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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 8, 1934
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TODAY'S WHILE ITS FRESH FOR N&RTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA THE FAVORITE NEWSPAPER Full A**oeiated PrtM Leued Wire Service ( And Paris.Evening News ) VOL. LXVL NO. 12. Complete Regional and Local News Coverage EIGHTEEN PAGES Political Truce Is Offered By Hitler A Grave Rej (An Editorial) spo«ibiiity|Q as Station Gubernatorial Candidates JVandals Set Farmers Say Cotton Crop !Hitler Asks 1 l^k .. .- -• ^ w^« « •< • ' T* • XV-. • ^^•'• ...'•',» V w _ [ ^ ^ * —^ _ '..'.-* : **. . —^ * — \ • mvJMmXJ The question of grunting or not yranHtiy a. permit for the erection of a. filling station on South Main Street, in tbe residential section, against the •wishes of the home-owners, places upon the city council a grave responsibility and one •which tb* council should carefully •weigh before action is taken. The situation is rather- unusual in the fact that there .are-.'two. divisions of citizen* involved, one side being the home owners ou the street and the other side being interested in the property on which it is proposed to build the filling station. To the third (Mtrty, the oil company, it is of course, a matter of business. Whether or not the present ordinance •will prevent th« "building of filling stations in residential sections seems debatable. If U -will noc srive -authorities power to pre- the baildinj: of this particular station, it will naturally ' prove. no obstacle in the •way of building stations in other residential sections of J?aris. If the bars are to be lowered and erection of stations permittted throughout the residential section then it appears to The News that home owners arc not receivinjr the proccctkm to which they are entitled. If the ordinance we have is not valid and the people want a, safeguard against the building- oT various types of business bouses in the residence then we should «t insisa; upon an ordinance that will frive this protection. 3!liat such an ordinance can be written is evidenced"' by the .recent supreme decision up- hxrfdlns the X>allas inancc- PenriitFight Nears Close 1 City Council to Act On Sinclair Request For Permit Monday SOVTB MAIN PROPERTY OWNERS WILL Tarn On Oratorical Heat Witt Says He Can Stop Boo tlegging of Oil and Oilier Mai-practices; Allred Urges Rehabilitation Of State's Convicts MIKEOLA, Tex. (3 s )—Lieut. Governor Edgrar Witt asserted here Saturday that there is power in the governor's office to put a stop to the running of illicit oiL "Give me the office and I'll stop office back to much time is Rehabilitation of Texas •was ursea by Attorney convicts General ; devoted to politics that there has c e as Statement Issued By Pro- j been a deplorable lot of winking James V. Allred Saturday night in a campaign address here for the | governorship. "Our responsibility does not'end when we send a man. to the •penitentiary.'" he said. "Today the governments, both state and national. Off Blasts; TrapMiners 36O Workers Endangered As Six Dynamite Explosions Wreck Ventilators * 1 " Iaw ' sovernor 1 can and . thos bootlegging- Tes, and FOUR MASKED MEN on the outside Through, the" relief | progrram, but when a man is-releas- ! Tex. CJP) i See HEAT Page S Col. RockefeHer 95 Sunday testing Group On Eve Hearing j a. lot of other bootlegging. j — 1 "Orderly produced, the oil from f Final disposition of the long- j underneath the fields; of-East Tex- I drawn proceedings centering about I as will go far toward re-esiablish- | efforts of the Sinclair Oil and Re- ] ing Texas as a prosperous state, not j fining company to secure a permit | one carrying a million people on j for construction of a gasoline fill- | its relief rolls." | Ing station at South Main and ! Sherman streets is scheduled for j Monday night's meeting of the * city council, under present plans. | f The plea of the refining- com-1 I pans- for a permit has been turned j down by the council once. Since j | then It has been taken to courts I j for disposition. The suit was fi- I ; natty dismissed. -Monday night j i the Sinclair company will attempt ( | once more to secure tire permit j necessary for construction of its I station. '.••'» Their plea -will be met by the] . j _._ 1 counter-pleas of a group of cit!- | ™ . i j -i- i -, • s-> -•, •• ••» -, i- -i 'yens, in the vicinity of the location i 'leicner ana Vandenberg Council Adopts rormaJi or the proposed station who pre- j Sound Drains- of Com- I Resolution In Meeting viously protested the construction I . '-.,. . _„ t •• e of the station. They are expected ] ~ a *g JUectlOU wars * to have a. laryre representation at 1 I the meeting Monday night. ; JACKSOX. Mich., &p)—Sounding On the eve of what appears j the .drums of the coming election ! certain to be the final chanter in i * ^ec^oa Ithe- long-drawn controversy^ T. B. i Wars ' two leaders of the -Repnbll- iHinkle. acting as spokesman f or j can pan:-—Henr^r P. I residents in the a | posed construction, | naent. The staiern thai the citizens cf '• Democratic . , ^ _ - are trying to find jobs for people ; Operators See Jtenevral OI Old Feud As Cause of Violence ed from the penitentiary in Teias. ; no effort is made to give him em- i ployznent. The state evinces not the < S?RINGFI£LJ>. IIL(J?} — Ea- sligh-est interest in his welfare. i dangering; the lives of 36t> miners "As a civilized people we have a. i underground, four masked men - heavy responsibility to see that he | Saturday kidnaped a guard at ! is properly treated and trained to ! tfc * Capitol coal mine while they - ; wrecked a. ventilator by sis dyna- GOP Avers (Bond Issue Dems Ruining! Now Is Up Constitution! To Voters Paris, ind especially the liotne | taking steps toward "emasculation sv may be fully advised in i of the constitytion." respect to the proposed South similarly j mite blasts is an apparent re- j newal of Illinois' three-year mine ! feud in which 3. score have been ] killed. ! Th© terrified workers speedily i were brought to the top to -pre! vent discomfort from lack. of i proper ventilation and to _eseape I possible danger from further ! blasts incident to interference ; with the air system. i Officers of the Peahody Coal \ company said they regarded the : violence as a part of the smould- ; ering difficulties between the ' United mine workers and the 5*ro- i gressive miners. For. three years • the rival unions have fought for ; membership control in the coal fields. The mine employs United miners, affiliated with the Amer: lean federation of labor. The fan house—an importa-ni the ventilation system— from the mine blasts'. -leveled he ,. _ structure. An axe__ow.Q.ers of;. • ^, «^-^_v ^Ki^ * u -r<3arerg^ncy"-Sa3i"-'sras' turned 02 to property" that has been rendered draw foal air our of the shaft. f or taxation. The election is set: J>ama Held Friday Adoption of a formal-resolution by the city council Friday evening! places the Question of issuance; oS £70.000 in four per cent 30 year • Tj sr * O f Prospect Best For Yean \ For Peace As Week Ends Insect Damage Decreasing As Crop Grows Rapidly; Above Normal Yield Is Seen If Dry Weather Continues Few More Weeks Reports from farmers who live ] is from 10 days to two weeks later Most Turbulent Period of in various sections of the county j than usual. ^Vay? Tt**«-iTvt*» indicate there is the best prospect ] Reports also indicate rain would ~ *^ -".egime for a cotton crop in the county in be of little benefit to com. That several years. With the exception planted early and on heavier soils of cotton on some of the lighter is already far enough, advanced land, it is all growing rapidly and putting on forms. Insect damage, though heavier than usual a week or so ago, is decreasing according to reports. llany farmers said Saturday that better than a normal yield of cotton will be produced in the county if there is two or three -weeks more dry weather. Few fanners think cotton is needing rain on anj- except the lighter soils of the county. Cotton on the better soils has a good color and is rnakins: a rapid growth; though the crop Gobs Pledge To'Be Good' Double Shore Patrol Follows Outbreaks Tn Wnicb. 28 Injured that rain would be of little benefit- Late corn and that on the lighter lands, according to reports, is too badly damaged by dry weather for rain to helt>. County Agent A. 1-,- Kdmiaston. in discussing the condition of the corn crop, said Saturday that farmers should cut com at onca that is damaged by drouth too bad- By Proposal CHANCELLOR ASKS POLITICAL TRUCE Von Papen Smiles and Says "Everything Is Still Unsettled" ISZ*. by Associated P>-ss^i . (ft -~ Adolf Hitler ly to make grain. Cutting the crop called for peace and qrtiiet and of- at this time and allowing it to fered a political truce Saturday cure -will provide considerable after forage through the winter months ; the Xazi regime.- most turbulent week t>f and will save the crop xor feed. Cotton Tax street Sinclair -fillinp station i t.|a»d the consequences ^rhich may | j foliow. the srror.!^ of the permit Hanfora States in an address the constitution was "be- XICE. France. >j?> — Ui States sailors and marines strolled along the Riviera Saturday night under a. pledge to "be good" and not repeat the outbrealcs of Friday night in which 2S persons were injured. To make -certain the promise was not broken a double shore was estimated at S3C%000. : patrol was on duty from the two Americas battleships the Arkansas t The chancellor set an example j of outward calmness* for th~ Ger| man people by leaviag Berlin a^j t going t^ his retreat in the Ba.var- } Ian Alps, at least for the weekend. ) Sub leaders, who helped Hitler break up revolt with firing squads a. week ago Saturday T also were reported resting. Vice Chancellor Fran:; Von Papen, whose position has not yet been clarified, was smiling: when visited in his home Saturday. "ijy plans are not yet complete,'* said the aristocratic friend ^>f President p-attl Von Sindenburs- | "Everything is still unsettled." — Reg-da-1 ^^e political truce leaves him: tions were completed Saturday at; vice t-hancellor. free to come and the farm administration to gov-1 go as he pleases, although his em the transfer of cotton tax ex-1 house i< guarded, presumably to empuon certificates—a boon for i prote .t hirst from farmers who raise less or more. >v than the quota assigned trncler May Be Sold Rulings Covering Transfer Completed By Farm Administration The government -still is^pn tise _-\ |-al*r£.j" 'the ; """ : ''prb'pa^knda " ciinistry- ~' s In Reasonably Good Health Considering Aite X>. ^Rockefeller coirses to hi» SSth birthday anniversary Sunday in health as ffood as anyone may reasonably expect, althonsii the h«at bas enfeebled him to sach an esrtftnt that even those close to aim have marked its effects. r*or that reason It Is expected the celebration of his birthday -will be even more quiet than usual this $an£ay will be the, first time in 1 5 years ibsE the aj:*d capitalist lias been absent from his estate near Tarry town. N. J,. on his feirthaay. Hi* son. John D. Hock*fcller. . r.,' left hie adjoining: Pocantico Hills «35tftie Saturday to corn* here for Sunday with bis father. On on«r point, however, those clos« to th» vcnerAbl* capitalist for August 7, the notice re 30 days publication. Previois to adoption of the res- shack for a tirinic or waier, the council will act on?. os ~~ """ v "" ^~~^* v " "<** «e-; ohztion ' the coancll designated,: "Four men cam- up." he s Monday night the Sth- instant, wa. 1' !n§: «^ernuned." Other Hepubli- • voting places and confirmed the j "They all wore masks and are askinsr for this space in the 1 C ^ 31S atten ? ras ' - a celebration here; mayor's noinmarions for presiding! cculdn't tell :: I'd ever seen any j. of the SOtb anniversary of the officers 6f trlections for the ensxr- • of them before. The leader pro~- :sr or the recent decision } feirtjl of their party, in remarks ing ye^tr as follows: TTard I. zlre ; d^ced a. weapon and said 'stick of the Stipreme Court upholding | Saturday left no doubt one of the : station, T>an Godbolc: VV'arc 2, ^ "em up." One of the men grabbed the Dallas Zonrnc: Ordinance, tho | war cries of the coming campaign ? Slasonlc bnilding. W. H. XT right. ] ra« and the others placed dyna- authorities, all shore '^ave Dallas Xews in its Saturday issue : ^"^ °« **baclc to the constitution." \ vV'ard S^ county court house, A. W". ( mite and lighted long fuses. Then cancelled. — {they snick me in:o their a^tomo- : t ^ee BO^n>. Page S. Col. 5. | bile and drove away." | I-=e$ sa:«3 the men drove rapidly at urs^t 3.HQ then slowed do-wn until they heard the blasts from the dynamite. "Then they shoved me out of Jack I^ee, the guard at the fan house, had just stepped from Ms and Wyomin—. which lie in Ville Franche harbor, I. '• The shore leave for small groups 1 was reverss.1 of the first policy folio-wing the fight. After the sailors Injured s.nd arrested in Friday night's fight had been turned over to naval sayst ' "It is argued against zoning that it sets aside the' rights of the individual to his own See STATION Page S Col. T -GOP ?a$re S Col- 6 GOBS Pa<re 3 Executive In Virgin Isles Roosevelt Views Parade of Islanders, Makes Study Of Relief Project* James Moffett Takes Over Housing Administration their car," l^ee said, "and I made my way to a telephone." Know Much About This Job But I Think Fll EEVANCL4L POWERS Learn^HeSaysAsHe Takes Up His New Duties HOLD CONFERENCE has •' -wroujrHt little. J ITS the Kockefcil-cr asy. change attitude to- Pac-V S Col. ^ HCNTKU AT MTI>r,AXD .MIDLAND. Tex.. WPi — Tom Hunter, of "Wichita. Fall*, gubernatorial candidate, appealed to an audience here- Saturday night to "mass sir«sn?;:rs as voters nt the pojfe not only to elect a gox-emor »vho has their interest solely at heart but to choose ntcmbcrs of the legrislature who owe allegiance Ijr to vhe p^'p'^-" Only thuj«v he rould i-onftdencc !n the state governmrrst J><* maintained. ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands, {&) —-President Roosevelt's 10.000- raile vacation cruise late Saturday brought him to this gaily decorated and excited city. After stepping off the cruiser Houston, which brought hitn from Puerto Rico. t>.<» Fref=!dcnt -watched a parade of Virgin Islanders. His "reviewing st&nd" was a b.Jilside doutinated by &n ancient fortiftcatJon. Th« chi«C cjcecutive went for a drive "with Governor Pearson *nd ?ho\vcd k«**n interest in the dex*el- Jaroes A. "V\"e hope." he said, "to see Moffett took over the post of hous- about $500.000,000 put into horae ing adn.inistrator Saturday with renovation and repair by next fall the frank and smiling assertion: and that ultimately the housing "I don't know much about this job ' legislation -will result in the em- li. Switzerland. i old personal friends holding dictatorial financial powers in ZLng- laisd and the United States Satur- s day began to talk over the world's Judge Says Woman's Right To Change Mind God Given Jurist Annuls Marriage Because Wife Changed Her Mind: Says Man Made Law Never Accepted As Binding On Female of Species The rules probably will he is- ; indicated, for any sign of renewed sued by the AAA within, the few efforts of dissnthsfied elements to days. overthrow the Hitler regime. If the total cotton production, ' Activities «>r ?>eer<rt police will however, exceeds tne 10.009.000 ; continue through the 'trace**' bales which may be sold tax free. • which if carried, otrt as plaatted some of the staple will be taxe-.i ; nieans no nmjor change can be —sfconlc it be soli nest season,; made during Jnlv. if the total crop is within " The cabinet, which rules Ger- ;h€- limit set by the measure, of- , many as Ircrislative as well as ex- :ic:3Js say the exemption certif!- ectitive body_ win have no meet- on:y wiii pro vice a l^gs during- the month, it was. stat- excess e< j az t j, e chancellor's office. Presumably the govern.33jeE'£ feels it-? position, is sufficiently strengthened to warrant relaxation. on the part of high officials un- c.ttes no: rieazis of marketing the i production in sections with See COTTON Pasre S Col, I See KITIL-EH Pa^e S Col. 2 BAI/TXMORB, (5=J —' Ic is a woman's prerogative—"God-given" —to changs her mind at aay time financial urcbJenzs, w-ith stab- about anychinj:. Judge Sugene but I think I'll learn." ploytneni of 5.000.000 men. I in- ! i ilization of the pound and dollar A week's intensive study of the tend to stay here contin-uousiy un-! rnodemization feature of f is in operation." f ; This part of the program aa-; ^ thorizes goverr.nient backing up to '* 20 per cent of private Joans for .' home modernization and repair. If 'a bank for example lends 550.COO ! i for niodernisation. the government i 'will gruc.rantee there^'xvill be no; 2oss on 510.000. j Moff^tt said thcr« -ivas rso :n and that a hou^ins; act convinced him the hpni* modernization and repair phase of the program can be put into operation without delay. "And «s far as I s,ia concerned *" he said, "a minor job like painting a fence comes under the head of repair and renovation." ^'offett, youthful in appearance ; xnd ruddy of face, said he had •30 ide« he would be offered «ny the list. e I-. Harrison. governor ; of the New York Federal Reserve I Bask, and Montague Norman. I governor of the Bank of England. ; started a series of conversations nance and economics of the future. ment of p«bHc works. He made a ; »v*mrnent po?t until last Satur- j hotne . study of the Island's relief projects. he was nset by oxrner needed I for repairs or additions would ask t "I was .srettSng ready for a game i a building and loan association, a' cheering crowds whom* enthusiasm ! of sro!f when the call came." he ! bank oc another financial apc^cy!• ifeo was rewarded bv bnoad Roosevelt- -?said. -'An*! to my way of thinking-. ' f or a loan. I mnr ^, ' "* ^ ARKANSAS HENS FORECAST RAIN honm When Arka,nm* hens stretch out wnd «ak«» a »un bath. on« may !«>«>k for rafn withSti fonr The i^ni Community for thi* Amity. Owl," wrote a l«t*r pub- June "S. predtctSnjC rain four clays, bersnsxe h<? thr^-e h^n* str«>trhe<l oijt, l»*tt*r \vrntf July which . ian smiles. Tonight the president • such an offer is a command. I'm f \vss a jruest at Ihc governor's man- ; •R.-illfnsr to do anything I can sion. ; help out." The Houston Sunday will take Moff^tt. vice president of the AMSTERDAM IS ! AJMSTERDAM, Holland. (^P) — I'Troops -with bristling bayonets and tanks which crushed and the street barricades of nists and unemploy- Saturday night had re- fter one killed. stored Qiiiet the president from St s?t. Croix island. Tht institution will consult the { _ _ to | housing administration and if the i KTULKI> BY BEER ) latter approves the terms. will I HUNTINGDON, N. T. L& —Floyd guarantee that there will be no \ B. Blowers, 4S. was fatally injured the were ripht Thu«T*dfty nnd rajnrrt Satur- **Th« OKI ajjjilr*, It and FrWs day and \VhSS* it i* n<tt known if Lamar county hons are as Rood in fhu nwttci' «>f. R'lvins: nrfvitrx 1 ^ Information, it 1^ ptwt- I,»mnr county riti? f enK may to for«Ta»t weather by the POLICE DOG KILLS BABY PLAYMATE NKW YORK. €JP> — Charles Zvon!k F 17 months old, dlod Sat- his tiny body a mass of ripx ** from the sharp Teeth of Buddy. & police dog that h*<3 be«n hta friend and sraard sine* C<ri3trl<Ms W3X.S born. Apparently crazed by th<? h«at. Buddy lwsh*rd at his tiny friend, .id fatally lacerated him before hi« mother cou!d rescue him. At a <lt*jr pound it was said th* dos was "not mad. but vicious, probably from th* h«ra.i." Thomas to . Standard OH company of Califor-j loss on CO per cent of the amount f Saturday bv pieces of a beer key i ma, said he had spent the week : loaned. The borrower under the {tliat exploded while he was tryinc I- ssnc ** his appointment in studying } present plans, may uot have to 1 to connect it with a pressure task •he law. | offer-security. [at a hot-doc stand. ceremony," he said, "Mis^s Them son had decided not i.o ried." Miss Thompson and Sronner. a filling station employe, % -vere married at Sllicott Citi^ M<2.. last November after a.n admitted cocktail party in Saitimore. In papers filed by Hiss Thompson asking the annulment, she said friends insisted on ;he marriage. O'Dunne has decreed in Baltimore curcnit court. In an opinion filed in the court Saturday declaring void the marriage of M^ss Virsrinia Classen Thompson, attractive IS33 '"coior girl" at the United States naval academy, to John Bradon Bronner. of Baltimore. Jud^ra O'Dujine said a woman has a right to change her mind even, about -nar- riage. "I>ecislons dissecting the fem- inise mind, soul and body and' their several requirements are at • -, . r r\t i i T» best mere man made law. and IriO OI Ufclafaonia Prison- law never accepted as binding: on the female of the species." the jurist said. In annuling: the marriage Judjre O'Dunne said his opinion was McA based on a "lack of mental con- convicts at the state penitentiary, sent of Virginia Classen Thompson McAlester. escaped Saturday, after to subtle for crdinar Guard Bound By Convicts ers Escape After Overpowering Guard "Only a few hours before WILL ROGERS THE BAND PLAYS "DIXIE under- ; overpowerins: and binding their • guard as they were being- transported from the main prison to the sub-penitentjary at The three were Jaclc X« Kay county, serving: 25 years for robbery: William Hisrsrias. Pot- taw^atonti© county, servmjr fifo for murder and J, 1*. Fierson. Garfield county, serving: 25 years for robbery. Bill McCelhaney. prison gruard, left the penitentiary for the s«b- Brisk Winds Also Felt By Atlantic Coast States . Saturda Bv Cool las: ru.:ri£ and brisk winds ept the oppressive heai wave'. oni :.he Atlantic coii*: szs.t^.i mrdiLy ni^h: u.f;_er several deaths vd numerous I.TMSI rations I:: JN'ew York thf> sho^vers caused a sudden drop in the lenjp- eriiture ^o 73 de^rre-es, following -pon a. n;uxiir:um of 52. 4, a record 'or July T, A further break in the scorcii- :nsr. 1 7-day heat -wave, was pre- dicr-ed for Sunday by the N.eiv 'i'ork \vea:her buretiu. Tbe mercury mounted to 1ST in the direct rays of :he sun.» and five Ma,n- ha;r:in ueatas n-ere attributecl, cli- recily or :n<i;rec:!y, to the heat, Hundreds of tr^e;= were upro^ie^I and other property dajr.asje d»ne ar Tremont. Me- b>- a tomacfc wind and downpour. In New Knsjiand six perso»:s drowned, five of them In Mas- saehosetts. and tsvo Others were killed by iijrhininc. one in Massachusetts and the other in Rhode Island. WEATHER Brisk breezes from the northwest late Saturday aftemot>n brought relief from heat which had prevailed earlier in the day. WhHe scattered showers contints* not Well all I know fa just what I,the old costumes OIT all the men t "Mother Hubbards" and old cal- .sex-era! men out here with as many \ prison about noon with the three I throughout this section, there has read in the pap*r*. or what 1 see j and women, and even th* chil-ficos for all th« colored women ! as fifty different breeds of trained who -worked in the ' here and there. \Ve are all sit- dres. Folks often a*k. "V.'nere do ! fo?ks ar.d kids. Then the fife- and f dos^ to "act" better than most hospital. Disarming tins: hero on the "Set" taking the I they R<T» th« old clothes?" | drum corp*^ then the oJd fashion-* of as actors. the trio drove aim to a point near in an Old Confederate R«- 1 Well cosxtuniny js oo« of the ] ed "Bassys" and "Surreys" and j TO^J I ever t-« you about the Coalgate where th«y left him sitting j bisi^st bustnt^ses out here. There f "Hacks' and a!l the horses and! t X made a bound and fled in the twwxTs car. FIRST I^ LEXINGTON. unlor Convention, I am her« on th« running board of a cwr with th« typewriter on my . is Ky. Franklin IX Roosevelt. asidrv*»ing j *"F*r*on*Js." I hav* -on the old an overflow audience at ih» TJnl- | Confederate Grey, (the lony jrrey ooat>. It* Irving Cobbs story of its laycd t.wenty-ftve trj'inic to knock oat * few etsht stories high, that covers half ^ t on« company that has a harnesses. Then i ho, little review- [ of their own, six orlins: stand which is about the a or so v*rmity of Kentucky** ' hull Saturdny nftemoon, h*M forth ja vtolon^of .Am«r!at In the t*»tur« !a» w land in which ev*ry cttlxcn would h*v* •, chanc* for * b*tt«r it*--. •» and 1S90, about the Civil life, around years p«r«d« is in a Uttl» small town f fiv« hundred people block. Yoa can sr*t any suit. picture and Be-nard dW in * ~'* or period in th* world. You cam swy I want fiv« hundred Confetler- | injp down ate C5r*ys. and fiv« hundred thing that has«-nt ch«ngt-d much .j were for a coapi«%f w^ka There ir» always Just about the 1 up same amount of que«r looking p«o- ' pie in it with high hats on. look- made a >d a big Officers throughout eastern it? We Oklahoma were notified and pri- s rrsaintain a rain needed on eorrors an<3 th«j would not be helped. Tem Friday ranged from "I to 98 de [ and s the Sierra Nevada Mountains j I became very attached to: War. The, G.A.R.a. eld period clothes for of Kentucky, and Ita wondtrfui Utrt*ta» Th»n ttoera along 1* all U» « the "Kiff RafT* Then the doss, all this old dog:. I was playing: wkb' a rope and I would rope him by i I the hour, and he never minded it. officials started In pursuit. EXECLTIOXS MEXICO. t>. F. #Fn— Mexican newspaper* Saturday expressed in- over the lethal graa execa- a«d all descriptions that i W eU I finally decided to try and| tion of t ^ vro ^I«xican youths, the would be i» a parade. Well Ihsus , ,.,. .,...„. , " 'Hernandez, brother*, at J*loreac«, anoth*r biK iadu«ri*. Th*rA i»S ?«« ROGERS F%<* 7 Col, J ^Ariiona. ^ i OKLAHOMA: P*rtly ckwdy on I Sunday, sl%ht?y w»rn»er het | e*tst portion; Monday cooler to nortn and wew EAST TKXA&: P*rtfy and continued warm Sunday Monday except near the COM*. USs-

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