The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 4
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no 0.^*7 v rawi. ntimatiOK. MD , FMDIY. DEOKWRK it, TJUfi DAJULI " Pofc£s!ed CTK7 mfuruKsa axryt abater ·t Tie News-Post BoiMlafc Coort yMAKlCfc* JiAJytMitf* ty 1KB CSEAT SOCTHEHH FBWUKO y KM I.:KBR OP flWTTH''Tf FRBSgj, j asJsi w CM a* *«· pufebcasca oJ »li n«w« ! _ sps tcfc« c**XU*. »«_«_«· .=5 St* ^ ~ MR. ROGERS TAKES NO CHANCES WITH CHINESE BRIGANDS SO OOMStrXICATSOl! or »=jr tort or «e- , -rtetier B*w or «pr*«Boo of i Tte s»=e f." so: fee p»d- xroestct a circs, feat n must H» ssbsa.;t»l fcs «ulhcrity 'or ;t« sta«- E^f=: cf tie *-iest£ 1»« cr the e^precscd. NOTICSS oi »=y ki=e pi-tsi.=« at To tbe Sdiior cf Tiie K Dec 18 -- Kert* * en £2? I bad my ticket all tM-riu today to go treat to Ptip-::£ oc tee rai-roai. t fud sriat! t:i* oee the -lave fc«?«i ·Renting on I siy ci*r6 xr^ziilnt go so good out in lr_s ssow waiting for darexnotv. Ci^a, t^ rassod me oat. so I am .~o»iiS tT s. boat. I cm £vjug w ;--n th«3se students .:. China if I car. find sorn~ oi my ·j i Oxford j-aternity p^^ This w^r st-r j c;i^tc ·*«· yet \v_i- nil rou r-ad abow: n»-xt week o! C*.iriorK?? ?»'?«· r«ieraber that. WILL EOGERS SOCIETY NVS Th* Chris'mas dance of the lien C.ui prom^ec to be A gala «v«rnt '..i*s srA5or. Tilth g-jesU frvflx 32a£ty citifcs, m aj«d»iion to siem- cf tie .j j j. ja attendance Pa- Mr R E Town, prea- 6 Mr ac4 Mrs Holmw Bater Mr awi Mrs TMSCO* Ber- K2}ward. Mr s:;d LIr Jonui S. Mr aw! Mrs W H.»rr Haller, Mr au! Mrf Hooert L. W«rfi«Ui and Mr an* Mrs K S Tc/s:. The affair w;^ be jaeli Mondj. D*- is. from 10 * 2 o ciocf in :ne on, i is A2 Siintj ciurch lolloinng the ! usual Sunday morning service. ; Mr aad Mrs. Hairy Ouiaoey Belt «U j e=^rjiin at a bufiet siipper party at ' !b*ir borne o= Bo5voA siree', Balu* i nxwe, preceimg *.!ie Pairrt aao Powder ' !»U i.nlca «iH be ct**a »t tbe Alcazar ft Jor Xew York c:tv, alter cpecdinz i f«7/ dajs i.'a Sister Evelyn ANT ERBONEOCS rcn»«-a3 epos tb» ctsracter. rand at cr rspvauss ct »=y pear "sk tfa* Txr'r*i:~« oi T2s* ^e»* »:" £* y:»f?*y CfgigC^Cti 3P£3 iI3 tiE3C --£!£--I tfi sJs* ftt£eix£Qki c* t^* ed-'or. Daily Lesson In English of tbe h^el aiusic be- or- hot*:, r ol iinner par- ^'j *C precede the FSIDAY DBCEMBSS IS, 133:. T.VSES 311'ST GO CP- snt Hoo%er has st?ieS Congress tK yut :ncrE35e£ lor f»o jears to snrc: tbe tiLrrat^rnr.s treasury deScit Both part.« will probably uni:* to ra-se the taxes. aitJiough there Is a tharp dirision cf cp'j=ion as to who shall pay th-era. Taxes are the dost unpopular form of expenditure. Arid y« Sarge appropriations for public purpow are ayual- J» popular. Pecpie shout loudly for great public especdLtarfs. ar.d thrn compteua bitterly ·srhtn the taxes arc raised to pay for tbe th.ogs they de- i The annual Christmas daac? oJ the c:^: Cjmry c:^i »a be held at h^jit c..r^;aMi night, at h :..e- s:^» ·»..: bt burnished sy 2e! S=;,'h ar.i nj T--E Aces" of ra A;;O ur!,ji''iit regularly Karrtibur? Pa:ron» and patron* Ui be Mr anc! A^-i W C.L^UJn M-Sh*rrj-. Mr ai_d i!.-! Will^ia; Ieb- Mrs B O Tfc zz3£. 1I-* Ilansoin K Lenrli a'Ul Mr? Fr=r."-i M PetroK Mr McS.--erry -j prcs:Jer.t of tie club and Mr Petrott g'l^ra! -ha:nsian for *.?ie darif Mrs John M Dennis ar.d John M. . Jr. na-? returned to tn«ir j a:. Riderwood, Baliinxre county. ' speeding eoaoe tone in Beraiu6a. t ~"~* InntaUons have been -ssued by Mr Jjfin Vincent Jam-son, in. and Mr r'...hard Alvey Januoc. sons of Mr. j V. Jamisos. of Hagerstowc, for a dance io oe given at tnerr home, 102 Soy.h Prospect stne«t. Monday eve- n-ng. December 38- Mr and Mrs W.lliani T. Delaplaice, Mrs John W Quynn and Mr.-and Mzs. Le£_e N. Cobl«itz nave returned from a. trip to New York city. Mrs. Besjaaiia B Rosenstoefc, Psed- .ruc. delict! ally entertained at a l-icciieon a^a bridge party Wednesday ·ifu-rnoon at her hoaie cear Frederick. at unich tuse first priae was won by Miss Gertrude Wren. dra« prase, by Miss Ol.-.e Wrer., and consolation prior. Mn James H Cramtr of the Oar$en dab of are pianning so attend the of Ccristsaas conservation to be heSd ia Baltasore at the of Art, JJortii Charles street, Saturday, Dec*niber 19. from JO o'clock in tac morning until 5 o'clock is tae a!Ur.-noon. and on Sunday, December 20. from 2 untU 5 o'clock Singing of | Coristaias caroU l)y meinbers of Balti! more choirs *~ also be a feature of the j exhibition, which is open to the public. Mrs. Cnarles Hay-ward, Park c^t-rrtairiec ner bruise clao Wednes- ciay af:«rrjoo= Mr. arxi Mrs Charles A. Opel, Jr, East Third str«:, eaaertaiiied thear card clio Tuesday nsghl. Mr and lln Joceph. D. Baker, Jr.. of Bal:j3iore. ·Mil gl'.e a. dinner Kew Years .e, prece±ng the dance at l wortl three our each £.-. Ti'-, r~. . ol the i-led the MAKE MOVE TO OUST TWO PRINCE GEORGES OFFICERS It is a prrtltable policy for people to pay their bUIs as tbey go If the American people iroold coroe Ksatsrherv Dear t^Janrar-.y their federal budget. catting off enough espenses and raising enough more money to put their treasury in thoroughly sound condition. its improved financial condition would , pcosjote conSdence and d^pel pessini- fcm. Hya-.--sU-e. Md . Dec. 18 auty coanxisiior.ers and citizens both today aya^is ti.t. c.vo coun'y of- a^^_*-i ct b a^ija.-jtinj; a Wash- r-OAjpaper p.. r-c^ap.-x r nrcent- trir;-j»! New Ye-ars Eve dance of 1 the Catoctln C'ljo. Ir.- *·".'. be held Di-cembcr 31 in '..e i-il.roont of the Frauds Scott Key ho-*: and will be attended by mars:, ,jucs*j fre.n Frederick and elsewhere The cane* is always one of the larcfi! eients iield by the ( .;ul thro_^..;u: the '.*-a.r and -s being planned b_- a losim-itte s. -:.-:osed of Messrs K Da*, .d Ha .ran c;.airman; j Charles E BtaVv and Lincoln D Ecgel- . brecht Mr Harry O. Sciiroeder !s | pre.*.dent of ir.e club and Mr Ralph 1 *»lr. and J!rs. J. Thomas Pyles and i joung sen, Thomas, and Miss Elizabeth Pylei will amve Saturday to spend the C.-u-Lsunas holidays with Dr. and ?.tr*. ' Joseph T. PySes. Eas* Third street. Mr. i Pylcs Js a member of the faculty of the j L"n verslty of Maryland, and Miss Pyles a Etudenl at the University. Mr. W. Harry Haller. Jr. student at Princeton University, will arrive Saturday to spend the Christmas holidays »~.lh his parent*. Mr. and Mrs. W Harry B. stadent at Union Mearona! Hospital, Bal- re, is planning to speed Christmas Da-, unh n-joifaer. Mrs. J. AEleae Witiamson. and to come to Frederick again for the Cotillion Club dance. MSss Helen Page W^Uiaaison, of Pratt In- j-:-jte, Brooklyn, S Y : Mr. J. AUiene WslLamion Jr , Norfolk. Va . and Mr. Bera:iard Williasrison. Baltimore, also *~ spend the bo'-itiays here, arriving e.enaig before Carrstrcas 7«trs. Louis L. V.'I^OSL. Rockwell Terrace. entertained ser card cl'ib this , Announcement has been made of the if Miss Helen KEWADS FOB PEACE EFFORTS. The award to two Americans. Nlcho- las Murray Butler and Jane Addams. of tbe Kobe! peace prizes for 1931, recalls tfce famous Swedish inventor and chem" 1st, Alfred B. Ncbel, whose eaate pro- these prizes. These awards are to those who have performed the most dlstinCtilshcd work In certain scientific and literary fields, and to those who have done the most for world peace. Ordinarily the rewards of life go to the best money getters, successful politicians, etc. This man gave a sum of nearly S10.000.OQO. to be used in re- ·warding hurcanlty's benefactors, Tbe people who render these great services znay aot usually acquire weslth, but un- ccranted millions o£ people join in pay- tag them a tribute of high respect and affection. Quotations Stsccarsization is more truly a liberator than an arent of slavery. ---Dr. Booert Douglas Bowden. professor of Youngstoin ( O ) college. ·x- -x- -fc Government is just as falliablc a": faEible men who run i:. --Governor Ritchie of Maryland. * * * I flnd thst 02 per cent of those Kiargec -riih crime are non-naturalized. --Supreme Court Just.ce Dike of Xew York. * ·£· * Tin not a communist They wouldn't take me. --Theodore Dreiser, American auincr The rornntisloner of Prince Georges c-r,ir;ty s"aaia-"nex the officers, Howard S-aier and Ralpr. Browc. ;o appear L» ! jrc dem D-'cen-ber -2 ;o ansucr the ci. arses H* J*LSI lite roi.J^ncs planrnxi a mass rc-ti-r:; ti»:..i;ht u c'J^:;»Ux - ^i ol the ac'--03 o' the pXSccrnen. Senator Smith W. Brookhart. of oaa. a reaideat o( tr.e coatr;y. ·» '.II Address the rnvin:; on "C.«?an Local Go-» eminent." 3ro»n jnd SJtcr pre\cnted Thomas P ilcA-.oy. the photograp'icr. from !as !r^ pictures of federal prtsor.ers who ·xcre witnesses l:i the Colonel Tea Ho-ose sho-sting is Bladcnsburg recent- McAvoy accused them of striking him n'-'Ji a b'.ac.ttacjc asd seizes his cam- 1 Frederick Co. \V. C. T. V. Mectinit. The Q^ir:- r.v 2ict-:.nt: ol the Fred- cr.cs C3Ui.' W. C T U. exectitiie camsiltt-^e v. as JieSd in the Y. M. C. A on Tburscav afternoon, with a. good a-u-ndancc. Mr^ F. B. SappLigton. Tircs.cer.t prt.-idei and opened the mett- | ir-s with prajcr Two unions were not 1 represented The State Membership i Drive. \rl:~n Till s:art oc January 25. , a-33 cxpl«=.i^ed and members urged to isterr^l men ar.d a omen in th- work. D.rcclors of df-partnionU, of Sol' -ird Sailors. S%.ientin~ Temper- ar.ce Insrjctii'a. Temperance , ?::i Prison aisd J.iil gave br:el reports j f-f tne w"rk Mrs. Catherir.e Hines Fecoy. Maryland Y. P. B secretary. ' sp^fce of tne v-ork am^n^ Che young 1 ·jcople, ar^ri rxpluned 'The Unit Plan" and Mating the Flag" which can be 1 conducted by a local W C T D. to interest tlic \our.c j-'Wp'f Mrs Phil, c-r.a T FeiiDv. state o gnnizer. spoke of i lac -work that hay been ac.-ornplished ' in the *-cLern par; of the Suite Mrs Focby will Frecenck county in Approximately 300 aijrr.r.. rr.-mbers i ,' tr.e senior class of ihe Frederick High Sch»l. faculty members and oth- i ers T*-! attend the an::u2l Christmas ! dance of the Frederick High School | Alumni As.w_3::o:i to be hi'd in the auditorium of trie school Tue-day n.ght, Decerr.oer 29 Elaborate decorations and specM lightmx effects nri.1 be used. i Music »ill be furnished by Floya Mills 1 and his broadcasting orchestra, vrhlch 1 plavcd last season at Atlantic City. L!-? effects are :ii charpe of Mr. \Yi:iard Marker and officers and di:colors ha\^e charge of tickets. Final arrangements for the dance tvcre made st a meeting and dinner of officers and I directors Wednesday night at 6 30 , o'clock at the Barbara Frltchie Tea Room Those present Tiere Messrs. Ra'ph W Boyr. BCIIT.; pres'dent of ·re associit'on: David M Kemp. C Paa: Rod*ru?!c. Martin L Bowers, Lin- ioln D. E:ige'.jrcrht Hir"- Decker, Willard Markej. Mrs \V.lbur Seegcr and Miss Grace . who is studying at Enoch Pratt i Library. Baltimore, wiil amve next i av-ek and will have holiday until after j New Year. j Mrs Harry O Nicodejnus East ncfc street, has returned after spending · several weeks witb relatl-.cs in Washington. I. Apple. Jr., and Mr. Robert BenschoS. students at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa, arrived In Frederick Wednesday Mr. Benscboa spent that night as the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Apple. Hood College, and left Thursday for Woodstock. Va.. to spend Christmas vuth his parents Col B -^hoS, hJs father, is headmaster of :i"-sanutten Academy. O.. and Mr. *,V Thonus Ailnut, son of Mr. and Mrs. George S Allnutt of Bucieystown. The ceremony uill t?he place Dec. 26 at 8 30 a. m., in Holy Name church. Columbus. Rev. Father John B. Donahie. ofliciating. Mr Allnutt is associated u::h the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. of Columbus. Miss Rectorschek formerly was with the same company. She is the daughter of the tot* Mr. and Mrs. John RectorscheX of CAN YOU BEAT IT By Keti Coprrtfbt. 1331. World Feature Serricc Sykesville SykesviUe, Dec. 17.--Mrs. John F. Ridgely. Jr., entertained the Glen- v,-ood Bridge Club at a bridge luncheon at her Aome in Glenwood. Guests included Mesdames Thomas H. Welling, Janies C- Forsythe. Thomas Clark, Spencer Pindell, W. Henry Forsythe, Clyde Pindell, Arthur P. Focsythe, locaied at present. S. Boone Dorsey. T. M. Anderson. WU- liam Stirson, Jr. Marsdon Waddell, 1 i Baltimore; William Talboct, Misses j Mary Dorsey. Kate Matthews and Ger- j :rude Matthews. . ^ ^, T-= . T, ,., Dr. and Mrs John T. King, of Baltimore, plan to opon tliesr count ry home, west of Frederick, for the Christmas holidays Mrs King plans to arrive here on T-asedav vi-ith her children and ^-·11 be joined later by Dr King Mrs. Otho J. Keller, of Lorain. O. the guest of her son. Mr. Otho J. HT, and Mrs. Keller. East Second street, and will remain in Frederick j until the day following Christmas Mrs. · Keller. III. was hostess to her card club on Tucsdav. Mr. Thomas Bertram Hayirard. "Brocton Orchards," has returned from hunting trips in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and on Deal's Island He was accompanied en tre Denl'i Island tr.p by Messrs. Prank Thomas. Joseph Shnver and Carl Tvugg. Westminster, and Mr. Sperry. Greenwich. Coon. Dr. Charles K. Conley. Dr. William E Trail, Dr. R. W. Baer arid Mr Robert L. WarSeld also hunted at Deal's Island at the same time as Mr Hayn-ard and party. j^ Jacob icfc Unje at Hot near afwr fpending ^ Va ! Mrs. A LeRoy McCardell. RockweB | Terrace, has rcturne-i after spending a | week with her daughter MLSS Claire . McCardell. N'eiv York city Miss Mc- j Cardcll will arrive in next ! week to spend Christmas with her par! cnte here. Mrs. H. Noel Haller and young son. Master H. Noel Haller. Jr are spending the »eefc in Washington with Mrs. Bailer's parents. Mr. ana Mrs Henry Turner Liif s Stuff The Congress Blocs. When Congress meet?, the fun begins. The l.d is ofT -- :h: best mari -BIS* Oh. bow the ^rc-cs cor-.nienee to fly and sfcrsusii. as tr.e cays go by. How undecided thincs- appear: Eow overcast, the itsccphere! What la'ss are to be cast -- To Represent Hood. Frances Feiser. '32 as alumna of ·he Frec«.r:rk High Schof will represent Hod CoKece at the Seventh an- riial C~-r-grrss of the National Student Fe;err.Uori of America to be held at the University of Toledo. Ohio, from December " to 3! The feaerauon is thr oie non-rcLfjOUs and r.on-pohtlcal ur.5cr-.icua 10 orgintzation of tlie Ur.t-a s;.i:-s The purpose of the cor\5-uir. .s to cLtciiss tbe mast per- ple\.ni: r,\n-.pus problems athletics. r..oLcaiur..~. .-tuder.t goiernment, and .«cr.or systems Bible Thought , Miss Elizabeth Tyson :ias returned to i Frederick after a MX weeks trip through ! t!ie South, during v.hich she made her | debut in Atlanta Ga Miss Tyson and Miss Ida Thomas, of Atlanta, were the ..debutante guests of honor at a reception and dinner dance in that city November 6. -Alien they were formally presented to society, and later were entertained extens:\e!y. Miss Tyson also \ isited in RoanoKc Va . f nends at Mary ."Baldwin College. Staunton. and with other fnends m Staunton. She and Miss Thomas were cSassmatcs at the j college T»cni}-fc-ur debutantes were , presented 1:1 tile section visited by her | this season ! Rt Rev Ecuara' Trail Helfcnstein. , Eis.iop of Mary "and, -^os the gruest last ^ ino-iy of h.» b-otner Mrs. Ernest Hel- :ens;*;a. and Mrj. Kelferuit.n. Clarke Place Buhvp Helfecstem and Rev , and Mrs. Douglass HooS were guests of Hr and Mrs Hclfens:e;n at dinner fol- .05 .ny ihe bapl-sa: of Ernest Helfen- s'.c.a m Infant sor. pr Mr and Mrs Ernest Helfenstn. Jr. »iiich occurred Hood College clubs, composed of alumnae in various states and the District 1 of Columbia are plannin; dinners. I dances or other social events, many of , which wil! be attended by Dr Joseph i H Apple, president of the cof.egs. and i Mrs Apple. The Harmburg Hood Club's event will be held December 28. the Frederick and Washington Hood Clubs' events on December 29- the i Pottstown, Pa.. Hood Club December 31: ' and the Pittsburgh Hood Club. Jan' uary 2. The Philadelphia and York - clubs wO! also hold social affairs. i -Mr. and Mrs Roland E Lonj. uho nave been rsiomg in Hagerstown. have new moved into their apartment Sn Waynesoorc. Pa Rev Dr and Mrs. John G Traver. Jf Hartwick Seminar.. Ostoso county, Now York, will arrive on Saturday to .-pend the Chr^unas sesocn with ;heir son. Rev Dr Amos John Traver and Mrs Traver Rev Dr Tracer. Sr. will ureach at tne morning service of ;-.e Evangelical Lutheran cr.urcl.. December 27 1 Miss El^abeth duF. Tyle.. of Bergen Pines. N. J , and Miss Florence Wren, 1 of Hackensac-:. N. J.. will motor to Frederick on December 24 for the Christmas holidays. Miss Tyler will visit her saier. Mis. Thomas B. Hay- -%ard. and Miss Wren, her mother. Mrs. Oliver Wren, near Frederick. Mr. Wil- 1-j.m Wren, of New Haven, Conn. will also spend Christmas with his mother and --MX. and Mrs. Arthur P. Forsythe were recent guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Dorsey, r-rar RoTbury. --Walton Hood and Grant Washington, were guests recently of relatives at Alpha. Howard county. --The cyster supper heM at McKendree church, near Cooksville, was a success. --A business meeting of the life Mr. Meredith Flook, a sen-or at the University of Maryland, is spending the Chnstmas holidays at the home of his mother, Mrs. Florence Fkx/k, near BurkittsvJ.e Today's Anniversaries. 1786--Carl Maria von Weber, famous German composer. Died Jane 5, 1825. 1811--Alexander S- Asboth. the Hun- 4i so.dier who became a general members of the Howard County Co- nllion ·nll^'be held Thursday at toe home of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Warfield, near Florence. --A trap shoot was held at the Glenv.ood Country Club on Saturday for the benefit; of the Sandy Spring Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. --Miss Charlotte Newman, student at Mt. St. Agnes College, Mt. Washington, spent the week-end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Newman, Springfield avenue. --Saturday guests of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Julian ChEcs were Mrs. Matilda Pur- aell and son. John Puraeil, Baltimore, and Mrs. Eugene Childs and son, Makell Chilos, Davidsonville. --Miss Katie McDonald called on (Miss Annie Hughes, Friday. --Mrs. Manon Harrs visited iirs. SowSn M- lleHor in Westminster, on Friday. world- --Miss Ida Watkms. Gaithers. was a born. Sunday afternoon guest of Misses Lil- , lian Eewitt and Selva Selby. --Miss Florence Dorsey, Baltimore, i SIDE GLANCES By George Cla "Are yon sure this is mature enough for him? Yon see, he's S3." IN NEW YORK j In the Union army, bom. Died In ; Argentina. American Minister there, January 21. 2868 iiUl--Horace B Claflm, the greatest New York dry-goods merchant of his day bo-n at -Milford. Mass. Died at Forciham. N Y.. November 14. 18S5. :S3 York, Dec. 18.--Haviag heard Mrs. W. H. ParleU. Howard county. Emmitshuro; j Emmiisburg. Dec 18--Mr. and Mrs | C M. Weigand and two children, Lan- Lj-inan Abbott r.oted New York · caster were week-end guests of ier City editor, clergyn-^n and author, i brother. Charles McNair. born ir. Boston. Mass Died m New i -- Messrs Thomas £nc Wax Fra^ey c. was about time to call on the Het- erandna Fonoosas and the 3asboi ' Eeteroaiorphas. And i; was high time, fo: they're r^ja; in the sssim at present and sooner or later I «ras certain' to meet tnem, or some of their gang. Aad t h e n w h a t ? I . ! you up in the reormng and remind , of tae dear old army days 'or a K S15C. i There's that ultra-madeni f-sh, Danio Rario, to 5t m with the mode istic furnitnre; a black-head rnan that aasiers to the name if Amos freak gold fish with a Lous name r a resemblance to tne ^.on lamil-y $50 per each: and a -gold Helle wsich js transloscea: if no; transuaK what new rr^ide ac:s :· be amassed 7 Who kr.ows" w stsr.d aghast -agape-- ^arjd J-ope that thirds may stay in shape -iirt^. st las: trie session done, we mav ^-. peace resume onr fnn. --X A. LUFBtrRROW. .s the man that er.dureth f tc"-- t ,-^.on for ? hr is tried be ' aha;: reTivr thr CTOIT. of life--James T « * * * * E- r~- i-r^r'3.' "^ -s an opportunitv -'·" "^ c. t,r.p r.earer to God--J. Q I M^s Ida Mil^r. of Buffalo, N. Y ,.has York October 22. 1922 i of Washington. D. C. were visitors o! Flapper Fanny Says MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP Twenty Years Ago Today fix-"" ·ernj f rom the coluc^is c Tre N^wi Dsxetsxx-r 18. 1911 1S31--Aitstm Abbott, noted New York tneir parecis, Mr and Mrs Oscar Frai- City lawyer ana legal writer, bom i ie ^- °* er i:be week-end- in Boston. Mass. Died in New York ! --Miss Paunne Baker spent Thursday April 19. 1896 i 2 "d i-nday in Baltimore the guest of 1859--Francis Thompson, celebrated' |^ er ccusm Mrs George Green. M-s' English poet bom Died Novem- ^ci'h N^aemaker accompanied her her 33 1907 I --Prank Weant .5 sorr 1661--Edwarc A. MacDoweil, noted ' ::31S ^^ h « sjstsr. near Bosion Mas? composer and pianist, born in New 1 -- ij rs. Francis Matthews. Mrs. V.". . York. Died January 23, 1908. ! 1807--Roland Holt. New York oook born there DiM In ; Canaan, Conn. July 5. 1931. liara Stoner ar.c Mi^s EcUth mx'ter spent Monday in York. --M.SS Lo"ie Eote reUimed l-o-Friday after »^it r.g in WayaesDcro r TM~£~"£Z%i£ *** state to j Reports RobbeiT SL^L; ai~. n n ^ , ci- o -*"* wC ., c ss t.jc sri*'X5- ^.-*? ^'--c-'i- cfre" 'o v.tn_n five d^*.5 _ vrs :o bt 1" ''Id si iv WVTJCI s '^ cue. C -j;'K.;r S.-i-x-l build- - _ -- ^-, - -- -i-c; r by Dr ?.f Ba"i £ · » · ^ ^ - ."- \- ..-- D W- --^-c pr - - : · · » r iq ^ - .-» ff.;c si.-r. -r c" - '" ---.1 jears suo ft »rcr 5 a-e.-. A.' --.rv Glenn K VT.". ·,.:4"'- V t r " · 'as be-n; If a g -. s.t.^ ii'-CL ur.der tie iietoe, it's tns oernes. Today In History. of George Washington. J3S5 -- ISI.T Amcriomen: in force. Today's Birthdays. S Parses Cadnian. . N Y . preacher, born rssn 67 vears aso today Dr Otis W C^^-sf.1. nyed Co- u-.jiT»ty b^tan-st bom at r-in, Inc 62 vears ago today. "R" -- srr. Si.:t«r»crth noted rr.nuiac;imer born in O:-..- 67 ycsrs a;o todsv ic^ Burton Harruon. one-time nes. C tv. 58 vean ago Today's Horoscope. ooei.c. ?i.s-_oui- syrc- pc'het.c and c.-x'ero ^ It is a good ! ;r.icvn-«nt for o.r. pc'ci .*j«. s K-Tic. . u ^.1.1 . B^jiELOR I . c 193- sv «* scsvct. «a -. c T.rr *. j.^t r knor .'^ tru' foriii .o r"uiy accru Burrl^-s ^rr^ js ratner too gcr.itx-us for -sor.d- ' trar^- SOONES'Ar"T2R(sa5'H....WS5C»£' i _-, . wouldn't know for ' «-«5-^ sure whether they were a tacky new dish or a foreign car. As a mattes of fact, they're fish And rare SshleLs f r o m romantic :ropic waters are ^-te the pst rogue i the zoment or a couple of undred dollars, or -ne equiva5ent of a payment on tie ?s. you can have a fairly saable co .ect-on swizuruni about. I isarssd that the Heterandria is t one-quarter the size of his one store ap-earcii a sign- ' Be- Poadles a Specially Here. Fr atios Sad bi ^ and I -ast h3 T one beaurifu .* p-~-ss.c"e W So irhai' 3 Tr .t's all over. have one of those OTEr-s.iivcc ·yx.z with lionesque heads and curly re. the paws and a 3ush- -- ;a 2*. tat 5 "Ah,"* e^plairi£d the c^^ aS in the way us cane--'..-_: r^ri2 touch to tits cl.3s.ns--t-s: dJTcrc^c I Tane\n:own the smallest Ssh tn cap- the Tom Thumb of the pazizr Sjh bowls. And the Hasbora Is an tie -.-.ay from S-ngapore, bamming hss way around the warld as near as I coold gather, an-d a rather pretty iittie moth- i er-f-pearl feljow. And ooly eight bocks | per pair. ! ; But wi^n I got to thJakjng how many ' Taaeytowc, Dei 17 --Tre Tar.T 1 --oula make a meal. In case the woist , Hotaemasers' club rr.ei jr **·.:'T- csnie to the --·orst. I feU back on sai den's mackerel ' was calJec to order bv -.-« ~r^.ie: At any raw, this started ice on a Mrs. A^sn Sanders ani JIjs^ B=l ' round of the pe: shops winch, is New j Kooatz gave an mteren-ng csinci^tr . York, are a 1-ot of fan arooad the holi- t tion on scarfs ana collars The ~ea- j cay season. For te -weffid is oonbed j ejection was heii. reoixl:^ij cs :;. y- i :ar toe strange and osassal: collectors President. Mrs. Mrs C are-:o : I come rusasng m from the jungles and raoantaias and shiploads of the raio coase r ! camcest port , For ~.:ary. there's a parrot which, i arcording to a sign, "can tali 3-re Mar! lns D.etnch." Ah. bot wbere s ttere j sr. ^n-.tanaa of taose famoiK Dietrieh Ar.d triere are Siamese fighUng fish for ·.-» sp-srt fans; l.itle fe.l^Wi, fighi for so reason el a.l. and frequently have to be kept in separate bowls to prevent a knockout. And, cjost innocent looking! FluSy room o! Mrs.. tails and fins like tiny feathers.' Pic* of '-':. first j joar own figjjtwg ooiori greec, Koe or ger. .n an ?.nS' ^ A trooper tast can sour-d more tary ca^s than a reoe bugler reporwd K) police. vioe-pTesideiit. Miss Marr Fr-n?=-; set reiary. Mrs. Merv.r_; ;rs3s-^: Mrs. Norman Baungsrcricr Stickler: U't?O CLIPPED P'5 -"2S£S *e»» V£T VfliO, /.V O'-'C-. WAS r/RSr 7O SAY «o«* / TW Mif four »cw«. a" co.-oo^e- J ~ Ae tut* four letters, ir-^o f-cr- the abow. Gn yoc ffl thera j?? Acswea «ui be jtomxj on ia page.

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