The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 1, 1964 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1964
Page 3
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THJ PACTS (Continued from Page t) ]TQ1ft Wtti WMat )l> QOfgNNEA HI article which appeared in Ttw fads, Feb. u, i*W, relative to Uw "Church** of Ctorls* In Brcsoria Cowty" preseeting a program U Be newly completed High School Atttitoriom. The wording of the article lesves the Impresiion that this is a K>lnt effort sponsored by ALL the Wurehes of Cro-ist in Bratcrla County. Factually speaking, nothing could be farther from Uw truth. Actually, only a minority of Uw churches of Christ In Braaorla County will be supporting Uw effort. Through inquiry, we hat* ascertained that Uw responsibility for Uw impression left by Uw article is not to be Imputed to The Facts, since the report was accepted In good faith on your part. May we explain, briefly, why this letter to correct what may seem to be an inconsequential detail? An outstanding characteristic of the churches of Christ ss revealed In the New Testament Is a feature of government known as "autonomy." That If, each church Is a self-governing, self-perpetuating, independent (autonomous) congregation of believers. No church Is responsible to any organisation, convention, Individual, or other entity anywhere upon the earth, but claims only to haveChrlst M the sole authority for all matters of doctrine, worship, faith, and practice, with His complete wlU being expressed In the book known ss Uw New Testament. The foregoing paragraph Is based upon scriptural truth which is not argueable among faithful gospel preachers, being one .of Uw points of Identity of Uw ancient church used f to establish Uw Identity of Uw church In Uw modem world. to the light been said, It Is evident that NO INDIVIDUAL, NOORGAN- I2ATION, NO CHURCH, CAN SPEAK FOR ANOTHER CHURCH OR A "COLLECTIVE" OF C| of whit has fi , * ' ' that rotwtti see fit to peb- ttsh this Utter by way cf ttrreettnt e felt* impree- •ta*. which nay seem mated trivial, bttt wMttti tetaally weakens one of ttw strongest •ariptaril hJtaUDIng point* of the New Testament church. MM.L. South Troy J. Mulhellin Lenwood D, Smith CatvtnE. Reed James K. webb James U Mitllwwf Charles U Attsworth Kelso vennr Ernest Poehls, Jr. C. B. Lambert (or the church of Christ-Southern Oaksi Lake Jackson, Titos) W.H Ptnry suds • word to reply To The Fietf: The letter you published last Sunday which had multiple signatures haa been on my mind almost constantly. I feel that someone fhouM answer thle letter. Perhaps othera can do a better job thin I. I hope that you will receive a reply that better merlU publication than thli. 1 will attempt to answer each point they raised, by their numbers: U 1 don't underttand why we must trade with Commulit countries. This was made pos- slble by our elected repre- fentitlves. Let's all aak them for an explanation. 2. Granted, of coarse, that many sad mistakes have been made in Uw field of foreign aid. We call ourselves a ChrlSUan nation. Can we continue to do so and refuse to help other nations, especially those plainly unable to help themselves? 3. Discontinue ill subsidies? Do they really mean this? Do they have any Idea how much Railway Express would charge them to deliver a letter, say toafrlendlnchlcaio? Do they realise that tor the whole lot of them this would mean Instant unemployment (and maybe a chance to lean on thit ehovel If they get all their fuggesUons adopted)? No trucks on public hlways. No busses on public hlways. No telephone poles on public hl- ways. N6 ships In public waterways. No planes on public runways. No school busses. are two possible explanations tor the, way the article'was worded when presented to you: a deliberate attempt to mls- represent a majority 'of "the Churches of Christ in Brazorla county" and teach error, or extreme Ignorance of the teaching of the New Testament concerning Uw autonomous nature of faithful churches of Christ throughout the world. Let us be charitable and hops Uw latter explanation is correct, being possibly Uw lesser error of the two mentioned. This Is not to preclude, of course, the possibility of some other explanation not immediately apparent. We again wish to make clear that we hold Uw newspaper blameless. Had Uw person (s) submitting Uw report to you simply stated Uw names of Uw Individual churches and stated that THEY were presenting this program, that would haw been s factual report, and would not have toft Uw impression that this was a statement on Uw behalf of all "the Churches of Christ in Braaorla county, "which NO ODE is author- ised to Issue. Then there would have been no wed for this letter. We again commend you for your past fairness, and bops i. They keep taftwuj k*»t. Ah*t l* toeatT t» they advocate a Mt*»*if*l employ- meat Commission in ctwte, Aiwteton, Lake JaCkSoft, Dan- burr, etc.? The «*we UTEX- AS, repeat, TEXAS Employ, meat Commission, onlyines* instance hss Texas accepted Federal FwMs te pay unemployment compensation beyond earned credits. TMs is insurance, not s dote, vnwtt they waM to report for public works after ustnt their bos- pttalitatton insurance? were any of these people supporting a family between I MO and 8. U they can eliminate the niHutdl**, they'll eliminate the rice to the moon in •hurl order, t too feet that we itmutd be very concerned about the mouotlm national debt. U<rt in i democratic society, doesn't government reflect the ideals of the people? Are all these men free of personal debt? 9. well, here they'll have to ease up on elimination of subsidies. For certainty all munitions manufacture l« sub- fldlrert. 10. How are their rights being violated? I'll gladly tight to help them recover any rights guaranteed them under the Constitution. It. I agree wholeheartedly with this and I ilso favor mother love. 12. Ditto. 13. Did they say ANY Communist nation, or did you make a typo? only Britain, France, Russia and the U.S. have the veto, la It better to fit down and try to talk things out with folks you disagree with, or better to Just go ahead and "big stick" 'em? Remember, we ire a Christian mtlon. I'll try to say only a few words about the balance of the statement, that part where they began using the numbers over again. If any of these persons are being shoved around by a minority group I'll gladly help them shove back, and Just ask anyone who has tried shoving me around, I'm a pretty good guy to have around In a shoving. Now the second *0 t just don't get. Do they want the Federal government, which seems to have been the target throughout, to help discipline theliMchlldren? •Derating «.<Are Brawjijiort schools handled fay the Federal Government? How? Are there any public schools In Texas not administered by local bords? I know of only Federal schools ol the armed services and Gallaudet College In Washington, D.C. Are there other Federal schools? Could they be wanting to eliminate the A&M Colleges? 5. From what I've read In The Facts I thought that aid to dependent children was handled by local agencies. After talking with County officials I'm sure this is so. 6. Each of this group has been paying OAS1 contributions, some for many years. Should God In his wisdom see fit to remove one of them who has children under I a would the rest want to see these children lose all this fellow's contributions? I think not. Should one of them become totally and permanently disabled (and believe me the regulations mean Just that, not even able to stand, sit or squat on the street corner and peddle pencils) would he want to lose what he has paid in? Social Security covers three things, and three things only. Old age, survivors, sad disability payment, and only to tba extent that you ha** paid form rn thing for us i Already done It for Uurfthe 'Federal' government Is an Instrument for Implementing our own desires and that If the government Is doing wrong It's our own durn fault. Now let's stop cussing the government and elect representatives how will carry out our wishes. W. M. Perry 412 circle Way Lake Jackson, Texas Good old U.S.A. Clib visits school LAKE JACKSON - The KI- wants Club will make its annual visit to Uw schools this Tuesday, during Public Schools Week. Clubmernbers will have lunch at the Junior IllghSohool Cafeteria with the school providing s program. Members will then tour the school. Wives and other guests wlU be welcome. Industrial Arts post goes to Bay T. t, P»* n., tn*»«trui arts teaelwr in Senior tttt> .Vhml, h*» re-elected secretari-treas- urer of Ike few* Meitrul Artl An<r*l*tl«*. He «n« ehoten «t the a»«reutton> anwul «T«*Mli«« l»»t PrMUf at T*i«» A*M. The \«w*iMh« u « pr«- fea«ton*l ttiivji o» t(W 1-uMlr school ml eoltefe mtaMrUI art* l»«t»r» ami «ir*r<rt- lie Mt |>Ttf»«Mt>njl in «riM>, «ti*r» !»• U««W IW» IS50-1 ? HUT- »nf« SWIWT High SfNiM He h«« been > Hrtfr-tH'r* s»Btnr tilth Sfft'Ol lewN>r I ten- the tlnr* test. Hat is *ffltme«t tee .-n n»lm«rlil AH* m iMi. He ind M* wife Mrnte*. uxi their t« ' *•**, w«Het •nil T»mm«, »re T «e« the riret \tethntltt lik* Me*ev« In M* time, n»y»«h'T«'i*tt»g,fl«h (Rg, and tilting. Bav grwtaatel from Rli-»i. alt!* Teiaa Hit* SeNm-l, in IMS *s vakMttetortM. He *l- tended Sam l»ouelf*St««*<vl- let*, tr«m »hl«h he rtceivw! Us b»e»»k<r » degre* in IM» and Ms manter'* detre* In two. From IWJ-<* he serml in the u.s. Kan. Art* u>ill cut l««(«l»tlt>il ol "In ••rrert «a neeretiir •r, vie* preaMefil, i»t a* * member CAUHDAI The <eWctMl »» the Toeaer <4 IhM reti«n>) He nerved «a ehiet to Ih* St»leTe«tt««*l . CHARLES SADLER, left, was winner uf the Bexl In junior Division fur hi* Itra- soenorl sclenc«- Fair exhlMi on the uses of algap In opaec flight, llrsi place winner In the earth solenn> category. With htm are the other two .tumor Division flrsl |>lac«- wlnwrii. C»ndyS«lllv«n. «lcat trlvnc.e. electric uria Fontaine, right, hlnlogv. in-! crrmlMtlun. All thrm> irv I nki- tnrkiiui junior High aludrnts. —Facts staff phirtn Science (Continued from Page 1) Other Senior Division winners, second and third place!) respectively, wew. physics, Eric Wi-sternian and Andrew Williams: biology, Walt Snyder Jr. and John Oalasntk; and chemistry, Arthur Zeliler and Gerdes. junior Division winners, second and third respectively, and their schools were: physical science, Evan Mayerle. L.l.Ill, and Stephen Brock, Freeport JunlorHIgh; biology. Cindy Gardner and Kalhy nrautlgam, both of KJII: earth science, Bonnie Canavan and Dennis Anderson, both or LJJIi, The Ninth Annual Drar.os- port Science Fair was cosponsored by the Braaosport Independent School District and-the Brasorla County Medical Auxiliary. Winners will IK- eligible to compete In the Greater Houston Regional Science Fair March 13-15. .""i'JiHiiSrfTfigjtlrf'^otal Fair ' we're", Irake*Jackson, Dr. Mark Hits, Luke-jL...Wade, John ,, p. .Unman, Keith C. Seymour, Raymond P. Vamlerwal, O. L. Hollls, Harry spell, Mrs. Ann a Holchklss, Arthur Gurglolo, Zack J. Moore and Debs E. Gofer. And, Angleton, Jerry Brader. Carl Davis and George Pessoney; West Columbia. F. W. Cates and C. F. Lively; and Fraeport, Raymond Eddy. James Caperton, science supervisor of Brazottport schools, was (air director, with Mrs. J, A. Stewart as science fair chairman for the Auxiliary. The Fair award winners received their prices at B Every 1,000 feel below the nurface of the earth, the tcmp«r- alure rise* approximately 15 de- green Fahrenheit. p.m. Saturday to climax the show which opened lo pnMlc viewing at 1 p.m. fallowing the Judglnf thai morning. , f-\ See ewr templet* ditpiay — Aik fee rfetelH IVANS DRUG CO. '"*' " K '•"" • WiUr.»n Agenev" - Freeporl. Tetan «>M public «nt«e. SMbfsel tvi>» aellon i-l Hw tte*w«!r»t»r awl nwpuMteM t»ln«r> ek«lio«i "I M*» 1, (Ml (Mhere •» natty ieiw)le«t M) the «*MMrt«te tl P»nvo Cr *"\AX ASMStOK - COU.ICTOM LO. Het»l« M. A. TUewt, lne»eAe«» JM8HIF* Hebett 6le*»»i JUSTICI. »>CT.t. ^U. I R. Qynt TVwet. l»t¥«kent I,i BROWNSVILLE on theSORVER\ r*» °POOL "RISfAURANT 1 BR O W NS VIUE'S NEWEST and FINEST ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY March 2 to 7 20% OFF a special group of our best selling draperies —•( ««• SMMJM NCHN Of 1M NATS * UMIS *MBMU * Ml NIVIM ^ HMMJNi UMt * MUBttl * IMCMM * MUM AMTUM * HAI ISMH •sfciee lii tsuMisjiift et SfcmessrL tgw— INC JiKWICK, LOUISIANA «MTW» . (I) ferfes eVefe. <2) let : e ft) n*eetk *•« Hfgstettl MNg MS» .(i) rut . (D btw lesfj, Haste frt ftskw e Oewa* -Off ftetias sMse e cm 5 60 150".14" »Att htcvy HMfura*... brocod«i... nubby WSXIVM ... printil lorra lined drapes in the group ... dozens of decorator colortI fill length*! Door lenglhtl ilngle to wall-fo-wall width*! Her*, torn* mor« of th« savings in our big collection... alii In stock or rvsh^rdorodl 1*O r«g. 7.9$ now Save 3 80 r*g. 18.98 now 15.18 ^ ** - - 5 60 rofl.27.f8 now 22.38 ^ .»- — GIT IN ON TMBi MO SAVINGS NOW .. . CMAMI HI :"SAVI ON DtAPWY HAHDWAH! ilCAUSI IT'S PINNIY'S OWN"} Ivt Wtf Draw It^Nttvy Dttf J0"i4l" Lit * Tvt Wff Dr§w Rttf-Htfvy Nty 4l"il4" 4.5f -.. AD/ % B m !«• W.y *•» takNMty Ntf M"i1S0" •.SOCHAIKil Iff tut W«y Draw M 30"i4T t.St Nttvf Ntf 0«t *•! I. « t Ml *"»*•' «•*• R.filir Twt WOT Dnw M 4t|'iM" 1.4f Asstrtt.1 Hooks ISt-tS* Shop Peaiey's Ivtry ***> Nigh CHARGi

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