The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 19, 1959 · Page 25
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 25

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1959
Page 25
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nACINK SUNDAY nWLM5TIN July 19, 19S9 8«*. i, l^if You Get What You Pay for in Upholstery "Will the upholstery wear well?" This is often the most baffling question a woman can ask a furniture salesman. The woman is puzzled and the salesman is in a dilcmna. He may know what (he fabric will do "under normal wear and tear," but ho can't know what is "normal" in the customer's home. The fabric might last for years in a home where people with clean hands and clean clothing sit—never jump—on the furniture. It could age rapidly if youngsters and pets, strnighl from (lie sandbox, use the sofa ns a trnmpoline, Conchision.s To help the customer reach some conclusions on her own, the Home Inirnishings Industry Committee suggests tlicso tests: .see how closely the threads are woven. The more threadifi (as in a shod) the stronger the up- iiolstery fabric. 2—If swatches (samples) are nvailnble. hold them up to the light. A cheap material with a l)lea .King surface appearance 1—Scrutinize the fabric tojwill often reveal its inferior Vary Traditional Textures in Soft Floor Coverings ^ I A ± A ^ J Flowers add an inviting r lowerArranoements Aaa ^^^^^ *°«hardtodecorate Refreshing Note to Decor By Lynn El son This is the season for greens in the salad, leaves on the trees and flowers blooming in the garden. It's also the time to bring a refreshing note into your home decoration with the season's bounty of posies and greenery. Nothing will enliven a room as quickly and inexpensively as an artful arrangement of flowers or greens. A low bowl filled with flowers and placed on a coffee table or end table brightens up the living room. A large colored vase filled with rhododendron leaves brings a summery touch to the fireplace. Bookshelf Unit A series of odd-shaped bottles filled with ivy adds a light note to a bookshelf unit. Hallways and foyers have a more Inviting air when they 're decorated with lavabos or glass mobiles that hold ivy or philo dendrum. You can use all sorts of containers, largo and small, for the greenery. A large freeform ashtray can make a beautiful floating flower arrangement. A jewel-toned glass decanter filled with long stemmed pussy willows or forsythia makes a high spot In a modern room. Pitchers, depending on their ilze, can be used for large or • mall flower arrangements. Brandy snifters or punch bowls make handsome containers for massive foliage. Centerpieces On the dinner table, decorative flowers and greens liven lagging summer appetites. A footed crystal candy dish is a perfect base for a dainty centerpiece on a luncheon table. A cake stand stacked with both flowers and fruit performs handsomely as a buffet centerpiece, A glass cruet can hold a single perfect rose on an intimate table set for two. It's fun to experiment with flower arrangements. Look around the room in which you want to place the flowers. Is there a flower figure in the drapery or rug pattern you might want to pick up and repeat in a live floral bouquet? Containers During the warm months particularly, you may plan to do one or two different arrangements a week, which gives you a chance to try various containers and types of greenery in all parts of the room. When you're choosing glass ware or other containers for floral arrangements, consider the flowers and the containers as a unit, so they harmonize in design, scale and color. For example, heavier pieces like large architectural glass vases take well to bold, vivid flowers, leaf arrangements and tall-stemmed wild flowers. Delicate blossoms will look better in a more delicate glass container. hallway. Mobiles made of American handcrafted glass are hung on the wall and filled with flowers and greens for an attractive note in this small foyer where space is limited. Stacking Chairs Conserve Space iMACSHORE i CLASSICS The Pricelesi Look 2" MACSHORE certainly has the knack for turning a fashion basic Into a refreshing new fashion idea! Here, it's brief - sleeved with a surprise back, yoked and gathered to perfection ... a crisp stand-up collar. In DRIP-DRY cotton broadcloth. White, green. Sizes 30 to 88. OPEN MONDAT and raiOAT >Tn, • 1714 Milwaukee Ave. Wtf P»rkiii( in rw of iior* Recognition Is Granted to Lutheran Church JERUSALEM. Jordan—(i¥»— The 1,300-member Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan has been granted state recognition as one of the "non-Mohammedan religious communities." Others so recognized by the government of Moslem Jordan are the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. About 12 per cent of Jordan 's population is Christian. Space-saving summer furnl ture is important to the family with a small back yard, tiny porch or shared roof garden. They will find a variety of chairs and lounging pieces constructed with their requirements in mind. The "two-passenger" settee, in aluminum with woven saran webbing is less than four feet wide. You can move it easily for it weighs less than ten pounds. A smart new stacking chair also has an aluminum frame. Seat and back are bent hardwood and the finish is weatherproof varnish or white enamel. Several take no more room than one (stacked one on top of another) when they are not in use. With the chairs you can select a square or round rattan table with collapsible aluminum legs. The apartment-dwelling aun lover, who may have to carry his equipment with him to the roof, will want something light to tote. That old standby, the long reclining chair, is ideal and won't take up so much space in his closet. Note Laundering Aids for Nylon Tricot Slips You can counteract static electricity and prevent nylon tricot slips from clinging by adding a small amount of liquid detergent to the final rinse water, according to Katherine Bailey, home management specialist at the University of Wisconsin. Use only a couple drops in a basin of rinse water. Or use a fabric softener according to directions on the bottle. There are some anti­ static materials on the market. CHICAGO — Carpets and rugs are getting bolder in texture as well as in color. Especially interesting arc developments in the texture of soft floor coverings. Designers and manufacturers have continued to vary traditional techniques to achieve textures that were once limited to expensive, hand-crafted carpets and rugs. Now the homemaker can mind her budget and still have intriguing rugs and carpets which provide a dominant texture effect for any room. Often combined with color and pattern, the new floor textures are appealing to see and to feel. Many Styles Among the many styles now offered by skilled manufacturers are thick, looped textures; multi-level pile surfaces; tight, curly loops; cut and uncut pile combined in random texture; rugged ridges or soft shaggy yarns; pile surfaces which rival the most interesting knitted apparel in style interest. Some of these new rugs and carpets are being produced on knitting machines, as this faster - than - weaving technique continues to grow in interest. Others are made by variations on traditional looms, and still others come from the tufting machine which has been made more versatile than ever. The textures may soften severe lines of contemporary furnishings, or blend with traditional styles such as Early American. Color Shading They may lend interest to a solid color, or show color combinations off to best advantage. Multi-level piles, for example, may provide interesting color shading for a room— evidence of growing emphasis on floor with design interest. Inirthcr emphasis comes from the constantly-growing range of colors offered in carpets and rugs. Almost all color families are now represented. There are new varieties of green—all the way from (he frosty tones to olive to deeper greens—as well as a now interest in reds and purple or lavender tones. In neutral tones, there are still more shadings, and for fall there is evidence of interest in the deeper beige or brown families. Fibers Fibers used for soft floor coverings are getting special treatment in many instances. Continuous filament yarns, designed to eliminate fuzzing and pilling, are seen in acetate and nylon. Rayons and acetates may be solution-dyed, lofted or spun smoothly for l)est function. Acrylic fibers and wool— the classic carpet fiber which still accounts for about 50 per cent of total production—are .seen in new styling and coloring, and the majority of woo and wool-blend carpets are now mothproof. Also look for: Area rugs in many new .shapes and sizes—free-form, long ovals, rectangular, almost any shape needed for the best room decor. There arc new design motifs, too. Backing improvements in a variety of ways, designed to give carpet more dimensional stability and improve its function. ROUNDABOUTS — Chairs and companion tables are wedge-shapcJd to permit circle grouping, permit greater seating capacity, In this modern group shown in Chicago. Techniques of Repainiing Hardboard Are Same as for Natural Wood construction in front of a light bulb. 3—-Stretch the fabric between your fingers. A material that will wear well will not feel thin. The weaving will b« tight and firm. (There are soma exceptions. A thick cotton thread* loosely woven, will sometimes give excellent wear.) Construction Generally, it's true that you get what you pay for In upholstery fabric. The cover is an important part of the cost In upholstered furniture. Its quality should correspond to that of the construction. Beware of the bargain that is "too much of a bargain." Never buy a chair or sofa with the Intention of having it reupholstcrcd in "a better cover. Color Fastness Color fastness Is a quality very difficult for even experts to judge without laboratory tests. It Is .safest to avoid exposing upholstery to the sun. New on the market this year Is a nylon frieze guaranteed by a mall order house against normal wear and tear and color fading for five years. It's in the upper price ranges and will Increase the price of a sofa, retailing at $230 in an ordinary fabric, about 20 per cent. SMART JACKET Hopsacking, printed all over with bright carnations, makes a smart little jacket for summer wear. If you know the techniques of repainting natural wood, repainting hardboard can be as quick and The same rules apply, because hardboard is reconstituted natural wood. As to painting, you should remove all dirt, grease, and loose material on the hardboard surface. He sure to pull or reset any loose nails with a counter-sink, and putty and prime the holes. Clean Surface Where the paint film is dam- oged, clean the .surface thoroughly. Use a saiding block to "feather" the eU^'es of the paint film around the damaged area. Then spot prime it. When the primer is dry, sand the area and give it one or two coats of finish paint. If the paint film Is in good condition, you don't need to prime it. Give it a light sanding (use No. .3 grit sandpaper) and apply the finish coat.s. Old paint peeling? Then moisture is probably to blame. All loose paint must be removed before you repaint the surface. Feather (ho edges and spo( iirime for best results. Finish Coats nut bcloro you apply any paint, be sure the surface is thoroughly dry. Too, coats shouldn't bo applied until (ho surface has been sealed with a primer coat. Generally speaking, you should apply u primer-sealer to protect the hardboard surface from ab.sorbing moisture and to provide a base for the finish coats. Painting Improves the appearance and the service life of hardboard. When properly sealed and protected from the elements, hardboard makes an excellent construction material—indoors and out. 4M000 Motorhtt Choose State Farm Why? They enjoy topnotch protection and rock- bottom rates on auto insurance. Do you? Call fK) HARVEY COOKI IntHianM ME 2-1151 •Ut« Pkrm Mutual AutomobU* Iniurano* Company Momt Olftes! Bloomlngtan. nUnoU 1^ Biiiffmi for llial leiiiperatiire rise. ., on a summer (Jay. Light and airy ... prettily ... moulded for feminine flattery. Perfect for around the house, summer in town, or to take on that trip or vacation. In combed check broadcloth or solids. Pleated skirt with a 6 inch hem. Sizes 5 to 15, $14.95. fs your furnace circulating More Dirt than Heat? 8, SIAOKt ONLY AS LOW AS $g95 This is the time of year to make a date with SANI-VAC Service to remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated in your heating system, particularly in the warm and cold air runs, plus your furnace, too. SANI-VAC gets at all the hidden dirt, —the dirt that evades all other cleaning mDlhod.s, It 's all done efficiently, neatly and thoroughly by bonded SANI-VAC men. Costs but little; .saves .so much. SANI-VAC Service is available only tiirough your close at hand Holland Furnace Branch. ONLY AS LOW AS $395 HOLLAND rURNACE CO. /mumfmiuaca 1312 Washington Avt. ME 2-8837 Store Hours: W«ckdayM noun to 9 P.M., Saturdays 0:30 to 5:30 i INSURED UP TO 10,000^ BEHIND EVERY SAVINGS ACCOUNT HERE... INSURED SAFETY WfcXJjggf . SAVE WHERE YOU CAN IE JyJMM^ SURE! Every account her* is in- tured to $10,000 by the Federal Savingi and Loan Insurance Corporation, on instrument of the government. In addition, your savings ara boclied by sound reserves in the Federal Home Loan Bank ... and by our own large resources and reserves. Open your insured savings account with us very soon. FREE GIFT for Thrift Offer Expires Friday, July 31 Open on account of $100 or odd $100 to your present account and got your PMI GIFT NOW—« UNION ' Savings & Loan Association NOW ON COLLEGE AVE. at 5th ST.

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