The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 1, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 10
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«e Kws, rrHltrfck. M«L, TtwrwUy, July 1. Know America herst winning 28 inning fame, 73 to 32. 1862--Internal Revenue or Excise- tax bill enacted--first such tax ,7tl-Merflaret M«cer. dieter ! ^f^^ thwe-dajs' ^ » MaryUnd jovemor who re- batUe of Gettysburg ' ducerf herself to poverty freem* , 1867 _ The DominiOrj of Canada partroent of Agriculture, lorn at | Liberty. N. C., 60 years ago J* Pressman, former C. I. O lawyer, born in New York City. 42 years ago. slaves, founder of a noted j VininiaV girl's school, born in , Ann»polis. Died Sept. 17. 1846. JK--Gideon Welles. Hartford. Coon,, newspaper editor. Lin- cole's faraed secretary of the Died Fes. 11, 1S7S. .«18 -- Jcsiah Gorgas. soldier. Con- Walter White, author, secretary ^{ the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, born in Atlanta. Ga. 55 years ago , Dr. William M. Mann, director created by union of the Provinces ! of the National Zoological Park, Washington, oorn in Helem. llont , 62 vearr ago Made? E\aii, acire^. born in New York City 39 tar: ago Jatue? M Ca'i», author *,"ecn v. riter. born Anr.apoli, Md. 55 vears ago Red .5^ Canada. iSSl--^Tiie Aniejicdii National Cross !r*corpon»tt-d 191S--Tne 'Work or Fight* lav. :n eSec , M-Wisconsin the first State to adopt unerrplo\ment compensa- t j o:1L federate ordnance chief who per- 1939 _ The WPA Federal formed a remarkable job, father project abolished. Today's Horoscope- Today s indications are for one 1941--750000 youths reaching age '"ay be accomplished in a modest of a noted surgeon-general, born 19 4 a _ Gertna . l . s take oxer the f an;c d -A ho is full "f goodne**, patience. in Datipbin County, Pa. Died May Ma ,, lnil . L . lle . n F ^ nce thrift and humility. Great work 15, 18S3. .846--William H Brett. Cleveland s noted librarian, a man of enthusiasm and friendliness, born Braceville, Ohio. Died Aug 24 1918. .85*--Albert Bushnel! Hart, tamed Harvard historian-professor, born at Clarkville. Pa. Died June 16 :SS1--John G. C!arkson popular Chicago and Boston baseball pitcher of the 1SSO and 1S90' born in Cambridge. Mass Died Feb. 4, 1909. of 21 register for the c.rj.f* 1942--U S r.ava- ba^? in Northern Ireland sn cpcratjoi 1944--Opensns of :: «? Br-'Uon Wood- N K I- te--natior.c: Mor.e- t«ry Co'iference 1946--First da\ \vj'hout control-! 1947--Secret^rv Mj^h^H brand- Soviets cr% of " I"-.per lals^ti' a- but there is too little ?elf- as-er!ion. not enough nggre--ive- .':i»;- and hence- but ht'Je fjv** i-- Lkely Tnis \\iil ni-lter but little, for there v »11 b- fj'ous 1 '- »f ^otcei-- So sat;ifv the n'.odti*. icq-ui emeriti of the native Vet s Guide By MAJOR THOMAS M. XIAL i Washington. July 1 -- Summer va- j cations for most school and col- j Icge \ eteran-studenti are under I way. Mobt ichouU lei out the firxt i part of June, \vont itart again un- ' til September. In ;-pite of thit the 'Guide" Is getting lots of letters, asking about the leave-v, nh-pjy rules and regulations of -he Veterans Admin-j- tratiorv. Ex-servicer'S kno\v they , are entitled to bubiiitence alJov.- i ance for up to 20 days a year while , they are out of school. They want , to kcow when they can take that ; !eave-with-pay and how to apply for it Actually, ^jcation v. ith subsistence allowance can be taXen any tisne at all, provided the school f gives permission I mean, it could be taken theoretically, right :n the middle of the school ear -- if the school i-jici cka . Chance-) are the school v. ouldn't. unless the student wa; exceotion-jl- !v bright if a \e:cran"s murkb went below par owing to a :md- ·-ubsistcnce allowance coines for those two weeks. If you don't notify the VA et least three weeks in advance you niay be taken off the subsistence lolls as are all students at the end of a term i. Then it might take a month or s-o to get you back on again, which means you wouldn't get the allowance to cover your vacation until after the vacation was over Some ichxL have veter«tr.»' ad\ lijors v, ho either are stationed right at the school 'the very large ones' or come around for a visit periodically. They're the people to talk to about vacations v. ith pay. Any official of your school should know how to get in touch with them. One thing else--every day ou ipend on a vacation and draw subsistence allowance is one less dav you can use in school under the GI Bill If %ou are entitled to the full four years of GI Bill education. and you take a 30-day vacation with allowance each of the four years, your total time in school will be four yeai-s less four months. That's something to think about If If V You probably read in the paper about tfce recent Supreme Court decision on the retention rights veterans have in Civil Service employment. The court upheld the procedure which the Csvil Service Commission has been following but which was «-haIlenged by a r.on- veteran. Heres what it amounts to: if a permanent C. S. veteran em- ploye has a rating of "good' or better than good he will be kept on the job. in cases of enforced layoffs, and the non-veteran will get the brush. That's true even if the veteran has only three years with C. S. and tne non-veteran has 1° --or 20-years seniority. Same thing holds true for a war- I service C. S. appointee. The veteran war-service employe will stay hi the job over the non-veteran war-service appointee--provided his rating is "good" or better. Likewise, the temporary ap- i peintee who is a veteran gets re- j tention-preference over the tempo- 1 rary non-veteran. Now that the i Supreme Court has ruled on this | question there can be no change-' unless the law itself changes. Dumbest Shark Court* Death Ami Meets It II DEATHS IfE TO HEAT Chicago, June 30 J?--Hot. sticky collar-wilting weather clung to the eastern seaboard sis es t o d a y , causing at least 11 deaths attributed to high temperatures and summer storms. A mass of comparatively cool. ; dry air moved across the midwest from the plains states. Weather forecasters said i: might bring relief to the east in a day or two Temperatures were seasonable on the -A est coast and slightly ab' ove normal in the "lains states. Fort Myers, Fla. June 30 ! The story of the dumbest shark in | the Gulf of Mexico was told by 'four fishermen. i Trying for redfish. Bob Wilson. 'Herb Bickel. Charlie Knapp and | Truman Wilson weren't having ' much luck until Knapp got a strik* . and hauled in a 100-pound shark:-' He y the shark loose with the hook still in its mouth. Minutes later Bickel got a hard strike and pulled in the same shark, with the hook still in its ·mouth. Again it was cut loose and only minutes later Wilson got a strike--yep. the same shark. , This time they killed it. Portable timepieces first werc,J| manufactured in Germany about ' the end of the 15th century. Public debt Today In Histor- 1848--'100J esr ago around S4S millson 1847--In effect: Ac: of Congress by which the Governor becomes the sole source of isiue of postage stamps. 185!--First 3c postage stamp issued in honor of George Washington 1859--First recorded intercollegiate baseball game Amherst vs Williams at Pittsteld. Mass: Am- YOUR GIFT! Todav S Birthday s Wsihasn W \ U r of HoK mo\ le director. bor:i .:i France, 4( year-- ag-j CharK^ Lajs:"« » -ctor. born r:. Enc!a:ia 49 jer-r H^O Dr Walter C!j l.o-Adeirsuik fair.ed .-o:! convervatioiit of she De- GKOl'XI) BROKEN Ground v.a- 1 broken Tuesday f jr Ca^eU Hai:. the :ir;t of four neA b-j.ld.r-g to be erected a: :'ie Anbury Home for the Apt-d at Ga.thersburR More than a thousand p^r^ons from Waih ig- :u:r. Mariand. V.r^:r::a. We%t Vtr- j;:n,a s:id New York attended. he !r..ght get perfectly The human e c 80 per tt:»t JUST SEND SIX M8S.RLKRTS COUPONS A grand gift! Gaily striped kitchen towel...moisturc-diirsty...IS" x 32" famous CAXNON make'. Worth up , to 39 cents, but yours as a gift -while \ you duco\ cr the famous home-made flavors of Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise, ' Salad Dressing, Relish Spread. Just mail 6 coupons from these delicious foods-- so fresh, so -wonderful for salads, sandwiches, snacks and sauces 3-to J. H. Hlbert. Inc.. Dcpt. A. Baltimore 16. H. VTc'll send you \ouv gift tov.el postpaid. Hurrj! Look.' It's easy I \ 1 8-our.ce jar !cbel='i coupon j 1 pint jar label =1 coupon j 1 quart jar lebcl -- T i coupon* For Fun. Sport, Amusement and R E L A X A T I O N Plan now to spend the holiday Week-end at WILLIAMS GROVE PARK -d SPEEDWAY MOTORCYCLE RACES FRIDAY NIGHT JULY 2ND--S:15 P. M. ME CHUWOOD his H E I L D R I Y E R S Joly 4th-8:15-July 5th Afternoon and Xight FIREWOKKS-JILY 5th BAND CONCERTS A GIGANTIC VAt'DEVUXE AND STAGE SHOW--P. M. and Night July 4th A. 3th. DANCRG - MGHT OF JULY 5th NEVER A DCHL MOMENT AT TOXXIAMS GROVE PARK AND SPEEDWAY Rides-Shows-Amusements "A Great Midway" COMING-MIDGET AUTO RACES FRIDAY NIGHT JULY 9TH--8:15 P .L/ BIG CAR AUTO RACES SUN- DAT, JULY llth -- INDIANAPOLIS STARS in Special Gruelling, Grinding 50 Lap Feature Race Slant low admission only S3c Gcn- friLl Admission P'us Tax--FREE P.VRX1XG--FREE PKOGR \AIS. Japanese Beetles Are Here For That KNOCKOUT PUNCH USE WATKINS NEW FARM INSECTICIDE Not onr, but thrcf killing ingredients, or ~5'i D D T . tonten- trat-. hq. or jO' t U.D.T. \\ct table po«d. Folluw our complete program for control of inserts in the home, in the e-trdrn and 3 complete fly control program for the dairy farmer. FOR PROMPT DELIVERY WRITE OR CALL Your Watkins Dealer CLAUDE W. STULL Walkersville. M!. Phone 25S7 \ear \aca out. But lhtorct:ca!:y po^sble The r::o;t cosrmon tair.e to take your vaca'ion is at the end of a term or semester. But the VA must be notified as i«ucn i:s advance »s posisole. and at Jeasi; thsee iveeks 1:1 advance You v. rite !he regional o:5ice and toil :t jou v.-a'it to take tv.o v.eeks of our 3U-ciay \r»cauos» at tise end of the tern;, and our NECA Holiday Celebration 4th July Sunday Band Concert 8 P. M. -- Staley Park 5th July, Mon., Oldfashion Picnic 1 I*. M. Races Contests -- Prizes 5 P. M. Basket Supper -- Bring Your Own 6 P. M. All Star Speed Ball Game Camp Detrick vs. Frederick Civic League Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store 9 SOUTH MARKET ST. HtEDEtlCK. MO. DONALD E. LEATHERMAN, Phone 17S-R SAVE 4th of July TIRE SALE SAVE! 1.50 Regular 12.95 First Quality LLSTATE TIRES Only PLUS TAX 6:00 x 1G GET SEARS LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE Take advantage of this new low price, and Sears generous trade-in allowance to equip your car with new ALLSTATE tires. Wide safe-tread construction for more wear, better braking action; tough 4-pIy body with scuff-resistant side- v alls--they're triple-tested for your safety. Get a set now on Sears easy payment plan. · eg. 10.95 Allstate Tires You'll marvel at this superior ALL- STATE quality in the low-priced field. You'll be satisfied with the wear it will give you from its tough tread and cord construction. Trade in your old tires now--get a new ALLSTATE set todav. 9 Plus Tax 6:OOxlS LIFETIME GUARANTEED . . . materials and workmanship guarantee* without limitation as to time or mileage! NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR INSTALLATION Use Your Credit-- Easy Terms On Everything- At Scars Special Leader Material Regularly l."c Now pkg. buy your tireson Sears easy terms ALLSTATE BATTERIES Braided Nylon Line 15 pound Test 50-jd. spool. J. C. Higeins line made of superb quality Dnpont nylon . . . ^mooth. flexible, and casv rnnnmc- . Also in other « cichts, Sheldon "Reelsport" Reel 100-Yd. Capacity Level Wind 10.00 Value THIS WEEK See It Now! T.e\el w i n d 3-piece construction. Chrome plated hich jrrade brass. Balanced S-sliapcd crank. Aluminum spool. Adjustable click. PHO- #Z'0a '/· (EAR} U'llH OLD BATTERT 46, Fits Most Medium Sized Cars 24 - month guaranteed to give you quick starting, plenty of power for accessories. 45 heavy d u t y plates; full 100 amp. hr. capacity. Save money! Get that $3.00 trade-in allowance now. Models for all popular cars. All Oat/ Monday 12 WEST PATRICK ST. PHONE FREDERICK, MD. 1580

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