The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 19, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1951
Page 8
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py PETER EDSON NBA Washington Correspondent k ANKARA, Turkey. Nov. 1ft- v'EA)--Five hundred million dolts worth of U. S. military and jrS won** wj. w * *j. *»"« **»»y »TM-- :onomic aid have been poured i into Turkey in the last five years. This does not include the estimated $45 million economic aid to be given this year and an as yet unannounced amount for military aid. The natural question is, "What have we got for our money?" Aid to Turkey got -well started in 1947, a year before the Marshall Plan was invented. This aid be- Igan under the so-called Truman [doctrine. Congress approved it in Becord time -- three-fourths for Greece, which had an actual war on its hands, one-fourth for Turkey. The concensus is now that if this aid had not been given, Greece would today be behind the Iron Curtain, and maybe Turkey, too, though the latter would have given From the end of World War II to 1948, the Turks had spent half their budget on. military defenses. They had a reasonably strong army, but t acked equipment. The original ,dea of the Truman doctrine was that the Turks would just be given the equipment. They would be allowed to use it as they saw fit. Very early, however, it became apparent this wouldn't do. Turkey had no roads over which military equipment could be moved. So U. S Bureau of Public Roads had to be called in to plan a highway system This has developed into a nine-year program, with five years · still to go. |j|5,OfM) Mile Highway System At its end, Turkey will have a ,15,000-mile system of all-weather military roads which will greatly add to its defense. They will be gravel roads, with only a fourth hard surfaced. The Marshall Plan has kicked another $15 million into this enterprise, paying the salaries of some 504iighway engineers and mechanics who are training the Turks to build and maintain their own highways. The road system is of more than itnhtary benefit It has opened up new areas to farming and enabled Turkey to move to market, for export, wheat that could not even be grown before. And whereas Turkey only had 2,700 tractors before the road economic programs began. the number now is 20,000 with 4,000 more on order. Just giving the Turks the equipment was soon found to be wrong for another reason They didn't know how to operate it and, much A ess, how to maintain and repair ' i t So large-scale training had to be started. It now includes some 15 schools, teaching over 200 subjects, and from which there have been about 30,000 graduates, 6.000 of them officers. The motto of all the schools is, "Here Turks «re taught to teach other Turks." On top of this, last spring, on a Turkish general staff suggestion, * Turkish-American inspection-train- I ing corps was formed. It now has Lsome 400 officers in the field, in- HLpecting Turkish armed forces' ef- ficiencv. This corps, plus nearly 1.000 instructors, make th« U. S. 21] y T : training program in Turkey its largest foreign military mission. U. S. Helping To Build Bases In addition to equipment and training, the United,States is helping Turkey enlarge its air bases and build a new naval base at Isken- deron. at the northeast "corner" of the Mediterranean. The present Turk naval base on the Sea of Marmara, between the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, is considered too exposed. Iskenderon would also be the natural supply base for all Turkish military operations, m case the country were attacked. Practically all purely civilian Turkish aid programs under the Marshall Plan have now been ended, but those projects still under construction will be completed. Perhaps the biggest of these as the $49 million hydro-electric power, irrigation and flood-control project at Sariyar in west central Turkey. It will supply power to the Istanbul- Ankara area and will be Turkey's first power grid. ECA's main contribution to Turkey has been building up its agriculture. The aim has been to make Turkey the bread basket for this part of the world. And this year, Turkey s earnings from sales abroad of farm products will be igreater than the Marshall Plan aid. Industrially, Turkey has exported 50,000 tons of pig iron to the United States this year, although Turkey's own steel production from two small converters is only 150,000 tons a year. Copper and chrome exports are also being stepped up In spite of all the progress that Turkey h*i mtid« with M«r*h»\l Plan assistance, present estimates, are that Turkey will not be n«lf- supportinR by next year. The budget deficit is estimated »t over $175 million. The principal reason is that Turkey is spending over half of its budget of $800 million a year on military defense. And with this outlay, it can't break even. Know? America Today's Anniversaries- 1752 -- George Rogers Clark, leader of the little band of Kentuckians and Virginians who took the great Northwest in the Revolution, born in Charlottesville. Va. Died Feb. 13, 1818. 1794 -- Harvey P. Peet. noted New York deaf educator and father of a noted educator of the deaf. born Litchfield Co., Conn. Died Jan. 1873. 1797_Charles Aathon, Columbia University's classical scholar, America's first such great scholar, born in New York. Died July 29, 1867. 1810 -- Elias Riggs. Congregational missionary to Far East for 50 years, father and grandfather of missionaries, born in New Providence, N. J. Died Jan 17, 1901. 1831 -- -'James Abram Garfield. Ohio farm boy, lawyer. Union general, congressman, senator, the 20th President, born in Orange Co., Ohio. Assassinated, Sept 19. 1881. and, died, . . 1863 -- William A. (Billy) Sunday, famous evangelist, born in Ames, Iowa Died In Chicago, Nov. 6, 1935 Today In History 1794-- Historic Jay Treaty with Britain -- first definite modern application of the principle of hi tatomfttk/naH dii- puten. 1863--President Lincoln's immortal Gettysburg Address. 1869--Hudson Bay Company M-ans- fers its empire-sized holding* to Canada. 1916--Ruth Law breaks all records flying nonstop for almost 700 miles. 1920--Jap students in Tokyo debate: "Shall Japan fight America?" 1939--President Roosevelt lays cornerstone his Hyde, N. Y. Library. 1941--The National Workers Alliance, engaged in unemployment relief, dissolves. 1945--President Truman asks Congress to act at once an his five- point health and social welfare piogiam. 1950--End of the 11-day nationwide telephone strike. Today's Birthdays Hiram Bmgham, chairman, Civil Service Commission's Loyalty Review Board, explorer, ex-Conn, governor and senator, born in Hawaii, 76 years ago. David W. Armstrong, natiorwl director of the Boys' Clubs of America, New York, born at North Adams. Mass.. 66 years ago. Wayne A. Johnston, president of the Illinois Central Railroad, born Urbana, 111, 54 years ago. Prof James B. Sumner of Cornell, famed chemist, Nobel prizewinner, born in Canton, Mass., 64 years ago. Allen Tale, critic and poet, born in Clarke Co., Ky.. 52 years ago. Gene Tierney, actress, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 31 years ago. Dr. Howard L. Bevis. president of Ohio State University, born at Bevis, Ohio, 66 years ago. Lloyd K. Garrison of New York, lawyer, onottnm chnlrmnn of th» N«tl. Labor Relations Ponrd, born In New York. 54 years ago. Matthew J. Conni'lly, Preiidenlfr ial^ secretaiy, born in. Clinton. Mass, 44 yeius ago. Todaj 's Horoscope Today gives a resolute, forceful spirit Those born in the enrly hours will be moie reckless, with danger of a tioublesomo life and much adveislty. In those bom as the day advances the n a t u i e is more -pliant, and success moie spt to be attained by pot suasion The whole day pi onuses success. Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass BELLS IN THE HIUMAN HKART In a deep valley of a mountain ange in Europe aie hung some re- narkable bellt,. No rope is attach- d to them, and no human hand ver rings them. They begin to wing and peal forth their resound- ng tones only when a gale has cached storm proportions. It takes he storm. a»d the heavy storm, to tail these bells ringing. There are bells hung in the heart Mate a ·think of After ail the Mildness Tests... CAMEL LEADS ALL OTHER BRANDS BY BILLIONS iiest Drive" America's favorite */rSc me TYPE OF we INDUSTRY^ YES, 3 MORE IN THE PASTS V£T«VW BUILDS we w me. LOW-PRICE- HELD!" FORDOMATIC DRIVE IS TWO DRIVES . 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Probably there tire people rending these words who have not utteied a piavcr in twenty yeius But sonic day the hurricane may sweep down upon them. They will be confirmed atheists indeed if in that hour thi»y do not cry out slit illy and pitt'omly to God Tl\« bells hero dosciibcd are singular and unusual. Bells which gladden the heiirts of those who dwell on the countrysides thiough- oul the world «ie bells which ring u'Rularly. calling men and women to the glad asscmblv of worship The atheist is a larity. So is the agnos-tic And, although not so raie. the man who thinks not at all about God is nevertheless in the ininonty m eveiy population. The gieat WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT fc Get FOOTER Quality DRY CLEANING! Every garment receives the careful attention for which we are famous . . . yet our prices arc no higher than ordinary cleaning. Bring; us your clothes tomorrow. Dresses, Plain Suits, Plain Ladies' or Men's Beautifully Dry Cleaned and Pressed 79c Pants, Skirts, Sweaters, Plain.... Coats, Plain Th« New*. Frederick, Md.. Monday, No«mb«r 19, 1951 mass of people are, In Rome degree at least, believers in something For them the belli ring regularly--amid the ordinary events of ill i'. (Copyright Utibiou Newspaper Synd.) 4-H t'MiB MI:ETS The Shookstown "Wistful Winkers" 4-H Club held Its November meeting at the homo of Sylvia Funk. Roll cull was answered by telling \vliat each member did for the fair, «nd the prizes and money received. It was decided t« Jhav« a Christmas party at the horn* of Mrs. Biser. in December. Th« club worked feltcraft for the rert of the meeting. Refreshments were served. Many Eskimo Igloos have animal- skin linings in them to provide air spac»» for insulation and to prevent drip on the occupants. HARRY FOOTER CO. CLEANERS 405 N. MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD. 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