The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 6, 1975 · Page 29
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 29

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1975
Page 29
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Page 29 article text (OCR)

Sunday. April 6. 1975. THE HKRALD. Provo. Utah-Page 29 CARNIVAL by Dick Turner f e // fte Why Noted Women—Jane Ac/dams NANCY By Ernie Bushmiller By A. LEOKUM Win the New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "TELL ME WHY! "care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions the author will decide the winner. Jane Addams was the founder of Hull, the first social settlement in Chicago When Miss Addams visited a poor area in Ixindon as a young lady, she watched the work at Toynbee Hall, which was the first social settlement in the world This new way of helping poor people with their problems inspired Miss Addams. and when she returned home she wanted to help the poor by using some of the new ideas. In 1889 she started what came to be known as Hull House. She lived and worked there for 46 years. The neighborhood was crowded with new Americans from many different countries. She tried to help them meet their problems of unemployment, poverty, and sickness. But just as important, she tried to change some of the things that caused these problems. She worked hard to get many laws passed. These included an eight-hour day for working woman; child labor laws; and the law that set up the world's first juvenile court. She also started many new and helpful services for the poor neighborhood She started classes in music, art. ballet, and drama. A gymnasium, a club house, and a playgrond were opened, as well as clinics, a kindergarten, and classes in English and citizenship Through her writings and lectures she found people of wealth and importance who would give time and money to her projects. In 1915 she helped found the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and was elected its first president. For this work she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. Jane Addams died in 1935. Icelandic, "geyser" means "gusher." and our word "geyser" came from that FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. How many peas go into a pof 2. How long is a string'' 3. Which is the oldest tree 9 ANSWERS 1. None. You have to put them in the pot. 2. Twice as long as half its length. 3. The elder. I'M MAKING A TOSSED SALAD FOR LUNCH--OKAY ? WHY WE SAY IT There aren't many words we got from the Icelandic language, but "geyser" is one of them. There are many geyers in a certain area of Iceland. In Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: 31x1 equals31. Win the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "RIDDLES. JOKES; TELL ME WHY!" Include Zip Code. The inland Salton Sea in the Southern California desert is 35 miles long, 9 to 15 miles wide and 234 feet below sea level. I THINK I TOSSED THE SALAD A BIT TOO MUCH--- WHERE DID YOU PUT THE BROOM ? "All I can do is refund your money. I can't make up the 3.2 per cent dollar devaluation since you purchased it!" LI'L ABNER , LEFT~SI(SH.'.'- GOULDNT 1 OVERS RJA\ AGIN . WHLJT'S FO' SUPPER - LAST NISHT-JTe HOA WHUT'P \ WE HAVE } LAST NISHT By Al Capp THANK HEAVENS) SHE" ANAKBS THIS is TH' ^-"ius Fo'eir we- NIGHT 6HESJ IS STARViN' Y"" OJ r- j—^-i RATS :: BUGS BUNNY By Heimdahl & Stoffel I CANT STAND THAT RACKET... I'M GONNA SEE WHAT'S EATIN' ROVER' OH-. SHORT RIBS By Frank Hill OU MAY CALL THIS A ANP YOU MAY CALL BUT OUT H££E WE CALL TH/S A STILL LA6O?At?ey DOC FLIMFLAM YOURSELF A SCIENTIST. MOO/VSH//VER (""(£) 1975 t^HU inc T M Reg US Pil Oil WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli I SURE" PIC?... ]\V'| PIDYOJ RNP / IT? i DIDNT:.. B/JT HP^ WINTHROP/ DID YOJ LOSE A PACK OF BUBBLE GUM? MARY WORTH By Sounders & Ernst I WANT you TO MEET SETH, MARX-HE ALWAYS PLAYS BRIDSE WITH SOME CRONIES ON SATURCW NIGHT/SO I'LL JUST HAVE ORA TAKE HER BAGS SARAH/ SHALL I SHOW YOUR COUSIN TO HER ROOM, MIZ MORRIS? THIS \S ROSE MOORE, WILMA.' COULD YOUR FATHER RUN OVER FOR A FEW MINUTES? I SUPPOSE SO!-BUT PLEASE PON'T KEEP HIM LONS/ WE ARE HAVING EARLY PINNER/ STEVE ROPER & MIKE NOMAD By Sounders & Overgard THE CASH FROM 1 5AID, "LEAVE IT AT HOME/ BUT NO/-- YOU HAD TO IMPRESS THE "APRES-SK1" THIS WA5---AW ANNIVERSARY PRESENT/ 50 LET'5 60 PUT THE ARM ON THE MERCHANTS/--AW KEEP TRVIN' TO THINK OF SOME WAY 10 CRAB THE CRAZIES'ACT/ CHEER UP, LADY/ MAYBE IT CAN BE TRACED/ By George Lemont I DR. SMOCK / / lisJK THAN PANCAKg V MAKgOP.' ^^ SON, THIS \S A COAMC NOT A TV JUST WI-TH THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom WHERE HAVE ^00 BEEN TILL •WO ^ ^ * THE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks re's THE PEGFECT THEY LL LET ME .' EVEN I SAW THE GIRL CDLP SHOULDEB JILL'S 'GOOD 0/M.' SO? FOR THAT 14 KIPS ABE GIVING HER THE SILENT TREATMENT FOB THE PUBAT1ON OF A3OOOMILETEIP? GEEAT? T VE SAVED ENOUGH TO ) TIME TO PAY VDUR TRIP TO THE X MAKE A FLOCIPA INVITATIONAL, } NEW STZVCT^ 1 PACJLENE. , By Gordon Bess TOUD YOU NOT TO EAT THOSE- THINGS, THAT L.OOKEP UK£ TOAPST00LS TO ME' FRANK AND ERNEST By Bob Thaves DELI-BEER f !NE • SPIRITS WHAT WlNfc Cots GOOD WITH A PAPtff i«n »» NU. me , i M «,, u s Pll on KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola I CAN HANPLE IT EASILY. PO NOT LET MY CANE PECEIVE YOU. ONLY MY LEFT LES IS DEAD.'.. THIS MR. PRAKE/ OH, I PIPN'T MEAN- OF COURSE NOT/ BUT I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND-DURING >OUR SHORT 5TAY HERE, DO NOT THINK A CRIPPLE ICAN DO ANYTHING THE BARONESS REQUIRES OF ME/.-VDURROOM, \R. DRAKE.' LET ME TAKE THAT PAG, ZANDER- PLEASE.' PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer L I'M WHAT?, ^k'^£7V JENNY LU, YOU'RE OUR SECOND BASEMAN. 1 JENNY LU YOU'RE OUR SECOND BASEPEP.SON.' ALLEY OOP Dave Graue I CAN HANDLE IT OKAY.. AND I THINK I KNOW HOW WE CAN GET IT IN TOO/ CAN WE USE IT WITHOUT THATTRt- FOD THING mOKJ IT? WE ASSEMBLED THE WEAPON, BUT DIDN'T CONNECT THE POWER SOUR-"' WELL, OOR WHAT DO, YOU THINK? OKAY IF ITJZY

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