The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 8, 1948 ツキ Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 7
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,,. ;","! MO- 1 '- テつキ i A i ','テつサ 'テつサ'テつサ'"i ri/テつサ*' : ' ' " Supporting 3 Families Keeps Ono Man Busy I:LLLI:KONTAINE, o-- n_ t h i b a テつサ d . wlio think they aie bav- in,, a h.ucl tiiiiL- ineclinj; the high e n "t ol IIVIMI; might consider the i,isc ol W i l l i a m llcnlon, 2-1. He's i i p i n . i l i n j . ' t l n c e families. l l c n l o n w a biought into couit In H- on ;: charge 1 ol non-support. He pltMilid jiuilty and promised suppoi t money, ac- ,,,, \ i u ! l o t テつキ u i n u l a l c d since Aug. 11, 15)47, and s!D a week in the inline, for tin- m i p o J l ol his s cond w i f e and one ' l u l ' l I l i l c i i i also is paying M. r per v i i k lor the support ol his f u s t ill ;IIK| t \ \ o cluklien. \m\ he is u i l h .itul .stippoiliiu; .1 t h u d .1) piesent \ ) ) ' in ! .'.i!' A !ule Nciv Kind of IJcc L O f i i ' of !x-e called macnco- cc.u rtl G.l.i consukrnble lion on s m i t h Pacific iilr.i'ds, not bv !ii^ 1 ' i f n i , but by binldinn their I M . I ,.i the bores of m i l i t a r y tfテつサ S テつサ..'V / ^ sV SLO'./ / " L I E D tc ' - ' "TED lor fur SILK ii n'-" 1 .^ 'ir' fo- pt'C O' Here's Where the Money Goes On Meal You Buy By S. BURTON HEATH and G A Y N O U MADDUX NBA Staff Correspondents N O K W A L K . Conn.--(NEA) -Who is pelting the big money you have to i.iy for the meat on your Kumly table these days? It a rancher down in Texas who made the biggest profit out ol the pot roast that Mrs. Albert I 1 '. Smith setvcd her family the jthi'i Sunday The ranchers pi'.lil, if he was one of the mote efficient, liguies at 17.") per cent--net. J]\en the e f f i c i e n t rancher's profit would appear to be 70 per cent M i s Smith bought that not roast f i o m Chaile-, Dcmbroski's Hill , M a i k テつォ - t oil Stevens Street. She ^4 1" for a five pound eye 1 lound J I A N C H TO TABLE Fied Kudge, Int'i, New York specialists in management relations, icsearch and advertising, and Nil \ Scr\ice have traced Mrs Smith's Sunday dinner back to the ranch, and now we can tell all the M i s Smiths and Mrs. Joneses i zmd M i s Browns who is getting I tic b i , meat money. j J he stoiy is complicated by two I^s One is that the packer I bu..テつキテつキ a IHC steer but sells eatable i meat The other is that the butch! er bins a side, a quarter or a big 1 thiinl". and cuts from it different guides that sell for different pi ices So if ou want to know why i meat costs so much, and who is getting the gravy, you must follow the stoiy clear through, and uoi lump at conclusions too soon. A f t e r adnistments to allow for p j i t s of a steer that can't be used for meat--and for waste and low- c-i priced cuts in Dembroski's market-- theic is where Mrs. Smith's money went: Rancher, production cost as little as Hanchcr. profit, as much as Feeder, gross profit Cattle Inner Packer Jobber Dembroski Siralegic State Oi Iraq Plans To Step-Up Oii By JACK SAUL United Press Staff Correspondent BAGHDAD, Iraq-- UJ' -- PC- lioleum exports Irom Iraq oil fit-Ids will be raised to 25,000,000 tons a year when the full pipe- linos scheme is completed. The ligurcs were disclosed in a , - - テつキ- , , , statement by Dr. Nadim nl-1 line, raising Iraq's petroleum ex- ODDMMI VIM.M..II. 1'achachi. director Koncial of the ,Ports from their present maximum r SBTM! n?テつサ . . . , ministry oi economics. loテつ」 4,000,000 tons a year to more TM* religious natives of Interior "The scheme," Pachachi said, than 12,000.000 tons.. , China in the 1880s strenuously op"involves the construction of two i "yet a bigger pipeline forms Pテつー sed the erection of electric wires new pipelines from the K n k u k oil pait of the future plans of the, and Pテつー les because these devices holds to the Medilciranean. I Iraq Petiolcum Company. Run-j would cast shadows on their hal- "The lirst of them already is in ning from Kirkuk to the Medi- lowed bunal grounds. nidi line from Klrkuk lo Haifa and Tripoli. "About 70 per cent of the new Kiikuk-Haila Section now is built. It will be finished next year. The Tripoli section is scheduled for completion in 1950." The present scheme, origipally planned before the war, was started only last year because of the lack of materials during the hostilities. "When this project is completed," Pachachi staled, "it will operate concurt enlly with the old pipe- "Kirkuk's oil structure is one of the biggest in the world. The efficient handling of production by the company contributes to prolonging the life of the field and conserving its energy." Oil activity also is in progress other parts of Iraq. Preparations for drilling in two locations in the Basrah area, operated by the Bas- rah Petroleum Company, arc in progress. Barter it KoltMT Oral SttMactlon GwrMMM PHONE M9 FM MfOINTMOT 9 CATUtt ftSlfTEIttt: FIND CURB FOX MISMT DUI TO NASAL { CONGESTION. SUfrU RUSHIO HIMI Ucllrt at la*t from tortur* of テつキInua, ; catarrh, and hay tcivt due U natal テつォoa|Mテつォ テつサ tlon It テつサwn today In reporti of IUCMM with , a formula which has th* powtr to r*dテつォテつォ natal eongriUun. Men and women with aifoniztnir ilnuテつサ hcadachei. clogged nottrlu. . earache, hnwklnir and inMztaK nUテつォrr tall , of b)CTテつサテつォd relief afur uilng It. KLORONOU cottt $3.00, but contldcrlnjf rnulU. thU I* not expensive, amount* to only ptnnlM Pr . dote. KLORONOL (caution. utテつォ onl aテつォ directed) sold with money-back guarantee by Stows Pharmacy -- Mall Orders Filled. "' , . .テつ」.... $0.4913 0.8G05 1.2770 0.4383 0.0161 0.1283 .. 1.2383 Butcher Dembroski: He got the most money, but 'not the most profit. months, brings them up to 1426 pounds average, and sells them for S30 a hundred. His gross p r o- fit on such an animal is $207.80. But meanwhile he has spent $147 for grain. SI for labor, $1.80 m tax on pasture land. 25 cents for veterinary care and insurance, and j $8.55 for" marketing and trucking.' His net income, on each steer, is t $49.20. i This has to cover interest on ( his investment, upkeep of fences. テつキ buildings and feeding equipment. Paid bv Mrs. Smith S4.4500 (Wolfs own time, and \% hatever テつキ At fust glance it might look as profit he makes. And this reyre- 0 - - - sents the profit on summer feeding when pastures arc green and a minimum of grain has to be fed. Wolf sells his cattle to a buyer, who makes five cents a pound for his work and risk in getting together carload lots and shipp'in though the "ceder, or Butcher broski. \\as getting the big profit But stait at the Texas ranch, and follow Mrs. Smith's pot roast to \orvialk. and you'll see the difference. Ranchers' costs vary greatly. Some marginal ranchers apparent-' them to packing houses in Cln- - ly spend S15 of the $22 they get ! for every hundredweight of steer | .-old on " the hoof. At least one i large lancher. however, is produc- ' mg steers ready for the fattener i a t a cost of only $8 a hundred i pounds. j Of this $5 is for grazing. $2 for i labor and $i for grain. cago, Kansas City and other centers. The packer pays 35 cents a pound for steers alive--meat, hair, hooves and horns. By the time they are dressed, a 1426-pound steer represents only 884 pounds of salable beef. The packer recovers $35 from the hide, $15 from to a From the ranch.,the steer., goes j "killing faC anct.52? from totjgue, テつォ t"rtrt*T/T^'7 r ?i a t^t^ ! firr"'"f\f * ffm r-*rn HI-AV frlrsn^c hnir horn/pc hlr^nrl the corn ,, ^ r ,, na /"^ X^% F? feif^^fll ^J~s t rテつサ -?,, "i MM belt states. Warren Wolf of Can| ton. 111. who operates as W. F. i Wolf Sons, is known as a good j business man who gets better than average results. Wolf buys 25 steers, weighing about 1000" pounds each, at $22 a hundred. He feeds them for six FuH Bed Size - AT . . . SIEGEL'S We Carry a Complete INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT MATCHED SHIRTS PANTS, CAPS JACKETS In All Colors and Materials WE DO OUR OWN LETTERING \Vrite for Prices Complete Men's Store FOURTH AT LOCUST Phone 2-0133 Evansv illc. Jndiana liver, glands, hair, hooves, blcod and other oy-products. The net cost of 884 pounds of beef to the packer is $422 10. The beef is sold for 48 cents a pound. a total of $42432. $2.22, or quarter The profit is of a cent .'. BROKERAGE FOR -,. VALUES , **! %^ v ~ "*'-.Vs.テつキテつサテつキ*?.テつサ テつキSQ.'i ^ -,v i-+^/$*^mi?'t. c.r ,, sr-.c o? i'~c$c cvcr- j-rcl s r ,rテつォ*JGCiS. Hundreds * *".2 crl\cテつォ!* ru!s on full U Xp S^ l\ 8 .' ^1 テつ」 * rv 2! i ,? r -*-g# ^j^^iirf^B^T/A NEWSPAPER! ^ 1 IS easytoeoold Tender pound. Out of that the packer must pay all operating expenses and make his profit. . JOBBER TO BUTCHER A jobber in Connecticut takes tuo cents a pound for his services, and charges Dembroski 50 cents a pound. Dembroski buys a 77-pound j chunk of "round" for $38.50. He. throws a\vay five pounds of \\aste i He has 12 pounds of bones for j which he gets a total of 48 cents, j So the 60 pounds of. salable meat cost him $38.02, or 63.36 cents a ; pound. i Mrs. Smith paid him 89 cents a j pound "or rter eye round. Dem- j broski sold nine pounds of eye round, nine pounds of ooltom! round and 23 pounds of top round! at that price. But he also wM j 14 pounds of top sirloin for 851 cents, and five pounds of boneless j shin for 60 cents a pound. j On Mrs. Smith's pot roast lie i made an apparent profit of 39' cents a pound, or S1.95. But b\ the time be disposed of waste a n d ' bones, and allowed for the lower-! priced cuts, his profit was cut t o , less than 25 cents a pound. That is "what he had to meet the overhead of the Hill Markr and provide a living for hiri:c'f his wife and their three daugii , ters. That, as far-as it is possible 'o follow a particular piece ol inc..:. is the dollar-by-dollar evolution o l ' the Smith family's Sunday, pn; roast from ranch lo lable And with minor \arialions. it i^ the dollar-by-dollar cvolulio i of any piece of meat you buy toda Butter Not Fattening, Scientist Decides CHICAGO-- T.rテつサ If you arc on .T diet you don't have to cut buitci off the list to lose weight. So Jays Dr. Anccl Kcyes of the University of Minnesota, who has made many food experiments .T- director of the laboratory of j physiological hygiene. "Butter is no more fattening than other foods." Kcycs said. "In cases of substitution of butter for other carbohydrates in tcstc'l diets, a slight loss of weight i- noticed." Hat-in-Theatrc Problem Handled Forthrightly TULSA. Okla. T.rテつサ--An annoc . Tテつォ3sa man had his own i-oluiion l the problem of \\hal to do who: seated behind an oversized \\o man's hat in the theater. An embarrassed woman report^'' lo police that the man had t^kcr. iho hal off himself. Detectives who answered hor t-sll said Ihc male theater patror. first asked ihc \\oman to rcmoxv her hat. i She rcfu.sed. Whereupon, the grテつサlテつサcd the hat, stomped i t j on the floor テつサnd stalked out. Big Baking SAL ROGER FLOUR 5テつサll. BAG 10-lb. BAG 25-lb. BAG $195 c 1 ENRICHCP .FLOUR テつキLEACHED Gold Medttl HERSHEY'S BAKING 5-Lb. Bag 55c 10-Lb. Bag $109 25-Ui. Bag 2 Salisbury 5-Lb. Bag 10-lb. Bag 25-lb. Bag $129 2 10-Lb. Bag $107 25-lb. Bag $129 2 NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. sMsss^J^ P R E M I U M CRACKERS' ib. KROGER 18-Oz. Pkg. KROGER PRODUCT ?3B rt SVi'iriU 1-Lb. Cello Pkg. small Mcd. Bar i: Bsth Sテつォc Sar small F"-?- What's Good Baking Without Good Coffee FRENCH BRAND COFFEE Avondale Imitation Vanilla Extract Kroger Pure Vanilla Extract Clabber Girl Baking Powder -Arm Hanwner Baking Soda.... Kroger Pancake Flour 1 8-Oz. Bottle I l-Oz. Bottle 32-Or. Can 23c 23c 12-Oz. C* Pkg. Wf 20-Oz. Finest Texas Seedless RUIT 10 Medium Green Heads CABBAGE-New Crop. U. S. Fancy--California Red EMPEROR GRAPES... Fancy Select Northern Crown C0BBLER POTATOES. Large Bunch-r-A real spring treat HADISHES-Lge. bchs. 2 L bs.25c Bunch 5c KROGER BREAD I Lge. 20-Oz. Loaves 29c "CAKE OF THE WEEK" MILK CHOCOLATE NUT LAYER CAKE "Delicious. Try One" CQfテつサ 2 Layers ^v V HOT ROLL MIX DEVIL FOOD MIX Solt-As-Silk CAKE F L O U R . . . 40-Oz. PkC. -i~c Pkg. Pkg. Pkg. 27c S'i-Oz-PkC--Q.T. PIE CRUST MIX. PIE*CRUST MIX . Pilisburv PANCAKE FLOUR Pkg. 8-Oz. Pkg. 20-Oz. PkC I7c AUNT JEMIMA Top quality--Gov't Graded Kroger-Cut Beef CHUCK ROAST Krogcr-Cut--Top quality. Cov't. Graded BEEF SHORT RIBS. Cut from small lean Pork Loins PORK CHOPS Packer's No. 1 Quality ^_ SKINLESS WIENERS. Made from Fresh Ground Beef HAMBURGER...... Lb. Lb. Lb. 49c 39c 55c 45c 45c Bulk or Carton LARD "A real seafood Treat". Fres-shorc COD FILLETS 29c Lb. 35c Headless and DrcsscJ WHITING FISH. K.C. Baktng Powder 8-Oz. Can 10c 25-Os. Can 25c Good Citizens i To the 1947 Community Chest drive In Cincinnati. Ohio, chain store employees 125% of their quota-the 5M tlon made by any business or And a Kテつォテつォer man was In charge these contributions. As a company. Krofer contributed. Indeed. Kroger-alwテつォys m テつォoodjdtt- sテつォi--contributes to Community ChertsjaMtta- lar campaigns In every one * the 1,500 aenres. I "I

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