The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 2
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PACE TWO TH£ PARIS NEWS. TTYIUI A Tl^ U A D\71?CT lUMA1 \J rlAKVto 1 SUNDAY, JULY a, 140 Carloads Shipped to Other Points Prices This Year Run From Seventy-five Cents to Si Bushel AVERY.—The tornado season in ibi? A very section is practically ever, after three hectic \v«-«?ks for jrro\versv buyers, packers at!<2 laborers: and the copulation is settling cScvsvn to rsornial. Up to Saturday, 140 cars ha<3 been slipped front this point, dei- tirsed for Eastern markets and as Jar Tscn"h ss A3on:rea: Cinadn. "rorh ' thr^e-Quartt-rs of a c»nt a TX>UT>d at the start lo four and 3. lialT cents the prices ran., ihousb TTI-OS? *?f Tr^ cror* so"'*^ fr^'"*"* C to 4 cents. Buying d!<5 not start • h-ere aniil ?h^ fir^t clu-sr^r, 'the cream of the cror» Tvhieh crows on the bottom of the plant an*! makes tlie largest fruit) was gone. The market here opened slow and unsteady., and presently rocketed upward as the Jacksonville crop was exhausted and word came that rain In Tennessee had spoiled the market. This left the A very section the only spot in the Unites States with any amount of toxr.sioes for smpment. The farmers as a whole <lid not receive as much out cf :he crop s& They <2id last year, l-ut nc-yrly a!! of thera is»ade money, which was more than they -:ocj:»rc;ecl at thf first of the season, No account was kept of the r.umb-er of tracks loaded out bvt ii Mras; estimated there -vere at !e-nsr 100. Some of them carried jrovernrnent-srarjuard :?rade. hut most of them \vere loaded •w.-lth No. 2 tomatoes. In the course of the season. 1? parkin? thesis \vere in operation.. •with an est:niste3 500 hands em- r»!oyed. in 3c<?::ion to sonie SO 1 * rockers in the f:-lc. and about "00 TOMATO MARKETING IN NOR THEAST TEXAS r-eeccd to 2c-oo p-?.>- ! aid local 1 SADIE McKEE —with— JOAN CRAWFORD FRANCHOT TONE GENE RAYMOND MODERNE - ENTERTAINING From The Liberty Story Cool and Cornfortsb: SUNDAY AND MONDAY "THIS MAN IS MINE" —with— IRENE DUNNE RALPH BELLAMY " r be Wife Who Fought For Love SUN-DAT MOXDAT Warner Oland Drae Leyton DonaM The Most Ev-nlng: Siorv cf Them All Rites Sunday For Mrs. King IMrs. . Oils. .May King, irife of Howard Kins of Grand Prairie, died here Saturday morning; about a. o'clock at the home of her brother, Koy Hodges, 399 "West Kaufman street, where she. had been ill several weeks, following? * major operation at the Sanitarium of Paris. The fun-era! will be held at the residence Sunday afternoon as. 3 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Claude Carlton, Baptist minister of Clarksville. cousin of Mrs. Kins. He will be assisted by the Rev. Ben. F. Brownins. pastor of Bonham Street Methodist church. Burial will be made at Evergreen cemetery by the side of Mrs. King's father. J. C. Hodges. Pallbearers will be Harold and David Hodges, George Wortham. Fred Brtker, Barney Harrison and Boyd Park. She is survived by her husband, and one son. Jake Hodses Enlot. of Lx>s Angxiies, a child by a former marriajre- She leaves also three brothers. Roy Hodges here. Sam. o* I>ubbock, and Jake of Cisco, and two Grandchildren. Born hers July 2S. 1$77. Mrs. Hodges toad for the past 12 years resided in Los Ang-ales, moving in Kebruary this year to Grand Prairie. She had been in ill health the past ttvo years- r HaU. -Edison McAfee, Lloyd Dedmon, Bob Milner. James Mess* and Harold Boyer or Junior; Wynn; Louise Hall. I>oris Meggs and Idella Coker. The- remainder of the twenty representatives from the county will be selected from other clubs. HAS iEMJERGEXCT OPERATION COMMERCE.— Harry O'Neill, veteran conductor- on the St., Louis Southwestern railroad lines, was reported resting well following an emergency operation for appendicitis Wednesday at the Cotton Belt hospital at Texatkana. SELECT FORT TOWSON 4-H CLUB DELEGATES FORT TOWSON. Okla- — The Port Torcson 4-H club will have nine members at the state club 1 round-up at Stlllwater foe- the week beginning: July -3. They are erchants ar.d others in handling ie seasonal bus:i2ess. The high lig-hi of the season K~as the Fourth Annual Tomato F"es-tivsJ «'hsn Inez Gaxrett, chos?n rom the pacxins: sheds" candidates, \vas cro-.viied queen of ~he harvest ana the day was given -x'er to festivities- O"^ Cl^ Tll^ Idl^CSt! ICTZO^T: tirinrs of beads, 37 feet. 3 1-2 sli^lls, ivs^ ^oi-TVvi in a. prc^i-5tonc Isdian village In .Arizona- I>ur:r-5 Marc^i, factc»ry ernplcy- .5 per c^nt ever February, more educed On MASTER CLEANING and PRESSING uits, men's overcoats, ladies' drespes. Master Cleaned anc? Pressed for only 50c by Pairis' First Cle aning Plant. Our customers cleaning apparel Is insured from the time we get it until it is returned to home, against fire, theft, and collision. Equipment and experienced craftsmen at our servce. There's a Difference TELEPHONE 21—22 HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Fernianent \\~ave Si.25 "Wave Set t5c FRANCES BEASLEY. Operator »5 Soatii 15th Street Try a Quart of Angel Food Ice Cream If you haven't tried it—you've missed it! Made from the purest ingredients including Lamar Creamery; Pasieuri7,ed Milk from our cnvn Lamar County Farms. CHOICE OF FLAVORS: —Vanlllla —Banana. Nut —Chocolate —Pecan Kronen —Strawberry —Ansel Food —Fruit Special —Pineapple —Peach Sherbet 15c pt. qt. Call 379—We Deliver Free It's Delicious 10 Banana Split It's Fine 10 Frosted Orangeade or Limeade FRESH Peach Sundae Palace Drug Store —News Staff Photos T7-picsl of the scenes all alonsr the Texas and .Pacific ra.i!roa.<i from Texarfeana. 10 Paris during ths- cast thrss •w^elts are thes-e pictures, mace s.t the height of the totnaio harvest in this secrlon of Northeast Texas. Top is a. shed at DeKaJb. s^irr-osnded by aiitc- jnobUes anti tfagons of buyers anil gro-srers, the trucks loaded -with ;he day's pick. C-enter is one oC the big- packing sheds at. Avery, 'tomato capital" cf Xonheast Texas, \vhcre- tn-e- bulk of the TnarketiTis: is cone and as high as 4.5 T.VJLS pa:-J a.i the pc-ak of the sea-son. Belo-v is a srroup of lu^-makers, at v. ork under 3. tree near the sh-?cs, bus:-- knocking together the crstss ;n •which the- tomatoes are packed Missing Man Is Back Home HUGO. Okla.—Frank Schurs- sler assistant postmaster of Bos"«;!"- rnissin— since Monday nielit after a political rally here, returned home Saturday via Antlers. . where ~r.<f: rret his frier;d. Due. S»if. der-utv sheriff, and toM hi!7- re ha£ four.c himself In Jackson. ; T~r.r... -R-j-hout kno^-i-dg'e of r<-,-.•« ; he had come there. He ^"as criv- ir..c his car in -which he hs.d corr.e ; to Hi:,sro Monday. : He had no recollection, he said. of hc^v or ~hen he left here, after • he -went :~to a drrjEr store to ta.:-:e '. medicine for s. headache. ; saw nirr- at that tirr-e. btit he d:s- ] appeared after leaving the store. I His brother. Carl Sch-aessler a.r.d ? a. brother in ISTV, Ha.lph JeT.r:»r. j ms?ij ; ta,nt couirty attorney, had ; conducted an intensive search for j the missirsff man since his disap- ! searance. Auto Hit By | Locomotive! i HUGO, Okla-—Th« faunily cf ; John Hayes of Grant narrowly ! ••scaped death when th«?ir cs-r. <*"- t*rin^ tit:)?o by Fifth street, wa* struck r>y & swJich er^ir**, ar.'i turned corriplete^y arr.irnd or. *""* 1 tra..rks. Neither The car nor the •^"ir'r.e wa.^ rr-ov";r:Er fasi. bat Ilay*^ w»S<J a F*r:r,c- <-«f cstr» on arothT ; tr^.rk f'~z~ off "his x-i»^v a.n<J h» <Ji<J ; r-(".• 5*3 ?he ••r^sri'ne *n tlm*j to s'-'oUJ Tvrr^. Ha:•-<*» had one l*r •Ji&"'»- i cat»4 and K»!*TI. her <5au^ht*r, J had one kn^-e hadly brtils*"!, Mr. i Ha.y*« ard th^lr other tJsr** eh:I- ' <Jren, Ruth. Wsnona *n<! Mary. ' The car was not badly LINEMAN INJURED IN FALL AT AVERY Maa** Hips Are Fr»ctored Otfaer Injuries Suffered AVERT. -— CIaw3« Rankin of , «mploy« of tfo< Soothwest- ern OIL* a-nd Electric company, fractured hl» feipw in a fall from a pole Friday aftersoon, H« wa» rendered ti»con*<loo» for Home Um« an<S ft wa« feared b* mifht b« paraljntetf. H* had a«aw«rw5 an «*n«rir«ncy e*4I to repair a Ua« h«r« atttf fell abpat tJjJrty *wtt f rom « pole-. Exa<^ caw«* of the accident had not been ^A/ T ho Said Furniture Was High Priced? Here's an example of jost hovr economical it really Is to take ad\amaiee of the tre- mendons va!n«>= at Rodirer--\Vsd?. I->p*ci^1Iy, vbeu you boy Parts-made fnnutnre saving higrb iransportatioo costs and middle mcn*» profit*. Full Size, Overstuffed, Home Spun Upholstered Living Room Suite Made in Paris By Paris Labor ! TV* hav* a »pI*r.«J:'5 asscr^rr^rnt of rr-sc- ^tyl*. IJvins: room *ttit«w. covered In yosr c'r-.f'if,* cf »*e-.ftra; of ?be r.-?F Korr.e Spun Tapestry lipholsrerfnss- "P 1 "^ »"* f**atyr»<3 in t^fo-pitc* 1 <?•..!;***, inr'u'i:r;sr T -'* djvan and coin'oi'tabl* coxw«!l Expo»«<5 "wtyod partK a.-e of tvaJrsu; finish. «n<J their irsr.-sr f-r,ns:ructSon In of the highest quality. Goo*! h*avy rn?it*r-.'i!f. !n al! the rrzost popu3ar shaken. S»« rhern to appreciate their <jt;al!ty. Msy v.-e call your r.ttention to th* fart that the Ro-35f«r»-Wa<3« fumittir* factors' has be-'^n :n op^rasSrsn a.i! durir^ the rf*;>rrssion and ha* com« oat of th** dark days to «">» Thf> Tisfh* -of yr.orc K»'r'.* i rs! I y Improved cor.<IJ T 'on-S of 15S4. "W** do not f«r<*I thaf T,b5s woyid have h*en posCTiM*, h--d c«r m».-rchsn<li»e not l>^en of #x;c*U''nt QUaHry. an<5 oar m*:hod* of busir.^nw* operation on th* rlyht b*sf^. Tht» should me*n *orn«ihinsj to th* Isjrr.itur* J»jy*r of Northe^ii Texa*' ar.<l 2 Magnificent Pieces Only $2975 Abme, we are arfvcrrisiry: only on* of Uv» many, many Uvinsr room mft«t$ wid pl«r« of fornlrwre from wbk-h f/» »?lc<t tn this bis retail storr. So»tr« at thl* prir«? may be luwU In other material.*, anil th« price ranfipe, ot coar«<*, r«act»*« on op into thw hiffh<?r priced sro^P*- t*t o» *Jx>w you how we car. w»v« you money on «rt5ry purr base. Buy The Suite You Want Now—On Easy Term* ! mbam/

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