The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on June 27, 1965 · Page 21
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 21

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 27, 1965
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Programs for Week Ending July 3 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME "-Color Program TBA-To Be Announced FILMS ARE IN QUOTES Sunday llOO AM 1!16 AM Ohrlilopham , 7iS0 *M Hl'il^ Mr. Wlurd (i_Worl(J Horlion T->Ohl«ii|Ol«nil V%tQt n-M AM / l_frl«ndiihl» Show S-WM.One'i world (I-Peonia ot tha Book "j-Broken Arrow (-.•Hymnt a:in AM •—Stored Heart (—Outlook •:ao AM j_M»([lo Door 4—nelTglout Bervloi »-•Between Teene n-nlble Seminar T-flerge»nt Prestoa t -Mft«« , . J 3—Word of LI fa B:00 AM j.lj _l4 «mp Onlio My Feet I— •Ltvo and Learn rorum d—MasB 7_Jiibllee Sliowcaaa j_WBlly Oator 9:30 AM 2-12—Look Up and Live 4—This Is Tha Life B—Every Man »_,fi|,i|ldren'» Gospel 7-Kumzlti ^ I— •Roclcy And Hti Priendi 10:00 AM j-12—Camera Thr«» 4-Journal Comlca B_Elernal Quest 0-7—Bcanle and Cecil J— Superman 10:30 AM S—quie and Quote 4--Kury . ,, li-Heckle and Jeckle 6-7-Bullwlnkla S—Whlrlyblrda 12—Insight 11:00 AM J -VlstBS 4—Open House B—Kat Talcs fi-7—Discovery '68 B-Bat Masterson 12—Davcy and Oollath 11:15 AM 12—Light Time 11:30 AM I—Pace the Nation 4-^ports Club *—Aatroboy ^ _ ^ «—Home and Garden 7—Persona, Places and TbtABI lil^! Theater 11:5S AM •—N«ws 12:00 Noon J -News 4—Bowlint »—Dateline: Chicago 6-7—Directions '65 S-Sea Hunt 13:10 PM j_Vlews the Press 12:15 PM 2—"Serenade" 12:30 PM B—Pronllers of Faith A-7—Issues and Answers 8—Biography: Helen Keller 12—Pace the Nation 1:00 PM 4—"Man Prom Laramie" —James Stewart B—'Spirit of Man «—Public Conference 7—Press Internatlontlt B—News 13—"A Letter to Three Wlvcs"-Klrk Douglas 1:15 PM •—•Baseball: White Box vs. Orioles 1:30 PM t—Arttst'i Bhowcasa «—Squad Car 7—Porum 2:00 PM 2—International Hour B—Sunday 8—Wide World of Sports 2:10 PM 10—Potpourri 2:30 PM 7—Bowling 3:00 PM 2—As Others See Ds 4—TBA 8—Slallon to Station 10—The Other 98 18—Patterson's Spiritual Hour 3:30 PM I—Cnpllol Hill to Chicago 6—Tha Outlaws «—TBA 7—Tha oallant Men 12—Navy Wings of Gold m— Oral Robtrti 4:00 PM 3-12—Zoorama 4—Open Question Battlelln* IK—Inalda aporti 1*—Milestones a( tha Oantury «;30 PM 2.13—Ted Maok 4—Biography 5—Capture •—"The Big Circus"— Viator Mature 7—Death Valley Daya 1«—The Texan 5:00 PM 2-12—20th Century 4-5—'Meet the Press 7—"Captain Bcarlelt" IH—Astro Boy 5:30 PM 3-12- '.Voiid War I 4—•Safari 5—•Sports In Action 111—Tha New Breed 6:00 PM 2-12—Lassie 8—Peyton Plscs 6:30 PM 3-12—My Pavorlte Martian 4-6—'World of Color 6-7—Wagon Train 1»—Mr. Lucky 7:00 PM 3-13^Bd Bulllvan 18—"The Vanishing American"—Scott Brady 7:30 PM 4—Men In Crisis ft—Branded 6-7—Broadside 8—•True Adventure 8:00 PM 2-12—Twilight Zone 4-5—*Bonanza 6-7—"The Last Days of Pompeii"—Steve Reeves 8—San Francisco Boat 8:30 PM ' 8—Outdoors 8:00 PM 3-13—Candid Camera 4-&—Rogues B—Law and Mr. Jonei 18—Richard Boona 8:30 PM 3-13—What's My LlnaT B—Men In Crisis 10:00 PM 3.4-9-6-7-8-12-18—'Newi, Weather, Sports 10:15 PM 2—"The Sea of Grass" 7—"Past and Sexy"— Olna Lollobrlglda 8—"Time Out for Lova" —Jean Beberg 18—"RIgoletto"—Tito Oobbl 10:20 PM 4—"East of Eden"— James Dean •—"The Great Sinner" —Gregory Peck 10:30 PM 5-"Mutlny" 12—CBS Reports 11:30 PM 12—Peter Dunn 12:00 Midnight 8—'Jack Elgen 12:15 AM 7-Off the Cuff 12:20 AM 2—News 12:25 AM 8—"Captain Piora Kocpcnick" 12:45 AM 2—"He's A Cockeyed Wonder" U-Woody Woedpaokn 8:38 PM 4— Zib Bllllnt* a;00 PM •—Huckleberry Hound •:30 PM l-ia-To Tell tha Truth 4—•Sport* Bpotllght t—Karen ••7-Voyaga to tha Bottom ot tha Bea •—"You For Me"—Oil Young 1»-Br*alclng Point 7100 PM •-11—I've Got a Beortt 4-B—Man from U.N.O.L,E. 7!30 PM 3—Bummer Ptayhousa •-7—No TIma for •ergeanta 10-Blg Picture 18—Impact 7:40 PM t—Baseball: White Box vs. Twins 8:00 PM 2-12—Lucy Show 4-5—•Jonathan WIntert 6-7—Wendy and Me 10—Science Reporter 18—Play of the Week 8:30 PM 2-n's What's Happening, Baby 6-7—Farmer's Daughter 10—Lively Arts 12—A Salute to Norad 0:00 PM 3—Special Report 4-5—Alfred Hlteboock 6-7—Ben Casey 10—International Magazine 13—Password • .30 PM 13—Ann Sothern 10:20 PM 6—"Sailor of the Bea" —Jeffrey Hunter 10:25 PM 2—"The Glass Key" 10:46 PM 8—News 11:00 PM 8—"Indiscretion of An American Wife"— Jennifer Jones 12:00 Midnight 7—"The Rookie Cop" 12:10 AM 3—"The Goldwyn Follies" 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings 12:30 AM 4—"A Bell for Adano"— John Hodtak 12:35 AM S—Burtsldc « 1:30 AM •—•Between Teena tha 10-«OolorfuI World l»~Hlgh Road •:00 PM ••II—Dooiort and Nursai R—*nuilabaloo «-7-^Tha Pugitlva •-«7th Prtolnct lO-Proftla Traffia tg—Bast of Orouobe • :30 PM 10—Mualo of tba aot !•—Uannesey lOiOO Ml 1^—Paaturelta 10:18 PM •—"Mara Maru"—Crrol Flynn 10:20 PM •—"Kiss of Death"— Victor Mature 10:26 PM 3—"Tennessee's Partner" 12:00 Midnight 7—"Two O'clock Courage" 12:10 AM 8—News 12:20 AM 3—"Strange Confession" 12:.'t0 AM 8—M-Squad 1:00 AM 8—Yanoy Derringer 1:30 AM 5—•Everyman Wednesday 7:00 AM 6 —Home and Garden 8:00 AM 7—"Montana Belle"— Jane Russell 12:00 Noon •—"Bunco Bquad" 1:00 PM 8—Baseball: Cub* vs. Dodgers 3:30 PM 4—Mr. D 18—Faith for Today 4:00 PM 2—"Pearl of the South Pacific" 4—"Sound Off- Mickey Rooney 7—"Frontier Marshal"— Randolph Scott 4:30 PM •—"The Great Lovsr"— Bob Hope • ;00 PM 13—Huekiabarry Hound 6:30 PM 3-13—Mister Rd 4-«Bafarl •-l«-»Tha Virginian «-7—0«Kla and H*rrl«l •—"King Creole"— Klvl* Presley 7:00 PM 3-13—My Living Doll ••7—Patty Ouki 7:30 FM 3-13—Beverly HUlbllltti 4—Branded 6-7—Bhlndlg 10—Oraativ* Person 8:00 PM 3-13—Dick Van Dyka 4-5—"This Could Be Ih* Night"-Jean Simmons 10—Self Encounter 18—Wrestling 8:30 PM 2-12—Our Private World 6-7—Burke's Law B—Arrest and Trial 10—Pace of Sweden 8:00 PM 2-12—Lucl-DesI Hour in—Changing World 18—Best ot Groucho B:30 PM 6—Bewitched 7—ABC Bcop* 10—South African Essay 18—Hennescy 10:00 PM 1»—Faaturette 10:15 PM 8—"It's A Big Country" —Gary Cooper, Jane Leigh 10:20 PM 8—"Look in Any Window"—Paul Anka 10:26 PM 3—"Whirlpool" 12:00 Midnight 7—"Wanted: Jane Turner"—Lee Tracy 12:10 AM 8—News 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings 13l20 AM 4—"Bad For Cach Olh*r" 12130 AM 8—"Olrl Most LIkaty" •—"Hong Kong Affair" —May y/fnn 1:30 AM •—•Town and Farm vs. Thuriday 8i00 AM 7—"Undercover Man' Oltnn Ford 13:00 Noon •—"Suddenly It'a Bprlnjf"—Fred MacMurray l:lt PM •—Baseball: Cub* Dodgers 3:30 PM 4—Let Marvin 4:00 PM 2-"Fingor of Guilt" 4—"They node West" 7—"Manhunt In Space" 4:30 PM •—"Tarr-an. 'fhe Apa Man"—Johnny Welssmuller 5:0U PM 10—Sketchbook 12—Peter Polamua 6:00 PM •—Woody Woodpecker 6:30 PM 2-12—The Munster* 4-5—Daniel Boone 8-7—•Jonny Queit 8—Hollywood A-Go-Go !•—John Wayne Theater 7:00 PM 2-13-Perry Mason 8-7—Donna Reed 7:30 PM 4-5—Dr. Klidare 6-7—My Three Son* 6—Stoney Burke 10—Survival in Sea 8:00 PM 2—Password «—"'Marjorle Mornlngslar"— Natalie Wood 7—Bewltoheo 10—Challenge 12—77 Sunset Strip 8:30 PM JlMJeV"" 'I—Peylon Plae* 8—Richard Diamond 10—'Colorful World 8:00 PM ? -12—The Defender* •8—•Buspani* Thaatar J —Jimmy pean -Nakad City 10—Congressional Bertai 18—Best of Oroueho •:30 PM 10—Bclanoe Engineering Journal !•—Henneiey 10:00 PM !•—Featurttt* 10:15 PM •—"Along the Great Divide" 10:20 PM •—"The Bhocking MUa Pilgrim"—Bette arable 10:26 PM 2—"Ground* For Marriage" 12:00 Midnight 7—"The Plot Thickens" —Zasu Pitts 8—News 12:15 AM 4—"Gunman's Walk"— Van Heflin 12:20 AM 2—"Mad Magician" 8—"The Man In the Raincoat" 1:30 AM 8—International Zona 12:18 AM 4-^/;«b Billing* 13-"Olant From tha Unknown" 13:30 AM 4—"Chase A Crooked •hadow" . „ 13:50 AM •—Maw* 13:«« AM •-"Kill the Umpir*" 1:10 AM •—"Each Dawn I Dla"— Jame* Oagney l!l» AM 13—Pater Ounn 1:30 AM «—"B«aa( of Maraelllt*" 7—Metro-Forum 3:55 AM •—"The Hard Way" 8:06 AM •—"Bright Light*"— Joe IC. Brown Soturday Tuesday Monday 8:00 AM 7—"Going Steady"— Mollie Bee 12:00 Noon 6—"Rebecca"— Lawrence Olivier—Part I 1:15 P M 8—•Baseball: Cubs vs. Astros 3:30 PM 4—Mr. D 4:00 PM 2—"Tarzan Finds A Son" 4—"Rainbow Round Shoulders" T—"Atomic Rulers of the World" 4:30 PM 6—"I Was a Communist For the FBI" 5:00 PM 4—The Pioneers My 8:00 AM 7—"Never Wave at a WAC" 12:00 Noon •—"Rebecca"—Part II 1:15 PM 8—Baseball: Cub* vi. Astros 3:30 PM 4—Lee Marvin 4:00 PM 2—"Lure of the Swamp" 4—"The Detective"—Alec Oulness 7—"Suicide Mission" 4:30 PM 6—"The Falcon's Alibi" 5:00 PM 7—Gallant Men 13—Yogi Bear 6:00 PM 8—Yogi Bear 6:30 PM a—Lee Phillip'* Chicago 4-5—Mr. Novak 6-7—Combat 8—•Magilla Oorllla 12—Milwaukee Report* 18—Laramie 7:00 PM 2-12—Joey Bishop 8—Dobie GllUs 7:30 PM 2-12—Hollywood Talent Scouts 4—•Fishing Show 5-18—Moment of Pear 6-7—MoHale's Navy B—Maverick 10—Ireland Rediscovered 8:00 PM 4—"Treasure of the Sierra Madre"— Humphrey Bogart 8—Cloak of Mystery 6-7—Tycoon 10—Space Adventure 18—Expedition 8:30 PM 2-12—Petticoat Junction 6-7—Peyton Place 8—Peter Gunn Monday Through Friday 6:15 AM 3—Chicago Farm Report •—Town and Farm «:30 AM 3—Bummer Semester 4—Funny Company 8—Education Exchange 7—Dr. Posin'* Unlvar** • :48 AM »—'Naw* 0:50 AM •—RFD No. 6 7:00 AM 3—New*. Waatbar 4-S—Today •—ClaB*room • (except Wednesday) T—Game Room 13—Sunrise Semester 7:08 AM •—•Top O Tha Morning 7:15 AM 13—Farm News 7:25 AM 4-8—'News 7:30 AM 3—Mrs. Carroll'* Class 8—News 8—•Ray Rayner and His Friends 13—Hi Neighbor* 7:48 AM •—Cartoon Caper* 7:55 AM 3—Junior Newsroom 8:00 AM 2-18—Captain Kangaroo 1 —Morning Show 8:15 AM •—King and Odl* 8:30 AM •—Cartoon Alley B—"Tree Too House 10—Drivers Education 13—News 8:45 AM 8—King and Odle a:OU AM 3-12—News 4-6—Truth or Consequences B—•Romper Room IS—Jack La Lann* fl-25 AM 6—News 8:30 AM 2-12—Lucy Show 4—December Bride 6.1»-«What'* This Song 6—Rebus Gam* 8—•Exercises 9:55 AM 5-18—News 10:00 AM 2-12—Andy of Mayberry 4-5—Concentration 6—Flame In the Wind 0—Girl Talk 18—Topic 10:30 AM 3-lS—McCoys 4-6—*Jeopardy «.7—Price Is Right •—Mike Douglas Show 10—Driver Education 13—Search for Tomorrow 10:48 AM 13—Onldtng Light 11:00 AM 3—Love of Life 4-5—•Call My Bluff 6-7—Donna Reed 13—Mike Douglas Show 18—Dr. Joyce Brothers 11:25 AM 3—News 11:30 AM 3—Search (or Tomorrow 4-5—'I'll Bet 8-7—Father Know* Best 18—Girl Talk 11:45 AM 8—Guiding Light 11:55 AM 4-8—'News 12:00 Noon 3—New* 6—Tug-O-War 7—Rebus Game 8—'Bozo 13:18 PM 3—Lea Phillip Show 12:30 PM 2-12—World Turn* 4—Kid* Klub 6—Make a Deal 7—Private Line 12:86 PM 8—'New* 1:00 PM 2-12—Password 4-6—Moment of Truth 7—Where The Action Is 8—News 1:30 PM 2-12—House Party 4-5—The Doctors 6-7—A Time For Us 1:55 PM 6-7—News 3:00 PM 2-12—Tell the Truth 4-5—Another World 6-7—General Hospital 2:25 PM 2-12—News 2:30 PM 2-12—Edge of Night 4-5—'You Don't Bay 6-7—Young Married* 3:00 PM 2-12—Secret Storm 4-5—Match Game 6-7—Trallmaster 3:26 PM 4-5—News 3:30 PM 2—Burns and Allen 6—Bachelor Father 12—Love of Lite 4:00 PM 5—Lloyd Thaxtor »—Where The Action Is 12—Pop* Theater 18—Mac The Mailman 4:30 PM 9.13_MtckeT Mouse Club 5:00 PM 8—Rifleman (except Friday) B—*aarfleld Ooos* 18—Jack Benny 5:30 PM 2—Walter Kronklte 4—Huntley-Brlnkley 6—News, Weather. Sports 7—Passage to Adventure 12—Bachelor Father 18—News 6:40 PM IS—New* 6:4S PM •—•New*. Weather. Bport* 5:68 PM •—News 6:0P PM 3.^*New*. Weather. Sport* 8—Huntley-Brlnklay 6—Sea Hunt 7—New* 12—Sumthln' Else 18—Walter Cronklta (except Friday) 6:28 PM 12—News 7:00 PM 10—What's New (except Monday) 10:00 PM 3.4-8-6-7-9-12-'News Weather. Sport* 10:15 PM 7—Nightlife (except Friday) 18—Nightlife 10:30 PM 4-5—•Tonight 12—Merv OrlfflA Show lexcept Friday) 12:00 Midnight 4—News 6—Merv Griffin Show CUT AND SAVE CUT AND SAVE ...................... CUT AND SAVE Friday B:00 AM 7—"Navy Wife" 12:00 Noon •—"Where There's Life" —Bob Hope 1:15 PM 8—Baseball: Cubs vs. Giants 3:30 PM 4—Mr. D 4:00 PM 2—"First Traveling , Saleslady" 4—"China Corsair" 7—"The Swordsman" 4:30 PM 6—"Domino Kid"— Rory Calhoun 5:00 PM 6—Trackdown 12—Magilla Oorllla 6:30 PM 6—Lloyd Thaxlon 6:00 PM 6—TBA 8—Rocky and HI* Friends 6:30 PM 2—Rawhide 4-5—International Showtime 6-7—•'rhe Filntstone* 8—"Challenge to Louise" 12—Gallant Men 18—Nation At War 7:00 PM 6—•Wisconsin Weekend 7—FDR 7:3(J PM 2-12—Cara Williams 4-5—'Bob Hope 6-7—Addams Family 10—Last Continent: Antarctic 18—"Call Me Genius" 8:00 PM 2-12—Our Private World 6-7—Valentine's Day 9—Doble GllUs 10—Spectrum 8:30 PM 2-12—Vacation Playhouse 4-5—Jack Benny 6-7—Peyton Place 8—The Detectives 10—Showcase 8:00 PM 3-13—Slattery's Peopla 4-5—'Jack Paar 6-7-13 O'clock High 8—Human Jungle 10—Art and Man Ig—Beat of Groucho 8:30 PM IS—Hennesey 10:00 PM IB—Blue Star Award Home 10:05 PM 18—Sports 10:15 PM 7—Nightlife 9—"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"—James Stewart 10:20 PM 6—"Yeslerday'.s Enemy" 10:25 PM 2—"Reap the Wild Wind" 10:30 PM 12—"Mliislle to the Moon" 12:00 Midnight 7—"The Saint Meets the Tiger" 12—News 6:00 AM 3—Bummer 8*me*t*r 6:16 AM 12—Bummer Semester 6:30 AM 3—Big Picture 6:45 AM 8-Side Show 12—Uavey and Goliath 7:00 AM 2-12—Mr. Mayor 5—Space Theater 6—Farm Scene 7—Land ot ZIgfy Zogge •—Top O* the Morning 7:1S AM •—YeeUrday'* N*w*re*l 7:30 AM 4—Your Library Story •—•Ray Rayner and HI* Friends 7:46 AM 4—Cartoon Carnival •—News 8:00 AM 3-13—Alvin Show 4-6—Top Cat 6—Cartoon Caper* 7—I'm Dickens. He'* Fenater 8:30 AM 3-13—Tennessee Tuxedo 4-5—"Hector Hcathcot* 6—Cartoon Alley 7—Tom Ewell 8—Supercar 9:00 AM 3-13—Quick Draw McOraw 4-5—•Underdog 7—Sir Lancelot 8—Gene Autry 9:30 AM 2-12—Mighty Mouse 4-5—Fireball XL-6 6—Touche Turtle 7—Courageous Cat 8—Three Stooges 10:00 AM 3-13—Linus the Llonhearted 4-5—Dennis the Menace 6-7—Casper 10:30 AM 3-13—Jetsons 4—'Cartoon Caper* 6—Fury 6-7—Porky Pig 8—Superman 11:00 AM 2—Sky King 4—Kids' Klub 5—'Kat Tales 6-7—Bugs Bunny B—Peter Potamu* 12—Space Angel 11:30 AM 2—My Friend Flicka 5—Whiplash 6-7—'Hoppity Hooper »—Your Senator Reports 12—Dick Tracy 11:45 AM 8—'News 11:56 AM 4—News 12:00 Noon 2—News 4—"Boots Malone"— William Holden 6—"The Tall Texan" and "Arizona Mission" 6—International Zone 7—American Bandstand 8—Wanted Dead or Alive 12—Pops Theater 12:15 PM 2—Lee Phillip 12:30 PM 2—Wonderful World 6—County Closeup 8—The Rebel 13—News, Sport* 1:00 PM 2—The Word: Scripture and Modern Man 6-7—Baseball: TBA 8—Baseball: Cubs vs. Giants 12—Bowling 1:30 PM 2—Rebuttal 4—Amateur Showcase 2:00 PM 2—Growing Years 4—Bir Fr*no'» "raka 13—Tenpl* 3:30 PM • I—Reportol ra Workebop 4-*Dangar I* My I Bu*(ne«* 3!00 PM •—American Musical • Theatar • 4HSP{>rta in Aotlon »—Bold Journey 13—BtranRB But Trua 3:30 PM • 3~My tittle Margia 8—Auto Racing I 13-^ky King • !•—In Crowd • 4:00 PM • 3—Burn* and Allen * 4—"'* Bavai* Fury" 8-6—Roller Derby • 7—Wida World of Bnorta g •-"Thief of Bagdad" 12—Westarn Open g 18—Wredling g 4:30 PM I 2-"Cattle Empire" I 5:00 PM • •—Have Gun. Will • Travel • 6—Jimmy Dean Show • 12—Bowery Boys • 18-The detectives I 8:30 PM 4—•North of the Tension Line 6—New* 7—Sport* Special 8—One Step Beyond »:46 PM • 4—News • 6:B6 PM • 3—Weather • «:00 PM ' 2-4—New*. Weather Sports 5—•City Desk »—Newa 8—Maverick 12—Slnaln' Here Tonight • 18—Porter Wagoner Show 6:30 PM 2-12—Fanfare 4-5—•Flipper 6-7—King Family 18—Grand Ole Onrr 18—Jazz Scene, U.S.A. 7:00 PM 4-5—Kentucky Jones 9-Western Open 18—Jazz Scene U.S.A. 7:30 PM 2-12—omigan's liiaod 4—Death Valley Day* 5-18—'Mr. Magoo 6-7—Lawrence welk 8:00 PM 2-12—Secret Agent , 4-5—"Atlantis, the Lost J Continent" • 8—Checkmate 18—Shock Theater 8:30 PM •-7—Hollywood Palace 9:00 PM 2-12—Gunsmoke 9—'Painting In the White House 8:30 PM 6—Peyton Place 8—Silent* Please 7-Ncws IB—Kup'E Show 10:00 PM 2-4-5-6-8-12—'News. Weather, Sports 7—"Operation Secret" 10:15 PM 2—"Merry Widow" 4—"Sayonara"—Marlon Brando 9—"Stars and Stripes Forever" 10:20 PM 8—"Man In a Cocked : Hal"—Peter Seller* J 10:30 PM g 5—'Tonight I 12—Merv Griffin I 11:00 PM • •—News, Weather. • Sports I 12:00 Midnight • 2—At Random • 5—"Lady of Vengeance" • 6—"Island of Lost Men" • 7—Kup's Show • 12—"Hell Bquad" I 12:05 AM • 9—"Missile to the Moon" • 1:15 AM I 4—"Illegal"—Edward G. i Robinson I 1:30 AM • 5—"The Man With Nine ! Lives"—Boris Karlof J 1:40 AM I 9—News • 1:45 AM J 9—"Black Fury" I 3:35 AM i 9—"Dough Girls"— • Jane Wyman • 5:35 AM ! 9—"Kitty Goes West" J 6:25 AM i 9—Best of Groucho I 6:50 AM I 9—Side Show I ASSIGNMENT IN AFRICA—Patrick McGobhan as John Drake meets Jill Medford, wife of a ifhuincler, in a story dealing with a political plot against an African nation on "Secret Agent" Saturday over channels 2 and 12 at 8 p .m. Next Lemmon Movie to Satirize Football CUT AND SAVE Super-Spies to Populate Host of New TV Shows NEW YORK — UP) — The magic word in the Hollywood mills, which are now grinding out next season's television entertainment, is "super-agent." All this probably started with Ian Fleming's bigger- than-life James Bond, who became a literary fad and then, in the person of Sean Connery, a big box-office movie attraction. Bond—brave, debonair and terribly sophisticated — may be the spiritual ancestor of a couple of TV's current heroes: Amos Burke, the fun- loving homicide captain torn between solving murders and charming beautiful girls; and Napoleon Solo, an intrepid character actually dreamed up by the late Fleming before he knew that his motion picture contract permitted him no television activities. Burke to Switch Next season, network television will be awash with secret agents cut along Bond lines. Captain Burke will quit the force to start chasing the boys with microfilms, changing the name of the show to "Amos Burke, Secret Agent." In addition to "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." there will be a series with the forthright title of "I Spy." Don Addams will be turning up in a series called, "Get Smart," a spoof of the secret agent fad. There will be a series called "Honey West," about a jolly lady sleuth who knows karate. And even a comedy called "The Wild, Wild West," featuring a cowboy counter agent, of all things. In the course of the usual TV cycle, the beginning of the end is in sight when there are too many programs of the same general type to support public interest. It may be that the tongue-in-cheek sup^r-spy is already a television cliche. It is now invading the commercials wilh a bakery salesman identified as "James Bread from Bond." The Old School However, one jaunty secret agent of the old school (the one that went in for disguise, false identities and played it straight) goes on and on: John Drake. Daring Drake works for some vague but busy intelligence outfit with London headquarters and pops all around the world pursuing the forces of evil. Drake first appeared in America on CBS during the 'Outer Circle' Writers Honor 'Tartuffe/ Mostel, Nichols NEW YORK - (/P) — The Outer Circle, writers covering the Broadway theater for out- of-town publications, has made its 16th annual awards, to: The City Center Light Opera Company; "Tartuffe," an outstanding revival of a classic; the APA repertory company; the satirical revue, "Oh, What a Lovely War"; Zero Mostel, star of "Fiddler on the Roof," Mike Nichols, director of "The Odd Couple" and "The Knack"; Tommy Steele, new to Broadway in "Half a Sixpence"; Sol Hurok, who brings artists from other lands to America, and William Hanley, new playwright, author of "Slow Dance on the Killing Ground." summer of 1961 in "Danger Man," a series of half hour shows originally made for British TV. Since then the series has been around in reruns. Now, expanded to an hour's length, John is back for a summer run on CBS, but now the series is called "Secret Agent." The only difference is that now Drake has more complicated adventures. There is still the big battle at the end of each* episode and, of course, he always comes through successfully, if slightly battered. Patrick McGoohan, a handsome red-haired actor, has made a successful career playing Drake. He has also built a large body of American fans, even though his accent takes a little time to get attuned to. Born in New York Curiously, these accents are those of a fellow born in New York 37 years ago. However, McGoohan's Irish parents returned to their homeland when he was very young. He grew up south of Dublin and was educated in England. Recently, for the first time in years, he ireturned to the city of his birth to make personal appearances on behalf of the TV program and, incidentally, for a reunion with relatives. "They would be the Fitzpatrick's—my mother's side," McGoohan remarked. "And because my wife has never been here before, we're doing some sightseeing." "I like television because one works all the time—the pressures and the physical exertion make the days go by like a shot." he remarked. "And then there is time, in between, to make a few films." 'Viet Nam Dialogue' to Be on TV Again "Viet Nam Dialogue: Mr. Bundy Meets the Professors," a one-hour special first aired last week presenting both sides of the current dispute over U.S. policy in Viet Nam, will be repeated today over channels 12 at 10:30 p.m. McGeorge Bundy, special assistant to the president on national security matters, debates with professors Hans Morgenthau, Zbigniew Brezezinski and Edmund Clubb. Actress to Give Away Statues of Herself ROME —(/?)— English actress Margaret Lee is expecting delivery of the first few thousand little plastic statues of herself which she plans to give away to fans instead of the usual autographed photo. She ordered the statues here on an idea prompted by a fan's letter asking for "something more tangible than a photograph." 20th Century Fox Buys 'Dolly' Rights LONDON—(^)— Twentieth Century Fox announces it has acquired screen rights for the Broadway musical "Hell o, Dolly!" and will produce the film not later than 1971. Phil Ford and Mimi Hines 'Bells Are Ringing' Coming to Milwaukee The husband and wife comedy team of Phil Ford and Mimi Hines will star in the musical "Bells Are Ringing" at Milwaukee's Melody Top Theater from Tuesday, July 6, through Sunday, July 18. "Bells Are Ringing," by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, contains such song hits as "Just in Time," "Long Before I Met You" and "The Party's Over." The Melody Top tent theater is at 7201 W. Good Hope Road. WISCONSIN'S LARGEST SELLING POPULAR PRICED BEER! Free Valuable Premium Coupons on Every> Package Availoble at All Your Favorite Bart and Liquor Stores QiJ YOUR FREE PREMIUM CATALOGUE Violinist, Singer Set for 'Issues, Answers' Violinist Isaac Stern, operatic soprano Rise Stevens and choreographer Agnes DeMille, who has just completed an overseas trip as part of the State Department's exchange program for the President's Council on the Arts, will be the guests on "Issues and Answers" today over channels 6 and 7 at 12:30 p.m.' Will Interview AdIai at U. N. Observance Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, head of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations' 20th anniversary observance in San Francisco, will be interviewed today on "Meet the Press" over channels 4 and 5 at 5 p.m. Jean Seberg Movie to Have Debut on TV A 1961 French-Italian movie starring Jean Seberg, "Time Out for Love," will debut on television today on "Summer Cinema" over channel 9 at 10:15 p.m. ing just about covered all the indoor sports, Jack Lemmon next will turn to football. Hollywood's All-America star was talking about his career, past and future, after drawing a beer at his Tower Road hacienda. It is a spacious but not palatial house in the high-rent district of Beverly Hills amid tall eucalyptus and elm ("I like the wooded effect; reminds me of New England where I grew up"). Lemmon and wife Felicia Farr have been furnishing the house for two years, he said, and they are gaining on it. The place is handsomely furnished, if sparsely, as in the dining room with its inlaid- wood tables but no chairs. There hasn't been time. Lemmon comes close to being the most in demand star of films, and Felicia has been acting, too ("Kiss Me, Stupid"). But now he is enjoying a hiatus, deserved after seven strenuous months of pursuing "The Great Race." "I'll wait until the picture opens here," said Lemmon. "Then I think we'll take a trip to Scotland and Ireland, visiting the offbeat places not on the tourist path. My ancestors came from there—as well as England, France, Ger many and who knows where else—though that's not why I'm going. "Then I'll go to work with Billy again. He has been so lucky for me, I hope we can catch fire again." He spoke of his close friend, comedy wizard Billy Wilder, with whom he made three blockbusters: "Some Like It Hot," "The Apartment" and "Irma la Douce." The plot this time? "I can't really do justice to the story, and Billy doesn't like me to tip it off. But it's about professional football. No, I won't be a player; I could hardly do that. I play a guy who takes over a pro team. We'll use the Cleveland Browns in it, and Walter Matthau is getting a leave from The Old Couple' on Broadway to play my brother- in-law." And what about sex in this film? "I doubt if Billy will let a girl get even her nose in this picture," Lemmon said. Wilder had recently been singed by critics, censors and others for "Kiss Me, Stupid." Lemmon himself had also been rapped by some for a string of sex-oriented comedies. "Yes, I was concerned a couple of years ago," the Harvard-educated actor said. "It just happened that I had a run of sex comedies, and the cumulative effect wasn't good for me. 'Irma,' 'Under the Yum Yum Tree' and 'Good Neighbor Sam' followed one after another and it looked as if I were typed. I don't think it would have seemed so bad if 'Days of Wine and Roses' or another kind of film had come between." Lemmon admitted that the nadir was struck with "Yum Yum Tree." He feels the trend has changed with "How to Murder Your Wife," which he terms less sexy than a battle of the sexes, and "The Great Race,"—"pure fun for everyone." V Craig Stevens to Star in Chicago Area Play Craig Stevens, Alexis Srnith and Zachary Scott will star in the Jean Kerr comedy, "Mary, Mary," at the Mill Run Playhouse in suburban Chicago beginning July 13 and running through Aug. 1. 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