The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 5
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THE DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK. MD.. TBIDAT. DECK 18, 19S1. DEATHS Clarence E. Smith. Clarence ysmfr Smith died at tbe of his niece. Mrs. Clarence Shri- Children Make Known More Of Their Wants To Santa Claus WEDDINGS FaBse--Toomey. \ A pretty wedding was solemnized at the lord Baltimore Hotel. Baltimore, * Sunday evening. December 6 at 6.30 Jef- Dear Santa: PJeaie bring me » eeEn- ] boots, gloves, sled. suit, bananas. I toid doll, set of dishes, a onmpanwn. pony wagon and harness and a Jacki pence sharpener, a pair of beads. » j in-the-box.--Arbard H. Harris. was never married. A ' sweater, doU shoes and * doU cap., ferson. «-«pr MIS. Mary Dome' Baltimore, ' cajHj y and oranges.--Ratoy Havner. [ rear Santa Claus: Bring me a pen _ »ood. Baltimore county, became the *~f" " j Creagerstowa. land pencil for scbooX a story book ; brio of Charts Falise. son of Mrs.; *^ «$ a membe" of Rocky ' Deaf Santa: Piease bring me a doE j ,3^ some games.--Nancy Harris Jef- Frank Falise. and Use 1st* Mr. Faase.! - O U A.* St. which t* 3 * 1 crtes acd s 16 *!* 5 . * b * 1J » *** 3r«ss. j fecson. Bs!t .more. There were about 350 guests. LOCAL -MENTIONS W*U Ska|M« Fine Tree* F*r Sato. Priced 40c up. Free Delivery. C. W. LOCKARD. 923 North Market St. Yaone 549. Alyce L. Toemey. j Ymu« People--Learn Te Dance. i and Mrs. Joseph Stafford Pembertos. master instructor. Tcojaey. 55 Buckfirld avenue. Ridge- Social tiaccing class MonAnys 8 p. a. Francis Scott Key Hole 1 Ballroom. LOCAL MENTIONS Carutma. Sale of Millinery. { Special low prices, on entire stock of I hats. These prices will continue until j stock is reduced. Excellent selections ' Sole ajent for "Best Mad*" hose. YOST. 4 B. Church St · CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. Yuletide Can- Uaited C^ar Store Agency. All the leadyig brands oi Cigars SB f 5--10 or 26 m holiday day afternoon 'eavtag tie house _,, ^ wagon, wtta farther services in the Reformed ;psir of bedroom slippers, cresses ahke shovel, coat and hat, bedroom slippers. *as used. "I Love Yxi Truly, ebureh, Creagerstown. at 2.15. later- and socks and ribbons to go with them. · caac-y and oranges.--Betty Lorraine I-oaeiyirin's weeding march were play- neat will be in the adjoining cemetery. Icne doll in pini and oce in blue, and Moberly. 128 East Fourth street. ed by Mrs. Boyd A. Page, pianist: and It I*. C^ager and Son, funeral direc- a Christmas tree.--Deborah and Mir- '. Dear saata: Please bring me a pair Mr. J- Eugene Oden. v.olinist. both of toj^ " jam Jjouise Eagelbrecht. i Dear Santa: Please bring me a big Mr*. David T- M« rti " 'doll, set. of dishes, bos of colors, some xf« EUea Sasann M^r^. wife of 'candy, cuts and oranges, and remem- and oranges.--Thomas Bowicac. 112 ssr.g "O, Promise Me." David T. Martin. d*d Thursday mom- j ber Doris.--Gloria Whitmore. Creag- west Fifth street. tug at her home near Catoctin Fumade . erstown. . Dear Santa: Please bring me a sew and Chr-sUais. Food Sale. Wedaesday. Decemijer 3Srd oa North Mendelssohn's Gai-d, Re.irrced Church. Luc*. aedeliag march was used as a recessional. The bride was given to mar- Humidors of tobacco Xmas pkga. Cijareiscs. Xnias pkgs., S!.29 Carton. Foss Candy in 1--3--5 Ib. Boxes. Headquarters for years of the famous Kaysoodie Drinkless Pipes. $350 and up. Two Ton of Csndy--rail and be convinced, i SHEPHERD'S AGENCY. , , . leaves surviving a husband , pair of gaSos!:«is. gloves, candy. SUES ] sata. candy and oranges.-- Daniel Bow- sa^= with a veU trimmed with dachesse lace and carried a bouquet : Diamonds. The Iiea: Xmas Gilt. A2 Dtasnond R^Dgs. 1-3 Reduction. REMSBERG'S JEWELRY STORE. after a layering illrsess of several years, i Deer Santa: Will you please bring ' salt, pair of shoes, stocfcicss. games, ''see by her father. aged 65 years, six months and 29 [ae a doll with roller skates, a trunk, "story books, tors and a steasn roller. The bride wore a gown of egg shell} d*ys- ' '. - and three sons: Charles and George, j and oranges.--Eva B. Holtz, 100 East : man, 121 West Fifth street. at aoaae, and Harry, Catoctai Furance. Sghth street. Dear Santa. CSaus: Please bring me ·- «-^» !i:i « s - T ** bride's maids were Funeral on Sunday wiiii sernces al . Dear sasia Claus: Please bring me ; clesk. doll baby, a pair of galcshes. M:ss Manaa Hoube. Richmond. Va.. a M. B. church at Lewir-owa at. 11 JO a. | a coB, carriage, a fountain pen, a com: oranges, candy and nuts, and remem- coasia of the bride, and Msss Anna /N.»,fn^,«. Wr, m. and interment In adjoeisff cense- :p^n ^ taj^ a celluloid doll.'ber brother and sister.-Mary Cathe- *^»- co'^to of the bridegroom. -^^^Jl^t^^^^fJ^ toy Ber. O. W. Prince wil! have charge i^g. ,-^gy ^^ oranges.--Anna Bar- ; n^. pjy \dattstowu Jam« Comarofid was the best man. i' M * Ke yM - «*-*·-on *° v - 1Tees · rom z of services. M. L. Creager and Son, : ne - Now Oa Display. Beautiful lot of Maine Balsam and : CoDsolt Groff, The Ftorbt. 8 before buying your Chr^tras wreaths j ' and pot plants. He is so much cheaper ] . and the workmanship f«r superior. i Store. M9 N. Mark*" St. j GROPF. The Florist. ; 'PaoBe 324. funeral directors. : Dear Santa C2aus: Please bring me m , black doll baby, a dump truck, train of jsswisii. ~-----~ ---------- ---· "-^ ~v«v ....^.. , , f h-*h Claus: Please bring me "^e "^^ ^^re Roy WickoJson. i w " j »VSaH4ir. ?TAnB rain. pencU sharper.! Richmond. Va : Dand Toomey. a | ^te^Four^ S' _. , ^_ ^.... J . ' . IVU'cSn nT th. h»/« Cor«,,»! n,'k. ilO-te, at POUT.3 i^ Dear Sant an electric train. «~ r ^_^.,, .. , paint book, picnn-e books, budding ; «usln of the Samuel Falise,; Christmas Trees. BaHftfn Fsr and Cultivated Pines, the kid that will not fail off. James Routzahn. Chss. RoutzahB. Jr 201 E. THIRD STREET. n ^-j Duncan, Beside his widow he is survived by five | ^^ s^ta; wm you plea5e Miss Mae Kathenne Bittle. of EUer- Dear Santa.: Please brmg rce a wag- Jones, and s. sister. Miss Martha Jones, avenue Bakertoa. also survive. Funeral Sun- j day aftemooa at 2 o'cZock wzth inter- I please at Shepherdstown. Dailey. funeral director. Jess P. me a desk, chair, sweater anrf train. j pretty ChKstmas tree.--Charles Wll- bring lard, 300 Madisoa street. ) Christmas tree, candy, oranges and The ceremony was performed j the Brides uncle. Rev. Dr. J. Elmer i Special Furniture Sale. Our tag readjustment sale wQl con- ; Xmas. E\-ery article In the '. rlced exceedingly Jow. Assort- '· large. C. E. CLINE SON. Dear Sarita: Please bring me a doll, i Bittle. rocking chair, baby cart, some pretty i a ia'-i8hter of Mr Mrs. H. Aabrey Harris. Mrs. Harriett Elizabeth Harris, wife } of H. Aubrey Harris, -formerly of ML | Pleasant, died at her home in Lake- Sand, N. J, Thursday, aged 28 years. She is survived by her husband, her mother. Mrs. Betty Cronise; a brother. WiDSarn Cronise, Merchanrrille, N. J.; and two sisters, Mrs. Edward bride, who nuts, end a wagon and tractor for | uttle dresses, candy, nuts and oranges · and Mrs ' J - TiwKaa s Bittle. !s an alum- j Richard.--Irrin CuEer, 271 West Fifth | and a pretty tree.--Alta Jeannette a * " ^ vraiard, 300 Madison street. street. Dear Santa: Please bring me * doQ. ajes to McDevitt Ruth Cronise. and a bed and nice clothes to dress her wuh. and bring Hilton a car.--Evelyn. Darner, Broad clans: Please bring me Run. Dear The remains win arrive here today some blue kiddie car, a nice litSe don, a Itt- tte red tragon. pair of overshoes, dress, and wm be taVfn to the funeral home £0lne nuts glOTe s. a pretty tree, oral! g es ._B e tty ._ of Harry E. Carty. 54 E. Patrick street. \ lTS , e Young. Burktttsvaie Route 1 ·where services win be held Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Interment Olivet cemetery. Harry E. Carty,'. ftmeral director. i Dear Santa: Please bring me a box of handkerchiefs, beads, paints and a to tisfaQf to read, eversharp pencfl, oranges. FUNERALS - nuts and iMt. Airy. candy.--Carolyn Walker, The futieral of Mrs. Virginia Catherine Crum will taVe place on Saturday at 2.30 o'clock. Instead of 2 o'clock,, as previously announced. I Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me ; a string of beads, a ring, a motor ' track:, baby don -with curly hair, a, little doU trunk full of doll clothes, tri- -The funeral of Coleman Hildebrand took place this morning at 10 o'clock- Services were held at the grave in Mlddletown High SchooL She 35 een act!v * m religious circles and DeMolay Rings and Pins. Our stock of official DeMolay Pins and, Rings Just arrived. Make your Nats. Candy and Rabins. Bdacx4. lOc to 20c per Ib. You may be disappointed if you do noi buy your Xmas goods from E. B. MEASELL. 31 E. Patrick Street. THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK. MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAEEK. Chairman of Board. Mouics D. BAKEX. Pretident. JOHN U. BAKEK. Vice-President. JOSEPH McDivrr. V" ire-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. POTTS A GRIFFIN. WE CAN OTVE YOU INFORMATJOIt ON ANY TYPE OF PROPERTY SALES--EXCHANGES--RENTALS APPRAISALS--MANAGEMENT LIST YOUK PROPERTY WITH US FOR .SALE OR EXCHANGE POTTS GRIFFIN REALTORS I THONE 600 i THE PEOPLE'S PINAJNCB CO. TALKING TtrRKKY. If o'j ar one of many who ha?e J^appois^d !M cot receiTing c:-.ris:2ias xosey. do sot let th^ »??U yoar bxCliay. We aie dispenses Xmas cJseer to teasy ·roriay propje who 2nd theniselves in seed of cash. Your reputation and personal responsibility will help roy immensely in this emergency. Came in and jet's oc this s-^bject. tali "'.arkey" TPhoae 1473. THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO., !5 Court St. Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me a tricycle, a ferris wheel, sandy andy. ; some candy, nuts and oranges.--Mary i Pauline Fritz. Libertytown. I Dear Santa: Please bricg me a kid- ^ T known V3 "f ^- Mr - . c upper Middletown n of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Utttt - of Kew Oxford. Pa.. Is a REMSBORG'S JEWELRY STORE. Francis Scott Key Hotel Bunding. Halnes and Hood. The old reliable place to buy your · Christmas Tree*. | Balsam flr pines, a tree to suit ev«ry ' family. Also a large cusplay of candy ; and nuts. Come early you wUl be ! pleased. ! LEATHERMAN AND STALEY, 24* S. Patrick St. 'Phone 1275. ___ _ ______ ,, ....... _ __ ° r Gettj-sburg College and the | rubbers and galoshes at reduced prices. die car. a dog. some new clothes, some ' Lu:hera£ Theological Seminary. He ac- AU first-grade goods. DeDDermint candr T«if: »r-rt o-arisv- i «Pted the pastorate of the Aspinwall i seminary last June. peppermint candy, nuts and ,! . -and a pretty Christmas tree.--Heary; a , J?*?" 1 graduation from the Stull, 422 West South street. I '"""*"" ' ~" Dear Santa Claus: I would like you i to bring me a coll, some story books, i large size tea set, some kandkerchieTs, j and a milk wagon.--Settle Mae Bow- j ers, 125 East Sisth street. LOCAL MENTIONS Citrus Fraits. Another trjck ol oranges, grape- Dear Santa: Please bring me a babv l^ufc. and tangerines will arrive from Give orders now. will deliver. S. L. REMSBRI7G. *Phoa«, Brunswick 2. cycle, some oranges, nuts and candy.-- · s-agoa and some little cars. doll, story book, Christmas free, candy, · ?l o ^da. Tuesday, December 22. Will be nuts and oranges. -- Betty Ruth Free. " * j SOM **? bushel or crate. Will also have Dear Santa: I -want a. pair of roHer j skates, a boofe bag, new coat, some j games, Christmas tree, candy, nuts and ! oranges.-- Mildred Free. Frederick. j Dear Santa: Please bring me a sew i It VVill Pay Yon To Come and look over these bargains on cioth- HATNBS. The Shoe Wizard, 223 N. Market St. Toliet Sets. Jast the gut for her. 3 piece sets $5.00 and up. 10 piece sets $8.95 and up. REMSBERG-S JEWELRY STORE. Francis Scott Key Hotel Hldg. Christmas Wreaths! We have a varied assortment of made ur wreaths and invite your inspection. We wils gladly hold your selection, and deliver according to yoar instruc- ! tions. I EDWARD H SHARPS, ·Phone 485. Greenhouse, Motttr Ave.. near 9th St Loft's New Candy Agency In Frederick. Special for ten days as follows: 29c a Ib. Chocolate Covered Cocoanut Royais. High Grade Smooth Almonds. Fashioned Peppermints. Helen EsteUe Walker, Mt. Airy. ; games, a story book, nuts, candv and i IES ' iiats aad sjlces - A few of the ! Chocolate Peanut Clusters. Dear Santa: I would like a. doH j oranges.--Ravmond Free ' " prices: Men's suits as low as $4.95: 'Double Dipped Chocolates. men's $1.50 and S2.00 hais. SSc: S3 50 Chocolate Covered Dates. poor i wagon aad a dump truck, some games ! boys ' aa - TO ° 1 rnackinaws. $1 89; boys' j Vanilla Creamed Nuts. . . - · - . - - - · *i nn j .-,,- jjaay other j Chocolate Covered Caramels. -- ·----- ----*- *-- »---** i vi«_i^ii^. f.^a,jitwjiiu. JTicC- with curls, a. doll house, candy, nuts j Dear Santa: Please bring me a men " s and orasges, and remember the -poor j wagon and a duniD truck, somp ramp.: ! bors ' Frederick Memorial cemetery and were ! (Prederick- ibrecht, I a story book, some BKS, caady and or- '. *~ M . :iess l anges.--Buddy Free. j ar sams too conducted by Rev. DeWits P. Zuse, ! Sa3it3 - Cla'Js: Please bring me a new j Dear Santa: Please brig me a pair i pastor of the United Brethren cnurch. ! ldoj carria se. - large enough to holdr of guin boets, scooter, airplane, some Pallbearers were from the C. E. Cline ) boUl - m ?- S 01 *? and niy Betty Murlce , story books, a sled, and some oranges and Son Mortuary. C." E. Cliae and 'Jean,'a little Jabfe and chairs to go j --Clifford Green, Lewistown. nunjerous to mention. N. JOSEPH, Chocolate Covered Nougats. Old Dutch Chocolates. : board, and some candy, nuts and or- j nice doU baby, story books, some A_ : arges. and don't forget Clifford.-- j cils, two doll dresses, z coat and . , z c a t an S25 for ^' took i '-^ce Jean Miniard, Lewistown. I oranges, candy and '"uts d - " the · Dear Sa^iz. Claus: I want a b-b gun, : two erssers" ard cra'vori --Helen' ' ^ S rrcm tbe ' cemt!T - or P. J =ats. candy, oranges, peanuts, roller IBelva and Irene Summers Walkers' Sen, ftmeral directors. The ftmeral of Mrs. Laura. Davis, wife of Charles Davis, Monday afternoon front home in M6. Airy. Rev. Wro. Wright, of Glenbumie. officiated, as- skates, gum coat, book satchel, rubber · ville. risted by Rev. E. E. Ooleman, of Kemptown, and Bev. Mr. Hamsberger. of Mt. Airy. The pallbearers were J. L. Bnrdette, Dr. Charles Domheiin, Raymond Brown, Isaac Frizsel!, Frederick Ccoley and Samuel Davis. Interment to Montgomery chapel cemetery. J. B. Bean, Inc., funeral director. T E. AE Saints' St. Opp B O Station ' Chocolate Italian Creams. · | 39c Ib. MJfir Chocolate Peppermints. ··trith it, a set of dishes, kitchen cap- i Dear Santa Claus: please bncg us a Xotice. The Soard. of Managers of Mount | Olivet Ceasetery hereby offer a reward leading to the bab- arrest asd conviction of anybody steal' ' ^ rrcm tbe 1 ' 1 1 Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties. 4fc Ib. Choice Milk Chowlate. Asst. ' 69c ib. and grounds of the | Choc. Covered Nuts and Fmits. S5 ° for t « and j Milk Chocolate Covered Asst. Nuts. ruaeral of Mrs. Alice M. Bevard Union Bridge Union. Bridge, Dec. 18.--The musical comedy. ''Sixty Miles An Hour." given by local talent for tbe Union Bridge Fire success. It was played to two fun houses !n Union Bridge and a large and took place from the home of her sister ' appreciative audfence in New Windsor. , John B. Bitlrf. 15 Jefferson street Each actor pl2yed llis part ~ Thursday afternoon a; 1 30 o'clock' ·with services conducted by Her E. EL and Coleman, Kemptown. "Beautifui Isle the and tbe composed of high school - The kiddies °* d P 31 * m to tfa e wedding of "Jack of Somewhere," was sung by Mrs. Myr- · acd Jal -" ~^~ tie Day and Mrs. Malissa Watkins, and i -- The monthly Bible Conference was "The Old Rugged Cross" was sung by ' being held in the M. E. church on A- Hart Etchison. The pallbearers j Monday and Tuesday evenings. ·were: Cart's Geiser, Charles R. Barnes, j _Mr. and Mrs. Gene Zanders spent George B. Biggs, G. H. StauSer, John , the week-end with he- parents, Mr. Wlckless acd John E. Main. Interment B - Z nd 'ars Howard Gray IN NEW OFFICES *«presentaifve Linthicnm Has Elaborate Headquarters In Capitol. . · Sunday with his mother, Mrs. T. H. j . Gaitaer. j F -- Mr. and Mrs. William Hobbs, j ; ClercsonvilLe. have closed their home, and taken an apartment in Frederick for the tslnter. j i --Janice Brandenburg is spending a Wasaingion, Dec. 17.--Representative Itnr -^eks with her grandparents, Mr. J. Charles Lmihictnn. who has been: 2nd ilrs . stewan Brandenburg, while raiudne minority aiemaer of tae House j jj^- mo ther, Mrs. WHbur Brandenburg Foreign Affairs Committee for several: ; S a t the Maryland General hospital for years, today moved into the elaborate ian apceadix operation. Mrs. Branden- looai of that committee as chairman, i »,,,._ % t nTf .^ M , ^ta-n, o^no- nin.iv So far as could he learned, Mr. LSaihl- i cast is the first Marylaader to iead that i burg The room, on the gallery floor of the Capitol, overlooks Pennsvlvanla avenue ; and was banked with fiowers sent by renorted getting along nicely operation. __ . . . The c^nrc 1165 aTM rehearsing for Christaas enlertainmenfe The «aeagues and personal friends and ber 20 at 10 ' Methocjst K?(*estans cnarch wffl hold Program Sunday morning, Decem- well-wishers of the new chairman. Mr. Iiliithlcum vacated his .office in L tbe House Offlce Building which he had It is to oe a com- of church ^ Sunday OPPORTCXITIES TO HELP FEOVTDE HAPPY CHRISTMAS The Frederick Children's Aid Society this yesr again offers opportunities whereby local persons ^-a? telp provide Christmas cheer for families in need and distress Various types of misfortune are -oted ia the city and county families, ranging from illness and unemployment to desertion of helpless children. Each of the most outstanding cases is being listed as an "opporiroity." for ihe aid of which the interest of she general p-ablic is solicited. ih e appeals being made from ;hs offices of the Children's Aid Socisry, 119 Dourt street. Opportunity 9--Bin Long: Young BS Long has always been a 2e'er-tJo--weH. No; eVen the responsibility of a sfife and six children seemed to steady him and he has deserted with Christmas just around tbe corner. Another family group faces the "Merry Christmas" season, or that season which of al! others should be merry, with grave tin- certainty. : conviction of anybody found guilty of I Special. ; the aforesaid offense. ' i 2 Ibs. of any 29c candy and 1 H). of I (Signed) ROBERT A. KEMP, j any 49c candy, 3 Ibs for 99c. 1 Secretary, j or 2 !bs. of any 39c candy and 1 Ib. ot Shoes Repaired While U Wait Best Work Men's soles and rubber heels SI 25 Lasliss* soles and rubber heels SI 00 i : SAM MILLKR, 33 S. Market St. j any 29o candy. 3 Ibs for 99c. United Cigar Stores Agency. SHEPHERD'S See Windows. For Bent. Second floor. Desirable for Tea Room or Offices. Opposite Francis Scott Key Hotel. Apply 9 N. Court St.. Frederick. Md. Special Sale of Millinery. Visit our shop for useful and practical gifts for Christmas. An excellent collection of Linen Sets. Towels. Handkerchiefs. Hand and Evening Bags. Jewelry, novelties. Infants Sacques. Pillows. Bibs, i Burllla Model pieces H off WACHTER AND BILDEBRAND. 8 l ~ West Patrick St. LOST AND FOUND. 1XST. STRAVED OR STOLEN -- SCHNAC- ;yr t.tch IE^ puppy Rfitrfi '.i r-:ura«t ·.j Mrs J»2i« II Crimcr. IJ3 Record SX- SAMUEL G. OUVALL, Assistant Cashier. J. TRAVEBS THOMAS. Atsistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS U. HAULER. CHARLES H. CONLEY M. D.. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL. J«-. HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKES. JK.. .· ~l JOHN H. BAKER ". 1 ELIAS B. RAMSBL'Rfifc. ARCHIBALD E. FISHEB. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. ! FOR SALE--PORD COUPE. :9SO MODEL- j M:S.CC H.SOO. Nr»!y orerfcia^ed. Ct«v Apply Mr. Ka'.t- Mt City WANTED. LADY DESIRES HOUSEWORK.--IN CTTf or county C%pabl4 aon md^nrious. Ap- y.y ^7 East «:a s:re»*.. i:-l«-!3t' WANTED.--TO BUY OLD JEWELRY OP AL% flescriptton. Apply Mary E. McCoasus. 331 E Second S:. 'Phone «-J. 12-17-(t3t WASTED.--A LOAN OF *2.000. WITH fCBSff mortgage, wril Iaiur«!. For Inform*Uc» epp:r Nc« office. Bot 1JI2. I2-12-dtI I CHICKS FOB SALE. BARRED WHITB AND BUFF ROX: A»- conii. S. C. R. L R«l3. Silter-Laccd W. Ayindottn. tl per 100- Jtrwy Black O:aats Ligbt Bi-mbmis. BnQ Orpington*, tis per 100 Assorted Mixed. $10 per 100. 100". HT« UellTerj gcarantwd. 1 to i- chicks. Frw cmtiioe- B«eir« Dept. P. Mt. Airy. Md. t-3-OU FOB SALE. Canaries For Sale. Guaranteed Singers. MRS. C. M. DIXON, 501 Elm St. Xmas Greens. Beautiful well-berrted Holly. and Cemetery Wreaths. MRS iOHN H. STALEY. ·Phone 1802-F-21. SALES. FOR SALE. CHRISTMAS FURNITURE OP EVERY KIND AKD DESCRIPTION aT UNHEARD OF PRICES. BUY YOUR FORNITDRS AND HOCS*- HOLD EFFECTS HERB AND SAVB OVER House Rent-A-Car. All close' modeis Gas and oil free. Rates as low ES lOc per mile. For Information 'phone 1378. FRANCIS SCOTT. KEY GARAGE. 114 West Patrick St. Beckley's Candies have aiways had the reputation of a genuine ioaie-made product and only ingredients ol highest quality obtaln- aKe are used in :iie making. It ~iH be ·irell to remember that Beckley's has Christinas Trees For Sale. 22 E. PIKI'K STREET. 150 trees, from 50c up. Big Allnite Dance Friday. AT FISHER'S GAS HOUSE PIKE. been long idsntiSed with trie history of i Join the crowd and you'll surely hare aerick. serving three generations of its people. This is the reason Beckiev's Candies are so eagsrly sought. We conj tisue to gi-e the people of Frederick city and count? trie saoie high quality. of fan there. Jo'.ly String Band Has That Same Old Dance Swing. Christmas Entertainment. The Rocky Hill Grace Lutheran Sun- Fttroitnre Finishing And Repairing, day school will hold its Christmas en- Prices Reasonable. Work Called For ' tertainment. Sunday, December 20 at GEORGE W. HUNICHEN. , 7.30 p. m. 108 E. Fourth St. 'Phone 28-M. ; · Novelty Jewelry. WE" CARRY A FULL LINE OF NEW AND CSED FtnWfTTURE AND UNCLAIMED FKEIOUT. INCLDDINa BED ROOM FUR- NITCRE. DINING ROOM FURNITURE. LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. KITCHEN FURNTTCRE. STOVES. RUGS. OUD PISCES OP FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS OF EVERY KIND «ND DESCRIPTION END TABLES, CONSOLE TABLES. D WENTORI TABLES. TELEPHONE SETS. STANDS. CHAIRS. PIANOS. RADIOS. V1CTROLAS. PLAYER PIANOS. MAGAZINE RACKS. FERNERIES. CHINA CASES. BUFFETS BEDS. SPRINGS. MATTRESSES. DAY BEDS. CRIBS. BABY CARPOAOES. KITCHEN CABINETS. CUPBOARDS. TABLES. AND OTHEH GOODS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LOT OF NEW FURNITURE FROM A RECEIVER'S SALE. ALL MUST BE SOLD QUICK TO I MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER GOODS WE ARE Trappers Take Notice. ! CONSTANTLY BUYING PROM BANKRUPT Full value and highest prices paKJ I SALES. RECEIVER'S SALES WAREHOUSE SALES AND PRIVATE SALES OP ALL KINDS. WE WILL TRADE IS TOUR OLD FURNITURE S-OR NEW. __ WE ARE NOT CONNECTED WTTB ANY OTHER STORES. _ OPEN EVSHY ETENTNO. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD HERE. _ THREE FLOORS FULL OF FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD ?firis. STAR FURNITURE CXI.. 321 AND 325 N. MARKET ST.. FREDERICK. MARYLAND. I FOR SALE OR. RENT.--THREE STORY 1 brict house, e!ght*«a t!8 rocmj. Including a large store room, situated in the bui'.n«s section of Mtddletotrc, Msrr'.mnd. For particulars, apply to O. S. Ahsit, 935 Prospect street, York. Pa. 13-I8-dtf FOR SALE.--CHRISTMAS TREES. PE*R spruce or ced»r. Two stands, corner of W. Patrlct aad Bentz streets aad 233 West Fifth street. Reasonably priced. C. E. Kllpp- Best Fountain Service IB The Ctty. : PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES for raw furs at my place of business Shop between Third and Fourth Sta Coapel Alley. I also have all Ir^ncSs of second-hand pipe, good as new, from ^-inch to 8 Inches for sale. Phone 383 FRHDERICK JUNK COMPANY. Frank Gastiey. Prop Residence 215 E. Third St. Thane 383 and ; HELP WANTED. RAILWAY MAE, CLERKS.--MEN 18-3S. Comsenee S158.00 raoatb. Stead?. Pm!d 'Pho=e IS03-F-8. 12-I7-dflt« FOR SALE --TURKEYS. GEESE, DUCKS and chlctens. W. N. Garrett, 'Phone 12-17-d3t« FOR SALE.--$16 SO POOL TABLE. *«. SMAtl. jrir baby carrlafe In good costliUoa SIO. Bass sliding troaibonc In good condition tlO. Apply 312 West South St. 12-17-d3t YOUNG CHICKENS FOR SALE--LIVE OB dressed. Thomas Altaian. Uaden Hills. 47I-W. I3-16-d6t FOR SALE.--LACTER PLAYER PIANO WITH 100 rolls. Victor v:ctrc!a with 73 recards. Mirror SOrSO. go:d-!e»I frame.- Apply 510 North Marfcet street. 12-16-dSt- MANOS --BSHR. $25. BAUS. «9. NELSON. S79. Cramers. 230 N. Martet Street. FOR SALE --A LOT OF FINS TURKEYS. Appiy J. Wnj. Howsrd. 'phone 1S12-F-2, Gobblers 33r, hens JSc delivered 3tc »nd 33C a; fana. 12-15-dS; P. LU7HEE RICE. . 1 3b. Chocolate Whip Creaks. 25c 1 ;b. ilijc-Xuts ..._ _ 25c I To. Cocoanut Bon Bans 25c ! vacaMoas- Ear:? *x»Hi!aat!ons expected, j REaiSBBHG'S JEWELRY STOBE, Francis Scott Key Hotel. Why Take a. Chance. Let Uelphey get your 1932 motor vehicle license tags, chauffeurs cards, etc. Daily service. Information and MISCELLANEOUS. A T»/T/-V-KT^ mT-r-r-, ^,-^^,-r, ! Don " t OT S e - OQr c ^ i ? s ^^ P'eix^, etc. Daily service. Information and » PIECE SILVERWARE SET FREEL-SEND j« D.TSM AMC^IG THE SICK 1 co:orEd pc?cora ror **«*». ***** ***** *^-^ *° a** \ ^^ $zTM»^??^ %%»£ *£ ^« p v-. J. J.AAJ k^xv,,,!.* i "HSiHx op MARYLJtSD SHOP." ' in fr«* of charge. r.«- CraS«:-i --Uaos. F^rterict. Md. SO Properties oa Park avenue, and Exit 41b street, to b* sold at a sacrifice. SAVING R.OOO A recest drop of s:.OOO ca Uils modem 9-room bouse, inclutiiae tract of !aud CD hlghicsj-. near Frederic):. -- akes an atttrae- tlr« bargain as veil as a tourist *±d filling opportunitj- Tos =sst appreciate FOR SALE -- 6 H. P. GASOLINE ENGINE. 3 H. P. motor. Ebcrt Hardware Co. 12-l«-i6t* FOB RENT. FOR REST.-- 3-ROOiI EOUSE. Eas: Scvcsth stres:. APPLY 200 12-18-S6t« POR RENT. -- TO SINGLE MAN. VERY DE- sirabl* roars. Applv to Farrisarortii, Carro'.5 and Patrick Streets J2-17-«3t FOR RENT.-- THREE ROOM APARTMENT, Appt? 20S £a5^ Second t. "HSART OP MARYLAND SHOP. 3:3 North ilarket St. Mrs. Eose Srise, South Market j street, who has been at ihe Frederick J City Hospital for about three weeks, is '. Jtnst What Son Want For Christmas. ? of charge. J. PAUL DSLPHEY, "Home of the BSe." Opsn I^verilags. SO BETTER INVESTMENT. Modem three «orj aparticect alth gar- j ages tiat pajs IS per cent, oa ysrar iaTest- 1 PIANO TUNING AMD RADIO REPAIRING =«*- ! » specialty A»«Tt C Pahaer. -pnoa. , T«o corner lots oa w. 13U: ttreet. (350 critically ill. '. Si»-w. 8 West T3tb utrert- lO-30-dtf biaed school. --The Mechodist Episcopal church i Bread Board and Knife 35c and Bread Cover. Board and occupied 'or many years yesterdav This " "^ hold its Christmas Knife s: 00 e Plate and Xickle Franze... _.S1 00 ...$1.00 Committed to Institution. Judge Arthur D. Wiliard in Juvenile sari has passed aa order changing Casserole £sd Xickle Frame.-new location in th» Foreign ISairs . evening. December 20. {the custody of Mary Asca Kliae, 3. and Soiling Fins loc. 25c 35c Committee in the Capitol makes it DOS- ! --T^ 6 Lutheran church wfll hold its \ O. Avenue, from the Maryland ChE- Pastry Boarc ..._ _..,78c and S! 00 sffiis 'or him to reach the Too- o'"the ' Christmas services on Friday night, ] O--EHS Aid society to ^e House of the Cocoasut Graters $1^5 Hoase -r roll calls and votes isanediate- ' December 25. j Good Shepnerd. Bai-^aore. The order ' Table Mats, all sizes. _...10c to I5c 0 * --^The Brethren church has not defl- i wa ^ passed fo^owiag tbe Sling of a. StairH-ess Steel Blade Knives azid Bie Dance Friday XHe, Dec. IStb. ; AT COLHMAN~S, AT UR3ANA. | Round dance wife plenty of Paul Jones, i Cash prizes given to those holding j lucky nurcber on tickets. · Laiies, lOc--Gents, 50c. | NOTICES. each- Coasu!t RIcs aboct otter nteea- Lat year rea! estate ^Ith aice. P. LCTHER RICS. REAL ESTATE ·PEONB J«34. 23 E. THIRD ST. FOB RENT--MODERN 5 ROOM BCNGA- IDX. 803 Trail AT*. Possession Jan. 1- Apply Fra=z Strasiwrger. M2 W. PatriciE sirs«u 'Phose MT-M. 12-17-dtJ 3 ROOM APASTJIENT.--STEAM HEAT- ?rlra:e bata. electric. AH oatside roccns- 359 W. Patrick street. 12-iT-dSt- FOR REST---PKONT ROOM. FCHNISHED. Reasonable ral«. 401 ^£a^:olia Ar;r. I2-lS-dSt . FOR RENT--HOCSE SIO. FES MOS i Apply 314 W. Soath street. | FOR REST.--6 ROOM APAHTMENT. ALL- socerri coavedeaces. 129 Wes: Patrict Street. 12-14-dSt- THE FREDERICK COUNTT 1 ' NATIONAI, BANK. '. The ArjsaaJ Meeting of tie Stockholders ( of this bant fsr the election ol directors ; Tor U:e ens-uing yea- trill be held at tbe , baniing 60=3?. No. I NortS Market street. NOAH £. CRAMER SON. FOR RENT.--HOUSE ON WATER ST.. SIS rooms ·srJUi electric Iigbts. paper atid water '.3 t:ichen. Possesslos at oace. Appiy J. M. ay. He held an informal meeting his committee today. _ nitely set its date. Market Prices ' petition by Mrs. Michael S. Pse eseca- Forks, set $3.75 \ erics. P^t ap by one who is an artist : "' , tive secretary of «se Aid SociCvy. Trho ' HS? Beaters lOc to 75c in designing. Don't be deceived by in- ' . Sled with tie petition the report of SelJtBasting Roaster, enamel and a psychiatrist o; the Menial Hygiene ' Alarnisizn 85: aad S3 25 Christmas Wreaths. Groff. tbe Florist, Uas the flcest and oasc^g KB--r, .^i*. * ^v...i .«».*=. ».. C t^ . ^. o -- ^ _ ^ _^^ cheapest ·Ghristrnas wreaths la Fred- ° 3 Taesda-. Jar-sarr 32 1932. !«r=eea the ..^ ^^tn^e Jor S2.sso. . *·;%*!·"« nr 1R a._ m aT*?* 12 E^_ · . . . . ot 12 D. ZmHERilA-t. H«. ofles Tats lana « i *. trt sircet. Grain. Wheat, (ne-sr) bu. targe Cbss Initiated. : Society Bal'jisore. staling that the c-id Carving K=:res r 0-3" p- S3^0 -*-. 02e tp=*«d ffiemJ^s of . ^ras "an iss-t-toa case" and retard- WafT.e Ir»=s. e.-ecsr.c...- S tie jr. O. IT. A. XI.. assercoxa in UK ; ed. and that be recommended she be 3rea.= Taasters ---cl-'c. ferisr stuff Pot ?lar.ts in Ab'Jixiarjce. A woaa«rfal wall pocset cajea:ar · S438 each order. _ _ _ _ TM- ELECTION NOTICE:y giTe notice that an electlcm This is tbe C:uiei^' Nat;os*l Baak , - | iosse. barJc bars, cacaise shed, chlcico j FOR RENT --FITRNTSHED ROOU3. APPLT ] ao-ses and fcog pen. s-p--^s water piped »tc j i:i W Third street- 12-13-dSt | FOS SENT.--MODERN STS-KOO5I 3RICK I i:^sr. :3* E. 7U1 Si. Ap=:y ID3 S. t-J: St. 12-12-dSl- ' =ead3i or abo=t :0 acres together *jti i; .... , Q ^..^ ,. £;JP i _-- lKT , 1=s . sa:anc* . .._ S1.19 Ure Stocfe and Produce. (Furalsied sj Frricnct Proiucis. las. Stesrs Store. 149 v. Market St. GROFF, The Fionst, 'Phone 224. _ 2c to 2Hc ?~6SSlTe rcajxner by the degree team of j Lherary Insllrate. Frecsrick CouncE. · After the initiatory T had been good to choice. fair to good Cows, corr.mon _lc 10 i^i Calves, extra prims -- up to 7c _ _ Calves. c-Oice, 160-200 Ibs. up to Sc cosciacea irsterestjag remarks Calves, choice, 13" 155 las.. up to . " ~ ~~ Calves, 100-125 l'os..._ u? ^ 4c 3rowa~g. i_ C. May, Allen Harper, Calves, 90 -100 Ibs, ssiaject 3c Wilb-ur Smith, Austfc Hale, Clarence ~ ' " ' ~ Wii^rd acd others, served by the social Upholstering, R^fitttahfny. Repairing. Cha^- Caneir.g -- Rattan WorS. A. E. MAPLE. 9 Center St. ?fcoa« 301 -J. . uUUding on MONDAY. DECEiraER ». U31. at t^e ?oi;r of 1* c'c:oce a. 23 , for the purpose G: electing seren Directors ·^ naamge the a~airx oJ the Ber^a Lor- ettsr-.'Js B.-.dge Company for tie year. _ JOSEPH far=3 $1.000. 02 Summers, F. D. Bulls ._ _____ -- ,.2c to 3c Lamhsl "choice" 70-80 Ibs.Z..""" Rightman, L. E. Refreshrsents choice, 60-70 Ibs Lambs, choice, 100 Ibs up Laaa'as culJed oc committee. Glenn Biehl, chairman. __4c The foCow^ig councils were repre- _. 3c ser.te-i: Frederick, No. 118; Jefferson, siic Xo. 127: Middletown, No. 90: Glade ,4c valley, Xo. 112; Columbia, No. 52; Hois, 140-150 Ibs, 4HC Rocky Ridge, No. 157; Manor. No. 185; _ 4 5 -.c Burs tlsvJle. No. 84. and Kemptown, _...4%c , No. 135. The entire class of candi- ,,_ »_».»J%c ! dates numbered more than fifty. Hogs, 100-115 Ibs. Hogs. 130-i4G Ibs , Hogs, 160-200 Ibs. fesgs, 200-250 Ibs..... Hogs, rough _»_,, An estimate places the nuinber cogs :n tie ·world at 70,000.000. LOCAL MENTIONS Have Too Erer Tried Becktey*« S^el Wagons SJ 35 BOT'S St«c3 Wagoss. . SI .69, » 3-DT's Steel Wagons. $3 79 ' Guaranteed Best Quality Soment* SOT'S Steel Wagsss..._ -- ,,_ $458 , Han of Mlr« coai $5 CO per ton cash Food Choppers 75c, $100. 81^5 : We stock fourteen other varietiss *t 3esl Family Scales. 25 IDS- .. SI 00 | correspondiEg^ .ow prices. HILLSIDE COAL CO^ ·Phoae 39. Varo on Water St. This :^ cr;e ol th; =ost attrictive Tarn opportunities that «· have ever offered ano is s«:rig *x'.3 '.K r-.-;;S :t^s 'J-^n the orifScaJ Srst rr.3rtgjje. Fir :t:rtier particulars apply to NOAH E CXSZ5R SON. l:« COoRT S'i-RSl. FREDERICT^ MD. 'PKONE SOS. NOTICS- not.ce that the subscriber JOHN N. CLARY. Delicioos Bon Bora? Special Christ- Stainless CoM Meat Fork mas assortment, uceq-^alled in the city Stalnl-ess Grs-- ladle ..._ ft^ife Boxes _.. 35c to 75c · Skinless Salad Set, ForS and , Spoon ,, 85c ' 49c 49c Tea Pots | You should ^ee Thai beautiful t«a Q-.;a::ty. You win rsgret placing an order for TOUT favor- j ite centers. Be j-re o! havag them pois re have a; '-c.- low prices. A ' Leans Cp To S3M.M. MD. rNDUSTRIAL FINANCE CO. Suite So 2. 26 West Patrick St Taoae 1211. 2d=lnLstra^33 on the estil* ot ALBERT LEWIS. »1* of Frederic* Co-^ntr. Ma--lane!, deceased. All persons haring c!a^ns asalast the deceased are warded to eib:b.t the saze. irtth the vouchers thereof. legaT.y . authenticated, to the subscriber, on or be] Jore the 27th da? or Jae. 1932. next: they . may o^senrtss by law be exceeded iroTn all . benent o: ssid estate. Those indebted to the . deceased are desired to make imraediste · paraeat. WE HAVE REMOVED OUR OFFICE ; 6 .t' FROM 28 WEST PATRICK ST, TO 9 NORTH COURT STREET FOH RENT.--MODERN HOilS WTTH GAS- a;j. .n residential section. Faj-vies are- nuc- App!y Eari AtisSenaas, Prarikin St. ii-ss-dtr FOR RENT.--SIX ROOM HOCSS ON SGSTB M*:(:M Si APO:» to c. JS. s=3'^ssecat, 71i N Xariet street. 13-1-dtl RENT.-- FOITR OR STV3 SOOM MODerr: apartnjni. fsmwftea or ssfsrzisieA. 2nd Toor. Apply 6 W Thlri street. r.-zt-ou I FOS SENT --MODERN SZS-ROOM 12-idtr FOR RENT.-- MODSRN HOME IN RSSIDENt.a: «ectl£= Fa:rv:e« avenue. Apply Ear: Aushersjaa, Fr»nt:,.ri street. Jl-19-dtt Priced at 50c. 70: an-d Si.CMD per Ib. . bea«!:fa! ca'.eridar '. ;r 1932 gscs Ask. for our spec^i CSratrcas box a; Uses:--Free 50c ib. * AliEN G. QUi'NN CO. Scnitcb Pads aad Tabietc. 8c to !0c a pound. THE NEWS-POST. Ooart Street. FOR RENT.--S-SOOll SJODSHS APAST- I =ent A??2y We^ Bros.. «JO Ncni Mmr. We writs all lines of Insurance Jn- i set street. li-S-dti ' ar,d property ' ~ MAR? LEWIS. damage. i AJtoa T. Benn-tt, Attorney. * daov. 27-dec ec 4-:i-ia-3« I JOHN N. CLART. coad;t:on- Apply «31 Sortn Market OLD NEWSPAPERS FOR SALS.

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