The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on August 31, 1918 · Page 26
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 26

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1918
Page 26
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Period Silver in Patricia Pattern Community Plate. fini^licd willt heaviest silver plate, and caeli spoon nnd fork being: additionally protected lit Hit points of greatest wear. M. WELCH, Jeweler 18 North Main Letters From Boys in A. E. F. Received in Hutchinson Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Dales can be arranged at any time by calling my ottlce phone, Nlckerson 29 al my expense, Aug. 31— Itoberta' semiannual Implement and stock sale, Arlington, l\a Sept. 2 —John Smith, lt$ north •cast (,'huse. Sept. 3- Mrs. long, 3 south and west Nlckerson. Sept. 4—Mummy and Rcdlmrn, 4 miles cast and 2 miles south of Nickerson. Hand Painted Bread and Butter Plates 75c Each A. L. WILSON UiADING JKWHLER 108 N. Main St. Sept. fi south Iter WHson, 2 east jrmalory bam . and Sept. corner 5 M. McCormlck, of ,\';ckersoti. southeast Jesse Langford USE NINNESCAH KILN DRIED White Corn Meal "Absolutely the best", guaranteed not to get wormy In summer m r*'— Handled by all best g. • Made only by SYLVIA MILLING CO., Sylvia, Kansas. Let Me figure oil Monarch Weather Strips for your home. Save fuel, keep wai in. No obligation to show you. G. T. Bronleewe 120 14th We:,l Phone 523 If You Suffer With HINES PLUMBING We Do All Kinds Plumbing and Repair Work Free Estimates on Resting and Plumbing. 419 Sixth West 1 Phone 247 ALFALFA SEED For Hall Planting $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas grown. Non- irrigated—write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson, [Cans. Bisonte Barber Shop Located in the Blsonto Hotel build- %»*mlng, south entrance. • -We do your work as you want tt done, No long waiting. It you shave yourself let us sharpen your razor. Work called for and delivered, dive Us a trial. ** 4 JOHN URBAN, Prop, PILES The Absorbent Method Will Cure You without pain, without cutting, tying, burning or the Injection of carbolic or other irritating acid, without hour's detention from business and pleasure. This seems almost too good to believe, and vie don't ask you to believe it, just investigate th wonderful new method of curing Pile.! and see for yourself. .Other pile doc tors who claim to cure Piles without the knife always use the scissors or an Injection of carbolic or other burn log acid. The ABSORBENT METH 00 Is a new discovery, absolutely different and far superior to any oth er method known. It is known to only seven rectal specialists in the United States, and can be obtained in the West only in Hutchinson at this of. flee. A number of Kansas people have taken the Absorbent treatment fo Piles since It was introduced here recently. You may ask them about it, Every cure guaranteed for life. E. C. McKinnis, So. Hutchinson, Or. Hover's Absorbent cure for Piles was so pleasant and satisfactory as compared with the tortures of other treatments I had taken that It seems almost miraculous." We cannot euro and do not accept cases of Cancer of the Itectuui. tf you delay trealnioat until cancer d& velojica, you are beyond hope. The ABSORBENT cure is so easy to take and so quick and positive In Its power to relieve and cure that f iatienU are astonished. It is almost IkV wizardry. In fact Dr. Hover I known as the "Pile Winard." Charges moderate—far less than the old.fash loned Pile operation would cost. Post tlve guarantee In every case. Fistula, fissure, rectal ulcer, and all other roc tal diseases cured by our latest Improved methods without the knife, Consultation Free. Dr. Hover, "The Pile Wizard," With THE UNITED DOCTORS Ws West First street, Hutchinson . • Kansas The only place west of the\Mis«our| river\yhera the ABSORBENT METH 00 for cure of Piles can be found, What We Weld With Oxj- Acetylene Welding Plant „• A'ltomobltif iwru ..Auto cylinder*, cruclieu ov broken . water Jucluiu I Automobile I.umon 1 AuU> ctank costs,' aluminum or oilier inula! ; Auto *eur wheels by wuklina in teem Auto u-xlos Auto cranks Auto muifler tubes Auto manifold* btettm iutitue cylinder* cruiiid or broken atenm pnjrinv frames Bit-am pump cylinders ana trum«i gleam I>1IK ^, oruciiod or broken . Steam, bolloro by VQktU'i; in IMK I IW in lire bo*w . Utoam reller ciaolo, In »lu*u or tii;a>u Stoum buUor tube* • • Hot'wati'r bailors - Hat water range boilers Form m&cUlueiy uaru of ail !Un.i« . Hoayy KKMr, wbdisls • 4'r»otor i*rt» 6t««i tank <wun» - y • > on wa»*>i tanks Water waeim tavka OH" „.. barrttl »«ame ami Jul tap, Wjiuns fttd id -tow . V Not Out. of Hospital Yet. Hobart 1.. ttoyt, wto wns wounded In active service on July 18th wiitea (hat he Is anxious to get out of the hospital, following Is a letter from him, wblch is from the Lyons Repub- ilcnn. Vichy Abler, Prance, Angust 6th, 191S. Dear Polks: Hero I am scratching this paper up like.a hen In a straw stack—but pet- haps you can head enough to know that alt is well over here, notwlth- landlng the ract that I am still rlghL handrd. By the way there Is n young lady who lives Just across the street. Site Is a waiter in one of the fashionable hotels In this city. She struck my eye and 1 proceeded to borrow some clothes from a roommate and went over and called on her. She Invited me to come back tonight. But that pleasure Is nil off, for that "pal" of mine says that ho Is going himself, and as he owns the clothes, nnd 1 do not have any, 1 guess I can't go—but on't tell the Lyons girls. It has been chilly all day and at present the clouds are suro flying past, and some windy, woll 1 guess yes. Still In Hospital. I'd like to know what part of 1-Yance this" hospital is located, but will get out some of ihese days and get to find out. nil these things. 1 would like to get some of the let- era which 1 know are hack in the company for me. 1 wrote as soon as 1 arrived here to the orderly room to have.Jhem forward my mall to this place. The officer in charge ot this hospital 4s B. W. lloyt—having the eame Initials as Uncle Elbert. H seems "•Lfonny lo me because 1 never saw anyone by the name of Hoyt in our part of the country outsiilo of our family. I do not know where lie came from. He asked me where I cftmc from the first morning when be dressed my arm, and when 1 told him he said he. lived n long way from Kansas. have not done anything for so long i believe f have lUrooel forgotten how to bn a soldier. 1 have now, been away from the company for 10 days and this is the longest rest 1 have had since I Joined the army, I wish I could help them here, but one hand doesn't do very much. We surely took the curve out of the line, didn't we? Net Complimentary. T saw in an ISnglisli paper the other day an editorial which said that "the Americans were given too much credit for what Utile (hey did." If it had been a "Frenchman who would say that I -.voulj believe him myself, but I was not. The' French know better. I'm a Yank, a dozen hills and inarch six or seven miles. One Sunday another boy and 1 htado It over to a town ncross the wood and hill and made if In 20 minutes. We marched to that town ft. couple, of days later and It look tis an hour and a half by the road. "Will close tor this time and wrlto some moro later. Beat wishes tor,till. Yours, , HANS bAltSEN, Company <3. ,3f>3 Infantry, 88 Division, American B. V. Wound Nearly Well Now. Following' are a Couple of letters from tho Lyons Republican, which are written by Corporal Floyd flleger, brother ot E. J. Ulegcr, of this oily. Ills letters follow: Somewhere In France, July 28; 1918. Dear Mother and Father: *. Just a few lines to let you know I am getting along fine. My wound la nearly healed. I suppose I will get, out of hero" this week some time. 1 1 have mot sovoral fellow's from tho same bnttalion that llobart ' and Frank are from but none that know them. I met one young fellow that knows young Orr. I guess f was pretty close to their division at otic time. It is sure' a fine day today; it is hard for one lo stay lnsldo. I went to church this a.m. and'I think: I will go Ibnlght again. ' The minister Is a pretty good talker* There is no news, just the Bamo tiring over and over again. I hope this finds,you alt well. With love to all, your son, ' I CORPOHAL Ft.OYD A.«-11LB0KR. 93th Co. Oth Rgt. llarlnefi. Somewhere In France, J August 1, 1918. Dear MoWefr and 'Father;.-. Well, here: I am still in the hOBpltal- but feeling ' fine and dandy. My wound Is nearly healed up. I havo been expecting to be shipped out any day, but have not as yet. General Pershing w-as here and inspected us the other day. 1 am on the top floor and ho did not get up hero, but I looked out and saw him. I guess.the papers are full of the Americans fighting. The kniser probably knows by this time that he is up against a pretty tough bunch of "kids," as he calls thera. When thoy are good enough to whip Prussian Guards then:I guess they are pretty good fighters. 1 am glad to see Russia getting back In it again. With someone to worry "Heine" in the east, I believe It will bring it to a much speedier end. Say, if you have any extra money that you want to give away, give It to the Red Cross, for they are right here on the spot. Always when you .want something they are right there with chocolate, tobacco, and canned goods of all kinds, especially when Were *ou not surprised to find out,! you are coming out or going up. And - - •• - ti le beauty Of it Is it doesn't cost a fellow a cent. ItTs raining today so I think I will stay In. I hope this letter finds you all in the best of health, it leaves me feeling the heat ever.' Don't worry about rne: !r Wlth love to all. Your son, CQRFORAb FIXiyi) A. BIJSQER. 95th Co.'6tl£')M^rJneS.:: that 1 had benii hit? I was myself. Say, it. was funny, though, that the German who was- off about 20 feet im me. missed getting me by t.w< Inches. I hated to put a wouuded fellow out of his misery till I came to that one. Wrtll, there is not much news here I must clone. I wonder where Frank Wykoft is as have'not heard a word from him. I hope he la all righl. Better mall here as I will probably bo here for quitu u' while. With much love. , HOBART HOYT. 45,112 ' U. S. Base Hospital No. 19, American Kxpcdltlonary Forces. W Jlclies Them Threah, Following is a letter from Hans Larson of Co. C HGurd -fnf ititry, who lolls of seeing them thresh over there. Mis letter follows: Frauce', July 2-!, IIUS. Tho Frank Colladay Hdw. Co, Hutoliliison, Kans. Hello Folks: it is sometlmo now since I have written you a leter, but I have been real busy for the last four weeks and have not had time to do much writing. We have also been on the move all the lime and cxpoct to leave this place too, la a couple ot days. We arrived safely at Liverpool and through England, across the channel . nd had a box car rido from ihe French seaport here. We have had iois of drilling every day from eight a- m. till six p, m., alt kinds ot drill, bayonet, bombs, etc. We have our complete outfit now, helmet, gas musk and other things. Fourth ot July wo celebrated here in this camp with a parade, baH games, etc., but the Mlh of July, the French Independence Day, we took-a twenty mile hike to the city where the American headquarters are located, Mndo the hike the day before and on tho 14th we had a parade and review. We had the honor to hav* General Pershing review us and Bsvpral other high American and Frenc.h officers, and a couple of moving picture ma. chines took our pictures so no doubt you wil some day see us oyer iu - w" ' A& JHaSNGHT EVERY WRONG RIGHTED Th*) hom« of Hilt 6ch»flrntr fc M*« clttfea We Close Labor Day—Monday at Noon New Fall Suits for Young Men Y OU'LL find the new fall suits for young men very skillfully designed to give you-very smart style and at the same time to conform to the dtsire to economize on .materials and labor; you'll like the new models. Many beautiful fabrics and colorings, military fdeas in design, and new sack styles, for young men especially in college and high school, we have some very smart things. All-woolifabricst and in every respect satisfaction guaranteed clothes. Unusual values in Suits at $20, $25, $39, $35 up to $60. V For 31 years headquarters for Manhattan Shirts and Stetson Hats LAMBOKN CIGAR COMPANY FORMAL OPENING TONIGHT New Retail and Wholesale Concern >s Located at 3 North Main Street. ,-' Commercial Club Meeting. Regular meetings of tho Commercial club w-iil be resumed in September. On account of tho first Monday being Labor'Day, the Commercial club meellpg will be held on the second Monday, Sept. 9. It is desired to hays every member preBont. C W, ; OSWALD, President. Tues & Fri. 27-&2t Dr. W. Monroe Jones has discontinued his partnvship of Drs. Jones and Sterrett and will resume .his practice of.'; Bye, Ear, Noso and Throat In suite formerly occupied by Dr. G. R. Gage.—702 R.-W. Building, Phono 29W. 13-lCt Fall. Opening Term. September.-.2, 9, 16. The Salt City Business College 30-2t A neat Improvement to tho business block north of Sherman street' on Main is the new Lamborn Cigar Company retail store which opened • for business today sit No.' 3 North I Main street Just north of the First! National hank In tho room formerly occupied by a shining parlor. U. D. Lamborn, well known in the whole-., sale cigar business for years, is the proprietor of the new store, while he has associated: in the business with { him Roy Lamborn and Ben Lamborn. t Roy Lamborn will be active manager | of'the store and no is charge of both the retail and wholesale departments. *' ."-'* 'This will be th^ only exclusive cigar store In Hutchinson and "will 'handle.'iuo usual Hue ot goods found in such stores as pipeE; nawspapuri and magazines, candies, cold drinkr. eto, '."...'.' ' - •'; , .,'•..''". The Schiller Piano is, without doubt, the best-piano made,"to sell; at the reasonable price at" which it is sold by Phone 2434 J. H. HARPER 108 N.Main Bargains in Used Pianos. •••/:• TWIN WHEEL WINDMILL Company Filling Long Felt Want in Wind Mills. The Twin Wheel' Wind Mill Manufacture? Company are now making every effort to produce a single mill to meet the requirements of Iheir rapidly growing trade in Hutchinson apd vicinity and the vast territory to the West. They are shipping many Blngle mills out ot Hutchinson every week in an effort to supply the demand of their buyerB. ; They are now making a new single.mill'wblch will be on the market In a few weeks which Mr. Kdwards, the manager, THREE GENERATIONS IN ROOSEVELT FAMILY j GATHER TO DISCUSS NEWS OF. THE BOY! The Boys Are Preparing Behind the lines for rhe next drive. Are you preparing for the Fourth Liberty Loan? Begin your saving now and be ready to take out your bonds* - •• >-•'-.""• - •/'•''•' • First National Bank Established 1876 Hutchinson, Kansas.- ail EXPERIMENT IN PSYCHOLOGY ^qsnese Professor Coming to this Cguntry to Study, 'i kjo,' .Japau. — Doctor Mata(*re 'Minoto,' ' •"' Hpei 1:,!.. dtden: ted, Stv pI'OSTHiS fsjiBclaJly lh3"Ei)pllcalloij of phycho" logical search es to milltar)' tit fairs. Dr. Matsiimoto will sail for America next month uid n-main there one year, lie Is couuocled with tho com- mittoii foT Investigation of experiment tal psychology applied to military at* fairs orronbtd by high officers of the Jnpaocno navy. From the United States Dr. AroUuinoto will visit Canada lo Inspect the condition* of re- educailou ox Six soldiers crlpided in tho war. and later will proceed to Rutland, France and Spain for study. < Enroll Monday. Hulchinsou on tho screen, the next day wu made it back to camp, somewhat tired but all of us la good humor. It was a real town too, and we had lots of fun and we had Saturday evening' and Sunday evening for ourselves. AVe take a hike once In a while, and the roads over here certainly aru good, Just us good as a paved city street. It Is wheat cutting time hero now and 1 have seen lots of binders in the fields hero Most places though tt Is the women that do Die work In the fields, with short knives similar to our grass hooks. They cut off a dojon Btalka at a time and placo It lu a bundle and tie Iho . 'bundle together wtlh a straw tie. »nlal WWw^tei ; |iiw one man do some threshing Wit; evening. Ho took a bundle of the wheat and Pounded on a barrel with thcui. LflU-ot queer sights over here. I can leU. y^xj-hote people hern are suro stronr-ioif'ijhejr wlue. Walking down ilia street It jg*haxd to tell which placo Is a wine ahov^.^jd which Is not; every place there are, bottles on the table, II is a nice climate harp, somewhat warm lu the day time; especially mhen you aro carrying A heavy pack on your 'back find a rifle, | helmet Mid tho rest qf. our flghtjiJK 1 loo)*, but the nights are cool, aouje'' timet cpId, Ifls all hills around h*re. and M Yfjuiwant fc* go ip a towu aftout verllV 8, B, l<), Tb« Salt CBT tWflpU^fWW'»U»» «ow n *«fiJ ! *» Wordsworth who wrote, "the child is father of tha man,"'jhd , , t .jL .happy SRtborlng o{ the Roosevelt fawny it is: 99. yan yo« jmaglrie ^9^"3jsitJEreat American family BUIB I feel to "be the prcrad-poflRfiegr ^i 6 . 0 f A w r™*^S ll h three stars shown in t6e. photo initlje hands of Iilciiaxd pertiy, Jr ;'^»tbjee sops who are flghMn* 4oiaoflr%oy ! s ca'uje TH??l^V s »^ iareM, > r eivefl another, ArcWfeAw b«eo wounded. The tfeUfl 8«^u for Tpeptjpre, Jr. Too jrrevP IC.WSiEoeed B? Tlieodore R«9»«vfJt* mMrt ^jt^ b ft by of Archie; TJiWft Rfl9|4 veil, Giptain Areble'8 «AfS. HlftUwda »erby, Jr., tMre- R ^m ^t and R«*r With pcrby on jaer -fe. .pwrJMgg '^f •» "r- •*» -:'.' - *f Expert Kodak Developing and Printing. 12 Hour Service EE BLOOM & CO, druggists Agents Kiatman Kodak Go. 305 North Main St. * Kodaks,Films and Supplies ... •• : says will be the boat that has been made in. the single mills, - Thoy already have three siuglo mills which are proving vary popular tor their .use. The Twtn Wheel Wind Mill Co, (while yet In Its infancy Is gaiplng rapidly in the windmill game. . : They still are producing the famous twin wheel mill which h&a proven the only tiure economical way of Irrigating. Tho twin wheels which have been used oyer the slate this year have proved their worth in tho crops they have saved. You can irrigate most aayvBize tract of land you desire .with too twin wheej mill. Many fann­ ers who have them in use now testify that they have saved more than Uiotr first cost this year alone, by the savins ot their garden truck, potatoes, young trees and other growing products. The Twin Wheel company aro going to have one of the . largest exhibits over at the 9tato Fair this year and visitors are cordially invited to cal( at the tent and get their mills explained in full. ELECTRIFY THE . HOME And Save Many Steps for the House. keeper In Her Work, The United Water, Cos and Electric company will have on dip play at their booth aflfeo State tte mny modern electric doytaes tW «an now b§ uwd in every household tg Sftve U»8 »»4' labor. Tbey wUl Jiaye QR exhibit »Pd la pperiMin. tjie, etseirio vftsher, n |MMA» W « Btovts, and Ui '.Kajat STW ,electrical device, Tjjwr m tMwflJtof^only 4 ft»-bsrt Jtoft* (J*riJ re»Vas a »4 absolute satiafaoUw They ore making a specialty on eleo- 1 trice contrivances that'will tend* to save the housewife time 1 and tabor;i* doing her. dally -work, without 1 . run» nng up a largo expense, With th# conveniences now offered with electricity housekeeping is-made a pleas* ure instead ot a drudgeryJla tho' old/'- UHshloned way. Visit:their booth at the Fair and be convlnctsd. • K, CHALMERS MOTOR SALE8 Company Will Have Fine ExhlbYit aV^ the Big State Fair. • Prospective car; buyers fhouid not & pass up;the opportunity of visitlijs^ the display of the Chalmers Mot^r.p Sales Co. at tho State Pair.' Tnejp-J have made arrangem 'enta for a largejl tent and will havo tnere several mod,^ ele. ot both the Allen'undCb^luierflj car. They have a limited nmnber 4»*s hand now-,'and will-be ub|e to Ijar^ first class display. Owing ti} ify steel condition* now there arenmn; dealers over'tho country who, s-U' « able lo set cars at all far t; XShalmers people have, been able w keep n fjjw cars on hamj, ••: :h J<« )n opuuectlon with tj^elr ut^asux car dsplay thoy are agents 'fer tj Na»U fruct whlolj is 'recog^Jsed^ one ot the be*t trucks on the 2Q«{ri tfld»y* The Nasb truck la eijuljir wiUi' ejeetrje lights and. elestrjftjgtj er wblch is something sew,,for,•'—' they b»ve on bond, s> earlo&d l0 «4 «d vblaJl Include^ Uja^T— whew .drive and the (H»Mft tor dxjtw Tehiojes asr

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