The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 19, 1951 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1951
Page 4
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LT1 1*« K«w«. Frederic*. M*.. M«m«*y, 19. 1M1 EASE OFF, MY BOY... I'VE GOT NEWS FOfe YOU...THE SLO-BURN LOTION COMPANY IS NO \ONOER IM EXISTENCE... i^t i r^-TJ sSSP' ir Z fi ' » «iU3 Out Of »t»1ln*M! WAT? CHRIS WELKIN. PLA?ETEER Precious Aluminum IN catteffMArrcAf Oft r»e EAKTH! SHIT WE HAV8 gerrex- I/V9/0 AMXS Of- TUB TALK Of THE THKEe EAKTHMSNtTHEN rue WILL Carnival 1 M. RCC. U. R. r»T. COPR. 1951 HV NE* SERVICE. INC 'Tf that isn't just like a mati--taltinp the first pair you try on just because you like them!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE Try To Open Bidding In Pa ft- Score Hand NORTH 4105 V K J 7 4 19 * K 10 8 6 WEST BAST A Q J 9 2 A K 7 6 3 4 K 9 8 2 * A J 1 0 7 * 9 7 5 SOUTH (D) A A 8 4 V 9 6 5 3 + A Q J 2 East-West vul. South West North East 1 * Pass 1V 2 V Pass 3 4k 3 V Pass Pass Opening lead--A 3 Pass Pass Pass By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service In rubber bridge or in a total- point bridge contest a part-score contract is of only limited importance. You can't acord to bid too "vigorusly when the strength is evenly divided because it doesn't pay to expose yourself to a possibly severe penalty when all you can gain is a part score. The safest way :o compete in these situations is to open the bidding with even the barest requirements for an opening bid. We can see the advantage of this procedure by examining a hand played in the recent contest for T5ETHNIEOCUAMSIN A 6OOO, REFRESHING /4 l?*'*' ir / f^ftf HUNCH-CHEW WR»StEYS ' SPEARMINT GUM the team championship of the United Suites. At one table, as shown, in the diagram, South opened the bidding w i t h his "minnin." The opponents just never entered the auction, and it is hard to blame them for stay- Ing out. They were vulnerable, and the penally m i g h t be severe if they stepped out of line. North made three hearts easily enough, for a score of 140 points. He had to lose two diamonds and one spade, and good hick in the t r u m p suit restricted his losses there to one trick. In the other room. South decided that his hand was not worth nn opening bid. Certainly his hand is no rock-crusher, but the point is that if he fails to open the bid- dins he may never be able to Ret back into the auction. This was indeed the case, for the bidding proceeded: South West North East Pass 1 Sparie Pass 2 Spades Pass Pass Pass This time it was West whtt made nine tricks w i t h ease, for a score of 140 points. He had to lose a spade, a heart, and two clubs, and the overtrick depended only on guessing the location of the queen of diamonds. The difference between opening the bidding and passing turned out to be 280 points. Quite a few points for a part-score hand. ·JACOBY ON CANASTA F R E E Z I N G TACK IS BEST DEFENSE By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service "Please tell me what I should have done." writes a Lynn (Mass.' correspondent. "It was a game of four experienced Canasta players. The opponents needed 120 points for the first meld, and we needed only 90 points. "With only four cards in the discard pile, the player at my right went down With three aces, three tens and three nines. I made a safe discard, and the player at. my left then added two tens and two nines to his partner's melds. My partner drew from the stock pile and .discarded a five, which turned out to be safe. "The opponent at my right then drew from the stock pile and discarded a seven. I held: K-K Q-Q J-J 10-9 2-2-2 "I drew a black three from the stock pile. What should I do? Should I meld with the assistance of my deuces? Should I just dis- Olympian Structure Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1.7 Depicted famous structure. th« of ____ 11 Army officer ,12 Exterior '14 Boy 15 Vegetable 17 Age 18 Whilo 19 Orator 21 Suffix 22 Network ; 24 Domestic stave 26 Paradise ,27 Strives 28 Natrium (symbol) 29 Preposition 30 Near 31 For example . (ab.) '32 Poisonous weed 34 Vestments ·37-Stale ;38 Old English court ! 39 Two (prefix) 40 Filaments 46 Older (ab.) \~i Full (suffix) 49 Eagle's nest 50 Ear (prefix) 51 Runner 53 it is at 55 Mongrels 56-Move West VERTICAL 1 Annoyed 2 Finish 3 Pronoun 4 Support 5 Channel * 6 Pen name of" Charles Lamb 7 Belt 8 Good (prefix) 9 Indian 10 Calm 11 Fierce look 13 Ranks 16 All right 19 Legislators 20'Renewals w ^E M Li D£ D D E .T RE RED M WILD mm Ni DO N O N N ED (r- RO T M DO£ /S;N A A REj 33 Egg case 35 Make active 23 Bridge holding 36 Furrow 25 Alone 41 Smears with 32 On it are pilch depicted th» 42Anent ----s of 43 In a line 45 Governors ofl Algiers 48 French coin 50 Unclose ; (poet.) 52 Comparative suffix Hercules 44 River in Egypt 54 Mount (ab.) The Land Of Plenty--High Be Sure to get genuine r 'gkyj Spearmint Gum Look for The Green Spear package! - card the black three without melding ? -Or should I just discard a deuce to freeze that pack ?" The likeliest-looking play is to discard a deuce, freezing the pack. It is your best defense, and has the best chance of leading to any kind of offense. The trouble with melding any of the picture cards is that your partner may have only a mess of eights, sevens, sixes, and fours. If so. you have wasted your deuces on melds that will never amount to much. The trouble with just discarding the black three is that your partner may have no wild card with which to. freeze the pack. You must freeze to make sure that he can safely discard any odd aces, tens, or nines that he holds. Ht need not worry once the pack is frozen, for he is discarding to a two-card hand. You have three safe discards left, once you have frozen: the black three, the ten, and the nine. By that time, perhaps, your partner will be able to capture the pile or even meld from his hand. O- perhaps you will capture the ipile and meld without washing 'more than one deuce. If the opponents meld out in the meantime, very little has been lost. Your failure to meld will cost you about 200 points, but this is a small price to pay for the chance of making a good score on the hand. Mr. Jaeoby is unable to answer individual questions on Canasta from readers. Howtvtr, ha will include th* moot «UMtiOM % English Lesson Words Often Misused: Do not say, "He was scared of the consequence." Say, "He was fearful of the consequences." Often Mispronounced: Cupola. Pronounce the u as in cute (not as in rudel, and accent first syllable, not the second. Often Misspelled: Vale (a valley*. Veil (a covering). 'Synonyms: Teach, instruct, inform, educate, enlighten, train, tutor. Word Study: "Use a word three times and it is yours." Let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each day. Today's word: Ersatz (adjective): substitute: as, "erastz coffee.'- "erastz tires." Pronounce er-satz, e as in set, a as in ah, accent second syllable. MR. AIV9 MH§J y*OOUNC» MSTfcN' (EXPERT ON OOMEOUT THAT* CAM -V ee tr?yA RUSTY ON A CLOTHED T. IA.I*. V. i. r... «« - IT. , BLYT ITS NOT (N ANV T W m T_ "^ pfLJ MUTT AND JEFF Jeff Just Didn't Get Out Of The "Weig-h*; Soon Enough! BOTTS, THE STOUT ' LAPV/ SHeS ALWAVS HERSELF/ BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES Disillusionment COPR. 1951 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. PAT. I BtJGS BUNNY Double Brai» VWUM PONT THESE' CLUCK'S HOME rrsi WEATHER LIKE THI£ ? FRECKLES AJCD HM* FKDEMHB i^lCEOFFRECJCTbLEMP ]REET-'I'D HATK TO WALK ^^;i US THE TIM HORSE/ 7 VOU ACROSS TOWN ON ),--^ y YOUR-ERR*MD / Lift Xkat F« WHY rue RUSH ? ooN'r YOU BELIEVE IM SI6NST 3URE.' BUT TbDAY 1 GOTTA. eer BACK PRONTO FOR. THE EXTRA SPECIA.LCHOWJ Ig^Tt^s^ DRIVE CAREFULLY! SPEED IS FDR THE BIRDS/ DON'T BE A DEAD DUCK/ SMOULDNt WES/ AND WE TLIRM ' PLEASE USE HERE? /ALL POUR WHEELS/ Illliil^^i Jj. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ^ //~'7 : f Say you saw it in The News. LITTLE LIZ ttvt Bankruptcy is the process by which o man puts his money in MB hip pocket and ItM tto crcd*- . COPH. 19S1 Or NEA SERVICE. INC The Kiddinjr Is Endafl fNOW, HAM 4KRIBE, fl--T WA^X YEAH? WELL, ^ ALL RISHT; HAM, ^MAPUE. ^PORT FOR ««?,ooo AWO DOWN AT THAT F|1 ONLV · X YOU WONT BE OU'VE HAD "OUR K-WDDIN i KIDDIM 5POKT-- yjf SOOV AFTER TONIGHT TYPEWWTER/ UTTLE JOKE. UP WITH MX1R Damp Reception PRISCOLLA'S POP I JDST CAN'T FIGURE YOUR FATHER! -·SHOULD HE GET OUT OH* fl .%T OUR BOARDING HOUSE DOfO'T BE F(?iettT£Mei, /i KWow YOU'RE Too TIMID -TO 6T£frl.t-*~A6 R7R MV % 6- HABfTS, HAVE MANAGED "K? ELUDE MRS. BAXTER TODAY T£? THE coCMeR AUO SOLP NOTIC .'ARE Ml'SSlMS---AND DCWTPUTTHE FBI WOtSES LAST ,60TX IT WA6 THS 00V5 VUR HOME ON) A CDSTAR-D ? DOES TH' EOO-I £R 6WW AS HE SOKS»THRU LIMfTLESS SPACE? OR TH' EAGLE ENW TH' ROOSTER, WHO'S A KIWGW HIS OW)J UTTLE PLACET J.R.WIH.I^ /w , ^ CASEOPTHe NEWSPAPER! EWSPAPERI

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