The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 29, 1970 · Page 28
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 28

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1970
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

PaceB-12 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Frttv. Stay », MTt Captain Easy TRA9M now: OUT HE ON AND UftSP Mutt And Jeff +4E WANTS TO GET INTO THE END OF THIS The Jackson Twin* NOT NEACtV AS Wl(I AWNAGEP TO SNEAK OUT THE B^CkC WHEN t HfARC? OUC RACENTS WEBE ON . THBP WAY OVER .'.. /WVN. IS GONNA mA WILD F | OH, TOMMY. I IOVE 1OU SO.' I WHY OWT WE HAVE OUB I LOVELY LITTLE WECONG ? TWINS 1 BAC WHAT A WAV TO 3O ...INXVN OCBVMFDI- OF BO/, WHAT A DBE4M B THIS THE PERSON .NO. BUT HJli-CROWN \ COOLA*TM! UA*TA FflRRICATIMG / VOU ALL RIGHT IF VC MYlNEW GROWN? /STICK AROUND HERE* Bugs Bunny UNLESS WE TAKE MOD TO THE MEETING, OUR "WOODSMEN LEAPEK · WON'T BE ABLE TO ^ S EE? WHAT WE'VE BZZ-BZZ-BZZ ezzzi THAMkS FOR LETTING US BANDAE YOU UP POR OUR "LITTLE WOODSMEN" FIRST I AID TEST! HEV, ROSCOE, I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING OKAY. NOW GET 'EM OFF; Priscilla's Pop i TOLD vou TO TAKE TOUR BATH- Answer to Previous Puzzle AW, MOM! YOU WORRV TOO MUCH/ Biblical Geography GOT THE TUB RUNNING- Side Glances "Try to get home more often dear. Night after night, he sits there in front of the TV, thinking Walter Cronkite is his father!" False-Card Tests East's Mettle By Oswald James Jacoby NORTH A J 8 5 4 29 · Q102 *A103 WEST V A 6 3 · 853 J f r K Q J 9 8 4 SOUTH (D) A K 3 V Q J 1 0 9 8 5 · A K J 9 6 EAST A A Q 1 0 9 7 2 V 4 North-South vulnerable West North East South I V 2 * 2 V 2 A 4 V Pass Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- 5 V Here is a hand to show experts at their best. The scene was New York's Regency Club. The protagonists were the late Raymond Balfe sitting East and the late Sherman Stearns sitting South. Ralfe, one of the two or three greatest auction players never tried contract tournaments but played a lot of rubber bridge. He was noted for his fierce competitive bidding and he was not going to sell out to four hearts when not vulnerable. He bid four spades as a preliminary to running to five clubs if doubled at spades. Stearns, winner of several Vanderbilts and Spingolds might have doubled four spades and the subsequent run out to five clubs but Stearns didn't know that most of his partner's heart raise was the ace of clubs. It looked to Sherman that five hearts would be a wrap- up. West opened the six of spades and Sherman saw that he was going to lose a spade trick, a spade ruff and the ace of trumps unless Balfe could be persuaded to shift from spades at trick two. Sherman dropped the king of spades on Raymond's ace. The play ought to have worked but it didn't. Raymond looked over dummy carefully. He noted that ace and 10 of clubs. His partner surely held at least five WEATHER FORECAST-Showers are forecast today for most of tiie eastern half of the United States. Cool weaker is «pected in the Middle Atlantic states and in the Pacific Northwest, Showers are slated also for the northern Rockies. (AP Wirephoto Map) ACROSS 1 Biblical town (Luke 7:11) 5 Mountain in Samaria 11 Highest point 12 Impractical dreamer 15 Modern Persia 16 Radical group (pU 17 Permitted bylaw 19 Negative word 20 Word of assent 21 Ill-fated Biblical town 23 Legal point 25 Go away (slang) 27 Town near Bethlehem 31 of Galilee H Balaam's animal iSDyestuff J6 Crude tartar J8Itis(cont.) 40 Greek letter 41 Sea 42 Rib (anat.) 44 Near East garment 46 Biblical mountain (Ex. 3:1) 49 Constellation 52 Raw metal 54 More ashen 56 Town in Galilee 59 Feminine name 60 Infant cupid 61 On top of 62 Skilled 63 Portable shelter DOWN 1 Metal fastener 2 Land measures 3 Insect form 4 Bacchantes (var.) 5149 (Roman) 6 Arabian gulf 7 Rectify 8 Impure mixture of sulfides 9 Biblical high priest 10 Mona 13 Pig's home 14 Mao tung 18 Of particular space 22 Feminine title (ab.) 24 Theatrical abbreviation 26 Concerning 28 Poisonous snake 29 Wrong (comb, form) 30 Cuckoo blackbird 31 Melancholy 32 Before 33 Turkish dignitary 35 Impede (law) 37 Seraglio chamber 39 Somewhat (suffix) 42 Proofreading marks 43 Ark-famed mountain 45 Shipworm, for one 47 Select group 48 Concrete 49 Literary collection 50 Male sheep 51 Russian sea 53 Noun suffix 55 In a state of ecstasy 57 Exist 58 Coal scuttle T we ou MAM HA^ HIS FAULTS v --- · ' BUT-- ^ ARE TRUE-'ABOUT Eek Meek RATS! I'M PROBABLY THE 0/OLV GUY /AJ TH6 MJHDTALfeS LOOPHOLES 1 , LET'S SOU AMD M YAKE A HOLDIKJ SEE SOU LATER.! Enterprise AssnJ clubs for his overcall. Therefore there was no chance of a club trick. What would it cost him to set up the jack of spades for a discard? Nothing. South obviously held a heart diamond two suiter and one diamond discard on a spade wouldn't do him a bit of good. Could Stearns have made a sensational spade false-card? Of course! Balfe led out his queen of spades and Stearns was down one. STAR "I ARIES MAR. 2! 5-76-77 TAURUS "*.- 20 MAI 20 ,11-22-35-44 '55-60-71 GEMINI MAY 21 JUNE 20 7-18-32-43 '54-63-73 CANCER 2! 3-14-25-36 47-59-70 LEO AUG. 22 4-15-26-37 I48-56-79-87 VIRGO AUG. 23 Sf/'f. 22 .10-21-29-38 49-62-83^9 -By CLAY R. POLLAN- M Your Daily AclMly Guide M i' According to J/ie Stars. "* To develop message for Friday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. OCT. 5-16-27-40^ 151-72-84-85^ 1 Start 2 Danger 3 Concern 4 A 5 A 6 Many 7 Better 8 Control 9 You'll 10 Discuss 11 Correct 12 Some 13 Possible M Yourself 15 Long- 16 Money 17 Are 18 Follow 19 Spending 20 Succeed 21 Your 22 Mistakes 23 Plan 24 Through 25 With 26 Awaited 27 Fovor 28 Looking 29 Plans 30 And 31 If 32 Only 33 Rother 34Which'll 35 Fire 36 The 37 Social 38 With 39 To 40 Really 41 Moke 42 You 43 Accepted 44 Than 45 Add 46 Chemicals 47 Safety 48 Invitation 49 Someone 50 You 51 Needed 52 No 53 Stick 54 Traditions 55 Complain 56 May 57 Drastic 58 To 59 Of 60 About 61 And 62 Who 63 And 64 You 65 May 66 Be 67 To 68 Changes 69 For 70 Possessions 71 Them . 72 May 73 Customs 74 Focus 75 Of 76 Special 77 Attention 78 Leadership 79 Come 80 Your 81 Your 82 Moving 83 Can 84 Be 85 Granted 86 Security 87 Today 88 Guns 89 Help 90 Machinery 5/29 SAGITTARIUS NOK. 22 DfC. 21 8-19-30-41 152-57-68 Bf /T\ /?7\ ^N 5/29 (Ig/'Gooo! (gj Ad verse · ) Neutral LIBRA 9-20-31-42/O 53-58-81-88 1 CAPftlCORN DEC. 22 JAN. 19 1-12-23-34^ 45-67-80-86^ AQUARIUS JAN. 20 fa. i t « 2-13-24-35^ [46-61-82-90 15049.78 Freckles And Friends IP PULUM3 WHISKERS WISHES CO/V\E ALWAYS LOOK VOUR WO 60AT"SHOULP EVER. USE THE" WORD Out Our Way ...THEN SHE JU6-T SNAPPEP.' OH WELL- HAVE TOAAAKB ONE OUT IN TRIPLICATE! THEYJUST DON'T MAKE LIK.E THEY TO, PO THEV, A WEUU SHUT DOWN PRODUCTION- CHARUEV THAT EVER. B-ROKE IN MY THUT TV-TWO YEARS HERE.' GOIN' TO TURN IN A REPORT, AIN'T YUH Our Boarding House ·SOMETIMES, 1 1 SHOUUP YANVi OUT ALL THE SUNKS AMP JUST PUT YOU SQUlpKEUS IN TREE LIMBS.' ANYONE WHO INVESTS MONEY WITH JAKE HOOPUE SHOUUP TURN4 IN H\S BEL-T ANP NECKTIE ANP STAY ON THE FIRST IF \T WASN'T F0(2 POC TP ASREE/ BUT HE'S TOO MUCH F0f2 HAVE A BETTER CHAMCE OF CUTTINi' POWN A PEPWOOC? WITH A LETTER OPENER/ 1 I iNEWSPA'FERr SPAPERf

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