The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on August 31, 1918 · Page 25
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 25

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1918
Page 25
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tuAYj Apuu^j ^,,«iia. •; - , -JTMi at? frdgiffjos yi,W, 1 •VIET , SOLDIERS fartge Side. When Captured in . "Siberia. KEM5TV0S ARE DISARMED And then Given the Option or Which they Took Ad« ... \ vantage. (By Tho" Associated Press.) Vladivostok, Monday, Aug. 26.—Tho recont attempt of Lieutenant General Uorvath to gain control of the Russian military forces In Siberia iraS such, a' corapleto failure that- It 1 B probable tho 400 Zemslvo troops who sided with him ani subsequently were disarmed , Will join tho army of General Semen- Motf, ontl-Bdlshovlk leader iu traus- Baikal) wlio 1 B co operating with the .Entento forces. The troops offered I -^ino resistance to the decision of the .^Allies that they must lay down their ' arms, The disarming of tho Zomstvos was effected by squads of Allied troops who virtually besieged the barracks occupied by tho. revolters. A decision to submit an ultimatum to tho revolters was reached by the council commanders. Tho revoUers wero given the option of returning lo their original command" Of of Joining the forces of General- Semenoff on the Manclmrian front or of submitting to disarmament. An aide of Uoneral Horvath today sought to cxpluin away the defect Ion of., the troops and disclaimed any Intention on the part of his chief lo seize Control of tho government. ThQ-"-Zumatvo troops, ho said, had long chafed because of their Inaction and desired to tight tho enemy under General Pleshkort. Therefore, he said, When General Pleshkoff recently ar VA(.m THIRTEEN. rived, ho issued a call for tho Iroops to assonihtc and all came except those of General Tolstoff, who refused to subordinate himself and was dismissed from command. "The-affair Is simple," said the aide, "and t can't understand why there is all this cicitemont about it." General Horvalh recently by coup d'etat assumed control of all the Russian military forces'in, the Far East, The move failed almost immediately through the intervention of tho Allied representatives at Vladivostok. / LIVE STOCK MARKETS^ Kansas City. Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 31.—HOGS —Steady. Bulk, n9.50@20.00; heavy, |19.5O(8>20.15; packers and butchti« T 1U.50@20.&5; light, ?13.:!5@20.0U; pigs, *t6,00@17.2S. Kansas City, Ho., Aug. 31.—HOOS —Receipts 1,000. Steady to 5c lower. .:Balic, tl9.i0@19.05; heavy, »19.50@ 20.00; packers and butchers, |19.40@ 20.00; light, ?19.25@19.D5; pigs, M5.00 ' ©17.75. • CATTLE—Receipts J-,000, including 200 Southerns. Steady. Prime fed steers,, $17.25018.50; dressed beef steers, |11.00<ti>17.00;-western steers, |10.@14.50; southern steers, J7.50® 14.25; cows, J6.50@12.50; heifers, |9/.00@14.5Q; stockers and feeders, $7:50@1G.0Q; 'hulls, J7.60@1U.OO calves, . $7.50@13.50. SHEEP—Receipts 1,000. Steady. LambB, ?15.00@17.75; ' yearlings, J10.50eit.50; wethers, flO.00@13.2S; ewes, $8.00@12.25; stockers and feeders, f6.50ffilO.OQ. Chicago, Chicago, Aug. 31.—(U. S. Bureau of markets)—HOGS — Receipts 6,000; market mostly 10@15c higher; hut closed weak. Top $20.30; butchers n9.20@2Q.26; light U0.50@20.30; packing $18.25@19,25; roughs $17.75 @l'8|G; pigs $18.25019.10. CATTltE—Receipts 3,000; compared with week ago; native steers un : evenly strong to 50o'bigher, the medium and common grades advancing I mostly. Western steers mostly 5ttc higher; medium and good butchers , cow* »pd heifers unevenly lower; csapors strong to 36c higher; calves and stockers and feeders mostly 50c higher. SHEEP —Receipts 3,500; arrivals practically all direct. Compared with a week. dtp, lambs 10@25c lower; fat sheep and yearlings, mostly 60c lower; feeding sheep strong. • • • • • . • '* • At ARCHANGEL, * • —,— <s• (By the AsBdMated Press.) * «• Archangel, Atig. 24—(Saturday) *> • —David tl. t-Yanels, Amerletfrt * • Ambassador tn - Russia, vlstted * • tho hospital today to gee tho first * *„ American bluejacket, woundct *• • during the fighting aloft nt the • 4 RusBinn front The lad, who was * • shot through the arm, said ho * <$> was anxlotia to get hack Into the <i f fight, « <> A large club house for tho use * v of the Allied soldiers has been * «• opened hero by th« Y, M. C A. * * the less prominent specialties Including sugars. Tho cloalnn was strong. Sales approximated 173,000 shareB. N«w York Money Market. New York, Aug. 31.—Mercantile paper 6; sterling 80 day bills 4.73; commercial 60 day bills on batiks 4.72%; commercial 00 day bills 01%; demand 4.75V6: cables 4.T8.60. Francs, demand 6.48; cables D.46',4. Dollars, Mexican 78. Bonds, government firm; railroad firm. New York Bank Reserves. New York) Aug. SI—The actual condition of clearinghouse banks and trust companies for the week shows that they hold $55,327,760 In excess of legal requirements. This Is a decrease of $4,027,180 from last week. Wichita. •Wichita. Kaga;;.Aus. 31— HOGS— Receipts 200; steady; tqp {20.00; bulk n0.60@19.85.- CATTLE--Receipts 100; nominal; native*steers $9.0O@16.0O; cows and heifers' tli.50@1000; stacker? and feeders t7.00@13.-00; stock cowa.and bolters' (6.00@7.25; bulls $6.50@8.00; calves fS.OQ0U.5Q. REGISTER SEPT. 12 ]0R NEW DRAFT (Continued from Pago One.) to Include all men between tho ages of eighteen und forty-five. This is not a new policy. A century ago and a quarter of a century ago It was deliberately ordained by those who were then responsible for the Bafety and defense of the nation that the duty of military service should rest upon all ablebodled men between the ages of eighteen and forty-five. Wo now accept and Tulfill the obligation which they established, an obligation expressed In our national statutes from that time unlil now. We solemnly purpose a decisive vie- lory of arms and deliberately to devote tho larger part of tho military manpower of the nation to the accomplishment of that purpose. The younger man from tho first have been ready to go. .They have furnished voluntary enlistments out of all proportion to their numbers. Our military authorities regard them as having tho highest combatant qualities. Their ye-uth- fulentbuslasm, their virile eagerness, their gallant spirit of daring make them the admiration of all who soe them in action. They covet not only the distinction of serving in this great war, but also the Inspiring mcmnries which hundreds of thousands ot them will cherish through the years to come, of a great day and "a great service for their country arid for mankind. By the men of the older group now. called upon the opportunity now opened to them wilt be accepted with the calm resolution of those who realize to the full the deep and solemn significance of what they do. Having made a place for themselves In their respective communities, having assumed at home the gravest responsibilities, of life In many spheres, looking back upon honorable records in civil and industrial life, they will realize as perhaps no others could, how. entirely their own fortunes, and the fortunes of ail whom they love are put at stake in tltls war for right, and will know that the very records thoy have made render this new duty the commanding duty of their Uvea./ They know how surely this ^s the nation 's war, how imperatiely It demands the mobilization and massing of all our resources of every kind. They will regard this call as the supreme call of their day and will answer it accordingly. Only a portion of those who register wlll^be- called upon to . bear arms. Those who are not physically fit will be excused, those exempted by alien allegiance', thoso who should not be relieved of their present responsibilities—above ill thoso who cannot be spared from the civil and Industrial tasks at home upon which' the success of our armies depends as much, as upon the fighting at the frcnt But all must he registered In order that the selection for military service may be made Intelligently and with full Information. This will be our final demonstration of loyalty, democracy and the will to win, our solemn notice to'all the world that we stand absolutely together in a common resolution and purpose. •••!••<. It is the call to duty to which every true man in the country will repond with pride and with the eonciousriess that in doing so he' plays a part *n vindication of ti great ca'ise at whose summons every true heart ..offer its supreme service," •• ' - ALIEN PROPERTY. '£ GRAINMARKETS RANQfe OP OPtiONS AT CHIOAOCK . Wh»«t, No prices quoted. Aa*,. Sep.. Oct., Aug-., Sop.. Oct.. PC*,. Open. 1.B4 . l.M'i 1.W14 .70* .72 43.60 Ml«H„ Lew 1.81 1,S6!1 1.87% 0»U. •TOM, .C3H .70$ .69 ,72 'A .71)4 Porn.' 43.60 43.00 1.62% J.MH 1.64J* 162g 1.63H 1 .64H 1.66* 1661* •6»5i .«»?* .71H ,7}14 .7fS 43.26 43.20 nANOE OP OPTIONS AT KANSAS CITY »»CI01BlM- Open Hloh Low T6d»y Y'day .7 ,5 *^7114 |7i» .72 ,7lS .71H ,7S .7214 .721J corn 1.65% 1.83% 1.623* 1.112% 1.61% 1.01 V* 1.61«i 1.60% 1.6J14 KUIlt blty fUulpU. Today Y«M Autr, Men, Oct. Au,r. Seti. Oct. .72% 1.6814 1 .62 1.01% 1.61% 1.6114 Wheat Otrn , Uala . ,316 ..19 GRAIN AND PRODUCE, Chicago, Chicago, Aug. 31.—Board of trades markets opened quiet today without notable price changes. Traders mostly adjusted their accounts to be on the safe Bide over the two day holiday, Sunday and Labor day. ' Corn opened He lower to Ytc higher, oats H to He higher nnd tho first sales of provisions wero unchanged to 12%c lower. October corn opened at $1.56^4 to $t.6<H4j, and October oats at 71% lo 72. The first hour's fluctuations were wltbln very narrow limits. The closo was east %@% under yesterday with October at 155%. Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, 111., Aug. 31 .--COnN— Aug. $1.63%; Sept. $1.63%®%; OcL n .r.r>M.@%. OATS—Aug. 69%@%c; Sept 69% @ 7 / 8 c; OcL 71 %@J / ic , P«RK—Sept. $43.40; Oct. $43.42. LARD—Sept. $26.85; Oct. $26,80. SHORT RIBS—Sept. $25.50; Oct. $21.76. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City, Aug. 31.—Cash wheat unchanged to %c lower. No. 1 hard, $2.19@2.19«4: No. 2 $2.1«@2.19; No. 1 red, $2.18^; No. 2, $2.15^4,. CORN—1c higher. No. 2 mixed, $1.69^1.70; No. 3, $1.67@1.6S; No. 2 white, $1.82«iil.S4; No. 3 white, $1.80 (('1.81; No. 2 yellow, $1.70@1.71; No. 3 white, $1.68@1.69. OATS—%e lower. No. 2 white, @73c; No. 3 mixed, 76c. RYE—$1.7101.73. KAFFIR and Mil/)-$3.45. HAY—Unchanged. SHORTS—$1.52^1.60. BRAN—$1.42@1.50. Receipt ot wheat 31o cars. 72 Kansas City Closlrrg Prices. Kansas City, Ma, Aug. 31.—CORN- Se'pt. $1.61 %@ 1.62., • Chicago Produce. Chicago. Aug. 31.—BUTTER— Creamery extras ~46 @'/i!; firsts 43 ',S>@ l$Vi; Beijonds-' 411t@13r Btacdanis- 43%#t6. BGGS, CHEESE and POULTRY— Unchanged. POTATOES—Receipts 78 cars; Minnesota, Early Ohlos bulk $l .Sb @1 .90; ditto in sacits $2.20 @2 .25; Wisconsin hulk $1.S5@2.16; ditto in sacks $2.10@ the previous week. The decline was marked by ho rallies ' sa»c abortive ones due to buying hy shorts to take their profits. So emphatic and continued a slump as the week neared the close saw the bears growing more cautions, though scarcely less bearish. While the oats market trod faithfully In the path broken ,by corn, its footsteps generally shdwed a reluc- tancn that hinted' of•• some Inherent strength. In' the pfotlsloas market, lard alone held Its own, • rftEIGMT SHIP TORPEDOED. And a Number of Crew are Missing Including the Guard. .C;W*shlngtott.» Atig\ 31.— The United Statds cargo 'steamship Joseph Cud- tthy was torpedoed. at sea about 700 miles front.the English coast August 17, and Sixty-two members ot the crew are reported missing. Thirteen wcr. rescued. Two submarines made tho attack ahd two torpedos Btruclt the ship, the first striking the fuel tank and the second the engine room. The captain of the Cudaliy reported he was taken aboard on of the U-boats and questioned. Ot the missing twenty-two were members of the naval armed guard, only two of the guard being reported rescued. The ship was torpedoed about 12:30 o'clock- last night and apparently went down quickly. How many, If any, ot the sailors lost their lives in the explosions has not been reported. THE I. W .T "LE¥ERS TO APPEAL THE CASE In the Meantime They Get a Stay In Ch.cago Until Friday. Chicago, Aug. 31.— Wm. Haywood, general secretary nnd treasurer ot the 1. \V". W. and ninety four of his associates sentenced by federal judge Landls yesterday to prison terms ranging from 10 days to twenty years and to pay fines nggrognting $2,735,000 for conspiracy to obstruct the government's conduct of the war, will appeal their cases. George F. Vandervcer,, chief counsel for the defendants announced that next Tuesday he will apply to the United States circuit court of appeals for a writ of error. Judge Landls has granted a stay of execution which will penult the convicted men to be hold in Chicago until next Friday. PRESIDENT WILSON'S TRIP New York Produce. New York, Aug. 31.—BUTTER— Strong; tubs, higher than extras 48M: ©43. EGGS—Irregular, fresh gathered extras 51@52. CHMCSE—FIrm, state fresh specials 2«5i@27. •/ POULTRY—Firm, chickens broilers 34; fowls 30@32; old roosters 25; tui> keys 2S@30; dressed steady and unchanged. Kansas City Produce. • Kansas City, Mo, Aug. 31.—BUTTER and POUL.TRY—Unchanged. EGGS—Firsts 40; seconds 36. WALL STREET •' Ntt\v/¥o»'Ki Aug. 31 ,-r-Tbe week ewl session on. Wall street opened, with a firm .uui)\ettQA e > uul iWaLugs were ta- slgnl»ia,pt,.reflective Uu? redufftd at- tendanesKp.f/, .meiuhers. . Trading. was limited^ siftall lots'and some tit the more pronunfini, JSBUQS were not quoted ot-'aH during the first half hour. Steels/'shippings, Southern Railway And stupe of .the coal carrying rails were fractionally higher. Canadian 'Pacific was tho only investment Issue to regular'a decline. Liberty Bonds hardened**, trifle and foreign' bands retoinsitf vtwch of their rscoftt strength. ynltfc'-iktll* 'S.W fe»wr»d m U.*u»trMjp^proxlm»tlnE. tt« bast; «uo,tftUo«Tof the Trow, Other-eijuijr To Be Sold at Private Sale Without Advertisement or Notice. Washington, Aug. 31.—President Wilson has issued an oxecutlye'or^er authorizing the : aiien property custodian to sell at private sale with3ut public or pther advertisement any seats or membership in stock, grain, produce or other exchange. f; By the means of a private sate the order, paluts out that seats may bo sold to a hotter advantage at the time and placb most (avora.hle, demand and without unnecessary-expense or delay. CONGRESSMAN SHOUSB Will 8p «ak at Conventlpn Hall Tomorrow Afternoan. Congrossman ShoiiSje will deltier a patriotic address, at Covveppoo p>U tomorrow afternoon. Mr- Shpuse- came homo from Washington to attemj the PewAcra^ oftKtVEll and (a vtotUos oyer the. dis- trW.tO see if «epair«r«r& ftd«4jd to ,4W 91 >SJ» fWI* * • • <» *• • • » • • • • LOCAL MAhAET PRICES. * • • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. (Funtlahol hy ta* Butctunaoa Ftoor Mill* Co.. and ar* wholeuia price*.) WHEAT— Cash. No. 1 bard, |2.05. CORN—Cash, $1.50. FEED. BRAN—J1.47V4 P«r CHOP—$3.70 per 100. FLOUR—$5.56 per 100. HAY (Prices given by 'the Hess Feed Coupany.) Alfalfa hay— 120 a ton. HIOES. (Furnished by S. V, Rohleder, hldtis and furs.) • > , ... . GREEN SALT BIDES—No. 1. GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 l«c HORSE HIDES— $1^0 to $5.09, SHEEP- jflilJVB —26o to $2.0* URti'riN Hiticib— He less than cnr«L HALF CUKwo -mc teeas than ' -G1UUSN HALT CLUE—10c UlUiliN t>ALT BULL HIDES—No. ii lie. URUEN SALT' BULL HlUdia— No. 1, lac. — . HUTCH1N5QN PRODUCE, (Wholesale prices tunuahsd kjr Cart Nelson.) . ; liENS—81c. BROILERS-19JS hatch, 14c. OLD ROOSTERS—15c • DUCKS—Full feathered, il*v YOUNG TOM TITRKSTS— 12 ItM and over, 22c TURKEY HENS—* lb* and OT«r 23c. No. 2 and small turkeys, hall prlc* OEE3B—Full reathcred^llo. OLD TOM3—lOo. GUlNHAS -^2 »c. EGGB—Caadle loss off, I9.B0. DAIRY. BUTTER FAT—Alaiulto, BOo; delivered tn Hutchluson- •*> WEEKLY 6RAIN REVIEW. * Chicago, Aug. 31.—Tho week In the corn market saw a continuation of tbe liquidation which began August 22 with tfie breaking of the drouth. At one point Friday, prices were woi" JtHftu' fourteen, ceatu itfdor *9 lUfb Will Probably Cross the Continent In October. •Washington, Aug. 31.— Flans for President Wilson's spooch making for the fourth liberty loan are taking shape and it was said todr.y his campaign might carry him to tho Pacific coast. Tin. president prohaii'y. will make nearly a score of addresses in maay sections of the country, calling ott the people tn subscribe io,j'.th,ii na'.'.iins war fund and telling them, wnat has t-"e- •'••nc with Che.. money already provided. .... .cinerary >t loo rip or t:lis lias not bc.n prsparal and there will he no announcement for the present. ROB TIRE HOSPITAL Local Concern Entered Last Might nnd Tires Taken. MUST BE A GANG BUSY HERE Said to Be Positive Evidence Here That Booty Was Taken to Wichila. The Hutchinson Tire Hospital yras entered last evening by thieves" and a number of tires stolen. Entrance was made at a window at the back of the stoiij and after getting a number of Blackstone -and Knight tiros, 30x3 and 30x314 unlocked the back door and left it open, and the rflbbery was discovered this morning by Lloyd Brown, the proprietor when he opened up. It is thought that the thieves were at work about 11 o'clock last night as a friend of Mr. Brown's driving past on Sherman street thought he saw a light flashing in the store as he drove past. He came back but saw nothing to confirm his scare and decided that It must have been a light which was burning in the Dillon store next door. The authorities have positive evidence that the thieves went to Wichita. As so many Fords are being stolen just at this time and these tires would fit a Ford car tho supposition naturally is that the work wa.« done by a gang working in tills vicinity. > on the new |28,OoO,OflO terminal at South Boston, Mass., the war department today took an emphatic stand against permitting its prtllcy ot paying "prevailing local scales" to be used in forcing up wage scales. LIVING HIGH NOW. Russian Writes to Peasant Wife of His Good Fortune. Pctrograd—The Mlnskoye Slovo publishes the following letter allegrd to have been written by a "squad companion" elected hy his fellows, commander ot a Bolshevik regiment, to his wife In a Russian village; "Aty greatly respected wife, Agrip- Ina Imnovna.—In the first lines of my letter 1 Inform you that by the grace of God and the will ot my sol- j dler comrades the blood of the nobility Is now flowing In my veins, because 1 am now Father-Commander ot tho whole regiment and of Its war chest. 1 enclose Re. 100, with which you most buy yourself an astraclian coat and a feather which Is worn on the head. "You are not. to keep company with tlie women ot the village, hut you must call on the officers' wives. Do not rush Into their bouses like a swine but let yourself be announced to let them know who yon are. Your husand and. at present. Commander of a Reglnlenl, Thoma Tcrenlyi-vlch KUlo-oukhlm." ALARM CLOCKS $1.50 to $4.75 Agents for Big Ben A. L. WILSON Leading Jeweler 108 N. Main Street GERMANS RETREAT GIVE UNIT. KEMMEL (Continued from Page 1.) Tvpewni*. A Boon to Baiinet* TOO LATK TO CLAaaiFV. i '\' 1l LS A1 ' , ' : r!' 0 " 1 ' holu »<•»•«•!•, at-,. went! * d " n<! - ,J| >«'"> ho ' ; •'on S.VI.I ;-ti Kt'Ocl «na|i<> r Mflhi or plum,' .1 IIVKUI Uvrrtiuul car :n r fia'). Knijulrn J :!.•!> ,v>. 1S7I. 1M-U (•nth Wrxt. TlioiulilH's lixchahKc. WANTBI' Into mu«l«l r .,r l-oi.l ,.,„i 1H . It. 1 A CHICAGO CLUBMAN MYSTERIOUSLY KILLED A Salesman Who is the Father of a 19 Year Old Girl in K. C. Charged With Crime. field Is one vast panorama ot fire. Hiiro at the moment the Germans are offering the most den]ierato resistance, since the issue In this sector has a graver strategic bearing than anywhere else, along tho whole front. With General Mnngin 's men already across Hie Alletlu un either side or the village of Champs, the enemy's hold on tlie Coucy -ljC -Cliateau Is threatened. Caucy-I.p-Chateau is highly Importunt to the Germans as n dls tributlng center of troops falling back from Noyoa and those fighting .stoutly on Ihe left hank or the Ailette. From the crest ot the plateau north of Solssons shells can b« seen bursting against the Germaji lines. American Iroops In the renter are still fighting lo clear the difficult entanglements of ravines before them. There has been no close fighting In these valleys an yel. A philosophic woundi-d prisoner was encountered today In the road near the battlefield." He said: "They told me that the Americans murdered : their prisoners." ! When asked if he had believed thnt. charge ho answered, "one does not , make a great, nation out of men like i lhat." z.n if. nun WK po art: CLI;A.MNO nn ,i r , ,','i«V^" r , rUKi, " Klk llk0 "<•«•. Huichimon Knar l 'uct.iry; ,,1,'uno :63. 6 -" K( i!5h n f w 'T u, "," , " w ^iw »i7 . : d "t.r ' unfi .7- nl!<lu«l, anil will tuiud, A Wo-t. ] ''^}J' K>; }\-''"{ " ,ih iv'""tT r ~n ..r,7^; ^all lit 01: .Vein, wiiimit. ;II-1I | WANT 101 >—nish »,.|,„„i „r "biMn^ e'<i- li'ffe slri to if slnl u-illi h'.U:...v.ei k r-r li'XUd,. mom UIKI Jtnull I'h.jne H-14. W..\.\"I'H|V.-Hn,[ Linly. i 'lifni; .11.^ FORI i Tourlnif C .u API'I y at .'.:'.) \v. Chicago, Aug. 31.—Willlum E. llrail- way, wealthy clubman, 13 dead at a hospital as the result of a mysterious assault last Thursday night, it was announced today. He was stahbed orer the heart as he was about to enter his South Side residence, but Influent ial friends succeeded in keeping the story quiet until his death at midnight last night. ' Bobby Barker Musical Comedy Co. to Before his death to the police, Brad-, ^ at R| vers i(j c p a rk way mentioned the name or a travel- The show at , llvorald „ p arU ' , 01liK ht Ing Balesraan as his assa anl, but lost |, TlM cous|al of four . l( . ts or Vll „ d evl]|e. consciousness before telling of a mo-; j^.,^ uane0 at tllP pavuuon. sSturt- tive for the assault. 'ing Sunday matinee the Hobby Itarkw Chicago police today telegraphed to f, Ulaimi c „ mei i,. Company will present authorities of Columbus, Kan., to MUSICAL COMEDY TOMORROW. FAT RATION REDUCED. Holland It Finding This I. Very Nec~ euary to Do Right Now. •Washington. August 30.—The fat ration in Holland has been reduced to slightly less than one ounce avoirdupois daily for each person, and further reduction is In prospect, aeordlng to advices of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. This ration not only includes butter oaten with bread, but also butter, margarine and other substitutes UBcd in cooking. The reduction of butter in Holland Is about half that of two years ago whon there waB enough for all ordinary purposes. The Dutch government has given notice that the fat ration may havo to he cut to half an ounce before next spring. The butter shortage Is attributed to the lack of fodder, which can not be imported. THE BOSTON AMERICANS. Cinch Their Championship'by Winning From Philadelphia. Boston. Aug. 31.—The Boston American league team clinched its title to the league championship , today by •winning from Philadelphia in the first game of a double header, 6 to 1 Ruth pitching. Should Boston loae all its remaining games and Cleveland win the rest of its games the Red Sox would still bo champions. STREET CAR FARES A Missouri Court Knock Out Six Cent Kansas City Deal. Jefferson City, Mo., Aug. 31.—Judge Slate, of Cole county circuit court today knocked out the Kansas City street ear fare Increase from five tq six cents, holding that the public service commission had no power under the law to permit change in rates of street car companies operating in cities of the,state.. , '•• . The company ia allowed until next Saturday to decide it appeal is to be taken to the supreme court and to file its appeal bond. MILITARY POLICE CORPS. Hat Juit Been Organized In A. E. F, With Various Outlet. With the American Army in France. —There has iust been organised la the American Expeditionary, Forces a special force called the Military Police Corps. It will perform, the duties heretofore discuarfied by the traffic police, headquarters guard* and other similar organisations.-«. The atrenttli of' the new corps is not fi*e<l, but it ia not to exceed a certain percentage of all the- Iroops In the American army, be^ combatant JW»d "we-BOjpba^'-.tgJ starts with three Ueuteni^i-^ eleven majors and ^framing depot, tains, and Htt'* .^(rtiTer Spanish 8hip, TATte Aug. 81.— Another Spanish •bio. th« Alexardune, had been tor- nadORd ftccordir.g to u Madrid <U»- search tor J. Norman Cook, In connection with the murder ot Bradway. It. is said thai, before ho died Bradway made a statement to the effect that he had been stabbed by J. Norman Cook, the father of a IS year old girl whom he met In Kansas City. Bradway died. It Is. said, before completing his statement. Later in telephone conversation with Chicago from Columbus, «<a!i„ ^frs. J. Norman Cook said she separated from her huband evcral months, ago. "If my husband killed Uradwny it was the act of a madman, ,i man who had become insane because of brooding over tho happiness of 'lis daughter," said Mrs. Cook. "Thorn n«ver was anything wrong. Mr. Bradwriy was iust a friend to Nora nad me. Mr. Cook never acted as a fathor should to his daughter and she Is a good girl and always has hemi. "Ho was Jealous because Mr. Bradway was kind to Norma and ne. My daughter is - It) years old and went with me when I separated from my husband." "Tho Widow rinnvn". There are twenty people with this show. Next Friday the annual school lcids treat will be given hy I lie park management. There will be free admission tu all school children regardless of residence or color and a rree matinee will be given. The Annual Old Settler's Picnic will be held at Kive.Ulde Park on September loth. Fess Accepts Chairmanship. Washington, Aug, !tl.—Representa­ tive I-'ess, of Ohio, today accepted the S chairmanship of Ihc Republican con' gressional campaign tendered him last night. r.'r '.'!h. U'risl wati'li wllh ru-j. LOST full FOH SALi-J—Practically nciv lleno lluiok fe. j ;r,.i. :u - It "IT ;r (/ .ii-u / I'll'Hi*: J! iVrl r.i u-w. I'<ii: UKNT - -Mu,ii-i n I-'KIIIM in e.itlim . full ::.'IJ;.J. l-'l.'U SALK- Hi-'stlan IIIMI while" Wis. 1126 I Maet A. WANTUO- -HI-IKIU colw*.!* I„.j~ your:! ol.l, wli.i net K""I^ Fen-man News I'.impe^ini; i""t II) IT 1--OH1J 1-*0S-J. :in w. mni. p. STAIII.S |,-e,inlrh.-.l er :i rooms . fall 'i i a|..ii tiiioni, u or ",\tai. A i..l. fintl M'ASTI'I) i "mpany Ulu-K-12. I'VlIt HA 1.11 -N1-- Clmni! :i02-\V. Pi .m .SAr,K--l fur to le.B-' Bill In mhnii SOU West II. 'y ni-^an nlul r.e-\s- l-'hun -i i'JII. Dvathi and Funerals .1 WILLIAMS FUNERAL SERVICES. Not to Force Up Scales. Washington, Aug. 81,—In denying today in application for further wago increases for hod carriers working Eggs arc cheaper llian meat, even at tholr highest, and there are many ways of serving them to take the place ot meat, which ways will be found In any good cook book. The knives wllh which fruits are pared should bo very clean or the fruits will be discolored. In preserving with honey use one cupful of honey to three eupfuls of water. Beaded bags uever go out of style and they possess on air of distinction. Will Be Held Sunday Afternoon ot 3 P. M. at C. M. E. Church. Funeral services I'nr Mrs. Nnuvy Williams who pns:u-.d away at lin home on Carpenter street tasi will be lield from the C. M. 10. church mi Second avenue east. llev. .1. C. Allen, Rev. Gooilall and llev. Henderson will have charge of the st-i-viees. They will bo assisted by lh« Sisters of ,!m Mysterious 10. Burial will lake placu In the Unstable t-'ineteiy. The Red Guards Driven Back. Vladivostok, Aug. 28.—(Monduj ) — Kntentn Allied forces and Czechoslovak troops have attacked Urn Bolshevik Red Guard on tho Ustiiiri river front and have driven Hie enemy back for u distance of fifteen miles. Prisoners were taken and booty was captured by the Allied forces. To prevent your little, girl's stockings tearing with the suspenders,, make an eyelet bole at the top of the -eking worked strongly round. You cjin then paj;a the Buspe'ndcr through • the hole. ffeSmbfea. ey^B". TRuctenl School Still They go to Washington .Mrs. H. S. Kisb of I,a Crosse, Kansas, Miss Lena Mc&iloo of Laniard, Kansas, Miss Georgia Westerman o£ Syracuse),' Kansas, Mtsi.'Leota Whitalcer of Bncklin, Kaosas, Miss ,L*ola Trumbo of Mouteauma, Kansas, Miss Hilda Black of Lewis,-.Kansas been appointed. . .: \, ...^ v\% $1100 to bejfiOj $1200aftet three raontUs w-'»* ' ' months work. /jr Colfax Con well of All these young people wer^Jgjiia^exaininer four years. Washington, D. C , who j Write or call f-". Be Salt City Business College Hutchinson, Kansas ^Ifckid ScliooJ

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