The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY HEWS, FKEDBKlUJfc, Mil, MONDAY, MAY 16, 1932. THKEJ5 CONTENTS LOSI FARM BUREAU LOCALS WILL HOLD MEETINGS Livestock Marketing Co-Operative Assn. To Be Discusseo 1 . of Farm Bureau Iic _. ... . ,, .... n r- _ be held a: Mt ?asan. %Yecnesc3 Fire Wrecks Building On Farm _, ?h , a: s oc:xk a - d a . Ne * Marie -, n.sht at ".ie sacie at Of Arthur D. Lambert. Assoc-3-..on iisr*e-.r.3 ex??- .ll oe cl-srus^d by ; BIME HEAR The assoc at-os. s^or^rec. Fire of unknown origin des'-royed a Farm Sarea- .$ ?.i=^=; -o - mow of hay on the farm of Artnur D j^-^":^ ~M~an!s".c. It ^« ' ."o^gn Lambert, near Feaga%i!le Sundav even-' ;ne parm Bu-esj :r.i. FJ, JT--» leg. The Indepeacect Hose Company "co^pera-.'.e Asj^cia'.cn *ai e» -o.-jr;- froia ihis city went to the scene ' e= j-j -.r_s c -- Wmle - n^ crca- ^a- pumpmg from a TkeU on the prop- t : . O n is rreq^en-.y cal-ed ts* Farm erty managed » save so=se adiommg Bdr«s^." it ^ a separate and c_-.^c: or- oatbuildasgs- Loss could not be Seam-' ganizat.on, headed 3\ M Frank Holed, bw tt was believed that some in- t :r presiien:, Ekinjvl Tnomas secre- sumnoe was carried. I tary. and S Emer Brown, trea^ -ier The fire was oacovered aooui 7 40 !·: was cona-c-xro. ov -h? o'eJock Sunday eveEcng by Mr. Lam- | Farm B^rea-. 2^1 -n a was bert, who resides some distance away ' sncorpora-ec as a separs,'* con-err The from the barn on another part of the , Farm Birreaa a^o gaie nnanc^al a^_- iarm. wna* he acquired last j'ear He an;* :o *=e ar.= \ .rr-s-a Mi^s looked from the window of the house j Procucers' Assc-cj-:cn when .t x- and saw flames darting from the roof i sng organjsei s^'.en j«ars s.vz , ?-· a I r o i S-o.. \ i ' O «!.·» 3S ' .~l »t ' A \.' ore uie «.·.··] j ' "-.e il" N - ^3 O. 2«\ ' \\ '. « 3 ^ V..' ^ v ' -1 'I' i . \\ t.. ~ . ' i ? O3 t 3 " ' i C l " '{ When your children, 14; ' l like the buds of flow; \ .!' ers. blossom forth in I' i[ spring attire, just no- ,| i V tice how much they 'i · s. r '- XV r : 1» Co r. 1 :.e NEA S^'-.c -. appointment today . . PHONE 799 Edmonsion Studio · U hilc 1 ou Arc \!wul It . . . Grt a Good Picture" YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cle ined before putting away for the Summer Dust and sod destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY 1 - U t U t U S t h S O l ' l t s l l i i o t . l ^ - l \M» BtST CLEANERS AND DYERS COMMON TABLE SALT OFTEN HELPS STOMACH K t \ l I!1L MOKY. THEN COLOK THL PK Tt KL s?^ TM ] SOIK of the bam. Neighbors cacie *o Tne t.-'wis ha^e oereS'^c larm- As \Ymo7 land^-cl on :re groii.c :h happy T-n es ga'-ore; ·cene shortly afterward and a call was'ers of Frecer-.ri o-i :· -o · -- e-'^r.- sent u the Independents i o' appro-umaX- $50" CO". -r ' -e ?^s: Yoaw -1m Meanwhile, Mr Lambert ran to tne four years '.: b*m and inanaged to pull se\era!J Tnese fa::*, were p.aced wagons out, as well as sal-.agmg other, grc'j? of biS-ness men of tr.r possessions Before the firemen arrived,; winter 3- a co='*rence Tr.e the barn was a mass of names and the i men *ere impressed -i.-i :--..=· .i.. other outbuilcLngs took fire. Approxs- j a=ythj:g '.-2: he.?^: :-e fa-_ rrs mately adjoining as abou .is: py cnea. KJT-S-. f v :·-u t_rr.ed - **al nca* '".:'£. YOJ rj.--csi tee D.--;. off . is: r.;h: vhen he 'aas nans-ns f-cTi .1.5 K.*e And the- yoa br:-5*:t hjr ^afe \ cows ·- "es!Tne -.\role ora'.e *:-»· .t«s s cs O. :nar.i -.oj," arii c-«d \v^ay ',--,,-; o f . ' l am q--:e at home -o J- '-'-e s£j the com house W Culler and W.lLam M S's-rr T,as the between 20 and 25 tons, which adjoin _. , ed the bam. also took Sre and bjmed *-*s This commictee r^c«n.... _e. ^ Piremen remained at the scene late | officials 3f tne Far=i^Bjr«a..^a_^ s.^- iato the night. The only water obtain- ; sessions were exi-angec . ^ mble was from a well and this supply j ^^^^ ^^..^J^f-':^:. could be used only at ^11- A nearby house by the on which the bam was situated was I m ;..: -u\e '.^- a . '^. -1m 3^; a ""*·--»." ;* ** B-' : :.«. * - - - - . \ »a* Ac^.a _ : · " ? ' · ·3 :^i.e a r.c^. v. r. " .-.c? - jl.t ZL I -i o:. · s a oais* i" " l ." ! Cono- s.:o-'' . id -_ ::.-.'. i.\ sa-* L«c^ g cirjssisia The Dandelion Poet Says: "When your liver's upside down; t And upon yoar face a frown, Just you go without a risk ·^ · -V t t h r n - o u i l i l l K L N o! M'EINC. FB1IM. l r CuR t««k alnr or ^dv Iir u»r Babr chirk* 1 Birr ROCK \rrnur. l- 4^J U«»t I rcdc-lct And take Disk." a Dandelion Lirge box - $1.00 \t four Urucsist'j or Dealer's o=!j- at ^^rva-s. i -«=« 3 = ~" -, ous^ was not threatened i 2a:.on has aa office on -."e «?-=rc -ao. :t was «aud The farm j t- '»-* C^^e *-.-c « co_.-j bam was situated was ' agen: formerly the home or the Lamberts but Tne mcn'hly I lerger farm biir«ai: local some tune ago, an adjoining larm was poreoased large kep! was stated. Mr. I.araoer; said he had no idea as to how die Sre ongsated. Two Other Fires A second Sre in the same general vicinity occurred late Sunday morning at the home o* W B Willard. near Feaga- : bamed to the ground, destroying about . INTENSIVE I IiAbL 1 IMh 239 chicks. The blaze -s beLevea to A talk v-£l be g--ea by Cojn'y C^n:- nussioner Amon Btrrgee and otier numbers wJl include mus-ca: s;'ec- EFFORT BY CONGRESS have origmaied from a, stove m the brooder house It occurred between 11 and 12 o'clock in the mom-rig and was j _. fought by Mr. wiEard and neighbors. Unified Effort To Assure Gov- being extinguished before settng Sre I ernmenfs Credit. to any outbauoLngs The Independents traveled all the i way to Adamstown Saturday evening j Washington, llay 15 -- Congress be- cni? to discover that a fire had been | g=s tomorrow ore o: t~e mas; mtsn- exttngiiisried before they arrived. The I sive peace-t^aie !er-S-at'~e drnes w.ta blaze originated in the feed trough at j the goal a balanced fcaoget anu fecerai the grain elevator of the Farmers' Co- I relief nefore June 10. operative Association plan; in Adams- · Desp-te a na^onal political cam- town. Little damage was done, the Sre paign a fe-- weeis ahead, party L^es being extiEgu^hed before it could I have virtually vanished in the unified effort to assure tne government s credit - . - and ;o make pro- 3-on for tne neecy. S.^at sess.ons of the Senate --.1! be u~ed Deg.nn_ng tcm^rron ·sith a vital oiL_-o- dsllar revenue ra^-ng bill jo for action The wno'-e prograoi -s now _n ' 'ne nands cf tn2 Scra'e i Cnairmaa Smoot. cf the finance com- I mit:ee, annoonced tooay tr.e ce'er- | m-nat.oii to hald costmaoi^s sessiora I of the Senate from 11 a. m. to 10 p m [ cai.y in an effort to speed tne tax bill . , ' He exTiressec; confidence that :re ncn- Prederick county's nvers, creeks ana - 1S ,^ csy ^- CTC ^ revenue measure streams returned to normal pro- COUNTY'S RIVERS BACK TO NORMAL AFTER RAINS Streams Receded Rapidly Over! The Week-End. were ·wiuun cans: agam and Seles in which water had ran knee-dee? following the heavy rain had dr.ed and were baked Sunday by a scorciug s_n. Slowest of all to sucside was the Pa- j :y oac^ of i Oier in t-e House a non-partisan coa- ^t.on is forming a-so for rel.e: .egis- lat^n to make sture tnat orovis-on js avaJabls between the ac^o-mment of totnac river, which is believed to haie already da med one Uf« at Brunswick; | Sunday evening res~ents of thai lown reported the nver to be reced-ng! Kews acvertisln gradually but st^l high encugn to in- i Invest in it. nndate scattered sect-ons. The river's decline has been very gradual and it was expected that seve-al cays wou'ti pass before normal stages would be reached It raised 13 feet. , Brunswick res.dents said that, nothing had been learned tr^s morning the whereabouts of W. H Lancaster. 33 who started oat on a Qsh'ng tnp Friday night in a small boat. Search for tne man has pro-.ed fruitless and tne cp-rnon prevaueJ that he Jost his life -n tne raging ''Caters, which were at the.r peak Friday County sa»d ihey had not been informed of the man's csiiraear- ance and were makmz no .rivsstiga- tor. At Michael's MiJL east of Buckcvs- towa, tne waters hoc receded snci were with_n bank again Sunday When t-ie nver reacaed its peak trsre the waters had .undated h_ghway and flooced nearby --heat fields A possibJ.ty of rr.ore ra~. ^i the form of Ught shovrers. vras foreseen for today or Tuescsy oy the weather mas MeanwhJe ;enera1y warm tempera- tares were expected pronao.y r,o h:gr- than Simdav'i mas;tini of 83 o i Congress and the next December shs^Ii federal hgla be required pays b.g d:v.dends TEUS US TO USE RWSO. I'LL TW I JT N=)Cr WASHDAY W08K-SAVER.! 1 DID Tt»lS Bl WASH TODAY WiTHOlTT SCRUBBSN6 er grees Tins was the s^ond warrr65t day of the year. S?turcavs was 75 and -- mm-irm 56 S-ncaj's lc~ est f:gare was 51 cegrees Heavy traff c overran Frederick streets and ccnr.-v nieiways oota Saturday an-i Sorioay Tr.3 15ay fete at Hood Os^ege crew a large tKrng ~c the city from mar^y f3re--en ace towns. The summery on S^r;- dav was an inducement 'o hundreds o? ethers to axe to *he high Hnrt In Accident- Two rersor.s were -r.r^rec w.-^n ar automobile left t.-e rosd sear Sha-as- b-org, STrnday af:e~ oori ar.d ;_rrea over Ma-- A-rnstrcns. Sal, more --ss tasen to a Hagi-s-D-sn hora.-a: sjffer- nig from jnc«trm-r.e= j j and driver of car 3. 3 A-dersc-n alsc of Baltimore, was trea'«d n*ar tre sees* of ths crash by a cr.vs c^r. Two otner occupants of the car, ETU ar.d Joe Drosis also of Bait-more were -n- m;-red S'ate Officer E. S Qaar.ct, of the local substa: or, is m What lively suds! j E ND ·washboard scrubbirg forcvar i Riaso isaks o\-t irr--gets ocriaes ' trbjter, seftlj. Ccp for XD, R:rso gives i rw.ce as much si*ds as puSed _p so?os-- j KOI in barzct ·safer. Rich, lasting suds. Great forcish- es. Get the BIG package. investigat.0-. The acc.cer.t occarr-dor. MILLIONS USE RINSO a curve and was b:l.«vea *re result f j n ^^ washer and dishpaf) tr.e ro^i ar.d fast | e pan oi ne smoner tells Alley found what they wanted ... that's why smokers tell each other ahout Chesterfields. Their different fragrance and flavor wins millions of friends. And to keep them. Chesterfield? have to satisfy, have to make good. They do! They're milder. They taste better. (on{inuou5 EVER ON AND ON F"lio\\i!!-j; rho trno, n a r n r a l (-.'in-se nt' ?oinid hn^iiH--- prhu-iplc-. thi- Rank o'riTnnu'* on and on in the ^enico in \\hi,ch it \va- onmnally ordained. i\ec"e;ni/,in;4 Ir-; ^pocirte sjtliere, abiding bv the dictate-^ of borh open-iunuudne^ and ex- pcrien-'e, it n-inain^ «-at'elv in t h e IxmiuN of con- ser\ati-in \\hiie pra«-ti--iim -^oiind tro^re^iveness. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland 'The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 A TOUCH of the TOE --AND THE DOOR SWINGS OPiN Simply touch a convenient lever v-kh your toe and the door swings open -- if it's a Leonard Electric. Only Leonard has this great inpro^ ement--the LEN-A-DOR which opens the cbor, e\cn \,ht;n uoth your hands are full. "They're MILDER Yes, and they TASTE BETTER" ·^^ Agents--Phone 268 Whtre\er vou Chc^terfie'ds, \oj gc!\ ·he~i just as fresh ss j ii ou cam* bv our/ factory door E L E C T R I C ^ R E F R I G E R A T O R · 1552, LIGGETT . Mt^ss Tosvcco Co.

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