The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 8, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 8
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P ^ ww «^fet/'«!2aS22^!®fe^^Ai^rA l .-^e'i.'^ · TWP, SECTION TWO TliE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., T11UKSDAY, J A N U A R Y 8, 1948 'Co! ma est --wit ·fro abc ,, Bd "jBa ·fie Mr So :* OB 2 ,'^ ·'"18 -A. si ·w g -Si '3 i 2 ·w 5 T Hi . ,, .,,,.. B*UWI»bed .1869 a»-Sillne , · County Register.) Ti evening* except Sun- d«yr«nd hoUdays at 35 Sontlr Vine street^, Hanrisburg, Illinois, by BEGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Ifarrisburg, MRS: HOT t: SERIGHT, .President, .CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor 'and Manager. -Can Spring Be Far Behind? · Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3.-1879. 'Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week; By mail in 'Saline and Adjoining Counties, ·$5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 Tfor three months. Outside Saline 'and adjoining, counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 ', Cents per month. * The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement' for use either as a news item of a paid advertisement. UN»Orf BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY The GreeTc for Word is J Wisdom. Humanity cannot measure nor imagine the infinity of creative wisdom.--John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan. 8. God Our Provider.-Matthew 6:25-30. THi: A M B A S S A D 0 R-AT- l. MM'. E S a y s : Venezuelan -White I'api-r" makes grave (lui-os a'laiust Kafacl Trujillo and Dominican Republic; Kru" lias long-range program for :dier of Na\ajos. Dinlomatic notes for Drew lY.»*on A plot by the Dominican Ko'n'bhe to send an armed inva- sum awiiust Vcne/uela is charged White Paper" circulated --before they arc two. 4. Roads, $20.000,000. i in .1 |U t l 11 * i » w - '-i - ··nioii" Latin-American ambassa- dois heio by the Venezuelan em- !5.',b.i,,N W i i t t e n in Spanish, the r i ' i paper accuses Dictator Trujillo of Voiie/uclan enemies and K* 1 I I t i i * '* · * C » » V . ! · » - · " · « -- - - - - - ~- f * hnudu'snm aims for them in Bra' / i l As. pi oof. a photostat is attach^ c d oi an intercepted letter from £*'1 TuuiHo's pmate secretary to the ^-'Dominican foreign offices around letter declares: President Tru- . the Honorable (50-ROUND cnt arc blind or eyesore, G per cnt arc physically handicapped, 00 per cent arc lousy. Most m- redlblc is the infant mortality ate, 330 out of l.OOO babies die Al- a4fc -AVX^' ) "· ·/JI/ ^67- More Colorful Shoes Forecast for Spring g5*l O 0 Hi** T vi "3 g jt£*'^ 3rt, :*4 x^- /** *a« v 1 ^ 3 ^ » tf^S s? 2 fls @O'- TO, ^Cs® Cough due to colds, smoking? Get this prescription-type formula of cough-relief ingredients long used b\ doctors. Long- lasting relief S important i\a\s. f ». Eases throat tickle - 2« Soothes raw, irritated membranes 3f. Helps loosen phSegm America's fa\orite for 100 cars. STILL ONLY ST. LOUIS-- ra --The new look--come spring--is going to take on considerable color. ,,, i v v ^ ,,. The St. Louis Shoe Manufac- United Press Staff Correspondent turers Association reports that, on i DETROIT-- L'.R -- Automobile the basis of heavy orders for O p era tion costs are reaching a bright materials, the most colorful. po j nt w here the average motorist footwear m years will be seen Wlil nave t o think twice before when the new Easter outfits are Baking his family on the usual unwrapped. [Sunday drne into the country. Red and green are leading, the j Doubled upkeep costs and in- association reports, with red suede I crcases aveia^mg more than 40 in great demand. White shoes with per cen t j n auto purchase, gaso- red green or blue trim are popu- '{ m Q an d oil prices since 1941 are lar.' i beginning to put a crimp in much In the men's field, gray and blue pleasure and other unnecessary suede are making a comeback, drying, with considerable demand for ma-, The au to inflation is getting '**--.- 'uiio has charged me to comrnum- ' ' cute to you that it is his wish that \ou alte'nd to thc exiled Venezuelans, enemies of the Caracas, who aie reichnc in or who pass th'-ou"h ' our jurisdiction. Inform them'that they will find in the Dominican Republic a good retire hospitality and protection, personal as well as political. Do all that is possible to convince them that they should come to reside in our country.'' Bluntly, the white paper adds: ··The Venezuelan government has concrete proof that the Dominican Republic has had under its aus- jnccs for some time an armed no\ement against Venezuela, com- i posed of exiled citizens" from the 'Venezuelan revolution. The air- not K serve as training camps for I these Venezuelan refugees who 1 conspire to the conquest of the re- I public from outside. Enemy agents 1 acairst our government fulfill missions m America by means of diplomatic passports of the Dominican government. In some countries, official and foreign persons o f the Dominican government have bought and continue to purchase arms for an armed movement hough it is larger than thc state of West Virginia, thc reservation ycar . las less than 500 miles of rutted, lirt roads. Many families arc virtually stranded by .lack of transportation. To alleviate this. Krug jopes to build 600 miles of paved lighways, 500 miles of serviceable, iccondary roads. 5. Agriculture resettlement on the Colorado river, $6,750.000. To ease the population pressure. 1,000 families could be transplanted along the banks of the Colorado below Headgatc Rock Dam. Arizona. Here water is more abundant, and soil is more fertile. 6. Small irrigation projects, $9, 350,000. Of the reservations 16,000,000 acres, only 40,000 are producing sparse crops and but lo,000 are reached by irrigation ditches. The land must be watered if it is to yield produce. The Interior Departments plan also proposes to promote small industries, build airstrips alongside hospitals, connect the mam centers by radio and telephone, and drill wells for more water. If the Navajos demonstrate that courts this Brazilian Thunderstorms In central nnd western Brazil there arc thunderstorms on nn average of 100 to 150 days a year. These figures become smaller towards the coast. In the interior of the coastal states they amount to only GO a QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBookfellsofHomtTreattnentthat Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing ovwr throw million bullion of tlio \Vn i^,,,,, ·1'nrArwBN'r ha\o IMIM sold for rolluf »( H inploitwof UlBtrowturlKlnil from Stomach liiul Duodenal Ulcers title U Excess Acid -Poor nicotian, Sour or Uptct Stomach. GaitlitoK. Honrtborii. Sloeplvtf nc». etc., tltiu lu EKCCH Acid. Sold UM l A l i i ) K ' true A«k for "Wlllard 1 * M»**«K«" uhkli full) oxplalllB 11,11* Iniutimml--1««--HI BARTER KELTNER EVERYBODY'S DRUG STORE SKACCS PHARMACY THE WtBSTER PHARMACY MART'S DRUG STORE Orrlcr Mills mm^mml^~-- From where I sit... 6y Joe Marsh ThacTs Feet Hurt they can glean enough crops from irrigated land to maintain a TM- * _ _ i · MuM^^nf Tn+TUTI At" clamation project, intenor will recommend additional $60, 000,000 for irrigation development. «. --.j *.:**» ic. CViir^rnplr on The-proposed site is Shiprock on After a Ion}:, hard day's work on the farm. Thad's idea of ho« to spend an evening is to take off his shoes, and relax with a mellow glass of beer. But his missus has other ideas. \fter being in the housc^ all day, she's all for walking to the village, if it's only for a soda. Likes to see people, catch the latest gossip. But Thad says, no, his feet hint! Began to cause unpleasantness in Thad's home. Then Bill Webster comes up w i t h an idea. If Thad take's the nu^us to Andy's Garden Tavern, Thad can relax with his glass of beer, and the mishus can uUo chat with .ill the neighbors there. Eacft^gets, his (or her) own way. "\Voiked, too! In fact, now the missus likes an occasionaHcmpL--- ate glass of beer herself. And Thad finds it's pleasanter to enjoy hi-, beer with trood companions, rather than alone. In fact, his feet stopped hutting too! By ROY i. FORREST . .clubs have protested publicly to c-gPinst our country;; the petroleum and auto industries and the government. Gasoline Prices Soar n·= ,,··-·** -C ,,,,,«, AHO Recent increases in fuel prices them, the paper charges. One have stimulated motorists to , shipment assertedly included 10- J t ' l l l ^ l . U U i v«-"-»»**-».- · _ Mready Trujillo has purchased ·«ast stores of arms in Brazil, using the presidential yacht to ship k about mileage more than ever before. In 50 cities over the country. , jgular gasoline has steadily from an 18 7 269 cents a Ion _ years It is 30 cents and higher In some places. Auto makers, taking their cue rnents." 000 "rifles with 30~.000.000 rounds of ammunition and 800 machine jams The paper points out that this' is more than is needed for Dominican defense, and warns °i?\clv that the situation "should constitute a serious preoccupation tor" all the American govern- Baked Trettts Cop)ri§ht, 19IS, United States /.Vcacrs Foundatw. , from oil scarcity talk by the re- uic ic- -Venezuela within her speculate about 50-cent rights could break relations witb and 60-cent motor oil. me Dominican government, me introduced by Priest Boxing was introduced by an Italian priest in the 13th century. Jane Parker Coffee Cnkes rouse breakfast appetites \\ith these just-battid favorites Lots to choose from Jots to like about every one of our raisin- rich. sugar -sweet coffee cakes JANE PARKER Danish Burtcrcremc i i IK 4 3 I C 5 I 1 * c t i * i . with stylish new- case of smart Alligator- g r a i n l e a t h e r e t t e ! A m a z i n g war-deiel- oped circuit delivers sensational performance . - - iet need* 1:0 special aerial! AC, DC, battery. Hc-r it toda! Small Down Payment Easy Terms! to turn out new cars featuring creases this e ve hi-' the understanding and the fnend- economy in operation M ' eles ha^ ri"en from $2,147,000.-, ship of her people towards the So far, only the nations motor cjes .^94^0 an estimated S2.-! suffering Dominicans . . b u t our 914 000000 in 1947. Auto repair,' go\ erment . . . . will not lilt a im- storage' and parking bll. have |J^ I *^*JBS t 'S t4o ''« t S Limit Not Reached ithe future unless we ) arc obliged The * automobile industry has -to defend our ovvn ngnts. our sov- been able thus far to ignore the ereignty and our institutions, small demand for a light car be- CZECHOSLOVAKIA FOLLOWS cause the limit has not been reach- RUSSIA ed in the public's ability to pay j ^f ord has reached me by secret higher prices. The situation could ! codc . t h a t satellite Czechoslovakia change almost overnight. } wi u f 0 n ow in the economic foot, Refiners, in announcing price ^ of Russ i a and will be forced i hikes, cite higher prices for crude ~ iQ de ,. 2 iuate her currency. Al- I oil. increased labor costs and tne rcacj , thc uno fficial exchange rate unbalance between the supply of j, as ' snot up to 305 crowns to one petroleum and a record demand, doi - iar £ i x times the official 50- for fuel. i t 0 .i rate. | If the fuel situation gets out of «-fl.\RSIIALL PLAN" FOE a«d. the alternative to light car I ^\y\JOS production would be the market-'' ;otes fiom thc cabinet corre- ingvof more efficient engines an «| sp0 ndcnt Along with aid to Eu- bctter fuels for present full-sized " "^i ars hall Plan" for the CINNAMON Breakfast Rolls pk VERMONT FLAVORED Cinnamon Roll ^ JANE PARKER ICED Twisted Buns pkg 29G COFFEE CAKE Pineapple Filled ^ 32c Each Crisp, flaky pastry iced v.ith vanilla and rich buttcrcrcme. JANE PARKER " Jelly Sireusel Each 32c J \NB PARKER PURE Jelly Buns pkg 32c. JANE PARKER · Angel Food Bar £ach 49 C MARVEL WHITE Raisin Bread lMt J go JANE PARKER Danish Pineapple Ring 45c Tender Golden-Brown Jane Parker Donuts Plain, sugared or cinnamon FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES Texas Seedless, 80 sue 10 for Grapefruit . , 39c Dozen ! 'To?V Califoniia 150 size cars, but there are strong barriers., prout i but poverty-stricken Nava- Recently, C. F. Kcttering. for-H- 0 Inc i:ans will be demanded by BREAKFASTS TASTE BETTER WITH AP COFFEES Ground fresh when you buy it . budget-saving, too. MILD AND MELLOW Eight O'Clock RICH AND FULL-BODIED Red Circle VIGOROUS AND WINEY Bokar Coffee 40c 43c 45c e c e n y , . . . - - mer chief of research for Gener-l: Interior has pleaded thc Kava- jos' ca«c upon Capitol Hill often. Famous Philco M201' Radio-Phonograph Hercs thc amazing new -way to "play records... so simple a child can do it. No fussing with tone arms, needles, nds X controls. Just slide in a record ... and it plays! It's a powerful radio, too! In smart, streamlined hardwood cabinet. J-- tbcy"rc£o5n£ fast at this low jncc ! rent conventional engine. Would Consenc Fuel Kcttering said the engine promises to conscnc fuel and sa\e the motoring public upwards of Si.- · ^,5, f'c'cls thot public indignation 000.000.000 a ycar in gasoline j w ,|j^f orcc Congress* hand. Condi! costs. ' tions on the parched, eroding Nav; But thc engine requires a special a : 0 rc scr\alion have deteriorated ifuel called tnpUine. available ll() '- v ,\ 0 ^uch a .state that President jonly in quantit!f;b. 'T rc!nan the other day issued a its commercial manufacture \\o . d sl : rr j n .« appeal for emergency re- cntail expenditure of hillionb of j ]of '"TJ IC House Public Lands dollars for new refining plant*, a.-d co ~ m ' n: jttce promptly introduced a distribution outlets i^ii f or S2.000.000 aid. But as Triptane has a far greater 'n-. ;oon 3S ^ c ^mtcr crisis has been ginc anti-knock ratins than '"0- ^c* Krus is ready with a complete octane, the c\ncnsi\c warpl '.c j on ^. rnnsc program, fuel of World \Var II. An i', -a ^(AV - m t j- lC f, na l planning stag|of costs can te gained from '.he cs " ( nc program «ill call for: · ' Ifact that one plant, \\hich i: is " j p lBn -T C improvement and soil j »made 40.000 barrels of 100-oc:.-. -c con i cn - a tion. S9.000.000. The 1 ie daily during thc \ r, ^a ^ a to; ln - c on thc semi-arid. i sa-cbrush dotted mesas in thc cor- r.cV of Ari?nna. New Mexico and Utah. Thc principal crop is grass, the mrnor industrj- sheep raisinj;. The lTj r ! cannot support more tfrnn r5,OfrO ^"""Ic. hut today 61.- l 000 arc tr-.Ir2 to scratch a living .,', from it A« a result the ranee is dvinu One way 1o save it is to slop ' from carrying Texas Ne"w Crop Carres .. 2 for Texas New * · 19c Bunch 5( Idaho Russet Poa!es Texas New . 10 Ibs. .63t .Prices Lower than Last Year! For Better Breakfasts! - « ··. 2 Ibs. Cafebage ...,1Ic For Your AP WHOLE (\vas41c) Asparagus Spears. IO7CA BRAND (were 3 for 29c) IONA CUT (was 13c) Brten Beans ..... 2 21 ANN PAGE FARINA Mello Wheat ..... SUXNYFIELD CRISP Wheat Puffs ..... HOT CEREAL Instant Ralston |6c SUN'NYFIELD Quick or Regular Rolled Oais . . . 2 £°f- |5c SUXNYFIELD SUPER-SIFTED Cake Hour . . . . = £ ? · 3 5G AP UNSWEETENED " 38-Oz. 2fir Pkg. -*-°C Grapefruit Juice BRIGHT SAIL Paste Wax BRIGHT SAIL Liquid Wax SUNNYFIELD Family Flour ANN PACE Macaroni 4C-OZ. Can I7c Qunrt Bottle 23-lbS n -l ~ I I I« con SIOO.OOO'.OOO- Old Man River's Boats Have New Look Now RICH CREAMY White House EVAP. MILK S tall cans 36c PURE LARD Lb. BBc NLTLEY Lb. 37( CHICAGO-- |nc\cr boats that ply thc'ic days. M.'.k T rc ihc n , the rncr IXTCIV. . which can come aloriMte a r 1 l\\.ih Ihc moncu\crnb)h1 of jeep. American Watcrw.v.» O^r-'n Inc.. reports that the nc\. ' r - ou1 number steam po'.\ i f(\ bo four 1o tfie Many .re f f r - ' p . \vi1h radar 10 cuude than tnrwi fo^. storm ar.d smoke. r.-jf3io telephone i Some of thc m c r l ' i t s ( . ha.o a 4 ori of "jet prop'uv, -i tho lorm of a luvzlc \\1 :cn m: constant flow of unhroVon ^ to the propcllors to iT-rc.-^c push-power per horsey o . r r . h ah o 2 Education. S23.olO.000. Scv- cn% riirc per cent of the Navajos," :n the heart of America. i rot s-'cnk Ensh«sh Yet the fed- £r,\emrr.ont plcdccd in 1868 hicatc their children. Today. ! - *0 years later, three-fourths 20000 'choola^c Navajos lay hookey. U is i...,., . - build more schools. "-c terc'icrs and cnd our ·»-cs to round up the slu- Ml n 'or Cottier Mfib Tei. 56R3 £*f4'LS ·" Or.c 300-ton mot:n. \V. Va . turr^ c .: ?} ol glass tubing a mc^!h for cc.T. lamps, or cr.ough f;r .fluorescent lamps. 1 3' Uc.iiJb, SS^^OOO While rr«rli'i'".f men arc (loins «hc Navajos little more Rood than thc cban'mt:. macic-making native n--cdicinc of their past. Reason: Too few doctor?, too little training. Man * ho are supposed to he tending "iho ?!ck Tio\cr sol inside a nicdical scrrol. Tlif rcsull is the \a\ajos «'rc r.-A-accd by di«asc-- 30 per cent have vc.icreal disease, 2,1 per cc'u arc suffering from tu- or lung ailments, 6 per Bramlet Meat At Your AP Store Telephone 984R Sugar Cured. Side or y» BACON . . POUND __ SALT MEAT POUND COOKED PICNIC HAMS . POUND Rib Boiling BEEF POUND ... . Hunter's Sliced BACON POUND Breakfast Link POUND Boston Butt Pork POUND Blue Bell Polish SAUSAGE Pound 1FWSP4PERS

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