The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 20, 1956 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, March 20, 1956
Page 4
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••{ttinint 'Sons Of Revolution 1 State Their Creed And Objectives Adri«i F. pnnsiihf!., recently tU'RUx! temporary president of the newly organised Baytowr. chapter .of UK-. Sons 'of !.he American Revo- hition, hw ..(innounced the objcc- tivs of 'fhfl society. Tiir-y are: ". To be patriotic: histories! and fldiK-ntional, end slial! includr thfif:-" v.'h.o, by Ihpjr services or Ksri-jfwes during the war of the A.wrican Revolution, achieved the independent : of the American pf->il)-.--, . ;•'. To unitr; and. promote feHow- stiip among their oVst'cnda"*.?. ;>,'. To inspire them and the com- rmd.Tity at isrg-e with a more pro- •ff.>i.i!i<i'reverence for the principles •>f the govc-mnMT.t'foundV'd ny our ie,rrfftf»ers. 4. Tn pn<ro'.:ragY> historicai re- sesrr!) in rciatio:: to thi> American .' To Sicciijrf «nd preserve the f-r -or'!*-' <">' °»hc. individual services as <joc,:mo»1.s, relics and landmark?, fi. To mark the scenes... 01 trie revolution ny appropriate memorials. 7. To cok-brate the anniversaries of -hi- prominent events of the-w&r. sr!( j fl r ij^. revolutionary period. f,. To foster true patriotism. 9. To main tain and extend the Jns:.:lt!iions of American freedom. ii>. To earn.- out the purposes cxprr-ssed in the'preamble of the Oonstiution of our country fin<i thp irri'iinttions of Washington in ; his .'srcwell address :.o the American, people. Membership is open to any mart' who is'ai least eighteen year* old and a citizen Jn "good -reptile in the- community and who is tie lineal descendant of an ancestor C. W. Wood Dies At 77 Charles Willis Wood. 77, died at 5:20,,p.m. Monday at a Bsyiowr. hospital The body v,-as sent to Ben Wheeler Tuesday by Paul U. Lee iu~(-Tzl -home for services to be held s-t '2 p.m. Wednesday in ihe Ben lYheekT Methodist church. Burial was to be in Prairie Springs cemetery under direction of K:!!ard and Sons of Canton. Wood, a retired fanner, came to BaytGivn ihre.e years ago to live with his son and daEhtsr-in-laiv. Mr. a.'id Sir?. C. E. Wood of 20S Asnby. \VoostcT, Besides his son. he is survived by A grandson. Michael AVood ? EJ>d ?. S r a r d d a ;.: £' h t'c r. Mary Beth Wood, both of Woostcr and: a brother, G. C. Wood of San'An- icnio. End Active.. Dufy T\VO BATTOWX men were among the 35'anr.y rcscn'c ana National Guard persor.e: which recently completed their- six months of ac- tivp du'.y under the Reserve Forces Act •-,'. 3555. They arc David V-*. -';rc ,-;-d Jjmray Ray Stanley. who was at all time inifailing in. Joyalty to, and rendered active somev 'in, the.'cause of Amcriean •independence, either as an officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militiaman or minute man, in the armed forces of the Continental Congress, or of enr one of the several Colonies or States; or as jv signer of the Dei-la ration of Independence: or as a member of a committee of safety or correspondence, or ss a member of an Continental. Pro- vieial. or Colonial Congress or 'Legislature: or es a recognized patriot ivho performed aetual serv- i-.'.e hy overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain." Franta Honored As Auto Dealer Noon Call- Stock Quotet (Courtesy Merrill Lynch, Pierce; Fenner & Beane ) Jfuesday, March 20,1056 Mosby On Movies-Biggest 'Oscar' Baffle /$ Among Studios Alleg Luiilum . Allis-Chnlmcrs . Amqr. Cyan ... A T : nncl T ..... ;AnacoiKiu Cop A:ider 'Prech'ar'd Beth Steel ;.... Celanese ...... ........ 39% .. ...... 7-1 .. ...... 73 ... • • . . .185?A. ...... . S5 KlSllll KATHARINE HEPBURN",' :is a tourist in Venice, buys n valuable' jroblet, .from Rossano Brassi. 'The picture "Summertime," will bo at the Brunson through Wednesday. Katie's Oscar-Nominated Performance Now On View Albert Franta, owner of Bay- 'town's Franta Motor Co.. has returned from Detroit where he was one of -only 21 nationally honored DeSoto-dealers who-attended the •sixth annual DcSoio factory-dealer conference. Franta was elected deie'sraie of all dealers in the Dallas region. Dating- from 1951; the. luiiqiie .dis-, cHssioji. meetings have allowed all dealers, through- these elected* representatives from 19 regions, to m&k* 'recommendations, .suggestions and voice criticism, to factory management while -exchanging views --on., questions 'of rrititual interest.. . . - : Effectiveness, of ihe meetings is testified :a factory "report that, 1 to date, over 70 proposals by dealers have been accepted and put into effect, and xnore •mil result from, the meeting- just concluded. Franta said. The film for which Katharine rjepbnrn has been nominated for, an Oscar is on view Tuesday and Wednesday at the Brunson. "Summertime" is the title; Hepburn and Rossano Braszi are the stars. -..'•-. . ' Adapted f rom the Broadway plai", '.'.The Time of .ihc Cvckoo," the story is about an American, spinter- ish secretary who vacations In -Venice. Her Romeo is B razz i, wlio is -unfortunately Uor Katie-, already married. "Summertime" is the first full- length picture to be filmed completely on location in Venice. ; . -' ShiTley -Booth was'.hte original •moan struck secretary in the Broadway creation. Private Eye Stumbles On Marihuana Lewis E, Klaber, charged by Bay-town- police with possession o* marihuana, might -have got by with it if he hadn't had further trouble with the law, the officers said. A pi-ivaie detective from Pasadena, tracing Klaber in. an effort to repossess his 'trailer house, told police Ehat Klaber was growing- marihuana at his trailer camp in Baytown. Patrolman Billy Ausley said he found two flower pots with two marihuana plants growing in each. He also found some marihuana seed, he said. Of Interest To Women-Are Females Tired Of Their Equal Rights? 67 '-i 23=,; . 136 l i 31 li 17vi -SO'i 39V, 57 'j -43 43U 59"'* SVi ass 49 97 94 MOVING .X£W YORK —UP— Are young women neglecting: the. freedoms their grandmothers crusaded to win?. Are young-wives 1 eyeing cobweb- covered, minimizing lhasr equal rights and looking to TO en to become lords and masters once again? There are signs that they are. two qualified women observers say. The word ••fehimis:" has gone out of fashion and earning a living: in a man's world ha? lost some of its Gibson girl charm. QUOTES Frorri The News By UNITED PISES? MINNEAPOLIS, ?-Iin.r.. — Sen. Eetes Kefsuver t'D-Tenn.i on his chances ir. the presidential primaries: "I feel I will make a good showing- in all of them and will go into the convention with more delegates than read in 1952."' The two most publicized romances this year involve talented brides who leave no doubt that their husbands can cut off their careers with a word. ilarearet Truman said. "He hasn't put his foot down yet." when she was asked if she would continue her career after she married .£. C. Daniel Jr. Grace Keily said. "Whatever the prince wishes Is ail right with me." when Prince Rainier III announced her movie career was over. These statements arc just exam- ples of a feeling' that has affected all young women in very recent years. Mrs. Sidonie M. Gi'uenberg-, an experienced sociologist and author, believes. Mrs. Gruenberg is a grandmother and the co-author of a volume called. "The -Many Lives of Modern Women." "Young women today are wondering- about their place in modern society, but they-'re not fighting for it," -Mrs. Gruenberg said. "There is no doubt that we will.lose ground before we reach the proper understanding of a modern woman's role." Huge 'Roman Candle 1 Begun It'll Push Satellite Into Space v Vfe ^,^** f G&Ul jjjj^ HASTY HOUSTOX — Texas Gov. Allen Shivers advocating interposition and opposing: integration in the state's schools: Ifmc w..e dn'c-ionr date'ae from "If we demand tolerance from others a>. a mark of our freedom, we should not be intolerant of their views. If we demand the right to speak freely, meet freely. worship freely, we have a responsibility to accord the same privilege to other*." •WASHINGTON —- Gov. Orvffic Adlai Stevenson wiii win by a 2- to-1 margin in his state's primary: "There is absolutely rio indication that Stevenson will withdraw if he loses in Minnesota. He is in this campaign to fight to the end." TOKYO — Sfrretary of Stale j John Foster I>ul!es on a possible I shift to economic aid in southeast | AMU to combat Communist influ- "There is w<?d that r-conornic and social conditions should improve." TRANSFER 2= STORAGE ! \VASHINGTON~REP. A. s. Herlong cD-Fla.'i or? the "sci'J'horn rtmnifesio" "i?nc-'.l by 101 southern A r. COKEK, Owner ! Zii E. 'lex ay Ph. 2050 I ^r-;!^3 A Belter Movt All Ways Confrress opposing the Supreme Court's desegregation rviiing: "Anvorse who will txfther to think for » minute will realize that the situation between the races certainly has deteriorated since the Supreme Court handed down its decision requiring the forced inic-grtiuon of our schools." \VASKECGTO.N* —mv— Work is starting- on 3 sort of souped up and complicated roman candle •which.vrill give the earth satellite its final push through space at 1S.OOO "Tniies an hour. The "Toman candle" is the third rocket,stage of the fiery machine with ->vhich hopes to Jaunch the world's isrst artificial nioon next year. Contracts long since were awarded for the other stages. A new one, it was learned, has now been let for the last and trickiest and most critical stage. It was not immediately learned who got the award for stage three. But the mere fact that the award- has been, made indicates that project Vanguard—the earth satellite program— is moving ahead in reasonably high gear. The .satellite undertaking is the most spectacular phase of the 195753 International Geophysical Year <IGY), a multi-nation effort to amass new knowie-cge of the earth and its star, the sun. The hope of 1GY scientists ts that the first satellite will be shot A. J. McNalkn Sr. Dies In Auto Wreck Mr. and Mrs. S. McCranic and daughters. Joan and Marjorie Ruth, are in Breckenridge to attend funeral services for Mrs. Mc- Cranic's father, A. J. McXallen Sr., S3, who was fatally injured :n. an automobile accident Monday morning-. Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Sacret Heart Catholic church in Breckenridge. McNailen is aiso the father of Mrs. Elizabeth Devine, formerly of Baytown. into its orbit »Dme time between July, 1 and* Sept. 30 next year. The launching site will'be Patrick Air Force'Base. Fla., U.'S. test center for intercontinental missiles. 'Scorpion' Joins Drilling Fleet Offshore GALVESTON, Tex. —UP— The "Scorpion," a three-legged mobile steel island weighing nine-million pounds, pined an offshore oil drilling fleet Tuesday after being 1 formally christened in ceremonies. The S3 million floating rig was designed and built by Longview Industrialist R. C. LeTourneau, who formallv delivered it to George H. \V. Bush of Midland, president of the Zapata Off-Shore Co.. which will operate it. The "Scorpion's" first job was in 46 feet of water off Port Aran?as. drilling an exploratory well for Standard Oil Co., of Texas. S CHICKEN SHACK E. TEXAS AYL AT HIGHWAY 146 ONLY OUR DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS THE HOME OF BAYTOWN'S FAMOUS "DOUILEIURGER' AND GOLDEN IRO WN FRIED CHICKEN! ,« ... . . . .1U2-";. Chrysler Corp .............. SO'.i Cities Serv GSv; Column'' Gas 16 Creole Pet 7S ] i' :Do\v Chcm <59iv Du Pont Chcm .... -'SI!i Dresser 66 Vi Eastman Kodak ..: ?6 El Paso Nat'l Gas .......... 45!-i' Fairchild Bug: iSVa 'Frorport Sulph U7 *'t Ford '61 \ Gen Electric 61Ti. Gen ^Tutors -IS^i Gen Toleph 415.4 Ocii Tire, and Kub - 01*1' Gillette Saf ••>• 50 Goodyear Tirtv 71VI Greyhound Bus .•• ^^ Gulf Oil . •• UG'A Gulf Stat Utii ...'..... 41 'i Houston' Oil 160?s- H lj and I 1 Co 47 Humble Oi! ...120 Imperial Oil -•• -4l'-.'i In.fl Nickel • • - 9Ui ' Int'l Harv S6'-i Jones and Laugh -19 v« TJbby AfcN Liggett and Myers Loew's Inc — La Land ^Vlack Trucks Mcrri!! Pet r Monsanto Nat Dairy Prod. ...... Ne\vp News Ship .-Ohio Oil Ohio Oi! Olin-Math Stude-Packard ........ Pacific Pet Pac West Oil Pancostal Pet ........ Panhandle : P and R -. Poimcy's Inc Phillips Petr Pure Oil WH Sperrj'-Rand 27 7 -i Repub Steel 4S1J Sapphire 3 1 -; Scars 34 % Shell SOIS Sinclair Oil - 62 r 's Skelly Oil 6S 3 1 Socony-Vnc 72 Sou Pacif 57*1 St..Regis Paper 47"s Stan Oil Calif 97!i Stan Oil Ind • .59 1 '. Stan Oil Ohio 65"i Stan Oil X J 57 r >:; Sun Oil 76 Simmy-Mid Cont 26H Tcnncssi'e Gas 29j'« Texas Co 126 s ; Texas Gulf Prod 39H Tex Gulf Sulph 36 1 -; Tidewater Corp -54 ! i Textron • Union Oil of Calif U S Steel United Airlines 43"i United Carbon 64 Woodley Petr 55 Feb NO Cotton Up 9 Alum. Ltd 122=i Insurance-- (Continued From Papc One)' maximum 23 per cent good 'ire record credit rate .because of the success of the fire-department in reducing the losses on insured property. The assignment of various policies held by the city to the member agencies in the exchange includes one-third of the fire insurance written by Tuck agency, two-thirds of the fire policies written by Fahy Godfrey, .the policies written on the automobile fleet by Arnett, and bonds and burglary insurance written by Fahy Godfrey. Members of the rotating committee of the exchange arc elected for terms of throe years, with the term of one member expiring on alternate years. The oldest member of the committee is named chairman for a one-year term. F.ihy Godfrey will take over the reins of the exchange at the expiration of the term of the present chairman. Confessed Embezzler Permitted To Go Free SAN FRANCISCO —UP— A confessed embezzler was allowed to remain free on a five years probation Saturday on the condition that he return STi.SOO to a Shrevc- port savings and loan association. The embezzler. William Grenier, was arrested by the FBI in Snn Jose. Calif., on" a warrant issued from Shreveport. He admitted taking the money from the loan organization where he worked. A 'false sense of materialism" caused him !o commit the crime, he said. .120%' 60 59 My AIJXK -MO9BV HOLLYWOOD — UP ~ Holly- wooil'.s Oscac derby to the public is M hot race among; the. flhii players, but in the Inside world of movictown it's also a battle to see which studio • sweeps home -the most awards. To the iiiuer circle of Hollywoo<l ICUOWIT as ' ; the trade," the most talk is about which film fnctory proudly will claim the biggest haul of Oscars when they're handed out \Ycduesday night at the Pantagcs theater. : ' ,• . : Tliis year MOM has the best chance to cop the most awards . because it snared 31 nominations. Warners' is • second with 17. Down the years MGM has cornered-'the-most. Oscars. The big- studio has won six "best actor" awards, but all In the old, clays. OTie last was in 1MO That drought may break this year • as ' Spencer Trae.y and James Cagiiey were nomina ted for MGJf pictures ' 'Bad Day a-t Black Rock" and "Love Me or Leave Me." IvfGM has copped eight best actress honors, -including Vivien Leigh's for "Gone With the Wind," n Selzniclc production for MGM release. Susan Haywavd may make it nine this year for "I'll Cry Tomororw.'' Hollywood's big-gest studio also has taken seven "best picture'' Oscars. MGM holds the re.cord for the most awards for best- scoring of musicals (71. best art direction fll'i. best writing (H) and best color photogranhy (7). The only "best nctor" award Fox Studio ever has won was Warner Baxter's for "In Old Arizona" back in 1929. But- 2pth Century-Fox can boast about eight supporting actor awards, plus two "best actress" Oscars that went to Janet. Gaynor and Jennifer Jones. Tox leads in director 1 awards with ctgftt • Community Chest Agencies Studied Miss Barbara Scott, research assistant for the Houston Community Council, .is in, this week making an expenditures study of the Baytown Community Chest agencies. The study. Miss Scott said, will include ail sources of income and the ways in which it is spent, and results of the endeavor will help in directing- Community Chest work. Miss Scott said the study is "one of the most .important local studies xnadc since 1340 in connection with welfare \vork. It embraces all phases of the organization and does not dwell on only one portion of chest projects." Charlie Caldwell, secretary of Baytown Community Chest, is assisting Miss Scott in her research studies in this area. Paramount movies have won Audrey Hepburn and, Grace Kelly, "best nclress" honors 'for five Paramount may make it four if stars. In fact. Paramount has cor- Anna Mngunnl wins as expected nered that Oscar the last three Wednesday night for "The Rose years in u row—Shirley Booth, Tattoo." Highlands Rotarians Vote On Officers To Head Club Election 'of officials of the Highlands Rotary Club iy scheduled for Tuesday, according to B.' P. Hopper, 'president. A previously appointed nominating committee, headed by No Venue Change In Swindle Trial HOUSTON' —UP— Testimony continued Tuesday in the swindle trial of two men "who won a mistrial last week, but lost a change ot veinie motion Monday, •They are Eugene Londos ami Adrian Dudley, accused of swindling; Mrs. Ethel Turner of El Paso and Los Angeles out of her life savings of; ?22,500 in a horse race confidence game. The mistrial was declared last week because of a remark by a •prosecuting' attorney. •• Defense lawyer 'Percy Foreman sought Monday to get a. change of venue because of what he called prejudice- by publicity." Federal Judge Ben Connally 'denied the motion, and a jury was chosen ia less than ah .hour" ' Mrs.-Turner, • separated from "her husband'who is an El Paso hotel clerk, gave the first testimony and repeated what she said last "week about meeting the two men while she was on vacation in Mexico. $250,000 In Gems Lost BROWNSVII.LE, Tex. —UP— A small leather valise containing jewelry worth an estimated retail value of $250,000 was sought Tuesday by police after disappear- ing'from, a hotel registration desk. Police Chief Gus Krausso said Maurice R- Lehman, a JN'cw York jewelry salesman. left the valise containing the jewels at the El Jardin hotel desk Sunday night. Kra'uuse said Lehman asked that the valise be put in the hotel safe after he checked in. and got a receipt for it When he asked for ihc valise later, he learned that it had disappeared. Police said hotel workers told thorn the valise had not been put in the safe because it "did not fit." They were unable to say what happened to i!. how- Bower, and consisting- of Victor Lostalc and Bill Bergfclri, was to present a slate to succeed retiring officers Hopper; Harry K. Johnson, secretary; C. P. Roberts, vice president; and W. \V. Spivey, treasurer. - Rotarians at the Tioon, meeting- in the Methodist Church were also to vote for two directors to replace Or. W. L. Herndon and BIH.Bergtfeld, whose terms expire. The board of directors consists' of two elected directors, the present officials of the ulub, and the .past president who serves as an ex • officio member, ' George Bower,. program chairman, .said Sher'm'nn Sheaffer. Humble Oil .chemist, will present a film 0:1 safety, following the meal prepared and .served bv the •Gleaners. Sunday School Class of the Methodist Church. Sheridan Mallot Is Stationed In France Sheridan Mallot Is stationed just outside Bordeaux. Prance in the transportation (jopot. He is the son c-f Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Mallott of 104 Chandler Drive. He received his basic training at Ford Ord. Calif., and additional schooling at Ft. Lee, Va. He was a student at Cedar Bayou school, and was graduated from. Fortier high school in New Orleans, !«->. He is a graduate of Jl'cMurry College in Abilene. BUY A NEW 1956 FORD BEFORE LICENSE TIME (April 1:1) Thod Felton's Boy-- (Continued From Pa»e OneV at fish in the gully with a .22 rifle. It was a riccocheting .22 bullet v/hich struck the younger boy. The two older boys rushed to him, gave him first aid and carried him several hundred yards to their panel truck. They took Michac] home to his parents, who then took him to San Jacinto Memorial hospital. Hank. I-*o and Kcrappy are constant visitors to Michael's room at the hospital, hoping that by some tniracle he msy recover in time to play with the Little Leaguers this .season. Michael, more realistic, tbinka it will be a real miracle if he does. It takes a long time for a bullet wound to heal, he has been told. But maybe he will be in there with them next year, his friends tell him. He's pretty sruc he will. Trv Sun Classified Ads X:irncy (".In/.er FiiiK-ral Tuesday HOLLYWOOD —UP— Funeral services were scheduled to be held Tuesday for veteran theatrical producer-writer Benjamin (Barney) Glazer. Clnzfir. a two-time Academy Award winner, died Sunday o' a circulatory ailment. He was fig. KREL 1360 ON YOUR DIAL TUESDAY AFTERNOON A TROMPE L'OEIL ILLUSION TREATMENT in yarn- dye gray sheer xvool. Hannah Troy creates ft two-piece effect in this one piece dress by a short bolero buttoned high and trimmed with a. dainty white lingerie collar. For hip intertrt —two large pockets. 1 :on— .Ri-tl. Hot and BJu» 6:00— 1^60 Driftwood Dliv* «:.*i((— N«w-i 7:0'i— r-'i)>lu Trala 10:OU— Sij;n O« V/EDNESDAY MOHNINO «:0f>— Studio 6 I! :.'lO— Studio 8 7:28— News 7:J}')— Studio * 8:00— T)Me.i Iso Show J J ;()(> — '•.'I'WII 13:02 — Hou.irwtYfs Hojidny WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 18:00 _ NVV.-.I 12:15— Hlshl.iniJit A»E«mhly f-l God 12:SO.~ln The PnDlic I2M.V- Mai:n*» 2:00— Qnb US') ENJOY A Regular 35c BARBECUED BEEF For Only 20 ON WEDNESDAY AT TRAINER'S , DRIVE-IN HWY. 146 Always Serving fht Finest.. . HAMIURGERS CHICKEN SEAFOOD QRUNSON New Showing Thru Wednesday HEPIURN NOMINATED BEST ACTRESS She atmt la Venice a tourist and irtKt lx>mc a u-ornau! KATOINE HEPBURN PORT LAST TIMES TODAY J'KANK SI.VATKA ill I'Miin With Thf. Golden Arm' WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY—2 BIG FEATURES The Other Guys Wanted Dames . . . He Wanted A Girl! "MARTY" ERNEST BORGNINE and BETSY BLAIR MICKEY ROONEY in A NEW Role "THE TWINKLE IN GOD'S EYE" with an.KCN" GIIAV BAY NOW SHOWING THRU WEDNESDAY * 2nd FEATURE * "A MAN ALONE" —Starring— ; RAY MILLAND * EVERY WEDNESDAY * "FAMILY NIGHT" HARGAtN' I'RICK DECKER NOW SHOWING THKI' WEnS'KSOAV :00 I'.M. KKATI'KTO \ \ \ ^* •o^ I heirs wan ihe Gr«at 2nd W, ATUKF DEBRA PASET "WHITE FEATHER" TN COLOR AXI> SXACK TIMK OHAU-CO-WKGKR HOT I-'KKSir I)O-\( TS HOT DOG WITH OIIIU IT'S ALWAYS IN

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