The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 1, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 9
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Mountain Theater Cast Slips Easily Into Neiv Production By BETTY SULUVAX One of the pleasant aspects of having a resident repertory company is watching the ·» eek-to-week of individual talent Eanies and Jerry Ellis are believable although they play several of their scenes against gives the competition that ; and loses s. A tiny Dalmatian puppy ^sis pavers T 111 mucjL^w* Av**^* ·**-.» i *.? « fc -w,«e stealing mv«~ i/tr v this week iharp-eyed and well-'cast and his small whimpers were remembering patrons of the Moun- iunny to Wednesday night's aud- tain Theater will have fun trying ! ience but killed some of the actors" to identify the cast of "Heaven Can ' speeches. Waif with the line-up of "You _irma Severm \\ahes off the Can't Take It With You." That it's burnt cork she wore as Rheba last a pretty difficult business just goes \\eek to play charmingly Betty Loto prove Frederick's lucky enough ggm, this week's love interest, a this year to have a very capable change that is to the audience's 50 Use New Park Pool On First Day benefit for Miss Severing features be compare of thespians. This week's comedy « familiar are much too attractive to ,-to every movie-goer as the Jimmse messed up v.itn blackiace f G l e a s o n - H o b e r - * Montgomery up . Claude Rains vehicle of a few vears back, "Here Comes Mr Jor- nesday afternoon and was taken i advantage of until closing time at )8.45 p. m by approximately 50 colored patrons ranging from fourteen years up It was *aid that the attendance «rs not occurred. It is thought that which would opea the and close for a swlmmlnf at th« park. B*och«* have been placed insld* th« wire limits. At tht prwent time th« new structure if surrounded by inches of mud due to the recent rains and the washing down of the pool. The city has to complete the grading and the sowing of grass seed, it was caid today. Charge for admission to the Digg children with the children's price somewhat less than the seniors. Locker facilities are limited to 100 baskets. ' Attendants at the pool are Harry Hill, manager. Nelson Scott and Norman Thompson, life guards. Cooper is a city appointee while the others are appointed by the cit recreational commission Strength For Today By E*rl JU Uouf UM D. O. MOHAMMED AND THE MOUNTAIN Fsychologii.ts experimenting with rats "report that if they confront * rat with two closed doors and put food behind one of them he will , eventually learn to use that same other door If. how er. they then 1 begin putting food behind the 1 other door, the rst is lost: he will '' continue to try the same old door ! again and again, until he is so tired 'and frustrated ttiat he cannot be made to go through any door Often we are faced in life with problems which are just as fatiguing and frustrating to us as the change of doors is to the rat. We . !a supporting roles George Spe!- vin. Jean Osborn Patricia Grube. vears a , - . . dan" As the Braddock Heights sherry Roberts. Brad McCall and plavers handle the lines, the com- edv is fre^h and diverting The star is that of Joe PerxUeroo plaved bv Don Koll who does an a . Clarke contribute much to the fine performances Jiirm-e Decker not only directs, a. u,ua' but has on a nynor role and Frederick's Jack ob as the. soul i, search Byerly has a small part which he *°% Sears of Us experience the ship which is in the heavenly cards Mountain Theater has set a high for him. With sound trainLng in ^andard of excellence which it is the American Academy of Dra- maintaining th.s year The line-up ' matic Arts of which he's a gradu- o f season's plays is attractive. TM- ate, and experience in stock and pecially to a summer audience . Broadway shows Koll brings an which likes its laughs ; frequent and . attractive personality and excel- hea rty. One innovation this « r lent sta?p presence '.o hss roles ;; a special bus \\hirh makes t h f . Tyler Carpenter who last week Ir j p to the Height? Thursday and o'clock iu the " £ re^oen u n t U t h e final o^.Jff,? 6 ".- ^dbeDu^'o of 9 o cloc*. \^ oma De piK .n.o "se to determine i^ For V^ you , ng ![ ,,/ 17 TM,; V TTM? not r^-, »he oepth of the new poo, the o d wad ing pond « h 5 been in Ihmx Pars for · The first men to set foot on the ' rooon will have to learn to ualk - Since the surface travity on the , m«m is onlv oae-wxth that of the , fa ^ muscular effort w i l l j result m a SLX , foId resp onse. so ! that each step will carry him six same old way to succeed, and failing each time We try harder, but we do not try snore wisely Sometimes all «e need is a new approach-- another door-- and w e w ill f-.nd then that the problem has dib- appeared altogether. There U al« a s, another approach to any problem -- pooibly many other approaches. We should re«- lize that what we often need i» not more effort, but better effort. Mohammedan legend tell* that the prophet Mohammed once commanded a mountain to come to bins, it did' not move He might have ordered, entreated, begged, or threatened ie vain, instead, he' solved his problem by a new ap- i proach He went to the mountain · (Copyright Babson N«wsj**jwr Snd · I HARVESTERS MOVE NORTH Cit police said Wednesday . trucks containing more than i 1.000 N e g r o e s ha\e p a s s e d through Frederick within the pa»t v. e c t. or ten daj s en 1 route north Tv\o such trucks went north on Market street e»terda morning The police said they a' ruined the colored person* w. ere bemz transported trom the south to bar\et.t crops m New Jersey and other northern btates. There is no »uch use of labor xn this county. ! The Newt. Frefwfck, Mi.. T%«»tay. J«ly 1, IMf Two quarts of water and two ' quarts, of alcohol make only three and Join-fifth* quarts, when mixed. 3 - ^located on poles ^at both ^nds ' ^ ff £ fc ana J -" %e """ ivicr \_arptriitci \\iiu j«ub \%.\.=.. inp it tsjtr *nri;jisfc^ A£*I*A^^**»_. «"*-- · -----^-^-----was the wacky Paul Sycamore with Saturday evening of each week. It n · t a passion for manufacturing fire- j s expected that the conx-enience of , \HI11TI1A1* \IlAPlAif crackers, is Mr Jordan There's a c^eh transportation will add ma-, ljUllllllLi UlJlAHllo smooth, suave finish to his perform: terially to this rummer's audience _ ance that is outstanding even in ji an \- townspeople in previous U such capable company. years found travel difficulties 100 Top performance also is turned g re at and missed some hiehly en- ' in by Barnet Biro i n - t h e pait o f i feriainin? performances This sea-! Max Levene. the roie that Jimmie son - s bus service should prove Gleason had in the movie version hjghlv popular being designed es- Biro won hearty audience approval! p ec iaiiv for the theater audiences , last week as the shouting Russian. an! j fltrned to their convenience t and as 'he uncomprehending Le-' « X £ l U ilj S.S1C U l I V , K / l i l * J - » A V J ii^-.i%*»-.*( *~f*- v-ene. only half sold on the celestial B | G A IRPORT IDLE didoes of Joe. and increasingly be- Cumberland. June 30 ·/?*--In a , wildereoT^by the latter's switch of letter to James J. O'Connell, chair- bodies. Biro handles his comedy · man o f the Civil Aeronautics deftly and projects his lines with Board, the Cumberland Chamber finesse. Saturday night's audience | O £ Commerce today called upon unwittingly witnessed in his per- , the CAB to make ' some honest ef- formance a trouper's proof of the | fort" to "give the people of this old cliche "the show must go on" ! area the service for which they are because with a temperature of 104. i hungry." result of a throat infection. Biro went through the exhausting Rus- The communication points out ^ $2,500.000 has been spent in feder- 1 \\CI1L LU5.UL.gLL LXIC ^:»v-*et l^3L u * i.v"-J V--,·. -- - . . . - -- -i f ·=isn role =o vehemently none out al and city funds for the airport, front realized he was not "in the I It is suggested that consideration pink." Still in the convalescent ; be given to Cumberland on us, stage he does some fine acting this . merits and urges the board ML to , week as Levene. i hold "P .^rvice nere because of Character ivoman Adele Fortin \ complications elsewhere. | again makes the most of a good | up-to-the-minute ! partThere s a droll quality about ^ now ^ mmllf to the tiny actress that makes her a , at » means Qf natural for the high comeay role * . of the blundering angel who in misplaced zeal snatches the soul of Joe 60 years before he's due to leave the earth, and so precipitates all the play's troubles. As the philandering Julia Farnsworth and Tony Abbott. Kaihryri 1IX-UY HKTUC FAN 10~ ·ccillchnf fan. Ckr»- mivm-pfal*4 bladtf. 55 wot!., 1950 *rM HX-tAY UCTUC FAN ! ·-inch it«li*nify fen. j CAK COB flUH 1 6AUON JIK Ketpt f»»W mnd hot »r t«rj. Picmc Jva . . ut M it fSg me n«« WILLIAMSON'S DRUG STORE RELAX its a long week-end Take it easy -- keep cool and comfortable. Whatever your plans, come to Schroeder's for the "what to wear" for a restful holiday. Swim Trunks §1.95 to §3.00 Sport Shirts $1.95 to $7.50 T-Shirts $1.25 Clearasite Sun Caps $1.95 (with built-in iu Feather-weight Dress Shirts $3.95 Xorthcool Suits $35 SCHROEDER'S Men s wear 4 West Patrick St. Phone 1213 A TASTE WO*THr OF THE FAMOUS NAME FORGE BEER ^vjv*^.r;-^W^^w««»«»^V'"^ w vi^vuw.i'iTM««'w«i.^^ *--m-*r- s-----'*. -·*- HOLIDAY FUN ON VALLEY FORGE DISTRIBUTING CO SS2 Virginia Avenue Hagerstown, Md. Telephone: 399 A D A M SCHEIDT M E W I N G CO. NOtKISTOWN. fe.- HERSHEY PARK ATTRACTIONS BALLROOM Sat., July 3rd, S:30 TEX BEXEKE AVD HIS ORCHESTRA Adra. Sl.SO--Gallery 9Sc Tax Incl. SUNDAY. JULY 4th Free Concerts 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 BREIXIXGEITS M UmiBV BAND and Entertainers MONDAY. JULY 5th FREE SHOW H AM. to 12 Noon WCMB Presents Hershev Park AMATEUR JAMBOREE FREE CONCERTS 2 to I and 7 to 9 H \RRISBLRG AMERTC \X LEGION" B \ N O BALLROOM S.30 P.M. LAWRENCE WELK And His "Champagne Music" Adm. *l so--Gallery 95e Tax Incl. IP The POO I » Ore" NEWSPAPER! N E W S U N - S O A K E R S Our Easy Comfort Sport Shoe £.98 Blue-White Trim Beige-Brown Trim · New Design · New Comfort Last · Longer Wear Treated woven cotton moc- t%-pe vamp, crepe type rubber sole. Washable with soap and water. Women's sizes, 4 to 9. EN'S A N D B O Y S ' Ittibbr Soled Camp Moccasin 2-59 Men's, Boys' Sizes 2 to 11 · Comfortable Leather · Smart Looking · Treat Your Feet For long hikes, or just lounging around, rawhide leather '.ace. Sturdy cool oxfords for comfortable summer wear. See them now. STYLE-CONSCIOUS Popular Little X-Ray Fitting Biltwel Shoes Choose White. Brown, Or Red 2 .98 8' to 12 12% to 3 3.29 · Air-Cooled Vamp · Supple Leather Good looking sturdy sandals. Snug-fitting, pear shaped heel. Non-marking rubber sole, rubber heel. GOLD BOND PERFORATED JPreftxett fjcather Sole Men's Oxford Regular ^ ri"" i.9o 6 88 HAM · Brown and Tan · Casually Correct For any occasion keep your feet cool this summer -with these air conditioned Gold Bond 1 '. Al*o complete selection other summer stales. CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY 12 W. PATRICK ST. PHONE FREDERICK, MI). 1580 1 WEIL BROTHERS invite you to investigate the convenience and comfort of clean 9 trou- ble-free Automatic Oil Heat. WEIl BROTHERS can plan and install your complete oil heat- ing system--hot air* hot + water, steam or vapor. WEIL BROTHERS sell the world's two best oil burners -- Pioneer and Fluid Heat. WEIL BROTHERS give you dependable service -- 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- service that has never let a customer down. WEIL BROTHERS assure you of an ample supply of Top Quality Penn-O~Lene "More* Heat-Per-Gallon" Heating Oil. WEIL offers Undivided Re- sponsibility for your HAPPY HEATING. 331 North Market St. Phone 1900

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