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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 10, 1961
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Two M V A K M M K K A N Salurday, June iO, 196.1 CIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday, June 12 .'the June meeting of the Baker HD Club has been postponed until July at'which time it will meet irc the home of Mrs. Paul Holt. The Club Family Social will be held at the Fair Park Monday, June 12 at 7 p.m. W. S. C. S. of .First Methodist Church will meet in • its union meeting Monday, June 12 at 2:00 at the church. The Ann Wollcrman Circle of Mr. mid Mrs. C. D. Lester, Melody and Steve Kyler of RuKsdlvillc arrived Friday to visit their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Kylcr. Miss Carolyn Maxwell left Thursday for a visit with Mr. and Mir. Jcmes Pensaeola. Fla. Maxwell in Congress May Take Summer Vacation . , By BARRY SCHWEID WASHINGTON (AP) — When Speaker Sam Rayburn weeks ago snorted .''nonsense" lo the sugges tion thai Congress lake a summer vacation • the idea appeared doomed. It still may be, but its adhe rents die nurd. One of (hem, Rep. Robert R. Barry, RN.Y., has two children land the belief "that the warmth and support of a family arc vital Bookmobile Schedule Summer Bookmobile Schedule: June 13: 8:45, Bodcaw School; the First Baptist Church \vill|9 : on. Botlcaw Store; 10, Falcon; 'meet on Monday June 12 at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Clyde Os- •bprn, Tuesday* June 13 ' -The Hope Country Club Ladies •Swim Brunch will be held Tues- 'dayj June 13 at 10 a.m. Brunch 'Will be served at 12:30 with Mrs, ; D|ck Watklns and 'Gardner hostesses. Mrs. Jack DOROTHY D1X Two Sides .-of the Teen-Age Problem By HELEN WORDEN 6RSKINE | Incidentally, despite the fact Dear Helen: My son will be 13 • your son is 18. he may not be this month. He is celebrating \ able to marry the girl without , J ;The Wesleyan Service Guild] .No.: 1 of the First Methodist (Church will .meet June 12 at 7:30 rin!the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal. ; .The Builders Class of the Flrsfc .•Baptist: Church will meet Tues•-day, June 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the ; ichurch library. Members and as- -Bociate members please attend. - The Hope Division of Licensed "Practical Nurses will meet Tues• day, June 13 at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of the First National Bank. Mrs. Ray Loomis. R.N. president of Arkansas, will be -guest speaker. All practical nurses are asked to attend. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hughen, Linda Joy, and Beth Ann of Lincoln Park, Mich., are visiting her mother, Mrs. J. W. Ray, ; and other relatives here, and -will-go to see his parents, Mr. and. Mrs. William Hughen in Malverrt 11. Brockmcn Hill: 11:45, Down's Home; 12:IS, Texas Eastern Camp; 2, Patmos Community; 2:35, Patmos School; 3:00, Pankey's Home. June 14: fl:15, Willisville School 9:45. Willisville Community; 1050, Atkins' Home; 11:15, Waterloo; 12:15. Grcsham's Home; 12:45. Bailey's Home; 1:15. Kelley's Home:'2:30; Rosston Community; 3:35, Marguerite Beauty Shop. June 15: 8:10, Hinton's Home; 8:30, Pharris' Home; 8:45, Mnr- cum's Homo; 9:10, Down's Home; ii:30, Dearinger's Home; 9:50, Turner's Home; 10:30, Brown's Home; 10:50, Womble's Home; 11:05, Huckabee's Home; 11!25, Marvel's Home; 11:45, Allison.'s Home; 12:20, Gratiot's Home; 1, Spring Hill Community; 2, Archer's Home; 2:15, Hackler's Home; 2:30, Cowart's Home; 2:50, William's Home; 3:05, Laffety's Home; 3:20, Powell's Gro.; 3:45.. Townsend's Gro.; 4:20, Dr. Roger's Home. to the efficiency of many con grcssrrien." Armed with this observation and also the statistics that sen atbrs have about 140 school ago children and House members more -than GOO, he appeared Thursday before the House Rules Committee. His .aim: Action on his resolu tion requiring Congress to recess every year, or at Icasl every oth er year, from the end of June until early October. He got no immediate sympathy from the committee, even after saying wives of 175 senators and representatives have signed a pe tition cess. favoring the summer ro • Mr. .and Mrs. Walter Harris and sons of Texarkana, and Mr. 'and Mrs. J. B. Larsen of Terre Haute, Ind., were here Wednes' day to see Mr. and Mrs. Harry ' Browning. Miss 'Mary Margaret Daniels !returned to.Ft. Worth, Tex., Sunday to pursue studies at TCU this summer. She had spent several days here .with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Daniels, following the spring semester. Visiting. Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hughes last- weekend were Mrs. Ruth McWhorter, Mrs. Ernest Paris and Teresa, all of Pitts' burgh, Tex., and Miss Judy Smith of Pine Bluff Mark Lester of Little Rock is the guest of his grandparents. Meanwhile,, operating on a sec nd front—the Senate—Sen. Gale W,, McGee, DWyo., said a Sen ate resolution proposing annual ummer vacations 'for Congress has been misunderstood. He urged Congress to adopt a coming of age, if you could call it that, by marrying a 14-year- old girl. The baby is due ih August. There's been an off-and-on romance with each dating others —but he says he loves her! The girl's mother opposes the marriage and is urging her. to give the baby up for adoption. My son had only six months more at school but quit to look for • a job. Not having graduated .from high or been trained in a profession, he can find no work. Now he wants to.bring his bride to our home. I say No! emphati- caly. We are so-called nice people, respected in our community. So is the girl's family. What chance have my boy and this girl for happiness? —Mrs. C. R. Dear Mrs. C. R.: Who can prophesy anyone's chances for happiness? That depends upon the individual. Your son a-nd his girl are getting off to a bad start, if they do marry. The problem should be settled by all concerned talking it over calmly and with as little emotion as possible. Perhaps the baby should be put out for adoption. Perhaps the young couple should ; )e encouraged to develop their love and a home for the baby. But ni any event, anger and righteous altitudes should be forgotten. your permission. Check the law in your state. ^ Dear Helen: My Mom and Dad fight constantly. They will fight over our dog, or a penny, Or a shirt or just, anything. I get so mad I could scream from frustration. Their scenes leave nie in funny moods. I could just bite anyone's head off. That's not like me. I love my parents and want to help them stop fighting. What can I do? —Loving Daughter Dear Loving Daughter: There is nothing more heart - rending han to see those you love at each other's throats. Next time your parents start wrangling, beg them for your sake to stop. Ask them sit down with you and talk out their differences. This may shame them into their senses. Show them this column and ask your mother to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for my leaflet on Marital Harmony. SPRAYERS Row Crop and Posture Sprayers New It the Time to Buy -AT- PORTER Implement & Garage M St. Phone 7-2767 Ask for • Demonstration SaysFaubus Could Have Used Surplus LITTLE ROCK (AP)-An opponent of Gov. Orval E. Faubus' $60 million bond proposal said the governor could have used a $1: million dollar cash surplus to w lieve urgent needs at State Hos pital. And J. K. Shepnerd said Faubus could have done so as .long ago last February, That was the reaction of Shepherd, who heads the organized opposition to the bond proposal, to one part of Faubus' Thursday night speech plugging for-the plan. "In listening to the governor's' speech," Shepherd said, "I wondered why part of the $15 million available in the treasury of the state was not used to relieve the pressing needs at State Hospital and to provide accomodations (or our unfortunate children." Faubus used the phrase, "pressing needs," in discussing the situation at State Hospital, for which about 20 per cent of the proposed bond issue would be used." "The governor said work ought to be done at the State Hospital and I agree," Shepherd commented. ^'But here we have. $15 million in cash available without affecting the revenue stabilization reserve fund that could have been used I and used immediately as soon as j he could have signed a bill. If that had been done in February, work could have been under way now." policy of "continuous- year .around sessions" with time out for sum mer vacatiorts, election cam >aigns and the national political conventions. Such a policy, he said, "will result in less time off, rather than more." Finally, the committee put off action oh Barry's resolution until an indefinite later date. By then :he chances are, summer may have come and gone. Send your problems to Helen Worden rskine. Be sure to enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope'and address her care of this newspaper. Helpful leaflets available. ' Dorothy Oix is a reg'Stered trademark. (A Bell SVndicate Feature) Tractors Are Ready for Castro DETROIT" (AP)—The Tractors for Freedom Committee is ready to send Fidel Castro the 500 tractors he asks in exchange for 1,200 invasion prisoners as well as a learn, of experts to negotiate the deal. The next move is up to him. The committee cabled the Cuban prime minister Thursday night that "we are prepared to niove with dispatch and ship the first consignment of 100 tractors not-later than two weeks from today, to be followed by additional consignments of tractors in lots of 100 until the total of 500 aro delivered." It ca.utiofied Castro, however, that -"we trust you are equally prepared to move with dispatch to rclea"sd the prisoners. We remind you of our insistence that you make available to us without further delay a complete list of the 1,214 prisoners involved so that we can develop satisfactory procedures for verifying the identity of those released. "We would recommend that the International Red Cross be asked to handle tjie details relating to the release of the prisoners." The proposed trade, which has been controversial, got more criticism meanwhile. Sen. Barry • Goldwater, R-Ariz. scored the.-.proposed exchange as Prescott News 'blackmail." ,;.Goldwater, -appearing on the Jack'paar television show (NBC) Thursday night, said ''a govern- Reason for JFK's Back Ailment By FRANK CAREY Associated Press Science Writer WASHINGTON CAP) - Per haps the basic reason President Kennedy is suffering from a strained back is that "the good Lord made the back for quad rupeds and not for bipeds," a Washington bone and joint spe cialist said today. He told a reporter that in the evolutionary process, through which man assumed an erect po silion and began walking on two legs, "everything was compensat ed for except the back." "Too much strain has been placed on the human back for the position that man has assumed," declared the doctor, who asked to remain anonymous. "The human spine," he said, "has an angle or curve to it that makes it susceptible to strain be cause of man's erect position. The vertebrae in quadrupeds are evenly balanced due to the way they cany their weight on four legs." • A "lumbosacrnl strain" such as Kennedy suffered can occur dur ing such activities as golf, ten nis, heavy lifting, and even gardening, the doctor said. And,' he added, victims are not necessari ly limited .to occasional devotees of such exercise. You've got to have "an even rhythm" of motion in any exer cise to stand the best chance of Hope Star* . -,j.u .,,••- ••••--.- A,-..*. A ^. of^nouo . Kmtf, Ale*. H. W«*fc«r«, ieey.Trcol. «( fh« l»«f tuiUiitg Star of H«»« »•»»; f«*« 1«17 CMMflMctri total** If, 1929 J11-14 S*«tfi WalMiit Street 4le*. M. Wastikiim, tittat A Publish* Paul H. Ja<ie«, Managing Iditor Oenal Parker, Advertising M<|f.|f Mrs. - Jtfeif" Aeler; Classified Ml* C. M. (Pad) «<>9er, Jr., Clre'f. Mgf. George W. Hosmcr, Meeh. Supt. Entered •« second class matter a the P««t Office at Mepe, Arkansas under »ht Act ef March 3, 189>. Member af the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rotes (payable in advance) 6y carrier, (n Hope and. neighboring ».• «*<k $ >3» Per wtek On* monfh i>er year .. By moll ,.. In Hempstcad, Nevada Lafayette, Howard and Miller Counties — _ „, One month * •?? Thrtr months ....: »•« Six months On* »«•' ..-••••• All ether mall — Throe months Six months • On* »oor 3.5C e.SO 3.91 7.81 15.60 Nofl Advertls'nf. Representatives Arkansas Doilies/ Inc., 1602 Sterick Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas Bank. Bldg., .Dallas 2, Texas; 31,, N Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 50 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich, Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member ef The Associated Pressi The Associated Press f- entitled ex- clusively'to.'trie use for republication of all. the local news printed in tN I newspaper, as, well .at .all AP nevi dispatches. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Phillip of Glenmore, La. arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart, Mrs. Buchanan, Miss Fannie, Miss Lelia Buchanan. Bob and Living Now Is Like Being in a Storm Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - The last half of this century is like living through a perpetual thunderstorm, waiting for the next lightning bolt. And for President Kennedy, now nearly five . months in office, there's been steady rain on the roof, with few patches of sunlight. He's gotten along well with Congress. But he inherited multiple dilemmas overseas and he's solved none of them. It is difficult now to point to single 'Kennedy achievement In foreign affairs unless perhaps in establishing better relations with the European allies. Take a look: 1. He inherited the problem o Fidel Castro's Cuba — a constan belt Hale. Mrs. Harold Denton and daughter Mary Ann of Lovington, N.M. arc gues tthis week of tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Nelson. Martin Gilbert, son of Mr. and /Irs. Frank Gilbert will leave to- lay for Yellowstone National Park vhere he is a delegate to the Na- ional SAE Convention. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKcnzie and Mr. and Mrs. D. L. McRac Jr. are attending the annual convention of the Arkansas Bar Assn. in Hot Springs. Mrs. Frank Haltom Jr. home economics instructor at Prescott High, will ''attend a two weeks home ec workshop at Henderson State Teachers College starting June 12. A-lc Jack Peachcy has returned to Shepherd AFB, in Wichita Falls, Texas after visiting his paren-ts Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Peachey. Three Prescott girls and an Emmet girl will go to LR this weekend for the 19th session of Mr. and Mrs. Reese Duke have returned to their home in Sweeny Texas after visiting the home of Mrs. L. J. Duke. Mrs. Max Kitchen, Miss Jane Kitchen and Mrs. Mac Garland left Sunday for New Orleans, La. where Miss Kitchen will enroll in Tulanc University for the summer term. ment.vhas to be dealt with by a government.— not by - a group of citizens, however well-intentioned." The committee, formed after Castro made his trade offer May 17, said it would not send one of its more prominent members to Havana to negotiate as Castro had asked but would send a six- member technical committee of agricultural and tractor experts. It said that if Castro approved of the offer .the team of experts would arrive in Havana next Monday.-It urged-Castro to reply as soon as 'possible. Castro had asked that any delegation to Cuba should contain one of'the principal members of the committee. Mrs. • Franklin D. Roosevelt is committee honorary Chairman, Dr. Milton Eisenhower, educator and; brother of former President )wight D. Eisenhower, is a cochairman. Walter P. Reuther, also a co- avoiding back strain, he said. Any sudden twist of the body could well bring it on. He said that, in shoveling dirt— as Kennedy was doing for. a tree planting ceremony in Ottawa when he suffered his injury—you should be sure lo bend your, knees, somewhat so all the strain of lift ing won't be on the lower part, of the back. Back in Moscow & MOSCOW (AP) — Premier Khrushchev and President Sukar- j no -of Indonesia returned to Moscow today after a two-day visit] to Leningrad. • Tri-State Your NATURAL COLOR Studio •gain rifers their 5-7 portraits for only .... 1.9S , MM. June 26, Mrs. 12-7* MARCELETE'S Beauty Salon Dial 7-2776 trouble spot for the Unites States, Arkansas Girls State at Camp LET'S 00 TO THE MOVIES Saenger THKATHB - UST TIMES TONITE - "•OtICE DOG STORY" "DESIRTATTACK" Cartoon — 2 in Color • Starts Tomorrow (Seeciel Prevu* Tonite 11:30) Shepherd said there was no need to "concot a log-rolling bill such as the omnibus construction act," which was declared unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court last Monday. "There could have been a single measure dealing with the distress- ng needs at State Hospital." Shepherd, a Little Rock Insur- nce executive, is chairman of the Arkansas Committee for the Pubic Schools, which opposes the >ond proposal. Forrest Rozzell, executive secretary of the Arkansas Educt- ion Association, also opposed to he issue, previously had commented that Faubus didn't men ion the $15 million surplus. Rozzell said the governor appw antly intended to use the surplus as a bargaining point in returi for support of the bond proposa PLUS 4 Riotous Cartoons Starring Heer Sighted Mr. McGo Cartoon Carnival DIXIE DRIVE-IN 1/3 Mile South HOBO High School on Highway 99 e LAST TIMf TONITE • "OMGON PASSAGE" "SOS PACIFIC" if not a menace. Kennedy approved the rebel invasion against Castro. It ended in disaster. And just because of it and because the United States lost prestige and is unlikely to try rough stuff again soon, Castro looks more solid than ever. 2..Kennedy inherited the dilemma of Laos where the Communist-supported Pathet Lao forces were slowly taking over the coun- ry. They stepped up their pace ince Kenedy took office and he las found no way to stop them. 3. He hoped through a conference with the Russians and others at Geneva at least to get a cease. ire in Laos and agreement on a neutral government. The Communists have made hash of that no .ion in a way most bitter for Kea nedy. Robinson. Attending are Mary Gail Forrestor daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Earl Forrester, KaUhy Purtle, daughter of Mr. an<i Mrs. Wallace Purtle and Nancy Kososky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koslosky all of Prescott and J aula Edwards, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Paul Edwards of Emmet. • Starts Sunday "WHO WAS THAT Board Listens, Then Opposes HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) Hot Springs School Board bers listened to Gov. Orvaji Faubus pitch for his $60 million construction bond issue Thursday night, then passed a resolution opposing it. Board members heard Fauhus speak on a statewide radio apd television network before they I started their meeting. In the res- \ olution, th aboard said passage the bond issue at an election 27 could endanger public schpc funds. The resolution said from $10,** to 121,000 of the Hot Spriafs 4is trict's funds would be jcopardi!* by Approval of the hoods. Sheuli that happen, it said, the district would have to ask for a l*» crease. Just this week, in his TV broad cast immediately after returning from a talk with Soviet Premier Khrushchev, Kennedy said they had agreed Laos should be free and neutral and that both wanted a ceasefire. Put in Laos the pro-Commu nists forces kept fighting until a wgeneva the United States callec their action a "blatant violation of attempts at a cease-fire. Th Geneva talks are in dange of breaking dawn. 4. At Geneva, also, Kennedy had hoped to negotiate with the Russians an : agrement ending nuclear testing. The Russians made so much hash of these talks that agreement now seems im- wssibte. 5. In South Viet Nah, where the . At a pre-nuptial courtesy to Miss Suzanne Lee, bride-elect .of James Hulan, Mrs. Fred Ball and Mrs. Morrison McLelland entertained recently at the Bedlam] 'Community Center. 1 For the occasion Miss Lee wore a cotton frock designed with a •black fitted top and full plaid skirt. Her corsage, a gift of the University of hostesses, was of white pom pom sion . Service; mums. Two long tables covered with white linen clothes held hei gifts of china in her chosen pat tern and other gifts. Mrs. Ray Gant Cagle directed games and prizes were awarded •Individual white cakes were serv ed from a table covered with a while cloth and centered wit mums in a crystal container and flanked by burning white tapers. > Miss Martha Bolls presided .at ithe punch bowl and Mrs. Doug Burley of Beaumont, Texas served the cakes. Assisting were Mrs. Lloyd Haynie, Mrs. Grady Cox 'and Mrs. John McLelland of St. chairman and president of the Jnitea.Autp,Workers Union, said, none of the prominent members would go. Named to. the technical committee were Prof. Roy Bainer, head of the University of California agricultural engineering department; William Bishop, leader of agricultural programs for the P. B. Publisher Seriously III PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP)— E. W. (Wroe) Freeman Jr., publisher of the Pine Bluff Commercial, was transferred Thursday from Jefferson Hospital to St. Vincent's, infirmary in Little Rock to undergo treatment for a .brain hemorrhage he suffered last week.. A Pine Bluff physician .said today that Freeman's condition, while serious, was satisfactory.' The physician said no stroke was associated with the hemorrhage. He said'Freeman will be in , the hospital a minimum of . three weeks. Freeman was admitted to Jefferson Hospital Saturday. SEARS INSTALLED Services Save You Money •• lnit«ll«4 Healing • Central Air Conditioning • Bathroom* • Wator Heator* 2 Caff for Free Estimates CATALOG SALES OFFICE v _ 216Vz S. Main—Hope PERRY'S Truck Stope Tennessee Exten- Duane P. Great- Jiouse, .director of the UAW's agricultural implement department; . G. M. Hansen, Michigan State University assistant professor of agricultural engineering; J., B, Liljedhal, Purdue University professor of agricultural engineering, and Prof. E. W. Schroeder, head of the Oklahoma State University agricultural engineering department. They would be "accompanied by a Spanish lan- gUage -interpreter. Writers to Meet SEARCY, Ark. (API-Arkansas' writers will convene here Saturday for a three-day Arkansas Writers' Conference to be held at Harding College. Speakers will include W.J. Lemke, retired University of Arkansas journalism pro-, fcssor, and Clovis Copeland of the Arkansas Publicity and Parks Commission staff. Mrs. Jim Yancey, Mrs. J. R.: Cox, Mrs. Wylie Bird and son, Steve of Ft. Cobb, Okla. and Mrs. Ted Smiley and son of Okla- ioma, are on a 2 weeks vacation n North Carolina, Washington! and other points of interest in thej East. Mrs. Paul Ray Hamric and son Paul are Ansgor, Iowa. Mrs. Doug Burley •registered the 65 guests that attended , the' party. • .Other put of town guests were Mrs.' John Myrick of LR and Brown of Gurdon. NAACP Refunds Award Money UU4U «» of Garland, Texas LITTLE ROCK (AP)-A reward cue guest this week of her par J posted in a bombing case tn which ents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dan- two Negro men were arrested was refunded, a leader of the National Association for the Advancement Metoie Pankey, daughter of -^o^People^aid Thursday. flr. and Mrs. Dwight Pankey of] Hope are guest this week oi grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Youth Drowns STUTTGART, Ark. (AP) — Lee Mack Carr, 12, drowned near here Wednesday when a tractor overturned, and pinned him in a water filled d i t c h. The accident occurred on the farm of the boy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wince Carr, east of Stuttgart in Monroe County, : . . . Assigned to Korea LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Capt. Thomas.Z. Jarnes, executive officer for Army Engineers here since.April 1960, has been assigned to Korea. James will leave about July, 1 for a 13-month tour of overseas duty. . SAVE ON AUTO TRUCK — FIRE """'INSURANCE — Also Life Insurance — SAM McHENRY, Agent Phone 7-3461 or 7-2871 14 HOUR AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIR Rood end Wrecker Service Cempleto Stack of P«r»«- end AccMteriM Telephone 7-9974 •arm? (telnet Shep Foreman •VMM O'Staen, Carl Thornton, Bill Dillon OFFICIAL AAA GARAGE I but helped by the United turned to contributors after the arrests of Maceo A Binnis Jr., 31, and Herbert Odell Monts, 17, the bombing at the home.of JQD f r M> ww ,,„„.,,.— - - States, looks "more' wobbly thanJc' ar i'^ ta "' W aii" Si "' t h en ' a jj e g ro a tui ever. Here, to, there was a gov- dent a t Central High Schol. ernment shake-up lo end corrup- "it appeared that somebody was tion. ' being made a goat," Bates said. Kennedy told congressional g 0 th Negroes were convicted, leaders that Khrushchev predict- U^t the state Supreme Court or-< ed to him that Iran would be lost ^ rei \ a new t,.j a i f or Binn,s and to the West, although disclaiming Monts is still appealing. FEH» THE [overnment is supported and sup- died by the United States, Com- nunist guerrillas from North Viet i*m are putting the souther jovernment in increasing jeopar- |y by stepping up their warfare. 6. In South Korea, where the United States supportde and supplied the civilian government it seemed to think was do any Soviet part in it. A $25,000 reward posted in an- ing all right, Korean military leaders threw out the civilians BIM| took ever. One of their main excuses: To wipe out ''corruption." The net result, even though the new Korean mijrt»ry rulers express friendship (or the United States, is an end to democratic govemnent. 7. IB the Middle East, Iran, right next dor to the Soviet Un- 8. In his TV talk Kennedy mad» O ther bombing case in which live it clear he told Khrushchev the w hite men were convicted has United States would not let the keen distributed to 10 persons. Communist world shut off West Berlin, one of the most delicate I of all spots in the West-East) struggle. Khrushchev apparently gave him no comfort. And Thursday Russia began stirring up a storm about Berlin, claiming the West German government is building trouble in West Berlin which, although Jinked to West Germany, lies' in East Germany. Kennedy is 44 now. There is thunder on all his horizons. Communism is cocky, confident, pushing. There's no let-up in sight anywhere. Kennedy has a remarkable hed of hair. There should be a lot of gray in it before his first term ends. 38 Convicts Are Paroled LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Thirty- eight convicts were paroled by its State Pardons and Parole Board Wednesday. The board recommended executive clemency for 12 others. Names of those recommended for i clemency are not released unless the governor acts favorably. First official pjrie* control in Arkansas became effectiv* June 20, 1862 when a Confederate fie*. cral issued an order fixing thj price of cerlajp {pods and drugs. THE III CHAIRMAN MAKES AJLA* IB pv writ id id* to « au Jtamwlw JPRW* •> wmk\ot.Htn ii bn I (M (MTjffML it fMMnur eo« •»«**!« to at pv APPLIANCE REPAIR CO GOSPEL MEETING JUNE 12 THROUGH JUNE 18 'Come Let Us Reason Together" < Preaching In Love -With Power! Each Week Night at 7:30 P. M. Sunday - 10:45 A, M. qnd 7:30 P, M c CHUKH OF CHRIST Soutk Walnut Strttt Hope Arkansas

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