The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 19, 1951 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, November 19, 1951
Page 5
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Pie Eating mtest At 'ood Show End Main feature on Saturday at the bfgod and Housing Show held at Jne Armory last week was a pie ·eating contest. I Winners were: Richard Wolfe, K05 Maple avenue, carton Seven|Up; Thomas Darks, 240 Dill ave- Inue, carton Coca Cola; Robert ·Wolfe. 205 Maple avenue, carton loid Fashion root beer. Winners lof food baskets were: L. Wachter, ·Walkersville; M. Athe Compher, ·RFD 4, this city; J. Henderson, 403 ·Fairview avenue; Paul Lantz, Mid- Idletown; Mrs. William Quynn, 125 Vest Third street; Harry Staley, JRFD 3, this city; Mrs. S. Grum- Ibine, Taney apartments; Wilbur ·Ford, Taney apartments; John ICrampton, Middletown; Mrs. Roblert Draper, Hagerstown. I Other prize winners were: iMonocacy Motors car wax and ·polish, Glenn Kelley, 25 West Sev- lenth street; Potomac Edison punch Ibowl, J. W. Smitn, Washington, |D C.; Glade Valley fruit cake, G. i B u t t s , Burkittsville, Mrs. N. IWhite, 23 West Patrick street; f F. V. cookies, .M. G. Cramer, [union Bridge; Old Fashsion root I beer, N. Green, this city; Tru Ade, |H. Carrnack, East Seventh street; ·South End Civic Association cake ·server and cake, Mrs. N. White, 123 West Patrick street; National Isiscuit Co. cookies, Mrs. N. White, 1273 West Patrick street, Mrs. [George Dohh, this city; Roger iDuvall, West Sixth street; M. Mur- |phy, 507 North-Bentz street. Also winning prizes were: Pota^ chips, Henry Staley, RFD 3, [this city; H- B. Duvall tractor I (toy), five-year-old Vaughn Drapler, Adam Road; plate glass mirror, IB Gibson, Adamstown; Case Sev|en-Up Miss C. Wise, Middletown; lEsskay assorted meats, Eugene IVirts, 336 West Patrick street; Ess- jkay ham, Mrs. A. L. Hoffman, RFD 15 this city; Borden Ice Cream, J. iFieming, Mount Airy; Mrs. Bertha iMarrant, 21 East Fourth street. \Dorothy Dix Says: Dear Miss Dix: I have a suitor who is a widower with two spoiled daughters, aged 13 and 15. He is eight years older than I, well established, kind, considerate and everything I may expect of a husband at my age (I am 31). The difficulty is that the children are hostile to me. My lack of men friends up to Jhis point indicates that 1 don't "xactly "make friends and influence people." My parents were strict disciplinarians and when I taught school, it was in a community where the pupils were spanked. I have suggested that the girls should be spanked when they have been discourteous to me; I suppose that wasn't very tactful. However, their mother's people also seem to believe that what they need is a few whippings. Their father and I have had B ,,any discussions on this point. He assures me I shall have complete authority as to discipline but I have pointed out that in the two years since their mother died he should have begun to exercise some. I don't relish the idea Of being a cruel stepmother, and their father is reluctant to do the punishing, so I don't know whether to step into the situation or K. L.. S. A Answer: You are certainly adopting the very tactics that will drive these youngsters away from you, rather than drawing them closer. They are not necessarily spoiled, but have certainly been neglected, through the long illness of their mother and in the years since her death. Kindness, not rigid discipline, is your keynote in trying to win them, and though you do not seem particularly equipped to, as vou say, "make friends and influence people," it is never too ·ate to learn. You need · a moi e tolerant outlook on the world io which you will find an amazing response. At this point in your life, either you continue the rocky road you have traversed so far, expecting everyone to live up to the : ··rigid standards by which you have lived, or you must make allowances for the faults and foibles of your fellow men. On the decision rests the happiness or misery Of your future. jltou Can Be Happy You have in prospect what may be a very happy marriage and home life/Your widower friend is ? splendid man who can offer you the material things that make life pleasant and has a fine disposition to go along with it. K you can win his daughter!; trust knd affection, a happy life is assured. . , , _ · · How can you go about this is a matter for you to decide, but the Important thing is to change your "utlook. Details will follow easily. You must look upon these girls as Dr. Riley Asks For Support Of Sale Of Seals BALTIMORE. Nov. 10--Dr, Robert II. Klley. Director of the Maryland Stiite Department of Health today iii-god state-wide public support of the 1951 Christmas Seal Sale being conducted by the Maryland Tuberculosis Association and its affiliated county tuberculosis associations. The annual Christmas Seal Sale begins today and will continue until Christmas Day, during which time funds will be raised throughout Maryland to finance the tuberculosis control programs conducted in each county of the state by the local associations. 'Dr. Riley urged all Marylnnders to purchase Christmas Senls when he said. "Your local Tuberculosis Association needs your support in order to carry out its broad antl- iberculosis program. For over orty years the purchase of Christ- las Seals hns made possible the ffort to combat this drcnd disease n every stale, city, and hamlet of ur country." "While the official health agency s responsible tor the control ot isease in any community, Dr liley pointed out the many ways i which the state and local tu- crculosis association assist with ie total tuberculosis control program. Christmas Seal funds are usec o support chest clinics In each ciunty. The state and county tu ereulosis associations assist In a The N*w*. Frederick. Md.. M'oiuUy, November I§, 1951 THIRTEEN Washington Suit- Photo NEW WASHINGTON ROAD--Shown above Is the present terminus south of Frederick of the new Frederick-Washington expressway where it crosses over Route 15 about two miles south of Frederick. The road is a four lane divided highway and will, when completed, replace the present Route 240, shown bv the arrow. The first section from south of Frederick to Uibana Is nearing completion. motherless children at an age when girls most need the gentle but firm, guiding hand of an understanding woman. Whippings, be very assured, will gain you nothing but fervent dislike. You are an educated woman; use some of your knowledge in teaching the youngsters .that the discipline imposed by loving parents is not the same as that applied simply for the sake of punishment itself. I hope you can accomplish the difficult task of changing your tactics, and winning the love of the girls. They need you, and you certainly" could use their youthful exuberance in toning down your own too-serious outlook on life. Dear Miss Di.v. For fifteen years I was married to a drunkard. I divorced him, then on his promises to reform, married him again. After our remarriage he was worse than ever and I divorced him again. Now he promises faithfully he will stop drinking if J go back to him. I am supporting my children better than he was. Ellen Answer: You certainly are a glutton for punishment, Ellen. Also a most credulous person. Two chances are enough for anyone. Unless you enjoy going through this martyrdom every few years, better keep the freedom you have. Dear Miss Dix: I am 14 and have been going with a 16-year-old boy for about five months. Last Sunday was my birthday and he gave me a lovely gift. His birthday will be here shortly and I wondered if I should give him a gift. We both go to high school and do not earn much money. Elsie Answer: It will be very thoughtful, and entirely appropriate, for you to give your boy friend a birthday gift. It need not be expensive, in fact, a costly present would be in bad taste. If you are good at handiwork, why r-ot make him something? A knitted tie, sox · or gloves? Released by the Bell Syndicate Safety Songs Taught Gaithersburg Children GAITHERSBURG. Nov. 19 -Gaithersburg elementary school children have been singing their way to safety in recent weeks. They have been learning safety rules from a songbook. entitled "Sing With Your Singing Cop," which was written by a Michigan policeman. The" books were distributed to school children by the Gaithersburg Lions Club. It was stated that when the book was introduced in schools in Flint. Mich., school child pedestrian accidents decreased 90 per cent. The book includes lyrics with a safety theme written to music j of popular American songs," and also has safety poems and slogans. Distribution of the safety books is encouraged by the American Legion in co-operation with State Police stationed in Prince Georges county. Schools in Laurel are also using the books. A ship's log today Is an official journal cf the vessel's speed, progress, location, weather conditions, 'behavior of the crew, and any information worthy of note. RIAL fi:45-S:-15 P. M. LAST TIMES TONITE DKAN MARTIN JERRY LEWIS RUTH HUSSEY THAT'S MY BOY" JOIN HOSPITAL AID President William Henry Harrison rode a white horse to and from the Capitol. The answers to everyday insurance problems* By EDWIN E. STOFFER QUESTION: Several years afto some neighbors had a small fire in their kitchen but it got into the walls of the house and the, firemen had to tear off most of the clapboard exterior to put it out. Is the damage done by flremen paid for by the fire Insurance. Company? ANSWER: Yes, any damage done by the flremen in fighting a fire is covered by the standard fire insurance policy. · If you'll address your own Insurance questions to this ofEice, we'll try to give you the correct answers and the'-e will be no charge or obligation of any kind. ^~ STOFFER INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE 1Z92 ft PYTHIAN CASTLE BLDO. Kidney Slow-Down May Bring Restless Nights When kidney function slows down, many folks complain of nagging backache, headaches, dizziness and loss of pep and enenry. Don't, suffer restless nifrhts with these discomforts if reduced kidney function is setting you down-due to such common causes as stress and strain, over-exertion or exposure to cold. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause setting up nights or frequent passages. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Doan s Fills-n mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over 50 years. It's amazing how many times Bonn's give happy relief from these discomforts-help the 1 Smilesof kidney tubes aiid niters flush out waste. Get Doan's Pills today! ^ D A M A S C U S , M D. Monday, Nov. 19th "A MILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTY" Fred MacMurray^ -Eleanor Parker Cartoon Latest News Shows: 7:15, 9:15 A (DfllL O R D 6 R S R O W | I/" Send icmittiinc* with *·!· ,X addressed «Umped «nv«lopo VO ONLY $ 35 DOWN HAVE TV IN YOUR HOME TAKE 18 MOS. TO PAT SAVE 200 OR MORE GIANT 20" SCREEN PROVEN OUTSTANDING IN FREDERICK AREA JACK KENNEDY PHONE 2146-R FULL One Year Guarantee it.ate-wide chest x-ray survey pro- Krnm, bringing to county resident* he opportunity to get chest x-rays. Over 110,000 portions were t-i'iiyod In 1951 by mobile X-ray mils in tlu counties. fimphasmiig the. noed for widespread public knowledge about tuberculosis. Dr. Hlley stated that he local tuberculosis associations play a major role in informing the general public about tuberculosis, 10w it can be prevented, detected, trested. and cured, Funds raised by the local tuberculosis associations during the annual Christinas Seal Sale help innnce a nation-wide program of medical research. Children Wounded By Hunter HAG5HSTOWN, Nov. 19--Three Hwgerstown children received m i n or shotgun wounds Friday while walking along a road near a wood- By Many Leading BABY DOCTORS to relieve distress of kiddies' CHEST COLDS Child's Mild MuAtorolr in martr wp»- cl»liy for kiddles to promptly relieve couyhR. »orc Ihrcmt nnd break up local congestion, of ch«it cold*. Mustcrol* crpfttp* R sotioiitlon of 7rot«:fii« ii'nriiifh on client, throixt and burls. brlUKltiR utvm-inu relief I AVAILABLE ONLY AT YOUR FARMALL DEAUI-- H. B. DUVALL East Patrick Street Extended, Frederick, Md. Phone 1756 fliis year send.. 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Maryland November Term. 1951 In the Matter of the Sale ot the Real Estate of Annie E. Hnines. In Uie Matter of the Report, of Sales. Filed the 2nd dny of November. 1951. Ordered, by the Orphans Court of Frederick County. HUB 5th day of November, 1951, that the sale of Heal Estate of ANN IK K. HAINES late of Frederick County, deceased, this dny reported to thin Court by her Executor be ratiflea nnd confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 27th day of November. 1IIS1. provided « copy ot this Order published in some newspaper pub- ixhcd in Frederick County for three ucces.slve weeks prior to the 27th dav of November. 1951. The Executors' Report states the Amount of Sales to be Fifteen Thous- nd Dollars ($15.000.00) MARY H. GREGORY FRAttK C, SHOOK SAMUEL Q. AUSHERMAN Judges of the Orphans' Court BENJAMIN L. SHUFF, Executor vlllUm M. Storm, Attorney True Copy--Test: HARRY D. RADCLIFF » RfRlster of Wills for Frederick County. Md. dNov. 5. 12. 19. 29 NO. 17211 EQUITY TN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FREDERICK COUNTY Mary Alice Stccle vs. John A. Steel* ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of this proceeding In to procure n divorce A VINCUL.O MA- THIMONII by Mary Alice Steele, from John A. Steels. · The Bill stnte«. In substance, that the Complainant is a resident ot Frederick. County. Suite o£ Maryland, whore she hns resided for more than two years last pnsl. and that the Defendant In n non-resident of the Slnli? of Maryland, whose last known nddrcKB wns Minneapolis, Minnesota. c/r t h e F.veninjJ Slnr Newspaper; that the C o m p l a i n a n t and the Defendant were married on the 23th day of April, 1933, at Sunbcrry. Pennsylvania, by Rev. ChnrlcK R. Bowers, a regularly ordnlnod minister of the Gospel, and t h a t ns a result, of the said marriage no child or children have been born: t h a t although the conduct of the Complainant toward the defendant has always been kind, chaste, dutiful, affectionate and nhove reproach, the snld Defendant, nevertheless did on the 11th day of March, J037, abandon nnd desert your Orntrlx, declaring his Intentions to live with her no longer a* hiisbmirf and wife, that Bald abandonment and desertion was deliberate and final, and has continued uninterruptedly for more thao eighteen months prior to the filing of tHe hill of complaint, and that the separation of the parties to this cause Is beyond »ny reasonable hope or expectation of reconciliation. The Bill then prays for th« following relief: 1. That the complainant may be divorced A V1NCULO MATRIMON1I from the Defendant, John A. Sleele. 2. And for such other and further relief as the nature of her case msy require; the bill then prays that an ORDER OF PUBLICATION may be issued the Defendant. John A. Steele. ORDER OF COURT Tt Is thereupon this 27th day of Oclober, 1951, by the Circuit Court for Frederick County, sitting as a Court of Equity, ORDERED, that the Complainant give notice to the said non-resident Defendant, of the object and substance of this Bill of Complaint, by causing a copy of the same to be published in some newspaper published in Frederick County, once a week for four (4) successive weeks prior to the 28th day of November, IBS1. commanding the said non-resident Defendant to he and appear in this Court in person or by solicitor, on or before the Htih day of December, i n s i , and show cause, if any he has, why a decree should no! be passed as prayed, ELLIS C. WACHTER Clerk of the Circuit Court For Frederick County, Md. Edwin F. Nikirk Solicitor for Complainant Filed October 27, J951. True Copy: Test ELLIS C. WACHTER Clerk NOTICE No. 17226 EQUITY IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FREDERICK COUNTY. MARYLAND IN EQUITY Madeline Gelwicks Schaffer vs. Jack Schaffer. The object of this Bill is to procure a divorce A VINCULO MATRI- MONII by the Plaintiff, Madeline Gelwicks Schaffer. The Bill states in substance that the parties xvere married in Fayett- ville, Cumberland County, North Carolina, on July 8, 1948 by Reverend S. E. Howie, a regularly ordained Minister of the Gospel; that the Plaintiff is a resident of Frederick County where she has resided for more than one year last passed; that the defendant is a non-resident of Frederick County, State of Maryland, at present residing according to the best information which your Petitioner has at 428 32nd Place. Manhattan Beach. California: that no children have been born as a result of the marriage; that ever since the said marriage, the Complainant has behaved herself as a faithful, chaste and affectionate wife toward the Defendant: that the JDe- fendant since the said marriage did desert and abandon the Plaintiff during the month of M°y, 1950. and said abandonment and desertion is deliberate and final, has continued uninterruptedly for more than 18' months last passed and the separation of the parties is beyond any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. The Bill prays that the Plaintiff be divorced A VINCULO MATHIMONH, right to resume her maiden, name and for general relief and process. It is thereupon this 16th day of November, 1951, by the Circuit Court "lor Frederick County, sitting in Equity, ORDERED that the Plaintiff giv« notice to the Defendant of the object and substance of this Bill of Complaint by causing a copy of the same to be published in some newspaper published in Frederick County once » week for four successive weeks prior to the Ifith day of December, 1951, commanding the Defendant to be and appear in this Court, in person or by solicitor, on or before the 1st day of January. 1952,-and show cause, if any he hfcs, why a Decree should not be passed as prayed. · ELLIS C. WACHTER Clerk of the Circuit Court For Frederick County Edward D. Storm Solicitor for Complainant Filed November 1«, 1951 True Copv--Test: ELLIS C. -WACKTSr., CJerk dNor. 17. M, Dec. 1, 8. It {NEWSPAPER! TM. NEWSPAPER!

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