The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
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Last Edition rpHE WEATHER FORECAST FOR JL MARYLAND: lncr*»s!njs cloudiness fallowed bv shower* Tu«d*y and possible .a rxtrtase wi'st portion l»'.e ton.ght Som«-»!nt winner In ra»t portion tonijh'.. Coo".«r Tuesdij 1 afternoon »ad x'ight. VOL. LV.--NO. 181. (AP Means Aaoeiaitd Press. Foil NEA Service FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY. BiAY 16. 1932. Committeeman SENTENCE AFTER TRIAL OF Former Policeman Found Guilty ; After Airing Of Domestic j Troubles In Court. OBJECTED TO CARD GAME, ; SAYING IT HALTED SLEEP! AT AIAGE Captain Robert Dollar Had f Been III For The Last Two Weeks. ALSO HAD EXTENSIVE j HOLDINGS IN LUMBER i Magistrate Holds Fault On Both Sides--Police Called To Stop Fighting. Frequently ment.oned as a candi- · date for governor ofJWisconsm, C. E. , Contro ,, ed C Oastwide Ocean Travel Along Pacific States ; already has been elected delegate-at- ] Sent Ships To Orient. Jarge to the Democratic national con- \ T»t»l--9 S'-u TEN PAGES PEICE--TWO CENTS "Jafsie" SaysHe'dKnow Kidnappers 1 . "l! t 1 . *.v Court Acts After Sustaining Demurrer In Bank Case. ORPHANS' FUNDS INVOLVED | Tlie d'foiurrrr ?i George *»V Pa,;i. r«- ' oeiver for ·,:« Ctr-i'.ral Trus'. Company. · · to the jxi.t.^r. of -h* Orphans Court ! I tf Frederick c,unt\ nlrd through John j sustained b% j \V~lard 111 Circuit | C'-irt Sa' 'jr-ii;. after:ix:i on the te;h- I aicality tnst i: aa^ nd by the Or- p.'ians CJ ~\ ; left's i» a cv*ur ar.d not ai ' next f".e:.3 ' i»f :!·.;»* a noise ncre drpofi'ed in the c!x««l CVr.trai | Judges S-'rncr and \V~lar ! C'-irt Sa' 'jr-ii;. after:ix:i j Press, was elected as Wisconsin's rcem- ! her of the Democratic national commit- :ee at a meeting held in Milwaukee. He i powers" »ere -ji cr ^ drpou granted to Ecu! Lederer above*. New j xru^'. Cni Yort director ol the Hamburg-American · t^ait to air.^r.d »is granted b ;b«- ! Line, when he was, soectt-d as execu- | Circuit Cjurt to D i»r:::cr;t»a Bucket. | chairman of the North Atlantic ; y.u-~e\ fjr tl» Orphans Co.irt in that j ' FIELD MB ON J Domes tic troubles over most of the | past sixteen ysars had their 3are-up I in an evening cird game at the home of Jacob Quinn. West Thirteenth street, · and resulted in Quinn's narrowly escap- | :ng a. severe sentence in Peoples Court '. this morning as ne was tried for break- ! ing tsp th* g^ree with blows which; ianded on all three players. j Prosecuting w itnesses in the charge I against Quinn. a 60-year-old bakery' A U QaS re he.-* c^a^^er^Mlss^i^rta; Annual Interscholastic Compel-1 Shockiey. and Miss Virginia King, near Frederick, a. school friend of Miss Shoctiey who was her guest, at the tune. AS the conclusion of the case Justice Hotter said he had no tr findus? Quinn gtnity. that fault in both sides and ": conduct." but that the best ends irouM! probably be served by placing: the elderly man under suspended sentence in- | . . . - - ,, _, tltlOn At Fair GCOUtlQS. CLOSE WEDNESDAY stead of the heaw penalty contem-; alated. " '**** place Quinn was required to pay the costs i day, June 6. * p«e!d and Track Meet of count j. pU bUc schools will As baseball has been anfi he, his wife and stepdaughter ordered to desist from future "squabbling." eliminated this year frora high school athletics, an effort is being made to the field and track meet espec- ' shipping conf-rence I Young Definitely | Takes Self Out Of I Presidency Fight the Juc.;ei o! ;h«r Orphans Court could p«?ti:to:i as !-\: :r:e:id lor tnoee whose funds »er* dcpvitod '.n the trui-: company ar.d ivs branches and that the i depo.-.u made from :ia-.e :o time in thf j trust company and :"_s brajuhes s.iould ! be grouped tozeihcr in each st-pjirate I 'bank ar.d s:ed aj cih:b'.-:s s;:h th* I amended petition j ; One exhibit was filvd i::h the original ; pet.tion. but it was dis~overed that of :hr tiepos.ts referred to had . ··V«eT4kVa"owrbrthe"ceR{»rTruVi! ransom t^ the »appx«*-! kidnapper* o f the 1 i:-alx-reh baby Dr J;:i» P Co-.-( O: - Lindbergh «a!d the search for hi Little F^l=s. N. Y.. May !6 'AP». -- been made in branch banks before they D. Youne ^ dritenrfy ard ; flnaliy declared that he coiiM n.u ac- j exh:; , oept the Democratic nomination lor ! counsel I Mr. Buckey's contention *as ih*: be- Paper Says He Had To Borrow $25,000 Of $50,000 Paid In Ransom Hoax. POLICE TURN TO MONEY ONCE MORE FOR GLUES ··Jafsie" Never Saw But One Member Of Gang With Which He Dealt. I N"e»- Yo-k May 16 A? --The Brock! :\TI Ea; to-iay siid i; ha-i beamed I from a ^o·.:rc· r!ose to the nvads of the Lindbergh kiinappinj mvei'.isation thai j a wwk before tli* body of his baby was ] .'ound Col C.~.ars A Lsndbt-rgh told · an .ntemx;.ary »ho visi-«i him thai his fruitless payment of $50.000 At the t,joKf time, the £i?te said, 0 - :his bv thj receiver's don. elderly lecture", ts .-h;.\n a'jovc a s he left the Brv:;\ N Y . court after ', a conference with pjl.ce aut!:or.t:i-5 W ith him Is hi* b-vi-, j-.:ArJ. A'. Reis.ll tin ! backgro'ind Dr Condni wjs the "J af.iLe" of the r.ewspiper advcrtLwmcnts. ' aht» sourjht ;o ntvotuti- ^'.th t'-.e child's abductjrs tr.rcasa a series of cryptic His statemw was contained today i cause the statute provide that it is not j newspaper advertistan-r.ts He »ias told poll;-* that he can wroimire -.he nian · In a letter ro John Crxnriey. publisher ' ne^sary for state banks to give bond j to »'nom he n:adc the "rar.^om" pay merit on tne Lir.d'vrghV behalf . of the Littie Falls Times, an old friend i and by reason of that, when a .-tale ' " ]of the mdustr^^si and jnose paper j back accepts such a deposit it jis ttie "home town" paper of Van! according to 1 HornesviUe. Mr. Youngs boyhood honte. : FIVE WHO ASSAULTED GIRL . ARE GIVEN 21 YEARS EACH Section 48 of Artc distribution of assess." - n c ; f ;MANY FROM HERETO ATTEND, 600 PASSENGERS ABANDON S i KNIGHTS TEMPLARFIELDDAY' STEAMER OFF SOMALILAND There was no trustee appointed for kidnapped child had cost htm personally ^about S'JOO.OOO and that he had ta borrow from a bonk $25.000 oi the ransom money paid to the suppSed kidnappers by Dr. John F. Condon. Bronx j mediator, and the "Jafsie" of the news' paper advsrt-scrcents. i The Ea~'c said it had learned that ', whatever fortune the flyer had was . invested in" aviation securities in hjs 1 enthusiasm for the act ancenient of a-.i! atisn and the paper pointed out these · securities ha\e undergone considerable charge which Quinn placed against Miss King, following his own arrest, was not sttstained, he having! tally important under the auspices ol given no written notice. jthe Frederick County Board of Educa- Didn't Want Game Played. ; y d ^ jjarviand Playground Quinn testified today he sad lost, ^ grouch sleep from loud neighborhood ; Atr_etic i-eague. , card parties in which his stepdaugh- | Entries m the variotis classes of j San R a: ae ; Calif. May 16 CAP) -- ' circuit court today to each ter joined, that, he had scruples against' a ^iieUc contests are being made at the i Caps. Robert Dollar, 38 year old vet- ' fendants convicted last week of crimi- that court. although he himself occasion-1 --.^g^ ^.^ ^3 g^? one o-^y re _ j eras of the snipping and lumber in; nal assault on Msss Catherine Henne- i ilayed them, and thai he told his " . H , '', ' those of age whose funds were in trust ; Two Hundred In Party Going To French Ship Bound From Mar- \ a n d n o guardian w a s appointed f o r ' . , . . . , , . the orphans and widaws. because tiw j Hagerstown Wednesday. law was designed to obviate the ex- seilles To China. Turn To Money For Clues. Hopewei:. N J. May 16 tAP).--Po-lce CAPT. ROBERT DOLLAK year tsmis in the Mar;- were given in Balti allr play stepdaughter and her guesi in no uncertain terms not txj plav "faii-ian" Thursday nigiit- They started and he turned oS tiy lights. iEss Shockley. he said, kiK,£ed his hand from the switch anp jtie tamed the cellar switch mains until 'the e^es are to be sent I «-«« r ^=/* »* ^t^ £* I ^.° D J^^ t ^If"^!^ \ W1LLIAM F. SCHMIDT DEAD ; Templar and thej- wive«. will number ' china. . over 200 persons, it was announced this ': The oefendar.tE. Veto ^.. 1 morning;. Three p-iswnzers were known to have te t+ offices ol the Board of ,Eduea-) tion in the Court House, they being due | Captain Robert ZJoila. there on Wednesday. Later the bun- ! tical career rhen he was dreds of entries -srill be placed la j by launching a wash tub on the Fbrth | Re^tivcs and WII-BS of the men were j -- "" , Christcpher Lancior.c. Joseph;,»._,. .. * - . » _ . . * . ,, r began his nau-! Howard Pezzanao and Vincent Fracci j Weil Kno ' rn Frcderirktonmn Succumbs fas six years old ' were denied morions for a new trial, j Suddenly At Home. AH Knlshts Templar Ettenoinj were j ^ c ° badly burned. The Japanese directed toda;. to register at 50 South ! steamer Hakone Maru was hurryins; Potomac; street upon arrival in Haters- j to the scene It passed one empty life- town and there to secure tick-its for I boat bat whether any lives were lost off. then jn. then oS again. Mrs. Quinn j ,.=331 O f charge of Prof. Albert L. Leary, prin- i and Cl?ce cao! in S:otland. ' in the court room at the time of the. William Francis Schmidt, neii known \ lhe dinner. Dinner ta be served from , 'resident of this city, died suddenly a t ' 6 to "30 o'clock will take ?!a=* at St. j not be learned. The Br.ti=h ship Mashud and a soviet tried to bring out candles, but fanned their lights with his hat. Then the melee began in earnest, with Quinn and Miss Shociley tumbling together whose direction they wtfl be com- t sot. piled and listed according » the re- j spective Groups. Several years ago representatives of! shi: over an armchair, a ieg of which «as j .j^ playground Athletic League spent off, each accusing the other of i considerable time in Frederick county i/iVJCii v^J., -_*i---AJ. ^*^*- ·"·-" ' »zr »--** -- - -- -- : (JtJli£iU.CiTii*/lt: t-iiJ^T iii i"-CT-lCtiC COUGl-J^ "d being on to?. There --as much hitting. | visiting- schools and assisting in train- · l kicking ana swearing among members! jr,TM contestants in the events. This a of the family, it .was agreed by ail. j ^ not ^f^ 6onc jj, -v^ pssi f e7r A; the end of the row Miss Shockiey's j-ga-s g^c. athletic instructors in the dress was torn, her face scratched, arm and legbadly braised, snd Quinn, a Frederick High School, un- ; Little did he suspect when he was sentencing. ?. ere already alongside rs were picked ge w e n m a n y successfu men respective schools have had entire charge of tiieir pupils. Last year, ram from active life, yet he gained world- j W A I IPITV OF TflX wide recognition and virtual inor.opolv j V A L I L r l I T Ur I AA EXEMPTION ATTACKED He was the son of the late Jacro F ' a "ni-h w.:i be or.' of tae rr.a.n features , up by other steamers but details were of the American trade on the Pacific j Ocean during the years that rounded | erful man whj said he had kept his fists ! marre( j I^-Q ,j avs ssz f or t tje meet and ; oat the span of three score and ten. j to himself, was nursing scratches. Po- c^ · - - " ·- · · · ' ~-'--- = -* -«-- ·"-- · lice headquarters was called through a j j_ g neighbor's telephone and Officer Arthur j -j-j^ HoStman placed Qtimn under arrest. j plaoe o; _ The chair and dress were brought in- j anr ,oaQ Ce( i by to cour; as evidence. Mr. and Mrs. ' Francis R. Summers, neighbors, were f prosecution witnesses, and. lir. and Mrs. · . and Catherine Walter Schmidt Ht · c - tne da - 'wa-s a devoted member of All Saints! A3OU - : - 600 *·*'.£vs T.-mp'sr arc cx- . church, and presid-mt of the Men's, oe(:t?d : ° 3 ' ;er - c; Tne c ' e "~- ottwr.n ! Bible Class of that Sunday School s. 50 ° and G0 '' ) 5O-n; from Baltimore, and Battx3Mre. May 16 f API.--The valid- ' member of lhe Vmicd p,, e company. I otn -^ "°TM :h?r ? arts ° r Marylaui A raft crew ^ai with available two members vigUaa» in the cc - itrywids bank search, for the codes and also that immediate reports of the discovery or any sacli bfU be made to the "ew Jersey State Police headquarters. The taO.OOQ ransom vras paid by Co'. Lindbergh through Dr. John F. Con- S don. aged educator, who n«gotiated with persons he believed to be the kidnappers, through a series of newspaper advertisements signed "Jafsie." Co!. Lindbergh kept a list of the ser- ·ahieh also j ial numbers of the bills and when th« 139 sur- j baby was not returned he appealed to picked up the treasurer of the United States for i assistant in tracing them. The treasurer sent a list of the numbers to every national bank in the country. Co!. Schwarzkopf also disclosed in his morning bulletin tl-at Dr. Condon never had seon but one member of the fang which he negotiated. Published reports had prcvio-J5ly said of the Stnroecer. Guy C chairman: Ha-r Fall Down Stairs. names or descriptions of the men be- vond the one he contacted. H« -said ~^ TM^ hs TM*^-*« ^ 3 OI an Of VESPER SERVICE SPEAKER the Maryland State School for the J ^ Deaf, where both were students. State's t I^^l ^ Attorney Walter sL Sinn and former; a ^^jgj. State's Attorney Wiiliam M. girls were entered. It was stated i ship, f "Newsboy" i a small tub of 300 , tson. was discriminatory and m violation of the Bill of Rights of Maryland slature had S3 right he expected ' tons, as an adjunct to his lumbering ' number of entries this year ! operations ir. Ca-Ufomia. and rnaae his ; ---_"-_ _ --.« --st. it being the aim to develop first venture in the Ch^a trade with i · -^ - · r ,,,, Xp _ -v, prosecutedthecase. wr^eHenoa. Harp; f c e 1 ^ J ^^ c h _ e ^ i n t o a : a r g e r a a d -_ .. i -,x- , B « a -^ ,-^^- ,-, I ^ Cai_-e.,. ... myterljjs or^in represented Quinn. Jailed For Drank Driving. was i more far-reaching athletic movement, j 1901. By 1921 the Dollar Steamship: hearing and was sentenced to pay S100 or serve 90 cays in jail. He was also fcied 51 f=r having no license in possession. Ij3c'=tir:g the Snes. he went to y£- Danv had an imposing fleet nineteen offices in various =ara of tSeS* 1 - 34790 ' world, including Jaoan. " China, the Philippines. Strain Settlement. India. en as- ctated with the company for 17 rears. and S:.I3I.8?T. bef! --ere children, and one nephew. Lewis 3 -yer. . of Frederick, also survive. Fire The funeral will lake place from ms rizht. c-n-=tir,iod Dia-r,3nd - s late home Wednesday afternoon at 2 30 GaithT^banr. desp.te the eS o'clock. Interment in ?.It Olivet cem- skcletoni^d ·.oli:nt'V?r fire ce etery. M. R Etchiscn and Son. fun- sn( j a crc-' d at'rafted by tr.e era! directors. N-v. York. May 16 i AP --William Henry Todd who began as a rivet heater in W.Imir-RVW! DC! . a career that orr»ed him t? lea!',;! and position as one cf t'lc country's nr'vst. prominent sn.pbuilccr.'. died -.estcrday from a ; Dr. Le Van. Of Harrisburs, Addresses ;ku:l fracture. He was 64 Sunday' The oSicc nf the medical examiner mill at, _-. Br.*kl?n c:_="ics«! 'o day that Todd. ·sr.o had beer, .il Hood Audience. SHOOT AND BURN MAN AS HIS WIFE LOOKS ON - V ^ P*~^~~, 6 ,«» ~w i R l^VSefhedL-ected the build- ' R E V I S I O N OF LIVESTOCK aazteton. Pa.. May 16 (AP).--Two 2--ia- e'-ec--ca'-T d--"i youths were charged today with a crime \ - ^ p^^r^^^d P^esf ', ROADSIDES COLORFUL ' Add To RATES ORDERED BY I. C. C. And JncUs Trees Beauty Of Nature. Baltimore, Mar 16--R'-aclsides POLICE PROTECT CHAMBER OF U.S. SUPREME COURT :*' three^ children Sed la terror iixo the j ^^^- nl?s Tere t: ^ on ; v Aaiencan ^r.^-e from or^in :o ^oo^s. i passerzer vessels running t-3 :h« Orl-er.t. will result In lawer The -nctim was S^ar.ley Tunsh 26, ^^ " He also lestinatisn anc fr^n V.rir.r.-a ;ac 3.71 important interest in ar.d h.gher rates fr^n West. Yirg.itia - s 'A?.--On a report tha-,^ p^r.r.ed s n-.arc-n to ibe Suprrnie Our^ c.-.a--ser e_Ttra poiioeTncn --:re de;a_:«d to crtiry at the capnol today. Fear of a. demonstrat-on was evident but of5ciais sai-d the n-.easrjres were merely pr«2t;t-or.ary " ' -^--'^ · rjasse-^er and freight steamship lines *-f pr - SO = e -" 5 ·=* K ^ Huca£ - 22 ' w Alaska. He TO presiden- of tr.e and SMK-. Barron. 2o. botn of Stockton. ^-^ s,^^-, ^--^-^ Rooe r- Dol- Poolesville Pnpils Present Operetta. Poolesv.lle. May ;6--The tr.t^.c -lass ro; "O^r r^ads row are of batx.y fee travelers and "ou-ists." Mr Earle ce- srows tse w_=com of the 1-egiilattor. wh-^n provides Srves to d-^oura^e -van- csl_^m ?'. the type from --r.lch we have blaze Tli" la-= · ar, e.tur.atMi t\ Herbert L Diamond, OTIIT of the rn.1;. al S25000 and ?.ss sn.d to be p--.rtl-. C-T.- The fire vas cLs'O'-ered a* I I 40 p m . by Mrs L L v".'a *"-r. prc-prKto; .-f a rretaumnt arcvss the street frcm : I.e , mt'l She notified the vpljnf^r fir-' c»- partmerit but -ipr- on" f-n- The reir.2:r;cer of '_n» p^r-'or-n"! and eQuipntcnt h^d p -ne to S^r^ca :n tr*^ f*arrh for t"* T c!rl5 7et^rUKi orov Mr Dlarr.^nc ^210 ~~r.p zni-l b*"-eii in opera'.cn but ..vie la-c"-:. It ^.as stnrag;* at tne l.rr* A quantif. of V3iuabl* ir.l.mcr inaci' .ii^~* ^£s m . f* bjJdin?. .1 ^as sa.ti. The bur-ed -as of fra-r.e cor^Tur:;,.-. 'd tl-a' c's':-. A ;on z.-.d "wo daughters sarvs\e. r»-i-«-T-r- ni-num i n m m i ^ . i -~~ couioasv. Admiral Onertal Om- STATE REPUBLICANS ' par.y. Oc'llar Portland Lumber w.psa:. .ec '.-.e ope-f-a. Or^e -i a 3.-- X-o- suffered .= the oast." TO MEET ON MAY 26 ^ta^iian Robert Do.*ar co^--pan... anc -?~* *.oe s- noo. a .Q-^.*..--TH * .-v.js..« ..^r.. direct-c-r of tbe American Interr.a~_-Dnal Tie play was ur.5*r tne ctrect.or. of ^orporat.-^-. Anglo London and Pans ^5lS£ Angela Eloerth. of the srr.oS Baltimore. May 16 A?i--^Thuriday. Dani. sr.d San Francisco Savings Bar.k. . faculty. The cast included Cora Kef- May 26. was chosen today as the date He re-reived --jrnerous honors, in- In:. Hame- Davis. Dons Hughes. Sj.a for the state convention by the Be- cl^dir.g three decorations br Ch.r.ese Mae K^ig Haze. Wjoc Ljcilje Becomes Ameriran Citizen. V^r.c^r.t Ro;er.= y' r-ar Fre^T.-CS. was naturalL2x:d as an American rtiircn Saturday by J^c'je* Umer ar.d W.llard in dr-t-.t C-j^rt. lie hav.r.; 30 DEAD BY RIOTING OF HINDUS AND MOSLEMS Dr. J. N Le Van. pastor of the Saleia ·_· earli this year. ! Keiormed church of Hamsburg. Pa, pitched hea^Song down a 14 foot night ; spoke at the *,esper service in 3rod- of ^ta rs a: his Er3klyn home yester- . bett Kali at Hood College on Sunday cay afterr..-on '. afternoon. President Joseph H. Apple T--dd d.oc! shortly tftcr a doctor ar- and Prof Will^m R. Barnhart prc- r:--d , sided at the service. Special music The me J.C.V: c.vp.m.ncr sa:d no autopsy [ was furni^ed by the choir and by an w.vv r^r. cmplated. doc-'ors being satis- i instnimental trio composed of Eiza- jbeth Gabel. volj: Ktith Gsce'-. vio.on- ' cello, and Prof Eer.zj- T. Wade, organ, : Taklne as his te\l. John 4.37. "And ' herein is the sr^S true, one sowedj N E G R O WHO K I L L E D G I R L ar.d another reapeth Dr. Le Van em, AT PRISON ELECTROCUTED |S^^^S^^^S: ' Scull sowins of atar.y pinev-.cus gencra- Bclleforae. Pa. May 15 · AP --Fred j tions. He told of pioneers -n the re- ll.n?. negro con-..ct. -as put to death Iigious world, who fluent to maie their f.-.- '-.r assault- ' faith a conquering one but; wiiii so : «:.trr of Dr idea of reaping any benefits tiem- ho^ie he was a selvrs. orescnt c;r.-:rati3ns are re- ·r._itT ceiiin* th? s^ice they are able Str.:£,n;j a c -ir=t." Collins walked to to believe ar.d wor^nip as they css-s the cea'h ,-harr.Der accomnan.ed by without persecution. In the scier.ufiw the pr-^n c-vpl3in ar.d submitted to ^or-d there have beer. rTanilm. Mar- thf ?T-cjt:nn «"^ui a w.ird. con^ Wr..-«cy and countless ethers On Jair-arj 13 Coll.ns wrv.r;? term "l^'O reoe.-eci "oat 1-U rt-s-ar-d farther fcr second c«-£re« rr,-irder. surprised the ?reai disroTenas at tl-.? ti=» "sa: who c.r; ir.'J :-itll»-f her. v.»-n a knife while helped to revoltraoc-ze ar.d to Coll.r.?. ncg: .r. t. u .e elcrtric rh_-_;r .rg s~.c ki.hns th._ Asa L Kickoi n wh THE WEATHER TODAY publican State Cerxral comiaittee meet- rulers He maie ntan/ chantaaie oe- Jar.e ; tr.y here quests and established a chair of Chns- =^er --as take- up at ;:an S^ciolosy Preo?-ta:;or. for 24 hyars er.d.T.g at 7 a. x tcd-.y -- ror.e. Precip'ta'.cn Iav tt date -- 6 12 ir.chss. Normal Mav prec.pltat.on-- 3 80 inches: actual May. 193;-- 3.52 inches Excess in 1932 prec.p.tat:oa to Ma? 1--246 -rciKS High temperature resterday -- S3. tix; zeeet-ng. whi;h mott of the 126 ' '· tilt--.bers of the comin.ttee attendee All qusetiotis of candidates and party policies were left, for th* c-cv»-- on, h.s 5?r» wht--h will be held at toe Maryland tn^a'er in Baltimore. Theological sc--Ir.ary Fred Ht:?--es W Iscs Her- :on-.plc.ed tr.e s'^ps nffct*.-ary to thj Richard Se'lasar.. Ser. zrr..r. a'ti" 1 ^ ant! r.avir.? . Frar.. Da-.- rt Tetlow and d the "*.'ts re- e-?rge XJ ator-jni r.-:?.r Si:r.:2y May IS 'APi--Thirty w--re d'ad ard app-ttmia-sly 500 irjur?d by n»r, today as a r^j'j - tf rt--n^ ^^*~^en M.\s:c-3is and H:r.cu5 nh.-.i r.aa beer. .r. prijrefj for thr»; cay.- in'* cic^a..^ ..-. r"u-c r3t}.ci.. TC.^.-- dav fr:-m 15 de^d f 24 sr.d s fe-i r ^ : --^r's ;ury .'. was '**^ *^ ««» ^-ly He to;d «-^rp.'"£: he had planned t.n e t»:raj^e ho -sas jealous ^f iiie s«rv %...--nff*5 ^.* c_* ti *r. .oward an-- ** " of n-orker^ in 1-onz' Jnedical fleld who save their lives :n or others, a-fi v,hose work is He atace h^ .-.ccr.e at San Rafa.el. Ab-yj. ft-rtr boys ar.d girls appeared .- btllar.:l was -r.t:r.-:ed ur.t^ ncv. Sat- af'er tn- r.v.= near San Frar.caco, ar.d was ass-stec oy borr. -~. P?lk-i. Scotland. March 20 13M Wearing Away Continnes. Xew York. May 16 iAP.--The relentless wearing away of values in t-~e stock, market ±3r.tir,u£d, sennas 1,623 Montgomery Tax Salts. Whiteforc C-sseH, counsel to the Injured Boy Improrinr R^3y Ccie. L^.ccr. Hills. W.ID r^? oecr. a patient at the Freoe-ci Ci'y K-ts- p.tal s-nce last waf ret?rte; today VD be anprovlr.g n.ce'.y Vy-r.g :lw f.-.e wh.rh May ?. -hr*« y. o~ thst dav --ere be for? ~"c.* Court '-cay the l-?t The r.v^ 3^-ir. .'--'- of Mc"lerf.= Awarded S :.!.SE R-:-:i 3 Er.rl^r. Dr. Le Van threw out the challenge y the present ge-erat.or: to carry en ·Jje grea-t work that r^s b^en lefi trern to do and from whD» besfnners tr.ey Wtst. are now making *ych prscrsAs. Ha Gra-. .-'- Sch-o" wards-} B«~ri- English by tJve -.-.e" Cr.-ver'i-y cf r.g to a L»t 3f urged peocls to th^ik no; ~-i tlte irrjne- dtate fur,re sr.d of prsotia: reward bu; of ?enerati,:-ns - o ccTr.e T!W --11 re- 5Ianr Victr Akron.'Ale. Ci'-'f. ?.Jar 16 High temperature a year ago--86. i mterniption today. The list rall.ed Low temperature last nigh- -- 56. Low teir.perature a y«ar ago-- 56 Sun sets today-- 7 18 p ai. Sun rues tcrr.orro?. -- 4 55 a. m. M^3n rL%s tomorrov, -- 4 37 p m. Moon set«. tomorrow -- 2.53 a. m. little a spot? after the reduction In report of the anr.-oai sale of Mor.t MontaOinery County Commissior.ers. Coie sus'ined concussion of tne oratr. ih» naw dir;~.b!e Akron^ to the clerk of tr«e Circuit when strjcs by a tr;.-t on Fr.d.'.y Court at Rock'.ille durinz tne ween a · Wins Hood Tennis Match. The Snal match in tli" largest airship swuns at .ts her^ vis.y as tnorisands of to arrive for vie'srs of the Toor Tarty Apprci\inta-«.v 80 p :bl:r jch -s frcr^ Tyrcn^ P^ . 'r^'.e' ^ - tr - of cer.e the benefit of tiie - r lr^xrs No r.r.d ^cr.---ar.^n.p awards an- wori is finer than to sow tltat others i..- Dr H Crosby, dean may reip. he sa-d. tr^.N morri^i^ ir.ztcn v-r-T-» they -co'.Ie:^ craft. The Akron, a message from Ad- Wedr.erdav j If par'v " .11 r"".im r.:--.r..~cd cf -hv :ato S I^o'. The scholar- '.t.p v It.- 5 *, hx? b^^n ivvard^d to If^s Ens'.i.-h or. r-~n; '.en that she reco.vcs ·r- dftr-% 1 -f ha-'h-»l~ "f H-x-i Cr-'lcco next mor/ii Granted Divorce. Mrs Margaret N. Falmcr has been arts from gr.w.rrd an absolute civ--ce from her carries a · husband. Thnrnas F. F'llrrer, in C-"- cuit Court, She was gives the or. faltered as the jer-eral 'ist shewed for -r.e v,-ar enai-.? June 30 had r.ot. tennis tournament at Ho.-i Coiisce. re- miral S H. SchoHold. oomir.andsr-.n- V.'^r evrnir.? sr.a RI.I ha-.e cm- s-.p^r.d r,f $250 ar.c Dr^.aes wso .or ctut court, fahe was r-ver. ^.e rts... ) «»ns of foll07- t nz Call m--r.ey 2'-. o-en paid It snoued that 1,023 p.eces suited in a -ic'ory for E.far.zr W.'.k.r.- chief of the United States fleet sa.d. rser a- -he Fra- ^..-r,". Key hvel af- f-e? tuition .n ;-.-.» Oradtiat* School at to resurne her matoen ncr.e o. 3.;ar- r cent. Sterling ca-bles opened S sf rroTtv * ere ioid at public auction ?on, 35. who defeated IIT '.ppoi.fn: -a-ll not ep.fsgc :n maneuvers witn tr.e ·" vh.rh x--n-.oers of the group wt-1 t~rr*-\-:? .-i\ dt^uis the academic year, ?aret Naomi Hears oaer arxi nt higher a: J3665». i os April li. JJane DuSy. '33. by a score of 6-2. 6-2 fleet -it tna time. . rewrn to Tyroa* - of 1932-33. , Storm were tier a^oraeyi

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