The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 8, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRJSBURG, ILL,, THURSDAY,'JANUARY 8, 1948 ..·«--~----__________________________________ PAGE mn Communists Banned from Mice in Brazil facial ihc , d ldcr aw.bawing Com- from cfiWallve* posts. t went into eifcct shortly law * ' U night when »as m? khc nor oval of the measure PH bv violent -debate in . J '!·,,.,, tiro-govern- Two pro-govern RED RYDER Not Indian Coffee B y F red-Harmon VJE DOtfl VOAM 1(p PROWL HAIRPIN CORxlE too eeroR? WHOA, PAPOOSE-' 5rt£ll-U COFFEE ·' 5prtseotr MIGHT SPOT us Arip FKSUR6 WE WERE GOLD ncmbers debate left the chamber without protest after the final vote was announced, but other Communists attempted demonstrations in front o£ Use assembly building. * The demonstrations were sup- pres»ed by police and more than j a doyen persons were arrested. Guards at power plants, public industrial plants - r the 14 Communist dcp- utilities and ind TCI \ho had taken-part in thc^rwj^outjLh^cjia "* 1 ----- "·" ' " " " * - - - - " - forced to prevent sabotage. The- Communist party was out- lav.od last May and Brazil broke off relations with Russia in October. The new law cancels the credentials of all Communist legislators, whether national, state or municipal. The Daily Register, 20c a week, were rein- by earner boy. Inquest Tonight Coroner Rees Turner this evening will conduct an inquest into the death of James Henry Cash, 67, Eldorado resident, who was killed by a rock fall at Peabody 47 mine on January 3. The inquest will be held at the Eldorado funeral home at 7 p. m. Nine Killed in Algiers P/one Crash ALGIERS, Jan. 8--U.R--Nine persons, including two children were killed today when a trans port plane crashed and burned near Algiers. Rule Limiting ftnketoall Schedules Doesn't Hinder Invitational Tourneys The Daily Register, 20c a week. COFFEE Monha«on:Vdc. Packed, 1 Ib ---- 53c y lib. $1.05 Golden Hour, 3-lb. Bog $1.15 Tenderized--Half or "Whole Smoked Native Fed !oiiirig Beef Wtf' EVACATED FRUiTS Economical Bags · *y »_..-_-- 1 |h 17c 50 to 60 5j*-f runes, Del Monte Fancy Prunes, 2-Sb box 39c Peaches, WJiif.e Ribbon 11-oz box 20c Apricots, Foncy, 1-ib. pkg. . . . 35c eef Roast Lean Breakfast Qcon By the Piece, lb. Loin, Round, T-Bone, Clubs Beef Steak FRESH Country* Eggs" In Cartons Dozen 45c CHOICE MEATS HOLSUM BRAND 8 oz. Size .Tar Mayonnaise : . 29c 1000 Island Dressing 27c Sandwich Spread 22c Salad Dressing 19c MILK FED VEAL Stew, Ib. . . . . . 35c Roast, Ib 49c Chops, Ib 59c Lean Sugar Cured aeon Squares . . 39c FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS .... BULK BRANDY MINCE MEAT Pkg. Cauliflower 33c Lima Beans 39c Green Peas 29c Whole Kernel Corn 26c Spinach 29c pint 89c Brussel Sprouts _ 37c Lb. __ Ib. 25c Asparagus Tips ._ 41c Tomato Catsup 19c 1 Lb. 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PETERMAN Veteran Illinois Basketball Coach (Written for the'United 1'res.s) SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 8.-- (U.P)--The new Illinois High School Association rule limiting prep bas- hclball schedules hasn't put a damper on enthusiasm for invita tional tournaments in this state. The rule limits teams to 20 games andi two invitational-tourna mcnts or 23 games and no invitational tourneys in the regular season. Despite the rule, there are more invitational meets this year than there were last season, and 1 predict there will be even more next year. It seems that most schools prefer to hold their regular schedule to 20 games and enter two tournaments than to schedule 23 games. J believe the big reason lor this 'is that the schedule has better balance and is easier lo arrange when it includes one or two tournaments and fewer games. Many of the invitational tourneys are held during the holidays and provide a good means for bringing together teams that otherwise would seldom meet. Tourney Realignment The looked-for result of a limit en scheduled games is a crystallization of prep basketball schedules. This will not be apparent for a few years, but before long high school teams will be meeting thc same rivals every year in order to avoid scheduling difficulties. One danger of schedule crystallization might be a demand for a classification of teams, in the statewide tournaments into "A," "B" and "C" divisions. I have heard faint murmurs among basketball men that such a plan may be suggested. It might ease the state tournament ticket situation if the differ- The Ilarrisburg Bull _ . _ ,, , have a fine opportunity tomorrow night lo knock Centralin out.ot the undefeated ranks of the South Six conference when they travel to thc Marion county metropolis for a cage tilt. The Orphans are undefeated in loop play although they haven't done so well against non-conference foes, diopping five out of nine games. In fact, the Orphans haven't I cnt classes would hold their lour- ] 0 $t a South Six game the past two |p v\ft\te» *if f\*i ¥f*\**ni?\i lj"\/**»lir*M*r 1 list f*l TYW» . .... . . _ _ _ . » T _ -- * .. 11 .. t. A . - - ^!, *tt neys at different locations the same week. The new unit school district plan is sure to force a realignment in the state sponsored tournaments In a few years it will no longer L-e necessary to hold district meets. I hope that when the realign- seasons. Last year they beat ery loop team twice to take the title with a perfect record. The Bull Dogs have a record of two wins and one loss in conference play and are capable of handing the Troutmcn their first loop loss in two years. They have I' have class titles, but will stick! to a single state champion. Gold Rush On as Baseball Players Rush to Get Raises CLEANING AIDS By Procter Gamble Tide, large box Duz, large box '. --------- 39c Oxydol, large box _______ 39c Dreft Camay Toilet NEW YORK, Jan. 8--UR-Baseball's gold rush of '48 was on in full stampede today as star players rushed to grab fat raises lout of the bulging money bags of major league club owners. At first glance, it was hard to tell whether it was the players or the owners wlio were the most anxious to get salary terms set- Itled in quick order, bat unless 'some serious cases developed later there are likely to be fewer holdouts than at any time since before the War. That the owners sense the trend seems apparent in the fact that such stars as home run king Johnny Mize of the Giants, Joe DiMaggio, George Stirnweiss, and Tommy Henrich of the Yankees, Ted Williams of the Red Sox, Ewell Blackwell of the Reds, and various others "have been given raises without a murmur. There are, of course, some who still refuse to sign 1948 contracts. iln the American League, Bullet Bobby Feller hasn't "gotten to the pen and ink stage yet with his TooBadDidn' Get Chance to Play Michigan: Leahy KINGSTON, N. Y., Jan. 8--(LIP.) have dropped a contest to West [.Frankfort. Marion will come Ito Havrisburg for its second game 'Saturday night. \ I Centralia has met every South 'Six team once this year except I Ilarrisburg, thus their record is i four wins and no defeats. The j Centralia outfit is small this year, I but the boys can shoot. Harrisburg Coach Ralph Davison this week gave seven men extensive workouts to gel ready for Centralia. He is still using* Yin- son and Brown at forwards, Cummins at center and Jones at one of the guard posts, with Catlin and VanderPluym alternating at the other guard and Cline seeing much iii m place." Leahy, touching "upon the terminated traditional series between I ' f , the Irish and Army's Cadets, said j that although the schools had not entered into any negotiations, "it is my opinion that the Feb. 23 lo Feb. 26.- Cleveland Indians' boss, Bill (series will be resumed in the not Veeck, but no great difficulty is I too distant future." 33c \ Pkg. Strawberries -Sliced Peaches Blue Berries ---- 53c Red Raspberries -- 59c Logan Berries _. 43c Blackberries Cooked Squash 59c 24c anticipated. Feller said at a hunting lodge in Eagle Hiver, Wis, that he wasn't in any hurry to -sign up. He said he was coming to Cleveland on business within 10 days, but that he didn't think he would be ready to discuss his contract at that time. Also playing "hard to get" are I such stars as Detroit pitcher Hal Newh'ouser, who had a mediocre season; outfielder Dixie Walker who has transferred · his allegiance from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh, his brother, Harry Walker, who won the National League batting crown with a .362 figure at Philadelphia and virtually all bands on both the St. Louis Cardinal and Brooklyn Dodger teams. NEW YORK. Jan. 8--U.E--Joe j "I consider it a great honor and Louis signed today to defend his privilege to serve Notre Dame as heavyweight title for the 20th Cen- coach and director of athletics." ,tury Club against Jersey Joe W,al- he said. "I can't think of a higher .cott or "another suitable contend- honor and hope to carry on for No- er" at a New York ball park in tre Dame for a long, long time." Minnesota Cfub to Present football Trophy to Irish Quaker Best FLOUR · 5-lb. Bag . $ .49 10-lb. Bag . $ .89 25-lb. Bag . $1.99 23 Players, One Official Killed In '47 Grid Play NEW YORK, Jan. 8--07.E)--Dr. Floyd Eastwood of Los Angeles University, reported to the American Football Coaches Association today that 23 players and one official suffered fatal football injuries in 1947. Eastwood, who has been tabulating grid fatalities since 1931, said in his report forwarded from La Habra, Calif., that the 1947 total was the highest in 11 years and had been exceeded only in three of the 16 years he had been keeping records. The former Purdue University faculty member, now dean of faculty at Los Angeles University, said the cause for the increase could not be traced definitely but that in -his opinion contributing causes were: 1. Increased use of quick opening plays. 2. Inadequacy of the present type of headgear to distribute force of blows. 3. Lack of padding On the knee which causes head injuries to opponents. 4. Nearly a complete lack of Adequate "warm-up" for players j being substituted. In Eastwood's breakdown of fatalities, he revealed only one college player suffered injuries directly causing death. Four were sandiot players, four played for athletic club teams and 14 were high school players. The official was Opha J. Pohl. 42. Aurora, 111., who was injured when a pass receiver ran into him during a high school game at Geneva. 111., and the college player was John Eidc, 20. of MacAlcster- ;St. Thomas College. Minneapolis. Illinois Boseboll League Willing To Take In New Teams BELLEVILLE. 111. Jan. 8--UK --Howard V. Millard. .president of* thc Illinois Slate Baseball League, intimated today thc league directors would vote two additional franchises at thc annual meeting Sunday if cities in Indiana or Ken- lucky apply for membership. Millard said the circuit is all set to operate during 1948 as a six-team league, but that the di- I rectors probably would be willing 'to expand. . All league teams except Marion have working agreements with major league clubs, and Marion expects to make a major league contact soon, Millard said. jjune. I After the signing ceremony /at 20th Century headquarters, Sol Strauss--acting director--said he hoped that arrangements could be made to stage the bout at Yanked Stadium on June 23. , Box-office men at 20th Century SOUTH BEND, Ind., Jan. 8.-- estimated- that a Ixmis-Walcctt (U.E)--The Minnesota "M" club will (return bout would 3ra\y approxt present the Williams trophy, em-'mately $1,500,000. Louis will re blematicof the 1947 collegiate foot-jceive 40 ner cent of all net re- ball championship to the Univer-, ceipts. This includes gate, radio, sity of Notre Dame at Notre Dame's 28th annual football banquet next Monday. The Notre Dame club of St. Joseph's Valley, sponsor of the banquet, said that Vernal (Babe) Lavoir, former Minnesota football Peanuts and Soybeans In 1933 the production of peanuts in the United Stales about equaled that of soybeans. By last year peanut production had increased 300 star and president of the I- M" club, P er cen t and soybean production will make the presentation. · a* 30 " 1 1.500 per cent Tonight, Friday, Saturday -- 6 p. m. 14c and 40c News of Hie Day March of Time - "The Presidential Year" de CORDOVA-PATRICK LOUIS flRMSTROXfi · WOODY HERMAN Now Showing : \ Return Showing "People Are Fyrany" r Starring Jack Haley -- Helen Walker PLUS: Leon Errol Comedy, Unusual Occupations. Friday 6 p. m. -- Saturday 1:30 p. m. Double Feature -- 12c and 35c IN THE Ha* 1 !Herbs! Chapter No. 2. Thrilling New Chnpter Play "Juniflc GirT Will Be Shown at All Shows Friday ami on Saturday at I.O.t n ***1 * * » I \ 1:30 and ' "5 .'I . _ , , . . Coach Frank Leahy, m a proper- 1 action t hat will get him into thc ly expansive post-season mood, | Centralia game. admitted it was too bad today that Much of the week was working his "great Notre Dame team" on defense, and improvement could not have played the "great ,\vas shown. Davison said his men Michigan team, which had great , definitely are learning to shift coaching and great spirit that j better. made them a great team to beat " i Davison also said that he was { . "Michigan was second to none, see king the reaction of several I '{t,| he said. "But the Irish would j southern Illinois coaches toward , |!-| have welcomed the chance to meet . the idea of holding a freshman the Wolverines any time or any basketball tournament here Irom r ^

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