The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 12, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT PRICE IN ONE-CENT BREAK RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Qrain Marketing Co, S10 Rorabauoh'Wlley Bul'dlna Miiv Jlilj Close After Wide Fluctuation Range Fourth to One nnd One-Half Cents Lower. Din-ago, Nov. 12.—With re port R I A!, lumrt telling df «(!iiorn1 rain in ! ^j,' /irj-'cnlinn, whont umlcrwunL n. .1«*IJ»> cl(li"l BOHKIOI. In today ihirlnKM the early dojiliii^n IKTC. The fact Unit. IJVPI-JIOOI quotations hud mi- tltM -L T f)iit> n sharp ch 'rllnn yf-sturday v. hilc Ameriraa pxcHnnfi^s t Instil cavo furlhnr ornphasirt to t!n» initial woaltnPSH of valine here Important IU'W huylne. larstdy the result of Htandint,' onions, developed her* 1 on the downturn, however, ntid (lie marker Imeanif,' ;i broad, rapidly swlnKlnc affair In which. Individual operation a counted for IMtle. TIIH opeuintj. which ranj^d from 2c to ',\%v lower, Ilc.r. $l .f »0 lo ?1.r.l and May ?l.S7Vi to JK'.S, WHA followed by rallies of J'jC or in or* 1 . I'rnnouneed weaUnesH became temporarily man ifeat again near the end of the day, influenced more, or less by apparent dearth of new export busnicBS- A quick rally, IhoncJi, ensued, the market closing uuBettled at U to 1 "ic net decline, Dec. $l.r.2% tn $].52y& and May $1.!".!,•% to %\.~MV». Corn and oats wer« chiefly governed by sympathy with wheat. After opening R ie to L M ,ic down, May 11.1.3% ( n $ui't., tho corn mark*'! recovered most of the loss. RullWh crop report* led to a dei ided advance later, liesides cash demand was yonil aiui country offering.* were Mnall. Tlie clohe was t-trontr, l'i to 2-\e net higher, May *1.17% to M.17V Oats started at Ur to lower, May f»Gc to "<7'.ic. and Hteailied ot. about i^c under Monday's finish. Provisions wore responsive to firain weakness, notwilhstandltiK Hint hoR values showed comparative strength. AT CHICAGO/ Wheat. l II. on 1.71 llleh Low l'oday Veti 'v II'- c. l II. on 1.71 i.;>;•». 1.00 i.r.'iij l.^o'ii. .Ma v. . i.r.s i ..vji, 1.1,74 l r.;i >.-j l.OI '.J July.. 1.37 ].3!i'» i.;;t>», l.SD'i J.-ltl July.. Corn. I'ce, . ].!'! i.i'.'•» i on i.i:-?i 1.11', Mnv. US'.l l.lTii, l.U'i Lie's July. J.IS l.l*»t lift'.j l.H'e', 1 , July. O.lts. ruin.. . r. i .SVIj .St .7i 2 1 > .7.2% May. .'•<>> ..'.T'.-j ..Mi .•'"< i.x .7.7-\ Hye. .7.C4 GRAIN INSPECTOR HERE KEPT BUSY Second Only to K. C. In Wheat Receipts The stuto grain inspection laboratory here rnnka next to the Kan- l .S '.'i l .'.M l.r. 1.:'i ).: r'-i l.a l AT KANSAS CITY, Wheat. -1 lOSC.I - 1II.'. . 1.4; 1 l:;=, tAVi I. i:t ; l.-H „ Mnv. . l.i- 1..,••', 1.17 ]..',« i l.r.n July. . 1.21'! j 1.3"', l.iVi 1.31 1.31 July. Corn. IV. , 1.02 l.Ol'.a 1.01"i , l.n; * May . l."7 l.oi'i, i.'»;\ i.u'.i •j l.i'T July . 1 .'.IS I l.ll'"n I.'lh'.. Oats. '»1."'.' 1 >ec. t .7.1 Jlny .' .i'li •j .iifi /a '"" ' =-=•---— —'- -= HUTCHINSON GRAIN Sales of hard nnil (lark wheat one lo two cents lower enrly. Closing aliout one cent up. Good demand at the close. Heeelpls ot wheat here today: Si! ears; corn 1; kaftir and niilo 10. One week ago 02 cars, ane year ago 17 ears. Heeeiids or wheat nt various other terminals: Salhiu 4.2; Wichita 109; Kansas City 1S3; St. Louis )>':'; Omalta 120; Chicago 1C2; -Minneapolis W4; Unluth 1,353; Winnipeg 1.021. Kales hei 'B today Kansas City basis: iio\ sas City office in ilio number of inspections which have he-en made this year, accord inn to (!. A. Wollard, inspector in charge. A total of '20,iiiin Inspections have been made here t 1.1M year since Julyl. There nre it; laboratories scattered in various parts of tho state. Mr. Wollaril reports that almost e.OIHI more cars of wheat have been received so far tills year on the Hutchinson market thun were handled during tlie same period of time last year. Tile total receipts of wheat from .luly l-to the present time is nearly 1S.0OO cars. Mr. Wollard »tntc« that the local laboratory is called on to mnke n i prcat many more protein tests on the wheat than ever before. The larger firaln growers, elevator operators «nd all tho grain men huy and Bell wheat nccording to the protein content because the value of wheat for flour repends upon the amount ot protein which it --n- talns. KanBas City Cash. Kansas City, Nov. 12— WI1HAT - iteeelpts 1S.1 cars; l«i2c lower; .No. 2 dark hard * I. I ilfr l .r .G; N'o. X dark hard $1.45fi 1.S5: No. 2 hard | I car 3 iii.ut 1 .ar 1 Hark 1 car 71 dark 1 car dark 1 i -iir : bard cars L' liaril 1 , ar hard 1 ear 2 hard 1 ear 2 hard '.I i ais Z hard fi rye ?, cars ; hard - cars 2 hard 1 .'ar '1 hard 1 car " hard 1 ear - hard 1 ear u ha id 1 car :i hard sinuttv .... a hard .. Cl.l s:i 13.7a; 1:1.3:' r.'.c." I'J.dl 12.00 $1.4^4?.l.a-i; No. II hard Sl.4HFM.rjS So. 2 red fl"i2^ 1ST; No. ;i red tl.-IGSi-l.54. CORN"—Vm.'haiit'cd to lc. lower; .No. 2 white ?l.tl7j'=; No. 3 white Jl.02iS©'1.04; No. 2 yellow Jl.Olidr l.(l7l.i; No. 3 yellow *1.«5; No. 2 mixed $1.01411 .112; No. 3 mixed D9c fyfl.OO 1 ;. ' . 1 OATS—UncltanRed to lc lower; ] No. 2 whilo 52c; No. ;t white BO'.s j '<l''lc. HVF.—J1.2I. HAHMiY—77rt7!ic. KAFKIH—fl.5l!ffi 1.(10. MII.O MAIZE—S 1.75 *1 1 .SO. l.ietailed sales In tlie Kansas City cash whimt market today were a« follows: Wheat. 2 Dark: 2 at 1 .5.".; 1 at 1 51; 1 at 1 .5;:. 3 Oark: 1 at. 1.51 1 Hard: 1 at 1 .5 1 nt 1.4 7 Vj; 1 at 1.47'i; 1 at 1.47',i; 1 at 1.47- 1 at. 1.4(1; 1 at 1 .45; 1 at 1.41; 1 at 1.43';,; 1 at 1 .13. Smutty; 1.3!i'i to 1.11'. No. 2 Hard—1 at 1.511-j; 2 at 1.51; 2 at .1.10; .1 -nti 1.4S' /2 ; 1 at 1.48: 1 at l.-lrt'.»; 1 at ( 1.45; 3 at 1.44>.-; 1 at 1.43'i; 5 a. > 1.13. j .No .3 Hard—I at. 1.1'J''.; .1. at 1.46; 1 at l .-ir .i .i ; 5 at 1.4T>; 1 at. 1.42. Smutty—l.:i"',i.-1.45. 1 ear " hard smutty, weevil 1 ear 4 hard ijo 11.::: 611.3 11.40 f,'.l.3 ll.*J4 .Vj.4 11.Ob r.s.s x in.* 11-4c M.V 13-32 r.;.t 13 .0s bi>!i I'j.'io 51.52 rr.3 i.r. 4 i.r,3 1.40 LIS 1.17 1.17 1.43 1.45 1.4414 1.14 l.tll 1.4"Vi 1.7.J 1.S0 1.47 1.43 ni;aln In evidence, but they were well absorbed In most Issues. Foreign exchange- opened easier. TradliiR contiuued at a furious pace throughout I he morning with tho main trend distinctly upwnrd. A tremondous volume o£ proflt-tnlt- Ing took place, particularly In tho rails and some of tho recently strong industrial specialties, hut proceeds tipppnrently were re-ln- vesled In other stocks In which the advance had not reached such largo proportions .speculative, interests constantly shifting from f 'e group to another. Davison ' Chemical broke 3'-j pnlnU and American Can 2<i; but tiencrnl Electric Continental Cnn, Allied Chemical nnd U. S. Cast Iron 1'lpe developed marked buoyancy. The number ot new 1(124 highs crossed tho 30 mark before noon. Sales totalled nearly 900.000 shares at 11:3ft o'clock. Call money renewed nt 2 per cent. LIVESTOCK MARKET rye 1 ear 4 hard 7-10 h. d 1 ear 7, hard 1.3 rye, 1. woovil 7.S ll.'Ox l.JT'.i 1.5" l.SS . Wheat receipts on the Hutchinson market were larger than they have been recently today. There were SO cars of wheat and 10 cars of kafir. The market was still inclined 10 tie bullish this morning in spilt) of the decline on the Winnipeg market yesterday. Export sales over Armistice Day were not large. The recent rapid rise in values ot both tutures and cash premiums may not have been , entirely due to new foreign buy' inir as shorts are reported to have | been somewhat responsible for the 1.54: 1 at; sharp ui.turn in prices. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 12.—-CATTL-B — Receipts 11,000; calves 2,500; killing steers slow, about steady; quality very plain; grussers and short feds largely $5.00<fi!).00; top yearlings $11.00; she stock steady- to 15 lower butcher cows and heifers $3.50tir0.00; canners nnd cutters $2.50!fr3.25; bulls 10c to 15c lower; westerns $3.00(S3.25; native bolo­ gnas upward to $3.75; calves steady to weak; practical veal top 511.00; stackers and feeders dull, J5.O0 .ni 7.00; stock cows and heifers steady to weak at $2.85(8'5.00; stock calves •weak to 25c lower; mostly $5.00'fi! 7.00. HOGS—Receipts 11,000: few early sales to shippers a'nd packers fully steady; now very slow with many early bids withdrawn; one load choice heavies to packers $9.!i5: bulk ot sales $S.S5!i{9.50 desirable 200 to 30 pound butchers mostly $!1.40JTii.55; packing sows sows tS.-lOdfS.75; stock pigs steady $6.50?i 7.00. SHKKP—Receipts 3.000: kllliug classes strong to loc higher; fed lambs $14.00; natives $13.85; clippers Sll.SOGil 1.00; small bunches ewes up to $7.50. Foreign Exchange New York, Nov. 12—Foreign ox- changes easy. tluotntlons iu cents: Ciretit. llritaln demand 4.59%; cables 4.SDH- France demand 5.27%; cables 5.2S. Italy demand 4.33',«; cables 4.34. Belgium demand 4,S3'/4; cables 4.84. Germany demand', 23.81. Holland demand 39.83. Switzerland demand 13.24. ClreecB demand 1.80. Poland demand Czccho Slovakia demand 2.98V4- Call Money. New York, Nov. 12.—Call money easier; high 2; low 2; ruling rate 2; closing hid 2; offered at 2Vi: last loan 2. Call loanj against acceptances l-7i; time loans firm; mixed collaerul GO-50 nays 3Vi@ 3 ! ,i; four-six months 3%; prime cotnmercinl paper 314. GIVE ORPHAN BOY CHANCE Judge Fairchild Refuted to Send The Lad to Penal Institution. \Vhcn Ed Johnson, the youth who look a shot nt llrakemsn II. B. Dart, ot the Santn Fe at Sylvia, was arraigned beiore Judge W .O. Fairchild, In district court this Jud took one look at him. "This boy doesn't bolong in the pen," declared the Judge. "Why, he looks like he never had n chance In the world." Johnson was charged with ns- sault. with intent to kill. He had confessed in the court that lie meant to kill the brnkemun. Hut Judge Fairchild took pity on the youth. "Why did you try to shoot him, Ed?" inquired tho Judge. "Honest, judge, I didn't mean to kill him. I didn't have it In my heart, judge," replied tho youth, Ho told tho Judge that his father and mother both are dead, that he was reared in n copper mining camp at Calumet, Mich., nnd that he had been beating his way about the country. "Eil, you haven't had much of a chance, have'you?" remarked the judge. "I'm not going to send you to the penitentiary". Nor to the reformatory. That Is about as had. What you need Is to he treated right and given a chance to be something." Judge Fairchild directed that the case be referred to the juvenile court. The boy appears to be only 15 years old, although County Attorney II. F. Brown said he was 17. At nny rote that shot he fired at Ilrakenian Dart may prove the turning point In his life, Judge Fairchild believes. Anyhow he is Inclined to have faith In him and give him a chance. TWENTY YEARS FOR DEGENERATE Walter* Had Nothing to Say Excepting Admit He Wat Guilty of Charge MEW YORK STOCKS. Reported by James E. Bennett & Co., S06 Korabaugh-Wiley building, by wire from New Y'ork, B" 1 at 1.53. I; 1 at 1.52; •I Hard: Smutty: 5 Hard: 2 at 1.39. Smutty: Sample: 1 Mixed •I Mixed 1 nt 1.43. 1.37',-i to 1 : 1 at l.lO'i; The government report on oorn is regarded as bullish, confirming previous low estimates us well as showing less old corn than was generally anticipated. The report predicted that the corn crop this year would amount, to nbout 30 per cent less than last year and only :',:! percent of last year's crop remains on the farms. 1.37 to 1.3*. .1 nt 1.3S. 1 ut 1.47. 1 HI 1.311'.-;.. 2 Red: 3 nt 1.57. 3 lted: I at CORN—2 cars Yellow. 3.07 1 4 ; 2 at 1.07; 1 at lM\y. 1 at 1.0U. No. ,'t Yellow—I nl 1.05. No. 4 Yellow—1 al 1.05, old. No. 2 While- 2 al 1.05'.j.; 1 at l .'.i.".. No. 3 While—1 nt l.o2'i. No. 2 Mixed—2 nt 1.02, old and new: r, at l.Ol'.j; 1 at 1.01. No. .'! .Mixed-3 al l.O'i; 1 at Idle. OATS—No. 2 white- 2 at 52c. No. 3 white —1 at 50H, No, 4 white--1 al. 41'c. Kattir. 3 White: 1 at 1.54. Rye. 3 Rye: I at 1.23. Hrau: 2 at 1.22'i. Shorts: 2 at 1.55. , Dr. J. N. Rose, a grain operator, | Is spending several days at the | salt marshes. ! A. It. Kinney, a representative ot I ihe Nebraska Concqlidntctl Milta at at j Omaha, was a visitor on the Hutchinson Hoard ot Trade this morning. Carl K. llryant of Toledo. O., a representative of ihe Grain Dealers National iHsoeiniion, visited among the Hutchinson grain men today. The HHsmMatiou nuts on a publics- ll .in known as "Who's Who In Grain Circles." Hugo Roos and Hal Cotter, two wrif s l'ir the Modern Miller, a milling publication ut Chicago, were visiting on tiie Hiitchinsou Hoard of Trade this morning. Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Nov. 12.—HOGS—Receipts 33.000; steady; big packers doing little; fairly broad demand; top ?9.S5; bulk desirable 200 to 325 pound butchers S!M5((! 9.75; bulk packing sows ?S.S"(ii 9.10; majority strong weight slaughter pigs $7.50fiS.OO; heavyweight hogs $9.(i(>{? D.S5; medium ?0.25'(i 9.S5; light $8.15iST'9.60. CATTLE—Receipts 18,000; practically nothing done; lower grades fat steers and she-3tock predominating in run; some inquiry for specialties on yearlings and handy- weight orders; common and medium grade offerings neglected; bids unevenly lower on both grassy and short fed natives and western grassers; approximately 3,500 western grassers included in receipts; some highly finished handyweight steers held above $12.50 bulls steady to weak; supply weighty sausage bulls small; venl calves very slow; choice kind pending lower. SHEEP—Receipts 10,000; active; fat lambs steady to strong; undertone strong; early bulk natives and come-back $13.50f7 13.S5; fat sheep and feeding lambs unchanged: fat ewes $7.50. Winnipeg Markets *Nov. wheat: 1 .tlii^i. Dec. wheat: 1.59. May wheat: 1.03. PRODUCE MARKETS Wichita Livestock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 12.—HOOS — Receipts 1400: look's steady: prospective top $9.55; bulk $9.251i 9 50. CATTLE—Receipts 2200 ing 70 calves; steady on butcher stuff; Blockers dull; veal 50« lower: two loads good butcher steers $8.50. STEELS: Ik'thUliein Steel Cerp ... I 'l .lo Fuel & Iron Co .... Crucible Sleel Co Cast Iron l'ip.j Co culf Stales ^teol i treat Northern Ore Iron * site! i-uperler Slt'el Co 1.1 S !>tce! Corp Common . U S Steel Corp Preferred OH'CEUS: Amn Smelting & Itetinlng Anaconda Cepp. r Co Callahan Zinc Lead ... C'.ilno Copper Co i 'hlle Copper Co liutte & Superior Inspiration Copper Kinnocott Copper Kay Cons t.'lah Copper Co OILS: Slnelair Consolidated Marland Oil Co l'.iclilc Oil Co l'an-Anin Pet & Trans ran-Amn Tot & Trans Pure I'd Co fltilllpf Petroleum ........ Cosden & Co Kovnl J'liteli Skellv Oil Standard Oil of N J Standard Oil of Calif Shell I'nlon Oil Texas Co While KilEle O i R KAII.llOAPS: A T & K K ltaltlmor^ &' Ohio Canadian Pacific Erie P.y 'treat Northern lty Illinois Central K C Southern Louisville & Nashville ... Mo Pacific Common Mo Pacific. Preferred .... .N Y Central Northern I'aeiflo i'em.'.v'.va.TiSa Ry P.y Hoe klBland P.y Southern Kv Si I. a $ V lty Southern Pa'dflc Ry Cnion Pacific ily MviTOrtS: Cen-ral .Motors StmlePaker Motors Hup Motors Pier.e Arrow Hudson Motors Chandler Motors Overland Motor.i Maek Truck Inc Kelly Springfield Tire Co C s Huhher Co Ooodrlrh I'.nbber Co Aja\ tiuMter Co Amn-Ho.-eh Ma«n"to Co . AlliH Chalmers M Is Co .. .Maxwell Motors "A" .Maxwell Motor.'. "H" N'aijh M'.tois Moon MMIOIS Stewart Warner Mt'K C» . SiromlK-rk' Carl.. Co Tlmken Holler Hearing .. INI .PSTHIALS: Amn lU'.-t Sugar Iialit.-.trial Alcohol Amu Can C- Amn ''ar Poundry ; A a11 1 Locomotive | U'al.a.-h "A" includ -i -J"" 1 Te^'t '';v«" ,lr)M •" Close .. 43% .. aa '•: !'l3i'' .. 74U .. 7«'.s .. 4->-i .. :i". ..HI', .. 85% . 3:i •• „".'' .. 28 .. S4K .. .. L'S'i .. IS", .. 17.^.. 6>i% C4V LERADO Glen Wallers, degenerate, twlco convicted ot attacks on girls, will be In n safe placo for the next twenty years if he stays I prison the full time tho law provides. Ho was sentenced to the state penitentiary, nt hard labor, this morning by Judge W. (i. Fairchild, In district court on two counts, each lor a ten yenr sentence, one lo follow- the other, making twenty yeurj in all. Walters had nothing to say for himself when arraigned this morning to face the accusation of assaulting a ton year old girl In a home on Fourth avenue oast last Saturday night. "Are you guilty?" Judge Fairchild enquired. "Yes," replied Walters, and that was all. Walter j had served time once before on a similar charge, in the state reformatory, Tietng released from the institution Inst spring. Ho was described by County Attorney H. F. Brown as a degenerate. SALT WATER ENDS MOHR WELL HOPE One More Oil Prospect Goes Glimmering A* South Test Prove* Failure British Liberals Not Pleased With New Party Plans A complete test ot the Mohr oil well 11 miles south of Hutchinson made yesterdny showed that It would probably have made a tivo barrel well. Tho drilling was continued through the oil bearing sand which was struck and at a depth of 3,579 feet salt water was encountered, making the well worthless. Tho oil showing which was found last week .looked very good. It was at a depth ot 8549 feet, but further drilling showed that tho oil Band was shallow. Tho producing sand was only between flvo and eight feet In depth. Below the sand was limestone and at the final depth Bait water e.amo up In tho hole. The Hutchinson business men, who financed the test were well pleased wit hthe drilling at the well, which was done by Henry Rosenthal ot Wichita. A settlement with the driller was made without any difficulty, which U unusual in tho oil business, according to local oil men. TO ENTERTAIN AT PEKIN A. H. T. A. BALL The Donavon Electrical company has been itivitod by the Pekfn Community, 6 miles north of Abby- rllle, to got up A program to bo presented this evening at' the com-' munlty mooting In tho Antl Horso Thief ball. Carl Donavon Is In chargo of the entertainment. Miss Mary Louisa Donavon will give several readings, Miss Louise Silcott ,art instructor »t Liberty high school will sing. "RoBei ot Plccnrdy" nnd "June Night." and a short taUcwiy bo mnfle'by Franklin Hettinger, attorney. Mr. Donavon will take a Supor-heterodlne radio with him. Licensed to Wed. Marriage licensee have been Issued at McPherson to the following Jacob F. Rlchert nnd Miss Susie llompel, both ot Hutchinson; Wesley Milllngton, of Hutchinson and Miss Maude Adams, ot Chn ! nutc, Kan. - 1 .. '' *ri ..17.1,. '.'.11 :'i • I .101'. . 17." The election here passed very nice and A. L. Saylor set up and operated a radio in the evening to rthe benefit of the public which was enjoyed by nil. The Ladies "Aid served a fine dinner and supper election, day which was well patronized. A. I* Saylor is overseeing the moving of the Mrs. Janney house to the Janney farm north east of Lerado. Oscar Keller had a close call last Thursday while helping with the Janney house he went up to cut a limb off a tree and in eonie way lost his balance and fell about twenty feet to the ground striking on iiis head and shoulders. * No hones were broken hut be was badly shaken and bruised up. He was getting along as well as possible at last reports. Ralph Bradsbnw drove to Wich- ItU'last Thursday to meet Miss Dale as' she came from Southwestern college for a few days vacation. .Miss Opal Lee came home from Sterling Coll ge for the week end with home folks. Misses Dale Bradshaw Helen Cheatum and Fern Reece are homo- from Southwestern college for a short vacation. Aunt Sarah" Poteet could not aurvive the shock of her fall and gave up this life the first day ot last week. Mrs. Poteet was over eighty-eight years old and was a Tennesseenn. Tho funeral was from the church Tuesday at 2:00 p. m. in charge of Rev. T. H. Lent after which the remains were laid to rest in Lerado cemetery beside her husband "Uncle Billy" W. T. Poteet who died several years airo. Raymond Poteet was taken home from echool one day ?nst week we were told with the flu. At the election last ' eek Ihe old township board was reelected without opposition. They are C. P. Railsback, trustee.; v .''t Lawson, clerk; J. Del Davis, treasurer; also T. F. Schofield and C. M. Crotts were elected justices of the poace and L. Brown, constable. The election hoard was: H. W. Foster, T. W. Fairchild and C. E. Poorman, judges; Clay Murphy and Lon Lawson, clerks. (By Tho Associated Pren) London, Nov. 12.—The step* taken by its leaders toward overhauling the liberal party, which suffered badly in.tho last elections, are not viewed with entire favor by those In the party ranks. About one hundred liberal candidates who were defeated in the recent polling met yesterday. They criticized the constitution of the committee ot expert* which Mr. Asquith, the party leader announced last Monday was working to meet, the need for an overhauling of tho party "from top to bottom." Particular criticism was directed against the inclusion In this committee of some members whom the candidates regarded as largely responsible for the poor organization which is blamed for the liberal collapse. Demand was made for wider representation and the appointment ot Independent investigators on the committee. The "pact" with tho conservatives by which three concerned fights were averted in some constituencies to assure defeat of the laborltea was roundly condemned at the meeting and another complaint was that there was nobody at liberal headquarters during the election with sufficient authority to advise when differences aroBe. Would Ban Marriage of Girls tinder 16 Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 12.—Prohibition of the marriage of children under 18 in New York stale was urged at the state conference on charities and correction today by Irving Goldsmith ot Saratoga Springs, deputy state attorney general. Marriage IB taking place at any age in most parts of the state, ho said, and some of the brides have been found to be from 13 to 16 years old, In one case recently Investigated an eleven year old girl being found to be married. The records, which show scores of children "under 1G married' and then divorced within a few woeltd, are a disgrace to the state, he declared. WICHITA PASTOR TALKS TO NEGRO Hl-Y CLUB To Free Prisoners If Board Allowance Is Not Made Soon Rev. John W. Williams of the X M. E. church ot Wichita, addressed the Father and Son meeting of the colored Hl-Y club last night at the Y. M. C. A. Rev L. E. Rooks, new pastor of tho A. M, E. church ot this city followed with a short talk on tho opportunities for young men of today and the need for IcaderB. George Brady, president ot the club, introduced tho speakers nnd James Bell led In the prayer and read the scripture lesson. Following the procram a chile supper was enjoyed and a good get acquainted hour concluded the entertainment. Eight fathers and 23 boys were present. To National Meeting. C. W r . Mlttendorft, traffic manager of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, will leave tomorrow for Now Y'ork City to attend the annual meeting of the National Industrial Traffic League. QaggiiiHodl —Ais—• PHONE 4400 AND CAUL. fOR CLAsS- IK1ED AD DEPT. BLIND AD RBPLlfeS A-10—t .T-10— a C-7—3 I,-s_l C-l 1—1 M-9—a K-7—2 l'-S—1 K-ll—1 Q-3—1 1-U—1 ' K-10-2 J-0—1 Box 320—1 Hl-Y CLUB TO HAVE DADS AS QUESTS. Marlon, 111., Nov. 12.—Unless the county board provides money to pay for feeding prisoners, State's Attorney Delos Duty has declared he would recommend that all prisoners, Including four alleged murderers, be released from ciiBtody, it was learned today. The county board approved a prisoner feeding bill ot $0.00, but failed to provide funds to pay Sheriff George Galligan. Members nt the county board, alleged Ku Klux Klansmen, were quoted as having said the;,- would not put any money into the Jail fund, .'is long^as Galllgan remained sht-rift. WALL STREET ii Minneapolis Markets Dec wheat: l.lll'i. Way wheat: 1.S5U- LOCAL MARKETS Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 15.—EOGS— lino cent higher; flrstp -17c; selects ."lie. Other produce unebnnaed. I'OTATDKS-H.'d River, $1,105! 1 .'.'0. Ill.'TTKIt -• packing 21c. WTKKFAT—32c. POI.'LTHY — liens ISc; 12c; springs l'.'c; broilers A ten T.-l ,t Tel Amu Tt.haeeo Amn Woolen As.-..elated Dry Hoods .Montgomery War.! .... 1 l:i i.lwiii Locomotive .. '"V.ntiiH'ntal Can i -I-H-..II Cola l'« !i;t',i..i-on Chemical Co Corn l'roduet.s i'.cfinitiB KamoiiH Players Lftsliy Controlcitm Co Cuhan Amn Surrar .... Amn Ak'ri Chein I'upolit Do .Vein profit taking and hear selling; A_mu Asphalt f'o I checked the upward rise of prices j i:Vi | , '"liiirv « : I'i *-r r T 'o In many stocks In today's market, | tmi i-ap.-.' Co I but failed to have inner, effect on i I'rewd steel. Car ! the volume ot business. Ise'" r " , ''i!o 1 d"i<-'k'';::.:;:: j More than forty stocks broke i uvsiiiifthous.' KlVc '.t .\ : through .their previous 1924 liinh '.I 1 '".'' ' 'nip Co i levels, although many of tli"! Kai 's .-r'V.iuiruVV 'siiW'o New York, Nov. 12.—Kxlensive Creumery 40© 12c; LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoied by th Swift & Co. BL'TTF.R FAT-No ]. 32c: No. 2 fjv. IIUTTKR—Creamery 3t!<if 37c. HOGS—Fresh, 30. Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens, 17c; light bens. 14c; linings 10c; Leghorns and blacks, oil weights 14c: old roosters 7c; turkeys, N.^ 1 ISc No. 2 Sc; old i.ums 13c; ducks 10c; geese Sc. 10GUH —Fresh, per doz. 30c. Local Grain. WHEAT— (limited by Win. Kelt) Mill) wheal ?l.:in. SHORTS—$1.00. 1J11AN-$1.23. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 12.—l'OUl.TltY— Alive, hither; fowls 10iti'22c; sprlnits 23c; roosters 10c; turkeys popular industrials sold off 1 to -1 ; points from their early high levels I in the late trading. Sales ap- j proximated 2,3«0,0mi s'yires, : x htell Loan , ()m , mllv I Another burst of bullish emhust-1 W( ,J? ( asm characterized the. opening oft.,,.,," i today's market, which was featured j i'.si 0 |i 4 '<V by the enormous demand for low j :n.l iv; priced railroad shares, l-'risco com-j Vt'.;' mou soared 4 points lu a new ll^Lr. s. '|'< r .l. "Kuiv" pivi'eiT \l ad-' " 1 "t i« .i:i',i 42'-. 1 I 121' 4771 2''-lli '-•7-% IT'S, 17. r..",i; •.• Mc- today German Women Join World Peace Move tn'fi.2t'-:i2 l oi. nil-s; I'll, s-3'. 1 l.ll.J'.'-S^ in:.L '-r .2 i').".24.::2 lop at HCTTKIt — Higher; extras 3!lc; standards i llrsts 30'fl 37',-ic SGGS-Higher; first, oi'iiinar> flrMs 37<!j'llc. i vanced 1-'., to 03",, also a now creamery j top. Other slocks to break through 7'c; extra j their previous year's highs were ' Missouri Pacific common. American LUr'.ue; Locomotive, Foundation Company. Pullman, ICar.tmau Kodak and General Asphalt. Prices turged lot ward through; out the early iradinii. ihe only he:ny spots being Amercian Can Chicago Potato Market' Chicago, Nov. 12--POTATOKS-• Trading slow for ordinary stock good for good nlock. market steady. I Baldwin and Chandler, which fell .Minnesota sucked Red River Ohtos ] back giving one of the best dem- niostly around $|.U5: Minnesota oiistrallou of group Klrenglh. Fris- and Wisconsin sacked round co common broke from its high of whites 75<h !).1<\ .11 to 4.71~ but Southern l'nclfia. ' I Wabash preferred "A" American. Itevtangiiliir-slinped spectacles • Smelting. Corn Product* and V. S. have appeared In Germany and are i Cast Iron Pipe all eclipsed their 1.5HI 2ITT..".!.", March I said lo lie winning popularity, us 1 previous high records, tho last Spot steady; mid-'they permit shifting of Hie lenses named jumping ;l points to 13«. to Improve the vision, ' ' Heavy profit taking salcB wore Cotton Market. New York, Nov. 12.— Cotton futures closed steady; Pec. 24 {4.36c: Jan. ti.Wt 2l.70r lllllfi 21.6th:. | Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 12.— HAY— Receipts 70 cars; unchanged lo r.Oc higher. Prarie—No. 1. Jlii.rjwiji 11.00; No. 2, I'j.GOSi num. ALFALFA — Choice, $!!2.f,0«> 23.iin; No. l,$2').r,n "'il'i.'Hl; standard J17.fiiifi 20.DC; No. 2, * 11.7 ,1 )1/ 17.00; No. :i, jn.r.u-ri n .iiti. Others unchanged. TIMOTHY—No. $1B.II0-'I 17.00; standard $ir..00'i| I r..." (I; No. 2 {13.all fi 1 15.50; No. 2 $13.50»j ll .,")i .i; No, 3 $12.(.HH('13.00. Grant a Permit \ permit has been apprmed by the city commission for ereciiou of a filling station lu the l'.'e block on Second avenue y.>-t '.y .1. |\ Vifsas. It will cost Jl.nno. -v Berlin, Nov. 12—By 1931 all wars must eiijl, according to the plans ot tho German branch of the Women's International League for peace and freedom. The "Ptacottes" have decided to, endorse and support a seven years' world campaign to end war, started under the auspices ot Oustare Spiller of Geneva. Splller was organizer of the first International moral education congress held in London lu IMS and of the universal races congress held at tho fniversity of London iu Hill. More recently, he has been interested in tho activities ot the League of Nations. The German women in an appeal to support tho seven years' campaign; point out that tho problem ot world peace Is now largely of a political nature. They therefore ask all adherants of tho world peace ideal to center their efforts upon the members of legislative bodies, leaders of political parties, cabinet ministers and editors of political organs. Get An Early Start On Appropriation* Washington, Nov. 12—To give the coming session of' congress a running start on its appropriation program, the house' appropriations committee began hearings today on the first ot the annual supply measures. Secretary Work of the interior department was one ot the first witnesses lo appear at the opening of the hearing which was held behind closed doors. Chairman Madden hopes that when the congressional session be gins. Dec. 1, several of tho appropriation bills will have passed through the committee stage and be ready for consideration on the house floor. The Senior Hl-Y' will have a Father and Son meeting thla evening at the Y. M. C. A. A special program has been arranged and all "dads" are expected to turn out. Peppy talks by members and , fathers, quartet music nnd games in j 12 to n w the "Y" gym led by Coach R. 11. IS J° jjjj H! McCarrol will make the evening en ! :i • -• --• Joyable. ... Order* to chance or discontinue advertisements for tho current day* issue cannot be accepted later than 12 a.m. tor Tho News and e p.m. for The Herald. All change* and kills recivod after those houri will taki effect th (olelowiug day. Th Hutchinson Newe-Herald I* » member of The Association ot Newspaper Classified Advertising Managrs which tncludes reading newtpapart throughout ttm country, and has rot Its aim the elimination of fraudulent and mlaUdlng classified advertising The Hutchinson Newa-Herald a* wel ns every other member of the association, endeavors to print only truthfu Went Ads and will appreciate havlm ita attention called to any advertise ment not conforming to the higher standards of hooealy. All classified ads will be inserte < hoth morning and evening Issues < the paper. An ad which Is ftcceptr for a single Insertion will appear I both Tho News and The Herald. Classified advertising terms ai cash. i J hona orders are accented t' convenience, but with the understam" Ing that bills will be paid on presci tntlnn. RATES ON CUA3SIPICD ADS for consecutive lneermna same copi same day. Minimum charge • 1 Day —Per lino J 2 Days—Per line j 2 Dnye— I*er line 9 4 Days—Per line - • 6 Days—Per line 7 Daya—Per tine 8 Daya—Per line 10 Days—per line 2 Week*—Per line 1 Month—Per line •„•••••;•; Special lodge rate, per line for bnlh papers .64 PARTRIDGE RARM BUREAU ELECTS Alex Anderson ot Partridge was elected vlce-jresident of 'he Farm Bureau organization ot Troy township at the meeting at Troy school last night. There wore 56 members of tho community present. The entertainment Included exercises by the school children in that township nnd talks by R. W. McCall, county agent and Miss Edith liolmberg, home demonstration agent. HOPE TO RAISE MOO THROUGH TAG 8ALE Tho Salvation Army campaign for funds will be closed Saturday with a tag day at which It Is hoped that $600 can he raised for carrying on the charitable activities of the army during the coming year, according to Ensign W. F. Nevitt Salvation Army workers from New ton and Wichita will be hero Saturday to assist In the campaign. Author's Manuscript Auctioned for $10,000 VETERAN WICHITA OFFICER SERIOUSLY ILL Wichita, Kan.. Nov. 12. —S. \V. Zlckefoose, veteran chief, of detectives of Wichita and well known character in Kansas police circles, who Is ill al a hospital here, was I reported by attending physicians lo be In a serious condition today. | He probably will undergo an operation for removal of gall stones tomorrow, physicians said. New York, Nov. 12.—The original manuscript of "Kidnaped" by Robert Louis Stevenson brought $10,000 at an auction sale of the William A Father and Son Banquet The Trinity Methodist church business mens' class will hold a Father and Son baniiuet at 0:30 Friday evening at the church. Kv- ery man will bring his own son or some other hoy, Carl Lovell Is chairman of the program which will be very informal. W. S. P. Gill is In charge of serving the banquet. . ,., W ? BO AND SCALE S words or teal i Line 0 to 11 Words 2 j^in. Words , 3 i,i;,. orda 4 Lite _ . orda s I.IIK !ll to 3:t Words " 6 Line. 24 to 33 Words 7 Line. 40 to 46 Words 8 Line- 46 to 50 Words 9 Line SO to 55 Words 10 Line For more than 10 lines figure 3 line to each Is words or fraction thereru CORRECTION OF CLASSIFIED AD ERRORS The News and Tho Herald will no bo responsible for more than one In correct Insertion of any advertlaemeie ordenl for more than one time. Error* not the fault of the advertlaeri which clearly leasen the real value of th! udvertlnemnnt will bo rectified onlv by obbllcatlon without extra, charge within FIVE days after Insertion. No republication will be made whan the error docs not materially affect the senile or purpose of the advertisement. TELEPHONE AOS The News and The Herald will give careful attention to all ads received over the tekphone, but cannot guarantee accuracy. a LODGE NOTICES i KEN'O Canton will have Inspection November 13. All Chevroleta are requested to bo present. Conio In lull dress. Don't fall. dpt. It. K. Newton. 2-lt-itdm 3 SPECIAL NOTICES CHAPTER 1). p.K .o. will have ft rummage ante, Sat. IS. Ill H. Main. 3-10-4UIB KL'MMAUH sale Saturday, Nov. 15 al old V- W. C. A. lildg, W. Sherman. ' .1-ll-4dni MACAZINE subscriptions at reduceu prices, lira. \Y. 11. llower. I'hon» 2" 17. 3-U-25DH Lines Up Work For 1925. _ _ R. W. Morrish, state boys' and Harris "Arnold collection here "yes-! girls' club leader from Manhattan Exit Sense of Taste Hostess: "Why, you're ml.xlhg that cocktail all wrong!" Hoot: "What's the difference? U'K their fourth round, isn't It?— Americu.u Legion Weekly. tordny. It. is believed to be the highest price ever made for a Stevenson manuscript Dr. A. S. W. Rocbeubach outbid' Miss Belle Do Acostn Greene, librarian of the .1. P. Morgan library, in acquiring it. The single page manuscript of Stevenson's "Requiem" brought $1,500, while his notebook for "Travels with a Donkey" brought $2,000. Tho total amount paid for the collection, which Included rare first editions of Tennyson and George Washington's personal copy of the "History of the United States," was $148,7-23. CAMPAIGN FOR FRENCH • LOAN OPENED BY RADIO. Paris, Nov. 12.—Finance Minister Cletnentel is to open tho selling campiugn of the new French Internal loan i' modorit fashion, radiocasting from his office armchair a talk extolling and explaining Ihe advantages ot the new bonds, both to the inventor and the government. Premier llerrlot w- ' address it meeting of Ihe chamber of commerce of Ihe provincial .„ French cities on ihe same subject. was here today to assist County Agent R. W. McCafI in getting tile club leaders In' this county iinod up for the work next year. Out Where the Gas Begins Easterner: Indians around here ever go on the warpath?" Westerner: "Nope. They feels so ridiculous lu tlio automobiles."— American Legion Weekly. Read ihe Classified Advertisements in the News-Herald. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY WANTKD to buy. a gooa sufl coal lu-att.r. Phune 1I05J. 7li-i^-ldni KUK SALE—Th .JKiilghlire .l English l.rlndle Lull pup. s:i Eust Fourth. 4il-12-adm NOW Is u geed time to trim trees. transplant shrubbery, etc. Viet an experienced num. Cull 2(ls. Tl-IL'-lIIni WA .Vi El^—Winneii chielielt" "picket's. Swift & Company. ^'ii-l^.t'lm TliltKE ronul grmlii.l llnor apartment, modern. 2"ll ihh West. 7'SO|M> Terrier pups. , -l 'i -12-Mni FIRST DIVISION of the Ladles' Aid of the .Methodist church will now a rummage sale at Weeks' Drug Store 20'J S. Main. Saturday 15th. 3-12-16t; PARTY wishes to accompany lady go. inif in car to Lawrenco this weekend. Will pay tare. M-ll, care Nowa- Herald. 3-10-13e Do.\"T™ this wonderrul last op- portunlty. Special readings »] up to Nov. 20, only. The marvelous itBtrolo- Kl.'il gives absolute correct advice in all Important affairs or life. 633 East .Sherman. I'hoiio 201I3W. Hours ti a.m. to fl pin. :i-!i-;o.M LCXCIIEON' served dully at the Mite Teapot, ll.'-i 'East First, from 11:341 a.m., to 2 p.m. ciileken utnnev on Sin.days. Make reservations. ::-i2-r.DE 1M.1LL Hospital. Call 337R. 3-I(l-25dni MAltCELLI.NG, day or evening. Mra. Leavitt. S'JO East 4th. Phone 3S00. 3-1 -ar .dm MAUCELLING. 203 E. 17th. Ph. 1452J. • 3-18-11:21ilm MAUCELLT.NCI, lis ETlBL Ph. stiw. S-25-Its MM MAKCELLI.NU, 0l>o. 1'none SCtiJ. 3-20-2Min MAKCKl.LIM; and round curl, title. -Jjl'lJigJlL-L 1 . 1 ! 1 !'. .''hone r.77W. a-ii-iidm MAllCELLLNoT duy" or evening. Call _ 3 !MW .jd !H East Fourth. inn '•"•AUVAI.MA GlFT AND ' .APRON SHOP Fancywork exchange. 527 Fast Ctn. 3-1-26dm .MAUCELI.INC.. phono 327jtiW, Mrs. J. u. Katliary. 321 North Logan Wt. 3-s-26din MAItCELLINi:.—Day or evening. Mrs. Tiilbott, M3 E. I'liono iiav/J. 3-5-2l)Uhl Fill; SALE- -Toy '.'L'I Fimrtli West TWO riirnfi-iied" trance, water, N. .Maple. Fox NEl.l.l.MELI.O IIEAI.'TV .SIIOl'l 7 !* Pnoer curl a specialty. 42li Engl First,. Phone :',7''.ll. 3-8-25dm Pli.V'TICAL iitir.-cs registering. 330s", 3-1-26dm ri.tiltiK, llKlit., prlvule and Kas. •n-I WANTEI i-Couple Hi rent well far- Mi I nl-lied house mid board one person dm I for saine. See 1 'IT, A East. 2 -U -3dm

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