Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 36
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 36

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 36
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Page 36 article text (OCR)

MRfMINTS 77 ! mm mm n ' mm m '"" ^Ap«SvS^"'' h ^' 1 ^«^ K ^«^^nc^ y^riV^r^ K ™e" ENT -™ '"rn'^^Tlv..!. t ftll (b.v.'t'»2 ncfore (J P M or Tfi'i.vilfi S2S3 HOMES FOR SAL! 82! HOMES FOR SALE NICELY furnished j room apnrtmem Utrtft* »na lawn. No pen, nuu wai«ce. or* . fm Pot t,u*nfloiii CURRY "HOUSE 2100 Mltrhrll ... . 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house, plumbed for *r,i.«her. ga« or elec slove ,«85 a KOOM nnd hath, furnished house" Air N< "" th U , , - nRK'R Rt:V the 1st. Inquire 109 Kulh. 7fvl- Mnn> kltrhen rnhinets and Ipfice than you've ever seen. Imr separates kitchen nnd iVn. Huge llvinKrnnm with fireplace, fully rarnet- ed find draped, tile fence and storage, elertrtr eye door on double Karaite, nice londsrspl.ig. Vnrtor .«22.000. Call John Arnett 7*2-1153 or Marie Dandrea 7635255 Clovlj Real Estate Inc. OWNER has bought new home nrvj his FARMS ft ACREAGE FOR SALE 89; CtOVtS #*m>»4trtrttJfAL» fc -~ I „ .^L...., , --•••-——/Y, .,„ M!lfc ft * "WSfcft! 'NORTH IDAHO. SO «rrp<i, 9 wheat, year WiiAmy-hum. well designed home. Ideall'/ around rroek. 100,000 feel timber, s ml(orated 3 UK-2 B«th-l)h|. garage hornet! tjnu»ually decorated don wilh fireplace. Has patio workshop Storage-expensive draws-carpet In a (Jood N*igh»irh<wd c*u owner at 788.7435. JSO MUCH for so llttle-well hvolefl 3-bed- r<»m with new paint ihroURhout, nice ...... ____ 1 BEDROOM furnished house located 7n<> cameo. Call stove and refrigerator furnished. '""'" 782- 2 BEOROOM unfurn^hed house. Imiiiire K)2ii E. 5th. HOUSES FOR REKt FOR nf.NT small 2 twilrni-m furnlshrtl! i hiiu'i-. .«H(i roiiplo m- with huliy. Set; 5112 "•tfl" I filil ''"I"' 1 ' 1 ' l' 1 " 1 K. Crainl! »0 i j 3-BE»R(X3M PARTt.Y furnished •*«-"! a month. Call 762-O.jOTi I'NKt n.MSIIKn home. «<| for (uitnmntlc wa<hrr. cable'Vn'lii fcn.rd In yard. injs West St. Pit 7631 I NKt'FINISHED 2-nEni?OOM~"^r»7",v||' n b«.emc',r. Kuragp unit stomn" r.iom Mrr jaM «i'h bnr-Miie. Cail 762-ainfl or see M t S. .. I X*rt. 1 HR rlean trailer hnuse. rnupie'"nnlv, ....«!<• [H|. MS. Call TUM.TM. 7B3-.TKM or 7fi.Vl.H-, ouirr 1101 Wallace S M A t .1. I -UK nilOOM hoiiw'fo'r r'f ntTrHrelv ;ir_.«hed. bill* paid, S7(> a month. 7S3- fth. nnf. hmni-, rarporl, plumbed for washer, James Blrklrv /.nne 3 Bit nnf. atm.hrd «*rate, driip. M. air rnnil., sandla (ira.lfi ffrhiwl. ci b. lyman rentals, Inc. 615 Mnln *ti .. . ...7K24f has bought new home and his! lawn, fenced back yard and onlv S10 Siiri Is ready to be sold. Only SlOUj C»ll Now. "no oniy siu.oyu. les mil. public road, no building. $4,000. Agenry owned. Contort DINNING AGENCY, Box 342. Honners ferry. Idaho COMHI.BIft Rental Sen-Ice 1808 W. 2)11 783-1441 FUR RENT 1 bedroom furnUhed hwise. vented heat, bill* paid, $70. Call 763- RENTALS WANTED lovely :i bedroom. 1 halh JI.'SI r'tMLSHINU 3 (U hrlCR homes In _.,., ..... .... wriuiive area. r,m -nany nice featurei lo list. Be sure to Ser EUBANK SWACKHAMMER AttfcM V tiutx i IU:DIUXIM Tur h.iu^*- for rent ! in E. 7lh. lintl W. I'.'th TH^lr.M'.V FOR RENT 2 l.,.,tr....m unfuTnisne,|'" I2<il Axtrit TsMSTi nr liuiunc Sheldon 2 RKnnoo.M "lwi<n~f;i"rnTsh('(ir Kenrcil hnrk yard. isuo KilalB Inc. I'm Main, tve tmvp [«•... pin on our list wanting ! & j iiedninm t ntats. cilvo us a rail hiila.v fi>r .ast tervlce In fcnlln* »»uf home A apartment. " IOKSES OR Apartments for rent, fur- nlshed or unfurnished. 783-5S« or 783- .r.o. n U «p. TV Cahie ) ,-oiipic RH'i H'C HK.Vr .1 HfOM clran. far'i ; -.he,| 511 n ni.mfi ,".i h,|!» J s I ••«. 7«3 W90 l.'ayj r M Klft KFVr I' ..r 1 hfit - e.| h.vk jnrd. tall 7S.1-W7* UK NT m.-ilem unfurntshed "•. "•"•• ' mile fmm nty rr [>»;.! >yi * mc>»th 782-fll . re<1»r.rra'i .1 M»-»l 'or Udy Ca.i 7>i.l-4(VVl :' t<v!-,..-n unfurnnhed Iv 'r .m T,~|,, Bickley .W'i. <'*> P» n H"»l Estate 7 ! ' ' . ref -,l I FOR InrPntlv riMV''!Htt f lu*c to IVKP 7s FOR "KENT 2 t«..t ; -r,, m u-.t,,,!-.;^ carpet. lni-«p [."•..•f<i hnck j Wallare. Phone 7iC'-i»;i WF.l.I, FI'RNISIIED 1 ln.dir.-m home, to \vall rarpel air le. no p»»t<. ndult! Inquire 12<i( Main. use. 'WARKHOUSK sul'tahie for sh-raee or fur | wholesale :>us>:iess, lfi.r»«» «q. f( Would P m : renl. l^sse or tell. 1/vvited oirner Kir«' nnd Mitchell SU Contact K. t.. 1^)11. •<W1 West First St. I'none 7!i:!-7ffi;i. home do\in on 1 car garage with low monthly pay rnents. call Roy Gentry IK:MIOI on Bell Real Estate Co. 76.1-4441. \ FUll SAI.B by owner 4 BR. rusiom l.ullt. I Choice location, A\\ tehoi'ls. largrat stiop-i ping center, many Wul.-ias. '-arccted. ; drnped, AC. Unrtscapped quiet street, i recently appraised, low twenties. 76:!-4004! SMALL" E«rrrv..\fi QfAUKvixr; Ffiih- ! land Zone...1 BH-i! Bath-Carpi-! Dismvash-l H. 'f. er-IIW Floors-Spacious nertrnnrns - Would' - — — • consider terms on equity: 1 Smartly - FrHNISHF.D l>uplrv, well foiKirurtpd Planned - Well manta'prd' Hcflccts en"- ! KOIH! cnmlillnn. two hlo«-ks from new joyable living:: O!i Hnh Rurr-h 7K(- postoffire jltp. Buy it for lifllf the f-ost 07M or 762-4an Toun & Country Real »' buying the loi' nni\ hulldini; I 1 Estate. Inc. ' IF IT'.S A HEAL BI.'V that y.,u ni-c I.,,*. ~ .,, ~r: r ——> *"* <<><• In a S-BR In fine neighborhood 1 B/.UCK OF Senior High School, lovely newly decorated Insule and out carpets .1 otdronm and den. hrirk vpnner. 1-\ fenr-c-d easy financing SEE THIS ONE tile baths, carpets A drapes, brillt-ln TODAY. oven and ranee. Chain link fence. 2: CLOSE IN IXH'ATION for multiple unit car garaee. i.iree FHA loan. Only «il..| rental. 'A''' S e ( in n on' J en'h a '! ( 'i.v''" '"""' ° r ' <fuplw - G ' C " KKNNKDY ,'rlrt - larse 2 Bed-, RKAl, E.STATK I t'a'chcd irarag'e wm, ^iTe''siorage'"^/!!!' l>3g AttPlt St. l)lut 7fl3-3M« Nn-e.carpet, A drape. All for mm I|)RU , „„„„„,, ^, Ml|(r AMMf< ^ n Illuh schwil and llrmle sehimU Hnv » home NOW In \\Kjm;UN U\\.lA. Call Ualleri * Hint* Ciiiint, c n ., tn:t- :tl4l of l/nar favurlle realtor _ OWNBR SAYS . Airrt farm N. of t'lovlis 4 gt»»a *»lu on N. (u*. Ss« A. wiesi, 2M mno. Netr- ly new hume! f!.»d tight land. Wonitif divide and sell separately. Priced to Mil rapidly with good terms at SSSo.iifj per A. K.xci.i'SivE f,l.«i'i.\(;. can uean tAritWite or Morelnnd Martin at Town ft Country Heal KMate, Inc. 7W-45DI 5 ACHES for snle or trade 2 miles South of Cl.ivis. I'U 762-IOS9 after S:00 or all day Sat. & Sun. AUTO WRECKERS I,»M nf Ct,OViS S BUDY SHOP ACHO9S KKOM YI/CCA URJVE-hN AUTO TIRES MIl.t.KR T1RKS O.K. IMIK 1<ll)ltl: .M \\. ;ih •;i;i-;n - -, RENT BUSINESS PROPERTY 79 K.H.A. financlnit if rle.sued I?, D. WOKT1IINMTON' 115 W. 4IN Dial ;ii:i;<xi(| «es 7IMNIM Ht..\l, EST.ITK and I.YSI.H.IVCK U M. \\ 7«:MHI/» FOR "SALI. :•. paraxre. corm or call 76,'l-ob)i.\ TV Can. rnrt lyvalpd K'OS "•'- ;" FOR *M.f. West of Call 7112.1 mi o rent Pay l:k t . ,i7) house , lu.iun. F' ItNTlUKfJ J«».""newiy""de- '•-rated nnd furnUhCu RnrnK rt aparlmrnt. Inquire 21ni Bel Air. SMAI.I, furnl«hed home. tiH'Hi fur 1 p*Tv •• lST«i E. Grand. 7«:i .>to. f 'if*~s. Very p'.-isoiabie. Heautif-jlly f,u-m«:i.-i| and has carpet. Can rent .il or pur: (Vnter sec- 1 t'->n of Hilltop Mesa on .N' Map; For In- fTm.i! •>•! f'Kll Jark Wintoci Kealti. 2\ftl • •|>\IMKI!CIAI. LOT eravel •'••vlrod. wit- cr & pi("-tr," ronr.ertiiins, 9u' X 3»<' 3>'V> W. 71.-. *-v. per mo. AI.KO Cemmeinni liulMIng .16' X 80' water. Ras. eler-'r.'- connertlons. Sulinbi • for Dluini"':;; «i-.op. builrllTK sjnpiy stor- ajce. cahiM:' s-,'--p or mlsrvlleneoui >!•:(• aec .SKn per mo. Phone Jerry N.uh : 76J.74S.V SPINKS REAL WTIATK ._ . i2-Uv1l I:«M Menlwcther home n!iarhed,100S KKNCIIKR 2 bedroom with garage lol. see at ]<!<*; I'ecus St. '• apartment. I'rli-ed to sell. 1CK. CLKA.N 2 bedroom home, near Parkview School. Pa\ p menM -*6-l a niiinih nKM'AI, SKIIVKU ft. A. Ramvp? ?R:i.,MI.*t9 Jae.k A Kdllh Splnkt 1KI-:i7g3 F-XTHA MfE :i Hr,l)lt(lli\l ii| K(j| ITV This home has breakfast bar, loads of ctojct snace. l" 4 haths-tntn with vanl- nice patio and fence, close to 3 HR, l*v. b«tl,s on W.ThrlHhnTheTTaTl hrlek, flrepl. fully earpeli-il. draped, hiilll. Ini, fenced flK.SWI. (all uwner 7 , excellent area. I'avmcnls ?«4 peri month. John Arnctt 7H'.'-IIS3 or 7h3-.ViU.')l or Jack Rossmnn TKI-'JlSa Cluvis Heal i Kstate Inc. i CASH RAM(CV REAt/l'OU CIX)VIS, N.M. Box S'I8 Ph. PO S-IJ081 NUe !•() 3.5ST>8 SAF-KSIAUV KTIIKL HV.MAN PO 3-580f5 ^OTORCYCLE-BICYCLE '64 HUMIA l.MI MotnirycU- overhaul. .««»:-. llii.| W. 93 rcil. Per feet, | l.">th Port ales .'I CARS-TRUCKS WANTED WE HAY top prices for stood inert cars.; We trade anrt give ?i»jfl terms. Dial: 7iUb74l. Westell) Motor Company, iuUj W. (Sianrt. HOUSE TRAILERS 95 Fol! SALE l.v Vacation House liaik'i". p\cr|iti<waily nice. .See )o.| /.\ n Place St. TOWN * nit;MltV MOBILE II05IKS S5*l \V. 7th tl«-47B8 $AVI; f.UK IAVK Fit' lira. I) hrvjsr for »•;% a rr.inii 1 , "i FOR RENT 2 hcnnnni I il..rv home . ll'») Prince. Contact .!ame< ,'riest WAJ A ; '*inn. 1 HKnF!(V>M unfun'v Al.-o A ! r.-.-r f.,:. »',, tiri.i psii.l Call 7r,.!.'>«) 24' X i; Hase <",'.ite for renl or ca»*. 7K.<.>^H2 or 763-5716. NICK DOWNTOW N offu-,. " f l>r r ' across fnitn City f(n[[. 233 W. 4v 7i>.'l >ix7fi n.'icr "i P M .n;'rr:." ' '1 .!!."(•••-• •-• or ;•,.! .11 vs MI- KICK SPAi'K air c.'^.i 1 .! ;.,ni Ill K\S A -Hi, Yea iu: %'auir Pnrl:!-. ,I,N( ^ — 7Bi .4411:1 NKAR HIGMIJVNI) Si'lluf)!. - .| Ir-liLom. >>.,!. 1. baths, den and f.rp;,|,v.r li::ilt-ln' KX I'HA v, rlfr-t.'jr- kitchrn, li\.'iiL r fruitv,. ,^.uhlr Rar- ;i?i' citrner Int. l'nr.-,l -.plow its xnli.p.' • SANDY I.ANE - I/ivr-iy t.||Pdr...'ni i-rick. 1 i l-ath^. den • kit'bm comluniitiMt), •.v:"i firi/plarp. IMri; ni«n new cHr|->'t i _ i A- rirapc< througliou* CH^ncr f: arisfi 1 ! rc;t, | must sell. ' ral l NKW -I UEHROO.M n!;[(-K ,m f;.-Hl side. | '•<MI)i.shPd lr>an. extra nir-c. A K'MX! i \«ty. ' iund (II MrntlNT, I)O\VN on a .TU'iln-om n.»-^ ra;-[,t't. U'r-t! i-rralpd, O:il> .$n.5<Xt. Th.s if tin excellent buy. " j BUILDINGS FOR SALE 84A C,(K)I) stronu hulldln- to he moved. Perfect fur Rraln storage 1.9UU «q ft. Woilh the money. Inquire Red s Boat Shop 7K3-K443. Pierce Marine S«!c» A Mertlce Chlcknihn — HclnilliT — New Mnnn l-'lnanclnit l).v dpnernl K.lwlrlr Credit Curp. or liott. J;mpliirces *I(KI Slithry Or. FARMS & ACREAGE FOR SALE 89" Mnitntaln <ahln Sites IMX K— I'Aitrs—AI:CKSSOUII:S ! 46 X Hi liiciit Ukes S«93 : Hljmarl M.ilnrs. I railrrs — ;UIH \V. 7.'i TRAILERS 95A REAI'TIFCL KINCON MOXTOSO: Come fOR SALE S' Cah-over Pickup Camper. 1 |.» si"> the iiciiiinfv.1 mininlaln cabin sites fits l.vie or short wheel bale. Sleep*; iiffi-;i-i| fi-r <nlp for i he (irst time at 4 Munto<.o iWhl«p.Tinu One- In nt-: A >.• H'l! HKNT office space, well i->c<ite'' i iw", plenty of parking. 7>a-/i. WANTED TO RENT CLASSIFIED 100 CLASSIFIED 100 '. •--••..• .11 FOR LEASE 81 81A Iffn Ati.-'i H;irr» J if,,.in * nv " \\ illrn'ii Arlhiir Milhurr in-- ;s n- • riinsr IB n . fol •l!l-!l> H ilHv h .urn-. Co • I 'iliiv At,-a ( .11 .• .mn-Kr.-i ti.f I!, •KK I'HIS I'.hhi \1 iielatid Mar tr Inflation is coming. Protect yourself with real estate. Own a lot in Eastridge Heights HOMES FOR SALE SAl.F BY OWNER • Spar , ,, .'...,", h--.\>.- ( ,; m- Inc. TI.I r.i ifi 7',.' l -lili *'',.{.:,n7<i \ !".>!' ONI V i...! - l;'.n '-fiailia^p Ilis'. YOI ;;i Y': ' Heal tstate. i j the tall pines Norl!:v,.-st of 'IMS Vega.. N. .Mpv on Sun.. May 2MC 1 . Small ikmn jiaj merit and (."ml ierm«. evcellenr I fishing ami buntinc • Natinnnl f.-ies; on 3 sides - secluded and cjuiet • By far Ihe finest location t.i builrt fnoiin- tain cabin - Plenty of waler and i-lec- tricity - Take N. Me.x. Highway -1 from lji« Vegas to S:i|»-l|i). turn West 1 mile, take Stair' Koaii s2(ih' fur !.'! miles to Rincun Muninso. Call CLOVIS KEAL F.STATE. INC. FARM AND KANCH DEPT, 615 Main St.. CLOVIS N. MEX.. Phone 7(52-4544 week-days o after hours and on week-ends. 96 » nl\CII Till ( KS Rinjlo A Tan Jem Dri'es. •_'! to « T.ilsa' Winches. ">:h Wheel* i- liiR I'p Beds.; S-tme \u:h Aux. & Pouer Towers, Gas-' olir.e i- HiPSi-l 2 lo " Ton. WK) * up. I JOHNSTON TP.ll'K i- .SI 1'1'I.Y Pho. 72.">-21Sl Cross Plains Closed Sunday*, i I CLASSIFIED 100 82 160 A. Raw Ijtnd In Colorado with 1 irrigation well. $50 per acre. PH 763-1023. READ CLASSIFIED ADS f XPf RT SHARPENING HA'.' THE .MOVE IS TO . . FAIRPIELD ADDITION The Ixications That Offer The I'tmost In Living MODEST R< PRICK .... EXCLUSIVE IN QUALITY Bell Real Estate Co. Inc. Dial 763-4441 P,r.i <)M V j! : ; • . » j.\v :i iitmiiiN HIM * fl.KV » I. >Ml HI \'.r. l!.\\ ,. c.'-,.!,.-,,^ ,,.. 'nu. i in- si-: M m..| M Ct>n * .'M'!" ir JW-.•.:.•(! ,!e: ••,7' a,! l>:;ric <Al ran I 1 '. H.i- ......... |. r k'-T. »! T'i '1 >'> -. Ar I'll..: TV P.e.u I.»:»|p FOR SALF. 2 hr-)-'v>m hocso Ktc. k > «rd. ni Office '!'.:», . Ttrj-t- »--d a (.)\PMM| paM .- rrt r! ,|' s pric wdi'.irc,.' 1 " tht> nnsher v-i and rev: . terl area. ]'>.•... . ANinliKi: ALL 11MKK bs'.. s rlfr;. hu) ; '-in«. a :rl <lrvr i"c:arJt".l D; <.:,os<* ;n. 80> ACHK.S 1^ gno.j ws'.er area aliotmen:*. Tn:s ii a real b.r- Give -j« a chance to »o.l yujr !i«:lngi. Arlrnr S. Clevetand 7<u*>M:i B.ib llnrtim -!ii;(.;(lim »;. II. "Mimk" Hurioa 1i«-ii«7S Arthur Smith 7ii:l IH.U SAWS. . . KNIVES SCISSORS... MOWERS SKATES... ALL TOOLS E. 14th Tool Sharpening Retoothing & Hard Surface Disc Grinding carpeL 1309 E. 14th Phone 762-0928 GOOd BOYD'S COMPLETE BEAR BRAKE and FRONT-END Service TIKE TRUING WHEEL BALANCED AND OVEKIX)AD SI'KINGS MONUO MATIC SHOCKS Giiarunl«?ed Mufflers Quirk Installation RADIATOR REPAIR New Radiator Cores Reconditioned Radiators For All Cars & Trucks BOYD'S BRAKE SHOP 18 Vcars In Clnvi* I'll U. (irand I'D 3-43'.'B NofffSUf *** ** Willm o!J FHA! 1 l>:j b«dnv,m»| .11-. wn.'i 'ireplAcf, e»-. tKju'.-lnt. <l;sn-j *- nC'.tr r«t;i*t, t h UK Sarulia, i'»y-i n»-nt S1JS. i.'om» by A ri-.*k» offfr. i CLASSIFIED 1001 LICENSED BONDED REALTORS HOW. GRAND AYE. 762-4779 lUrrr SAI.ES.MK.1i OPEN HOUSE THE FABULOUS FLAIR HOME IS OPEN TODAY FROM 1 TO 6 P.M. DONT MISS SEEING THIS OUTSTANDING IU-FASHION HOME. 1625 COURTT«AND IN JONQUIL COLONY. ENTRANCE kANE AT 2Ut AND fiVCAMORE. LAVISHLY FURNISHED BY HOME DEOOR. FINE WESTINGHOUSE APPLIAN- CSB BY HURPHY . ECHOLS. PAUL REAL ESTATE 51 7 U MAIN 763-1461 ONl.^' $'SO d.iwn «:.i r> :• 5 ,.i m tt-,,, ntlghb-irh<*',t •. ir i.,..-.' s High 3 bedroinr:. • ., t,.:li- «n,l ranj;c IAI\P.'. iv«i! >,| wall Sfn- • U:*f.l pal. ! nft'ing ard 'Jr.^^e* ru'."t In. Call J'i>ce S\{ii.f 7M >i .! ,.r ViUV4it:l. iil.MItt aad AKItlt HKLItS I'llllNE M MHKItS inry raal .. 163 ;{\M Krvhi DHIK-IUI 1«i-A27J Jii»-n h|i*nr >! I.VKI Juantla- I'auJ 7«i :it«W I BUM K Til SfHltdl. - 2 >e»r o;.t, 3. o.' Cit :;it« »T .! »'.,rH.'t; iugi- h; r akfa>! bur »r..l fj;:.. y i.».:-.- ar ix)"..| :; med. t».nrf.1 cor-.r; ;M r 1 'e :i~!>,i;.:» bjy «<l_;iy or or, pe« FHA appra.ia:. A real I or Neil WaUl 7o3-53T5 C.-v., Re»: tljut* Inc. • LAND AUCTION • TUESDAY, MAY 4th. 10:30 A.M. LOCATION: from Portales, X.M., go out the Clovis Hhvay to Turnbough's Fruit Stand, then 1 mile East to Northwest corner of place to be sold. Spiling GO Acres to the Highest Bidder ... 31 Acres in Soil Bank, 20 Acres Grain base, Owner GENE COLLINS . . . TERMS CASH. l() r r to be put in escrow, paid at close of sale, rest cash upon delivery of clear title. BILL JOHNSON Orendorff Real Estate Auctioneer Broker, Ph. 356-5441 Ph. 356-4740, Portales Portales, N.M. ROOM TO BKEA1IIE bl • hou*« with J »CTM, VbtdrmRii. «ir iiM«nl UmiT'i and currtit. cur,*! bulll -uu. 3 c*r y«r»ge. t'i,i pla. i- h*a )ii»t «t»Hit tveo'lhuiit * perm civ.i.l 4iK for In • !*«n«, »ntl ia« ou-n«r w>U ir»<l« tv>r a tuu>« m unta NICK PBOPUC UN T5OS STREET tbi« Mcdraom. »«p«r»!» dlnnlnj n«m, l»ra< r»rp*-t, «Jr ii»ii<<l. iw-i cir i!»r- •4C. nic« yard. J»»1 kN-ats-jn. will tell W now )MiA. tK>ifiiU. CORDRADO E ? SiTATES HORACE ECHOLS, PRESIDENT EAST 21st & HALLIBI Protected Home Investment Quiet Exclusive Restricted See Your Favorite Realtor MULTUK M»^ •MH^V^f (V^-«f J I I I J2I04 Qrtnuna grau, good watar Wtt* Craji * wheat land. $75 per A Ntw Brick. c»rpttcJ den is nr«plae« t'urnUhad 3 UK * imali rental urm> LOT * Trailor iparci Or-.-.if J70 nw. Wu«Uty brick lilt* ne» «ood tero-.j VAftM • »AKCU - IttKlOAtlU.N LOW* BMtttttul S BR. t BMft, «rtdt Eut- ridt* addition. Fully Ctnwtad. N^v! tUiOLlXJN ACKNCY (4^(0. Mil* - <3 ^BiiBu l KvJi >tadrco " (£•• t« CbrtiuUt v* cub buyer (or M ^ ^ with } btdmom bom*, will tr*«* lor c«r, truck, trailer (MUM or ""jj 1 iti W. J. IVANS £<4»i« f M. lor your ^•^•^••••^^.^^^•^•••^•^^••••^•I^^^^^^^^^H^^ ^^••••••WWBr^Tr^^^^^^^^WWiMPP'^^ REAL ESTATE LOANS •HOME LOANS Conventional F.HA 6.1. Home Improvement • BUSINESS BUILWNG LOANS First Federal SavlngsiLoan HOMEOPFICB * HUB C^OVMkiUI, ABO.EWB KM. REVIV SERVICE! Rev, Charles Hastings Smith EVANGELIST . MA Y 2-9 7:00 P.M. FIRST CHURCH of THE NAZARENE 12fh & Reneher Come to 7th & THORNTON SEE OUR CABS ~ WE HAVE '29 MODELS THRU '65 MODELS WE HAVE ONE YOU WILL TRADE YOUR WIFE FOR... 1937 FORD, 2-DOOR, LIKE NEW ALL ORIGINAL INTERIOR "YOU ALL" COME! "SOONER OR LATER YOU'LL DRIVE ONE OF RIP'S CARS!" RIP SIMMONS ^ 7th at Thornton 762-4505 Qualify Budget SERVICE SPECIAL AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLED COMPLETE 24 MO. OR 24,000 MILE WARRANTY 26 50 51^40 DOWN I £, THIS IS DODGE TERRITORY Where the ridln's great and the dealing's Straight. IT'S POSH Dodge V-8 440 Four Door, TorquefHte, P/Str., Radio, Htr., Tinted Glass, W/S, underooating, W/S Tires, Low . . Low mileage, practically new car warranty, at a very special price. PONTIAC Bonnevillf : Dr. Hard Top. Automatic Tnuu., PJSU-., P Br., Radio. H»r., Fans. Air, WS Tire* lt'« • honey and our prii'it is aftwtive. PLVMOl'TH Fury » Or. Hard Top. Torqueflite, P Str., • P Br., Kadio, Htr., Fac. Air, WS Tires. It's nice and our price U right ... for you. £9 KAMHLEK (\thtoni Class.ii' 4 Dr. Automatic Trail*., Ra- WA dio, Htr., WS Tirws, It'» premium Extra S. S. S|»ec 62 62 $QOQ 60 FOKI) tialavle \ 8, Four Dr. Automatic. Radio Hfr., good t-ar. S. S. Spe*- ..................... M < HEVKOLtT Bel .\ir i Dour. Two-Tone white t Tan, Automatic Tram., Radio, Htr., Good car aad • SCHA Hot* Hot' S. S. 8pc<- ............................ ,.. *&7T Look AQCHII Only $399.00 ... 5? I>odge V8, fioyal 4 Dr., fully equipped Power and air. Good Transportation for a little dough. $189.00 ~ 55 Olds Four Door, fully equipped. Good buggy g| a ridiculously low price. PICKUPS We Aove f m 1 ... Oec/ge .., Chevrolet . fora 1 ,., GrWC, Gooo/ p/ctwpt rtprfy .... ,.,. |¥f 5.00 if». *t Dod*t feyf for • Mr SMt JOHN PARKil MOTORS a- ne ;o- nt ns- >a >n id h- le ic st v- le et >r id r o d in i- 3f y y 52 id ;e e v- t- vv in ir a•d a VI h d j- a Tl 0' 0 a a n o I-

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