The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 2
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\ •TMnt? TWO. THE Hl/TCHiNBlfN li....... JOHN D. SNYDER AUCTIONEER Phone 1459J, my expense for dates September 3. 1 h. IHinsworlh, 3 miles south, mile west Voder, General farm sale. September 4. S. K. Stnui:hten,'8 miles north east Hutchinson, 2 south Mcdorn. HoUtein cattle. September 5. C. IS. l'nlmer, Marion. Poland China Hogs and Kcnrra] farm sale. Good furnlttiro of all kinds at 1,1 ami 107 South Main, Hutchinson. Ptiono 1.1IS2 If you have anything to anil. For the Best Dry Cleaning a First Class_Tailor. Bring prices are right Phone 1783 Call 1783 and have our wagon stop. We have iu your repair work, the > CAMPBELL'S 1 "ClOTtiES SHOP' > Halt loBawn-WO < No. 3 North Main Street. National Dry Cleaners ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN RAILWAY COMPANY Time Table of Through Passenger Service With The Midland Valley Railroad and the Kansas City, Mexico fi Orient R. R., Via Wichita, Kansas. I Rood lip Head n <rm Ncirth Hound 1 ARKANSAS VALLEY lNTBllUnBAN | Bbuth Bound 8.06 P. M. 8:00 P. M. 0:40 P. M. Arrive..... Leavo .. .Jrutchlnaon Leave Newton " .... Wlctllta. ».Arrive t:18 A. M. «:10 A. M. 7 :tS A. M. North Hound | MIDLAND VAJ.LI3Y RAIUtOAD | Boutli Boood 1 :15 V. KL 6:10 P. It. <:M> P. M. 4:00 P. M. 1:M P. M. 12:1» P. M. O»:J0 A. M. 10 :16 A. M. 9:80 A. M. 8:00 A. M. »:J6 PM lll:4G AM IH2 PM 8:3A AM 1110 PK 7:10 PM North Bound Arrive. Leave.. Arrive.. Leave..'. Arrive... l*eave... Wichita Leav« llelle Plains Leave Oxford " .. .Arkansim city " Pftwnuska M NeiiiKony M 'I'u so. ^Arrtvo Tulsa. Leave Jenk*. " MusKogee Arrive Musktmee .Leave ....... Parawiia.......... Korl Smith ...Arrive KANSAS taTV MHXICO JkiND OniBNT HA1LROAD I'M A. M. 8S2 A. M. 9:10 A. M. M:00 A. M. 1:15 P. M. 1:10 P. M. 8:1* P. at. 4:00 P. K. 4..11 P. M. 6:16 P. M. 8:1* P. U. 10:10 P. M. it-.a p. M. South Bound 6:60 P. M. 4 JO P. M. 4:13 P. M. a :Sl P. M. CIS P. M. *;«1 P. M. j:04 P. M. 1:31 P. M. 10:21 A. K. 9:34 A. M. T:94 A. M. t:80 A. K. 6:10 P. M. 1:66 P. M. 8:10 A. M. 1:00 A- M. 6:00 A. M. 6:00 P. M. 1:46 A. M. Arrive Wlcnita, LoiHe Viola , Milton " " ..........Harper, " " .........Anthony " " ,....M...WflMron " " Cherokee " . ..Caruwwi " " Tuoixuui " " Cllnlon , " " , Lone Wotf " " Altua .Arrive Arrive Attn* .Leava Leave CliilU^oth* Leave Leave Sweetwater......... -Arrive Awlve Sweetwater... i .Leave Leave Ban Anseto, ~.... ...Arrive Arrive San Arigeto Leava Leave Alpine Arrive 8:00 A. if l« A. M. !:5J A. K. 10:0« A. M. 10:14 A. M. 11:08 A. M. I1.6T A. M. 1M0 P. M. 1:13 P. M. 4 *6 P. M. 0:11 P. M. T:J6 V. M. <^0 A. M. T:6& A. M. 1:18 P. M. 3:26 P. M. 6:40 P. M. 7:16 A. M. 11:19 P. M. AIR RAID ON VIENNA Arncrieans'Are Expected to Start Something Soon. AUSTRIANS QETT1N0 SOBER At Pirst They Refused to be Alarmed at Our Preparations —It's Different (Sow*' ALLIES' PROBABLY HADN'T BEGUN DltlVE ^ WH^N PttOTOfiRAPHER SNAPPED THIS ON^ ConTenlont eonnocUonn with the trains of all otiior diverging Unea at Wlchtta and Nowton. Travol tho "Bllectric Way" and nave time and money, fnjatient train* und lov»6r fares than other llnea. Limited trains stopping at lmport- turt points leave Hutchinson at 6:30 A. M., 11:30 P. M., and 3:50 P. M. Consult your agent or writu to Fred C. Mayer Traffic Mnaacor, Wicbita, Kftns. ' «. «> <i> UNDELIVERED TELEGRAMS * * AT THE WESTERN UNION. * Geo. T. Med 11. Georgia Knouae. A. K. llaker. Fred II. M<:dnlkow. W. C. Lindsay. Miss Lillian Slavens. Attention Street Car Patrons. Owing to permanent Improvements being made at Santa i'e main line crossing on Main sreet, all ears are stopped at the crossing and will be until Wednesday morning. Wo regret the necessity of transferring and having to distruti service at this time. Wo will endeavor to give the best service under exisling circumstances, HUTCHINSON INTHftUttUAN RAILWAY CO. 2-lt A CaBe of_ Have To. A man ivhSSie every word and action betokened a son of the soil stepped np to the booking office of a proyindar railway station. After a cherVy "Gude niaruln' to ye," lie asked tne cierk for a ticket lo London. "You will luivo a return, won't you?" inquired the clerk. "Whut do you say?" • I 1 "Why, you'll want to coaic back, won't yon?" "Noa, that I shan't; but ye'd better give mo a return, all the same." "Uut," expostulated the clerk, "if you don't want to come back it's only a waste of money." "I-ook 'ere, young man," replied tho old fellow, In a tone of subdued confidence, "that's my business. I sartlnly shan't want ter come back; but I shall, jest as sartlnly have to." Home, St^pt. 2.—America is becoming more and more the terror of the Central Powers. In Vienna, accord- ins to the latest advices received here, it was firmly believed through tho city that the flying machines which carried Major Gabrielc IrAu- nunzio and his^bravo aides In their never-to-be-forgotten flight over the Austrian capital were of a new model made In America and shipped secretly to Italy. That 13 a way taken to excuse the lack of preparedness against a raid, from the moment the Aiistrlans convinced themselves that It would be Impossible for Italian airplanes lo reach Vienna, and felt safe against them. After having professed to despise American Intervention, they minimized the military strength ot the republic and strewed over the whole length of the first line' Italian trenches little cards with such Inscriptions as: "Where are the millions of soldiers of President Wilson?" Sober Now. The fact is that just now the enemy gives a great deal : of sober thought to America, and shows every day what a change has come over him in recard to her intervention. Austria begins to feel uneasy, foreseeing the crushing preponderance which the' United States Is now waiting to throw into the balance against her In favor ot the entente allies. The aeroplanes which performed the raid over Vienna were wholly of Italian invention and manufacture. The men who managed them were all of tho purest ItaUan blood, and the glorious achievement was altogether a product of indomitable .Italian pluck. American aviators have not yet taken part in any action on the Italian front, and no flying machines have arrived In Italy from America, or of American make. I Nevertheless, the American avla- I tors are expected to give the Aus! trians their next, surprise. Captain j Florollo II. Lo, Guardia, representing tho Fourteenth New York district In Congress, keeps In touch with his ! "boys," whose rapid progress in aviation is winning general admiration in 'Italy. I When they appear over an Austrian city tho people ot the Hapsburg monarchy will know more of the meaning of intervention by tbjo United States. "JACK" TALBOT DROWNED. LAMBORN SAYS: "Well, we had a nice time Saturday opening up the new Lnmborn Cigar Company store at N r o. 3 North Main. Several hundred of our friends Joined In the celebration and they all seemed to have a good time. The Zlnn Jewelry Co., one' of our near neighbors, sent, us In an Edison phonograph and we had Eonie mighty fine music If you haven't been in yet,, try and pay us a visit. It wm be appreciated." . 2-lt He Was the Son of Rev and Mrs. Paul R. Talbot. . Sam F. Button received word Sun- Ttiiy of the drownlug at Jefferson [City, Mo., of "Jack" Talbot, the 18! year -old son of -Rev. and Mrs, Paul n. Talbot, now of Springfield, Mo. As a boy "Jack" was well known here, having lived in Hutchinson vitifhls parents n number of years when the Hev. Talbot was rector of Grace Episcopal chnrch. The family moved from Hutchinson to Jefferson City and lived Uiere a number of years before going to their present home at Spring, field. Young Talbot was at Jefferson City on a visit with friends at the time of the accident, the details ot , which are not known by Mr. Hutton. New fecruit is challenged one night by a sentry: "Halt—who goes there?" V. yon wouldn't know me, anyhow. I Just got here today."—Mess Call. When eggs are scarce, ptaA desserts that do not require eggs. There, arc many, such as plM, dumplings, boiled puddings, boiled X ;e and stewed frultB, served together, besides all kinds of gellatina. \ Kaker Wilhcln aid Kaawria. . «s ' This photo of the German emperor and empress must have been'taken Jtieforc the Americana reoefaed Prance in Urge ntmbera and Poch started the allied offensive. The Kaiser was stmlirts despite the fact-that the lives of thousands of his people weze being sacrificed to clarify hi* household. The KsiBCrln now is reported seriously iU—so ill that the Kaiaer is remaining with her. PROMISES STILL FAIL Qerman Prisoners Declare They [ Were Told Many Things. I Frequently newspapers correct Items that were absolutely true in tho first place.—Atchison Globe. FREAKS OF ESCAPING GAS Weather Report Knn«o«—Generally fair and cooler tonight, Tuetday Fnereaslno ctoudlnesi probably followed by •howert. Before the "muilillng" process for tho conservation ot gnu came Into nso It wna necessary to usu titloiiethcr what are known us "padeera" to confine the gns In nil shallow sands, Without golnn Into technical details this WM a means whereby nibbnr was presned Into tho walla ot a well at ine point wheto shallow gas w;ia encountered thereby ••hutting in that gas so that the drillers might dr|ll on down to ho deeper and higher pressure Baa. Before oven renter packers wo»e used drillers were compelled to drill through shallow snnas, leaving that gos- lo flow Into the hole while tho drill wn» PU""»'d on down in the higher pressure gas. Sometimes gas Jroiu thli -a strata would be tlowlng Into tho same hole. Tho hlirli mnssuto gas, which would b<* too-deepest, In lis Journey upward wuull How Into tho shallow gaastratn. and b«°«V» "* u J ra iVj pressure, thus tending toNpmplotebjr"ruin tho-high pressure PU, 'ln many Instances this hlnh Brcnsure gas would Wow Into the hlslier strata and «*«rt such a pressure that the surrsi.o of the land would Chance entirely. The land wowd °<f»'"° Inflated like a balloon and bulge form n* new hni« end valleys. .- WICHITA NATURAL OAS COMPANl. If you Want to net the Want you Wan! you Want to Advertise your Wants .-''^ la tho Want Columns of The New*. Face to Face With Facts Greatest Midsummer Clearance Sale At Our ADMIT* LOSSES ARE AWFUL People's Eyes Are Being Opened | to Fact That the Submarine is Done For. For making salad dressing most satisfactorily use a Dover egg beater and a cunical-shaped bowl. If bread molds in the breadbox it is probably because there Is not sufficient ventilation in tho box. ALL OFF! NOW TO CxET A CHANCE AT THE KAISER'S GANCT 'f raaapvrt load of Amwkan aeMleni wrlvtnji M F»*«K«. 'fipsa Ameriean loUHsri are | nation. On boird , huxg-Auierkin Home, Aug. 31.~German war prisoners are talking. V "Wo must bo suspicloni-," snys the practical man. "Prisoners tell only what they think will be serviceable to themselves or their owu side, not that which will bo., to! the advantage of their enemies. So let us be, on our guard. We,shall listen, nevertheless. There are words vf hich have a significance apart front''the personality if the man who utters them. Pietro Aro- tnio has written sfyeral pages of marvelous eloquence urouiid Lhu beauty of virtue." • t /' There Is a French writer who relates^his conversation with a German officer taken prisoner in the last offensive. The story if tragic. Tragic none the less for the fact that the two men had been friends before the war. The German said: "It is impossible for us to endure it much longer. Last year they promised ns the war would end by Christmas. Christmas has come and gone. Then they promised peace byeEaster. Easter has passed. Many masters have passed. Peuce is altogether necessary to us—immediately, • Their Losses, "Our losses arc frightful, and tho appearanco of Gennauy is terrifying. Every city in the country looks like a hospital standing in the midst of a cemetery. "Germany suffers too much. At first material sufferings were the only ones talked about. Although they were cruel, as long as the hope of victory remained it was possible to endure them. At present everybody knows we aro not going to win. All have a clear perception.that tho longer <tho wnr lasts the greater will bo the rulu of Gerinauy. \ "It Is several months thatnbo people have bad their eyes open, ^Pfaey perceive that tho submarine Is unless. Inasmuch as America sedfB troops across tho ocean maoh as Great Britain senile them acroeg th/i channel. Haute was imperative. We knew how and were able to make haste. In a short war lay our chance tor victory, Now it is too late." SWELLING THE POPULATION. Don't Judge the size of this sale by our advertising, but come to see the Instruments themselves; Ask your friends who have taken advantage of this the most remarkable opportunity ever offered to music lovers.' Not odds and ends., but Pianos, Pianolas and Player Pianos 0.' class and distinction mark the sale. A double Haying is yours. Tho ' saving you make in price over other Instruments of the same class ^isewberci and the big s&v- ings you inako over future cojls. Very Easy Monthly Payments, so Everyone May Take Advantage of the Low Prices. One of our special value Player Pianos or PianoUs make it. easy for anyone In the family to play and play well. ^ Among Our Used Pianos 3f°u Will Find Some Instnrments Like New, Som^ Little Used and Some Well Used, but All Are Fresh From Our Own Factory Shop. Note The Prices—Note The Terms! MANY MORE ON OUR FLOOR ^ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maxwell Have Moved Hero From Partrldfle. Hutchinson has another good family. iMr. and Mrs. Frank Maxwell moving hero from Partridge. They have bought a home at No, 21 Seventeenth ave., east, in an excellent Dart of the city, and will make that their homo lo tho futnre. Fran* Moarwe)J is one of th* early day settlers In Center township, and ho has been one of the big '-wheat fanners ot tbe.cpunty for many years, being very ;ju«ce*stul, A year «6» ho moved to Partridge, where be was interested la getting the rural high school ^tasted off properly, and has now comests Uutehlftson to make his Upmo, N, ,.. . Bra, Ga«e JJaU liaTlnjt entered {he aenrtce. JTO»W imQr prompt eorttemei!t ol ttxmmt, may lie wld M th «$r Qfflfftor at. Pr. •Mt $215 $260 CONOVER B»tOS. Hlch' mahOKany uptight grand, Used ........... PRICE A TEEPLE Oak upright grand, like new ... SINGER / Ueed upright grand, excel- 0>17A lent condlUon EMERSON Largra used upright grand, very good condition alllllA C. A. SMITH Used 1 upright grand, good, playins; condition ........ CLARENDON • • V • Ueautirut used walnut $2ftA uprlvbt grand "r*'^* NEWBY & EVANS • Uied uprlsfct SlfiS grtLnd .., , Y*^** WHITTIER like new, auhsgan; ftnlah *V|<M> upright grand f+W STETSON Walnut used npriglrt grand, OM0Q a bargain ...,'.,,. r ^ ELLINGTON Used uprlglit grand, $165 very good ,,., T G. W. STROPE Walnut used upriffht grand ... , •., • EMERSON ' Rosowuod upright grand, . <fc1 _95 used ... w ™ OPERA wlM upright pt,rsnd STEINWAV Used upright grand very $435 fine value ., y*wv MARSHALL & WENDELL Used upright grand; hear §\Q§ HAINES BROS. Fine used upright grand. $210 .$.110 $150 rosewood .$215 BRltHKERHOFF . MalioKOiiy, Uttc new full / upright ^ran<l MA80N *- HAMLIN • Used upright ^145 grand «P* , ^ EV KROEGER Beautiful mahogany new upriuht. Kraiid CONOVER BRQS. Uaed tbonizbd upright griuid . • VOSE & SONS Filch mahogany uaed uvright grand, wonderfully Xlua r- <COA^ condition. *P*^^. DECKER & SONS \ Mahogany upright • grand,' but not - - - - aJbuaed BUSH i OERTS Clrcaasla4i walnut grand excellent condition ... STEINWAY Used ebony upright grand finish, Hke .,$235 .$180 .;$2io used upright ..$465 UNUSUAL OPPORTOHm TO SAVE MONEY ON USED ©BANDS, XNCLUD INa STEINWAY, VpSE, KUBT2MANN, ETC. 1 Blue Ribbon Pianos Specially Exhibited in New York, June, 1918. Bramlo»cb Grand ..-,U n *»- M *<w.i ]V^ • $15 Per Month, JJstey Uprights-.™ ,$»75, $400, $110 Estey Grand r* w ..-«.i ««-«.$IH)P Eatey Lows XY. GraBd'.^™, \$im New Uprights-—Special Values for JAW / 'Prices' /• :, -- : >-,£' Kloman &Hord ,$225, $235 $375 Stodarts ^..$866 $350 Schaff Bros* .„ ,,. Easy payments on these - "'. „ besides striking economies,p.^^^. v Be»^|Ii; J, &'0. Fischer and naany t0 ^j ^':f-'-'''--* Mn Call or Write i>-'N:- ; - 0ABL ¥, PTOB, Umw Hut&iuiQiL EJUL v

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