The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 20, 1956 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1956
Page 6
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Page 6 Ufyr "Ihujtmmt fcun Highlands Civic Club Gets Reports Tonight T.V. Log- 'Hi-Fi 1 Owners Should Have String Quartet CHANNEL 2, KPRC-TV The recently formed Highland's -.Civic club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the oterneutary school auditorium to Jicar reports of jjim- standing committees. W. E; • Henrichson, president, isaia the club, organized to promote tits growth and civic improvement of Highlands, had .attained a membership of 126 since its formation in February. The idea was conceived early in .Tsir.ifi.ry -o' this year when numerous civic-minded citizens rpeog- ajn«? the need of such an organization, and calM a (<V.VTJ meeting to Lest public opinion. At the or- ganizaliosal meeting ;~ February, townspeople voted overwhelmingly to orgarii™f the body ana elected its first officers. ' Named :o head the new group were Henrichscn; Joe Smith, vice president: Jim Braaiil. secretary, and Clifton Adan-.s, treasurer. An advisory committee composed of George Keith, H. W, Oliver, Mrs. Harry K. Johnson, Mrs. Voters Are Asked To Look At Human Factor In Housing Baytown voters, who vcail decide •whether the city should have additional public •housing' on. March 24. were asked Tuesday to "cou- siScr the human values involved." T. F. Scale, chairman of the Greater Baytown : Improvement group, called attention to what he termed a typical low-income family now residing, in a public housing unit "A characteristic- family group is headed "by a 39-year-old widow iviio must support four school-age children on her clerical salary of ?2S a -week." Seale'said. "This family was paying- S9 per .veek for three rooms in a large. dilapidated frame apartment building: when, a minister told the mother of the possibilities for improvement of her family life offered by our existing public housing unit. "Before the family-was admitted, the members of the Housing authority determined that its Jiving conditions were sub-standard, that its income did not permit improvement in private housing- and that the family head was a loyal American citizen of good moral background." "What this has meant in this woman's struggle to J:e?p her family together.'' Scale continued, -"can best be described In her own words: "When my husband cied, we tried living with relatives. Thac j'jst didn't work with two famines under the same roof. The children didn't feel at home. It didn't work out in the old apartment either. It was too high, cors-sidering what I make, and it was so crowded that we were always in each other's way. Even worse was the way the piace looked. We had no place for nay 35-year-old daughter to cmcrtain her friends ar.d she couidn't have a decent social life like other girls. ""Things are a lot different now. The older girl has one more year at REL, then hopes to get a part-time job &r_a attend Loe coi- legr; at night. The two smallest boys are in a Cub Scout pack and have lots of friends in the court. We're living like huraan beings aijain. It's the way it used to be before my husband died.'" "The point that this illustrates,'' Seals concluded, "is that the people served by public housing arc -just like other Baytowa people, only they are in need. The average family income among occupants of Baytown public housing: units is .71292.73 pc-r year. The average monthly rental is S23.45." L». F. Leach and W. L, Heanvdon were elected to assist the officers in Braiding the destiny of the organization. '.Nine standing committees wore appointed to expedite functions of the club in the various brackets. Kerned to head the committees were Harry K. Johnson Jr., industrial; Wallace Dunks, roads and transportation; Warren Spivey, commerce: Don Lane, city planning; Pat Patterson, civic affairs; William A. Berefeld, agriculture; Mrs. E. W. Lynch, education; Mrs. B. B. Tsilcy, publicity; and" Louis Rosser, membership and finance. The various committees have he'.d individual meetings, the latest of which was the. meeting of the education committee ir. the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Talley. While the advisory committee has authority to act for the club, the entire membership votes on major issues. Kenrichsen said the club is currently concerned primarily with educational problems, -civic affairs and the possible formation of a City planning: commission. Regular meetings are held the third Tuesday -in each month and membership is still open. Women, 2i Leaps Off Trinity River Yfadyct At Dallas . DALLAS -—•fO'L- A 26-year-oia woman jumped 60 feet off a Trinity River viaduct Monday, police said. : Dorothy Preeland was taken to Parkland hospital in serious condition -with a broken leg and arm. face lacerations and possibly other broken bones and internal injuries. Officer J. M. Wilson said be and other policemen found ^tiss Freeland laying- on grassy sod in the dry Trinity River bottom. Wilson.said a note was found in her purse addressed to her father, J. B". Barrett of Dallas. Wilson said the note left all her possessions to her father and said "I aiu no good to anybody. 1 ' The note also told aim to take care of "Gary.'' but didn't identify him. "Wilson said a passing- motorist told him he saw the woman sitting on the east side of the Houston Street bridge -nth her feet dangling over the edge. He said he looked back arain and the •woman vrasn't there. SHOT FATALIY as he struggled with a. bandit in his San Francisco grocery store, Felb: Tapia, 60, receives last rites from Fr. William Hughes of Sacred Heart church. The panicky gunman 3ed without rifling the. cash register. '{I "It's all mine!" Si5.00 dividends on my savings these past 3 years . .. just like finding money! I'm happy that f:started my first savings account with Herris County Federal Savings & Loan Association 3 years ego. HARRIS COUKTY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATE SO* \V. 8355 fi:M 5:30 6:00 6:10 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 8:00 8:SO 9:SO 10:00 10:30 10:45 10:30 11:00 12:00 6:40 6:45 7:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:50 2:00 S:00 S:15 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 6:00 6:10 6:15 6:SO 6:45 7:00 7 :SO 8:00 S:30 8:00 9:30 11:15 11:30 .TUESDAY' Loonty town Kamar of Junjrle' World At Larps Today In Sport* .News: Weather Dinah Shore Kexvs Caravan Chevy Show Jano VTyman Thcatw Circle Theater I Led Three Li vet District Attorney News ;' Weather Les Paul-Mary Ford Mann About Sport» Tonight Sign Ofl •By I'RESTOX MCX5KAW DALLAS —UP— .Every owner o£ high-fidelity- equipment ought to have at least one siring: quartet in his record collection. If it is a real high fidelity recording job, almost nothing will sound so good. A hi-fi fan looking for a. string quartet probably couldn't do any better now thnn Capitol's New Hollywood String Quartet recording of Bedrich Srneiana's 'From My Life" (12-inch, LP, RIAA curve", P-S3SD. Because of the music,, the Smetana side of the record sounds better than the other side, Alexander Glazounov's "The Five Novelettes" of Opus 15. Another • new. recording that will give a hi-G system a real workout is six George Gershwin pieces re- o.ordetf for AIGM by Sondra Bianca with the Pro Husica Sym- phony of Hamburg, Germany (12- inch, LP, NARTB curve. E3307) 1 . The top side of the record — "Second Rhapsody" for piano and orchestra and variations oC "I got. Rhythm" for piano orchestra— is less impressive than the No. 2 side. Miss Bianca is an American. The second side — "Cuban Overture" for 'orchestra and three- preludes for solo piano —•' is indeed a fine piece of business. Because of the variety of 'extraordinary sounds it contains, it is a fine showpiece for a-hi-fi system. The first violinist of the Hollywood String Quartet is Felix Slat- Inn. Slatkin conducts the Hollywood Bowl symphony Orchestra in Ed- vnrd-.H. Griegs "Peer Gynt Suite No. 1." Opus 4G, and "Peer Gynt Suite No. 2," Opus 55 on one side of another new Capitol recording (12-inch, LP, RIAA curve, P-8329). • This is well worth any man's 53.95. The."other' side is the "Caucasian Sltetches" of Mikhail Ippo!- 1 - itQff-Iva'noff. It-is not a bad piece of music but suffers by comparison witlithe Peer Gynt Suites.•Fidelity, the highest on both sides. : .There must be hi-fi fans on a hill-billy kick and 12 pieces 'by Arthur" Smith and his "crackerjacks" on an MGM record (12- inch, LP, NARTB curve E-32S6) should be for them. Smith wrote a piece called "Guitar Boogie" some years back that any but the deaf couldn't have avoided hearing:. As a performer, Smith, of'Char- lotte, N.C., is an extraordinary guitar and banjo picker. His solo pieces on this recording probably would 'intrigue persons who don't especially fancy hill-billy music. The best of these is a Spanish guitar piece called, "Half Moon." Another.', form of music that reproduces '-particularly well is .Dixie- land and -the coo), or new, sound. MGM is out with a fine record of this (12-inch, LP, NARTB curve, '' It is a so-cnllcd .battle of jazz between a Dixieland outfit, including such veterans -in the everyman- :'or-himsel£ style as Jimmy McPartland and Ed Hall, 'on .one side, and such cool cats as Dlzzie Gillesple and Buddy DeFranco on the other. "Siflc." in this respect menus in the battle of the -horns, rather than sides of the record. The Dixie- landers play a piece, such as "Indiana" and then the Birdlamlcrs play it. They play some pieces together. -.":.- Tuesday; March 20, 1956 ' •• BUY A NEW 1956 FORD BEFORE LICENSE TIME (April 1st* Thad Felton's Try Sun Classified Ads—Dim 8302 Morning- Devotional George Roesner Today Dinjf'Donf School Ernie Kovac Home Tennessee Ernie Feather .Tour 'Nest TV Kitchen Movie -Date XBC Theater Date With ldf« Modem Romances Queen For A Day Howdy Doody Roy Rogers " World At Larg-e Les Paul-Mary Font News; Weather Eddie Fisher XC-TS Caravan Screen Director Father Knows Best Gildersleeve Waterfront Tliis Is Your Life Academy Awards Xews; Weather Tonight THE TEXAS LAW ENFORCEMENT CONFERENCE, sponsored annual!)- by Attorney General John Ben Shepperd, left, will be held in Austin March 18-21. Featured speakers, left to right, include Erie Stanley Gardner, attorney-crimihologist and author of the Perry Mason mystery series; Rod Cameron, TV star of "City Detective"; ar.d Col. Homer Garrison, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Priii-ate citizens interested in law enforcement are invited to all sessions o£ the meeting. The week begin- rnmg March- IS has been designated by the Governor as "Civic Support of Law Enforcement Week" in Texa*. FREE PRIZES FREE! Get your LUCKY RED ARROW HERE FREE! TRI-CITY PHARMACY NO. 2 FREE PARKING ON OUR LOT 511 W. Texas Did 8291 CHANNEL 11.KGUL-TV TtJESDAT 5:00 11 Video Lane 5:30 News; Weather 5:45 Dong- Edwards 6:00 I Married Joan 6:30 Name That Tune 7:00 Phil Silvers 7:30 Navy L.OST 8:00 Guy Lombardo 8:SO Bed Skelton 9:00 $04.000 Question 9:30 Trust Tour Wife? 10:00 Doug- Fairbanks Jr. 10:30 Late Show 12:15 Dateline Europe 12:45 News; Sign Off WEDNESDAY 6:30 Kara! Keveille 7 :00 Get Up Time 7:55 News 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:55 Island Headlines 9:00 Garry Moore 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Kich 31:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love Of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 Stn Erwin Show 12:30 Love Story 1:00 Kobert Q. Lewi* . 1:30 House Party : 2:00 Big Payoff ; 2 :SO Bob Crosby Show 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Kay Milland 4:30 Kit Carson 5:00 11 Video Lane 5:30 News; Weather 6:45 Doug- Edwards 6:00 I Married Joan 6:30 Boston Biackie 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 -The Millionaire S:30 Tvc Got A Secret 9:00 UOth Century Fox 10:00 Science Fiction 10:30 Late Show 12:15 Dateline Europe 12:15 News; Sign Off CHANNEL 13, KTRK-TY TUESDAY 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Foy Willing 6:15 News; Weather 6:30 Warner Bros. 7:30 Wyatt Earp 8:00 Danny Thomas 8:30 Stories of Century 9:00 Tomorrow's Careers 9:30 Cavalcade Theater 30:00 News 10:15 Town and Country 10:30 .Mystery Omnibus 31:00 News 11:05 To Be Announced 11:20 Sign Off WEDNESDAY 7:45 Anthem; Prayer 7:55 News; Weather 8:00 Playranch 9:00 Kornpcr Room 10:00 .Mary Carter 10:30 Hollywood Theater 11:45 Kitirik Comics 32:00 Midday Movie 1:30 The Kuggles 2:00 Film Festival 4:00 Adventures 4:30 Little Rascals 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club G:00 Foy Willing 6:15 News; Weather 0:30 Disneyland 7:30 MGM Parade 8:00 Masquerade Party 8:30 Break The Bank !<:00 Wednesday Fights 8:55 Steel Sports 30:00 News 30:15 Town and Country 30:30 Mystery Omnibus 31:00 New* 1J :05 To Be Announced 31:20 Sign Off MAKE EVERY MEAL A Wife Preservers" Nothing .else comes near the buiif-in convenience o': electric ccc,.-ng. 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