The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 12, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1924
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 12, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE SEVEN- ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Olive Roberto •••ton. THE WHITE CROW TALKS TO MRS. GOOSE 'Oh, I beg your pardon, Mleter Crow," said Mrs. Goose. "I thought you had gone." The white crow left the Twins and Mister Pirn Pirn Bitting on the tront porch of thb Hotise-That-Jack- Built and flew away to his neat on the highest mountain In the world. There he waited until he heard tho whirr and the swish that meant that Mother Goose waa coming on her broom. "Oh, beg your pardon, Mlater Crow," Mid Mra. Goon. "I thought you had gone. I'll com- back and sweep out your room and make your bed a little later." "Why, I waa waiting to aee you Just on ptirpote," aald the white crow. "I want to alt on your broom and take a trip over the world. I fly too slowly and there la need ot haste." "How now!" cried Mother Goose. "What's the trouble?" . "Strange «» It may seem, Mrs. Goose," aald the crow, "I am looking for your husband. I want to find Daddy Gander and hla magic dustpan." ' "Why he went back to Mother Cooso Land with the Twins and the House-That-,!ack-Bullt," eald the old lady. "Much you know, Mra. Goose," aald 1 the crow. "They did find Jack's house, 'tis true, but ever so many things have happened since then. The Twins were alone In the house when It blew away again and got stuck on this mountain. Daddy Gander had left them for « Cew minutes and now he'a not to be found." "So poor Jack's house that no took so much trouble to build is still lostl" cried Mrs. Gooso In dls may. "Poor Jack and Jill and their mother, Mrs. John, must be board Ing around among the neighbors When the West Was Young* I N the days when the historic Santa Pe and Oregon trails were young; in the days when the Indian hunted the mighty buffalo on the boundless prairies; and in the days when California yielded its gold to the Forty-Niner, thousands of brave, resolute men and women, full of strength, courage and hardihood were winning the West for America. And just as those hardy pioneers wrote their names in the history of our nation, so J. A. Folger & Company wrote their names in the history of the coffee industry. Seventy-four years have passed, 1 and the pioneers have won the West. Seventy-four years have passed and today, Folger's is the most, widely distributed brand of coffee between the Pacific Ocean and the Mississippi River. They have won the West because Folger's is a blend of the world's highest grade, highest type coffees, the acme of perfection in quality and flavor. That's why you are asked to make the Folger Coffee Test. The Best Coffee Wins. THE FOLGER COFFEE TEST Drink Folger's Cofft* tomorrow morning tor breakfast, The nut morning drink the coffee you have bsea using. Tbt third morning, drink Folgar'e •gain, A tnornlng or Iwoandyoull decidedly feror on* brand or th* other. The Best Coffee Wina. That's fair, • lan'tlt? F DIGGER'S pffee, established USCT* 3 ^ loves Sacrifice Alice was a normal girl, with a normal girl's longing for a home, children, happiness. She was glad, therefore, when her dear* est friend, Loraine, won a eood man and settled crown ib a happy married life. The shock cam* to Alice later when ah* discovered herself deeply, passionately, in love with her friend's handsome husband—and that h* was a* passionately in lova with her. Out of this triangle grew on* ml th* most dramatic episode* that ttualif* ha* to offer. Alice tells everything under the title* "An Old Maid'* Story"-in tbeDecembetTrueStoryMsg- eiine. Like th* many other •baorbing festurea in this big ' laau*, you can't afford to miaa It. Get it at your newsstand- today. Coptic*" ivit; A racft yet. But where Is the house? 1 don't see it." The brownies carried It down. There it Is in tho valley below," said the crow. "But there It will stay for a thousand years unless we can find Daddy Gander." 'Well, jump on my broom," said Mother Goose, when she had had a good look. "You needn't bo' afraid as I left my black cat at hpme. Have you.any idea where Daddy Gandor went?" she asked when they had started. "He took the cook back to the king in Yum Yum Land," said the crow. "The cook found tho bread- sponge that Mrs. John had set for her baking, and a fire In thn *love and everything, and he couldn't resist putting the bread Into pans and baking It. Tho next thins he fought ot was the king. Ho wanted the king to have that good bread and Daddy Gander offered to take him. That's where Daddy Is now. Iu Yum Yum Land." "Thieving, 1 call It!" cried Mother Goose. "It wasn't the cook's bread to bake or Daddy Gander's to glvo away. What will Mrs. John any when she gets her houso back and finds her bread gone?" Suddenly the white trow said, "Listen, I hear something. We must bo flying over Yum Yum Land now." "How do you know;" aBkea Mother Goose. "Because I hear them going 'yum, yum' as they eat," said the crow. "It's dinner time." (To Bo Continued) Copyright, 192J, NBA Service, inc. CRAMPS wmmmmmmjQeott**'* laaetegg Local Teachers Club Will Hold Dinner Meeting The Hutchinson Teachers' club will hold a dinner in the First Christian church Tuesday evening, November 18. The women of the church wll servo a homo cooked meal. Dean Raymond Schwengler, head of the Kansas University Educational department, will be the principal speaker of the evening. He will talk on the "Relation ot the Teacher to the Community". The next day, Dean Schwegler will address the members of the Chamber of Commerce at the regular weekly luncheon. The dinner is being held in connection with the National Educational week, November 17 to 22, and Is Intended to foster better fellowship among the teaehors. There are ISO teachers who are members of the Hutchinson organization and every one Is expected to attend. * Program for Nov. 13. | (Court csy of Hndlo Plgest.) | (By Associated Press). I WSH. Atlanta Journal !I2!>> »-?• propniiu; 10:4*i. oiKtin, neniard anti Robinson. iVKUl, Boston (303) «. Ills Hrothrr club; r,::io. u\\k; 0:10, coniftlst. iiirmtxt: 7:fl:l. ivlo; S-U. piPKriun from \VKAI'\ WOll, Ililttnlo (31U) 5-6:;lO, dinner mu?u\ way, rhlrngo Tribune (JTO) S:3i'- 8:3", rnsmnlile, ntrlnB irulntiit; 8:30, proKfnrn: 10-11. orcluvqtras. WLS, ChloriRO t.t«) 0:30. ortran; 11:45, Konm ntnl Imie; 7, artists; 7:20, "Fnuso," saittlt^r fontnrc KYW, Chicago 1536) 6:35, hi>dUtn«; 7, conccrl: s. good reading; 8:15, talk; 10. oreliHelrrt. WMV, clnctnnnll (12,1) P. talk; (1:0.1, Doherty Mrlmly Boys; 9:30-10:30, soloists, on'heMrn. W.I AX, (Vvrlnml (3!>0) «. divert. WI'AA, I'.-illaw .Wws S:1<>, male QuarU't-, r'.'i'ital; U-1-, orchcslra. ' WOC, Itaveiiport <48t) 7. Sandman; 3, orrlipstrn, WW.I. Detroit News (517) 6, NfiWs orchestra, Irmor, GoMkfrtto's orchestra. WUA1'. ft. Worth Star Telegram (476) 7:3D-S:30, musical; 9:30-10:45, concert. W1 .1AF. Kansas City Star (411) «-7, School ot thn Air: 11:46. Klghthawka. KF1, I.os Angelrs (469) S:45. lecture; 9. flutist: 10, orchestra; 11. program; 12. .lolin S. NlKht. W1IAS. I.oiHsvlllo Times (100) 7:809, conrci-t. talks. Will', Memphis Commercial Appeal (500) 8:30, orchestra; 8, MaJ. Oen. Allen. - »! WCCO. Mlnneapolls-St. Paul (417) 6:30, concert; 7:30, lecture; 3, classical; 10. band. CKAC. Montreal (425) 7:30, Canadian Nat'l ltnllwnvs. . WEAK, New York (492) «. services; 8:30-S:4r,. talk, soloist.-; S;45. The Te.n- lu , S'ie"ans: 10. orchestra. W.IY. New York (105) 6:30-9:30, talk, eolos, dance. W .TZ. -Sew York 455) 6, orchestra; 7, Wall St. Journal review; 7:10, talk; 7:30. recital; t!:.10. orchestra. WHN, Now York (.160) 1:30 a. m.- 1:30 p. in.. KOIOS. recital*, orchestras. Won. Newark 403) 1:30-0:30. solos, dance, talks. KGO, Oakland (312) 6. orchestra; 10. trio, music, talks; 12, orchestra. WOASV, Omaha (526) 0. story hour: G:30. dinner program; 9. program; 10:30. Wowl frolic. WAAW. Omaha (286) 7:30. bridge lesson; 8-3, education program, talk. WD Alt, Philadelphia (395) 6:30. talk. WIP. Philadelphia (509) 6. talk; 7. talk: 7:15, concert; 8:20, concert; 9, dance. WCA1C Pittsburgh (462) 6:80. Uncle Kaybec; 6:45, special features; 7:30, radio review. Kl*o, San Francisco (423) 9, .orchestra: 10-11, organ; U-12, soprano; 12-1, band. AVk'AQ, Kan Juan (360) 6-7:30, band. AVflY. .Schenectady (3S0) 6:45. book talk; 7, dance; 8. mlnstrol show; 10:30, organ. WI37:. Springfield (337) 6:05, kiddles; 6:15, talk; 6:45. orchestra: 7:15, concert; 8:15, soprano, violinist. WHO, Washington (469) 7, "Indian Cliff Houses"; 7:16, piano; 7:30, talk; 7:45, (iiiortot: 8:15, concert, wcni>. Zlon (345) 8, organ, nuartet, solos, trombone. HIGH SCHOOL OCTET WILL GIVE PROGRAM The Senior high Bchool octet, under tho direction ot Don A. Sloan working on a Christmas music program which will he given the last day of school preceding Christmas vacation. The students In the octet are: Fanny Gordon, Anna von I^eonrod, Marguerite Cripe, Martha Combs, Olen Benjamin, Clifford Black, John Campbell and John Greenert, with Mies Luclle Stevens as pianist. DR. KURTZ ADDRESSES HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Dr. D. W. Kurtz, president of McPherson college who addressed the members of the Chamber of Commerce this noon on European conditions, gave a short talk this afternoon at the Senior high school, at a special assembly called' by Principal G. F. Uillllaud. Clean children want clean school clothes. Lot us do the cleaning. Phone 1335. Lewis Cleaners. 11-lUt Colored Judge MOTHER! Clean Child's Bowels "California Fig Syrup" is Dependable Laxative for Sick Children , Why do your own Family Washing when our Terms are so Reasonable. PHONE HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. H. Tunis, Prop. The first colored judge in the United States is Albert Bailey George, newly elected to the Municipal Court in Chicago. George, a Republican, has been a practicing attorney In Chicago for 'it- years. Both mule and female African elephants have tusks, while In the Asiatic ttteks generally are restricted to the male. Lightsome Frocks For Those Enchanting Hours After Dark Soft, filmy Georgettes and Chiffons, enhanced with beads and fluttering ostrich trimming—fashion the, season's most ornate evening gowns. A most delightful canary yellow georgette Frock is headed in turquots blue beads. Smart in style with a becoming; skirt of numerous panels, s 39^ to J 79i! Blue Peach Yellow Fuchsia Chiffon Georgette Sanin Crepe To complete th* evening costume, yott should wear several ropes of pearls about your neck and spiral pearl bracelet on your arms. On* cannot wear too many Pearls, this season. Thanksgiving Sale of LINENS Attractive, low prices have^een put on staple and fancy merchandise, during this Sale. It is just in time to replenish your supply of Linens for Thanksgiving and. the Holidays. Bargains in Table Linens, Bedding, Towels, , Piece Goods, Etc. i Hurry Mother! ' Even a fretful, feverish, bilious or constipated fhlld loves tin? pleasant taste of "California Fig Syrup" and it never falls to sweeten the stomach and open the bowels. A teaspoonftil today may prevent a sick child tomorrow. It doesn't cramp or overact. Contains no narcotics or soothing drugs. Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions for babies and children of all ages printed on bottle. Mother! You must say "California" or you may get an Imitation fig syrup. 0' Petey Dink Man 's Different By C. A. Voight J ( THIS IS owe OF UE*T spewe's MODELS AUUTTE. WAJM'T I LUCKY o"o SooM » — lej. IVJDEEO ^ MAUEL I VJI5M » CoOiOVUK.) UP A SPR'lklf}- J HAT— —J /) Dark brown hair is more tiian twice as common as any other [ shade among Knglish people. OF COURSE 1 WAD lb PAV A UTTie. kORE.To\2.iT—> AIWT TfOPLE— THEY WAUT HEYT JOWtJAY'S PAPER. lAST&WDAY —TUti DRwe A coy J \wao — NIE FOR. [ THE 6t ?r?AY our— ) Dooizs — c ?—' — 0M- 'W0HDE'R J \F » COUIDW'T Wow-?

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