The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on February 28, 1964 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1964
Page 8
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THE PACTI SPOUT 22 finalists decided this week fi sTallfllgL fi By THE AMOCtATKD PKKSI f* Claa* AAA. w**t l*MM ^SSJs^SutvSflSutS vi* in a iiiuiinmwM Friday Hwdto-J*ff*r*on. B*tton 4 at j at Victoria last rtwmtaf*, Cdttit»fll«, COM*, Com* oamw to*fgM and **t«r- in eta** A art M*A«* to OMHtStlaiiiiy fttfJM. and »a*»rd*y ff.L*>***lu ^y^^y^^^ HHetwoek. cuaftoH* tni) gggft 'Awion*, BaUty*) _ __ .«_ M, A v i i e •? 4ey MCIJM WfHsffc fVtwiMnnfyy ClfcXM R« PR ' QIMNI JlttA tlMNNl *tf*> TwiraBwawa' ror MV OMPVT ..^^ a.^ ^ j^.--.^. WOi3nWi*StWB*> . ,, 4^n*4>nw * • «*i • w*^^»w i * > iww IAROLO RATLIFF b«*Wh.u toem. adv*»w In BldlttHet playoffs wlfl d*. tlf»* kietetrM eoMM* and dlvtetoat IMt «B tW* way, ** r B * ) ** °**"v CLASlB water, C*tttit, Bntttft, elated PTMI SporH Writer tn* ttet. tonmunMt Mercf. termin, which eta** AAAA « NfMnal **««**. Tk* cLAaiAA Ct«f ** _ _*H^litOinw-Antom fmkttoB._ MAO*, Barters TV gom«t on Friday ar*> worry Tht «nll«t*» Mhaalt ir* wnrrixi >>r (»'• fOdtNim nwtf* |im«* IM rrMir h*v* • rlCM In he; M ttW lilftw Hot mniuMMl lt» « I ti»**tnll wrMl*4 ln« mlfnif • hy brine IM Ml >MI*> i»l««irt« int.. miner Ifttm ««rril"r> »i»i miklftf In* mlwr* >pp»r •" lev In eillbur Uw fim rt«x«l •am* tnfl w>Unmt ln> Ml tote** Itm*« on llv 1 V MMM. Th» «nl|«t** h*m run In*" trovkto '»lth prt> f'lotbiill I*M«M th»y <tWn't «•. f»r In «M*lnln( l*<UI>ll'm M I Ml « l«w wm •wmpllnf !»•'• §i»ifi» ffitti fwtonl «n«l-(rurf l.««. Thin pro l«i«n"» I" I'wl lp rlfliln inrt Mil their l»l«»l«i<in «« > |»ct*(>, Tnt FU||*|*I (irf l <fn H (•«*»** lo Ik* NCAA, •blch h*d III o*n TV Mltlp, •«• Ihil ilriedy HmlM «•!*- Tiilnt «f fx^tnll fim«i. TI>» |ir"« w*r* »«4 pf nhltill- «rl ff.'n t*|«TttMf <M M* UI»c«»U mi f rl'l»x >nd lilurdir, clilmlni limit* <l»y» u Itelr fl*M whit* i>r'<r»<<. tail Inok Bund»y. llul llwr* w»» iv, wo- in iivl nl(M« If ua >n iarll»ldtt«l t»m>, )>u< HIM* lh*y htd fol- i«n It- [tro»l«k* allowing tti«fn in totaTiw ia tp*ck»t», II ».§n I ItnufM lh*y wtwU turn i» ir»1iTi<1»il t*l*vtalon. Thai, hnvcirtr, la wnal they t»»« **». n via aimounc«d thai lb*r* v'HiH b* flv* rrl- itar nl»W tarnta fnr KalloOtl rw/iliill !<••««* cluba in U» l<rr>hiliil*d |*rl<»1 fnr Uw Inntu* tcllnt '«i a enllvcll** b*ai*~lh* Meu«d rrtd§y In fl»l/»»fni">r l/i In* awnad tal- ur<li> in t)*e*mb*r. ir ih* plui ia put <i¥*r Ihla y*ir ih«r» la nn r**on iob*- II* n iiwoa'ttMlncraaMdMrt y*ar, «r*n movlat Into In* NFL says it is not to blam« Th* Hfl. prufM*** «" nolhlnc to *. with II -thai m»mb*ra ar* aellw >« an In- Mnw*v*r, lit* coll*(*a aak* 9d In* qwalloni how etrni* In* l*a(u* ha a nulhlni In do with II alnc* II make* out Ih* Mhfdul* andlh*ni*mb*rallial ham form*d in airatmtM wllh t«l**lalun atr»ady haw MI th*lr tam*a? TIM hraiu* ortalnly would h*v* lo know about H and flv* parmlailon lo cnwf* up Ih* Mhtdul*. Tha oollataa and high Mhoola ar* »t*tr\nt th* HIM •« mm tllnnugh lh*y ar* doubtful thai pro football can b* »v<p[*rt in In* cinirU. P*r- hap* t>T" football will r*alla* thai II Ic euttlai M It* own nna* In «pll» Hi face by ruin- tn( high aehool and coll*g* all*ndane*. I'm fnotbalt alraady la do- ln« w.l] enough oparallngonly r.n Siindix. T*l*»lalon will pay » •« club a million dollara. <»<> do** pro football want inor* momy al th* cipana* of th* high aclxwla and colM(*a, wn<i fwnlah lham with whit II tak«a to t*t all that mon*y7 Yoldez loses but Texas still leads LOUOVlLtE, Ity. CAP) - ANbouah elasay Moualon w*N*r-w*lght Jess* Vakwa was up**t, three of hi* T*«• • teammateaadvaneed through Thursday night's «jHrt*rflMls in the Nalloaal Ooktoa Olov** Tournameat. Thalr vlctorlaa l*fl Teia* on top In th* team alandlng* with 13 potata going Into Ih* eemlflnala and flnala lunlghl. Among thoa* winaiot bout* were bantam-weight Maaiwt Navarru of Waco, who out- polnlvd Robbl* Bridges of Lowell, M*sa,i featherweight rtoyd Molina of For! Worth, who l-mk a dtclaloo over Pete Browner of Muncle, lad., and lightweight Pat Bishop of Dallas, who go! Uw »udt.a' nod over Mike McMurray of Wichita, Kan. The Teaa* lo**r*w*r* Val- dea, who drooped a etoa* decision to A. C. IUU of ndlan- apolla, and flyweight J**ae Rodela of od*a*a, owtwlnted by Earl Urge n* Hoaweli, Lifiai CALINDAR Tk* Brino*DoH Fact* I* author!*** to ananis»»a th* following naartulat** tor pubU* offl**, **hje*t loth* aetton c4 tk* Democratic ekwtton* ot May 2, 1(64. (Whtt* to party lalndlcat. *d the unanm i* Demo- lASMSSOR . COLLICTOR L.O. Henlt N. A. TMNMa, SNIRIPP N*h«rt Gl*4ney JUfTICI.P'CT.9. *>L. I R, CrM DwaMa. I «*t*f- wfcKh baskMblll IMUM tanner lo th* •«•<• la*ni*ft»e*t Mere* 1.1 in A***!*, There'll be It fl«liM*- tour *eeh In €!**•** AAAA. AAA, AA MM A, «*d Si* In CUM B, only thr** dvnmdlnt chump* ar* still In th* run- nine. They art ciMr crtwk Angleton girls meet CC Tuesday ANOLKTON-The Angleton High Sdwol girls' bsskelbatt team, champion la District 28-AA, will m«*t Clear creek, champion of Dlalrtcl 24-AA, at «;IO p.m, Tuesdiy at th* Clear creek High School rym In league city. Th* site and lime of th* cam* wa* decided Monday morning In a lengthy meeting at Angleton between representative* of each •ehool. Cl*ar creek defeated Anglelon early la th* *ea- son In n game that decided th* Angtelon TounMnrant champlonahlp. But liter, Aagtirton defeited Clear Creek loumament till*. An overflow crowd I* expected for the Tuesdsy night belli*. Wenti bowUrs epti foirity N. M. Vald*« *ltminated defending lilllat wad* Smith of Muucla, tod., In a M7 - pound pre- llmlnury. Despite blood etreanting from his nose, Val- det kept boring In against Hill and tlwlr scrap drew the loudest applause ot the evening. Trailing Texa* In Uw team aeorlag were Omaha with U point* and Rosw*li, N.M., Cincinnati and Loul*»III* tied at 10 each. Ships get nine points in meet BALL moil POOL. Oalvea- ton-8wtmml6« wtthoul some their leaden and wtother hanpered wtth a pulled muscle, th* Exporter* mounted only nine potm* In th* District U-4A swimming meet held here Thursday night. BayUnm's Robert E. Lee counted up 10) potato to lake first place, Pasadena waa aee- ood with H.B polats and Ball nalsk*d third wtlb 40 potat*. Jimmy Baggell and Wayne Bethel, both IU. dtdnt make th* trip wtth the Exporter* and spike McKinaey was aot up to full steam. However, MoKWMy tot on* point la Uw breast *troka event. Th* Ecporlar tree relay team-Tom Woll. Phillip Oibba, Cottte Pt*ro* and Teddy Smlttt - CM fourth nta**. And th* Mtotoy R«lay toant otMMUnwy. 0«*a, claa* AAA. In Clam A art MCA** to CtaMB. pliraffs «1M determine «M«n CtMfl AAAA towns make me trip to AM- tin. Th*** came* MM HWManrt Park M*teMA4M- *on tl Dallaa and P***d*M acalMt Hooston Anftlft tl Houston frtder rri(M, A**U* atalnat •** Aatonto L*e *t ton Marco* **t*rd*v aftor- CttM *AA MtfttHtM e JtBai |j — - -j* —- •WHMwMI tpHBM pm f| vtttr*>% K0t«r* *t fyler and m tff •• » M a M* A^Mfc £M. Msfvu* w* VMm Ban AatoMftat New Br***M* Friday nig**, MM Clear Clw*k w. BftMMm it RMMton 8*t- Mrrytan, L*> Hw dtvMeat Iln» «t> tU* way- CLAStAA t at LsMwek- Cwyan, Dlmmttt, Aft*** Md CMMMk*. Mftoft I « Denton-Uk* woftt, Lascns- tor, N«* Batten tot CM*. •ttof. fttgio* I M cotton St*llon.-Col*m*n, tftor. mvt rURKlY. tan. to Mtalrtot tt* Irophtoi, OM of which ho hu hop«i of wtoalnf, to fc* 0«ta Siterdty In (he Meond •nmul Ltkt Jtckcon OpttnUt Club Swim rottt. Tto nwtt will b> h*U M Uw BnuKwport Motor HUh School •wlmmlM pool. Marl ruro«y, stev*'* ftUwr wd lh» hl|h icbool •wtmmlnf ind aUo Uw uk* man tor the awlm meet, I* *howlnc off the OuUUndtaf flport*m«n*1Up trophy. Could there be aome faUwrly prejudice In that untie of hi*? The trophlea are oa display and can b* MOD at PMMcrtptlon*, inc. In downtown Lake Jikcion. -Photo by Lloyds, MIDLAND CAP) - oltlti »r»r«pr««4nUdbjf 1,472 te«m« M Ite T«ni Womtn'i Bowline AiKMIitlon op»n» IU 2Mh annuil iUU tournsmtBt WE IS MEMBER BLACK MUSLIN SECT- Cfay-Refjgf'on helped me tonlfM. Tn* oompttltlon li dtM lo brlat MO womn ntr* for tlx WMtoadt ofbowllac. They'll •kip tht EMtar wMkmd *ad wind up April 12. Prl loUU $<2,42». MIAMI BEACH, Ma. (AP>- CaMlua Clay *ay* hebelMve* the same religion which helped him beat Soany Llston tot th* heavywelgtt boxlag eham- ploa*hlp-Uw Islam Nllgloo- also will lead to a bowling in brazosport By VIRGINIA PENVO g*«lb«t«o paints. IOMU Nwttoa via tourth tn the .«**t wtth H petal* and T*aa,\ CWy flnUhed nnh STREAMLINERS Reck'* Lucky Seven have DO wins, wllh Roadrunner* in aecond with 85 I/a wins and Ray's Sinclair with 64 I/I win*. Rose trwtn waa high with 220-BtS, followed by tavern* Nixon BS8 041 avg.), Maxlne Pounders I10-H7, Louis* Prude 206-915. Team gam* went to Hooto- nannwa 74B, and t*am aeries to Ray'a wllh SI40. Honor* lo Dorothy L*Ulane*. bowling an all spar* (am* of 162, GULF COAST WOMEM8 LEAGUE Ray's Sinclair continues lo hold first place with 82 wins, followed by Travis Super Market with 89 wins, and Weavers Peal Control with 45 wins. Rosle JamUon was high with «66-t», followed by Robarta Whaeles* M», Betty Olesecke ill, Thetma Warny 20*. SUNDAY MIGHT MDCED COUPLES Shrimp Cocktails Four lead with 60 win*, tallowed by Wh**l*M * Maya* wllh M wlaa, and Alley Runnar* with ••l/lwtaa. Team serw* w*nt to C* 81 Ra'a 2151 and gam* to Alley Ruwwr*lt7. Bowling high for the men were Don Tracy 6M4M, Gene Dunn 674 (321-201), Gordon Oraham 669-204, Milch DOT. **y 630, Chuck 'Egteeon 8M-21I, BUI May** 5SI.JOS. Bowling high for tk* women were Roberta Wbaewai 6061*7. Lout** Krt»»g«r 480, syl- vta provenc* 111, Marge Dor- seyl66. •CARLA COUPLES G*U r*«e» Co. aad Bubba'a Petal and Body Shop ewillnu* to lend, wtth MoikinCaMMra la *e«ond, and Auto Mac'* Datsuni la third. TeamOaawiadleriMwe** High for the men were John Amatt 203-223 (626), Wayne HSekman 220-890, Buddy Taylor 2U-677, Morris Bank* 248-83*.-Don Slemera 21B-826, Bowling high for the women were Charlen* Brtmage 167. 467, Berate* Cray 200, uax- Ine Pounder* 4M, Paulln* Hendanoo 166. Honor* to if on* Harp, with n 191 avg. rolling 176-48S. TARPON INN LADIES LEAGUE The rreeport National Bank of th* world'* social prob- ktra*. "Thl* I* nai Just a p*r*on- al thing, not Juat an indliM- nal thing, It I* a movement that I* shaking up th* world," the 22-year-old LoulsvlUe return* to first place, wllh 60 win*, fallowed cloNly by Bvsns'Drug* with 87win*, and Star Cleaners with Si win*. Mildred Sehafer was Ugh wllh 222-873, Robert* Wbtel- eaa 833-647, Lorraine Bomar 886, Roste Jamison 800-814, Gladys McMahon 883, Myrtl* Eflrd 614, Coral Grahm 604. Wright* Snack Bar bad bum game and **ri*a with 936. 8643. »/". EARLY BIRD LEAGUE Sonny's ar* In first nlas* and Tom-Ray «t Prank* In Mcood. • ' - • • The Penguin* had toam- a*rt*a with 3383, and Sea Gull* bad team gam* of 636. Shirley Heatbeock was high with 806, Lyra Dunn 2M-844, Charlan* Brtmage 888, RnWe AlUna 849, and Lav*rn Nixon 636. Hoyden Fry says Royal, *^*- t .- -•• Texas are not blamed DALLAS (AP)-Co*eh*»*nd athleto* who *xc*ll*d last year got their reward* from the Texa* Sport* Writer* Aaaoel- allon Thursday night. Coach Darrell Royal of T*xa* not only received plaques a*' Southwectonwr of Uw year sad emlor college coaeh of the year but also heard himself cleared of any blame for Southern Methodist'* recently anaovnced recruiting troubles. Coach HaydM Pry of Southern Methodist, who charged that coaches of other South. w**t conference schools put out rumor* that 8MU was on probation or would b*, told Royal publicly; "So far a* I know no OM on th* University of Texas coaekttt staff wa* lavolved la this probation talk." Fry h*4*aldtaatlk*rwnon coot him .****• *thl*t*a and that he would tak* Uw maUer felore Uw gouthwe*! COB. f*r«iice at tla next nweUnf. fry** itatonMt to Royal cam* a* b* started to make the principal speech at Uw annual sport* achievement dinner ot Uw Text* Sport* Writer* AMoelaUon and Uw DaUaaYMCA. Tom Plekett of Whartoa received a pwoja* a* kmlor col. tog* coach ot th* year. Don Tr*JL, Baylor cjuartor- taaok, wa* aaelaimed a* ama- t*urilhletootUwy*ar. Cnaek CMrtn d Garland wa* pr***otod • plaqu* a* Ugh Mbool fBottaU coach ot the year. Tobta BPto. who could not b* pnwKfc was named pro- fesslowi] alhkto ot Uwyear. ftoto, In* turner Woaj plfty*r, was Ojuartorback for San Diego'* Anwrtean pMtbatt Leagu* champton* Hat tall. A crow! ot SJO Uwdlaa»r. tighter insisted today after acknowledging b* had b**n a mambwr ot Uw Black Muslim Met tor flv* year*. A* a member of Uwitrong- ly segregationist black supremacy group, Uw new champion said In an anloalve In. tenrtew h* b*ll*v*« the Ne- grow' bappttwa* my in ittok. tag with hi* own kind and not trying to oopy th* white man'* ouHure. "They hav* been telling me I should carry *lgns, that I should Join Integration marohM," Clay added. "They toll me It wottld b* fln* If I married a white woman-It would b* good tor toother* hoed. "I dont boy thl*. I dont want to f*t blown op. I dont want to b* washed down th* •ewer. I dont want to go to JalL "1 am a good American boy. I never hav* been la trouble. I never hav* been In court. I love P**PM. 1 dont hate anybody. That 1 * th* way I want It to be." Clay confirmed that b* had joined Uw Black Musllms- ahMwugh b* said thl* we* a misnomer ot th* mov*m*nt- after'Elijah Mtthammad, leader of the c*et, in a speech at Chicago, had Minted Uw champion a* a tWtowdteelpl*. Th* Black Muslim* b*U*v* that*p*oialterrltorl***houkl b* Mtutd* WMT* Uwy might llv* tocaUwrlnp**o*witbo«t inter f*i*no* from their white neKhter*. Muhammad, who oonskter* nlmwtt n dir**t dl*eipl* ot AUah, toW 6,000 Miullm* at Chicago CollMum Uwt day hadtacnaliMtotatoUwtlU* Uaton twoauM h* had •Danuaad a* n rot Ails*. Clay agr**d, "Ood wat with m*-Ikaow tk* true Ood«4h*t'* why 1 b*at tht bis, »cty bear Lts- ton," th* IWM LOttlsvtU* box*r MM. m **cr*dth*rUei n* H(«Md U*tas) a 7-1 tavortte, tetn* ttveath (Mad ot thrtr Wto flflM*t ConventtoaatM. •ay and Ban Dtogo. CLAWAA Region 1*1 L*M>cet~8*n- toHlorrlltli, Pttofsburg, AS- •armoat and Eldondo. R*gton t at D*nten-fMn(*r, R*«n. ett*. MldMMan and Monty orov*. intrte 3 at coa«g* ttfettoB-TtJeo, w**t s«Mn», toren* and Bastree. fktfkm Oaf**jia»a» t* opaar to t Hair niitjii «K Region Istcanyon-Alttoon, Ckaantal, B*BC iS*ltowater, 9*t% Mertow. Ksat cat* h*nvlll*_H*w1*y, Santo, CMtton, covlngton, Port**, ton, Region I at Sfctraun- Okk«mlon, PetroHa, Wdell, TANGLES WFH 37-2 RANDOLPH CAGERS >WSBMr«COMk 0. E. Nut!** and Uw 8«MBy BtOI- dofi depart ttM iftenooa lor KUftniie wtwre Saturday •I U a.m. they Uatle wHh the Sma Antoolo Rudolph Ro- btwki la tht mtlMa! 4 Claia AA bttteOiU towauMBt- tat wtoaer ID the fmr*tttm atfalf advaneej to Awtla nert weekend tot Om tUte tourney. to iddltloo to flweeny and Randolph, Tulow-MUtway asd 8ia Otofo win peltJelptto to the tourney. Tuloeo-MMway and San D\no meet it ItM a.m. Saturday. CoBMlttton tame U it 6itO p.m. betwMB the loaeri ot Uw Sttordiy monlafbiltVM with Uw tournament champion, •hip game eehedttled to begin at S p.m. Sweeny, ehamplaa of outrtot <B-AA Md winner over Edna TttMdiy night In a W^littrlot UH it MtacJoa, will meat Uw M'AA champion Rudolph, which hu i SlHtime winning ttmk gou«. The Ro-hawk* ire 31-2 OB the aeuon. Rudolph le led by BUI BoNllla, who doe* the moat •hcotttt, le • food dtfeailve player and good team man- he eu merre anywhere and anoot. The Ro-hawk§ uaea 1-3-1 ottenM Md man-to-man defeate but ire aot real aggreealTe. Rudolph hM three player* over atx feet and all three •re strong rebowdera. Boretlia h*»*aond SM point* ID n game*. " Mustangs try to upset Aggie cagers tonight By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Southern MethodUrt take* a final crack at trying to alow Texa* AMI'* runaway gallop toward the Southwaat conference basketbtll championship tonight. They play on the Aggiei' home court at college station and few fans doubt that It's all over but the formality of crowning Texas A&M. With lust three games to play, Texas AAM ha* won 10 games and lost bat one •gainst eonferencefoes. Runnerup Texas Tech stands 8-S, and SMO I* next with a fcimirk. ' That mean* the Aggie* could fall to win the championship only If they lost all three of their remaining games and Tech won a like Dumber. Still on the AAM schedule also ar* Texas «.8 at Collage Station and Texa* Christian 0-11 at Kort Worth. Other conference member* WATCH FOR play Saturday-TCU vs. Rice at Houston In a televised afternoon game, Texas Tech vs. Arkansas at FayettevUle, also In the afternoon, and Texas vs. Baylor at Waco In the evening. C«y. YtMey,S«o«kdal*,8ktd. mofe-Tynan. Aetlon I at Mt Sprlng-Talpa^efltoBfttsl, Wall, Roby, Batttow, Balihor. |u_ nMU A CAGE * SCORES By THE ASSOCIATED PREBS Syrams M, Colgate « UU11, Pratt 08 Rutgers im. Miahattan 17 Delaware M, Ursine* SS ,. CONY M, Munter ej 4f Austin Peay It, west Ky. n Cincinnati 64, Bradley 61 Emporla, Kan. St. 71, Omaha 61 Montana State M, Oonaaga 60 ,i TOURNAMENTS Southern Conference 0^, First Round VMI77, purman 73 Davidson 91, The Citadel 6% W. Vtrg1nla68,Wm.e>Mary7a Oeo. Wasnn. 64, Va. Tech 68 JOHN Q. FUIUC GDIS FOR JOHN C ROBERTS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT TARPON INN RESTAURANT Cor th« Mott PleoMmt Dfnlng Atmo*eh<ira-plfl» By Lamp Ught. W* Art) Fewturlng *J*mn* M «t tU Piano, Singing and Playing for Your Eh|oy trwnf «aeh Scthirdoy Nloht from 7 «o II. Sowing Steaks and Seafood at Roatonabl* Pclcoi. Your Favorite Beverage on Tap at The Mariner. AT NEW LOCATION I2-4A AII-Di«trlct Botketboll teem -tn- The SUNDAY focKt 8ports »ecHon •«WCMC I lid AD SAN ANTONIOCAP) Temple High Sebool ha* hired Alton Wlntor*. 36, football ooaoh at San Antonio Harlan- dal* th* past four years, a* U* n*w grid coach and athe. UodlMoter. Wlntor*, dMeffHat theof- I*T W'toogoodtotundown," •aid Tkanday mght h* hu •lgbn*d * two-year oontract and will take over Uw new Job April Ibetor* spring tralnlat end*. T*mpk», la Class AAA, will comptto In DM. »n*xt fall. DAHa TOMIGHT "THE IAIDOS" «MI* ntwlll "THI DIIFTIRS" Where Customer Satisfaction Is i GUARANTEED, Oo*n 7 A.M. to t P.M. <tat Till t) - 3 -for-1 lie-money CAR ," SAFETY WE DO ALL THIS WORKS 1 Align Front End 2 Balance Front Wheels 3 Adjust Brakes |4 Repack Front Wheel Bearings] !i WE CAN GET IT

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