOTTSE. !«O. P.-.rt.y rr.oiern A p p t T V 1! Rnosds. t43 FOR F.ENT -- ;-F.OO:-t :.tOOSRN : St ?ossc Cutter FOH riE^r7'--A . i riACTl'. =1 FTRST F1X3O3 ^ r ,= R^S--- -- T ^ i R G E SIS ROO7.5 Grove. Nathan Duvall; Clopoers. J. A.! -- Clarer.ce Xaill. Mrs. All-en ar.d Mr*. William Wrisiit. . TVarS'-ld: St^-arfitoTrr!. Richard St«-5r- ; Walker. Mrs. Harry J. Wolff. Miss Ruth artt Sell--an. Washington- Harr.ilton; Snider accompar.ied by Mrs. Reta Mehr- Sovas. Ja=i-cs Thorr-ast Damascus. F. ] ing. Taneyto-srn. attended the Carrol : Butler: Ptirdurs. 3er.jarniri Lylet I-in-. Cc-tir.ty Coar.cil of Korcerr.akcrs clubs , . den. Charles B-jllock: Wheaton. William ! held in the ^Methodis- churcr.. We=t- « ' I*3m2x: K«n Gar. Philip Jacison; Ta-: minster, on rrlday. « : 5orr.a Park. Perry Ha-skins. All ^ere --Mr. ar.d NSrs. Er.och Yealy ana" ?^n : rarc«d for three ;-ears exceptir.g -R-here . 5Ja:?r. spent Sunday ~"^ ' c-.-ir-rT^e Sesigr.atec. -Mrs. Will-arr. Tools And Equipment ;.f the blacl-iitr..".:-. s.-.ct: of the late 5 L. Ksllvr. Buc-rj;o^r.. ftc sale Sr.op :.:;:· f:r rent. Apply to E D M;cl~.3el. 4 W-jst, ?a:n: St E^I G H A UGH. C^'ir. ty £L3 G S. a .t,"G2. ?.-. ·.r. v .-3r-? o: ;r.r";. -iiat TO-J C5-- ;..-" S4 v. -.5 s:: ' ·^ 52 25 -7 L.-. r.; St ~ - i - r -r · .-- O . ' SC-JT, '.U:,t-t St C- .-- ore R j.a^tt. It'S rr.-;er.-k. :.tir-- N Marie-. St S-s-i:: j-.o- ^_^^ REST --:.:orjsRS :N3 FLOOR A?AS~Market Prices s NOTICE Wncat. b-j Grain. 5". Mr. ar.d Mrs. George Patter-or. and com. bbl SI "55 family. TTS-O Taverns. Live Stock and Produce. --Mr. ar.d Mrs. Err.Cit Smith had*3 bv Freier:;? C:-,r.t? Prod-cu. Ir.r . . . _ 4c tD 5 " : : Heifers ..._ _ 3c t-- 01 ' Plan Firemen's Meeting. ', Plans ~er? laid at the May rceeting as Mother's day dinner g-jests. Mrs. ! of the Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire Com- i Snma Smith. Bridgeport: Mr. and Mrs. S ; party fcr active pirticlpation in the ar.- ' "Harry WolfT, Karr.ey. Ir. the afternoon nnal convention of the Carroll county j the -x-r.ole party motored to Fa-.rfield to COTS - _..- _ ''"^ volunteer fire ccrr.par.ies, to be held at! visit Mrs. Sue Ktigier and Mrs. Lu-c'.r.cla Bulls 2: VTestrr.instor Thursday. Tn rl"e* (TtarK. in rtisree of Mr. Airy's part i. v..e pro- -- Havmor.d Eyler. Vorit. spent Sur.- ·r.-'.uce, A. R. Yingiing, L. L.. Uy ^'"-th his parents. Mr. and Mrr. g and Caries Warfield. J jler.-ia Eyler, n«ar Harriej'. For Sale. All S-.r.ds o! second iand Ptry; frc«r. 2 :o 3 inches; I-3-eants. and Angle Iron Tor Budding purp-^s-:.-. P3.EDSRICK JUNK COMPANY. Prar.i Gast.eT. Prop "Phcne 383 OfSce -i:d Warehc-tise--Chapel Alley Bet-s-e-tn T'niri and Fourth Sts. Rssii'tr.ce--215 E Third St. Calves 3c to 5 : j C S: to 7c . Bucks'' .";: " Sc Hc-ja »...3i vo ·«: I Lower Prices On Scratch Pa£s, Per.oil Tablets · r.efsprir.l paper). No* S Cer.ts a ib. Bond and Bor-^ Paper Tablets. N'-T 9 Cer/s a ib. THS Ti.s is Fr-j-r." ADRIAN c :.:-rA ^T'f.t -; i.-i '--I-' T.-. ··-· .r.leSfi to t^e i"-:"3xe-t are cp^-.-Ld :' -r.,-:? :n-.r.iea'.at- O.vrV ::r.-i^- : , r h-.-i 1 ; -.'- s D-.d daT o: M-.y, t33: FOR P.ENT -- DA FOR SALE -- CPR1GKT TtANO. ?tN=. CON- ?.;n i; :r.ce d '.--. AT-:- 3 "?·'- t C - r . Sir--' IOST HOME. TKO3- Rear ±r:v» -^ay ?ss?es- ^XJR S'.I-E--COVPIjETE d:u-r. traps, ?r --? r? =JC 51. Nf-' :.!irr- Md. ?OR RENT -- MODERN S-SOOiS HOGSS. 323 ?'-r -.---.-e ?;^;»w:;p Ap-- .i L Ge;rge S Kehr.e 5-I-dt: . ^_- , TOR RENT --ItCHEHN -S SOOil APAST- rOR SALE --POT 3ZANS. OOOO QVALTTY =.:'r- y?.rd. t:5 So-;i: Msrie: strecl. 5-i:-dlGt FOR REVT.--ATTRACTIVE A?AS7MSXT. FOR SALE --T%VO NSTW BRICK HOUSES. ' A=^'.T Err'. Hojr*. Jr.. 100 Sv«t Sfc=r.a ~!**.rr~i ·-. eve.-j respect. O.-e Co.or.ia!. , s'.re;: . 5-I-StI A LSSOT VCARDELL. one E=;".firi tyre. vf-atc-S :-r. Liuiiergri E r X 5 R S VcC\rtDEI.L. av-- ue O-pos.te K:od Cc t f g s A3P John FOR P.~N"T -StX KOOM HOCSS ON N33TH Ex-.-i'3r . W. GroTf. Wcss Fotjrlh St.. Ev.en.lec! I Mt.-?: St A = p t v to C. P. Sth I.-:--eht, i =i»y :-9-:S-M-3a ' i-H-iU I 7ii S. ila.-ist s;rse- S-l-i;Z

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