Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 13, 1942 · Page 4
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 4

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texos, Fffdoy, February 13: 7942 Dial 4345 For The AvoJonche-Jounacil Offices BOSTON, Feb. 12. (ffy~ Wendelle)Willkie assorted tonight that there I gani/.ation" lor the nation's war was "Jack of mutual confidence! effort, Willkie said: and central 'direction' .among our various fighting forces" and demanded that Gen. Douglas Mnc- Arthur be brought home from the Philippines and placed in supreme command under the president. "Then," AVillkie told the Middlesex Republican club, ''the people of the United States will have reason to hope that skill, not bungling and confusion directs their efforts." Lincoln Day Address The Republican leader's assertion came in a prepared Lincoln dinner address in which he assailed what he termed "nibbling" by the administration at the authority of Secretary of State Hull, and he criticized the administration's labor policy, declaring "we need a Bevin, not a Perkins." As for the part the Republican Confusion Aides "In ths case of production and labor, the confusion has arisen from failure to appoint administrators. In the case of the State department, we see our most respected department of government gradually being destroyed by a process of nibbling at the authority of the administrator ... all because this administration did not know and has not learned by experience the basic principles of organization." "We have the startling feet," he asserted, "that the secretary of state, Mr. Cordell Hull, no longer is completely entrusted with full authority in the handling and enunciation of the government's foreign policy. In his place, Secretary of the Navy Knox has come If* Kpnnnnran J -.«, t . * fc ». v .^ A ,« 0 ^ w party should 'play'; Willkie said forward as a read - v volunteer." "let us do more proposing than! Confidence In Hull "In his spokesman's opposing. Let us exercise our freedom by developing our own noli- cies." ''The day of phrase-making and showmanship for those in government is past," he added. "The time lor petty political opposition and negation is over. This is the day for tough and resolute men; this is the hour for patriotic men." Calling on the Republicans to force "necessai-y reforms in or- BlGBOlTBlEiFEflTURE Friday and Saturday "Fighting Pals" FEATURE NO. 2 JAKE'S TOMBOY BAYS ARE OYHL Prettier...more lovable than. i.ADDED CHAPTER 4 "WHITE EAGLE" WITH BUCK JONES -. ,-__.— _ role •—. Whether self-assumed or administration inspired — Mr. Knox made known to other nations that we were fighting Hitler first, which meant we could not be so concerned about affairs in the Far East. Such gratitutious comment could not be expected to serve our best interests or encourage our associates battling against the aggression of Japan. Mr. Knox subsequently has found out that we are fighting everywhere. "It is to be hoped that he will hereafter confine -his attentions to that fighting, and leave statements of policy in regard to other nations to our secretary of state. The country, irrespective of party and the world outside, has confidence in Mr. Hull. Mr. Knox is another matter even under censorship." OFFER IS ACCEPTED. ' DALLAS, Feb. 12. ttJ.PJ—Maybe Lee Price thought he was safe when he offered free parking on his automobile lot for one month to the first horse-riding customer. But Sterling W. Brown rode in on a fine white-footed bay named Joe and said he would continue to commute that way as long as the rubber shortage lasted. THE FIRST "THIN MAN" PICTURE IN 2 YEARS STARTS NEXT SUNDAY AT THE MIDWAY William Powell Myrna Loy "SHADOW OF THE THIN MAM" FIRST TIME IN LUBBOCK Admission 9c - 22c NOW! ENTERTAINMENT GUARANTEED! SO MUCH FUN. .. IT TOOK A HOLLYWOOD PARADE OF STARS TO BRING IT TO YOU! JOAN .. , f re sh from her greatest hit in "A Woman's Face." BOB , , . straight from his biggest personal triumph in "Billy The Kid." GR£ER...on the heels of her heart-stirring performance in "Blossoms In The Dust." HEBSiJRT. .. following one gay hit with another I ALL STAR COMEDY—LATE NEWS •"ITVT *1TI • -f-k —'•- ~~~ a ~~'-~~'-^-^=z=====^^2^^ Willkie Proposes Putting GejtLJMacArijmr In Supreme Command oFForces Mutual Confidence Among Various " ~ Fighting Forces Said Lacking HAWAII HAIRCUTS—Painted V's -top off close-shaved haircuts of these recruits in Hawaii Territorial Guard at Honolulu. Head shaving wasn't done with that bayonet. Dr. H. F. Esti! Taken By Death HUNTSVILLE, Feb. 12. <*>) _ Dr. Harry Fishburne Estili, president emeritus of Sam Houston State Teachers college with which he was officially connected for 60 years, died at his home here today. Dr. Estill would have been 8'<2 years of age next Aug. 12. Funeral arrangements will be announced tomorrow. A member o£ the first graduating class at the college. Dr. Estill became president emeritus in 1937 after serving as president 29 years. Was Teachers' President « He was past president of the !| Texas State Teachers association and a member of the Southern and National Educational associtions. He wrote "History of our Country," which hs been used jn the public schools of Texas and several other Southern states. He is survived by two sons, Frank of Arlington, Virginia, and Harry F., jr., of Clayton, Missouri; two daughters, Mary of Huntsville, and Mrs. J. J. Finnegan of New 1340 On Your Dial KFYO Program Avalanche-Journal Station 6:10 6:<s 7:00 7:30 7M5 1:50 •!:o5 8:00 8:15 8:25 8:30 S:i!J 8:00 S:15 9:30 9:45 3:50 10:00 20:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 il:is 11:30 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:10 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 <:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 6:30 5:15 6:30 6:35 6:55 7:00 7:15 7:20 7:25 7:30 3:00 8:15 8:30 3:30 10:00 10:35 11:00 FRIDAr, FEBRUARY 13 Morniof Blue Blazers Checkerboard Time Soldier Boys Saluti Newscast iTSN). The World Toa»y Interlude Snoop ana Scoop Melody Boys Rhythm Fivt Headlines Coffee Club John Ktctji't Orchestra Fashions New What's Doing Around Lubbock Jerry Sett't New Music Belter Vision Talk Interlude Newscast Al Duffy's Quarteft« You AsK Em — We Answer Em i'our Organ stylist—Bernff Howtll John Hughes MBS Neighbors TSN Music in the Morzin Mannir AtteroooK Druj Slore Cowboyi Let's Go America C. A, Rogers — Baritont Newscast Liar's Club Luncheon Music Auction Broadcast FnnkJe Master's Orchestra Louis Envin's Orchestra Tunes by Tbornhlll Jimmy Wakely's Rodeo Boys Augustana College Choir MBS Johnson Family MBS Boake Carler MBS Brass Hats In the Future MBS The Monitor Views the Newi Captain Uld-Nljjht Richard Eaton—Commentator—MBS Shades of Blue Talks on Timely Toplej 10-2-4 Ranch Evening Fulton Lewis. Jr. MBS Here's Morgan MBS Local News Bob Chcsttfa Orch««tn Movie Roundup Newscast Movie Rtvm Interlude The World Today Lone Ranger (MBS). Johnny term's Orcieitra Siegfried Wagener MBS Varieties of Swinj Uncle Sam Entertains Cab Caltoway's Orchestra MBS To Be Announced MBS Sign Off. Since December, cellulose has been mixed with flour in Norway's bread. " COTTONCLUB THURS. FEB. 19TH io the muiic of America's NEW STAGE-SCREEN- RADiO Favorite! *T€D FIOJITO ORCHESTRA • featuring • "CANDY" CANDIDO FRANK FLYNN * * * * # ADMISSION fee Tenon, York. Recruits To Get Treat In Banquet Tonight Of 83rd Air Base Group Two weeks in the Army and a party's thrown for them! That's the treat in store for some recruits at the Army Air Base west of Lubbock at 6:30 tonight when the 83rd Air Base Group, housekeeping unit at the field, holds a stag "Victory" banquet at the Hilton hotel. About 200 men from the 83rd, oid and new, are expected. An hour and a 'half's after-dinner entertainment has been arranged lor the banquet by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. Included on the program are five dance numbers presented by the Mary_Ruth Diltz studio, a'group of original patriotic compositions sung by Mrs. Ardelle Scales and music by a trio of Mrs. Leonard Cole's accordion students. There will also be an exhibition dance by the WPA Darktown Jitterbugs and -western songs by Hop Halsey's Drug Store Cowboys. Meantime, whether or not tempted by thoughts of banquets, South Plains men yesterday still were pouring in to the Air Corps Recruiting Office at 702 Main Street to enlist for service at. the new field, according to recruiting officers here. Candidates for enlistment, they announced, must be between 13 and 35 years of age. must be physically and mentally fit, and must have no one; dependent upon them for financial support, and must present statements from their local selective service boards that they are not engaged in key defense work and have not been called for induction. Men not yet 21 must also present statements of their parents' consent. Draff Board No. 1 Wants To Learn Where 48 Men On Rolls Are Now; Check This Lis! Lost: 48 men. That's the situation, of Lubbock county draft board No. 1, which has looked high and low and still can't find the addresses of 48 registrants, whom it needs to get in touch with regarding classification and other pressing matters. J. W. TarJton, clerk, said state headquarters had authorised release of thei> names in an elfort to learn their present addresses. Names Are Listed The men for whom no addresses can be found are: Ester Robert Hampton, Claud Herman Pruitt, Johnnie B. Williams, Angel Cordoba Valero, Fred Leon Harper, . Luther Johnson Weoster, Loyd Warnick Dunlap, Roy EJden Henry Mayes, James Lebur Adams,. Sherman Richardson, James Clinton Graham, John Henry Carr, Frank Weldon Barker, Terrell Eugene Marquis, Nathaniel Miller, Daniel Johnson Ramon Helms. Marvin Craft, D. T Lawrence Clark Edward May, Francis Kenneth Stanley. James Jefferson Moreland, Walter Ford, Clarence Williams, Bert Hodge, Edgar Helms, Noble Leon Burleson, J. S Duke, Edwin Hard, Albert Dale Singletary, Irwin McNeely Bauerkemper, Lucus Nieto, Ed Marshall, jr., Robert Henry Boykin, Pilade Levi, William Marks Tilton, Guadalupe Arenas. Ercel Blackburn Arnulfo Curiel, Ephrom Gooden, jr.,. Robert McDinnis Smith, Firman William Williamson, Fred MIDWAY ELECTRICITY NOT SAVED AUSTIN, Feb. 12. ttJ.PJ _ The change to war time has failed to save electricity in Austin," a report from municipal light plant revealed today. The new time has changed the peak load from 7 p. m. to 9 a. m. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 1800 BLOCK ON BROADWAY TODAY AND SAT. ADMISSION: C 22 MATINEE AND NIGHT THE EXCITING STORY OF RADIO! A PERFECT BLENDING OF: DRAMA—SONG COMEDY—ROMANCE "THE GREAT AMERICAN BROADCAST" —STARRING— ALICE FAYE JACK OAKIE JOHN PAYNE COLOR CARTOON —and— LATEST NEWS Blazing Drama! Amazing Facts! THE 120 MOST SHOCKING MOMENTS IN CINEMA HISTORY BECOME THE GOOD HEALTHY PARENTS OF TOMORROW ? HAVE YOU TOID YOUR BOYS-GIRLS/ THE TRUTHS? , AMAZING PRESENTATION — 7rh Annual Toor——— OU$T»DUST« ON THE STAGE-IN PERSON HOWARD RUSSELL COX * 100% GUARANTEED! 7th Annual coast-to-coast Tour! Praised by nearly 4,000,000 who have wiinessed ill Prevued for over 25,000 P-T A Mothers! Endorsed by educators, clergy, health and welfare officials. Don'i miss it! 4 Days Starling Monday, Feb. 16 PALACE Leon Harper, A. B. Kilpatrick, Luther Davis, Gecrtfe Guy Dudley. Bonzell W. _ Williams and Floj-d Esther Harris. knowing the whereabouts of any of them were urged to telephone the draft board, 5452. LITTLE TOO TART DALLAS, Feb. 12. (U.PJ—Depu- ty Marshal E. R. Goss likes his food seasoned, but he ran across come "hot stuff" yesterday that was a little too tart even for him. "One drop was strong enough to make a cup of water boil," he reported. Goss seized 300 cases of hot spices from a warehouse. If a court upholds a libel action alleging the material violates the p-.ire food laws, it will be destroyed. LlflDSEY Now! Thru Saturday THE BIGGEST, LITTLEST SHOW ON EARTH! WALT DISNEY'S Delightful full-length Cartoon! \ TECHNICOLOR —Special— Latest Issue MARCH OF TIME "FAH EAST COMMAND" jTDWERk "NEW YOI TOWN' Starts, Tomorrowl "SWAMP WATER" J BROADWAY Montgomery *E COMES .JORDAN". LYHIC4 TODAY & SAT. ROY ROGERS 9c & 22c -PLUS- CHAPTER 2 "FLAMING DEATH" KIDS 5c SATURDAY 9 A. M: 'TIL 12 NOON LYRIC & TEXAN A TEXAN ACTUS TODAY & SAT- 9 C & 22c HEY KIDS! STARTS TODAY NEW SERIAL 'IRON CLAW" All Kiddies Under !2 Year* oi Age Will Be Admitted Today and Saturday until 6 o'clock for ... 5 Big Double Feature JOHNNY MACK BROWN FUZZY KNIGHT "LAW OF THE RANGE" -ANP- 'TOI J SERGEANT MULLIGAN" NAT PENDLETON CHARTER (5RANTED AUSTIN, Feb. 12. W—-Charters: West Texas Housing & Development company, Midland; real estate, capital stock $3,0i)0, in- corpor a tors: Paul McHargun. George T. Abell, William Y. Peim. Tne ex,Students Association of Baylor university, Waco; benevo- lent; no capital stock, incorporators: G. H. Finland, G. H. Belew, Gladys Alien. Texas Sun Oil company, Beaumont; oil, capital stock §50,000, incorpoartors: G. R. McAlister, John D. McCall, J. F. Adams. Bulgaria is increasing its consumer taxes o;'i wines. TODAY WILD! Thru Sunday That's How He Lived! That's How He Loved! CONSTANCE BENNETT BRUCE CABOT WARREN WILLIAM WALTER CATLETT Jack Roll Halt of the Secret Serrlce No. 7 Color Cartoon Sports BOY LOSES BODY! ARE YOU SUPERSTITIOUS? THEN BREAK YOUR "JINX" AT OUR FRIDAY 13TH JINX PREVIEW —11:15 P. M. ON THE STAGE AT MIDNIGHT MONDRO'S "CASKET The Body Escapes Before Your Very Eyes ... See Everything . . . Come Early! . . . D A r A ftp YOUr Pr6VieW Tickct In Ad ™r.ce . . . PALACE Pwview Tonite 11:1$p.m.

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