The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 12, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1924
Page 5
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PAGE FT\ O H! The Joy of a peaceful, Tout- ful night What a wonderful "up and going" feeling follows such • night of undisturbed slumber. Oh! What tortures—what ngony —what d e s p a 1 r—goes with tho nights whera eczema and other Bkin diseases hold power and drlvo away rest and peaceful slumber. For under the cover of darkness llko crafty beings of the underworld those eruptions work thoir most serious havoc. S.S.S. is tho established conqueror of those annoying skin diseases. S.S.S. drives those over disturbing elements from your system —elements that carry in thetr walto —lack of energy — undortnlnlng health! You may try In vain to Set rid of them by using salves, lotions, washes, all to no purpose. You can 't do It that way—the seat of the trouble lies deeper—Impuro blood trying to throw off poisons through tho tender skin. S.S.S. purifies the blood. It aids Nature in creating new red -blood- cells by the million! Blood-cells that send now rich blood coursing through your system. Red blood that drives away eczema—drives away pimples, blackheads, bolls and rheumatism, too. An increaso I D rcd -blood-cells means added strength, added vitality and renewed vigor. Because the medicinal ingredients of S.S.S. are purely vegotable, It may bo taken with, perfect safety. Start taking S.S.S. today and watch It Tout that annoying, skin destroying, health undermining army that holds your system In its grasp! Learn again what it means to enjoy peaceful, restful nights of slumber. S.S.S. In lold »t all food dnig •torn in two Mum. The larger im hia moro economical. CC^" World's Beat >.*>. JL WoodMedjdne CROSSWORD PUZZLE Tho greater number of words In this puzzle have not only a definition, but also an Incomplete quotation giving a key to the needed word. Educational, is It not? Joint-Ease For Stiff Joints Pharmacists say that when all' other so called remedies fall Joint- Ease will succeed. It's for joint ailments only that Is why you are advised to use It for sore, painful inflamed, rheumatic Joints. Joint-Ease limbers up the Joints —Is clean and penetrating and quick results are assured—Sixty cents a tuhe at A. & A. Drug Co. anil druggists everywhere. Always remember, wlten Jotnt- Ense gets In Joint agony gets out •—quick. Mall orders filled, cash or C. O. 1)., Pope I<aboratortes, Hallowell, Maine. down In the annals of the Board of Trade as ono of tho real big accomplishments In civic .work." Icicles due In a few days— let's cloan your winter clothes. liOwla Cleaners. Phone 13.1!i. ' U-lOi For Infanti, Invalid; ChilJrtn, ThtAgtd IMseatlMa—NoCookln*. AUfAtLunch MT Avoid Imitation* - SubatiruUi 1. 11. 12. 15. 28. 33. 34. 37, 47. 48. den, 49. 5SS. 54, 56. 58 1. DK. HUNTER AND ASSOCIATES SPECIALISTS In the non-surgical office treatment ot (Jhronlr. ['civic and lU 'Cta] Disease*. Indlneation, Constipation. Dyapepela, Qall Bladder Troubles, Rheumatism, Neurltli, Weak Back, Catarrh, Kidney and Bladder Complaints, Nervousneas, Falling Strength, Bloating, Pain In Side, Goitre, Epilepsy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Blood Poison, Rectal Disorders. Diseases of Women and Diseases of Men. Till FP cured without knife, Pll p\ hospital, chloroform or 1 ItitiU detention from work or business. Our Atrophic method euros In a tew treatments or we will refund every dollar paid. ELECTRIC-THERAPEUTICS Our equipment includes all Electric methods—X-Uay, Violet Ray, Cnlvanlsm, Sinusoidal Faradtsm, Auto-Condensation. Diathermy. Otone. Vibration, Light, Heat and Ray Therapy. BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY We are equipped for the scientific administration of "606," "914," Anti-Rheumatic, Blood Building Serums, Bacterlns, Pbylaccogens, AutoRenous, Vaccines, etc. A Most Modern Equipped Clinic. Our treatment methods have won thousands of testimonials from Kansas aud surrounding states. Hutchinson, ICs. I am triad to state that 1 recutved wonderful ro.iult» from the treatment of Dr. Hunter & Associates tor high blood pressure Mils. II. JON1S8 Consultation and Examination Free, 14 So. Main St., entire second floor. Hutchinson. Kani. A ten-foot tiger will weigh about 500 pounds, while a nine and a half foot lion weighs between 400 and BOO pounds. HORIZONTAL. Vital organs. (The bowed down by weight of woe.— Buuu.) An oily fruit. ( and hlB mother wore the only things he loved.—Gilbert and Sullivan.) Part of the verb to be. (I the captain of my soul.—Henley.) A grain. ((That land of Calvin. cakes and sulphur- Smith.) Marry, (Whom wa first love wo seldom .—Meredith.) An iuterjectlon. (He cried " , no more, for It is done." —Chaucer.) , Put In order. (How easy It Is to —mentally a suppositious scene and conversation.— Ilcld.) Stepped. (And, In the mire, my lofty namo.—Tllton.) A beverage. (And drink of Adam's ——.—Prior.) Space. ' An age. (Lie down for an or two.—Kipling.) Separate. (Two are walking forever.—Ingclow.) Consume. . (But Of the tree of the knowledgo of good and evil, thou shalt not ot It.— Gen. 2:17.) Rock formations at the surface ot the ocean. Musical play. , Corrode. (Better wear out than .—Cumberland.) A new-born animal. (I've known the taxmen to wait by a mllch-camel until he was born and then hurry off with tho mother for arrears.— Kipling.) Gave fo.rth light. (The Imperial ensign, which full high advanced, like a meteor. —Milton.) Makes an effort (No ono knows what he can do until he .—Publius Syrus.) Second person pronoun. Undercover regents. (When sorrows come, they come not as single .—Shakespeare.) Not old. (No thing under the sun.—Eccl. 1:9.) A number of persons who eat together, particularly soldiers and sailors. A troe. (Of branching star-proof.—Milton.) A monster. (His school room must nave resembled an 's —Macauley.) Inclined. Conjunction. (Can not order rain shine.—Mackay.) A curved line. (The pal© ot the northern lights.—Whit-1 tier.) Unites. (Fool, not to know that love endures no .— Drydon.) A higher place on. Brightness. (When now Aurora, daughter ot the dawn, with rosy purpled o'er the lown.—Pope.) Mugs for beer. VERTICAL. Noose. (No man e'er felt the draw, with good opinion of ths law.—Trumhell.) Contraction for them. Highway. (And Achtsh said. Whither have ye made a - today7—(I Sam. 27:10.) Namo for a sailor. (Sublime tobacco! which from east to west cheers the 's labor or the Turkman's rest!—Byron.) A strip of leather. 6. Possessor. (But tho of the ox shall be quit.—Ec. 21:28.) 7. Limb. (Can honor set to a ?—Shakespeare.) S, A thought. (That fellow seems to me to possess but one , and that Is the wrong one.— Johnson.) 9. An exclamation. ( 1 Is It time for a drink.—Meredith.) 10. A musical composition of three or four varied movements. An Interjection. ( ! Poor Yorlck. I know him well. Shakespeare.) A collection ot fish eggs. Burdensome, weighty. Staggering, (" and writhing, to begin with," said the mock turtle.—Lewis Carroll.) Organ of hearing. (Lend me your a. —Shakespeare, Boasts ot burden. Noises made by horns or whistles. Enjoyment, pleasure. EquaL Token. (Nature speaks in- and ensigns—Whlttler.) Garden tool. (The man with the .—Markhara.) Oven for baking bricks, Contraction for ever. (See quotation under 1 vertical.) To brush. (A new broom clean.—Heywood.) Not war. (I will both lay me down in '• , and sleep.—Ps 4:9.) Gives forth. A lathe. A pointed arch, formed by two reverse curves. Make mistakes. (To — human, to forglvo divine.— Pope.) 51. f.ouse egg. 53. Chemical abbreviation for ruthenium. 50. Prefixed meaning not. (And Sclirldcs ghost walks avanced among us.—Shake- penre.) Answer to Yesterday's Crossword Puzzle. HK «Eiff[=!H (fill HOB \sism [zmn mm is msm mm m mr*u mm EHH (saw mmwm K mm® Pays a Tribute To Ed Colladay The last issue of the Bulletin issued by the Washington D. C. Board of Trade bears on its front page a picture of Edward F. Colladay, formerly of Hutchinson, who Is now president ot tho Washington' Board ot Trade. Mr. Colladay retires from that position shortly, and tho Bulletin gives him a first page tribute for his services. "Every one knows what Ed Col- ladny has done for the Board ot Trndo and for Washington," says the tribute. "His efforts will go GODCHS BEST ( c Made from ^DurumWheat STARTING TOMORROW- From Rolling Pin to Rolls Royce Whisked from poverty, pots and pans in a twinkling to pleasures, prosperity and peril. A great drama packed with truth and romance, Dollars can be dangerous. See this and learn. —IN ADDITION- MIDLAND VAUDEVILLE THE PETIT TROUPE American Foot Juggling Marvels, GORDON & HEALY "WEDDED BLISS" Aesop'* Fables—Review—News REGULAR MIDLAND PRICES Vaudeville—3:00, 7:30, 9:30 P. M. Pictures Continuous—1 to 11 P. M. LAST TIMES TONIGHT Glenn Hunter—Viola Dana "Merton of the Movies" NOW! A most Astonishing Picture Of Action—Romance Humor—Thrills 'ABRAHAM .UNCOlP 5. 16, 18. 19. 23. 23, 25. 26. 29. 81. 34. 35.' 36. 38. 39. 42. 43. 46. 48. Famoua Old Recipe tor Cough Syrup EMllr and rhraplr made at home, but tt beata thorn all for quick reaulte. Q.oioioloioiolololololololo^ Thousands of housewives have found that they enn PIIVD two-thirds of the money usually spent for couch preparations', by using this well- known old recipe for making cough Syrup. It is simple and cheap hut it has no equal for prompt results. It takes rieht hold of a cough and eives immediate relief, usunlly stopping an ordinary cough in 24 hours or less. Get iiVa ounces of Pinex from any druggist, pour it into a pint bottle, and add plain granulated sugar syrup to make a full pint. If you prefer, use clarified molasses, honey, or corn syrup, instead of sugar syrup. Either way, it tastes good, keeps perfectly, •nd lasts a family a long time. It's truly astonishing how quickly it acts, penetrating through «vcry air I iasfiage of the throat and lungs— oosens and raises the phlegm, soothes and heals the membranes, ana gradually but surely the annoying throat tickle and dreaded cough disappear entirely. Nothing better for bronchitis, spasmodic croup, hoarae- HCKA or bronchial asthma. Pinex is a Bpccial and highly concentrated compound of genuine Norway pine extract known the world over for its healing effect on membranes. Avoid disappointment by asking vour druggist for "2% ounces ot Pinex" with full directions and don't accept anything else. Guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction or money promptly refunded. Tho Fines Co, ( Ft. Wayne. Ind. Mat. 25cj Evening, 40o Ghlldr«n Under 12, 10o Schedule! 1:15.3:20.5:20.7:20-9:20 IRIS Mat. 5c and 10o Evening 10c I lie and ' TONIGHT MUOSIfcK SUMUUL- MASTER." 'Our Gang," comedy. TOMORROW DORIS KENYON In "THE LOVE BANDIT." A lumber camp story with fast action "WINNING OUT," Comedy. Painful, swollen ankles Sloan's get* right at the trouble You'll get quick, sure relief tor swollen, painful ankles with Sloan's. It requires no tiresome rubbing: the medicine itsell does the work. In it are certain ingredients that are so stimulating to the circulation that tho moment it is applied, freshly purified blood starts tingling through the aching place. And this enriched blood supply drives out swelling and pain and restores normal conditions in no time. Get this reliei today. All druggists— 35 cents. There's no secret about good baking— when you use CALUMET TOE WORLD'S GREATEST BAKING POWDER The leavener that American housewives have relied upon for over a third, of a century •AIM SVa THUS THOU OF ANT OTHKft BRAND Sloan's Liniment kills pain! TODAY WESLEY BARRY In "GEORGE WASHINGTON JR." A barrage of fun anil laughter. Alio Century Comedy, , "PAYING MONEY" A first run. THE GREATEST SHOW OF, .AMERICAN ROYAL LIVE STOCK SHOW^S^! YEAR Ten Great Shows In One! ThU year'. American Royal offer, ten blf, colorful j.?- .7. K,n 2* Qt t' •»«•"« Mhibltlon. a ahow which will draw Walton from the rati.. Middle and "soKeet. Such etnai exhibitionmerite•<>„, -at. *»AiJ'? "e "Pedal reducedrailroad "tea of JVi fart for the found irln from pointa In Iowa. Nebraika, Mlaaourl, &"„,. Colorado. Arkanaei, Oklahoma and Tail! S.. your railway atant. Or take advaa'aae of the olahwara eoterliuj Kanata City. lie Amrktmtntl mHltnt • nil mmri /ar Jimr irf,/ Gmurtl Umiuin M <nti. "Kopke's Best Beats All the Rest" Ask Your Grocer for Pan Cake Flour Rolled Oats Table Syrup Flavoring Extract Tomato Catsup Pure Apple Butter Pure Strained Honey Pure Ground ' Spices Fresh Roasted Coffee Fine Teas Canned Whole Tomatoes Strawberry Preserves Queen Olives Pure Grape Jam Kopke Bros. Mercantile Co. Wholesale Distributors Permanent roads are a good investment — not an expense Now is the Meal Time to Build More Paved Highways There is not a single community in the United States that does not need a greater mileage of permanently paved roads. 16,000,000 motor vehicles are now using our highways for business and pleasure. They are packing the paved roads in already congested areas, as well as over-running regions until recently considered remote. And they are pounding to pieces all but permanent roads. Even though a number of states have made good progress in building Concrete Roads, their present permanently improved mileage is entirely inadequate, as every motorist knows. Meantime,while the building of permanent highways lags, the production of motor vehicles is increasing the present total at the rate ol 4,000,000 a year! Sooner or later this gap must be closed. Why wait? Not in a long time have general conditions been t" favorable for carrying on such public works as permanent highway building, thus assuring tax payers mors for their money. Now is the ideal time to extend both street and road programs/ PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION Gloyd Building KANSAS CITY, MO. Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. KICHEK IN FLAVOR Would til you rather hatve one cup of ^pod coffee than ten cups of poor coffee ? cAfter all,what you want in coffee is THE GUIDE TO HICH GRADE FOODS AT YOUR GROCER'S Read the Classified Ads in The .News-Herald,

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