Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 34
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 34

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 34
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Lovington Cops Win In Jal Meet Tony Lema Cited Colonia Winner JAL (Staff) - Weightman I Henry Norton and hurdle ace J.limmy Jones captured individual honors, hut Lovington walked a- i way with leam honors in (he first I .Inl Invitational and Field Meet. Lovington massed together a team total of !IO points to host [ .lal's 72, I'ortales was third with »>'! team points. Norton tossed the shot put 53| 2 "H feet, and captured the disc with a toss of fi.'Ml feet. Defending state champion Jones easily won the high hurdles with a time of H 7 and came back to win the lows in in (t. The only other double winner was Lovington Mac Wise, who \um the 100 yard dash in 100 .mil the 220 yard dash in 228 * * * ' ' l/'\ •,-•', '£' ', .' V. ,sih, : ( -.TJ, '• ' •' •'''• ' I I.'II ,-.,,- I li'Xli" !K,i ' \V<H*tiv;i:.| I'mln . |K I S! .1 |'ii' ' ' .' '•'., . M'U . > I,,- „,;, • ' ' H ,• ' .;:•[, ! <; i .,-l| V ..-|- I',,. • • .' i', ^ :,r:m.i:i, v . i, • '- 1 '..i: 1 ..:.. ,1,1; !•.- ;; .: ,• . .. ..- ,• ->n I.T " Itn Hi ,.iv ! i .-. • • 1 '.' ' H »l ||.,.l II.:-,' . . Wildcats Dump Hereford v, .;MI ,-' ii.ii.. h.i:: H«-ii'!n|.i ;•' HI! ;..; I '- "1 H: ,i nor I .'ir A'.:, 'u: -:t : • ;• rr- n'.! !.- i, '.I ! ' '',! i ", !: \l:.".. Eastern Netters Down Wesiern h.,.- \M; '; . !,.. -;: .M :-• -.• '.' i'' ' "• .1 !• NMi ifi *•'.<.: ii - : .: 1 '.'. N Ml ». .' f'i I v, •-.••.- i .• K.NMl ivf B'H MJI>!I \\NMt ' ' b i M .'.'•.'. \i:ii - i- \Ni' ticf J'.iiil UilkersoJi UNMI i. ! 61 1J....U i,:i,-!i.-> UNMI (•- : \\,.- :,c sj.:r.';: ; I. NMi t. i i ti ti '< j'i,: ' ij! ' -l.ll K MI" J-.\ Ml ii-. : ,):*• H-.i-/!., \v\\H t'. H i, '! I- ,i - i . -. - .\ <•;•' !. .' . a.i;ih;r -i.i'.. ; - t MCI u :i'-.,i i ji .in:i ilt-t li.; ..;,! .1 ! Ma:-:, UNMI t; 1 1 ' M,n- ,,- I Mt-\c s k ..'i-:iil-:r: i NMI ii< i Uhk. ; -•-•:. :'. : ! 1 •: Mil- i. 'S «. 2 IU ( M\| (OVTHAcjs lifll \[.ti \ N I f| I:.Ii .tlaiu l:i:! ! - f!ijinj)iiii;> d U t 'li'.i'i:. .ii: Ki.'iilrt;! League iiasc ' ' vi\". .1 !:,»• >;^!!t"J io!.!ia. I 1 - !•: ' •<- • ii ;< ;;-'.M- sl.i:...) -,,'- ..' r I'.u ker John 'l'»-> ami t.u '• •' P .-.:..,., i , :v. in- i 1 ' .- FORT WORTH (UPh- Tony Lema, who has never finished higher than fourth, was cited Saturday as the "expert s" Choice to win the 20th annual Colonial National Golf Tournament which also noted four foster changes due to withdrawals. Lema, who included the Brit- Denver Drubs St. Joseph DENVER it'PI) - Denver 'University, led by Bob Filzner's big bat. handed St. Joseph's of Albuquerque a 17-9 defeat Friday Fitzner hit three homeruns. including a grand slam affair, during Denver's lug 12 run fifth inning. *• Temper's flared .vith a pushing and shoving contest after the first game, and St Joseph's forfeited the scheduled second Kami- Twin victories gavf the Pioneers ;i tie lor i in- best season on record so far, 22 wins and seven losses Si. Joseph's is Ki-.i. Marine Relays 880 Hot Contest Q( AXTICf). V;i il'|'[, .... T;,,. U!U)-\;i: ( ) te;mi relay loomed to- il.i;> ti- (nulialilv tiie imH !n,|. K ( I'lHeMi'i! fin e in the duals "I Hie HUM!; annual Manne ' orps schools. rela\s I 1 "HI' of the !i\ •- T: Ihe i •!' i- i|iiali!> uu: tune, l-'rulav "'• c.i, :, ot;•:••!• Mith Mar;, hind '• .'i' ' v . i.'i:,' !'ir I.e-te-I tune u ilM "!"•'.• .<; i .'h -. in,irk. "i .1 "" "!ir| ii.'li k ai 1 ..'''. .'i i !n "h f'.jinue.l h\ Manii.ittan .-I i '" '.'••' lii- fit!-; t.-ii-;, K.i'ini!i,ri j''i>!i <i ;i 1 -.'!' ~i ttiark !:;< v . ,a •;. ; , Mann.- -.-.r,;, 7 7 \-;;; l ,nova •:!•! 1- : hi.,x ,,! ish Open among four tournament victories last year, got 16 first place votes to 12 for Arnold Palmer and eight for defending champion Billy Casper. Bobby Nichols, Doug Sanders. Ben Hogan and Julius Boros were next in order as favorites Jin balloting by sports writers |and radio-television sportscast- iers. The four withdrawals for the $100,000 tournament starting jnext Thursday were Gary Mid- :dlecoff, Don Fairfield, Bill Col- ;lins and Pete Brown. Colonial announced that Chris jBlocker. Randy f Hover. Dick I Mayer and Joe Campbell had 'accepted invitations to fill three : of the vacancies. Colonial officials said they i still were counting on Masters ' champion Jack Nicklaus to compete here although Nicklaus has informed them the pending arrival of a baby in the Nicklaus household at Columbus, Ohio, might lake precedence over the golf tournament. Colonial officials also announced Saturday that advance ticket sales for the tournament had reached $131.,'{71— believed tn be one o! the highest pre- Nuirnament sales totals in professional golf The experts \vho picked Lema as the favorite also favored a two - under - par 271! as the winninij score, although that li'juri 1 has never been a winner. Previous lirst -place score-; -i-i\e ranged from '27'2 to 2i!4 v. itli 2T!i hiking hmne the top !> n/c four times Longhorns Aggies Lead SWC By United J'reas International The Southwest Conference baseball lead was still a two- way affair today, all knotted !up between the Texas Longi horns and the Texas A&M Ag- Jgies. ' Both clubs won Friday, the Longhorns blasting Texas Chris- 'tian 9-1 and the Aggies stunning Baylor's title hopes with a 3-2 victory. The Bears had been a mere igame behind the league - lead- icrs going into Friday's action, i but now trail by two games, an I almost impossible gap to make 'up with only three games left. i The same clubs get together again today, with Rice meeting ,SMU in other action. Texas shelled five Frog pitchers for 12 hits while Longhorn hurler John Collier coasted along. He allowed TCU only four hits going the distance. ' The big man at the plate for Texas was right fielder Ron Handy who picked up four hits land knocked in three runs. Billy Grain was the Aggie hero. He drove in all three A&M runs with a double and a single as well as coming up with the defense gem of the i!ame. \Vith Bear runners on first and second with two outs, Crain went far to his right to come up with a line drive off the bat of Clary Watson which, if it had fallen in, would have scored two luiylor runs Tlif Ai>'.'ies scored their winning run in the fifth on a walk and two sinj-'Ji-s. the sec-oml coming off ('rain's bat. t '• Alien Plays Draper I'ISI- III H>! \ c i CI It '' .1 • i--.i'.'l \ (•!'-ii^ e\|H-! It-IU I 1 ' "i.r, ,!•• I ),)-, \!it-n of |{IM-!;I--'• ' \ 'i ("••k or. Turn I H a|f! I' •:-. it.- !'.n!l: Ml. •' I! t..,. '.*.\. i:r'.,i'-. a'ui Draper ,V>6, ; M 'ii Hi-t-r!"M of l'i\ I tilted I'ti 4> International \IIHTH an Lfugiif i. \H H II IV \'..>-•••:• \'r. .N :•• 7 18 -URI 1 :,.:!:: I'..-- ;•• i" •) l : i '!7'. M."!'. 1 .. . !;• lo »'. » U :>,l N ,i.«.'. r, I \ '(', .;.-'. )o XT7 H i .., ... ., , ™ ., '-,:.: •;. N \ i , i.»u K) i, .-;-4u li 9)1 :i.'-l ^-':/^^. };•., l'i Si n l.' :iii. National 1-raKUc t. AH K II I'tl K'!.,-..i \\ is v, m •>:<, 4ia - : \:.. si- U) w -, 13 :> ; :i'M 'l.ji.i-.- r.'-. si v; a 2d :s77 I!.;' -I l*i '-J -"> h< tt,.", 1 -r... i ! \ r. '«'! !2 Jl :t*VJ ! ; ]M r,,H LI 7 ir', 't.'jii ) 14 23 ,'UH M \: . si M., - si i \i!fl. i' !4 MI I -i l\t ,i.'j;i lluait- Hun:* \iiifrit <iu l.t'aKui- — Hull I'w.r- lie::!.:' A '•> t »rMt)o 1 '• ; '.<•- l.!i I.ii . (>'. i-ilf. Mali Natiuiiul I t-agui' —Mu,-, t,; .i!':K 'Vi (. "\ Hilton I'iiiUr- "i r > N" it.'it-'.v I i: ci, t - r > i Srtobtnia Ml-ts .\ilfl! P.'illa SjlitO. t'litte i'iiil. .)i.i(iii>i'ii Jii-d- HubiiiMjn H.-d-. a:! 4 Kuns, Hatted In niioU-s H ohva TWIIK l.T Al!'••• n I \\in-. I. 1 \luiitilij. K'.'d SlfA U Clll.lUlu, Itl.ll.lll> 11 Natii'iial l-t'asut-—Hanks Cuh-. 17'pool Mt-ts 13. Hubin- I k i / * i 1 Ma\> diants I I'itchius \iurrUau U-ugUf — Aguirre Tl;-:els 3(J. liUihul d! WhlU' Sv>X f'ascual Twins*. Robert*. Ori oir> Sittn-rt. IndiaitA. all 2-0 N<ttioual l^aiwf—Kills. Reds ">'•'• ii.:,- i .\.>lm> 3-0 Gibson. \ l ,li" l'i! dtt's Kl iill KI-UI- i t\ib> till 2 0 El Paso Rips Spurs By United Press International The Tulsa Oilers showed the rest of the T e x a s League Thursday night that the Dallas- Fort Worth Spurs can be beaten after all. The Oilers chalked up a 3-1 win over the Spurs and narrowed the Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs lean be beaten after all. The Oilers chalked up a 3-1 win over the Spurs and narrowed the Dallas - Fort Worth Eastern Division lead to two games. Albuquerque kept rolling along in the Western Division with a 5-1 win over Austin but. the El Paso Sun Kings kept pace with a marathon decision over Amarillo 11-10, a game that took 12 innings. El Paso Trails Albuquerque by two games. The Oilers jumped in front by means of a double, single and triple after two outs in the sixth inning. The two runs that scored in the sixth were all Tulsa needed, but the Oilers picked up an insurance run in the seventh on John Kindl's home run. The Dodgers rode the five-hit 'pitching of Larry Staub to victory, having very little trouble in 'disposing of the Braves, who currently rest in the Eastern Division cellar. 4'^ games out. The Amarillo Sonics had to come from behind in their game with the Sun Kings to force the game into extra innings, and 'ihf-'ii scored two in I he top of the tenth to go ahead. But El Paso came came bark with a pair in the bottom half o! the inning to keep thing.> going. CLOVW City Bowling CONTINENTAL J,F,AfU:E 1 Sntovny 2. Glbsnn Discount ,1. MrDnnlp!* Inc. 4. nanrhers A Farmers 5. Pnul .Tones Texlco d. Mniflc SloBrfi 7. Worley Mills 8. I/iirernr j 9. ("nrnlnnri CisiaEo jJO. PrirT jtrtitr 11. Phone CnniO-iirlum i li, t'lion.' Exrhangu >13.< Swift I 14. Onerfll ArlJ. ' 1"). In^rnm Oil ('». ; Ki. McDnnlels Texoti) J7. Cm-n d,ia JR Ingrnm Brnlhrrs (SCRATCH! H.T.r;. (iihson Disnuunl H.T.S. Clbson Dlsciiunl H.I.r;. Rob Cnrnphrll H.I.S. Holi Campbi-ll (HANDICAP i H.T.r,. C.ibson Dlsmimt. If.T.S. r;ilisiin Disf-iMint H.l.i;. VV. Klrliy Jl.l.S. IVib Cnmpbfll 42 41 .17 .ifi X> 3S :«><. .12 S1'... 29 1*1 18 IS 23 24 2". ]f>. Curry Only BMuty Col. M 18. K. I. C. A. M IT W. T. Grant's Co: 24 1*. RhettR'g nw*s Shop Sft )9. Citizen'* Bunk 20 20. n«rn« ClMlriers 32 4fl 40 52 IK 2S ( M.T.O. Aztec Howl 2R'i:H.T.S. Aztec Bowl SI litre. Helen Eslcs .11 ' H.I.S. Helen Bites 'i .-W'i H.T.f,. Curry County Grain ;vt ;H.T.S. cordon Trophies :v> |H.l.o. Helen Edtrs :w H.r.S. bmnnA Wnlton 44'" 971 Pin* 2724 Pins 2:«i Pins 677 Find 9% Pins 2799 Pins 211 T'lns Will Pins 79n Track Meet CARLSBAD (UHf— won a tfiafigulitf fiitck own field Angels Drop Athlefies, 3-1 .IOI.I.V ROI.I.K . Tummy's fjiumti-y - Alucll I'lumhini; . Blue Kmm . (Jiii-rns N Tr-i'ti« i. Williams Pninl Slurp M.iry Tnylur I nrss Slmj Tuylur - Evens . (In-ill Amrrirnn ln.« d fSI-RATnii T i;. Alwell FMiimhinu T.S. Al\\i'll Plumbing I (',. Aili'rn Hunch I S Klli'ii Alw. I! MIANDICAP" '!' ft. Querns N 'rorns .T.S. Tninniy's I.(iun<ijv i i; .li.'in c.iDk IS. Mnflhn Aylestv-irth Enrly llinls C.iffc its 2S Zi 19 17 JH ( KANSAS City (UP I) -Another j fancy relief job by Bob Lee! | saved Rudy May's first major j j league victory Saturday as thej ! Los Angeles Angels beat Kan-! ^sas City 3-1. ] Lee hurled three scoreless in- after the Angels had giv- «« «-[i J - Mtoweti by-™* 623 ^J40tt and doyis with 38, picked up 13 first the meet's 18 evenL. While Carlsbad was -.„ all opponents in the track" the Carlsbad baseball t« feated Hobbs, 4-1. M 291) S.TC1 17 1 Arizona Ripsf Western, i-1, « *- '*• ALBUQUERQUE (UP Mexico g rwi; ins? 217 571 It was the 36th win of h e current baseball season for the Ari- fir.r S(><) in:t . . |. Ti'MlTi Nu 7 4 7. Rip Siminiins Aulo Sales '! S. liiiliins I iRf -HATCH" (', Ti-am Nn. I S Ti'ilm N'.i I .i';. Thi-ta Harris .S. Thi'ln Harris UlANDICApi ir T c i)., ho H T S !>•• • H/lilfls 2:tl'i II I I'. I)i\i" .l.-iciilis _".' H I » DIM. .l,'ic,ih< (i.' I.AIlV ROOSTKI! LKVU K 1 !','• nTJll AiljilslllK-ll! IS 2 A /I IT ?•<•«! 1C . I .,.' t > Cm; ,:> III :,,;, |] 1 I'ii.ii .l.,n, • Tf\;iMi 411 ."> n.Jijcr Chrf .'!'l i: A/!,. I, ..!:•;. :!.. ~ A: Ci-.'if: l''i,i;i.i« !., S C" .'. .- N;il, .r..ii :ian, 2 pins'en May a 2-1 lead in the "ton "'""•" 6avc U P a four ^o" the seventh Paul SchaaroK tW ° inni " gS a " d SUffefed a Pins nit* o\- v c 11111. i ot, lid cli Q.'-* /i0r*t o !/"VM of f V»A I* H«*4 w^%tf A i pins' drove in both of the Angel runs - nana£3K Ari« pins'with a sacrifice fly and a pi": single. After May put on the first, zona -"•••• " 'two batters in the bottom of thej Cenlerfielder Rick Monday-led seventh. Lee got Mike Hersh- itnt - Arizona State College^ettack berger to hit into a double play wilh a double and two tr'ipTel in ; and struck out Bill Brian. Lee' fo " r tim es at bat. ,„.",, 7 :h3s now pitched 12 scoreless in-! '^ ne defeat was New MMico's p.Jnings against the Athletics in! 161 " against 13 wins. ASC has pin*; relief, 'lost only 5. ._ £!„!!' The A's got their run in thej j~«-~ |1|ns i first when Wayne Causey sin-'p^tttnj^TQj^ <<v"r TTT"«. i'm.< rlecl and scored on Nelson Ma- '. ' '"g^**** i^: Ihews' triple. The Angels tied it BOSTON (UPIi — ThTTjos- in the second when Costen 'ton Patriots and the New York |( . s.iQdvley singled and went to Jets. Easter Division rivals in is third when Bob Rodgers the American Football EgaffSe, .:', doubled. 'will meet in a pre-seasorugaipe - r ' , ; at Norfolk, Va., on Aug. 28. ' FOR FAST RESl'f.TS .~~ USE NEWS JOURNAL | FOR FAST RESULTS WANT ADS CHECK ADS JOIN THf rHOU54MDS MIJCHIHG TO WAWS iONTGOMERY WAR D JVff*, ':' :>- 2nd NYLON 64 When you buy first Nylon 64 biackwall at Wards low no- trade-in price. Riverside 4-SQUAIE GUAIANTEE GUARANTEED 27 MONTHS AGAINST TREAD WEAROUT! Built to give you extra mileage, extra protection at turnpike speeds. Has rugged 4-ply nylon cord body to withstand impacts, protect against bruises and blowouts. Tough RIV-SYN tread is long-wearing; its 3000 sharp edges grip the road—resist slipping and sliding! Tubtlttt Sn« 8.00-14 7. 10-15 8.50-14 7.60-15 Prlct Without Tr.d. ?6.95» 29.95* 'Plui t<cii< (o«, no tradt-ui required. WK»,wo/U only $J mon pv Wrt. 2nd AIR CUSHION 18 Month i*intt trtad wtareu When you buy firsf Air ^ M s h i o n biackwall at Wards low no • trade - in price. Hare's a great tire value! RIV-SYN tread for long wear. 4-ply nylon cord body for \onr lif«. And sale-priced now for extra savings! 4 2nd Tlrt Only $ 3 MONEY DOWN Guaranteed 31 Months \%jBfloin»t tread wearout 2nd Safety Nylon '" -** you buy first Safety Nylon biackwall at Wards low no-trade-in- price. Extra features, extra mileage, extra savings now! Rugged 4-ply nylon cord body. RIV-SYN tread with 2700 sharp, road-gripping edges! 17.7U' IS 45• "li 45» *^in »*v_-*« (*1* ikw ''Od* >n required VV'fc Of I, 4 I mt>tt fttt tt/e MOUNTING WARDS AUTOMOTITIVE CENTER .. GRAND AT PILE PHONE £.1S OPEN DAILY AT 8 A.M.

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