The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 19, 1951 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, November 19, 1951
Page 6
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Tke N«wt. Frederick. Md* Monday, Novcmb#r if. 1851 Clogged Sewer Lines Flood City Cellars Property damage possibly reach- Ing into thousands of dollars, was done Sunday afternoon, when North Market street cellars of business houses and residences were flooded 18 or more inches deep as the main sewer line clogged and water backed up, from a point between Third and Fourth streets. H. David Hagan, residing at 407 North Market street, was first to notice the water seeping into the furnace-room of the building which bouses his apartment residence, about 2 p. m. Hagan had gone to his cellar to adjust the furnace. Thinking a water main had burst he notified Water Department Superintendent William J. Davis, and called the manager 'for Staub's, 401 North Market street. Davis -and his crew responded immediately to the emergency but ascertained the flooding which reached highest proportions at Staub's, was caused by a sewer block. Obstruction Located Marion W. Rice, foreman of the City ewer Department, brought out an emergency crew from his department and in collaboration with Davis' group found the point of obstruction in the north-south main sewer line on Market between Third and Fourth streets. While some tenants reported backups of sewage in sinks and other connections, by far the greater damage was done in lower dug cellars with floor drains or other basement outlets. Staub's seemed to have suffered the major damage. Fresh stocks of merchandise in cartons and boxes oi bottled goods were closely packed in the cellar where the ·water rose to its highest point, Rice said. A city pump was placed in the basement of the liquor store and the place pumped dry by 9 p rn after city employes had worked continuously for seven hours. Water residue provided the biggest amount of work, the officials in charge said. The stoppage in the sewer line was located early in the afternoon and chains were pushed through the line te clear it. A terrific pressure of water was released when the obstruction was removed and washed away. Rice commented. No estimate of the damage could be determined. Hagan remarked that his furnace remained in operation throughout the seepage which only rose a few inches in his basement while the furnace and water-heater were both put out of commission where the flooding reached maximum height at Staub's, two doors jsouth of the Hagan property. DENIES CHARGE WASHINGTON. Nov. 18--W)-Career diplomat John Carter Vincent asked Senate internal security investigators today for a chance to deny publicly and under oath that he is or ever was a Communist His request for a prompt hearing, addressed to Senator McCarran (D-NeO, was made public by the State Department. McCarran is chairman of the Senate internal security subcommittee, which is probing for anv subversive influences on U. S. policies in the Far East. Vincent lashed out at what he called the "false testimony" given the subcommittee by cx-Communist Louis Budenz about the 1944 mission that former Vice-president Henry A. Wallace made to China. Offer New Proposal On Disarming PARIS, Nov. 38 (fi) -- Great Britain, France and the United States called on the United Nations today to create a 12-nation disarmament commission which would lay the groundwork for a worldwide arms reduction conference. The proposed disarmament commission, which would replace the U. N.'s conventional armaments and atomic energy commissions, would be empowered to draw up treaties for the "regulation, limitation and balanced reduction of all armed forces and all armaments." These treaties would then be considered by the international disarmament conference to which non-U. N. members, such as Communist China, would be invited. The Western plan, putting into a concrete resolution their earlier declaration on the need for step- by-step disarmament and a count of all weapons including the atomic, will be presented to the U. N. General Assembly's Political Committee by U. S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson tomorrow morning. 11 Members Would Serve The Disarmament Commission, to be made up of the eleven members of the Security Council and Canada, would be subject to the | veto. This means that the bin j five --Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States--can kill action with a single "no" vote. The Western powers asked that the commission begin its complex and difficult job within 30 days of the adoption of the resolution. It left the question of when to call the disarmament conference up to the commission itself. Soviet Russia's latest disarmament proposal;:, submitted to the General Assembly on Friday, directed a similar 12-nation commission to start work at once on the inspection and control of all weapons. Soviet Foieign Minister Andrei Vishinsky, who described the four, point proposal as a supplement to Russia's earlier call for a worldwide disarmament conference, asked that the commission report to the Security Council by February' 1. 1952, which presumably would be within the life oC the' current assembly. West Wants Arms Inventory The Western resolution reiterates earlier insistence on the necessity for "progressive disclosure and verification on a ron- linuhiE basis of all armed forces-including para-military, security and police forces--and all armaments, including atomic." This mean 1 ; thnt the Wesl wants an inventory of the world's arms stockpiles, mid a foolproof system of inspect ion which will double- check on the statemrnts of Governments concerning these death- deal ing hoards. The big throe resolution goes out of its way in at least four respects in spoking to draw npnrer to the S o v i e t ideas on disarmament, which u n t i l now have been poles apart from Western thinking. These are- 1. A reassurance to Russia, and olher nations involved. that Ihe U. N. inspection machin- The heaviest atom yet discovered is Californium. It was produced by means of high-energy particles from the University of California cyclotron in 1950. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal CreomulucKi relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. 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BURALL'S CYCLE SHOP Rear C. C. Carty's, E. Pat. St. ("My Location Saves Yon Money") «ry will noi unduly "stick ltd no«e Into other peoples gardens," to quote a phrase^f Vishinsky'c. 2. An implicit promixe to consider any workable Soviet plan for atomic energy control, while asking that the present U. N. plan form the basis of the commission's work. The Russians are opposed to the U. N.'s atomic plan. 3. Re-emphasis of the fact that the West seeks prohibition of the atom bomb and atomic warfare. Vishinsky has charged twice that the west is not interested in prohibiting a t o m i c weapons, and therefore has avoided a flat statement to this effect. 4. Calling of the world-wide disarmament conference. The Russians would have it meet some time before June I, 1952. If it were not for the topsoll carried to its rich plains by the Nile River, Egypt might have been as desolate as the Sahara Desert. GOP To Center Drive Mostly On 8 Stales WASHINGTON, Nov. 18--VP)-Republicans will center their campaign largely on eight States ;n the 1052 effort to win control of the ' Senate, Senator Dirksen ( R - l l l . ) .said today. Dirksen heads the GOP Senatorial campaign committee. He told a reporter he isn't making any claims now of a landslide victory but is concentrating on gaining a margin of from one to three votes over the Democrats. The Democrats now outnumber GOP members 50 to 46 in the Senate and five of the 13 Democratic seats up next year are in the South where tne Republicans have little chance of winning Twenty Republican seats are at stake, nearly all in areas where the Democrats have a good chance. Dirksen said he thinks there is a "definite swing" at this time for the R«puWie*nt -on nearly every ISBU« in th» book." Nevertheless he IK not predicting any tremendous overturn in the Senate. 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