The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on February 6, 1964 · Page 2
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 2

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1964
Page 2
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t- .,.< ...,, fill the Wellington Leader 1 Established 1909 Published Every Thursday " • ' at 913 West Avenue, Wellington, Texas DESKINS WELLS, Editor and Publisher Entered as second class mail Aug. 25. 1909 at the post bffic. at Wellington, Texas, under Ace. of March 3, 1879. ' v n,> NATIONAL EDITORIAL SUS IAIN INC MfMBER ' Sustaining Member National Editorial Association Member Texas Press Association ; -, : ,,-.,'., > Member Panliandle Press Association NOTICE: Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or reputation of any. person, firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of THE WELLINGTON LEADER will be corrected gladly upon its being brought to the attention of the publisher. $3.00 a year inside of trade territory $4.00 a year outside of trade territory Reading Notices 10d per line Thursday, February 6, 1964 New Sources of Farm Income Coming Up For Discussion Always on the alert for new crops to supplement the county's economy, local leaders will have up for consideration within a short time the prospect for a crop that' may give promise to part of Collings- •wprth—sugar .beets. '...This may be much closer than most here realize. Beets have not been grown in Collingsworth on a commercial basis, but the soil is adapted and in certain areas there is the water that is necessary. Sugar beets are not a one-county proposition, but ail area wide development, with an assured market— ttje sugar JDeet.mill. Western Oklahoma counties are pushing the plan and include in their proposal Coll- ihgswbr'th arid Ghildress counties. Those promoting tli? development; .have taken their plans to Washirig- -Allotments under which sugar beets are grown, just, 'as cotton and wheat, are controlled by the mill, and farmers, receiving them are those most likely to produce results. The beets are grown under contract to the mill. ..The tops, may be grazed or chopped for stock feed. , : 'In areas already growing beets, the estimated income has ranged from $200 to $650 per acre. Irrigation is necessary to make it a paying proposition. Fertilization is a must for beets take a heavy toll from the soil. .One area .farmer has gone so far as to visit the sugar beet areas of Colorado to see operations for himself. - This is one consideration for Collingsworth farmers and area leaders. It is not the answer for all or even a majprity of the farmers. Several answers will be necessary. Part of them may be more guar, a return to castor beans, soy beans or sesame. None should be overlooked, but all should be studied and their production entered into on a down-to-earth business basis. Other answers to the county's farm economy may come from developments in the livestock industry. SHOULDtHERE NOT B£ A RoJIENT CONFIDENCE IN THE ULTIMATE JUSTICE OF THE PEOPLE? is THERE ANY BETTER OR EQUAL HOPE IN THE WORLD? First Inaugural Address NEWS LETTER from Congressman WALTER ROGERS CROSSROADS REPORT Dear Editor: •My fogbound neighbor can't understand how come our national government keeps getting deeper in debt all the time. After .all; he says, lots of the people who have been in charge of federal finances have proved they know more about hanging- on to a dollar than the average citizen. , In fact, some of them come close to mbney-wizard rank, by managing to live high and also save up six- or seven-figure fortunes in just a few years out of their $1500 or $2000 a month wages. I see where it says we have got the national growth rate in overdrive now. Even my status-free neighbor has noticed the rank way that pretty near everything is growing, such as the national debt, the national crime rate, and federal meddling. He says this growth virus is workin'g on his personal life, too, and making everything •bigger, such as his taxes, his grocery bills, and the gap between his wan'ts and his gets. I see where it's expected the war on poverty will pretty soon News Letter by U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough Dear Fellow Texans: The recognition of Red China -by France upsets the delicate balance between East and West and iposes a strong new challenge to -what Winston Churchill called the -Grand Alliance, between the United States and Western Europe. It imperils the NATO alliance, it imperils the European Common Market. ,': In granting recognition by France to Red China, General DeGaulle has committed the biggest diplomatic blunder since World War II. France, the keystone of the European Common Market countries, has- a high prosperi- prove the Bible is mistaken where it says the poor will be with us always. The statistics herders have got it figured that 35 million Americans are living in poverty, and they aim to launch a billion dollar attack on 'this situation. . Which calculates to un-pover- ish peopJe for less than $30 a head, and at a barg-ain rate like that, many of us poor folks could pay our own way to affluence. ty, the highest for the average man ever known in the history of France. Why imperil NATO ? Why imperil this European Common Market? It's a shocking act. Because of DeGaulle .and his increasingly .unchecked ambition to take over a position of leadership in Asia, our old ally France has become the first world power in 14 years to grant recognition to Communist China. We have in this. 14 years spent the Jives of American youths and billions of dollars in Korea and South Vietnam to contain Communism. Why would DeGaulle seem to 'be willing to threaten the foundation of the friendship between our two countries that has lasted for nearly two centuries and through two World Wars-, where we fought side by side? Red China has given the world no indication that it will stop its warlike action. , THE ISSUE OF PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION A-proposal that<Vould, in effect, create a "crown prince" for the United States of America has been advanced by a group of members of my own profession, the law. •Meeting at the request of the American Bar Association, the group recommended that a new Vice President be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Congress any time a vacancy occurs in the Vice Presidential office. In other words, the process would be circumvented by which American voters themselves could have a direct voice hi choosing the man closest in direct line of succession to the Presidency. The system proposed for adoption would fill the office of Vice President (at least until the next general election) by APPOINTMENT— not voters' choice — in much the same way that top officials of the Executive Branch, men of cabinet rank and below, now are named and tjheir appointments confirmed. In 1947, Congress enacted the law -which now iprovides for the order of succession to the office of President. The succession, thus-, is .now first to the Speaker of the House and next to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and then to cabinet officers in the following sequence: Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, Postmaster General, CHEVELLEI MALIBU SUPER SPORTS by CHEVROLET Background, new Chevelle Malibu Super Sport Coupe; foreground, Chevelle Mallbu Super Sport Convertible. What's so super about the Chevelle Malibu Super Sports? Inside? Front bucket seats. All-vinyl interior. Ammeter, oil pressure and water temp gauges. Floor-mounted straightrline shift lever for Powerglide* or sporty 4- Speed* stick shift. Under the hood? Lots of choice. Two Sixes—standard 120-hp and optional 155-hp*. Three V8's, from standard 283-cu.-in, up to (you're reading it right!) 327-cu.-in.* Try this one to flatten out hills! Options*? Electric tachometer, Positraction THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS See them at your Chevrolet Showroom rear axle, sintered-metallic brake linings and sports- styled simulated walnut steering wheel, to name just "a few of them. Outside? Special moldings and wheel covers, SS identification. Actually, about all that's not. super about these Malibu SS Coupes and Convertibles is their price. And the best way to find out what everything else is that makes them so super is to drive one. Your Chevrolet dealer can take care of that. •Optional at extra cost. Chevrolet • Chevelle • Chevy H • Corvair • Corvette CLARK CHEVROLET CO. 1009 Ninth Sv\ Wellington, Texas Phone 447-5422 If DeGualle's action was bad, and it was bad, his timin'g was even worse. He made -this fling at pfaying "footsie" with the Communists at a time when other nations were moving very carefully in world affairs, aware of the recent change in administration of the United States. Now it's possible that some other countries once roiled by France might also recognize Red China to expand its trade and set up new diplomatic posts to help that country to spread the wings of Communism over new areas. Communism is Communism whether it be in Asia, Eurasia, Africa or America. One can't be pro- Oommunist in Asia and pro- freedom in Europe. When an act strengthens Communism in Asia it strengthens it in Europe. This was a bad move by France. Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of AgricuHure, Secretary of Commerce, and Secretary of Labor. You'll note that the most recently established cabinet position, that of Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, has .not been included in the order of succession. This week -the Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee held two days of hearings into the welter of suggestions proposed as solutions to the problems of presidential succession and disability. I'm certainly not; opposed to this study or any other being made. Certainly it is proper for any group to (propose any solution deemed appropriate. At the same time, it is appropriate for those of us who oppose proposed solutions to speak out. It is my earnest hope, ihow- ever, that no proposal ever advances beyond the talking stage if it would permit the appointment of a Vice President of the United States. Into that office carrying that Constitutionally endowed title must go a person elected by the people if our democratic processes are to be served properly. Presidential succession has always been a knotty issue. Views change from one period in our history to another. It was only natural 'that the question .of presidential disability would become an issue following President Eisenhower's heart attack during his first term. And it was natural that the issue of presidential succession would again be raised following the tragic assassination of President Kennedy and the ascent to the nation's highest office of the then Vice President, 'Lyndon B. Johnson. During George Washington's first term, Congress provided that in the case of -the removal, death, resignation, or disability of both President and Vice President, the president pro tempore of the Senate, and if there was no president of $,e Senate, then the Speaker of the House, was <to succeed to the Presidency and hold the office only until a special election had chosen a President for a four-year term. In 1886 there was neither a president ipro tempore of the Senate nor a Speaker of the House. Congress, assuming that there never would be a time when all the cabinet (positions would be vacant, changed the line of succession to members of the cabinet, beginning with the- Secretary of State. In June, 1946, President Truman, having recently succeeded President Franklin D. Roosevelt, recommended abandoning the cabinet succession on the principle that no President that had succeeded from the Vice Presidency ought to be able to designate his own possible successor. In the Act of July, 1947, the Congress followed President Trumans' recommendation by providing that the succession be first to the Speaker of the House, a man not only elected from his own constituency but also chosen by the majority of the members of ; the House of the majority party, and then to the president pro tempore of the Senate, a Senator elected from his state and then, to provide a presiding officer in the absence of the Vice President, by the members of the Senate. Congi'ess also provided that following . these officeholders should be ranked members of the cabinet in case of vacancies in the first two offices in the line. Certainly problems can arise. No system we could devise would be perfect in insuring against any eventuality. But let us be careful before tampering with the present, line of succession or the method by which Vice Presidents are chosen. The system has served us welJ. I would urge Americans to remember that many governments would topple like a house of cards were the head of state to be assassinated. Ours, thanks to the Lord and the wisdom with which our system was conceived, did not. DR. P. A. PRESLAR OPTOMETRIST Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. BY APPOINTMENT Tel. WE 7-3922 411 Ave. B, NE FEES CASH Box 869 Childress, Texas If your filing needs are quite limited but very necessary, here i> a unit designed for you. This compact, sturdy two- drawer file is complete with guide rods, follower blocks and easy moving drawers. A low-cost unit, but made and finished to satisfy your desire for good quality. In grey or green. (Also in 4-drawer model.) FINE PRINTING AND RULED FORMS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Memeograph Papers and Supplies Post Binders Ledger Sheets and Indexes Filing Supplies of all kinds Ideal Bookkeeping Systems Staplers and Staples Pencils of all Types Scotch Tape and Magic Tapes Manila Envelopes — All Sizes Receipt Books See) us for a n«w design that will impress you and your customers. Of course we 1 // print it on Wellington Leader

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