The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 1, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1964
Page 1
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SHIP TRACKSTERS FAIL TO SCRATCH AT BEAUMONT, GOLFERS 6th AT BASTROP-PAGE 9 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SUNDAY VOL., 5i, NO, an SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 1W4 , Tt«n Schools in area hosts for open house schedule BFatotport school* "ill iilwerve Tews white school* Wttk Monday through Friday with op*tt tout** Mid various aetlvltlt*, with parents invited to vuit dwtn* regular claw- j .'• tht I ' be* •Cl To The Faetsi I would Ilk* to take thta opportunity to pat tht people on tht back who mtdt tbt "llootenany" pba*tMt. Jfost wt need In oar community It more of tWi type of wi- tertainmtnt for teenacer* and adult* at well. t wat tmaatd to ttt tht turnout of the young and old alike. I bellevt It topped anything that our art* hat ever had. It It wonderful to set that ptrhapt *tl*at,we,tto people, art doing something to strengthen our community. Our teenagers need a place inch at Ihi* where they can enjoy entertainment of this type. I know that It must have taken a lot of hard work on tht participants la the Hoote- nany as well as being time consuming. These people deserve all credit ont can, possibly btstow on them for giving our Community something It ?kat .needed for a long while. Mr*. Jimmy orr Reed 322 East Brood Freeport R.P. Mtfcelf SMS •ctta as ••ctssary To The Facto The Voice of tht People column on Sunday, -f*b. 83, , 1084 prettnted a point of view on federal programs that could well become tht best editorial policy a nawtpaptr could hope tor. . tt It gratifying to take a ntwtpaptr that dottn't chicken ^eut oo tht first hint of dlratntr ~ •' -• -T^v••- ' There |c ribtnlng lunatfe or tatfemist in btllevlag that tttli cquntry la, tht greatest in and that nation It ntotitary to kttp It'that way. r F R. P. Metcalfe 117 sycamore Lake Jackson No-tit* sptqks for nVHlttMt Scheduled art there activities it th* schools: -Stephen F. Austin's optn houM la Monday OiM-^W p.m. Classroom! wilt dltplfcy student work with student* as tmsta and ho*t*f M« during tht week, and the tehool choir to prettnl • IB-minute radio program. There will to special aptaktr* and planned daytime activities. -Jin* Long Elementary'* »pm houte, Monday 0-fclSp.m., will open with • land concert in tht Activity Room and!* at «i 80 p.m. Rhythm My by grades one through three It Mt tor UtM-a p.m. Thursday, with special invitatloM to Hilt Sptnlah, math and tptech elaiMa Thursday and physical education elaties Friday. -O. A, Fltmlng Elementary optn noun Is Mt for «:30- M8 p.m. Monday, starting with • special physical education program la tnt eafttorlum, directed by Tom Lewi* and Patsy O"Sh«a, with classrooms optn tor display ol student work it ? P.m. Flag-raising w Mi for »-. is a.m. Matt*?, w«h * tre* to b* planted en MM camp** in honor ol ItBtiitt Mtan at ii ; « p.m. Wednesday. -Vtlatoo Elementary opm it»mc la ••• p.n». Met***, opening with dtmoMtratton* of ••«•» Math" leataint an) *p*ela1 wort by SpaftUh el*s*e». An AH Pilr win bt open w th» |ym, 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. throughout the week. -Spatial Education optn house i« mi tot t-*.p.m. Mntrtu. OB Wtdaetday all parent* are invited to utijtiw their eMM tt work in the classroom, -Clute Elementary will hold open houtt Monday, T-tp.m. with student work on diaplay in all etastts. There win t» tptetal speakers during tht week, with student* MM teacher* alao amiable to (peak to tool civic croon*. -O. M. Robert* Elementary open houee, CiM-t p,m. Moad«y, opene wtth oofftt served in the Horary, tottowodby • demoMtratton of physical edueattoncla*s**iathteaf»tari«m, 8:JO p.m., hootenanny by kindergarten studetta, eafetorium, 1 n*m., tod choir demonstration in thtcheir Room, 1|30 p,m. Fourth trader* will dtmonatratt Symphony Orthtatra Famt- lie*, 'Ml »- m . Wednesday m the r*Mnt\am, *nd reaoure* *p**kert will be u*ed. -Etltabtt N*y Kteinontary ot*n(*«»** t«n#tf>,rt-'l: »0 i\.m, Monday wtth etatlenl work on diiqitiy in the etet*r<ww«. SPMUI lp»»k»r« will b* m ham ihirln« t»»» *•*» with parent* to ubMrv* i-laasnxim inttmrttMt. Mkenn Junior Hlfh-t;t«me«tary i>t*Mt toMe ta «et t» <:30>l p.m, Monday. Special upeakert, dltptey* ol in- itrtKtlonal material* and ntwieat work, and etaMfwmrntlt*- tWB by pnrtM* are echMiuleil all week. -Clute Junior tilth np*n houae will he 7-t p.m. Monday. Parent* are eneouraRtd to vuil dwrint the week, elto, and view atndeM work and Inirirueltun material* In ate there, T. W. Oft Elementary open ho*** I* Ttteadar. 7-1:10 p.m. Parent* art invited to oborve actual tewhtti Utoatlont by «ta**room vttlti ell week, and there wlllMcpeclat apeaker*. -A. P. Dentel Elementary open hmwe will be e t SO-a p.m. Toe*day wtth « demooitrallon nt phyiieal tdacatlon department letlvttle* then. Student work wiU be diiptayed and ptreni* art Invited to vlall CUMTOOI.I* *Mh day. -l»Bh»r »» •III inchMto i»» Math" teaehlm, hrld .lurlnt MI nwmblv |»r<«T*m. -rreeiwM Jwii-.r 111,1, , , HV ,, h ^ w< 1.»p,m, Tkwtdiy •III Inltnw a Parert-T»«rh»r ,n*««iMi at t vmn. Mrt will W , eh»4t ttem(»atnlHm« m i*»«ic«l eit«ratii«. MMvtt, art. M« .twtnal arta and other ««i. m« ,re f », .ituknTv^t wiH e* eihlbtttd. -nraaoepon Senior m«h , , <r e n *,«.*, 1-t^m.-nmrnttt. inetaritt lhi*e*he*ih. Amliton.™.,,)^.*^^ <MiMMk. band toM«rt t «-iiiO i«.m , apeeth, dram* (fyfrHn, !(•*•• P.m.1 •>'• P.W., chemiitrv club <to-«<*Mralta« M MteA i«n h»mtm«kU« dltBlay in Mwm iof, a«n»>vt*ai)| exhibit m library, »tric»Hur«i IN^IPIWM •iMMt, 101, rerreihment* eerved t.y the rtatrtMUvt Btatt m the Aetttity Boomi •"» - t nrimim rtampeMtTitUt, in Hoom 7fl» and Jewelry dem«o*trr,tl<» ta mom 7M ti»».t. tenCHMt tab dtmoMtr.tlon in Rmm tit, »«4«M.bM« it Itoya oytn, and rhythm* de ncndretlm tn otrlt Oy«t «•• 1-tjJO p,m., nwtmmtMl demonMratloi at tht To Tht Fact*: We commend you for your •unbiased and Impartial treatment of new* concerning re- Ilfiont orgaaitaUou and events, we coramendyoualso la that you havt carried paid .advertisements which tot* * olvlc - minded nawspaptr* might haw been reluctant to publish. We refer to adt that might be construed aa critical of tht tenets of others, whether social, rtliglou* or political. Tht kty her* it IMPARTIALITY towards all. There art countries where tank U .not the cast: Spain, Italy, tcuba, and the Soviet Union tor emrnple; bowtvtr, at lone at Impartial treatment |a jtadered, only thott U} error netdftarexpotwetotbe truth, and wt trutt your policy shall remain firm la this rttpect. ; & tht interest of accurate rtportlng, wt ftel aurt that .- (coatlantdonPagt 3) Seen and Heard MISS JEANETTE 3M1TII and MRS. ETHEL Pt'GSLEY. returning to their Iwmv In San Antonio after visiting In Vthe WC hornet nf MR. and' MRS. T. M. SMITH and the E. P. WOMACK&... DELORES AKN Cl'MMJNS. POl.t Y ANN O-CONJitt-L, SANDRA SPRINGER, TOMMY AUCOIN AND JBERTHA SALMANS, all marklag birthday* today.... And tor MR, and MRS, RAY CORB1N ttt innivartarv Report of BP school census due A weighty agenda for the March 3 meeting of Bratot- port acbool trutttts will include a projection of area- wldt- tttattfit gvowth Utfbua^i tht 1971-74 school year. Thll will be based oo the recently -completed compilation of tht school ctntu*. This meeting will b* at tht high school activity room, and will Ineludt a formal educational report. Tht program will bt on- the teaching of physlca-last of three report* on- tcltnct teaching tn tht tchoola. Among new items of business at tht meetmg an eltc- tK». 4»<ttaohtrt, addlUcBJBf : new nig* sebool courtt*,1ip- < polotmtnt of a board of tqual- laatlon aadtrnttettlaeUonof- flclals, and 'approval of revised policies'. Informational reports wlU include a review of pedestrian traffic safety at tht high' •chool. •< Stray cat • goes 'wild', bites girl CLUTE - A stray, elderly cat "went wild" Saturday, biting a small girl, then ruth- Ing Into a home where It was later captured by tht Clute poundmatttr and fir* marshal to be placed under observation for rabies. Fire Marshal Vemon Reed reported that the two year old daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Roger Taylor of tZZLake jaoktoa Road received a severe bite on tho arm Uiatrequlred medical treatment. He tald tht eat bit Uw child at she attempted to pet the animal In tht yard, then ran Into tht bomt at the Injured girl wat carried Injide. He and Poondmatter Willie Kendrlck were summoned, with Keodrlck also tcratcbtd In capturing UN vlelout cat. . Tht eat wot taken to Or. Roy E. Carr, veterinarian, to be kept under observation for 10 days for rabies tym,?- tarns. ' • : : Yardoroigh oit af state roc* William G, (BUI) larUor- outb, an AnglHon attorney, drawing at a Democratic! for State senator Candidate Braaotport ^w|ji h|*e Ha nrat chance te^iitiawl hear candidate* fcffeounly office next Friday, Match 8, WFree- P 0 **- • I -i Speaker* wltf hrcandldate* for ihtrlff, andj for juttlee of tht peace |M constable places of Jutt% Preclaet 9 (Braaoaport) '* The program will be limited tocan«date*|&th*ttof. flees. 'Ithe me*Hn» beglna at 7:30 olm. at IKOperatfaw Enflneera fcocal 364 Union Hall at aitfs. Aftnue C % FreeporU ' • • \ A week hUar. do March % 13, a tecondSTh-otraai will LEAPS INTO 1st BIRTHDAY Thlt young man celebrated Ma flrstblrthda,yanniversary Saturday allhough to proudly announce* he I* four ytara old now. Frederick (Ricky) c. wnnlngton in of 103 South Yaupon, Lakt Jackaon, was born on tht Ftb. U "bonus day" of 1MO In Community Hospital. As a "Leap Yttr" baby, ht bat had to ttttto for birthday partial on Ftb. M tinea that>, time. Ht It tht ton of Mr. and Mrs. r. C. panniogton Or. and hat a brother and two at (ten to btto Mm tat his •birthday cake. lit alto had another txltlng event Just prior to Us party-Ms mother took him tor kit first barber shop haircut. County leal Edttotton i political afn of wrganiatdfnbor. ->v, T. ft'Crow, a GSjtM offt- %lal, tal* that by.^Kp two progwrt 1 «houM b* Sorter and each candidate bt given Mrs.f raf flle» Mr*. %alph E. Gray, who live* on lie Churchill Bridge Road o« lh» San Bernard Hlver, hat fried a* a candidate tor a position on the Braaoaport Board of Education. She makefttw fourtheandl- date.'Vllh lifimbentii Earl Uttle, H. G. While and Dr. Philip Crow all asking reelection* Mr*. Cray served two lamia on thetthool board at the Ame ahe ,%* a take jackRon BtRldtnl. ;V" Mil C. B. Olllmaa of Houston, a part president of the Southwest Region of Men's Qtrdtn Clubt of America, will apeak on "Shrubs and pertnnlaUi That Will Grow in ThlaArta" tbt Lake J Dr. 0. U. dtmoBtirate how to OH at m and a Pit mWklPtmtam art invited to brtujpleU aaw- ptetttor testing. LJ voters OK bond program DALLAS- Stltctlonof Juror* will rtmm* Monday in tbt Jack Ruby murdtr trial wbert court recessed Saturday atill abort of two Jury member*. AUSTIN -Tht State Democratic Executive Committee will begin dirtrlbutlou Monday u* Prttldtnt Kennedy Mtmortal Parket* to more than 3,000 Damocrate who paid to attend a flOO-a-platt din- atr cMccUtd by Kennody't of slough hi* qualifications Also, ht MM, a more tdequate ^ and-answer aensten. Quet- ttont will b* suborilttd from th* floor. Crow said that aptaklng Urn* had been flktttd only tor thoae county nfflttf wktett art eontotted. But eMdUkMt tor Heat art lnvlt* ing, Crow said, aad notify htm of their pi before tbt program begin* wfll be publicly reeognlMd. Tht public 1* invited. Crow • urged voters to us* this op' portuutty to get acquainted with candidates tor county of. Oct. :R1 tea today M«a.n>. Set* today 6:31 p.m. Physics •S science I on tht of thtlarw* rotation on cold air maswi originating at tnt • region* took t*» grind at the Brttoaport Fair aaiurday. JUbltti. i aliy David w«ii alto judged Beat of Senior Division and took first place In the physics category of that division. The Braisoport Senior High student'* science instructor la Gilbert Boyer. The Beat of junior DlvteUn CLUTE - A woman waa ovtrcomt by amokt and a huuat ntelved minor damage in a fin which apparently ttarted la * troth baaket near a wall in the kitchen. Clute Fir* Marshal Varna* Reed'aaW Mrs. C. B. Swan- oar ot M4 Brockman Road wat ravtvtdtqrtlrtmtmuttnt crootry sfc*. to fit* ttt art, and Otto t tumm .Friday. kitchen to tto JMfttat SUB- JACK8CW approved all three •«>•*•*** in * *»0,000 boad elittltn her* **t«r*ay, but tat martin favorlag approval of tnt munity retreattoa we* a *llm 91 vote*. n fact, voter* propoeal by 41 vote*, bat NL 13 give Ike tmUdl** laotgk of a margin tn intrtomt *» neitttv* vMto. All other procotak* wtrt approved by both prttMtHa^i Plrt Chief Paul ItntltaV prttatM Wt attaiNN tt lit bl t« the eWtoatd ru» «**t fa* lloftlaUoh boial* wtrt aft* proved. _^ > L _ Firt Departmeat, nt said ht wanted tn tktrttt '•eterttte- Uon and thtnka totttptotte tor tttlng fit to heteit* fig* Dtpartment bettor ttrvt Met ally." The Fire aad pcUttStattm tnad*-a $1*0,000 tax Utat-w, wtr* propotttlw I oa tat ballot. propuatiioa t wat tor $190,000 In revenue bead* Ait eatontlan of ttt ttwttptrtt^ meat ptaat and other M**fi iBiproiaitiaH. Taltwiltk*.' paid tor from revenoe pro. dated aad wHn to raltt ta taaet or water retet atJttaj* K9 l&r DMtton ftnt place winntra war* Val Ann Clark, biology, andMlron Uah Mlroo chemistry. Junior Dlvtelon first plate winner* included Candy Sullivan, physical tcttnee. and Pat Foatalat, btatogy, both otUJK. 3. «. Atf- DOW n«|lataflanc*t«. , <« to tk* M*ker- oa'po* butiattt iwd U tU»e permit., to Varborough tald that "to tht inter**! of harmony and un«> In the DemocraUc Party, for which all Democrats work, I at* no need la my remain. ing a candidate." , He thanked tkoat who have supported him and aaldhtwtll back state Seaator A. R. In Mf sehwartt to * ««ei|«r of thtaanaualt? Wm OtawtwM* 9u® awt wtll r.prt*«« att CHICAGO -The National Safety Council report* that an -all-time record tor Jan- uarytraffic death* wat ttt la tt moat* when 3,S» ptrtont tn tnt U. 8. tost their live* in craabet.< ATUKM, Orttta - A llve- hourclatBbttwttn poliet and Grta* «tt*»*»ttd*moo*tratla« agalawt Brttain and the U. 8. added te ttt txptotMt Cypru* CLOTB -if Tnt Dralaagt District It to «*• operate with tht City otdntt) U laying Ult to drain atfotjp. which tuta throughctty aitjjaf property hi the north iHajdip i Marlon Strttt art*. • E. L. B«r*a«8lelJttta«"«; ton and City Satfttarr ft, Jf Mottgoroery brougM fl» BMI<« ttr bttort tbt DninttJtMt^ Irlct rtetntly. , Montgomtry rtporltH. that; 800 fact of 4S-Mtth tito Wtf bt requtrtd i«tt»alotg»arta. Ht tald rtaohed wltt dnlaigt tain. cnuttl pay half tht eott of t»* tO*> with tht dralvMtdiatriti vtdiag tht rtmaindtr awl tttlllaglt. Tht tott to COLUMBW, Ohio - U. said, with ttt work to Col* MUM it. Otttm it, hat wbtn tht wtalhtr It th* MtrlnK COfpt ft «,-**, aBDaftnUy If tat) slat, ei hMrtna •«^( *^l^np> -p^ «^q^5flg* cidtd whttMr tolP«att ctty hall o> IMt _ tttstitth Rot* te aclence teacher for Hit* Clark aad Mlron. with Norms chann aa ttltnet Instructor (or MU*e« Sullivan and Fontaine. The Para -Medical award wtnl to Frederick Gerde*. ttnitt by Boptr. what* *i« httXI took third place In the •enter chemistry category. Elementary wiiuwr* «*re t flrat gnde, Mary Ann Ver. million'* claaa tt T. w. OM la date: atcMid irad*. I**- b*l rort'a class at Ogg; third grade, Margaret wycoff'i data. A. f. BMtel at Lake •iMktou! fourth graUe, Clla- tkvth Dumas' clas* »i B»u. tei; lUlh grade, Cl»" For*. •M'* <•!**« »< Off i and firth grade, Vvwuw Colllrw' rlaa* at Oraii noberta at 1 it* Jack- toe. (Coatlnued on p*c* 3) Two fclrtd for ShofHf's Dopt. Two cteat** la i»rw*«*l hatt been ipprovwl f»r the aratof U cuutty Merifl'* tm. nartmtat. OtPUlllMMC I'X K*t*H*t J, •«Hk a* rwim ii»p*t<h»r ami tor J**» M. T-jtHrt t* tieki dtptt la the BtaMCU »rtt, ha*t bat* tpt»v«td tt Cum- ailMWJCjtrt' Court. •mtui wiii rtaiMe >»'•*• B, U>«ry, wkti h*d btea *Mh tjw dtyartmtat <*iy awta, Nt "ill tt propotltlon 1 wat a $ttO,000 tea boad tttut taf. the i eunttlot HtH'igi A l»^eataer$IOO»altttten te> rate latrtatt it ataMt* paled to pay for la* two tea tied partotnel aeetet to initiate M-fexsr dlapatehttrvtet tor potlt* aad fire unHa. Mayor Kara Cwttr tttl other city official* had natta post montt, tptakUttotltM groupt tonttrnlng ttt band program. A large toratut of tttattata around 4,000 eUgiMt voW 1 had beta htatd tor. A WJ vote of 1, If9 wat tete. crMkilitfd - Atordiatn** pruaOMttat: oigaitg late tkt lank of0y**»rcr*t*lttt)lt) prtpared tor action ky Mt Ctete Crty CnaaMI aas pr*taulteai a|»latl flntdU*; of I** *Hy> City AHartty Oarttt Ot»- m*ty tntd the CemHll ttdta ntaaaeary aa ttt *»***»» It eovcrtd b»' *Uto *». Hf e*rv* t la tMking Cl«to !«««• aw«r* <4 «at» a law **a*M *att • M t*t* ikt erttk'* Hi* aaiarr w»» ttt «» »W» (M •*«•», eftotuw ran. >*. T**t*rtrtyt«*«*I.M.<IHii> arttnkmi, S " 11 fclf a.-, at* fatt

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