The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 23, 1969 · Page 15
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July 23, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 15

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1969
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

LIVESTOCK MAftKETS N*wi HOG RECEIPTS •Interior Iow»-So. Minn. W Public Markets (Salable) •Monday receipts, 53,000 •'Interior lowa-So. Minn, 12 Public Markets (Salable) "Monday receipts, 2,200. Tuesday (Estimate) Wk. Aao 45,000 74,000 47,900 44,400 This Y.r, Ago to.p SHEEP RECEIPTS Tuesday (Estimate) Wk. Ago Yr. A Borr Int. . So Minn. Des Moin*» R«gi»t«rPaa* IR w *.fv Jul rJ 3 - "*? New York Bonds NEW YORK (AP) - Followlfiq Is an abbreviated list of..domestic corporation bonds traded on the New Exchange . Tuesday with, sales, ' fflghs, changes: Net Cho. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION i A 3 ill PXF 270-300 Ibs. U.S. No. 1-3 HO?. Ibs. 1 • 4 SLAUGHTER LAMI SPRINC, LAMBS Prime, 75-105 Ibj. .. Choice, 75-105 Ibs. Good, 75-105 Ib EWES, 80-130 Ib. Good Utility Cull AMEX SALES Total stock sales " Sales year ago (n IrRed 3'/«si7 AlleghL cv4sll IlilSt Cv4V;s AlldSt Amerce cvSs! 5 This Wk. - Corr. Period ' ~ ' t Wk. ' to Date Las .. 4,100 3,900 17,000 19,000 AAlr CV4V. m Airl cv4s HOG QUOTATIONS - Terminal Markets JJJ.50-24.2S 25.25-26.25 J27.00-27.5fl 26.25-27.25 124.SO-26.7S 26.50-26.75 4 147 6 13 37 Anheusr »$« I ArmR cv4Vjs87 5 25.00-26.60 25.00-25.75 25.00-26.50 26.50-26.75 26.50-26.75 25.75-26.50 25.50-26.25 cv axLab BaxLab cv4s87 eaunlt 4',<s eth Stl 6'«s eth St 4"js eth Stl 2 a /4S oston Me As70 10 l!8''» 118'.» II8''« 25.00-26.50 26.00-26.50 5-25-26.50 25.00-26.25 25.00-26.00 24.75-25.75 26.00-26.50 26.00-26.50 25.75-26.50 26.00-26.75 26.00-26.75 25.75-26.50 24.50-25.50 23.75-25.00 25.75-26.25 25.00-26.00 . Icanpac 4spcrp elanels ev4s90 elanes 3"js76 essna MSP ollins 1 ol 25.00-26.50 26.25-26.50 26.25-26.50 24.25-26.50 26.25-26:50 26.25-2A.7S 26.25-26.75 24.00-24.50 23.00-24.25 22.00-23.50 23.00-24.00 21.25-23.2S direct purchases bv 21 plants within the interior bv 10 8 C d . l * mbsk ln ! he »<L<:ompanvJn9 reoort on Interior Iowa and k are based on the sale of animals originating In the area CATTLE QUOTATIONS SLAUOHTBR CATTLB AND CALVES onEdls 3<72 :ontAlrl 3'/js»2 lastAIrL 5s92 lastAIr 43/4593 MC CV4V4S92 ood Fair 4s?9 enElec 3'/>s76 •ninst cv5s92 Mot Ac7Vas90 Vtotftc 6V4S8I Wot Ace 5s77 Mot Ace 5s80 Mot Ace 5581 MotAc 4»bsJ2 WotAe MotAc \AotAc 4I/2S85 Mot Act 4s79 MotAc MOIAc 3'/2S72 enT El 6'/4$91 enTel cv3s92 enTEl cv4s90 race cv4V4s90 31.25-32.50 31 .00-32.50 -29.50-31.50 29.50-31.50 29.75-31 29.75-31.25 21.00-30.25 28.00-30.25 26.00-28.50 26.00-28.50 26.50-30.00 26.50-30.00 28.75-30,00 27.00-29,50 27.00-29.50 30.00-31.00 27.50-30.25 28.50-30.50 30.50-31. 28.0029.00- 27.00-29.00 28.00-29.50 26.00-28.00 26.50-28.50 73 76 803» 90W 87V4 893 i 811/4 71'.* 76Vj 66Vg 70</4 76'/j 21.25-22.75 21.25-23.25 20.25-21.75 19.00-20.50 20.00-22.00 21.00-22.50 18.00-21.25 17.50-18.75 ind 6s87 ulfWI 5V4S87 OUseF ouseF ntHfir 4.80S91 ntHarC 4?>s79 tMin cv4s91 nterDS ev4s92 errMc 33/4592 Inp TV 53/4576 ing TV 5S88 ockh cv4'/4j»2 uckv Str 5s93 23.50-24. 24.00-25. 24.00-25. 24.00-26.00 24.50-26.50 23.50-24.50 22.50-24.00 23.00-25.00 23.00-26.00 22.50-25.50 23.00-24.00 68 76V? + V« 80W + '3'.! — 75V» 424.00-28.00 20.00-24.00 33.00-36.00 29.00-31.00 24.00-29.00 FEEDER CATTLE SIOUX City *33.50-39.50 30.50-36.50 28.00-34.00 icCror 7V2S94 AcCror 5V2S7S iCCrory 5s81 MDonD 43/4591 lc AtWdCr Was88 AtWdCr 6V2S87 4V2S92 130 113'/i 112 wenlll 314588 acG&E 5s89 acG&E 5s91 ac GE 4I/JS90 ac GE 4V4S95 ac GE 3 3 /4s78 acG&E 3s70 acG&E 3571 acG&E 3s74 PacG&E 3s79 AA cv5'/4S89 AA cv4 7 /as79 AA cv4'/:s84 AA ev4'/js86 en Dlx cv5r.82 66V« +1 78 4-2'/2 4- 'A 4- Li — 3/4 I '/! — V, So. Minn. Sioux City BS AND SHEEP: 7.50- 8.50 8.25- 9.00 7.00- 8.50 ... 30 102V« 101V4 102V. which bond shall also guarantee the completed work a»»irtst defects ot work. manshlp or materials tor the period of one year from and after the date of completion and acceptance of the completed Work by resolution of the Board ot Trustees, the certified check may be cashed and tht> proceeds retained by the Town as liquidated damages it the bidder 'ails to execute a contract or tile the re OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Lost inel Found (R-383) - Re: Sanitary Sewer, Replace ment and Storm Sewer Lower Yard Activity and Shop Buildina Aroa. i Iowa State Penitentiary, , Fort Madison, Iowa STATE OF IOWA: ! Sealed bids will be received bv the Do partment ol Social Servicas in the Older ol Architectural and Enoineerino Services. on the 6th Floor ol the Lucas State Oilice Building, Drrs Wioincv lows, tor the "Sam tary Sewer Replacement and Storm Sew er, Lower Yard Activity and Shop Build-: inq Area" at the Iowa Stale Penitentiary,; Fort Madison, Iowa, until 2:00 P.M, Au- j oust 6th, 1969, «nd will then be publicly ( opened and read. Proposals will be re ceivt-d In unit sums to include the corn A Certified Check drawn upon n solvenl bnnk In an amount equal to live per cent 80 ol quirea surety bond within fourteen U4i days alter the acceptance gl hisj>roposal by resolution 01 the Board ol Trustees. Certified checks will be returned lo unsuc- cetslul bidders on the Contract. No bidder may withdraw his bid lor «' period of thirty (30) days after the open-1 ing ol bids. I The successful bidder shall lurnish a' performance bond in an amount eaual to- one hundred per cent (100%) ol the contract otice. i , The BoArd ol Trustees will receive antt i \j •<" «< "iv «•« ?"«, v«wt *<•,<,*,'*. • « ...! consider Ws only for the complete prelect Department ol Social Services shall be as set forth herein died with each proposal as a guarantee • The contractor shall commence said im- that the accented bidder will enter into I provementj on or before Spetembfr 15, contract with the State and die an ,M> 1969, and the work shall be completed on i proved surety company bond lor the t.iiih 76n •*• i'4 i or before July 1, 1970 , , ful performance thereof. Upon failure to «7U _ 5, Payment for said Improvements will be comply said bid security shall be forfeited 65 + 1V* made in cash or from tfte luture net earn-1 as liquidated damages. Inns ol the Municipal Electric Light and Plans, specifications, and Propo^l inrrtH Power Plant and System. To the extent! for the work mny be seen and iecured bv that payment Is not made m cash and as | general contractors al the Office of ihe evidence of the amounts due the con-; Architect for the Department ot StK',n tractor by the Town, from lime to time under the terms of the contr.ict, the Town will issue and deliver lo the contractor and the contractor shall accept In payment of Ihe contract price Electric Revenue Pledge, Orders ol Ihe Town, such Pledqe Orders lo bear interest at the rate ol Six per cent (6 s !)) per annum and to be Services, 6fh Floor, "Lucas" State QH'ce Building, Des Moines, low.i. Plans and specification-, will be placed on tile at the following builder-,' Plan rx changes for Ihe use ot material suppliers i and subcontractors: 1. Master Builders ol Iowa, 2J1 Park ipVabirsolVlv' and'oniy dui"ot"lhe' T fu"lufe'. Strwl,.De» Moines, Iowa ..«. s o anmas orgnang n e area sold »t 2 plants In Iowa and on* In southern Minnesota and some order buyers. STEERS Prime, 900-1,000 Ibs t Prime, l.KXMjWO Ibs 30.25-31.50 Prime, 1,300-1,500 Ibs Choice, 900-1,100 Ibs 28.00-30.50 Choice, 1,100-1,300 Ibs 28.00-30.50 Chofce, 1,300-1,500 Ibs •Good, »(Xi-l,100 Ibs .. Good. 1,100-1,300 Ibs Standard MBICBDC' Prlmf,9oP-l,bOO Ibs Choice, 700-900 Ibs .. Choice, 900-1,100 Ibs Good, 600-900 Ibs .. Good, 800-1,100 Ibs Standard . COWS (all weights): Commercial • Utility Cutter Canner ' . BULLS (yearlings excluded)-(all weights) Good Commercial ' Utility Cutter CALVES: (250 Ibs.) Choice Good VEALERS: (150-250 Ibs.) Choice Good • Standard Prime, 750-1,000 Ibs. Choice, 300-550 Ibs. . • Choice, 550-750 Ibs. Choice, 750-1,000 Ibs'. Good, 300-506 Ibs. .. Good, 550-750 Ibs. .. Good. 750-1,000 Ibs. Standard, 550-750 Standard, 750-1,0 Choice,' 3IM-506 Ibs 28.00-34.00 Choice, 500-700 Ibs 27.00-30.50 Good, 300-500 Ibs Good, 500-700 Ibs 2S.OO-29.00 Standard, 500-700 Ibs 23.00-26.50 SHEEP QUOTATIONS Int. la. ihef earnings ol the Municipal Electric Light and Power Plant and System ot said Neither the Board of Trustees nor the Town shall incur any general obligation for said improvements and extensions and neither the contract lor the construction thereof, nor said Pledge Orders shftll constitute a general obligation ol the Town or be payable in any manner by taxation, a'hd under no circumstances shall the town be in any'manner fiablo by reason „ _ . — _ of the failure ot said net earnings to be turn ot the documents lo the sullicient lor the payment of said Pledge office wllhiri ten (10) days follow Orders and the interest thereon. date of the opening of bids. Monthly estimates will be paid by the Town to the contractor In the amount of Ninety per cent (90%) ol the work completed or for materials which are at the site and permanent in nature. The monthly estimates will be made by the lOlh ol the month and apply to work complejed , , 2. F. W. Dodge Corporation, 38(14 Douglas. DCS Mo'ines, Iowa 3 A C I. Plan'Room. 1110 "G" Avenue, N.E., Cedar Rapids, lows 4 Building Trades Employer Association. Box 419, Waterloo, Iowa 5. Quad-City Builders Club, 5J2-?4th Street.' Rock Island, Illinois Sets of plans and specifications will be loaned to gualilled bidders upon deposit Twenty-five ($35.00) per sol, which deposit • shall he returned to borrower upon the re- ig Ihe Bids shall Include furnishing all materials, labor, transportation, and equipment to complete the work of constructing "Sanitary Sewer Rcpacement, Lower Yard A c t I v I f y-5hop Building, Iowa Stale Penitentiary, Fort Madison, low,v". according to the plans and specifications ol 21.50-29.50 21.00-29.00 27.00-28.50 7.50- 8.50 7.00- 8.50 5.00- 7.50 American Stocks NEW YORK (AP) - Following is an abbreviated list of stocks traded Tuesday on the American Stock' Exchange with sales, closing prices and net changes. 3,320,000 5,521,580 AII89CD wt Allen El Eq Allied Art Allied Cm$ Alloys Unltd Alsco Inc A Altamil Cp Amco Indus Am Blltrt Am Flnan A Am Petrof Am Saf Eq AMK wt Amrep CofP Ang Laut A Ansul Co And Pools AO Indust APL Corn Applied Dev Arrow Elect Ark LaGas Asamera Oil 1 Assd Babv Assd Fd St Assd Prod Aslrodata Atco Chem Atlas C Min AllasCp wt Auto Data P Auto Stl Pd Avien BACM Inds Baker Ind B-nff Oili Banner Iritt Barnes enx B>rtell Med Baruch host BsU Elechrn Benrus . Belh Corn. Bis Aipl Castietn century Century._,. Chmp Horn i.helsea jnd Cinerama Lineram of .a. -17 178 65 11 16 29 }{ $ l'7° 16 21 1! 15'A+1 29V«— "A 73/4 -'/4 10%+ Vs 7Vj -% 14Y«- '/• 17V4-1 31V*— 8V4— Vt 7Vi . . 36 —2Vj 4 .. 13V§- ' 16% — 6 3 /4— 35 10'A— 1/4 rf! elmont on jlmwavs inan Gent ischer Por Isher Gov leetw Ent la Capi*^> ranks Nur resnlllo Co rontler Air avid Nat en Alloys n Battery en "Cinema m Rlywd mlsco Tec = Indust lant Yell L Indust lasrock Pd len. Gery len Dls B joldfleld oodway ^ranger A jray Mfn rt Am Ind Gt Bas Pet it L Chem jrow Chem Gruen Ind -ylf Sta Ld I&B Am larvard Ind lead Ski Co Jelen Rubin Hcrcule Gal 20%+ 'A Hlpble Mfg 2BVa -'A HiltonH wt e— 2'/a U'.i — Vi 4Vi— Vi 52Va+2'/a y/i— Vt JS'/a— Vt ^svi— Vi SVt- Vi 20V<— Wt "r - "' 10%+ Vs ?}*=,* lO'/a—I 9Vs .. yivt— Vi 12V4+ Vt 12 +1 n't -Vt ia%+ Vt Vi 16V4+ Vt 11 Vt— i*>i/ iA 22'A —V. 71/4— Vt 1?.. - 12 — 1/2 173/4 ... 45*i .- 23'A-lVa ConCdn Far Con Leasing Cont Ma»«r Cook Elect cosmdyne Creole jet Cubic Corp Cu'terLab A D:?'ch C D Darvl Ind Data Cont Data Proc Data Prod Day Mines Dnvlin Inc Daylln wt Dearborn Del Labs Deltona CD D»tecto Sea Dloltel Eg Diodes Inc Olversey Cp Divers Met Dlxilvn Cp Dome Pet Drug Fair Dn rr »! ( " Duro Test Dynalect CD Eastn S FrW Eckmar CP Ecoloqic Scl t do Corp • hrench Ph Eico Corp Elect Assist Elect Como Elect Resch Electronic El Tronlcs Emery Ind Eaulty Corp Eaui'v pf Encilty Fnd Ero Indust ItWEI I?s 5eX Ho^n Exau Form F-ihion Co F^'rfld Nob Falcon Sod 3041-16 69 4- V« 478 69 16 174 422 15 11 9 - 53 27 94 15 28 57 100 6 29 44 + V 48U—V'/B 8 — * 64V4-1V 11 ~ii 22 —V UVi— V 80 —3V '5,+''/ 10 -'«/ "*£ I 14 — * 15"j-t- J 29"j - 1 ' Wt— ? 21"'4—1J X l'*!-3V 21% -* 20''il 151/4— J 59.4 _- 55' 8 -53 IRI'4-" 271/8—. 5 S !~ 6>4 -' IP/i 7V. -' 15U- V 14'.z JCH «ni lan foerner W Hofm Ind lolly Coro lolophane lome Oil A lome Oil B lormel GA ouse Fabr louse Vis usky Oil uskvOII fn lycon Mtg lydmatic Ivdmetal I/grade Fd H«* Inc MC Maq mptr Oil nolanHd wt nfllqht Pic nt StretLh nt Stretch nterphoto nvDlvers A_ nves Dlv B roquols Ind elf Lk Pet ervls Corn etronlc Ind upiter Cp Kaiser Ind <alvex Inc <ane Miller Catz Drug (n n o 9 tt Hote° .afay Radio .ake Shore .aMaur Inc .a Polnte In .erner Str .ernerSt wt .evln Town Jill Ann Cp .oqlstlc Ind .ouis Sherr 15 128 165 51 16 24 57 '1 31 3! 24 T 1 38 21 U 32 8 6 67 42 31 31 \tVt- VB 24V4-1 13%— Vs 16Va — % 44V2— Vj ! 45% — % 20%+ Vt 11 '~~—Vi 7 -% 13W .-Va 33 - Vi 8 +'/4 13V4+ VB 20V«+ Vi 13% —V4 15 —Vi !5'/» .... 6Ve- Vt \SVi . 9H+ .. 10 3 /4+ 1/4 4'/t — Vt 9Vj —'A 13Vj— Vi 13Vi —Vl tVt— Vt 6Vt ..-- 13»1i — Vi 19'/2— Vi 21. • 29 + Vt 4Vt— Vt 4Vi —Vt 26% + Vi 66%—2Vi 61 — Vi 353/4— VB 21 '-'4+ *'" 24V« —Vt 17V3—1 15'/ 2 .. 8'/J- Vi SVt .. 111/4- Vi 32 -1 MVa —.. 9'/4 —Vt 16'/8 —Vi 12V4 . 11 -I'A 11V4— " 1IV4— 43 * — Vi 10W- VB 20 — Vt 15Va—IVa 14'/4— Vi 6Va+ Vt IJ - % 19H- VB 7Vs—1 KV»— Vt 23V2- Vi y/i -Vt .TV Ulng .TVLIng wt .TV Lina Pf .undy Elec .ynch Corp lAacoid Ind lAagna Oil tangoed tAansfld TR Marlene tAarsh Ind iAcCrory wt iAcCro wt n McCull Oil (Aeans FW AEM Co Menasco Merrill Isld. Aesa Petrol Mlcrowav Midw Finl Miller Wohl Mlllm Onyx Mllo Elect viohawk Air Mohwk Dat Molvb Can Molvbden MPI Indust vluter Co Narda Micr Nail Alf Deh Nitl Bell H Mat Gen wt Nestle LeM NMeXlAr. NewPk Min NY Times A lo Cdn Oils Jorfiast Airl Nurlear Am NolndPS pf Nvtronics OKC Coro Nuclear Dat Old Town Ooklep Oriqinala Overhead D Oxford Elec Oxford Fst Oz?rk Air L P&F Indust 6 15 14 168 21 46 108 14 8 28 60 31 I 39^—1% 27*4— Vt SVi .. 31'/a + Va 13V4 —V i3w"T. 1/!l VlVt —'• I9V B + J ( 5'/4~. * \SVt -W 9*a •, 9Vt+ Vt 71/4+ Vi 3Vi -'/a 10Vj+ V 15Va— Vi " <Vi~. 21 6 — Vi 5 33% —Vt 24 151/2 -V 27 13 —IV 74 16'a —'i 19 8*8 — 1' .19 8 7 /B— V 196 38^-2 5 l'" 2 ~35 21 — Vi 8649-16 395 38 3 /a —VI 14 19W— V 1 10 ... 9 UVt— V, 68 !•"'•-_* 19 9 — V 281 77"a-P 48 32 8 23 9 II 39 36 93 19 298 ac C Prop apert KL ark Elect ato Gold enn Eng hll La Dls hllLaD of hoenix Stl 'ioneer Pla ioneer Sys Itlwav Cp 'It WVtr sh 'lan Resrch 'lume Atwd 'neumoDj' 'olarad El 'olychrm 'otter Instr 'rent Hall rud Rsrcs ubco Pet urlt Fash yle Natl iuetaec Llth amada In lamer Ind , and Comp !api<? A wt lath Pack lealEst Inv lealty Ea lealtyEq wt Redman Ind <(!.-VS I'd ieeves Tel emco Ind :»m Arms leserch CM (eserve OG leslstof !esortlntl A RIC Group iobintech ogers Corp :ollins Leas loyal Amer oyal Busn tusco Indus afeqrd Ind avinB Mch avoy Ind axon Ind ayre Fishr cope Indus curry Rain ealectro eeman Br ervo Corp halt Denn iboney CP kaog Drug lirk Corp lick CD of A MD Ind olltron td Dredg td Intl td Metals td Product tanrock Ur tar Supmkt lathm Inst lep Chem iterl Precis jtern Metal Slernco A .loo Shoo .truth Well itylon Co. iunair El Superscop ynalloy iyntex iystron Don rech Opertn fech Tape ecrmicol "echnllrol ~elepromp 'elex Corp Tenney Eng 'erm Huds rexstar CP 31'!— 5M . 13V8-1 I?.,-:; 7Vi -V 48'2-1' 10V4- A 22%— 241/4- 106 1240 166 S 3 . . Z400 10.T/4--3 13 29Va + 10 7V 3 — 13 25 —1 i'o 10 15 69 23 24 15 104 n 38%+ Vt 2 2 ='8 8Mi— Vi 736— i/j UVt —Vt 397/ a _2H, 61%— >» 65%— % 14 ... 23Va- Vt 83/4 + Vt 91/4—1 JVt —Vi 5 — Vt 4Vt— Vt 54 — ll'/«— Vt J5 — Vi 9 - V Wt— 1 12'/4 — Vt 16'/4— V 23 + 1/4 — Vt 2«Vj— 23V4— 1 V -Mi . 22 Vi —V 27V.- V 8V2- V 43V4- V lO'.i— V 34 fc-1 A- * 1 9 10 To /j—2 6V 8 + V 8Ve— 3 , 18% ,. 14*8- V 20V4- V 35 33V4—: 90 19 —' 29 21'/4_-V 13''|~ 25%— V 17VB- '. 22 ... 111/4- '; J S Leasing, 26 5 5-16 US Radium Un Contain Jniv Mar Jris Bid wt Valley Met Vernltron Vic Lee Nev Viewlex Vikoa Inc Visual Elec) Vol Merch VTR Inc Wabsh Maq Wnllhm Ind Weil McLan Westates P Westb Fash Wn Nurlear, White E InT Wmhouse Wllshire Wilson Co WilsonCo wt Wilson Bros Wilson Phar Wilson Sprt WllsonSp wt Wood Ind W " •' 165 25 24 12 14 106 25 23 9 45 10 17 17 17V4. 21 _\ 20V.~ 10'/8241/2—2 3 24i'B— 7 12 V2 13*8 17V 4 + 30V 4 — 13'i — * 6"e— ^ 12' 2- " 5V4- 38'.2+ 9'4 — 22'a + l 6'a— . warns—' rfqht'Hara 63213-16— 5 103 +1 1 82 -4 11 130 -5 U. S. Treasury $355,523,654,152.90 $ 10,367,008,407.31. •—Includes • figures not su $635,767,548.21 .... ibiect to statutory limit. 10,366.906,676.35 • 1969 Coffee NEW YORK (TUESDAY) (API fee futures were inactive '' - Cof- Oealers buvina of green coffee was snia... -__.-.- ?afi roasters were inclined to reduce their Inventories of green coffee rather than build them UP in view of the hiah cost of 4 "-dock closed «t-37.00c7'eosra'nd freight o«V, inagnsd ! elude Santos Bourbons 3s at 37.75C.and 37.25c; B futures closed quiet, no sales. ... tron Std Int 5sB. Stylon 6s88 Nytron 6s82 the previous montR. The balance of Ten ;fhc"same"tl'fie propnred^bv Todt), Hedcrn Sfd^' ^^tr 1 .^rrinS»l l .?' l L b S -« Associates.. Wa.erloo, lo w., 8rel -, , „_._ .- .... contractor not earlier 'thirty-one (31) days after the acceptance ;ol the work, subject lo the terms and conditions of this contract and in accordance i with the provisions of Chapter 573 ot the : Code of Iowa, I9M. No such partial or fi- . 1 nal payments will be due the contractor I until he has certified to the City that the + Vt I materials, labor and services included in — 3 n 'each estimate have been paid for in accor- — Vi ! dance with the requirements stated in' the i i specifications. Schenk Engineering .Company, Waterloo,, ! All proposals shall be filed on the forms | ; furnished, shall be sealed and plainly marked The Department of Social Sery-: i ices reserves Ihe right to relect any or all ibids, and to accept'the proposal which appears to be for the best interests of the Stale. BY ORDER OF pecmcanon:.. j REPARTMtNT OF SOCIAL SERVICES If at the end of such thirty-one (31) day I '"fl-FLOOR „__..._ „..,, „.,,,, period, claims are on file, the Board of i LUCAS STATE OFFICE BUILDING i Trustees shall continue to retain from : DES MOINES,,IOWA 'such unpaid funds a sum not less than! double the total amount of all claims on ' • • •. . =, tile, which retained amount or the balance 76"i + Vj i thereof, will be paid the contractor upon , —1',i final settlement of all claims, sublect to —2*4 ! the conditions and In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 573 ot the Code ol i Iowa, 1966. Al said time and place, Ihe said Board of Trustees will also consider bids for the turnishinq of electrical enerqy at whole- , ,sale. It is estimated that the Town will require approximately 7,500,000 KWH per '. year. i ' By virtue of statutory authority, prefer- j I ence will be given to products and provi-1 i sions grown and coal produced within the j i State of Iowa, and to Iowa domestic labor. I The Board of Trustees reserves the rlohl J • to reiect any-or all bids, to waive infor-1 mallties and to enter into such contract or , i contracts as it shall deem to be for the i —' best Interest of the Town of Story City, -H 7 '» Iowa. ' - Jtb WUIWt3< 1WWM Maurice A. Harmon Commissioner AKE~RS --~Sorv'iT«Tor""M~r"s".'~Do"rolhy E. Akers of 2423 Soulhentl E-.qhih will be Thursday 1:70 P.M. at Hamilton's Funeral Home. East 6th and Lvon. Interment Sunset Memorial Gardens. BENSON"-- 'Services "for'Weridcll L. Benson of 2910 Northeast Fitly-first Street Court will be Wednesday 3:00 P.M. at Hamilton's Funeral Home, East »th and Lyon. Inlc-r- ment Chapel Hill Gardens. K7I/4 83 ','« .... «4Vi 64VI — Vi I 1944' i4Vt S4Vt S4Vt - Vt I 9\''» 71 - ' This Improvement Is being constructed under the authority granted the municipality by chapter 397 of the Code of Iowa, BOARD OF TRUSTEES MUM| { AND POWE ATTEST: Elmer Jensen Secretary :IPAL ELECTRIC LIGHT R PLANT AND SYSTEM STORY CITY, IOWA By Marvin Ahrens Chairman hi la El hilaEI hilaEI :ever cvSV 3 s92 eyM cv4Vjs91 ears R 6Ws93 ears R 4 3 /4S83 120 earsRAc 5s82 28 Inclair 4.60588 inclr CV43BS86 ouNGs 7.65S72 oPac 4Vjs81 oraque 4'/4S tPkq cv5'/ 4 s90 tauff cv4Vjs91 tevenj cv4s90 alcqtNat 6s94 eledlvn 77es94 2 I 2 10 9 98 . 85% 96 96 Teledyn 6V«92 1 7W*79S« Teledvn 3'/js92 22 70 H9 7s93 - "• • eledyn 3 enneco ;enneco 6Vis92 enneco 'WA 6V2S78f UnAirLin 5s91 99 Jnit AL '4V4S92 822 JAirc cv5%s91 27 JAIrc CV4V2S88 - JAirc CV4V2S92 JnMerc cv4s90 I Ntclr cv5s88 JS Smlt 5%s93 JSSmlt 5%s95 JSSteel 4%s9« JSSteel 4</2sM JSSteel 4s83 WnAIrL 5V4S93' 96 ..... 79% .. . 70 + Vt 31 91Vs 90 90 -IVa 57 104 1031/4 101V2 _ l/j 84 78 83'A 703.4 87V* 1 1*5 20 7SVi 10 39 ,05 28 8 82 79V7 71% 71 7.Wa 72Vs - 811/j NEW YOR K(AP)" E . S N Y Apprpx final total 'revlous day Week aqo Irtonth ago Year ago Two years ago Jan 1 to date 9KB to date . 967 to date 823/4 77 7H 821/3 83 70 70'/4 87 87 167 1*9 —61/2 75'/8 751? +1 85 8? 78'/4 7P/4 . . ., .. 70V. 70'/s — a. "" 755'a .... 72'/2 - . . 81'/4 + =.' + 13/4 82 .. 781/4 - Vt 7.Wa 72'/2 81 Vt Bond sales . . 513,440,000 .. $12,577.000 .. $16,57.1,000 .. $15,057.000 .. $16,091,000 $15,675,000 " ' ' ' 1,000 revised $ 2,024,. $ 2,101,L $ 2,095,180.000 $ ?;fnq;j8n;onn OFFICIAL PUBLICATION THE EXISTING M rJGHT AND POWER PLANT AND SYSTEM OF THE TOWN OF STORY CITY OWA, AND THE TAKING OF BIDS FOR JUCH IMPROVEMENTS AND EXTEN- NICI R PL IS HEREBY GIVEN: That the loard of Trustees of the Municipal Elec- ric Light and Power Plant and System of he Town of Storv City, Story County, Iowa, jyill meet at Town Hall In said Town, on he 18th day of August, 1969, at 2:00 o clock p.m., at -which tlme-and place the . aid Board ., at of Tr rustees will hold a hearing on and will adopt the proposed plans and I proposed form of con- bids for the construction ' extensions to the pecifications and ract and receive L... of improvements and ,„ ,,,„ Municipal Electric Light and Power Plan.* and System of the Town of Story City, owa, and enter Into a contract for the construction of s»ld improvements and ex- enslons and at which hearing the Board of Trustees will consider any oblections to said proposed plans and specifications and form of contract. Proposals will be acted upon at such ime, or at such later time as may then be fixed. The said proposed Improvements ....,,,,„,., „„,.,„, and extensions to be considered are in I Improvements, general as follows, to-wlt: The Contractor shall (R-430J-NOTICE OF HEARING j NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PKOHOSED PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND PROPOSED FORM OF CON- YKACT FOR THE CONSIDERATION OF IMPROVEMENTS AND ADDITIONS TO THE MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC PLANT OF PELLA, IOWA, AND THE RECEIVING OF BIDS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF SAID IMPROVEMENTS. Notice is hereby given that the Council of the City of Pella, Marion County, State of Iowa, will meet on the 26th day of August*1969 at 7:30 P.M. CDT in the council chambers In the City Hall, Pella, Iowa at which time and place said council proposes to adopt plans and specifications . and form of contract and will receive! sealed bids on the construction of improvements and additions to the Municipal Electric Light Plant. Such improvements and additions will consist of: DIVISION I Furnishing and delivering f.o.b. manfacturer's shops with freight allowed to power olant sidina, Pella, Iowa, one 25,000 KW Turbine-Generator complete with auxiliaries more fully described in the detailed specification, and furnishing the services of an installation supervisor during erection, start-up and testing of equipment. All work to be aone and materials to be furnished shall be in accordance with pro- ] posed plans and specifications now on file i in the office of the City Clerk. Copies may be obtained from the Brown Engineering Company, - Counsultino Engineers, 508 Tenth Streei, Des Moines, Iowa 50209 by making a payment of Twenty-five Dollars (S55.00) deposit which will be refunded ' provided the specifications are returned j within ten (10) days after the date- on I which bids are opened. If more than one ! set of documents is required by an indi- ! viHu.-i bidder, additinnal copies may be , had for ,1 non-refundable charge of Ten Dollars ($10.00). : Bids and all supporting instruments must be submitted on the forms furnished! by the Owner and shall be scaled and shall be filed with the City Clerk on, or before, the time herein fixed for said meet- 1 ing and will then be publicly opened and| read. No bidder may withdraw a proposal within sixty (60) days after the date of the bid opening, Prior to t , the Bidder shall be deemed to have made a careful examination of the plans and specifications and forms of contracts, now on file in the office of the City Clerk and Engineers, and shall have made a visual inspection of the site and premises, and shall have examined all other motters that! may affect the cost and time of corn-' pletion of the work. A certified check drawn on a bank located within the State of Iowa, or a bid bond issued by a surety authorized to do business in Iowa shall be submitted in a separate envelope made payable to the Treasurer of the Cltv of Pella, Iowa, in a sum not less than five per cent (5%) of the bid submitted. The certified check oH bid bond will be held as security and guarantee that the Bidder will enter into a! contract for the delivery and erection^of! Improvements as outlined in his proposal I and furnish a performance bond. In case! the successful bidder fails or refuses to 1 enter into a contract and furnish the re-| quired oerformancc bond within ten (10) days after notice, the certified check may, be cashed or the bid bond forfeited and the money so obtained shall be retained bv; said City as agreed and liquidated dam-j ages. The bid bond shall hot contain any! conditions either in the body of said bond I or by endorsement thereon.-. At said time and place the Council will also receive and consider any oblections) made bv an interested party to the above i mentioned plans and specifications andi contract documents or to the cost of said I , rior to the submission of the proposal, ,._TENSt£N—Services lor Mrr,. Laura Christensen. 273-t Filty-sixtn will be Thursday 3 PM at the Weslover Funeral Home. Interment _Chap«l Hill. Hamilton's Service. EGA'N—For Information regarding services for Mrs. M.iry Marqaret ,-Eqan of t&4 Twenty-sixth Street call Dunn's on Grand 244-2121. Gi'LTZ—Services tor Erwin Edmond Goltz, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin J. Golt? W3B Dean, will no 2 p.m. Wednesday at the ituneral home. Interment Laurel Hilr Caldwnll—Brien—Robbins 2100 University JOHNSON — Services for Willard A. Johnson, 2214 East Twelfth Street will be held Wednesday 12 Noon at Hamilton's Funeral Home, East Sixth and Lyon Street. Interment Avon Cemetery, JONES — Services tor William R. Jones of 1350 East Douglas will be Thursday, 3:00 P.M., at Hamilton's Funeral Home, East «th and Lvon. Interment Glendale Cemetery. RALNY — Services for Miss Mary Kalny 2524 Onawa will be held Wednesday 10:30 AM at Hamilton's Funeral Home, Sixth and Lyon Street. Interment Glendale Cemetery. LUTHER—Services for Lyle Luther of S330 Hickman will &e Thursday 1 p.m. at the Westover Funeral Home. Interment Glendale Cemetery. Ham!lioiVs_Service. M"NSFIEtD — Services lor Roy D. Mansfield of Los Anaeles, California, formerly of 4005 Sixty-eiahth Street, Des Moines will be held Wednesday at 11:00 A.M. at Dunn's on Southwest Ninth. Interment Sunset Memorial Gardens. O'BRIEN—For information regarding services for Raymond P. O'Brien of 3606 Aurora, call Dunn's on Grand 244-2121. PPEMAUER—Services tor Mrs. Rose C. Premauer, 3101 Fortieth Place, will be I 1 * A.M. Wednesday in Holy T rinitv Church, interment Waukee Cemetery. Rosary 7:30 P.M. Tuesday. C'lldwell-Brien-Rpbbins ?1QO University REED-Services for Mrs. Anola Reed of 4?20 Ingorsoll. will be Thursrl-iy. 1 P.M at Dunn's on Grand. Casket will be open until 12 noon. Inter- WALLDO'RFF -^ Services for Mrs. Mabel E. Watldorff, 906 Cleveland Avenue will be held Wednesday 1:30 PM at Hamilton's Funeral Home. East Sixth and Lyon Street. Interment McDivitt Grove Cemetery. „______— WELSH—Services for Mrs. Mary (Mayme) F. Welsh of 3712 Forest Avenue will be Thursday 9:30 a.m. at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Laurel Hill. ANKENY AXME A R—Services for Vernon Axmear. 408 Logan, will be Extensions to 7,200-12,470 volt subtrans- mlsslon lines; reconnectlon of parts of 2400 y distribution system; revisions to existing substations; relocate transformer banks; miscellaneous appurtenances and clean-up. All of the above to be in accordance. -• with the plans and specifications and the i ar .. e not ..... ------ ----- ------ be paid for the work done under this contract in cash derived from Ihe proceeds of the sale of electric revenue bonds, which said bonds , will be paid solely and only out of the earnings of said Municipal Electric Liohl Plant and system, Such revenue obliga proposed form of contract 'now on file with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Electric Light and Power Plant and System of the Town of Story City, Iowa, and by this refer- -----part hereof as though fully incorporated herein. Ar said hearing, the Board of Trustees will consider the plans and specifications and form of contract for the proposed Municipal 'Electric Light and Power Plant. and System improvements and extensions, ihe same now being on file with the Secretary of the said Board of Trustees, reference to which is made for a more detailed description pf the proposed improvements and extensions, and at said time and place, the said Board of Trustees will also receive and consider any oblections to said plans, specifications, form of contract and other contract documents, made by any interested party. All Proposals and bids responsive hereto shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Electric Light and Power Plant and System of the Town of Story City, Iowa, on or before the time set herein for said hearing. Proposed plans, specifications and form of contract may be examined at the office of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. Copies may be obtained from Garber & 107 .. _ ue obi .._ shall not be general obligations, and' payable bv anv manner of tax-! ation. The City shall not be liable in any! manner bv reason of failure of said net : earnings to be sufficient for payment of said bonds or Interest on said bonds. this reference "made'a T , ne successful bidder shall furnish a 1 " " set out and i Performance bond in an amount of 100°.o of the contract." Work shall commence at a date after! Copies may be obtained from Gar Work, Inc., Consulting Engineers, South 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, upon payment of $15.00 per set, no part of which will be refunded. Each proposal shall be sealed and plainly Identified, and shall be accompanied in a separate sealed envelope by a certified check in the amount egual to five per cent (5%) of the total amount of the bid, drawn on and certified to by a bank In Iowa, , payable to the Treasurer of the Town of j Story City, Iowa, as security that if awarded the contract by resolution of Ihe Board of Trustees, the bidder will enter ATTEST: into a contract at the prices bid and fur- R. J. Allen nlsh the required corporate surety bond, City Clerk the award of the contract that will permit eoulpmont to be delivered at the Pella PNnt Site not earlier than September 1, 1971. nor later th'n December 30. 1971. At said time anri place "the council will consider bids for furnishing electrical energy for the use of said municipality in Ihe approximate amount of 56,000,000 Kilo- wa't hours per year. By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will be given to products produced within the state of Iowa, and preference will be given to lo'va domestic labor in the construction of said improvements. The City reserves the right to waive minor irregularities or minor errors In anv bid if it appears to the Owner that such irregularities or errors were made through inadvertence, all such irregula-' rities or errors waived must be corrected i on the bid in which they occur prior to the execution of any contract which-may be : awarded thereon The City reserves the right to accept • bids and to award contracts for equipment deemed bv il to be for the best interesis of the Citv. The City reserves Ihe right to reiecl anv ' or all bids or to defer action on any or all : bids for a period not to exceed sixty (601 days atter the hearing. The City reserves Ihe right to u.sregard the bid of any irres ponsible bidder or any bid that is considered not in the public interest. Dated this 22nd day of July. 1969. C. B. Caldwell In Mamoriamt Lost and Found Mayor OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R-432) OFFICIAL PUBLICATION ARE A~COMA/ilij N" IT Y~C DLL E G E OFFICIAL PUBLICATION ^HlllCdr, MUD ^UHOII, will Wednesday 2 PM at Sundberg Funeral Home, Madrid. Interment Falrvlew Cemetery. UGULINI - Services for Attilio Uqu- lini. 87, of 1223 Third St.. will be Wednesday, 10 a.m.. at Our Lady of Immaculate Heart Church. Rosary. 8 p.m., Tuesday at Tonini Funeral Home. Interment, Glendale. _ WEST DES MOINES LAWRENZ — Graveside services for William Lawrenz of 512 Thirteenth Street will be 10:30 AM Thursday at Resthaven Cemetery. McLaren __Scryij;e. • WINTERSET BRITTAIN — Services for J. Clar- ente Brittain will be held Thursday 2:00 P.M. Wilson Funeral Home. Interment North McDonald Come- lery. Wilson Funeral Home. A CARD OF THANKS published in The Reqister and Tribune is a fitting way to express your appreciation of floral tributes, oifts and other kindnesses. Call 284-8141 for sugqested messaqes. Cemetery Lots; Monuments 3 CHA'PEL^HILL "Gardens," 2 spaces. $175 each. 262-0971 after 4 PM Card of Thanks 4 WE WISH to thank all the people, for prayers, flowers, cards, memorials and food brouqht in at the time of William Kerns death. It was deeply appreciated. The' William Kern family In memory of Barbara St. Johi 'Tis but a year ago today Since God called you away, And we who loved you most of all Miss you more each day. Mom and Dad FJoristsT W SPRAYS. Plants. Bououeis Cnrsaqes DOHERTY FLOWERS 1540 2nd Ave. 288-6557 FLOWERS BY OLSAN'S 1506 E. Grand 262-5668 60 80 CAT, male, black, neutered, de- clawed, white throat and feet lost in the Clive area. Childs pet. 274-2286. COLLIE found near 20th and Des Moines. 262-1087 _ DOG — female med. iized, white and brown, found in the vie. 5E Payton. 285-5768 _ GERMAN Shenherd female lost. Sil ver and black. Vic ol E. ?4th ana Gtithrie. Children's Del. Reward ___ __ GERMAN SHEPHERD female, lost vie. 33rd and Clark. "Sissy". Reward. 255-5470 eve, or days 283-0621 . HUB CAP found, for Buick Wildcat, 279-2385. NOTICE — The Board of Directors of Des Moines Area Community College, Adair,_Audubon, Bqone, Clarke,_ Dallas,^Greene. ~ .... . Lucas* iMidi ••--' • "-•• • •-• -• ••• ~- the hearing. INDEX NEW YOR K(AP)— American Stock Exchange Index: Hioh Low Close Net Chg. 527.26 $2668 $2677 -$.33 WORLD BANK BONDS NEW YORK (AP) - Closing Over the Counter World International Bark Reconstruction & Development bonds Tuesday: Bid .. Asked ..Net Chg. 92.16 ..... Guthrie, Hamilton, Hardln. Ja's'pef. "Lucas, 'MAdlson, Mahaska, Marion, Marshall, Polk, Poweshiek, story. Warren Counties, Iowa, will meet Monday, August 4, 1969. at 7:30 P.M., at Phasing Campus Library, 2006 Ankeny Blvd.. Ankeny. Iowa Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning July I, 1969, and! ending June 30, 1970. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements,, both past and anticipated, will be available at IRV STEINBERG, Secretary I "6 lount , essary ._ raised Taxation ' $79b76bo~ J79p,00q _ $1^560,000 , FUNDS General— Limit % Mill Schoolhouse-Llmit % Mill (Voted) TnTAI —All Puraosfis 1 2 EXPENDITURES FOR YEAR July 1, V* 47 June 30, 1968 $2,554,307 494.112 S3.OiS.419 July 1, 1968 June 30. 1969 S3.406.530 155.460 S3.561.990 3 Proposed Expenditures Estimated 1969-1970 $4,061,692 3,412,148 S7.473.840 4 Estimated Unencumbered Balance to Apply Upon This Budget S2.054.810 S2.054.810 Estimated Income Other Than Taxation $3.271,692 567,338 Arr Nee to be by T S S $3.839,030 ' SI. . . 3'/2S 71 3s 72 4' is 73 3^5 75 3s 76 4'is 77 4Us 78 4',4S 79 4*45 80 3' is 81 4', is 82 5s 85 4V« 90 5lBS 91 53.85 92 57 is 93 .94 . 91.16 U7 89.16 80 77 82 78 77 79 74 75.16 77 7, 78 78 83 88 IT 79 84 80 79 82 76 7,' 16 79 73 80 n S 9 7.390 89 orices guoled ield 7.16! 7.551 6.96 7.11 6.99 7.24 7.32 7.28 7.07 5.98 7.25 7.27 6.97 7.20 7.16 7.18 7.34 In dollars Table No. l Distribution ol General Funtf expenditures Table No. 1 Distribution of General Fund Receipts Other Than Taxation EXPENDITURES Proposed ! FOR YEAR Expenditures 1967-1968 1 1968-1969 1969-1970 . Liberal Arts ano Sciences S 187,543 $ 133,732 $ 567,968 . Vocational, Technical . Adult Education . Activtles Related to i. Administration . Student Services . Learning Resources . Physical Plant . Organized Research 1,495,622 1,786,820 1,687,722 338,530 564,211 486,074 127,052 180,024 -209,534 73,682 131,74.1 191,900 — J4,354 42,956 85,692 81.582 79,996 4,272 TOTALS (Last col. to col. 3 above) $2,554,307 $3,406,530 14,061,692 Accounts 400 Student Fees 410 Tuition 421 General State Aid 424 to • 459 Other State Aid 4.10 Federal Aid RECEIPTS OTHER THAN TAXATION "1967-19(18 ' "1968-1969 5 $ 19,518 64.B86 184.211 341.546 583,296 646.007 1,363.876 212,399 547, 3J2 Estimated Receipts 1969-1970 $ 84.ICI 435.48? 776.689 666.930 824.780 44C-459 Sales and Service 460 Other Income .: 7,626 186.793 2,500 Gen. Aid 4th Qtr Earnings Receivable 112,560 258. 8V6 Vo Aid 4th Qtr Earnings Receivable 200.000 222,30! TOTALS (Last col. to col. 5 above) $1,292.464 $3,197,586 $3,271,492 6VdET.'"kpV rinq'ToM vie Main Post olfico. 277-180?, _ brown mark lh snd Univer- ain PPY PUPPY— BlafK wiih Inqs. found Sat. At sity. J79-5251. SfAMEsb C'lt found Urh.lnrllllf victn. . ''"--I'-"'' 7 " _ SETTER and Spaniel mi* found, vie. E 01 h and Madison 366-363<. TOvvEL WRAPPED fringed with money, found Sunday, at Hh and Allison. Owner identify . ?43 5573, WIKp liiiir Terror lost. mn}r hl.vk brown, whitp. I icomp Rrsv.irrt ?8fl- 5|((0 iJ4.SS^7. LOSf brown and gold collie Irmafp Vicinity Greonf loid PM/n arr^ or So. Side, Reward. ?1>-61?4, ',113 a^M. FRKE. You run .1 i lounif .id Three Linos for Three D.w call ,in Art-Visor 5H4-IIUI YOUNG female -;horth,iirrrf Poster founl, O,'^ .nefl. I >v?r ,tnri ,. h M 4'.o rin Ar««>i 1 1 FOUND~liilt(>n7 vie • " 8ih" i~'Gr,ind- view. Black white, white collar nifso _. , KJ'ND (rin.ile M'h ••' fu ! 263JIJI Noticn 90 _ _ Wl! ATTP no Innoor r^sponMbie T-7r ohlifMhon*, incurrcj far Tho Anii'LiI SMc'Ifr t)v ,,lfivone other lK»n nfr",cnt ho.lrd nie'nher 1 , ol J'i'!nil MufTLln^dri.!!!',, 9IOS hj F ;9lh M Kl" I, Ankrnv, 1,1. cf . y.iip c Moeiter ''' USfl) t9*A Chevrolet l}fM;«F 1535.54 to be wlrt .il nunnc. <.lle Thut!.dilv. Aunu^t 'th 19*9 11:00 A M'. ,11 7660 Hirkmnn Rd. I. Don.lltl L Ouweil, 5145 N ',V 6KI PI, will not he re',oon^ihie lor (lehll other Ih.ln mv own Attractions jOO of".iTfTincK, On rtw.l July 71 fo ^ Re'V'rUI AI-CI 1 ? f-ull f.lir rnu'e »o fnl'ow Contact John Hnunl.nn. R^unvrin Show'. PoCtThonlns la Fair oflu e Jn'v i?.'"1 THE SOUL PUSHERS Soul and show biinrt Ph. ?88 0038 or 743-0373, 1701 College. 0 M Whtr« Shall W« Go 110 "KENNY HOFER Friday American Leqion CKkciloo'.a Personals 140 Single—Widowed Divorced Men ,ind women 2S lo SO. Tor informal ion About Country C.lub for Single people Write COSMAW _6S5J JJI™mneld_Rd pr_ _?85 9/J) FILMS DEVELOPED" 39c 8 ExDO'.ure Black and While 39 r / 1? Km . SOc; Color reprints 19r 'M DEAN STUDIOS 9U WA| Nut ST DCS M^jHEy inwA v>3<>7_ FOR CANcntLPD ff'ift rr > OR SR?1 Immecl SPJ? filinq I.? tprni^, Can, write M<l<p Anan ,\ In'. . .107 Court live , D'"> Moinrv LOW iiuto. cycle or Fire Ins. R.iies Even it cancelled. Fast S R FMmn ISADOKE RISSIEN 321 ETa-,1 5!h 788-1043 2M-1794 24 Hr, Service A GOOD BOOK ANYTIME HOW ABOUT ONE FOR YOURSELF' A YELLOW CAB COUPON BOOK SS. J!0 SIZES. 543-1111. PRESCRIPTION"; FILIED AT DISCOUNT PRICES. ROBINSONS, E J4TH AT EUCLID _ ?« 7567 CAS'H FOfTDfAMoNDS. OLD GOLD, k JEWELRY. SEE MR. LEVICH. OGERS JEWELERS __ 3l7;7th A>PY Birfhday, daflfnq. Even tho' the miles are going to be between us, remember I.L.Y.A. Transportation, Travel ISO WANTED <- Rider to New York area Leaving Aug. 4. Shore expenses. 981-0360. ..___.. DRIVERS NEcDED. Oklahoma, Ohio and all points U.S.A. 288-4858. Instruction 180 JOB OPPORTUNITIES Tho demand for bookkeepers and accounlnnts is reaching an all- ' ' time high. Train at home in vour sn^re time. Free placement Write for free course outline. Call 2-14-I771. Approved for Vet<*rnns Training. American Institute Business 10th Grand Des Moines _ 5010? ~ LEARN"IBM"360" COMPUTER PROGRAMMING VA APPROVED 388-0117 ECPI 508 Idtll Des Moines, Iowa 50309 LEARN Auto-Uiesel Mechanic?,. LINCOLN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. _lj26_WaJniit SI., Des Moines, l.i LEARN to swim in 10 lessons. Guaranteed. Heated pool. 262-5426. Men—Jobs of Interest 190 Adjuster Trainees WANTED! College Graduates (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED) .FOR Management Training Program BY Largest Privately-Owned Adjusting Firm in America Five weeks training school, followed by "on-the-job*; training in field, age 21 through 30, 4-vear colleae degree required. Due to company's unusual growth and expansion, there is excellent opportunity for man who is not "afraid of work." Excellent starting salary and benefit program, .including paid vacations, full expense accounts, cornoany car, disability plan and group insurance program, incluUmq life, accident, health, hospitulization, medical and surgical fees, retirement program. For appointment call MR. MILLER- 283-7273 ' ANIMAL CARE Carina of laboratory animsls F,irm background required, 8 A.M. to S P.M., Monday through Friday. Fringe benefits include profit sharing program. Apnly to PERSONNEL M'ANAGER Diamond Laboratories, Inc. 2538 S^E. JJreL. Des Moines "APPLIANCE SERVICE Immediate placement for experienced route serviceman. Must be experienced in serv- . icing washers, dryers, ranges and etc. In addition to good starting salary, benefits are profit sharing, insurance, vacation, etc. Apply Personnel Office 9:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 4000 Merle Hay Rd. Dei Moine-s. la. - Notices 90 REGISTER NOW FALL QUARTER STARTS SEPT. 2*th Write or phone for free catalog (Mltgt of (Auiotnxiiott MOl Grind 243-8494 Des Moines, Iowa M«n—Jabi flf Inttrtit HO ACCOUNTING CLERK Young m,in to handle payroll and light accounting) *ilh chance to iMrn 0,11,1 proceisinq. Some hook- kpcpino experience preferred, hut will tram nqht person. Excellent s.ilarv and Iringo twneMs w th io!s ol opportunity (or ad v.imrmpnt. C.ill tor appointment Oen-Tal-E; Chair Mfg. Co. 'ANALYTICAL LABORATORY Opening tar vouna "i-^n With r.cicrKf> bilrkgrcund Shou'd hive 50mo Col Ifip chrnn\try CJUt^v uu.lhly ion- tro'. fiQurc AOrk. Permanent position Conlart Chemistry Ainlialt Paver Operator; Asphalt Roller Operator", To work in low.v Ph SIS-9tl-0706 or ^^ P MltfWFST PAVING CO. P O fior 1?« Cumminq. 1,1. ASSISTANT MANAGER Mu'.l be High S<"oo1 f,il! lor Pe'Ttin^l IMtervn'W Anp't ?ft? 4980. PART TIME HELP KENTUCKY ROAST BEEF .1/07 .'ml Ave ASSIS1ANT MANAGER M.m wiio i an nm'cMv develop mln »n .l',',.M,lnl llVin.KICr With nur tor" MuM tie ?1 m over. Ho fi pe'irnce necr-v,.»rv C.DOft and employee be-i'-lit-, POSTAL THRIFT LOANS Bfi 1 . I ocu-,' ties Moirte-, ATTENDANT Service FVirt DOUGLAS STANDARD _6<tH AND DOUGLAS "ATTENDANTS"" of rvt( p sl.itmn !• u" iii'd D.T"' ttfnc 5oni' % '." (iff lOnM 1 nrci'ssary Apply ITI iM'r'.on P.iyiiond ^ Stdnrlarcl Se'virp ffth vvi r^nw.iy W D V "Attendant Service Station Good Wiigc"i. tnsuranrp WncdV, ?S vear-, or older, t- xprrirtxr Prr (erred Aopiv m person to HatoltJ Mcnnmg 1441 2nd Avo AUTO" MECHANIC L xorrienccxl Modern shop, qood work i n (j conditions. GuiirnnfrptJ *,<ii,trv. bonus Gcxul Irlngt* hrnodn. Tor ,n>n1. cntl Mr LCC. 788-7731. ""AUTOMOTIVE MACHINIST Kxperienred. Write BlviM experience iinrt references in 1st lelter. Modern air conditioned '.hop Salary open. Hap's Auto Supply ?Q6 De*. Moines Ave.. A ' ~ BARBER WANTED HAIRSTYLIST ("iff 'S F-/.SI-IOH r.rNTI > j isrpv 'rujtv.oll H'.MHI-M arfllrrntice, S1S11 nr nui'C ner vk Ph .17.1 1!M V. ••in ri(^ ~ Ft'AR'nER WANir:0 \ Council niullv 7I?-3*A 1113 BODY MAN AND PAINTER Experienced. 7134 Woo.dland Body Man <'nd Painter Better than top waqes. Air conditioned shop and best of work my condition-, Sheiblev Auto Body Shoo, 4112 E. 14lh, 7M-1927. BODY.SHOP TRAINEES AND QUALIFIED MEN. P.iv ,conv mensur.ite with ability. Anplv UNITED TRUCK «. HODY CO 5179 NE I7lh W^il 8 BUS BOYS MuM be )6. Apnly to Mrr.. Siivlt"" after 4:30 P m. Michael's Resh_ 244-6231 BUS"BOYS-NIGHTS " Sec Mr-, Jc-nnv Lafterty THE F'OLYNESIAN LnUNGL : 2fl5-R?'J1 ?V> Wj ?f ^ ~""CAB~DRIVE'R'S"~~ RUAN CAB CO. _28 ?8 111 CANVASSERS D o o r.'o-door. hnmc improvement field Call Paul. 7BVM79 CARPENTER CREWS . e*wrir-nfod m Iramimi houses Wanted lor v.ork <i'l Over Io-V,l Mr. Linn U.S. .HOMES 5390 2nd. avenue " clEANUP'MAN To rl'Mfi df'.p'fiv shov/rnoni-, ACME CLEANEP5 6lh ^nd Eurjid Collector - Interviewer Installment Loan Dept. . Creel it or loan or auto '-.nance PX- pt-i M'nCD rpquirod. Good strirlintj «il'-»ry tinr] Irinqn benefits 5 d:W week. Apply in person to Mrs. Marr.h or Mr. A cuff, Jrff floor. Iriv/d-DfS A/ioinc5 National RrinV. CONCRETE FOREMAN • FORM SETTERS Koehring 34-E Paver Opr. Season's work m Doi Moinoi and Wa- torioo. Ap-jlv to 60Q4 Flcur Drive Dos Moines, la, JACKSON • Construction. Co., Inc. = leur Drive DCS Moine Ph. M5-2B5-03I5 equal opportunity emplc CONSTRUCTION" 6004 Fleur Drive DCS Moines, la. Ph. M5-2B5-03I5 An equal opportunity employer Instruction 180 Instruction 180 TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED! Fill hip demand. Train to drive a spnii truck. Kara up to .$15,(Hid a year. Train in three- weeks. (io now (pay later) to Diesel Truck Driving School. (let professional training under actual over the road condition.-;. Tuition financing available. After '.', weeks, you're in command of your truck —and your future. Kree job placement as:.i>tance. (il approved, (jet facts about school without cost. Xo obligation. Cut this id and mail it today to address shown be'JW. (Please print) Name Aft Address Phon* City or Town .. ftate D« DIESEL TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL MILLWRIGHT-FOREMAN Grain storage and handling equip. Steel bldfj. Must be experienced at running crew, readincj blueprint',, pi iinn inq and hand lino own work. Good growth oPDortutiity. Muny benefits. Write B-244, Reqister ,ind r r bunt? COOlC F~rfcndTy atmosphere Ap"pTy niorninyj to /Aiinnntir, Holidnv Inn r nth ^101 Fl"iir Dr. CU.SIODIAN for cnurch Cnuplf dp r iirt,'rj. Apartment furnished^ Write __- ^^LlVERY ""'' ; . Dry Clean inq. Mn'ned ' Inimedi.He openinu Perm;inf:nt iob CORWIN-CLEANERS _ _ 1.930 COTTAGE GROVE ORA'FTSMA'N: Room" to progress in your profession. Start now with unique Co. FREE S6,000. Call Ted .^fPWP' ?84^9*0- Snelhnq & Snelling. FOP INSTRUCTOR' One EDP instructor ne-jcled to complete threu mtin computer Pro- griimming str-ff in i ew vocdtionrtl- institute Cnndidates should h.ive S-36fj oxpf/rinnce, three years experience in ddla orqcevj- . inq, prc,tjr<Tmminq f-xo^rinnce in either RPG. flAL. COBOL, FORTRAN lannu/igr-s. Well rornnnnvitcd PC .it ion b.T,r:d on e/perience and a'i'.ignrnent The ort--rirtivn n^w facility is entjiPpt'd wi'h'o V>^"2', d^K system with 24K Apnly to r>i"-'VK. f,'.,t nkato Ar-a Voc-'if ion/ii-Tnr hn!r f il Institute. 1970; Lee Bnuir-v -•"<. N',<-*n M'.nkritrj Minnesota 5600'. Telephone fr .O?) '!fl7-74£K __ ETT'crR'O^TMCTTNTTRUCTdR To teach electronics in two yf-rir post hifih school program in the new Atankrito Area Ift'.titute Applicants '.hould have three vears jou/nr-yman ex peri- f nee. Compensation as per Man- ktt to teachers salary schedule bised on experience and training. Apply to Director, Mankato Area Vocational-Technical Institute, 1920 Lee Boulevard, NofMh AAiQkalo, Minnesota 56001. Telephone (i07i """'ESTIMATOR" PROJECT ENGINEER Electrical contractor-*, Large volume. Comm. and industrial. Prefer degree. Will consider experience. Un- dor 40. Resume required for inter- CAhJNON & WENDT ELEC. CO. 4020 No. 16th St. PHpEN|_X._ARlZpNA_B501_3 FARMHAND - married on dairy and hcq operation. Partly modern house close to town. No milking experience required, top wages, extras, bonus and vacation. 662-3363 ^\ Sac CiWv- Iowa. ^FOREMAN""" An excellent opportun- it / for /ounq men who qualify. Year round outside 'work as foremen of small utility pole inspection ere A 1 . On the iob training, liberal pay, and fringe benefits. Must like to travel. Sinqie nit-n or married men without school oqe children. For lob description v/rite Osmose, : j /02 Nortnv^ood Dr., Ames, Iowa 50010. To Place » WANT AD from onl.tid« Des Moines CALL-AN-AD Direct, without charte anywhere In Iowa 800-362-1836 » Moines : Men—Jobs of Interest FOREMAN WELDERS MILLWRIGHT Must be able to climb and willing to Ucivr;! Iowa and Nebraska. TODD& SARGENT, INC. AMES, IOWA Phone 232-0442 FRY COOK Good \s,ic)Cl> AiH'lv ,iftor 4 30 MAMA LACONA'S _ ....... __________ .1679 Be.wi'i ' ' General Warehousing Inu-nydi.itp full firnc* op n inn 40 hour WPfK PrnvrdLT. P»p"r.iMKn «V-u:,t bo hioh uh'y.'l <jr.ulu.ifp API ply »n orrson F. BRODY & SONS .117 Cfiurl ,wi> HOME MANUFACTURER N;I:DS KM •« i () P.O. Box 3681 Des Molnet, Iowa M322 INSURANCE POSITIONS If you arp A rnllror qr,iriu.»fo or h.ivp ? yortri of cntipgo olir. tfi-"d work e'poricncp, wo .UP m- tr roiled in di<.ciit,Mnq the (ollow- ing positions with you 1 PROGRAMV.f'P AUTO UNDCRWPirL'R Our ncrson/ili/cfl training pronr.ims will rnatlily prpp.Tro you for productive work /ind mlvancemenl. Write or c.iU HAWKEYE SECURITY INSURANCE COMPANY 1017 W.llnut 2.13-SIJI __ Dm Moincs, town 50307 __ KITCHEN HELPER To work In sp.icious modern air-con- ditl',nc(l hosoitol kitchen, Co-oner- • olive stable workma coiTip-inion-j, 40 hoi/r week. V,ic.itlon, ilck leavo and other bern-lit*. APPLY prmrifjNEU DFPT IO/^A MFTHnOKT HOSPITAL Linen Supply Laundry Production work, sb.'.Kly employment. Ho expTifncr:' M trv Apoly P. '.V. MEANS f. CO _ UPO r.r.ind Ave _ Lineman or Lineman Trainee For city of opDrnximntety 3. COO popu- i,it' ..i Cr.or/tct 'lireclor of DUblic work^ CnX..MA 1 -k:J: i !;'<'m^iel;t. Ipw.i LINOTYPE MACHINIST For immcdi.itc onenina on nlohi 'ihilt. 3' ; hour >vr'f7k ^ith full fri'iqe t)t-n- etit Dro«rJnTi. ,V.u%t b<? erppncncc^J TTb Elektrons ,ind intertypc Apply to Perwnncl Office. ?nd floor Dos Moine', WeqiMcr ,uid Tribune 715 Locu',1 ?8.!-821? An O'jij.'il opportunity pmplo"er ...... "LINOTYPE OPERATOR ....... Experienced lor model IJ idling c!d',f,ified and correction*,. Small city d;nly, 40 hour week, ' ? driy Silt. .Good wotjer, and frinqc benefits ATLANTIC NEWS TELEGRAPH, __ , ____ LINOTYPE OPERATOR WEEKLY newspaper. Experienced on Ad m.lchine Air conditioned shop. plC'jvirir town. LiMie str.iifiht mailer. Northv;ood Anchor, North- jv.oocl, la 17J.IO r ,l. _ i- P GAS SERVICEMAN Must nave experience m service and bulk delivery. Top salary plus com. mission, protil shariny plan and other benefits. Please apply in writing to Economy Gas Co., Box 541, Litchfield. Minn. 55355 All inquiries kept in confidence. " '""" To loicn michine shop and tool and die makino in post high school level program n new vocal-on^l-tcchm- cal institute. Applicant should hiive minimum ol Ihree years iournev- n\ rt n t/DOTipnc»>. Coninen'.aiton bisect on Mandate tf> f 'icnors s-il-'rv •.triedule and experience and lra,n inti Apply to Director. Mankato Area Vocational Techniral Institute, 1920 Lee Boulevard, North Man- kilo, Minne-.ola 56001. Telephone !',!}/' IB? M.I I _ ' MAINTENANCE WORKER General factory maintenance In metal fabricating plant. Factory maintenance experience preffrrrd Good opportunity with local metal manufacturer. Good salary and complete program of company benefits. Call 244-7236. OR APPLY BOB DeGEEST DICO CO., INC. _____ _. MAN with 2nd claVs engineers " license. Contact Wayne Wheeler, J66-5I3I MATERIAL HANDLERS SL-^'.'ral openings in Receivinq. Warehousing and Shipping 5 days a we"k /:45 a'rn to n.m. Apply in person at Ocmnslcr Bldq corner ot Vlh incl Cherry NATIONAL HANDCRAFT INSTITUTE MECHANICS 4 EXPERIENCED Ducv to our expanding business in our modern shop in Clinton, Iowa Lai- est equipment, top wages and liner, ai company benefits WE WILL BE INTERVIEWING APPLICANTS IN DES MOINES, IOWA • Call colled for appointment interviews, 1-I319) 2J2-/011. LEE PAASCH FORD Clinton. Iowa MECHANICS Nev; and fast growing IHC rriotor truck dealership needs experienced merhpnics, 9d-> or dicsel. Fnnqe benefits and wages to fit ability. Write or call MIDWESTERN TRUCK SALES CO. Denison. Iowa 263-4149 After 5.30 P m. ?63-?062 MECHANICS (2i Experienced. One for rractors, one for ccirs. Good working conditions. all new euuipfnent. Group insurance available L & H INC. D07/S, IA OR 65 PHONE 852-4141 l WILLIAMS _ MECHANIC FORD Experienced Pleasant v^orkinq conditions. Good Insurance proqram. Vacations. Can apply in evenings. Matt-Anderson Ford-Mercury 642-2532 Model Cities Project Director To direct planning and coordination of model Cities program for Des Moines. program now enlerinq first vear irnplemenlalion phase. Combination equivalent lo degree plus 3 years experience in public or business administration, commupity planning or orqani:my, or related fields required. Salary open. Write: Personnel Director City of Des Moines Des Moines, lowa 50309 FEEL th- need for extra space and extra caih? Try a garage sale- Call Want Ads. 284-81.11 right now. Continued on Next

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