Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 8
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH The Family Shelliivold on Bridge Criminal at Hand MRS. MAURICE JUHLIN To Head Jaycettes Mrs. Maurice Juhlin, 1207 Ranworth Drive, Godfrey, will be installed president of the Alton-Godfrey Jaycettes in joint ceremonies with the Jaycees in the Stratford Hotel, Saturday. Mrs. Steven Jackson will be installed vice-president; Mrs. Don Gore, recording secretary; Mrs. Gene Snyders, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Francis Ann Landers Hagan,- treasurer. Chairmen named for the coming, year are Mrs. Roger Schubert, ways and means; Mrs. Ronald Vonata, service; Mrs. Steven Tassinari, program; Mrs. Tom Sparrowk, publicity; and Mrs. Robert Hewitt, wel* fare. Mrs. Joe Brock is the retiring president. By ALFRED SOEINWOLD "I cannot see the sense of our new attitude to capital punishment," Sherlock Holmes remarked after watching today's hand at the Baker Street Bridge Club. "Anybody who could make such a play should be hanged as a matter of public sanitation." Perhaps we can see what made the great detective so vehement. South put up dummy's queen of hearts at the first trick/ but East produced the king and South won with the ace. Declarer led a trump and tried a finesse with dummy's jack. East won with the queen of spades and returned a heart. West continued with a third round of hearts, and declarer had to ruff in dummy with the king of trumps. Now East was bound to get a second trump trick with his ten of spades, and the ace of clubs provided the setting trick. You don't have to be a great detective to see that South Was the criminal in this sordid little A^VJ * North deafer Neither tide vttifterafcb NORTH ' AKI Q4 K10952 + KQ5 WKSt EAHflT 4 82 4 Q104 <? J109S V K763 O J76 O 83 4 10986 4k AJ43 SOUTH * 97653 <? A52 O AQ4 + 72 North KMt Soon INT Pan 2 4 2 O Pan 2 jt 4 4 AUPMB Became Tarnished . T . Ann Landers. DEAR ANN: I've been star ing at this piece of paper for 15 minutes, not knowing how to put my problem into words. Well, here goes: Have you ever heard of counting the silverware wheh ; j the 'company | leaves? I never j thought I'd have I tq dp ,it; but I'j w^ wrong. 'Several months] ago we had din-j tier; at the home) of friends. I no- 1 t&ed Mrs. A had ajt least five fe'rent patterns of sterling sil- vjer— service for two in one pattern, three in another pattern, and so on. She had service for four in the same pattern rjhave. ?This woman is in our bridge club and she has been here several times for lunch as well ajS for dinner parties. Recently I was preparing for a buffet sjjpper for 12 when I discovered I- was short 3 teaspoons, 2 din- n|er forks, 2 salad forks, a sjigar shell and a cake server •Have you any suggestions as ty how I can hang on to the s|lver I have left? Don't tell riie not to invite her any more. She is a close friend and her husband and my husband are business associates. — TARNISHED RELATIONSHIP DEAB TARNISHED: The next time you are in the wom- an's home make a point of the fact that some of her silver is like yours. Ask her, too, why she doesn't settle on one pattern instead of trying so many. Do it privately and be sure to convey the message that you are interested in her answers—not just, making small talk. She'll get the message. * * * * DEAR ANN: I had to write and comment on your advice to "Countdown Mother" •<- the woman Who confessed she hated her daughter and treated her shabbily from the-day th$ child was born. Several women at: our card club discussed that letter and most of them said they couldn't understand how a mother in her right mind could despise her own child. I remained silent although I was well qualified to speak since I was such a mother myself. One day I slapped my child so hard she fell off the chair. She had asked for a second helping of mashed potatoes and wouldn't eat it. Her nose began to bleed and I couldn't stop it. I called the doctor. When he came I was petrified because the child had lost so much blood. He asked me what happened. I told him the truth. That wonderful doctor urged me to get psychiatric help. He offered to arrangt for an appointment at the community clinic. After 16 months of therapy I am a new woman. I now understand why I hated that child. Furthermore, with understanding has come complete acceptance, if not genuine love. Please continue to tell all mothers who have hostile feelings toward their children to get professional help. It changed my life and saved my daughter. — COUNTDOWN MOTHER NUMBER TWO DEAR MOTHER: Thank you for your letter. It should give encouragement to other mothers who suffer with the same problem. Knowing that there is help, that such a situation is not utterly hopeless, can be immensely supportive. •*•**• Confidential to Brought Up With a Closed Mind and Frond of It: Your mind isn't "closed," my friend—it's nailed shut. I strongly suggest that you open it up occasionally. Something of value may drop in. # * * * . How .will .you Know when the real thing comes along? Ask Ann Landers. Send for her booklet "Love Or Sox And How To Tell The Difference " Send 35c In coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request.. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her In 'care of Alton Telegraph, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope. West Pass Pass tale of life hi the lower depths.. See if you can spot South's crime before you read on. Nasty Crime South's trump finesse was one of-the nastiest little crimes of the century. He should lead out the ace and king of trumps instead of wasting his time on a risky finesse. .. The odds are then better than 2 to 1 in his favor; the finesse was only an even money shot. If the trumps break 3-2 South is home after taking the ace and king even though the queen does hot fall. Declarer then begins to run the diamonds. East may ruff if he likes, but then dummy's jack of trumps remains to stop the hearts. The defenders can take one trump, one heart and the ace of clubs, but nothing else. Daily Question As dealer, you hold: A 9 7 653. V A 5 2. • A Q 4. 4k 7 2. What do you say? ANSWER: Pass. Twenty or 30 years ago this would have been considered an opening bid since the hand contains 2% Quick Tricks and a five-card suit. Today's experts are a bit more, conservative. The hand, by today's standards, is about a king short of the strength needed for an opening bid. : -- THE BODY'S THE THING — Here are four new creations, part of the American Designer series that emphasize the woman's shape. First two from left are by Jacques Tiffeau: a gold Indian braid with headband and loop at back; a black and white evening dress topped by a goofy pot hat. Third and fourth from left are by Christian Dior: a metallic print chiffon with coin drop gold belt, and « snakeskin cotton raincoat with red scarf. (AP Wirephoto)] By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON NEW YORK (AP) •- Fashion for fall- is a dichotomy of dove and hawk, the Now generation and the old—although these trends do not necessarily reflect/ the political views or the ages of the designers. Like a two-faced woman the fall scene is both lavish and parsimonious, colorful and drab, escapist and realistic, sensuous and prudish, sublime and 1 ridiculous. The contradictions have been bobbing up regularly at the American , designer series of style previews here this week. The dovish influence of the flower children showed up in the undie-ground world of fashion, with posy printed slips and bras and Indian meditation sleepwear in the Warner lingerie lines. I •••".. Designer Stan Herman of Mr. Mort, who believes in "doing your own thing," offered his bag of , hippie fashion influences— particularly 'the vest. Indeed, the whole Indian scene has been translated over and over again by one style house after another. ,At the same time there are fashion hawks who cling to the military look whether oh land or sea. Lynda Byrd Robb's wedding dress designer Geoffrey Beene is one. Put on the hawkish side his Napoleanic-cut tattersall check coats, his khaki doughboy girls wearing pleated skirts, and brass-buttoned, belted jackets straight out of World Wart ; . ': '.' .;, . . Call Anne Klein a how-genera- tion realist in the midst of a then-generation backlash of romantic and old-fashioned clothes. With slick leathers and buff suedes and rough tweeds and shaggy furs, Miss Klein has remained steadfastly modern, simple and honest in her design. Prim Victorianism has been the backlash of too much nudity in recent seasons past. Yet some of the best designers have been loathe to give up"'the skit game altogether. Oscar de la Renta believes .the belt line to best left uncovered. But others dare to leave bare a goodly portion of the bosom -either by plunging necklines or cutting peek-a-boo windows or using see-through fabrics. The voluptuously exposed hurt .is an old' fashioned gimmick that: somehow remains thoroughly modern. •Crane Vows Said Janice Belt Is Bride Butler-Losch Plans Told 'Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Losch ol 514 Lawton St., are announcing the wedding plans of their daughter, Susan Elizabeth, and (Jeorge Bichard Butler. The prospective bridegroom Js the spn of Mrs. George Butler, 619 Bond St., and the late George jjutier. ;the couple will be married at 7 p,m. on Aug. 2 in SS. Peter and Paul's Church. A reception will Mow in the Presidential Room at Westerner Club. Miss Losch is a 1966 graduate of Alton High School, and is employed by Alton Children's Clinic for Dr. K. E. Humphrey. Her fiance, a 1965 graduate of the same high school, attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and has served in Vietnam for one year. He is employed by Olin Works. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rogers, Encino, Calif., a son, Timothy Robert, 7 pounds and 9 ounces, 9:55 p.m., June 11. Elder children, John Howard, 7, and Michael WentWorth, 3. Mrs. Rogers is the former Patricia Bowers. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Fowler, Jacksonville, former Alton residents, a daughter, Christianna, 6 pounds, 10 ounces, 10:29 p.m. Sunday. Grandparents are Mrs. Eunice Keene and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Phillips. Miss Janice Marie Belt and Frederick William Arnold! were married Friday in the Calvary Southern Baptist Church. The Rev. Howard Todd Taylor officiated at the 7 p, m. ceremony and Laren Gray was soloist. A reception followed in the church social rooms. The couple was attended by Miss Janet Barrett and Alvin .McKinzie, a brother of the bridegroom, and the bride's sister, Shirley Belt, and Mark Arnold!, another brother of the bridegroom were candlelighters. The bride wore an A-line, embossed taffeta, street length gown, and matching coat. A cluster of white roses held her veil, and /she carried white and yellow spider mums adorned with mint green ribbon. Miss Barrett wore a street length gown green chiffon with an empire bodice of white lace and long sleeves. A mint green veil Was secured by a bow* of green chiffon over lace and she carried yellow mums with green, ribbons. The new Mrs. Arnold!, a graduate of Roxana High School, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Belt, 213 Indiana Ave., South Roxana. Her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Arnold!, 1324 Brushy Grove Road, Wood River, MRS. ARNOLDI Miss Beverly Jean Crane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Crane Sr. of the Edwardsville area, became the bride of Gary Lynn Teasley of Roxana Saturday. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Teasley Jr., 512 S. Central Ave., Roxana. The Rev. Gary Scheller performed the ceremony at 2 p.m. in the Wanda Methodist Church. The couple received friends in the church social rboms. Mrs; Karen Snover, matron of honor, and Mrs. Barbara Floyd, bridesmaid, attended the bride. Paula Bakan and Ronald Crane were the flower girl and ring bearer, and Loretta Swarringham, vocalist, was accompanied by Miss Karen Daniels. ;-'.•" ;. •;. '' '..'-• ' George Teasley III was best man, and the groomsman, Ray Lawrence. . The .'ushers were Randy Stormer and Ron Hofgren. The bride wore a gown of satin-faced peau and Chantilace with a redingote effect on the full skirt which.extended to a sweeping train bordered with rows of lace. Her tiered illusion veil was held in place by a double crown, and she carried a colonial bouquet of white rosebuds and pompons. Her attendants wore cotillion blue lace and taffeta gowns of empire styling with panels held MIRROR OF YOUR MIND By JOHN CONWELL Mini-Calorie Basket Picnic By MARY SUE MILLER A Lovely writes: I need ideas for low-calorie, basket picnics. The very idea seems silly, in my mind a picnic is no time to count calories. But I must, as our doctor has put my husband on 8 reducing diet. We love to picnic and take a basket to some favorite spot every weekend. The Answer: Low-calorie picnic foods can be just as satisfying and far more interesting than the customary sandwich and potato salad. For example, these menus: L Cold beef bouillon on the rocks, with onion-ring crisp snacks; cold sliced roast beef (2) slices); bee/steak tomatoes, thick and salted; tossed green salad, dieter's Italian dressing; crusty rolls (1), NghtJy buttered; melon slices cut In papery rings, 2, Cnilled gherry toraatoea and diller carrot strips; cold broiled baby chicken legs (2 per serving); deviled eggs with chopped chicken liver stuffing (% egg); cole slaw and apple salad, dieter's mayonnaise; choice of cheese with fingers of prOtein bread,. is. Radishes, celery and green pepper strips; cold broiled lobster tails (2); string bean and red onion salad, dieter's French dressing; thin-sliced bread and whipped butter sandwiches (2); berries of choice, sweetened with sugar substitute and Dora a dominated person want to be dominated? by bows at the back neckline. Their maline veils were held by blue double crowns, and their College Notes Thomas Bechtold, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bechtold of Dow, received his bachelor of arts degree from Southern Illinois ''University, Edwardsville. Charles Bono, 500 Mallard Drive, East Alton, received a straight A average for the second semester at Millikin University in Decatur,. and was named to the dean's'list. Others named to the list included Dennis Hamilton; 1920 Jersey St., Alton, and Jerry Harrison, 304 Monroe St., East Alton. Graduates at Northwestern University included Miss Elizabeth Sunderland, Fairmount Addition, bachelor of arts degree; David H. Voracek, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vora- .;cek of 206 Carolina Ave., a master of science degree in journalism; and James D. Buch of Redondo Beach, Calif., son of Mr., and Mrs. Robert B. Buch, 506 N. Buchanan St., Edwardsville, a doctor of philosophy degree. David McFadden, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. McFadden of 355 Beacjh St., Wood River, was named to the semester honor roll at Lincoln Christian College. James Patrick Barr, 613 Payne St., Wood River, received his degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. BE A GREENS KEEPER Parsley can be frozen! Buy a fresh bunch hi the market, wash it, trim the stems, dry it in a towel and roll it up in foil, then put it in the freezer. When a recipe calls for chopped parsley, take it out of the freezer and grate it. Grate only the amount you need and put the rest back in the freezer, this way the parsley will stay green and taste the same as when freshly chopped. Chives can be frozen in the same manner. colonial bouquets contained White carnations and blue pompons. The bride is a secretary of the products and engineering department of, Olin Works, and her husband is a former em- ploye of McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft Corp., serving with the Air Force a); Little .Rock, Ark. Both are •graduates of Roxana Community High School. The couple returned,to this area today after a honeymoon in the Ozarks, and will ;live at the Little Rock Air Force Base. Engagement Announced In Shipmaii MISS MICHAEL Mrs. Catherine Michael of Shipman is announcing the engagement of her daughter, Alice Ann, to Pfc. Richard Date Loy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Loy of Greenfield. The bride-elect is the daughter of the late Francis Michael. She attended Southwestern High School and is employed by Lakeview Nursing Home, Cariinvilie. Pvt. Loy attended Greenfield High School and is stationed with the Army in Germany. , The wedding will take place on his return from service. To tote these menus you may need a cooler as tfell as a ket. But that's easy! POCKET ---- --- ' "'o« yo Answer: Superior physical force may impel one individual to do another's bidding, but that is duress, not complete domination, when a person feete dom> nated, he wants — perhaps uri- knowing 1 ? - to let someone else have a "hold" over- him. This may be because the dominated individual is seeking a father or mother "substitute," or perhaps he feels an acute need for sompooe to depend 041, whatever the results of that dependence, Are grandmothers wore permissive t}wi mfttfcew? Answer: A child not yet in his teens senses that his mother and her mother practice dif. fewot methods of rearing children. In 9 "Journal of Home Economics" study called ternal Grandmothers and Mothers," it is reported that when a pre-teenage child is in trouble, he runs to Grandma. Grandmothers acoqrdHjj to the researchers , are much more permissive,, in disciplining a grand'' child jb>n is the child's own mother, „ , CM anybody faH la tare? Answer: Many men and worn* en will never be able to fall in love. F^r eome dflminj|tej men, no woman could supply the "cmtcb" they need. A woman may not be able to lave a man because she unconsciously wants to protest the emphasis that love pule QQ her wwnannm $$ may have grown up with the feeling that her sex is a handicap and au injustice, She may feel-association with a roan will only prove her inferiority. Flan July 18 Mr. j and Mrs. Fred .Berger of Jerseyville are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Kathryn Ann, to Donald E, Bollard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ballard of Carrottton. Miss, Berger graduated from Jersey Community High School in 1W7, and Is a history major at Southern Illinois University, Her flange graduated from Greenfield High School to 1862 and is engaged in farming with will be m&rrifid •** ffW WT WfW T 'tSf^ ceremony at VrSfl i8, in St. John's 4 ' of Christ. Mid.- 1 ^™ ^fWjfffl^f^ ' ,^^P^ * MlfiS fi£BQJSB

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