The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 6
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TBX DAILY TOWS, 7RXZH5BX6K, MD.. F11DAT. TOKMHdJk It, CK HIGH THURMONT HIGH DOWNS ! BLUE RIDGE SUMMIT 1 In Action Here Tonight Defeats Westminster There By 24 To 17 Score. Desperate Rally By Visitors In . Last Half Checked. S'avlrj; off » '-**" qoirter ra»lj led by y -£*· A -i} jxjcke'xl to'-ir tfrtsstloaal ; fhcis *'v"n rrld-cour*, the Thurmont __ c , ^j.,, ,^i2- ^"xr»c .is sescn in _" « v -TS-ET .r t.-ur Tcursaont - ~_. - s - b\ MANY FOUL SHOTS MISSED * scar!. aggresslre brand of ike Frederick high ecStoo! . Thursday mght slapped Wessnisiwr i^i schoo: by a score or 24-17 fis a g*=3« P'-a^fd l= W-sSnUsser Tfes Cadets zaergfd an impregnable de- fesee aad a smooth io'S:rig offense «n*o a gen-fail maehiae tha' marred Carroll cour.t.sns a: e*»n turr So tight was '-he P-edetek defense fss* ;a the first and fourth per.^ds West- master failed *o SCOT Prederiek. wto Slaier Nusz cutting the rim three times from beyond the ftjnj zone, assumed ihe lead, which It Jse3d ihe eatire game The first penod ·seoad up. 8-0 In the second caatc the Onroll couatiaa* bega to flad tfieir ·bearings and -*lih Ecienrode mad B*n- eoa leading the attack, pushed tie CMlet*. who held the upper hand. 13-9 as tbe teasss lefl the flocr between halves. Two nice fie.d goals by Fowble got ·WesKaiaster ofl to a good start in the third round, but the rally eaced -»hea Svope aad HaUer checked their men ** Striae and CaesSey pushed the score to 31 points Eckearode acd Benson ':. ;::-:.·-* u ".t ttaass ±: - p«r;Dd awi -t *as only _ ,,., r'svtag that Thunaoat . --c_ .-e -.^r:rs when Ylngst start- *-£ "o f^si** t^e cords T-e ga=:e was a nfp-and-tucX bard fought aSsir in walrh the smaller and sss x?er ( *ric«S high school Udt plaj- xi nae oaeketbali Coach Howard Hed- 'ager was very well satisfied with the ·5-v- his teas came ujrough. Kue Ridge -.·Id :r.f *.ppcr hand bv a tcore of 7-1 "~. w .c ftrv ;v-ir*«-. but Thurraoct rall.- ed .n tr-e «*cind £taaza and at tnter- rris^n en3=\fd the Song end of a 12-'1 -eo-e Prjo' Siottlemyer and Ambrose did excellent work for the high school bvN*. w*xi Ytagst and Be«rd dkj meet ;f te scoring for BSue Ridge Coach Hediager is anxious to play one rr ore game before the Chrauras vacation and aould like t-o meet a countj ilg i "-ch-x); or Ircal independent (earn. Tftnrmont H. S. (27) O Do You Remember Oiw Tear Ago Today--The world's ; billiard eoaajpsoashrp changed as !r**a Rudolph, of Cleveland, Ralph Gr«Hie*f la the flr" } · ·· .. ~» «i- ssatca. 125 to 120 Rudolpa's rally to Latter Team Has Won 82 Vic; «rwme a e-point i*ad D y ttatuiwd tfec tories In 93 Starts. BRING FAST TEAM HERE imuiu i n u i litruu IUJILU Ftre Tear* Ago Today-- PCayicg his SaUlraa, Joseph Ro*!asd and Francis Hunter vithaut toe iocs of a eet ta tie I Peaa A. C indoor touraey. r Ttetcrtai out of 93 ] is the reaccd estsbltssed last season by ' the Cleveland Peaazoiis basketball r^nm ~ ;»hlr 3 ^oc^ht sneets the PTttdeicJc A'» Ten , Yea " **· Tad«y-Chu»«tes at the Staus Anaory at 9 o'cloei to the Cardinals »B4 sta-eys. r.Tal pro JooW ' sesoad professioaa! court coatee*, tale , **£ ***=* *w ^ e ^^ ^tto bettied to I weei. Toe A's are caaaaged by Ed- ! * »c«e'«» ^ ca escnr *-d ice to a I Tsrd Karris. pUot last season of the «w» nJi«J "^a uasa«««!uJ fleJd toaJ I C'ere^icd Ka7o"t« Knits The team is »"-enspts- For tae Cards, a pair o? i beiris sponsored here by Company A. '°ra«r North»w««a acw. Padcy Dns- Si. N G Tuesday nlsbt la Hagcr*- ' ~ :; »=* Bob Kochler. held tae apot- )U)»i Armory cJubdroppea a close 34-33 ] ^8*t alteraavly *l:h the S-aley aars. 1 \e-d-t to the PeaazwCs in a hectic i CaS:k HarVey and Pet* 8t!n:h:«nb, WE AEE HOW FORMING OTJB 1932 Christmas Saving Club With Classes to Suit the Convenience of AH .25 Per Week .50 Per Week l.OO Per Week 2.OO Per Week S.OO Per Week 1O.OO Per Week 2O.OO Per Week game. Jonner Ohio State AU-Aasericars i S - "lemjer, Ambrose, g : R:ff. g f _ _ T 4 0 0 1 0 I A dangerous seorer from any angle. Oartdrup wia be «*n tonight at the State Armory la action against the Frederick As at 9 oclo-!:. ^hen tnis , c ty's nen cat protesslocal team pjej's the Cleveland P« Gar.ctrjp · hails f'osi Kectucti and his speech Mill carries the tang of the moun- tiineer state. He atlestled Onto Wes- Icjan Unsvers.ty. and was an All- Baccejs State selection Gaadrup, is of h s hands. 1 vverythiag as the Middle West the past I Michigan. Ohio. Georgia and Connec- i 1*0 seasons aod aow is branching out, Ucut have the came color scbeaje for ! into the East AH are former college 1 their 1933 autonwblle license plates-! stars, who stand six feet or more and ' srblt* on blue. Nebraska has white on At oae dark blue. Prepare to Have the Money You Will Need Next Christmas, By Joining Our Christmas Club. tbe close of the period. The Cadets ts to click again in the last quarter added three more points to their while blanking the hoa» town Totals - - 11 · 27 Blue Ridge Summit (25) O. T, Tp . - 0 0 0 _ 5 5 2 0 Botb teams trere off In their foul ahaotms- Frederick missed 13 free *jjn«3 and Westminster fccked away I*. WhDs e*ery member of the local tmv pJayed wen. especially mention !· doa Paol Scrtne and Gene Haller tsi spleadJd all around games Fowble. jttjyr*, and Bctearode carried the brunt of the attack Tor Westminster. Tile score: Westminster H- S. (t") G. F. J J 3 f Gardner, g _ Totals Referee--Dube!. ._ TM 0 0 . _. 13 0 1 0 0 0 0 i LOOK TO ARMY AND NAVY GAME NEXT DECEMBER 3 Teams Likely To Reconcile Their Differences. DRESS 1M PROMT JRPRST GO\m J PICKS ALL-AMERICAN TEAM , Collier's Selection Says Stecker Made Most SpeeUcnUr Flay. I New York. Dec 17--Collier's AU American football tcnm was announced today as follows Bads. Dalryasple, Tulane, and Smith. Geo-gia Tackles Schwegler, Washingtoa. and | Guards. Munn, Minnesota. Hlckman. Tennessee- Center. Momson, Michigan. Quar-erbact. Wood. HarTard. Halfbacks. Schwartz, Notre Dame Rcr.tner Northwestern Fullback. Bha\er, Southern Cailfor- nla Credit for the most spectacular play for the season was given by the maga- rlne to a star, who Is not selected for tae team. It says. · The greatest run i of the year was made by Kay stacker. ' of the Army, in the gime against Notre Daaie." Y. M. C. A. League ; ANOTHER FOR CELTICS .,, oiasmobUec were knocked out ef test place a the Y M- C A. Bas- kelbaJl League Thursday Bight by the fiords »i!0 defeated the ieagnc- leaders In aa unusual g«r.e ov t-.c score of 13-11 The fray was pcoi i.-r ta that the -wnnsrs ^ere leading 11-at tssll time and couJi get but ocs fl ^-ri goei si the last ha'f. while the OMs ran wCd Danaers goal in the flnaJe szse !* Fores tne vercict. The Bees r-on ir.-th«=- u*-orthodit ganie froai the S'uoeoa«rs bv the score of C4-20 Th- Statue* v.ere traii^g 17-6 at latenr-Sss-^r but p^^ed u? ~ the last iwo oer oca to al- ssoa; c-eieat t w e Hew Shar-. v-x 'cd the attack in ^.c f J^t ^^" y " ^ - lecced camplevcly In tbe fir^'.z. -\h.c Tte scort G Garber, f 2 EtzTer c . - 0 HscS. g __ _ 0 Ksane. S - c 7 i 0 0 0 'Defeat Middletown High School By One-Sided Score. , An Inexperienced Mlddletown high school basketball team fell easy prey to Shipley s Celtics in a game played In the M.chiletown high school gymnasium Thursday night The score was 32-11 ani »i. o., t-'i Mura straight vlc^rv for the Celtics. Mlddletown tried hard bv.~ coo*! get no place against the older anc more ejcper.eaced Frederick boys The score at half time xas 15-3 "Nig Kcfauver. oae of the few veterans on the ·-i3t did tne bes» work for Mjdd.e - c*" J -n Baer was the bes; bet for tne O.- t c-s, T x c score · Shipley's Celtics '33) G F T ? ! S-..-5.C.V. r - 5 Bacr. f _ _ ._ -4 Cao'. c -- _ _ 3 Sobers, g _ _ - _ 3 0 York. Dec 17--If. a» U gen- aatlcipated. the Army and Navj j reconcJe their differeaces with » view ! to playing football oa regularly i scheduled basis la 1932. the game will be played on Saturday. December 3. probably in New York i Tills in'ormMlan canie from well| informed sources today, although the iserilce atadrmics have uot yet actual- t ly reached the point of s gning papers Informally Annapolis arid West Point are «-'CST tog'lhcr ath'etlcal'y than at any time 'trice the breat oc- 1 curred 'a 1927. when Navy insisted that Army adopt the three-year var- ' sitj ellgibUStr rule common to the col- Thr Navy al-esdy has taken the flrsl .- . "o I -at! rs rowatl 3 comp'etc rrcon- " :_ ' i'i h;- o ttninotiag the December 1 ^T -. io fsr tne la-«t Saturcr'v u :^ .r- -c- =s *ell .«. the first Sal- ur . f r- «·! tor A-- . , c i--J to p!sy Motre Daroe on :\u ' r J(» at the Yinkee Stad.-.-- L · ,', s' P iirt off"- als ^p- the -ll s p~ n 01 LTC 'oi'owiag Sat- '· H-dav. D Cfr-bcr 3. ard this jcems j'.e'.v f be tl'e a-r£.rgement o fa' as tbe ArtJj is c^ncerre-i a'l Ls reeded to patch thlrps up rctn- ' pV" - -s for the Naw to propose the ·"arae on the ol* bas^. narat'y. tl^rt tlia elk b'.'ity rules of each scadenn ipr* . n.thnut or rcsei".stion Emoraic reasons play their pin n the pr-sp^ctl.r res-irrption of A-TO-- Xavv rt -l r--is o^ a fcrr^al bisls Gaif rerf pts fo- the two charity gsn-»s of 1930-31 in Sew yo'k have amounted to rco^c thin S800000. of whi-h about $650 COO has gone to the aid of the Pi-ice st-'-t'es are on a se'f-itrpport- · - fcisls at ooth ac»oe3-'c^ 3 *j--· T-vona'-e 'r-s'e o' the profits frori ~ KrcrlriT t h e - budget; b""i-" - c 1 pass the ball with buHet-spesd- a.-, uac i of the forward berths for the visitors *!!! b* Ray 2!ornjaa. wao three seasons i sjo p'ayed IE tee outfield for tae Han- ' Raldsrs of the Blue Ridge L«ag-^ ^ b " pl\ot man. »«h the rare abUl- J He a a graduate of John Carro'l Uai- v to nandle a iMUdutbal! ia the palca j ^1^ wae re he won letters in senals I bas»all and basketbaB. Harlaa Mc| Cord, scar forward, is aa exponent of I backhand passlag aad one of the best j floor mea In the game: Eric Gaarup. i b'x center, hasls froni Kentucky aad oa ( tee pivot play nas few equals in the j · games today: S'd Ross Is a former Chi- J · cago Oalverslty lualnary, and Einer- | aid Lamaie hails from Quebec aad last I , season starred for tbe Airon Good- i vears - 1 Gavin iVith A's. | 1 AJ eyes ·snll be focused toal?ht on , little Joe Oavia, captain of last yeart t Notre Daree quiat. who will play right i guard for the A's He was a positive ; sensation egamst the Peaazoiis la Hagerstown Tuesday night, getting 15 points despite tae close guarding of his aiaa. Dok« AUea aad Raipn Beanie, , :ormer members of the Fadco Bis Five, 1 will jump center aad play forward I respectively. Russell and Collier round I out tas team. Moe Taaae, a member j of the Clsie aad Favorite Halts last ' , year, will join the team Monday I i A prelai-aary game betweea Cresap^ , 1 Rules aad the Kay Jewelers of Hagers- j ' towa will start at S o'clock. The Jew. , elers defeated the RLfteaea la the Hub j City Tuesday aight Doors wall open , J at 7 30 o'clock and the usual popular i prices will be charged ' I " la view of the ciose game between j tae teams in Hagerstowa Tuesday night j j a bsg crowd a expscted toalght. If j j atteadaa:e warraats. Harris will play ' I next weei, possibly the Detroit Clowas, i Christmas Day. The G L. Bakers, i S Frederick's other professioaal tfain a ' layiag off a;st week and will not play uatil Deceaiber 30. Hi fellers* look at this for a bile!" THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOK OVER 100 TEARS 1828 1931 6 OTTA HOKUM Sport Tips Tots-s Pnoe. f HoffiruK, f Ford 1S II T? O"Kara, g Totals 1 _ 0 _ _ C 2 _ 3 Eeo Srust. '. H. Nogl-. c G Myers, g Albaagh c SJwrald. r G F 4 1 1 3 ---- S 1C Tp F l 0 1 0 0 Middlctown H. S. ( l i t G. F JO.ler. f 0 1 V_ T- f , 1 0 Lu z, f -- - ,, ,, 0 J^. n t -- g; _ ,,,._ 0 F - , * ! » - -- C --» TM 0 ^ u * ^ - . ^ -- --."-- r-. -- re?--Hauver Best Dressed The G L Bakers failed to favorab'y impress the several hundred fans who 'arned, oat to see them perform at the ' News advertising nays. St-te Annarv Tnursdav night, bu: s ·.rial. dgment should not be passed on the , _ i03m on !U showing in that one game, j ~~ Tie qu.n; delayed flashes of po'cntia! -- rcngth and TTC be!'e?e TMtn a big. ! =;rrrp-s-.octlng canter capable of ge'ting j ""f uimp the Bakers can equal If not i * i--'t'ts th» record of the Fadcos of ! vi £ra.-or JOP Secern j o arned t h e , n^.jcrc sa^-vin; of :J-c ' am t-o t h e ' lack of p-a-- r\ oc.-i_."ncvl bv se^cral i mfmbfrs still p!a%ing fso'a" i He and N^g Grove are bcr.d ng c'.c-y effort ' f» get a center earns e of f 1 11-g the , -i Lc» McVenamen. \xno j--np d ecu- i o" i5as~*«t Del-Mi's ani ,- i" ca , e ' sr. i c*t sa-r.c on the floor -^i '. ~e a gjard a'ong witn Strccics ? as :l! Wednesday ard un^b'e to p a-. S veeney and Bants wul «rork. as '. o-- ra-cs One gtrne do^^n L mase a ssa- x .1 and a nia-ked unT3rc- efflrnt s .--Id so no' c.3 »r. v ie ·ear". % p.i Tn?n ;' gets ls*o ac"or. ajain on December 30 Give It a I What Boy or Girl Would'ni Want One of DELPHEY'S Quality , BICYCLES , fox Xmas · A complete line of bicycles ann children vehicles on display. These presents make healthy and happy children. Lowest Prices In Twenty Years Open Evenings J. PAUL DELPHEY THE HOME OF THE BIKE --,, ! Still Time for Xmas Sittings PHOTOS MADE OS Thursday, Friday or Saturday be comnleted In time for Christmas. Your Appointment Today: PHONE 799 H -e H cead H. 3 H CuUer 24 Absc= (20j G r R C Orr * T. Tralnmrn Wtn sns F Tra r^re-r. rx Lnc canes o" s fron: C"a on "_rt» Pvh^n alit i F Tralwoij S 17"i _ 107 _ 15$ _ __ 85 162 T t « 3? 134 S5 134 Creamer. ' _ _ H^iss c. _. __ Erg.* c _ S*tic£Tf i ST1 .13 Befenec--©uinix *--_^7~i^g Ca--a-s T M. C, A BASKETBAIi IXAGCE FersS, 12. O'AwcbJe. 11 Reo, 24- Stsdehzker 20 Stanitng of tbe Ctets. Charroist Keo Bu cc ,, _.,, 4 5 Kg Bo»un« Match Tonijkt. Tbe b s V * ar 'frg siavci is 9c*jftd i*ed ··aa^ht ai 10 ccJoei on the T M. C ec -f David C W-r."cre-ircr m. Pet Ke er. HI Pa-^c-s N-wrras ard .803 Jcceph Urr-t^ «~_1 rr.eet tre Star ara ^57 Crescsit Ciub, ccaiposed of Ralph 300 Boyer Zavld M Kemn, Guy Nua ar,d .430 Lincoln°cht o; C N"«' orxra ,ng »" ~GS.C£ *" *hf U r *. ' more tas 22 per cent ia Joiy The cu:ur.£ .'. '.ie p'arer 15ml: to 23 --obasly means ·-.-.: :~.e Yankees 'viil of Tom Edmonston Studio it is reportea tJ-at tic Yanks Til: i T r Babe R-Jth f*'-y rnousand seeing ' i.-- how tae depre^j'oa and what cot , ·us colored the rrJrds of tae a b i -- ideates. The Babe w^I counter with ron^aera^an of TO grand. But xriU ' -= 60 He star*ed a: $1CO per n^sati ^.- ^^r'* 15 c^" rr 3 'c.' ^ cf Ice ^fy *nc fj »**'\5". rct-cT^* ^n3 ore of 3:0?: exc tire ga*ri^ ^i tie wrx! TM. Bostar. 'rev c. ' a :«-c-dr:rui I Game Ton-sht, Tie !u£C3la hign ^tnoo. ·*ans -ST.* open "* asor. U-rug^t at 9 orloci. .n tbe AJb^ry M. E church pviEriasi-n: whea it f*c^s Righ-zsd Pars The Lar.-ln l~^ ha-e been --sr"*lre 'f ·*·« r 2 -* wseSs are -Ez' conS.ti-iz for tie aau- The puLc is u:v'.t«i- * Better Than Ever IS What to do wlti old onmlbusses has , beer o xed by oie of Esg--rid s iarc*-£t , " k "*,I t^V »37TM*X5, W"rV«C*4 *S 3 *5.CTM 15 »*CC I or.c r, ws striped ff ensues ar.-: i'5'j: srO £;t«! w.ia Tap r.-^ts Water tarss ha\e been r ·1-^r rac^a'ors. 1 rail- S (FYROIL) -I Greatest winter Inbricni, icy oil B I A for rains. B for crank case, 5 1 transmfesioo, diffeccatUL One jf. qt. eseh by parrel post for $3.90. · ! Maryland PYR-01L Co. ·! DtSTRTEtTOES j| ! Foolesvtlie. Md. g j SALESMEN WANTED ·{ Phone 16-J P. O. Box *7. "' Ycu Don't Have to Go Shcpping for Good Coal-- ·J~~i*~ t C i t l jJO! C "15. Ilk* r\i^f r.-lks Jo V\LO have rear? You'll like our coal. OUT ^erviop and Red, White and Blue The Largest Selling Brand in Maryland I: s _o: to ce sc^d and th:; fa- zious ^racd ^ tne aes* -t!nr:?v ^"-n "~ .v r^s-i" ^s ff rr.c^. T^e leader :o~ tbe last Sv« rears and qua'"- -slls the =tor~. The price has been reduced *i ra^ a * the tit prices. MARKELl FORD PHONE 20$ SALE AT THE LEADING GROCERS We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth SU at P*. B. S. Plume 90*. ONE OF OUR uality Will furnish much enjoyment for you and your family Spend a part of ycur Xmas Check in this way. Frederick Motor Co. , USED CAR DEPARTMENT East B. 0. Are. Phone 1082 "O TJSINZSS forms, social -" - *forms, advertising matter . . . as we create them are planner in just the right taste and tempo to meet the situation. We solicit on a quality basis . . on s price basis . on s service basis your printing of MENUS ADVERTISING MATTER OFFICE S'iATIONEKY ANNOUNCEMENTS SOCIAL STATIONEEY THE NEWS-POST JO3 DEPARTMENT Phone 380

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