The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 19, 1959 · Page 26
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 26

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1959
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

Television Programs for Week Ending July 25 — DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME— Sundoy •>>ltoUcroB In Ain«rte» 1 :30 AM Iiord'i 8Ufr tl«n of Paitb Scene loUno •:«S AM •-^rliUkB Setene* i.-M AM •••—Lamp Onto Mr Feet «->||*»»ot>* Service! ~ kellElon In Lit* T—Orar Roberu •—Kartoon Club •:1B AM ^ V <>r«ltk '.ot Tod»» AM 1 :30 AM Leek Up it Urt f— rb» AmerlckD 8r«ne • Meet Corllii Arcber - IJ—rWlh tor Tod»j t:45 AM t—ChrUtiup Brirnee 10:00 AM ^ S—Tounc Audlcncei «—Thlt It the blJe (—Weitern . C—UtUe Lulu 1—Fe»ture Pllm Mornlnc Movte IJ—The CnrlBlopheri 10:30 AM 1— PIrrt MeetlnB •—Journ»l Comici «—Br»Te Eagle »—World Horlron 11:00 AM S—Action Thratrr - 4—Western Theatrr *- 5—Live «nd LtRrn Forum 6—Ramcr (-Wratern IJ—Through the Porthole 11:15 AM 13—Cartune Time 11:30 AM 8—Steve Donovan 6—Sir Lancelot 7—The BMt 0/ Brent 13-Uncle Al 13:00 Noon 1— Sunday Cinema 4-Men'« Club 5—Americans al Work •—Film, "DpvU'a Canyon" VlrKlnla Mayo,-Oi>l«! Robertaon 7—Fla«h Gordon • —Science Fiction Theater 4:00 PM 3-S—The Last Word •—Cuba M. Cincinnati 13—Window of the world 4:30 PM J-«—Face the Nation 13—Roy Roger* B:00 PM 8-S—Contjueat 4-S—Meet the Preis 13—Kingdom of the Sea 8:30 PM 3-9—SOth Century 4—The Open Qucullon 8—Film 13—Lone Hanger 8:00 PM 3-«—Laisie 4—Annie Oakley 8—Air Porcn 8lor» 7-13-Vou Ask-rt For It 8:30 PM S-8—Thafe My Boy 4-5—Smptclon 7-13—Maverick B-Margle •7:00 PM 3-8—Ed Sullivan »—your Senator BeporU 7:1S PM •—The Big ttascnli 7:30 PM 4-S—Dragnet 7-13—Law Man •—Polka Time 8:00 PM J-8—General Eleclrle Theater 4-8—Chew Show 7-13-Colt 45 •—O. Henry PUyhoune 8:30 PM J-8—Alfred Hitchcock 7—VIP. • -Medio 13—Mackenrlr'a Raldera » 00 PM i-8—Richard Utnmund 4-5—Loretta Young 7—Prontlcr Doctor t 'Silent Service 13—Top Plavn "f 1I15» »:30 PM i-B—Whafa My Line 4—WhIrlyhlrtU 5-Sea Hunt 7.13-.Mecl McOraw • -Film. "Her Kind of Man"—.)nnl« Piiigc, Zachary Bcolt 10:00 PM 3-4—New», Wrnlher i-FlIm. "All For MnrV— Nigel Pntrick, Dnvld Tomllniion 8—Sunday News flpeclal 7 —Film, "The Come On" — Anne Bnxler, Sterling llayrten 13—Newa. Sport*. Weather 10:IS PM 8:30 PM 4-S—Buckjkln 7—PnlkB-Oo-Round 13~Mllwaukee Reportt 7:00 PM J -8—The rexan 4-S—Reatlea* Gun 13—Polka-Oo-Round 7:30 PM 2-8—Father Knowi Be«t <-S—T«Ie« of Well* Fatgo 7-12 Hold Journey •—The Blue Fairy B:00 PM J-8—Frontier Justice *-J~Peter Uunn 7—Ten Twenty R—How to Marry > Millionaire 13 -Pantomime Qui* 8:30 PM J-8—Joseph Cotton Show 4-5~Theatcr 7—Top Pro Uolf »- Rescue 8 13-Waller Wlnchell COO PM 3-8~Desllu PlayhoHie 4-5~Arlhur Murray Party • -Navy Log 13-30 Men P:30 PM 4 -Turn Back the Clock 5—Clllien Soldier 7—Bill Veech Reporta B -Stale Trooper 13—Death Valley Daya • :45 PM 7—Norman Kosii 9 :6i PM 7—Weather 10:00 PM 4—Tugboat Annie 7-Film, "Wild Blue Yonder"-Forrest Tucker, Wendell Corey B Film, "Angels With Dirty Faces"—Jamea Cngney, Put O'Brien 10:1* PM 2-Fllm, "The Heavenly Body"—Iledy Lamarr, William Powell 8 - I'llm, Xluesl In the House"- Anne nnxler, Ralph Bellnmy 13 I'llm. "aiilnlng Victory —James Blephen- »ni), neruUllne rtt!;- gcrald 11:45 PM B- Film, "Binarl Money"— Edward o. Hnbliison, James Citgney 13:00 Midnight The Chief" Fid • ;4S PM 7—Norman Ho^a • :S5 PM T—Weather 10:00 PM 7-Fllm, "Next Time T Marry"—Lucille Ball, Lee Bowman »-Film. "Kid From Kokomo"—Pal O'Brien 10:15 PM 3—Film, "Stand Up and Fight"—Robert Taylor, Wallace Brery 4~Htar Parana 8-Fllm, "Thd Great John L."-Linda Darnell, Rory Calhoun 13 - Film. "Cry of the City" - Victor Mnliire, Richard Conle 11:45 PM • -Film, "Bles.ied Event" — Lee Tracy, Ned Bparka 13:00 Midnight 3 Film, "Fast and Loose" Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russet] Wednesday 1 35 PM • Sox vs. Boston 3:45 PM • Tenth Inning 4:00 PM 8-Fllm, "Second Chorus" - Fred Aslaire, Paulctle Ouddard 4 30 PM J -Film, "A Letter For Evle"—John Carroll, Marsha Hunt 4-Kllm, "11 Can't Last Forever" - Ralph Bellamy, Betty Furnesi B;00 PM •—Annie Oaklev 6 30 P.M J-O s s 4-5—Wagon Train 8—The ftrothera 7-I3-Miiftlc For a Summer Night /:00 PM a-8-Kpep Talkltif 7:30 PM 3-8—Trackdown 4-5-Prlce la Right 7-13—Oxile and Harriet •—Huckleberry Hound 8:00 PM j.fl—Tha Millionaire 4-5—Dave King Show 7-13—Donna Reerl Blinw • - 3B Men 8:30 PM 3-fl-rva Clot a Her.rct 4-5—Bat MaMcraon 7-13—Aecusril •—Bold Venture »;00 PM 3-8-Theater 4-5-'rhls la Your Life 1-13—Boxing B—San Francisco Beat • :30 PM 4-Nine-Thirty Iheater 5-Mackenzie's Ralilera B -Now York Conddcnllal 1:43 PM 13—SporU (burner • :30 PM 7-Ncwi 10:15 PM 3 Film. "Kentucky"-- l.orelta Young, Walter , , ^ 7:00 PM 3-8—December Bride 4-5—Who Pay«? 7-13—Zorro Brennan 4—Airican Patrol 0-Film. "China"-Alan Lado, Lorelta Young 13 Film, "Roughly - Itig"—Rosalind Jack Carson 8:00 PM . r.., 'U*?,.''"„ . 3-«-Z»ne Grey Theater • -Film, "PwbJIc Enemy"—4—Heacua g James Cagney, Edward 5-Bachelor Father 7:30 PM 3-8—Taney Derringer 4-5—The Lawieai Yeara Speak- 7-13—The Real McCoyi Russell, •—Tugboat Annie 10 00 PM 7--Film, "The Devil Thumb* a Ride"—Lawrence Tierney, Nancy Lealla •—Film, "Roaring Twenties"—Jamea Cagney, Humphrey Bogart 10:15 PM 3:30 PM 3—Out of Thli World 8—Film, "Here We Go Again"—Fibber McGee _nd Molly 13 -Film, "Black Grove"— • Alex NIcol, Eleanor Summerfleld 3:00 PM »-Fllm, "The Beginning of J—Championship Wrestling • End"-BrlBn Don- 4—Cartoon Carnival O Woods 13:0ft Midnight Film, "Love Is a Headache" -Oladya George, Franchnl 'lone 10 00 PM Film, "Yellow Dust"— Richard Dlx, Andy Clyde Film, "Behave Yourself" Farley riranger, Shelley WIMKTS Thursday 1:35 PM t Box vs. BostriM 3:45 PM • Tenth Inning 4:00 PM 8 Film, "Cheers for Miss nifhop" -Martha Scott, William (larRan 4:30 PM 3-Film, "The Pliantom of Paris"-John Gilbert, I.ewla Stone 4 Film, "Frontier Badman"—Robert Paige, Dlnna Barrymur* 8:00 PM •—Sky King 0:30 PM 3-8 -The Playhouse 4 Tlnchelor Father ft—The Callfornlana 7— pRntomlnie Qillr. 13—Mayor of the Town 7-13—Leave It to Beaver •—Thli U Alice 8:30 PM 2-8—Playhouae BO 4-5—31 Beacon Street 7-12—Rough Rider* B—Decoy • :00 PM 4-5 - You Bet Your Life 7-D S. Marshal 2 - Film, Wynn, William Uoyd . ..vv .w «... *—Big League Plctura 13-Uncle Hugo and Popeye »—Film, "ylrglnla City"— 12:15 PM Frrol Flynn, Merlam •-Cartoon* 12—Film. "Oamhllng Lady" Tuesday 13:30 PM 3—Film, "Rasputin and the Emprea*"—John Barrv- more, Ethel Barrymore •—Frontier T—La*t of the Mohican* 13:55 PM •—Cub* va. Cincinnati 1:00 PM 4— Film. "So Well Remembered"—John Mill*, Martha Scott •—City De»k 1-13--CoUega New* Oonfcrenea ' 1:30 PM S— Pllm, "Southweat Paai- •fe"—Rod Cameron, John Ireland •—Eve Arden Show 7—Paator Wally White 13—Film, "A Very Honor. Bbl« Guy"—Joe E. Brown, Alan Dlnehiirt ||—Mama 3:00 PM Tennla Champlonshlpa . _ ^ 3;18 PM S— Prankly speak ln| 2:30 PM befwood Poreat 3:48 PM IS— OB the Water 3:00 PM S— Uyeterr at Three 4 —TV Reader'* Dl8«*t S— Mickey Rooney Show •—Dr. Hud*on'* Secret Journal 18—Open Reartnt 3:30 PM t-S—Uen'a and Women'* Traok Meet «oldlera of Fortune 13—New Horliona 9:«l PM •—TraUi Xnntnt —Barbara Stanwyck, Pal O'Brien 10:30 PM a— Film, "The While Cliffs of Dover"—Irene Dunne, Van Johnson 4 —Film. "Dragonwyok"— Alastatr Sim, Trevor Howard 11:00 PM S— Film, "Naughlv Flirt"— Alice White. Dougia* Ollmore 11:30 PM 7—The Count ot Monte Crl»to 11:38 PM •—New* 11:40 PM 8—Star Playhouse 11:45 PM •—New* 13:00 Midnight S— Film, "Under the Cover of Night"—Edmund Lowe, Florence Rice •—Film. "On Trial, ' Jnhn Lllel, Margaret Lindsay 13:15 AM la-Nlght watch Monday 4:00 PM 8—Film. "Bachelor* Daughter"—Clalra Trevor. Adolph Menjou 4:30 PM 1 -Fllm, "What Every Woman Knows"-Helen Hayea. Brian Ahem* 4 —Film. "Inside Job" Preston Foster, Alan Cum* »—CUco ,CUT AND 8:00 PM Kid 4:00 PM 8- Film. "If Thl.s Be Bin"— Myrna Loy, Richard aiecne 4:30 PM 3 -Film, "And One Wa* BcButllul"- Rr)lierl Cummlngs, Luritlne Day 4-Film, "tlrand Kxit"— Edmund Lowe, Ann Sulherti S:00 PM •—Superman 8:30 PM 2—African Patrol 4-5--Northwest Passng* 8—Sgl. Preston of th* Yukon 7-13 -Sugarfool 7:00 PM 2—Burn* and Allen 4-5—Steve Canyon a—City Detective 7:30 PM j.g—To I'ell the Truth 4-5—Jlmmlg Rodger* Show 7-l3-Wy*tt Earp B—Caaey Jonea 8:00 PM j-a—Prck'a Bad Girl 4-To Ba Announced 5-Bherllf of Cochls* 7-13-The Rifleman •-Flight 8:30 PM 1 -8—Spot Light Playhouse 4-5—Bob cumming* Show 7-13-N*ked city B—Ten-4 • :00 PM 3-8—Andy Wllllnma Show 4-5~Davld NIven Show 7-ia—Filmed Drama B—Border patrol B:30 PM 4—Slate Trooper 8—8A 7 7—Parol* • -Death Valley Day* 1»—Target Monday Through Friday 8:15 AM 5—Today's Medtlallon 8:30 AM 5—Town A Knim 8:30 AM 5—Pan American ClBssroum n 40 AM 3—Thought Fur The Day 0:45 AM 3—Farm Dally 4—Farm and harden 7:00 AM 3 Rayner Bhlna 4-5~TodBy 7:30 AM 3—Paul Gibson Hhow 7—Norman Rosa 7:50 AM 8—Flrat Edition 8:00 AM 3—Good Morning Mis* Lee 8—New* 8:05 AM 3-We*thcr 8.10 AM 3- New* 8:15 AM 3-8—Captain Kangaroo R 30 AM 7-Tom Mercein Show »—Paul Fogerty • :0fl AM 3—On the tin 4—Kitchen Show 5-Dough-Re-Ml 8-» -Romper Room 7-Creatlve Cookery t:30 AM 3-8—Bam l.evenson Show 4-8-Treasure Hum 7-Hcre'* Oeraldlna • 40 AM 13—News B:4S AM 13—Service Group* (Miin-Tuei 13—Cartoon Time (W-l'h-F) • •55 AM •—New* 10:00 AM 3-8—1 Love Lucy 4-5—Price 1* Right 7—Inbblewocky Pliica B—Morning Playhuus* 13—Fun House 10 30 AM 3-8-Top Dollar 4-5—Conceptrn lion 7-Beat the Burrs B—J Married Joan 11:00 AM 3-8—Love of Life 4-8—Tlo Tao Dough • -Fran Allison Show 12-Burns mid Allen 11:30 AM 2-8—Bearcti I'lir Tomnrrow 4-5 It Could Be You 7 Call to Adventure l3-Womrn's Anglo 11411 AM 3-8—GuliUiiR Light 12 00 Noon 2-News 4 -Hot flhnis 5-Pcotile'a Clinlca n I'layliouse S 7-12~Acro !is the Board B -Little Tlieairr 12:15 PM 3 -Shopping 13 30 PM 3-8-A* the World Turn* 4 -Mill-Day 5—Life of Riley 7-13—Pantiimioie Quia 1 00 PM 2 For Better or For Worst 4-S-Quren For a tlay 8 Btar Pi'rformancs 7-12 -Music Bingo • -Our Mlaa Brook* 1:30 PM 2-8—Art Linklelter 4-5—The Court of Human Reliiiion* 7~ausle • -Suspense Theater 13—Our Mlsa Mruuka 3:00 PM J -8-Blg I 'Rvoff 4—The Woman's World 5—Young Dr. Malona 7-13-Day In Court B-Soundnlage Nine 3:30 PM l-8-VerilU:l la Your* 4-5-From These Rool* 7-13-Gall Storm Show 3:00 PM 3-8-Brighter Day 4.5-Truth or Consequences 7-13—Beat The Clock 3:15 PM i-6—Secret Slorm 3:30 PM 1-8—Edge of NIghi 4-5—County Fair 7-12—Who. Do You Trust? B-Comedy 'Mm* 4 DO PM 3—Susan's Show t -Comedy Time »—It's a Great Llfs 7-13—American Bandstand • -Amos 'u' Andy 4:30 PM 5--8herwnf)d Forest B -'Ihn Big Rascals 5 00 PM 5—Chicago Bandstand B -Oiirtlrld OnoRO 13—Fun at FIvo 5:30 PM 8 Amos 'n' Andy 7-13—Mickey Mouse Club (M-W-Fi. Walt Disney Pre.vem* iTura -Thurs.i 5:45 PM 4 News • Man on the Street . , 5:55 PM 3-5-Spurts 8:00 PM 2—News 4--fliinrt*. Weather, News 8—Weather. New*. n-Slx Oclock Report 7 Wealhcr and News 13-Punky and HI* Pal* 8:15 PM 2-5-8—New* t 7—Paul Harvey 8:35 PM 4-Bneelal Aaalgnment 7 - Weather 8:30 PM •—Buga Bunny and Friends 7:00 PM •—New* 7 :11 PM •—Weather 7:30 PM • —Sport* 10:00 PM a—News 4-5-8-13—Newi and Weather 10:15 PM 8-Jack Paar Show 10:45 PM 4—Tonight In Milwaukee 11:00 PM 4^—Jack Paar Show 11:30 PM r -Marty Faye Sho# »-Ncwa 11:45 PM n News 13:00 Midnight 4-New a 5-Newa 13:05 AM 8- Panic 13:15 AM 13-Nile Watch 13:35 AM S -Secret File U. S. A. B-Whlrlyblrd* 13-8ea Hunt • :30 PM 4—Highway Patrol 5—Masquerade Party 7-Parole B—Mike Hammer 12—Silent Servtc* • ;45 PM 7—Norman Roaa • :55 PM 7—Weather 10:00 PM 7--Fllm, "Around the World"—Kay Kyscr, MIscha Auer • -Film, "The Onsua- pectod"—Claude Rains, Juan Cauirield 10:15 PM 3 - Film, "You Belong to Me"—Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck 4—Masquerade Parly 6-Film, "H 1 Had a Million"—Charles Laughton, George Raft 13 Film, "The Hatchet Man"—Lorelta Young, Edward O. Robinson 11:45 PM • -Film, "Angela Wash Their Faces"—Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan 13:00 Midnight 2-Fllm, "A Free Soul" Norma Shearer, Clark Oable the levy, Robert Walker 3:30 PM 4-D, A s Man 4—Film, "Elmer, the 8—Film, "Wake Island"- Great"—Joe E. Brown Brian Donlevy, William 7—Record Hop Bendix Bu 13-Film, "A Bell For •—Tenth Innln. Adano"-aene Tierney, •-Te""' Wllllata Bcndlx , , 4:00 PM 3—Lone Ranger ^ 11:46 PM 6-Rocky Jones • -Midnight Ticker 8—Dance Party 12:00 Midnight ?r*£'" T.'""' 3-Fllm, "The Beast of the 12—Charlie Chan City"—Walter Huston, 4:30 PM Jean Harlow 3—Film, "Tenth Avenue 13-Nlle Watch 13:0.', AM 4-Fllm, "Shark River"Sieve Cochrane, Carole Mathews Friday 4:00 PM 8 Film, "Beyond Tomorrow"-Richard Carlson, Jean Parker 4:30 PM 3 -Film. "The Oet-Away" -Robert Sterling, Donna Reed 4-Fllm, "We Have Our Momenta"—James Dunn, David Nivcn 8:00 PM •—Woody Woodpecker 8:30 PM 3-8—Rawhide 4-8A 7 5—Pete Kelly* Blue* 7-13—Rln Tin Tin 7:00 PM 4-S—eilery Queen 7-ia—Walt Dianey Preient* 7:30 PM 3-8—1 Love Lucy B—Sgt. Preaton •:00 PM 3-8—Phil Silver* Show 4-5—M-Squad 7-11—Tombstone Territory •—I Married Joan 8:30 PM 2-8—PlayhousB 4-S-NBC Western Theater 7-12—77 Buneet strip •—The World I* Your* • :00 FM 3-8—Lineup 4-5—Cavalcade of Sparta • -Man Without a Oun • :3a PM 3-8—Original Amateur Hour 7—Parol* B—Highway Patrol 13—Cltlxen Soldier • :48 PM 4-i—Jackpot Bowling 7—Norman Ro** • :SS PM 7—Weather SAVI KHO SAVI CUT Soturday 7:35 AM 3—Thought for Today 7:30 AM a -Popey* 5—Active Education 7,45 AM B—Sacred Heart Program 7:50 AM 8—First Edition 8:00 AM 3—Friendship Show 5—Farm A Garden 8—Farm Scene »—Kartoon Club 8:30 AM 3-8—Captain Kangaroo 5—Carloona »—Buga Bunny B;00 AM 4-5-Howuy Doody 7—The Christopher* B—Terrytoon* t:35 AM 13—Ncwa t.30 AM 3-8—Mighty Mouse 4-5—Ruff 'n- Reddy 7-Theater B-Sm Erwin Show 13—Life In Wlaconaln 10:00 AM 2-«-H«ckIa 'n' Jeckle 4-5—Fury B—Western 10:30 AM 3-8—Robin Hood 4-5—Circus Boy 13—Matinee 11:00 AM 2—Cartoon Time 4—Mr. Wlr.ard 5—True Story 6—Mac, the Mailman B—Western Roundup 11:30 AM a—Star Playhouse 4 -Terrytoon* 5—Detective Dlarv 7—Wayn* Griffin show 13:00 Noon a—TV Playhouse 4-Hot ShoU S--Bengal Lancer* 8—Jet Jackaon 7—Oncle Al B—My Little Margla la—uncle Hugo and Popey* 13:30 PM B~New* 8—Air Force Story 13:45 PM •—Report From Senate 1:00 PM 4--New* 8—Doubl* Feature 8—Open Book 7-13—Frontier Theater 1:15 PM 4— Library Story 1:35 PM •—Sox T*. Baltimore 1:30 PM «—Top Stories 4—Color Parade 4—Sacred Heart 1:45 PM «-What'* Your Trouhl* 3:00 PM 3—Common Ground 4—Western Theater 8 -publlo Conference 13—American* at Work 3:15 PM 11— Scop* CUT RACINE SUNDAY BULLETiN July 19, 1959 Sec. «, Page f Angel"—Margaret O'Brien. Angela Lansbury 4—Adventure* In Color 5 -Racing From Monmouth 12—Foreign Legionnaire 8:00 PM 4—My True Story 8—Brave Eagle 8-Wrestling 12—Sword of Freedom 5:30 PM 4—Detective Diary 5—Roy Rogers B-Eddie Cantor Theater 12—Young World 8:00 PM 2—Newa. Weather. Sport* 4—Newa, Weather,' Sport* 5—Boot* and Saddle* B—Lone Ranger 7—Ramar 9 - Jeff's Collie 12—The Other S8 8:30 PM 2-B—Reckoning 4-5—People Are Funny 7-12—Dick Clark Show B-Ncwsreel Cavalcade 7:00 PM 4-5—Perry Present* 7-12—Jubilee U S A. B—Polka Party 7:30 PM 2-e~Wanled Dead or Ally* B-Dlal BBB 8:00 PM 2-8—Brenner 4-S—Black Saddle 7-12—Lawrence Welk • —Danger la My Buslnes* 8:30 PM 2-8—Have Oun. Will Travel 4-5—-Cimarron City •—West Point S:00 PM 2-8 -Ounsmoke 7—Btorlea of the Century B-Mr. and Mrs. Korlh 12—Play Ball B:30 PM 2-8~Markham 4-Pllghl 5—D A '« Man 7-Col. Flack • —Science Fiction Theater 12—Bold Venture 10:00 PM 3--Fllm—"The Imperfect Lady"—Ray MlUand, Teresa Wright 4—Film, "Mr. Smith Ooe* to Washington"—Jame* w Stewart. Jean Arthur S 8—Badge 714 * 6—"The Trail of the Lone- w «ome Pine"—Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray w 1—Film, "House of Hor- J rors''—Ronda Hatten, J2 Robert Lowery •—Divorce Court 12—News, Sport* and Weather 10:15 PM 12—Top Pro Golf 10:30 PM 5—Live Bowling 11:00 PM • -Film, "I'll Be Seeing You"—Ginger Roger*, Joseph Colltn 11:18 PM 12-Nlght Watch 11:30 PM 5-Whlle Hunter 11:45 PM 0 -New* 12:00 Midnight 4-Fllm, "Louisiana Hay- ride''—Judy Canova, Ross Hunter 8—Bengal Lancer* 7—Charll* Chan 12:05 AM 3—At Random 12:30 AM I— Myatery Is My Butlne** n c SULTRY CLEOPATRA— Piper Laurie plays Cleopatra, girl-queen of Egypt, and Maurice Evans co-stars as the conquering Caesar in a special adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's "Caesar and Cleopatra," a repeat performance on the GE theater, today over CBS-TV at 8 p.m. 'Dillon's the Fastest' Says Armchair Varmint HOLLYWOOD —(/P)_Wyatt Earp, Paladin and other television gunslingers don't know it —but they are regularly beaten to the draw by a ta!l-in-the- AND SAVI . RADIO PROGRAMS RADIO (D.S.T.I Bogus TV Italian Golf Pro Branching Out as Real Self ~ Sun. Morning 7:00 AM OBB—Church of the Air 7:30 AM CBS—.Ttbernaol* Obotr t:N AM ABO—BtUe Olau NBO—New* •:0S AU MBO-World New* t:ta AM mo-Art o( uvini 1 :30 AM mo—Btble Study Bour • :00 AM OBB-MeiM HBO—Ntwi »:0I AM mo— Radio Pulpll «.-3» AM ABO—Wing* of HeaUng l5:00 AM CBS—Mew* mo -Newe mo— Maw* UlW AM • Word* We NBO-Th» ... Uve BF, .BC-NeiV* NBO—New* l;30 PM ABO-Herald of Truth NBO—Cathollo Hour 3:00 PM ABC—Oral Robert* CBS—New* NBO—Naw* 3:08 PM CBS—New* Analysis NBO—Monitor 2:30 PM ABO—World Vleioa 3:00 PM ABO—Revival Hour NBC—New* 3:0» PM NBC—Monitor J:30 PM ABC—Bible Class 4:00 PM CBS—News NBC—N*w* 4:05 PM CBS-Johnny Dollar NBO—Monitor 4:30 PM CBflt—«U*pen«e CBS-N.:-*" Sun. AH^ncn ^""Vn ^oT''" NBO—New* I3:l( PM MBB-Blbl* Students .. 1J:30 PM NBO—tutheren Hour CBS—New* 5:00 PM CBS-^New* MBS-Word of Life NBC—New* 6:05 PM CBS—Have Oun Will Travel 6:15 PM NBC—Bob Conildlne »:30 PM ABO—Hour of UeclilOB CBS—Gunsmok* NBC—Meet the Prei* 8:00 PM CBS—News NBC—New* 8:05 PM CBS—Newa Analvsl* 6:10 PM CBS—Mitch Miller e:30 PM ABO-N*w« NBO—Monitor 8:85 PM CBS—New* 7:00 PM AHO—Voice Of Prophecy r25—Tfeksurv of Blar. NBC—New* 7:35 PM NBO—Monitor «:00 PM NBC—News s:os PM NBC—Monitor 5:15 PM MBS—Waller Wlnchell 8:30 PM CUS—rece the Nation «:30 PM ABC—Ravlval Tim* NHC—Back To God 10:00 PM CBS—World Music Festival* NBC-News 11:30 PM MBB-Hawall Calls 11:35 PM CBS-lnvltatloD to Learning RADIO (D.S.T.) •HI •A * •Je Mon. Morning 7:00 AM NBC-N«w« — 7;2« AM CBS—Newt 7:B» AM ABC—News Around the World 8:00 AM NBC—New* 8:10 AM CBS—Ru«ty Draper 8:48 AM MBS—New* 8:65 AM ABC—New* COO AM ABC—Breaklait Club NBC—Ne*( • . 10-00 AM ABC—PeUr LInd HAye* 4-fiS—Newa NBC-New* • 10:08 AM CBS—Robert Q. Lewi* ABC—N«w* U:00 AM CB»..New* NBC-New* „ 11:08 AM CBS—HQU«»pMt» 5l:*^> Drake Orak. few* I ABC— iftwy - • Mon. Afti ] „ 13:30 PM CIB—Helen Trent CBB-jfhe'couDlS Neil NKTIVOKK rilKtJllENCIKS nEAKIl IN KAt'lNE NIIO WMAI)—070 KO WT5IJ—<l'>0 KG CBS WBBM—^KO KO ABC WISN-lt.'VO KO WL8—8110 KC WKJN—1400 KO MBS WFOX—800 KO NON-NETWORK FKEQUENX'IKH HKAItll IN l\riNK WIND—tan Kt; tVON—7110 KC WOKY—U'JO KO WJJD—limi KO tVEMP—KO WMIL—I'jUO KO WHIT—IS40 KO IVKAC—1460 KC „ FM STATIONS BEARD IN KACINK WNUB—ll».8 MO tVIIAD—80.7 MO WQFM—UX.U MO WfMJ—U4,l MO WFMH— MO WENT—08.7 MO WEFM—uv.a kIC WFMI'—lOO.a MO WRJN—I0U.7 MO WMAQ—lUI.I MO WCLM-IOI.O MC WKFM—lOa.S MO W8Et-J04.8 MO WEAW—105.1 MC WXFM—loa.e ftio -CP»»iwlBy Sit. OnrlOB NIIO-H.w\"* *"* . a:00 PM CBS—Newa NBC—New* 3:08 PM £55 ~?,"l'" to Happine** NBC—Network T me 3:16 PM OBB— Ju»t fqr Entertainment 3:30 PM AJBO^WtWi 4:30 PM MBS—New* 4:35 PM MBS-Sporls 4 85 PM ABC—New* Men. Evening 5 00 PM NBC-New.i 5:25 PM ABC—Evde Oornie 5:45 HM ABC-News CHS—Thomaa New* 5:55 PM CBS-Sports S'OO PM NBC—News 8:15 PM MH8—Fulton Lewi* Jl. 8 .10 PM ABC—E P Morgan NHC—Beattv New* 8 55 PM ABC—News 7:00 PM CBS—Business Newt NBC—Newa 7:05 PM CBS—Anio* 'n' Andv NBC—UroucUo Mat* 7:30 PM CBS—News Analyst* MBS—Sports 7:35 PM CBS—Andy Griffith MBS—Newa NBC—Monitor Summertime 7:40 PM CBS—Burns and Allen 7:45 PM CBS—Bob and Ray 8:00 PM NBC—New* 8:05 PM NBC—Monitor Summertime 8;30 PM ABC—New* «;B 8 PM ABC—People in the New* tiOO PM ABC—Vandercook New* NBC—Newa . »;38 PM «BS-Worl<J Today 10:00 PM CBS-World Tonight. NBO—New* 10:35 PM MBS—New* 11:00 PM NBC—New* . „ l);l» PM " MBB-Newi J$MfivaisJjme§ Wont Ads Bring Results NEW YORK — (/T) — As Guido Panzini, an Italian golf professional, he turned up sporadically and hilariously on Jack Paar's late evening NBC show for months. But now Pat Harrington Jr. seems scheduled for greater things In television under his real name. The Panzini business started as a Bpur -of-the-moment gng about three years ago during a frolicsome afternoon in Toots Shor's fabled saloon. Marring ton, then a television time in a cus- salesman, and a pal took number of unsuspecting tomcrs with Pat's fractured English and realistic spiel. On Paar Show Ultimately, the Panzini bit landed him on his first Paar show in January, 1958, where the nation's stay-up-lates Immediately took him to their hearts. Guldo, during many appearances explained earnestly that, among other things: 1. Ho had learned English In the Italian submarine service FLIGHTY DANCE —Nora Kaye, one of America's leading ballerinas, executes a difficult dance on a three-block- long flight of steps In Duomo Square, Spoleto, Italy, for the "Festival of "Two Worlds," a special presentation of "The Ed Sullivan Show" today over CBS-TV at 7 p.m. The entire program was reconied on video tape in Italy. surfacing behind U.S. warships to watch recreation movies. 2. He was captured because he followed one ship right back to Newport watching a double feature. 3. As an International golfer he figured the most difficult hole was the third on a Tanganyika course where the green is on the other side of a pigmy village. Failure of one's two iron, he reported, means pow! — a blowgun dart In the chest. Harrington, son of a vaude- vllllan, is not only flawless in Italian accents. He 's magnificent in Scotch and Irish brogues, too, but for years his pleasure has been playing outrageous practical jokes. Never In Italy As Guldo, Harrington — who has never been even near Italy — took In Italian-Americans of the viewing audience and even the U.S. Immigration Service which made inquiries about a man whose name was not on their records. He was finally unmasked. But by this time he had established himself as one of Steve Allen's madmen, picked up a spot on the panel show, "Laugh line." During the summer he's on "Pantomime Quiz." And this fall he's signed for the Danny Thomas show. Gossip is that Thomas plans to move his own part into the background while pushing Harrington forward. Meantime, of course, Pat has quit selling TV time. He lives with his wife and two children in the suburbs, plays golf in the mid 70s every morning and is extremely happy about life. PAT HARRINGTON JR. , . Just Call Him Guido . , Gov. Rockefeller to 'Meet the Press' Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York will be interviewed today in the first of a series of appearances by American governors on "Meet the Press" over NBC-TV at 5 p.m. At least six other governors will be guests on "Meet the Press" during the remainder of 1959. The six are David L. Lawrence of Pennsylvania, Michael V. DiSalle of Ohio, Edmund G. (Pat) Brown of California, William G. Stratton of Illinois, Mark O. Hatfield of Oregon and J. Howard Edmondson of Oklahoma. Will Report Hunt for Cancer Cure "Conquest" will offer a dramatic first-hand report on science's determined search for a chemical cure of cancer, and the latest progress in combat­ ting the dread disease, when it presents "The Search for a Chemical Cure of Cancer" today at 5 p.m. over CBS-TV. "Conquest's" cameras detail how science's search for a cancer cure has resulted in the discovery of certain chemicals which, although not the mi raculous cure, actually do impede the spread of the disease. "Conquest" shows what is being done in the laboratory, in the hospital, and in the field to develop a single chemical which will destroy human cancer cells on contact without harming healthy tissue. arm-chair varmint they've never seen. Getting the drop on TV's best gunfighters is a hobby of Gordon Clark, a lanky 27-year-old hunkered up to his living room TV set. About a year ago when Western fan Clark decided to test just how quick television's cowpokes really are. He bought a Colt .44, loaded it with blanks and lashed it to his leg. Then he tuned in "Gunsmoke" and waited for Marshal Dillon to make his play. Paladin a 'Pigeon' "Dillon 's the fastest," said Clark, who since that first test has bitten the living room carpet many times before the' marshal's whip-quick draw. Clark's special clay pigeon Is Paladin, the erudite knight errant of "Have Gun Will Travel." "I never worry about Paladin with either his .44 or Derringer," Clark said. "You always know a second before he draws," Steve McQueen, the method- acting bounty hunter of "Wanted Dead or Alive," is another soft touch. "He 's never beaten me with that screwy Mare's Leg," said Clark with a practiced curl of the lip. "I can't imagine any real gunfighter using a weapon like that." Here's how Clark rates some of the others: Bat Masterson—"A pompous fake. Never fooled me with that phony cane-gun." Cheyenne—"Too clumsy to be a real threat." "Wells Fargo's" Dale Robertson—"He's got good fast reflexes, but he takes too long to fire." Chuck Connors, "The Rifleman"—-"One of the fastest. I rarely beat him. Just can't keep up with that repeatin' Winchester rifle." Maj. Seth Adams of "Wagon Train"—"Too old and fat. This gunfightin' is a young fellow's game." Ready for Trouble But Clark is no village braggart who goads a rival into a fight. He sits in an easy chair at his home in nearby Capistrano Beach and calmly and confidently watches the TV. screen. When he senses trouble, he gets up, stands with left foot forward and waits for the jother fellow to make his play. And when Clark fans that six-gun it can be heard all over Capistrano Beach. "At least that's what the neighbors tell me," says Clark. LOW- COST LOAXS for new. cars appliances boats and motors Tl SIBE ML- Member P.D.I.O. MANION FORUM presents CONGRESSMAN JAMES C. DAVIS (of Georgia) "Stale Sovereignty- Last Bastion of American Freedom" WRJN (1400) Sunday 9:45 P.M. Manion Forum speeches will be heard over this station at this time every Sunday. SUNDAY SHOWS 12:00 N—BundftS Berenede 12; 15 PM—N«w« 12:30 PM—BundftT Berentdt 12:.s.^ PM—World News 1:00 PM—Amerlcan-ScendlnevUB ProKratn a: IS PM—8»mmy Keye Serenade 3:30 PM—BUlj Qrahem 3:00 PM—Dr. Charlee FuUet 3:30 PM—Radio Bible Claee 4 00 PM—Dr. Bob Pierce 4:30 PM—If» Your BuMneie 4:45 PM—Ai We Bee U S:M PM How Chrlillan Sclent* BeaU '"Mir ImmedUU Avnilabllllj of God'i Help" t-M PM—Erwin D. canham, Newa «:3fl PM-Virg« Plnkly 6:45 PM—Qrov« Avenue Bactlit Church 8:00 PM—BpeaKing of Sporte 6:05 PM—White House Heporl 0:15 PM—March of Medicine s:30 PM—Batety Crusade 6:55 PM—world New» 7:00 PM—The 11th Hour CaU 7:30 PM—Speaking of Bporta 7:35 PM—Freedom 8lnK« 7:55 PM-World Newe 8:00 PM—BpoaklnK of BporU 8:05 PM—Btar Time D.B.A. 8:30 PM—College Newi Conference 8:55 PM-World Newe »:00 PM—Overseas Correspondent 0:15 PM—Army Bandstand 9:30 PM—Heart Beat Theatre 10:00 PM—World News 10.05 PM—Local and State Newe MONDAY SHOWS 8:15 AM—Top O" The Mornlnt a:3U AM—News and Sports 6:35 AM—Top O' The Mornlni 8:55 AM—Raclno Road and News Report 7:00 AM—News Around the World 7:15 AM—Top O' The Morning 7:29 AM—Lucky License Time 7:30 AM—News 7:35 AM—Wisconsin Wnathrr and Marine Report 7:40 AM—Little Red Book 7:45 AM—News 8:00 AM—Party Line 8:50 AM—Local Hi State Newi 8:65 AM—Paul Harvev »:00 AM—Breakfast Club 10:UO AM—Peter Llnd Havea and Mary Healy 10:10 AM—Words and Music 10:30 AM—Ladles' Air Journal 10:65 AM—World News 11:00 AM—Song apotllght 11:15 AM—Racine County Rome Agent n:30 AM—Burlington News 12:00 Noon—Paul Harvey, Kewi 12:15 PM—News 12:35 PM—Vou Can't Los* 1.-15 PM "ORGAN ENCORES" 15 Minutes of nKUaUTFVL OKUAN MKLonies lOWKLI, YENA, OrtanUt 1-30 PM—World News 1:35 PM—Music Maestro 1:55 PM—World News 2 00 PM—MusIc Mae.stro 2:55 PM—World News 3:00 PM—Music Maestro 3:25 PM—News Commentary 3:30 PM—News 3:35 PM—Show Tune Matinee 3:56 PM-World Nnws \A#D Ikl AM—11»0 on your dial TT Hi* Mf'.M-100.7 on your dial American Broftdostllng C«. and Wtseonitn Nelwark

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