The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 4
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Foum THE DAILY NZWS, niEDBBICK, MD, MONDAY, MAT 16,1932. TBJfi DA1LI NEWS. JEST wnrep, ,i in* Ken-Post BoiMJ-*. coon stncu cick. SI«Tl»o«. Bjr CSST SOOTHESSi PRDJT2SO ASD co- mj«%jiu.M.»* or AS8OCITB Tt» Acsoefcuea Pratt B czcl ^Q yV^ t±S4 ICf pMM^fctSC 1 !!? Cf as credited to S « not eOterwae to *V« p*?er *"^ alsc ti« loeai r*w» Daily Lesson In English Words oli-en mis-^e- Do not sa. "I cannot help but thmjt about it.' Say · I cannot hel 1 ? thirt-sj a'o?^t i t ' O f t e n ntispr--nour.c^d Hearth MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP SO COMMtrSICATIQS cl taf tort or S»- ·eriacao wietiser «w» or cz-rcoton et efa^as epos any se-4e will Sw -=!a«S««! th» «rris«r. T!j* ea=» »UJ col D» pa- JlsSeeS »·"?»«- cosxrs: if even, eat tt BBC! be s-ieurtnJ u m.sthoct:j (or ih* uaueea: of tt» *Scf«i tact or -Ji ui ecu* herth Often rs not coxrageous Synonyms Dominate centre-. ruie Word it .id:- if. -i uwr« our voesb-ilarj b nia e»5 Todays i"o.-d EfT:~ar\ roier ·o proc jC* *Ce*Cj5. . oe..e*. c ^i ..^ o' pra^r ar.c ·SEE NOTICES of is; tttlO g*rtar;-« el the s»K» eS tiren:i'rn csuit b* writun *at! F-«"»rf cr «e=t U ih» cSca. The; »-- EC: be t*k«s by lele-Jjcae. j Taneytown I AST ESSOXEOSS th. QPCD ^rvxi.~fet» e? corponnos vbieb m*- »p- pe«r ta. te» f?'---" J oJ tt« Sews ·rffi be - os-ree-ie* cjoa !t» teaaj bro=ttt to meauos cT th« edlxor. I Today In History Today's 1780--Loamac. Baldwin, civC engineer, j lawyer and author, son of a noted American engineer and RevoJutJon- ^ry ·scl-iier. bom ai Woburn, Mass. 1782--John S Cotma2. a lorgouea Engl^h .andscape painter and etcner of no!*. bora Died July 34. 1842. t 1799--Hciiore de Balzac. famous, French r.o-.*ljst. bom. Died August 18 -8^0 1801--WiXas! H Seward. New York go'.err.or and Cn-ted States Senator. Snre'.a". -f State under L^icoin and 5TOU BEAT IT By Kette bora -a Orange coucty, j Tise Cre". r ABASeftS D6N A WUO »t the u ceeaafi ci».« MONDAY. MAY 16 :933 ASHES TO ASHES. The famous phrase ' earth to earth. ashes to ashes, dust to dust" should be left out of the bunal service, according to the recommendation of the r.tual committee of the Methodist genera! conference. These strikingly poetic «vrds, throbbing with enio'ion impress milLons of people with the bitterness of death. In old times it was probably thousrht they warned the frivolous to prepare for the grave. But In these tunes they cut through the aspirations of the human heart Use a knife. Some snore hopeful thought, some firmer faith in the Tightness of the universe, could well be substituted Another thought of the Methodist general conference committee. was that the words "With all tny worldly goods I thee endow" should be omitted Jroai the -carnage sen-ice, as they are omitted already in the ntaal of certain churches. It is a mouth filling and sonorous old phrase, which sounds very glorious when the rich man's son. marries the milkmaid's daughter. But i; is a bit Ironical when uttered by some fellow who saved a nickel. It may have comforted women in the day- when their sex was considered inferior, to think this generous right was given them. But so many men have violated the spirit of this vow. that perhaps the church fathers consider it better to omit a pledgre which many fail to make sincerely. usually se-.ere far this early in the year. --Mr.- Sarah Alba^gr. ip^nt the weekend ·»*.!- Mr and Mrs Quin-y Jacoos anfi fami.y at Fa.rSeld. Pa . and al*o cal-ed on Jnends in Gettysburg, and at Mount Joy at the home of Mr. and and Mrs Jacobs j at the Annie Warner hosp:ts. Gevtysoar? »uS*r-ag from blood potsomr-^f -A the har.d He .s reported ;o be lmpro\ --Mrs. Jam's Haujh r.ear 19* r.. sold ter-r-j Mr and Mrs Sauo -A ill remote to tnetr new h_-me the latter part of June ar.c Mr Mrs James Hauzh --Mr ar.d Mrs Wilbur Hahn sper.t the -*e«k-nd with friends at New Cast, Del. --Mr. and · s. Mer Cor.over and daughter Joyce. Hanoi er spent Sunday ~.:th Mr. and Mra Prank Croupe --Mrs. Cnarles Gillclan. Eaunitsburg. is spending some time -*:th frtend* tti town. --Miss Helen Porr.ev Coppervilie. visiwd Miss Ka-.hryn Baker, near town. Saturday. --Th« U. B church, "f toan has been rep»p-red and rep.ur.ieci tnside --A card party will be held ir. the Opera Kou;e. Tar.eytown. May 16 for the benefit -f the I O O F. Band. --Mr ar.d Mrs. William Ohler. ipent Sunday afternoon w;th Mr ar.d Mrs. Newton Hahr. and family, near Keymar. Th«y found Mr. Hahn who had by a MERCURV HAS NO AZ«lC*SfHKE/ Tke AUSTRALIA AS THE oNi!ec STATES'... HAS i£SS .n thf ear taken Jrom his s' X Y Died sn Auburn. S Y.. Oc- ·GOer iO 1872 ;eo*--Elizabeth P Peabody. the Boston teacher »'ho was one of the iirst to ictroeviee the kindergarten sj-stem in America, born _a BilSerna. Mass Dsed ^2 Bost^r: Jani»ry 3, 1834 2824--Leii P. Mortoc. Ne»' Yortc baci-! er. Minister to rracce. Vice-Presl- der.t of the United States, 1889-93. goiprnor of Ne» York, bom at Shorenaci D^ed at Rinnebeck N V . May 16 1920 1332--Phi'-ip D Armour. Oai^omia gold seeker. MJJts-aake* gQCery and coaunisson busineas man. who became a meat packer and grain dealer, a-.cved to Chicago (1375). and founded the great bu^ness of the name, b«n at Stockbridge. S. Y. Died Sn Chicago, January 6. 190!. J343--UJ5 taSal c. Pickett. author, widor of the noted Confederate genera:, born at Chucfcaiuck. Va. Died | at P.ockv:::e. Md. March 22. 1931. i Today In History. I 186ft-- R*tub;icsm Nations! Oooven- '· -.ion. Chicago's first, great one. wijich · tias to nominate Lcrscoin the next day. ' ntet sn a*-asi" it the junction o! j , Lakf and South Waver streets. j 1320 -- Joan of Arc foraiaUy canon- ! IN NEW YORK SEDE GLANCES Bv Georsre Claris j !r:erxls. a;id ' · · · - U r or-.?..:;'TM: :·"_·.: ' for tin- boy TV. . '--'is l.swr '.:.- L.:.:d : NEXT Wnat arc horse-hots m.idv of i na* d-vro'.'-r^d. .·.:.'- ::. ·.ri'xi^rl;. .n Japan"" FIREMEN'S FIELD DAY ; Montsonurj \ l^«te«-rs rianmiij: tele- I bratioii in October. WEALTH AND THE SHOVEL. Jaines C. Hardy. Jr.. 23. of New York, who recently mhcrifd a fortune, also directorates in 50 companies, has bought a pair of overalls, and gone to work shoveling ooal for $23.00 a week at a gas plant of which he is a director. He wishes to learn the utilities business from the ground up. The business people will Sate their eyes on that boy. What he doesn't eventually know about the gas business will be of doubtful value. And if all r:ch men's sans would do similar things, fewer corporations ·R'ould lose money by futile quarrels with their help or by failures in practical judgment. trace Wltherow Washington. D C spent t h ~ «-v't-cnd ",:th her parents Mr ar.-d Mrs J w W.ther- ow. --Mrs Louisa Hammond is spending some time wKh Mr. ar.d Mrs. William F Kehm. Baltimore --Mr? H. M Clabaugh ar.d Mr anci ^frs. B P. Lamberton Washsnstto:] D. C. spent Saturday at "Ansnm" the summer home of Mrs Clabaush. ad- --Mr and Mrs Frank Cro-.uw aid Mrs Sarah Albaush Mr and Mrs John Bei! near Emmitsburc Frl- --Mrs Clarence Wolf fper.t Sunday with Mr and Mrs Rav- mond Dayhoff , R O ·-.:: M.IV : e -- r--» «.---d a-! nua! fleld'dav ar.a's a -idc'V-.lie"Mon"t- I ' S t - 3 « ? ry CJi.!-y V :ar.tvr F:r. :M::S AS- i ' v..:: b- .--.-..-.·d :-. :v O-.: jot-r l ! 11 ' AAS a-'.r.i.ini.-i a r . i r a me t.n? of cprra'.;c tenor, born at San Anton'-o. caded room. hi; melodramstic in it- Texas. 44 years ago today. . appomtments. ; Carleton J. H. Haves, noted CW- j WheTM S25.000 -aorta of baubles 3esh ' lumbia University professor of historj", j casually about in the course of a cuom- i born at Afton. X. Y . 50 years sgo to- ing, the hint of mer-aoe m-5ht be e*' cay. Breckenridge Long, noted Washing- pecsed to penetrate the very And does! ton, D C. international law\-er. one-1 At regular iateriala. about a foot · time Assistant Secretary of State, bora j apart, buttons pro'rjde. Were a care- at St. Louis. 51 ye~rs ago today. ; less member of the d^mond excsaage : Dr. John D. Finiayson, chancellor of i to lean against the wall, a bias; o f , ' the University of Tulsa.. Ok!a . bom in | sirens -arould be set off stiS:c:ent to j We ha-.*.SJer. the fa:lure of tho'^s- Ontar.o. Cana.. 46 years ago today. awaken even a po-tceman. Arid the doorroan, wno peeps through the heavy metal barrier, is more particular then even the -look-see" men ,^:is and tens of t.otisands of bjs:-. . ::CiS structure- that we all had cur., fidence in. but out of iomc 1. 000 farm braced bv that orjir.^at.o!: Prelim.nar ; f^r : -·-ipPtf :-:·_«. t-o be held at the Rock- Today's Horoscope. Here -ve have great intuition and a ;o-o?orat:res s.r.ce 19^). fewer than SO 'powerful, perhaps "liaughty. nature. You' ° : the Si-per-drink \.-.r:ous ; "" ve failed, and only one that -.e had .ought, to make a pisoe for yourself in' ~ r.nthinr to do with --James C Stor.e chairman I Farm Board the world, but do not be too anxious j Federal . ;o p. g ht, fcr justification, but rather | · se~k to TI-JI :t by mer.t. Seek friends ·The Trade" Talks Once the metal clamp- have · the room becomes 2. ' :«.»nu O:J,I::L-' ! iv i :· d- ."i »1" . J ir T\venty Years ! Ag-o Today In | Frederick j xxa. Items from the Columns OI | The News. May 16. 19121. ! m; ::'. fv E---.VC(:I lire n v.;-.- dav ni~'i: Se-.eril V.r;.-t .' Ar::::ijton .-.-;;: F.i -..v\ · -,::--.o; ' the :.-o: ra,.-- T-.o :ra 1-. "r--rjm rails for 50 .i:uj no :· .-.rci ·:-.-.-.= f i r Mont- Karr.e-.-v r\,-.-. ::-··!-, r. *0 ar.d no yard ! d.v.he.s r ·:: :-· ·'.'. er."rants ind .». 50- ,i.ara r.i i- f ir s --. :: j Ti:,- M » : . ;.-r,-r C";:';. JV.r.d d.| rtv;"« !-y Albert Ero.- :·..".£. . '. ;,- t a ;.ie parade ; Mcthod-st. coile;es are spcndms mil- , co help -U:ers not so fortunate, and re; . lions o: dollars annually e~-icatin~ boys · member t na; P -g c generally his a fall -nc s-ls of Presbj ter:an. Episcopal. Catholic and Jewish homes. I think i Cornet:mca t h a t colleges are too pop, jiar today, perhaps too easy to enter * x easv to drift thraush. -- Dr. JanK-, Lukens M^onaa as v.ell a. servar.'.-. use vour position j sort of ? : » ce Ta - b: « 5C3:Kr a?X) - :: - a " d -. . -- -.- - .- ._ ! · -- '.uncn is A vat-etena counter is! CALENDAR. Tuesday. May 17. Independence Day. available. j Th-e 300 men '*ho set the d-amond i I dazzled by their profession. There is i l.ttle of the to be found. | a Fifth gem Centsnary of irw birth o£ Grace W. jshop clerk. president. Wcslcyan University. Jf * * The House no: yet degenerated ·o t:v low leiel wnen tr.ey shall =it -'cit 1 f a bjnc-i c." v.h.pper's. H nsdalc. American author. i V.'ednesday. May 18. Peice or Good V.'sJ! Day. Cer.trnary of the 'oirtih of Karl Gold- ·iiiJer :.'.!-·. sjr.c of reaalte. i Hooker's mars. Hur.^ar_a:i composer. 5 id^c: statement » I resent the efforts : tne Present t ami; this ·jbl:; djsrepu'.c Cijr.jrv'jma: 1 . Wiil.arr. B of Alabama bocv into COMING. m^ in at. a rirzstde taole. I! | ascertained that ciamorji; nugh; just , as ·well be back in Kimberly so far as { ; prices and demand are concerned: that I 5250 to S350 n^-.v suys a sparkler that ! once cost S500. that gam sutugsLrig is j practically ou- o: rt;. le. t janks ;o uu^' j reductions; that just, abou; all the roy- I Lrfs Stuff THE SCHOOL. COMMISSIONERS awarded to D E Shaff. Jefferson, a contract to phic« another story on the Jefferson school building. » then had one storj'. Oder., ivreh and Nusz vcre civen the brlck-viork contract, Carroll Cnuisii! Jurors K~iort. B.I IS ship- for r.v.' to :;' :r.~r:ev ,:i :ne p^'-v-^-^ A! tr^ -\r. «or-;ir.5r man ar.i ojt the -.'.r.ncls of trace y a' diamonds likely ;o rea?h the United B ? nklieaci ^JA : , n .. crsnrv C f the signmz of the 'states are already here: isai :he Sr.*: , · :,leck^nburg Declaration of inde-j « OT « rllmen :- B ^--^ °= ~° f ^ i : nc-ce-c- loiainuig Czans; gemst that the De | be~~t-~~rv of ihe birtt of Edwin | Beers mines, greatest aawwad warce. j . are shutting down secaase proa-ctioa got to stop using: this coal track for Sunday picnics!" Th« World. The world's a funny place at best in which to live ar.d ali the reft, and offers pier.:*- thst is queer, to al! its" c . 50 fr.r and near. For life as 1:-. ed ijy you and me is crcwdesi uncertainty We never are o~r-p:ete!y s-irej. of what ^:11 fa:' ^-·d what enciure We'r* here toca;. ar.d feel-ng: ;reat- :cmcrrcr. we siai ir.e?; our fate! Th.ncs really chance as fast as th-it^ell off toiav--'orr.orroTv flatl So render service v-hile you may. if arc rur.::^.~ KC'! today' The worlds - Turn;, plsce at ty-...' sni puts ;a c a ilv -5 :-.» ;es:' --N A LUFBURROUC-K . f o r i nartcd t ', , rlav.? .i:id I found 47 They d;-i t'i f:rd M i\ BIG SUPPLY OF CRABS S. Grceley. Connecticut- soldier ana bsr.Ser. 21--5!st anniversary of the American Red CTOSE. 21--5th .innr.eroary of Lindbergh's fl ght across the ocean 22--Trinuy Stinday. 23--Statehood Day in South Carolina. costs are greater than diamond values: finaliy. that no matter what happens j to any thing eje diamoncs cannot drop j ' much lower! ' HEALTH By DR. ilORRIS FISHBEEH, Despite the new headquarters, officially designed as the Diamond Cltrb. much diamond trading s still cose ~ Joan i £ditor. Jocrcz! OI Ar-sr!=--i Medical As- soc:a:!oa and o* Hygela, Tie Health ! AN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FROM i the C: r ireri5 Conimiue.- 1 of On^ ' al'.xs dr«3 to a:d in brtn;mg a ne» charter I".T:' , eo\,t to FrcderJck «as nam~d , ! by Cr.a;nr.ari James H. a s ' t - r l v William E. F^ler. Goorce L ' ~ld. : '·. J Francis Smith. E G;;y Al- bau;h lev. js Mehrimg John H Gr-vc H Eckstein jhn Qi^rltis Thr.mas A Cr.apLrc and Alixr: Gmtth y._-r-e Lar~rr Crop Th.-.n Year A^o. Savs Con- -4--Centenary of the birth of William ^ ^-~ ·""·» W. N.les. Ne~- Hampsha-e bishop i " ree " · * : ., --,.: scrvation Commi^ioner. ~4--39th arn-.ersar- of the founding! cloor jelFel se - ··- Ba'.t.a-jre. Maj 16.-A ·,« SJ3p :v of ' of the Anti-Saloon Legaue at Ober-' '^-the-beaMn-tracK ·n -L5- ...,,,. _ n ;h . Chesapeake Bar ann its !m - oh -°- tnbutanes. perhaps surpassir.? las: -*--Empire Day :n Britain .»rci nisi 1 ;- :.-.«- ~ - ;* 1 less f n Bible Thought COLORED STOCKKOUDERS GreertmoiiBt cometec;- for r.e located near Park avenue, hold i orcar.'.r.itior. msctinc here Sjm the rr.e^brrs can-.e from f' :ar a" - v ^s NC-A York N?r" . Ma^f, ar.d Chicago There had , or.'y aoo':' "5 btir_~-ls at th* c?r.: .~ :.--c 7s-; year, and .", -xs ti- r-cp-vec, r.e i. Nurses" Korr.-". ~... abandoned. O F an b-vn etery o- dr.i.ned. f-- ^r.~5..e'--:r ^r;-.l kc;p tr.~ la--. a^.c yet off»r.d -r. rr." po.r/ r~--y c." ill--JaniEF. - 10 -- -r -- -nay ASCENSION- DAY WAS OBSERVED L".- Kr.tchts Te-r.'Dlar of Jacques De- Melay"~ No -. who attended special ser-.-.c' 1 * at Grace Rc- farrned churcr.. r.-r.c::"~d by Rev -period :".-o -:y -a.! A- · abnsi: l:: tliat :N- :he f.-.- ar..-i ar.c. -.-- . cri-.-rl ' - \- c . r «*re r "x~ « ^ ^-^..:c rr..\..: jears bumrx;r cron. is predicted by: · S'Acpj.m Ear'e. Sta'e cor.oer-.a".on com- ana '. V^r~^.:a cra^ocrs rl-^ r.ot t^iice too ' penr-.-.tir.:: ca^c^^-:; i.iem. :r.e 1932 sea; ^DP. snould equal last years Pr^r.uct:on ir. the S:.\:e has moanted ', rrxr. "9-vOOC" p-rands of crab meat in , 1?J7 ;? 68 OOO.OCO pouncs la^: year Mr i Earle 5a:d His O-ST-. repcrts show "-at :o? w ? VDO crais -sere taker; irorr. t.-» MV :.-ut year I^S'h -.nni-.ersary of the b^th oi Ralpn Waldo Emerson. 26--Corpus Chr:sti_ ~~--Cer.^r.arj- of the b;rth of Zenan j " F. Moodi. Orecca go-emor. i'' . , . , ._ -f the bi-h cf William ! toos ^ nMBe :rKS :ne BurES R Ware. 3-xton snd N«w Ycrk ar- chuect. Bailocn Race at, Omaha. Nebr Cause Of Cancer Poz-fes. spe-tacles t~i_s : ·^ 3r Ican 3" rears all sorts of agencies market stages many an amuslr.g tcene have been investigating cancer. Prom j m bargain^ig since many of the traders : tiine to startling discoveri-s are recorded, but unfortunately most of he treatment of are foreigr^rs-a^escuable. And by way'of a."little" nr-tisate chat- i thO£e ° ea ' m ? George Burns, of Bums a-d Allen, j cancer, except so far as concerns its coa - on hopped rides over on the East * « -S- Whereas Paul Muni, best am and ' early complete removal, have failed to --;. tT' a De °' ps^toanent value. ne once | In s recen f coriside-atXHi of the czn- , cer problem. Dr. Clarence C. Utile em- ;phasizes the fact that the present intensified research should probably yield 1 brought: him ut t-ysn severa. years ago -f.^rv-- t:vcly Named Middlclown Policeman. At the rr.onthlv meet.r.~ ^f *he Bur- ovs and C-mmas.oners ~f Xr.dcletc~rr. 1-st aees. 'W.llam E L-J-S --as narr.ed r^^licoTiar. for r.e yea- Midfieiown r.-vs c^":! Ttth^-jt a r^-liceraar. for several months. Harrr:-- Kl?-^. having rc- . s.rr.xi the pos.t-xi last March. "3--Centetta Ber.ton. American auUior. 29--Centenary of the death of George Burder. Sn^lah clergyman 29--Statehc«xJ Dar m Rhode Island. 23--Statehood Day in W^consiri- ?"--Merr-rr.1 Day 31--113-h 2rn:versary of the birth of Walt ·Whttrrar. 31--: 7th Arr.endrner., to the Consfatu- tton wer.t ^ito effect, 1913. Julia Pererkm. -srho turns cut zlto3e n» Negro stores, ai-.ises me that she ver have w-_t:en had her Flapper Fanny Savs--- WERE FOUR BASEBALL TEAM l.ned i.r frc»rr. rr.rrr.bers of :^w Y M C A an-. rl-rj= '..i.rf f?- a ^cr.cs farm a- FJc.- v . s Po- d SA-.-T.- nj Labor Spokesman Warns Senators Of "Revolution" tri^h' rr.usi-c teacher not told Julia one day played t'r.e p:aso . . "? ta tha: mozter.t Mrs. Peterkin ha a inter-ced to oe a --GUSEH-T SWAN. have to do with the methods of classifying and d^tingiiishmg between the vanojs types 01 cancer. Everyone should realize that cancer- A BOOK A-DAY BY BRUCE CAITQN A PARLOR MAID'S LIFE. IT SEEMS ISN'T SO HAPPT. According to an irrevereni song once sung by cur army, the French are a funny race. A protracted srjdy of English novels is leadtzg me to wonder if the same can': be sais about the Eng- 3 novel "Maids and Mistresses " by Beatrice Keen Seymour. Here we have z. nicely-written, smoothiy-Howir-j yarn aisout a g~-rl who hired out as a parlor rnaia ;n z racces- sion of apper-n-Jddls-cliss families ^i and aboa; Lozidor_ Aitd. :o develops, as the story unfolds, thai the ScrTan^ class on the merry island, is just abou; what it was a csnttuy or so ago. 12. spite of everything; an airtight caste into which ous growths are not all the same. They you are oom an-i m wiiich you i;e. with vaT 3 r accorti^ig to the tasues lnrolved' no fooLsh no:.o;i? about; Detour r._\UDE P DOTY WE: L-KNOWN j.^ = -i-e o-'otcc.- '.-- SIS' 1 r. : v r - l LEE SMITH .TErFEKSON CON- -r. :'r.- K Clacc". B-v- -- -,-.· £u£ ^-^ -^ "ft. REMODELING OF APPLES CKVRCH Detour. May 3?--Gue;tj at tl-e route ' of Etr.fry L Warner ar.d ~.:'e on I Saturday ever.:r.; -«ere Mrs. L^la Ell-s ;2=J caujhter Mary Hir:.-?o^r. j ^j- and Mrs R:i5o£l Du**r--i--c*-v end according to the nature of their growth. AT. methods of treatment must be subjected' to close analysis. .th s. view to improvement, if possible. I- is also important to decrease the! latailzes for *!xra the little parlor'mald i amount, of csncer by educating people' works, as to the value of early diagnosis, early There -'s. Srs-x '.he lacy --ho has a ' irestnter.t and particularly the avoid- anyihlEg above your sta::~n ir. l_fe. That, to fae sure, isn't, the author'; main idea She ;tist takes i; for granted. and devotes herself to examining ti aerate to bear chii- ai:re of c£-ises of needless repestec irri-, cren. ar.d r-lic. .OK. S ;- er hujband. :ati-jr^ to 'he tissues. . in conequer.ce. Ne:.: there is the lativ The final and probably ;he greatest t whose husband --35 ~u-.l2-.ed ir the probi^n of all is to cetsrmir.e the exact war--z lacy -- n~Re inli.i:-:or:s fa.l her C£'-^e cf c?r.cer lu :s interestai? to ' .n a n-Dm*--. er.d wl-.o cV.ves · Gettysru-- sry-:r. w-.-.i Mr srd know thai in the attempt to find the j her hj-barsj to s-j.c ce ; THE BOAHD OF CO)O::SSION£r.S o* Srr*r r i.*'£.jij.~^' O7^ f ro^i j^bci.. " C · -»iV.- : -.-c ar? .r-« E-ixarci --XI- -. ?:ore t--\ --.- - - McGrad.- ·£_-.?. *~. Senstt 1^f*-tj-ers Vfher. the baj-aeen-.c.r. ^ ,c-a J. CE'.liTi? for your truri, -Rtards can't express -. _ _ _ TKRE~ NEW CONCRETE CROiS- j INGS "\ere laid ^n Miid.ftcwn o i the B^igesc and Cofr.n;.s.oaers. -" :!-·" federal eove-- nvnt frx-.-. r.;.-.- ^ j- v t--s-r.a- for -.-» m.ff -r. W.vs.- --.rv-r. Com-r.-.t-se - - . - . . - , · · - · --c- ,-·-· S-'rators EU\ar5 ? C-v;:car. .·: C ^ - a d ^ R;t-- t M rj.F^.le't* J: . of W.=K- - - C. r; ·. x-.- Mc\.,^ Sv,nc.r.? left to -r:-." ?r." o-fSc-.als w 1 -^ -AJ-,. -·-,·: J Pr.--v.-e Muroliv. - - . - . T C.i ldr\t- .- B-.-.rtaj ,r Phsladel thia- K L L-ir.c d.--^u-c o' Jc-s^h S-^.V. Rcj-sirch of K - . l r ^ " ' \ , \ \ ' -.o .-o.-r--:a~y of t.~.e C C-x.-c.. .n P'l.ladfl?!" 1 -. H-ler. Gltr.r. Trs^r.. as- · · "- " ' '··» DoiMrt--.c-r.t of Mr. McGrady. ar.c C. C. Car*:erif. "?·»- Yrk C.ty : Mrs Mau-cc W^-.d--- ar.d farr...;. Bndi?. were 3-^r.d^y ~.a--=; at :r.e jarr.e tjlaoe. --Marr:- M..1-. -.;- - ~ d ;-r H^r- . "r.=--»-.r ^rxr- Su-ds; -.- .- W C M-Ter arc wt:e i --May S - - - - -=--.-._-· -. rc- J E R ^ - l a - d l-l_r.:.r;d r.. _= -r.- j --a-noc a; -l-.e ..-,-- c: M- ,?r.d Mrs --Dr ar.d Mrs"In 3"-=". L.;e--.-w-. · -al.ed -r. Mr a-d M~s F 3 Slt-irb 'ar.d V-^.N Va.-.e S " - r a ; tiwr.. C3'.W d -r. Mr ar 1 Mr.- E D --Mr ar.d M-s Err.-r L W^ ar.d 'MJdred Co-.-._-. ,-r- r.- S.r.cj- -: r. ^^· \r.:. Mr- Mr- .r.» ar-i Srr.;~ Y-Je- lly every method of ai-1 .scl-. has already been tried. It has' been studied as a pos^ibl-e infectio-^s i--;?::£". u has bc;r. studied from the r-^-t of -IJT of -r.hen:ar.ce and frcm i c: ~~-e~ of chemistry and nd by evcrv otnsr method ror tnee a~d o:her ~-ec^!c c:-es the par.or rria.d ~-or. and ?he lias, as you might guess. ^;U:E ecd ac',.r. -ores. But ~her; you f..--=h t^e --: you retail ch.efly the ;~prs-x?.-r. tli~- -.he mo.her cueer ar.c unl .-^"o.e te .n. and that It is a'-r^sdy well kr.yvr. aht heredity :t can't be B-.:;cli fur. -"3 4or^ '^r th-m. -?l2- seme ?~-~ in the caiisai:o= ( · Maics and MistK -ss" s rjubisr.^d of car.ror. FT;-", the pouit of viey o f ' DT Kr.opf ar.d -s ·"-.- i^r c'-- c- of t;-» the 0:1.7-1 cf «r.cer hsred.iy seems to Book League of A-r;-ca" offer cu- l.ttl? suice human bemgs hav* , r.ot ler.- -hints^-cs r^cUy to practical w.c«r s'.atist.cs hsve been of Ute' C.-y -r^ b::.t c- lar.-d thai as or.ce a lake s"~^~. S .r.;a: Dr. fisr.c. ;r.e crease, although unfortu- i Small G.-l F.-.crd - t s S-year--id boy Oh. I 73-1 re .;·.$ better Boy I ojfht to -e 131 a li:er j model.--Pole Mel*, Pans. t-":c5 by pcrscr.3 coir«n:U-Dd to uces- tab"_shei no :or-5 nas freqi^r.tly served to divert attention to ur.favorable chasrels It has seemed to Doctor Little that cr.e c: the rnoet imprrtaat steps to be ,3S;n .r. the ^ti:dy of cancer is the es- jj.b' of suitable faci^tMS fcr d-£gno5is ar.d for treatmer.t by aU of th» well estacl^Cied methods uj great centers so t-hat human m*teraJ may oe stacked :n ar. attempt to learn jnore about the cause ani control of this disorder. Sticklers DEALQANC CALENDAR J-e · . m tne ioxcr bie. ^.-KA -. -^ r,an£ of a place i-vst ss best io^r, for i Aaswers 'Ssill be fo'^sd oa

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