Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 3, 1977 · Page 52
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 52

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1977
Page 52
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Page 52 article text (OCR)

·AMI WtDNiDAY, MAKCH 2. 1»77 KONOMIST NiWMWBB, MAO WANT AM UNIt I.-09 P.M. r AND MO P.M. TUMMY VAN DAHM 77 Mercury's SPECIALLY EQUIPPEDI SPECIALLY PRICED LIMITED TIME OFFER! 77 MARQUIS HARDTOP 2 dr., automatic transmission, power steering, power front disc brakes, duraspark ignition system, coolant recovery system, steel belted .radial tires, deluxe _ sound package, deluxe wheel covers, front seat cen- ' : ter armrest, air conditioning pin stripes. S 5455 77 COUGAR HARDTOP 2 dr automatic transmission, "powersteering,- power front disc brakes, rocker panel wheel mouldings. duraspark ignition system, coolant/recovery system, wiper mounted-washers, color-keyed,carpeting, in- sideriood release, steel belted radial tires pin stripes. J 77 MONARCH SEDAN , 4 speed manual overdrive transmission, steel d radial tires, front disc brakes, fuH wheel cov- s, duraspark ignition system, cokxrkeyed nylon ting, bright window mouldings, nigh level venti: : lation. $ 3788 SPECIAL USED CARS 71 MARK IV V-» Eng. Stra. Auto. Trans. AM/FM Stereo Tape. T-Wheel. Crutte Cm.. Fed. Air. Rear wind. Del. Eke. P.S. P.W. Pwr Sean. Pwr. Win- | flow. Pwr. Dr. Lks. Pwr. Trunk , Rah. WWs. Vinyl Roof. Auto. Sen- anel. S*ver Packaae. 71 LMOOIN CONT. TOWN OPE vVW Size. Auto. Trent. AM/FM Stereo Tape. T-Wnael. Cruise CM.. i Factory Air. Rear Wind. Det. Dec. P-S_ P£. Pwr. Seats. Pwr. Wrv- dow. Rwr. Dr. Lks.. Pwr. Trunk RehC RaOW Tkas. WMewals. V[ BcorLanOau. Diamond PiM SfMt 1 IBIeWrTlwWl COaUJpTt S^MtS. iTIMOl AUFM Radto. RaCM Tires. 71 ONKAR XR7 B Engma (3511. AuwneSc Trans. **M Rtdto. Air Conoiuonlng. ..5. P^. T-Glass. Low Maeege. Rear wMow DM. Remote Ccnrol 75 aWNTEMMX V-8 Engaie Oil). Aulo. 10. Air Cond. . . . P.S. P.8. .71BMCK ELECTRA-28" IjCuakm, Auto. Trans. AM/FM Sler- · I XT. J* Cond. P.S. P.8_ Pwr. S I See».-PwT. windows. WWa. Rev ' 75M«D CPE ,V4 Engine. AM/FU Tec*. Air Con. P". tceks. Stver bnry ' '. 8-wey seats, pwr. , 13.000 owl. Ji»L 2 Dr. KT. V4I erglne. auto. taraC' AM/FW aterao tapes, air cond. T.8_ PB. WWa. T^Mat. v* "rear dent*. Xarw Manor. IE. ·5295 ! 3495 5" 4295 1795 75MVSTAIW.MA ,..,.,» 2 Ooor, auloniaHc trans, radio, ak )*J 1 aaall trakes.«medwwaa.w*iyl5pp. cyX w l w w jCfSTOe. CRINSE WH I ^^ Atao. Trans. Fad Air Cona. T- OecBrka.CMaeCanMl.staarj),: J JOBOW. AM/r« Radio Stenw. * , ....lo. Ah Conflmtmmg. ·«*w« SteaHns. njwar Bntn. Wnyi ' , «aoot «». *»Bt. 4295 74 OLDS CUTUSS SUP V-8 Engine. Automatic Trens.. AM/FM Stereo Tape. Power Slter- ing. Power Brakes, tensau Boot 74 FORD CHAN TORHW V4 Engine. AutaneOc Trent, fU- 0*. Air Cond_ Pwr. Strg_ Pwr. Brta.. wliaewsllt. Tinted Glass. Rev Wftijw Qefroeter. 74 MONTE CARLO 2 Or. rwrtw. V-« eng. staa. auto. Vtns_ AM/FM Factory Air. Rev Who. Del, Bee. Pwr. Strg; Pwr. 73 VOLKSWAfiEN BUS R«*J. «r COTattoriig. 73 OLDS OUTLASS SIP. V* Enoln*. Auunatlc Trans. Rs- ora. Air CmHorwiB. Power steering. Power Brakes. Vinyl Top. Cen. mas. I 3595 3695 '3395 75MWCWY CtUNY PRK. WAMN V« Eng. Sbe. Auto. Tram. AM/FM Stereo. Tfe WheeL Factory At. Pwr. Strg. fm. Srks. Pwr. Window. Luggage Rack. m. TO WtML Factory Air. Pwt. S^Pwr. Brts- Pwr. Seta. Pwr. Window. WMewa*. v*yl Boot. LeKhtr tm. 72UNCOLN 4 t00t Sedan. AU/FM Radio. Air CondWonhp, Vinyl Too WM«. leeltw « Mertor. 6 «tr Mtts. KX«3 con. sol » mow. SHARP CAR! 72 CAI. CPL BEiHLE 1 Door HarOon. V« Cnghe. AU1O- naac Tnns. HtfM Stenro. A» Cond. Pwr. Stro. PWT. Srlts. WNtvwaHt. nrnrd Gitn. 36.72! Cert. Man. 71 MM LE SAME * OPS". V-fl tpt»fl. Aiflcrm«lC Trm^ ««*X A»r Con3_ Pwr. Sff9-. ft*. 9^%. WIlllB WadlB, TeTtttrfl OlfrllV. tl KRCIRT MARQ. Ce«d. 7WI«I JJtawr PwrStrg. Pwr. Disc Brks, *lnyl Woot WHn- S 2595 ! 3195 ^595 2850 1295 795 CALL 425-0160 VAN DAHM LlfVJCOLM-MERCURY O A K I AWN 10201 S. CICERO AYE, OALASSI AMC/JEEP 62O1 S. WESTERN AMC-JEIP 100% FULLY WINTERIZED USED CARS 70 PONT. CATALINA 4-Dr.', ,V-8, Auto. Trans., P.S., P.B., FACT. AIR, Radio, WW's '62 CHEVY % TON PICK-UP 6 Cyl., 4 Spd. Jrans., H-D Suspension 73 TOYOTA COROLU 2-Dr., Cpe., 4 Cyl. ; Aiito- Trans., Radio, Bee. RW Defroster. VERY GOOD CONDITION. 70 OLDS DELTA SS 4-Drl, AM/FM Stereo w/Tape, FACT. AIR, Full Po*er, Vinyl Top 73 VESA WAGON Auto r«ns7f*"Cr;AIR 72 CHEV. CAPRICE 2-Dr. HT, V-8, s Auto Trans, Radio, FACT AIR, PS, PB, WW's, T-C!ass, V-Top 72 FORD TORINO 2-Dr.; V-8, Auto. Trans., Radio, P-S,PB,V-Top 74 AMC 6REHLIN 6 Cyl., Auto. Ttans., Radio, PS., X PACKAGE. A REAL BARGAIN AT ONLY 71 MONTE CARLO V-8, Auto Trans, AM/FM, FACT. AIR, P.S., P.B., V-Top. 74 CHEVY NOVA 2-Dr., Cpe., V-8, Auto. Trans., Radio, V-Top. 72BUICK ELECTRA 225 4-Dr., Radio, FACT AIR, Full pwr. P. Seats, Pi Winds., P- Door Locks, Tilt, Cruise, V- Top. ' - - · · · . · · · ' · 74 MUSTANG jl V-6, 4 Spd., Radio, FACT. AIR, P.S., V-Top · - · - - 1095 1395 1395 1695 '1695 1795 ·5 OPEN SUNDAY 73 MUSTANG COUPE 16 Cyl., Auto. Trans., Radio, I P.S., P.B., Super Clean Condition. 71 BUICK ELECTRA 225 V-8, Auto. Trans,,Radio, FACT. AiR, PS., P.B., V-Top. 74 VW SUPER RUfi 4 Cyl., Auto. Trans.. Radio _ '73 POUT. LUXURY LEMANS 2-dr. Cpe, V-8, AuJO. Trans., P.S, P.B, Radio, FACT. AIR, WWs, T-GIass, Pin Striping. SUPER SHARP CONDITION. 75 FORD 6RANADA 4-Dr., 6 Cyl., Auto. Trans., Radio, Pi, 75 OLDS CUTLASS V-8, Auto. Trans, Radio, FACT.' AIR, P.S, P:B_ Radial White- vralls,; Low Miles: 74 ALPHAROMEO SPYKR CONVERT. 5 Spd, AM/FM British Racing Green. Black Top InL OFFER! 1895, 19951 *2495 1495 1395 VISIT OUR COMPLETE CHEMKEES 4-WHEEL DRIVE. V-8. Auto. Trans^ AM/FM Stereo, FACTORY AIR, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Bucket Seats, Cube Control Radial Whitewalls, luggage Rack, Towing Package. R.W. Defroster. AND , MORE. ONLY: 121000 CERTIFIED MIIES. 71 JEEP 4-11 4-WHE DRIVE. V-«. Auto. T»zns, P5, IP.8^ Radio, Rear Step Bumper, WW Snow Tires. ONtY -JSOO CEKT. MILES. ·RAND NKW 77 LTD II 2-DOOR HARDTOf , 8 Cylinder, Automatic Trahai. Power Steering,L Power Brakes. I l l '3861 77JRANADA 2'DOOR AUTOMATIC TRANS. 6 Cylinder, Fully Factory Equipped _JIAIIP I 77 LTD 2-DOOR HARDTOP V-8, Automatic Trans., Power Steering. Powet Brakes 75 TRADESMAJJ DODGE 300 MOBILE HOME l|ll»*. Auto Trane»_FACT v »fe, P«r til |H| 78 FORD T-HRD FACT. AR COND. 2-». H.T. V^. Auto. Trans.. AM/FW Stereo.' Flat Pwr.; Strg. BUt., Seats..WMa. Door Locks: Tut. Cruise. WW».;T-Q1»!U1. V-Top.: Low , Mk» 14^19 Cert. Mlos. DDL Whoel Covers. FACT AIR 2-dr.. H.T.. V-B. Auto. Trans.. AM/FM Stereo. Pwr.: Strg.. Brio. WKda, Door Locks. TB. Cnase. WWs. T-G*B. T-Glau. V-Top. Interior ~ DBCOT Group.' Efcjc. Defrost. Luxury WW. Covers. 13.53? Cert Mites. 71 CRANDfRIX FACT A*.*.* HT.V-8. Auto Trans.. ·AM/FM .Stereo,/Pwr. Strg.. Pwr. Brks.. Buckets Console. WWs. Rtaya WNs.,t T-Glass. V-Top. 10,621 CerL Mats. 71 DELTA ROYALE tt i FACT. AIR. H.T. V-8. Auto. Trana.. .AM/FM Stereo. Pwr.: Strg.. Brke.. seats; «·«». Door Locks. TK. WWs, T-Glats, V-Top. Valour InL 16,1 TO Cert. 786RAIUOA FACT A«COND?4*. VA Auto Trans. AM/FM Stereo w/Tape Pwr Strg.Pwr.Brks, WWa, T-Glass.- ,_ 75T-MRD FACT A* CONE FACT A* COND. 2-Or. V-8 Auto Trans.: AM/FM stereo, Pwrj Strg.. Brta. WlrkJl, Door Locks. Tit WW« iiV-To TMJ COND.. H.T.. V-«. Auto. Trans.. AM/FM Stereo. Pwr.: Strg.. Brks. Seats. Winds-. Door locks. TO. Cruise. WWa. T-Glete, V-Top 75 ELITE FACT. AH. 2-dr. H.T. V-8. Aulo. Tram. AM/FM Stereo. Par: Stro,. Bike.. Door Locks. WWs. T-Glets. V-Top. Interior Decor Group. Wire WM. Covert. . 75 COUNTRY SQWRE WA«ON FACT. AS, V^. Auto. Trens, Rsdki. ~ P«r. Stro,. P«t. Brta, WWs. T^lees. Luggege Reck. 10 Passenger. S3895 J 4995 ! 4595 '4595 $ 3995 '5595 '3895 75 MUSTANd II FASTIACK FACT. AB.-2-OY.. H.T, 4 CiL.. Auto. Trens, Reato. Pwr. strg, Pwf. Brta, · Buckets. WWs. Rely Wrte.. T-Qles«. -17.721 C*rL Mies. . Buckets. HI 75 CwSTM -Sir FACT. 'MM. V. Arto. Trent, MHO. 75 ASTREfMTIAe 2X»- 4 Cy1_ Auto. Tram. AM/FM Slef- eo. fm. Swg_ BucMtt, Conet*. WWe. 24.100 Cen.M*ss. 74 MOUTE CARLO liWM FACT. AH. 2»i V* Auto. Trent. AM/FM Stereo w/Tipa. Pwr. Strg. Brkt. Wtadm. Door Locks. Buckets. Contele. TaX.WW*. Rawre Whtt. V- · Top. S 3595 2950 74 GMNTRY 6201 S WESTERN AMC-JEEP \ N) Doily "H 9 PM Saturday 'hi 6 PM Open Sunday Noon til 5 PM 434-2110 GALASSI AMC/JEEP FACT. ACL **. V* Auft. TIM. R*^ *). »r. Sam, Pwrr Brka.- Wtra. T- QkealC litjiigi Rack. 10 Paaaanaai. Low Meat. 3*ii» Can lawja. . FACT. AIR, 4-dr. V* Arto. Trent. Re- 40. Pwr. Stnj. Pwr. ark*. WWs. T- Owae. v-Top. ., FACT. AIR. 8 CrU Auto. Trent. AM/FM stweo. Pwr. stp, Budkett. contoie. WWs. Rally WHs. T-Glus. 32.160 Cen Man. 71 RWHI OBJ FACT AH. Jx».V-«.Al«o Trsrm- «a- ConMH. lews. T-Okwa. l**y whw- VI TOO. 71 Ul FACT. MR. 2-Ot. H.T_ V*. JMOO. Trtrw. Baafc. *Mr. 9ITB. Pwr. aVk_ WWa. T^attt. »-Ton. Opere WMowt, Ukettgw. I FACT. MR. I«. HT. Atltt. Tjant. «le- «o. Pwr. Sw. *wi. tvkt. WWa. TI Otan.v.T«e. J 3295 12695 J 2395 SPtffT S3rd-54th ON S. ASHLftKD ^·eawa««wa««««wawiatw»wi THE CHEVY SHOWPUCE OF CHICAGO TflLLV NOW SHOWING 77 Chevy Nova 6-cylinder, Auto, Power Steering, Radio, Factory Air Cold 1,026 certified miles / 77 Chevy C-301 Ton Van V-8, Automatic Transmission, Auxiliary Seat. 8,000 certified miles White. 74 Camaro V-8, Auto, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air, Tinted Class.: Red with Black Int \ 76 Monte Carlo Auto, Steering Brakes, Fact Air, Pwr Windows, Pwr Seats, Tilt Wheel, Pwf Dr Locks, AM/FM Stereo Radio, Sun Roof, Vinyl Top Blue with White Top and Blue Int. 75 AMC Pacer 6-cyl., Auto, PS, Tinted Class, Air,' Vogue ,Tires r ^ Radio 11,000 cert, miles Green " 75 Chevy Blazer Automatic Transmission, 4-Wheel Drive, Power Steering, Tinted Class, Air. White.- 71 Ford Bronco 4-Wheel Drive with Auto. Angling Snowplow Turquoise 74 Chevy Vega Hatchback 4-cylmder, Automatic Transmission, Radio. Brown 76 Chevrolet Chevetfe Automatic Transmission, Radio. White with Black Interior. 74 Honda Civic 4-speed, Rear Window : .pefroster, Jirited'- Glass, Air, Radio.. Orange with: Black Int 74 Vega Station Wagon 4-speed, Radio, Roof Rack.-Wood Grain Paneling Bronze with Buckskin InL 74 AMC Hornet Vr8, Auto., Power Steering, Air. 20,000 certified miles. Pale Lilac 73 Pontiac trans-Art . Automatic Transmission, Powar Steering, Factory Air Cond., AJ^/FM. Radio. White. . 72 Olds Cuttass Supreme Hardtop -- Automatic, Power Steering; Factory Air Conditioning, Vinyl Roof. Brown. ; , , . - . INQUIRE ABOUT OUR12/12 WARRANTY $AVE S 5295 3795 SAVE S 2995 SAVE SAVE M195 m S 1695 J 3495 5 1595 THIS WItK'S SPECIAL '7rG(LH.p CHARGER COUPE Must See To Believe! |QQOQOOOObOOQOQo4'o| WHAT'S TRUCKIN' SUBURBAN EXECUTIVE ·OW.YATTMI.YI STAMMMD WmHOK bnlt tiMfeV 'waMiflMOtiaMii ^^wfl_ t^M M e5O(1le|laa» ID Mat, lflat*waW CaOBflawl"/ UVIKMl Ki* ^tti _o. Int. TV. CT INajwO^On.^. ?TflLLV f. , Q x r x 1111^ 4711

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