The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY HBWB, FREDERICK, MD.. MONDAY. MAY 16, 1932. DAILY RADIO PROGRAM and hulf o- Ssn stork MHAilVERSARY Several Thousand Catholics At- j tend Services At Thurmont. j Trio t » % . M % » I* Bl*-t I L % H K £ S Drath »iU*j »»·»-« .'? -·-'''"-·I ·n* ' · · *^%- r 'ii O' G^»««-- V.t-'iJP N^"1 * 'i OEASTERS rnt WVAl. ' HM MASS AT 11 O'CLOCK! . WBi » r R I G I I U . D -' - " v « v -- " s -- 9 4 .; ti-ii :» Sc-. era! thou--£.".i C*th-l:cs frc«r. i 'c-c^ ·--; -- ^-~ !»- sir. c? lu-d ~. '~- f :a-r. .-f olr ~-d. -J M: Cam--*: c='-rra Tr.rsr-- rr.:. Sunday rr.,rrr.xrig ccirv:i:e th» 75'*t ar.n.vfrsarv of th- cfc-rcr. A ;C.e~r. .-.:{-. a: :: cMoci. fo::cvesi bv Bjfh:p J --.r. M McNJ..TJirc, rf W^.-h- · ir^tcn M^nf-sr.or SrrrsArci J Brad- , i-v cf :.:·. St ^^arr-'s cciies«- «.- of Blue Rtdge Suntrr..:. acted a.- c-a- or. ar.d R«v F- T Sj;rr.--!£. is f -b- cieaccr. Very Re^v ? Galligher pr?«- :d?r.-. "f Mt S' Ma:ys -a; ar.d Very Se - - J P Cowcy pastor of S' as ceac^ixs ol hcr.or. Mor^?^n *r J J T:?rr.ry. ^ f Mt St Man-' Pif'.y Iron-. M' S'. Mar:-'* S^m^-.iry ^.der th* d;-(.rmr. of Rev J Lto Barley. En?.m.»burs arch-dic/ccMn dire ."or of n~. ^.c *a"v She =-.ass About 7" r.urj^ eraduite.. of the Catholic hodpt'.als cl Baltlrr.orc attended in a body Msgr T.srrey traced the hijior.' of Cetiolictty m the nor.herr. sector. '..' coiJ-.ty arsi dwelt interesting- j !y upon the of Our Lacy of Mt drtn v l church 75 years ago by Rev. · Fr. WUliam McClosicey, a. priest of Mt. St. Mary's College. Fr Mc- CkisJcey. he said, labored some 15 jears uccng Catholics in a parish th^t extended from Emniitsburg to Hasjers- town and WtnchcsKr He was later made Bishop of Louisi ille. K y . and elected the f-rst president of the American College in Home. Aiter th* departure of Fr McC'.oe- iey. the Thurmont church ·*» tended by pr.ests from Mt. St. Mary'* College, under the direction of Fr. Dubols. who was succeeded by Fr. John Coaway. Ttho in turn was succeeded by Fr. G-vryrji. During the latter's pastorate the scat of parish was ir.o\ed to libertytowa. and Thurmont scr-.eti from that, place. Under FT, Tragres- ser, the State Sanatorium at Sabillas- ·rille. «-as added to the Thurmont' church as a mission. Today the present pastor. Rev. Joseph L. Ci^ran. atvesds siore Catholics at the sanatorium than In ha, own parish, ^t!gr TSensey saicl. T^is speaker brought the hatory of tte Lady o f Mt. church up to preacnt by paying tribute to Fr. Thomas Wheeler. Fr. Joseph Nclligon and Fr. Curran. The Interior of th"" church has been rcccnUy renovated and expenses met by pncsts of Mt. St. Marj's College. Msgr. Tiemey prefaced his remarks by lauding the beautiful scenery of northern Frederick county and traced the history of Thurmont from the Ume :'. was first called Mechanicstown to tne present. Bishop McNamara Speaks. Following the mass a short message of congratulation from Archbishop Michael J. Curley. Baltimore, was extended by Bishop XtoNamara. He said the press of business made it impossible 'or the archbishop to attend The bishop also praised the beautiful country surrounding Thurmont and commended the zealous work of the priests, ^ho established Catholicity in Frederic's ccunty. He said It was f.t- t^i? that the president of Mt. St Mary's Coilece end a member of its faculty relebraie the diamond jubilee mass and preach the sermon since Our Lady cf Mt Carmel church was founded by an olutr.nus of that Institution which for many years fostered the parish. Approximately ^5 i-sitir.? clergymen attended. ABIMS them -Jrere. M Peter Ircton. M.«rr Jiseph Cu^nane, Frs. Jx-?ph A. G^r\ey. Carroll ivcrr. John Russell. Will-am Xellicar.. Lawrence ifcKarr.ira. V.".ll---n: all of Balt.rr.cre Miny of the c'.hers trerc rncrr.bcrs of the fscul'v of M". St Marys College heated cy Fr John C^ fi'-" C' *'"»'-* £n fc^" ?*!T CX»Z'I'S.n Traff.c trar directed b-.- sta - '- p. v ..ce- ffien ur.cer the 5-opCT~.i?.or. of Cap' Johnson. Balt^rcr" A larce -rr.rr- gencv t«nt -sas :^ care f^r an-, iZcsss or act.dT.t victims and j^-.- srsl traced n-^rsss wprs in*" chare those -refer,- W L L I . B O M O N -- ^«" UTEAF i . I 1 .. ! -'- -· t K'--B *t£ i: B -« S »-- O - S f * » » * l - ? c i ' . - r * '· 15 50-y - f - i f . s K'»s 1- l« H B E N B l l * * M J -- .0* " 5 J- *c c»-^ ^ * .* . s~ WAP'' * fc t* f V"t-* CQ "«t\. l!\CI»T7--«!»-?«· i ' ·w.'Z '-' :5 · jv-s c.. t r. » i'. 1 i · - 3 io «»~ktj-. .-- * : : w -- w t ' A !»-:t:e« H B K ttt\rLAM--JW-t -- 1J» k. WA.SC ', » vi 4 V! » Jt-H'.'h Or t K--C.-i: :- t 15-R -i O- ?,»--· . - WTAM C L H C t \ M » -- T*» I-- I I7O . WEAF s c -: '.i « «-:; '-J :c ·; :. ' 8 OS-- P.r P ;r'. ?:* t .!.-O- » - ' . r-.. JO »0-- V.T ttnr« i: SO-- i; Tts B .ts-Jot 11 15-- WTAM P:»7«r» !2 :;-- Ijr.otr- wr W X I 7 . DETROIT-- t i l . t -- 1110 k. ·WAOC i '"·-', oo e ?o-f 45 ·: c:-j ;. :: Cv-ie :» 11 :i-i? OT 6 60-- !»» ' H'*w * 11 -- O'f**. » 45-- Mr.-t ft - » - t !0 1^-- T;:» B. *"«f'« 1C 25-- 1 *r.* -y.o-.* ; · 4^TM^"1 c » O' w i r n«'TttoiT-- i"i -- ~.ia «. w.'i « - 2-* : ' ? ? : . t '.!-' }', i · i:. :i *;-:: 'C « 1 J - C - - - « 4 1 - L · · Rev r - 3^-C - : * « i - H - » 8 CO-- h ' - .·"*! 1° "^ -A" ^-^: "^ !Q «1 !' ~..:l.: 11 .'- » · · · i Or H W l DETROIT-- 'f--ir.'" . ·WZAF 1 C y - 6 C: f 45-5 3C .:';-:! 30 e co-- B ··_»::. Tbw-Tti'. o- -_ ;»r « 3J-- Nfirt S 30-- Spir'.aE! 11 3"-- !Viij C'urlt WTIC inRTroRl-- ·:·** -- iwj k WTAT t oj-« :^ « «!-? '-, :·· :o-". "0 e ·.;·-- rs-5-^^ Fi-.c:.-t« « j v · s :--·,, · »r:a llL»'.cr 1: ' 2 - .'. r."s O: J3 WEA». NEW tOB»--*»4--«i - . c r , 5 "·)-: ae*r Or » J" - K . -t^.;»» is - 5 _ · tj~,' -.· j-.r«a « os--S'.»J-.« e 15--t-.-itm « ti--Oslao«:t» . A r T ao--o.-»-ri".e St'tfb -A ,,· « J3^fc:i:i"-"p»ri4e i 00--S.t! For^a - ,^_u., r .- t f'j-X.i Ocnc» 10 OO--Ca.JEtw Or. s ·;_?,. ·· o- ·.3.;5-^«-cr or. w *»--C*^o»«» Or -. ii_j," I:;:-- !:."*'b'rch " " i ~° I wjz. vrw »o«»--s»--:«» a. « 0^ -- H i'/- Or. I .-, _ . _· i 4J--Low*:: Tfcwr.M c v 1 - ^ ' c -2 Esyi 6 *t--Jce*-Ji»r* ^ _ t - j - OJ " JO--D*a'fc Y»^rl» ; . - " · · ' r . ( »-- ,'»ck B=^7 , . - ' , - s S.~»r.-t 8 li--i**.» . -- j- .· i ::--r.i « f M l i v. -^ · V.EAF CHICtl. ~ v.-» .o . t « t 5C. 8 3C-1^ 00; t 3C-- Disc* Orci. . -- ,- -=j»r ilJ. 10 JO-PUOO «Gx!l ,1-i: -.*i Or :i:!5-- 4£oor« Or WABC NEW YOKK-- 30-- M* k. ( ',',-- Ki.-.fc6-.r= Or. Rcu « JS-- EiSJ Ac« ", 00-- B«:h C.-S 1 JO -- K»:« Sci'.'JJ jr- , c Arr. S. /?-- A^ ^* ' A . ? !? 35 -- Orci.tilr» M L t L . tUK t",0 -- Ztft--y.t k. i %-- Spo." J S IS-- BS.._-M:K a. lie t «,-- Y. -- -r. s fs:ws £ w - ".'. : ' or. f - 5 -- M . ' - til i :*- . * " «·» 7 »j_.--- " , 7 :o -- ri»irj L'"-r Or. 8 ^':--\\ f j: Or I^tt'.r c * w - . .*:-.« ur. MOC O^VKvrOBT. »nd WHO. »l* MOLM.5-- I» 8 -- 1(4* k. V.'F«F 7 ·"· 3 45 · :i .·· s T :: · a s «..-- ": · : T c '- ^'»a before *en'lsg add t»o or more taKe- I spoons nursed parsley If the para^ey i 1* alloired to »ta d or bo.l In tbe sauce i it ic*es its br^-ht green coior ' Parsl*^ S-V.*r as a sascatch spread ,a an -^-s;al »aj o: '-i^ig l^us ia'.ory I b«rb. Wain ^arsl-:;- ana pa', dry bei ',·£·«:: to-iels M-nc* finely or ?jt i-.h-,-^'-. r^r in^*- of food rs-jpper. C- o;t^3« 'jn^-.^lf c-p siiEced parsley ' Aid a :-» grauii of salt ai.d a Ir.t.e Sprea; en true elicts of *iale -Ahrat ·j: »nite breas ird garr-sn each »:t^ » tir.y spr.g of c.-.spei parsley Tr^sc · n-.-.n a :ii.:«tca or fj ; L:tt cr~dr*r. =tay 1 m.nced parslty a-d*.i t5 ! potato and spr::.£l«l o%er :iie-f s-, jp. · W.i*n .t .s -syd as a girlish, be s.rt i *3*r 'r^,-^ children in i^i^ h*io.t of cat- 3 Lucrh«n- Salawn and lettuce salad, parsley sandi-irkes. old-Jasiaonei | S rice pudding, nii^t. tea. DiEner: Bro.-ed sirloin steak. French ;rJ patavoes. o«et grt'ris. banana anc D^an~ * ila i ^ 6 " 'I** oe**^ C'^D ou" 7.1th j' jar ari crearc. nf!,^k. roff««. No more DIBTEESS Sure Reliefi: U-ANS FOR INDIGESTION I 39--P»rt" ET« " :j--.:._» =' 3«a T 45--o ^.ni C?:»»cr» S yt-L ":" srio S : S «i--/..-·-.-.- Jirre'.i 19 w--Hu-.riti'.a :^ 30--H-s.« Or 11 00--JCSM Or. ;i 13--slv!r:*-fra Or SI--Hoptin» Or. H C t U . rillL \DELrHIA--!3«--11T« k. · v. ABC i « :i w. :s t»-i: oo 3-- _-. S it. I Tomorrow's Menu. Bresifasf Steaaied figs a.trt leator: j cereal, creaic crjp iacon. oread cruso 1 parcaJoes. a^U, co~«e. FEEL FINE FOR 10' c-o-- t. . .. -!M Camr SO 11--Ytt!'.« R'-jel 7 IS-- B^M.iU i M-- S ' - ' o 45-- !i,r: £c l!*r»« WTJIJ. M I I . W A I KEE-- 4»4-- «M k. V.'Ji 7 '^.-7 '/ k J3-Z 3'; VF^T 5 - 5 TO . C · ,-- .- : f r.t l_-;r t 15-- Bs . V -!·?-. * 4i-- V' s-I *tvrt n«o k. K1IT. PBH-ADrLPHlA--*M--^» K. v £vr « *.-" i.. "'. l'.-t :o. sc M-io 30 f · -s.!.»-n £ :i--Ccntfr: or - .;-Y.-r Hon.. T li--Esrr Or. i . ;,,-- Kt.-r o.-,. 's'.r» KDK.V PIT"!**m ttfill--304--$M k. 'i"»-^-**··» " -I;** rc 1 ^.;"-«' 1 Ksrf. 0 .MyL«?4i!''*rAi i--MS.* rf 15--c,TOvy Scr.c* !C *0--H»..«r ^; ~ ··^ ? T - ^3-a "^ .w · *-T. v '»»:»r n oo--Orchtju. V/EAK «' 3 o-^ co: 9 :o-i; M s: «s-ii J» V.C.\F ' "1-S :·. 5 *l-8 Si. 6 «i-7 00 I 5 «5--Ar.' '- SO 00--Asioi 'E' Aad ~ 1. * V}. » JO-19 00 _ !0 :9-l^wr r.c» T.c,s»;t *· s !!-:·- n^rti'ip- » w--ii-».ca.« iron OM\H»--SOT--·» k. :· - 0 - 8 i - J i.. C.-b: Keiu WEAP S '"O-/ :i t *t.-7 W. T.3C-J 3S. HIIAM KociitsTER--;~T--iiw » , s ti-u c-o. :: :s-u jo V..-Z » " i 15. S I9-« 15. e «-9 CO. 5 !5--"v ~ " 7 00-0 -i Qmkk nKcf tn» I If you kvft A h«-fcd»h# or acy of tie IJ'tJe. «*S2-ca £)ft*n«. thftt znJke yoj fr«i pusi, co to ill* drujt *tore «*id a*jc fo r Stabaclc. It wiU " you up" at oner Only SO c*»!«- A»k your dranist for STAN BACK by E*JX.« aad get vba: yoa a*jt for. A DAY PAYS FOE A Frigidaire Xo Down Payment No Installation Chmrce- Potomac Edison Co. ·6 W. Patrick St. piiiiuniiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiinuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiuunuiniiiiiitiiiiiiiiui i FIGHTING FOR TIME t = ° R = The Battle That Saved Washington s and Mayhap The Union s BT FOB31E JCDGE C1X"N K- WOKTHIXGTOSI ·-- According to information received from the printer of the abvre S entitled book, the printed folios are now in the hands of the binder amd ~ completed copies of the book should be ready for deliver? in a few days = The book U a faithful history of a local event of National bnp*r- = Lance, with man* stories, incidents and anecdotes of peculiar interest -to persons who know anything of Frederick, its history or its as environment. ~ It is no forbidding work but as easy to read as the -Mirrors of == Washington," as entertaining as a. child's story book and as instroctiTe ^ as an encyclopedia of local history. 5E It contains about 320 pages, including an index also serenteen 11- ~ lustrations that Ulnmine the text, it u ill be well bound and artistically == lettered. The book is being published to sdl at $±-M per copy net. but = orders received before publication will be filled at the price of $!.·« = per eopy delivered In Frederick, or $££· by mail postpaid. = Orders received on or before Slay 24. iasL will bring the book at -the lesser price. A postcard order is sufficient. After May 20th the = book will be on sale in Frederick at the price of K.50 per copy. Sg Address: FIGHTING FOE TIME, v .= Boom 3, Pythian Castle, == Frederick, Maryland. « is-- :;.· or Or 11 M-- N«w»i Tns k. co 15. i 45-e 10. 8 !5-7 00. . Woc. f I S C*-- \ a . . :· ·I HEN'ECTADY--SW--7w «. . _ . ·.-.I:AF e K-I t». « «i-!0 co. si^o-ii 33. s is--".-, r - · s »--F W-n · 35--B^s'bs!' 10 00--Ch»!r Chit« K M O X . '*T- LOCH--t":VI -- \ma *. ;-. : i _ » ' i - -i.t 10 3O--Clkaloa Or. V.'APC '. Z1-C V. e J5-6 «5. t C"-S IS i !0 00--Sport' JO '.·--Tur.r KT.'*n 10 3H--ry»-»r-'.Y -s 11 39 -- New SC." H t K O M O -- V.t-- *tO k. :· 7 M-7 3C 8 3 3 - 9 0 0 . 10.05 -- 3ccc* I 33-8 00 Vc:-e KITCHEN BY SISTKR MARY Nf V r r t i c * \ \ n l r r Al'.hougn part ley :« c::- o' t.v o'd-s' plants or. rerorc. :: has o-xr. or. y v . ' n - j. the list lew jcars :h.v i:v. ··^'..rvl-rii · larding: -ts firf \alue : x-c D{-"i _· ·nad* There a.-e -.j.r.o-ji q_,»:: ·. *-ip- r- . survivlr.c to the prcs-Tit Q.I" ::. S--n- '. .and and England. c . '.he ari.lTit Orchis, for reference is' Recent i:iW..ra:.or-a ha\« revealec t .,: '.') .'. .n l::r HLi! The old Ro- , that panic/ his e-.en a .lU.ier pjr- | i::-. ;.-d .'. as J jsvisiajl of ir-.-.jr:ii::g j '-er.'.az" cf _ro:i :::a:: spsaa.n Sj. al- ; .-.e Cartr.s-jeriians found it In Sar-] :h--;n rira.*} o-u.r.ot b« calen in t:ie : :n.4 an I liitroaured lex herb to the' *an:c Iar~e ;uant;t;. ;hat spinach is !i! .i.ij.\i:.ts of Marseilles. '.=n-JU"(J se u*d -Ahenf. jr pjss.l:« · Tr-.crc are ji\*ral \ar'* that arc Fo"dj rich 1:1 lr;n are an ess"nt:al mat ! ; . \ . \ - i a'-ai'i-. f. '.\i:.'er and s'-tr.".-.f-. '.'·«" source s.iould oe used to :a bcs: j .'. .' !vv-j:n.-4!ul !a la'.e Mav a-'-antage j r.d ran b» -j't-1 .r. a number of A.ns Varied t-'si-s For Parsley. ] :.-.'.-r titan a garnih. Partley MU.- 15 gooj »lth . J .lnjc«s: I O: t :v .·- u*e.! '. r qrci-r^ I*. Ls a " J' '·'-j^ruD.e N.-» potatoes ser'.ei LT; ! -.i.-::'-:f.i:i-d ar.c! Icsi piu;gen: than parsley j.a-1^ ja:r. iKtercst and food J -. ' ·'-.:.·. -curled ·.: .ctics Str:p the ' al le. Parjlej bu::?r for Sin and v«ge- ; -'.-.rhes f'om *r.e stain 5tali. for this tables -s another ex?c!!er.t moins of ·a ti'e lev.os Wasn thorough.:.- and Veal and J.oh lx:n are latprr.-'s! If ,.j .i : .·. :.i-,.espo^:^ of '.later to the iirveJ T::h a parsv sauce. Malt* a . i "le ^l -A.i.c.i :: is cvOK^t! C-1 un- ; pla^i '.\rute sa::ce w..ii ir.ils or use r.olf WFBR Baltimore ''. ;r-.-d ar.d rcr-c with butter and Ictn- ' . out of th» mysterious Orient L O V E A D V E N T U R E THRILLS · MAGIC Radio's most fascinating- most enthralling program TONIGHT and every night except Saturday and Sunday WGY Schenectady \VF1 Philadelphia 4.45--5.00 E.S.T. 5.30--5.45 E.S.T. 6.30--6.15 E.S.T. T HERE'LL never be any question about promptness of delivery \then yon order your Ice from Ui. Rest assured it will be whenever you order it. PHONE 39 Hillside Coal Ice Co. Office on Water Street. SOIMEK COIL PRICES ?OW IN EFFECT i - B ! ': * TRe Talk of the TOWIY" » There Is No Substitute For Quality A large loaf of G-ARBER'S BREAD gives you more nutri- v ticn than a cliiae will buy in any other form of prepared food. Order it from your grocer; he is your most dependable source of bread supply. ^ The Garber Baking Company KNIGHTS OFCOLUMBUSMEET : Leo D. Ward, BaJtinorr, Ke-Elect«d Stale Drputy. Ss.tirr.ore. ^as r*-clet^i svate c» % z--t; i of ;:-.e Mi.--ls.-i c---nc^ of tr.e Kn^:;:^ O'Carrcll 3slt-z:orc -as rer.air.e-i I cnt.c^ed ·-. s re^c-lu::!- :cr c-- ..-.-^4 certain detail. Or.-" 1 of the ·:--_=*. jr T3.-- ed In trj? re*c.ut:^r. i-as -~.3 fe I reference ts Citsf Just.:-; Tatjy, ?reJ- ! er.c's. Piles Go Quick Witboot Salves or Cirttiap. satisfies! By taking only selected benley malt and hops and then blending them the ·way 75 years of experience have proved best, Jacob Ruppert has produced a barley malt syrup with a f i n e full flavor that never fails to please S Try a can -- b e sure to ask for it by name at your grocer's so you'll get the genuine Ruppert quality. t!.".« are ci'^sed sj bad circ^la'.jr. of :"r.e bl-vx: ii tjM 3"sct';d part? Th-e parts be- ccne -s-sak, iabiy. almost c»si Or".? an :r.t*rr.a; rested- «n rwr.c-e the RUPPERT Built On Solid Foun Neither adverse fortune, nor hard times, can shake the security of your Building and Loan Savings "Mf * EEK-TO-WEEK ,ioi« ! -i-r ;ri\v. A r-a\ pr ·!:* al-T,_i v. hb. dollar. !!·? mak- 1 i««r satetv ~ .-?sve interest re- = tiae = Next Series Starts Jane 4 and cuf^i; fa.". Dr L^or.sarc: s pre- | scrtption. HEM-HOID r,cceels »sca;s j :* rexcres cr-Egesti^-. restores c^-c^-1 lat.on, "r.eals anc strerg^hens the c.s- | eased parts HSM-ROID has £ucr. a j "wondfrrftil record of cu.c^ly end.r*£ even ( 11 pll«s of Ion? staadir.g that W^linison i i the drujiist jays CM bottle of K5M- i ROID Tao!«is mast end yotir ; or iconej baci. BARLEY MALT S Y R U p | T h e Fidelity Building Loan Assn. r i « T s i r. i T O R agony ' I S A A C N . S H I P L E V 114 W. Church St. Frederick OFFICE AT FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION PROMPT APPLICATIONS FOR PH \KES .VXH LOAN? ARE ADVISABLE Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO- I NORTH MARKET STREET \Yhere Banking, is a Pleasure The Graduate \ will want her accessories to be just rigtrt . . . therefore we suggest Chiffon Hosiery j With the extra sheer appearance i of French hoi?, but durable. In ! Sand-White--to be worn wits j whits dresses. Darker shades for pastel evening frocks. pair The Girl Who Buys Style will include at least one cotton frock in her wardrobe-and maybe an e v e n i n g frock, too. Costume Jewelry ta either Sand-Whtie. Ivory- vnnte or VT:Ut«. to ae xrjrr. -s-ltr: white. Tne su2i~er paste: shades to be wors tiie eva- nmg frock. For Street Wear or Party Wear there are-MESHES PRINTED MONOTONE VOILES SWISS DIMITY PRINTS BATISTE Bags Of White, Sand-White or Beige in beaded or tailored styles. For Evening --FRENCH ORGANDY --EPONGS --EMBROIDERED BATISTE Gloves of Mesh, of Glace Kid, of Fabric or of Washable Doe Skin. --CHIFFON VO] --HANDKERCHIEF LINENS . . AND LOVELY Underthins Stna". 23s-;utely -z.--z. vet very ir.experis'.re Of rav^r. cr s.".S zesh -- s::t crecc.= Dar.ce'.tes. s. Slr.gletiss. Par.tws. 3ras- . . . and cf course there axe the smart "Simplicity" Patterns at 15c each Arc ;r C-.e tirifty "shopper of SHOP Bennett's FOR STYLE AND VALUE -- f 1 * - I O * * M A££* V ^*

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