Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 29, 1973 · Page 76
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 76

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 76
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Page 76 article text (OCR)

ALL EDITIONS WELL^VOU COULD (SET HSR ~ I'O NEVER SUV MVWIFB Ltveiy sweea wesuses A THINS U!«e WAT/ MARVELLOUS' ?A HOLE IN Rred Basset tfli; weddinej was canceled, I DOU that ejofc tjer invitation, $lim,boi)/ Sornj 1 couldn't firatulations funq you an tl n 0 /* STARTED TO OiTOUT OU V OM THE DRIVER'S SIDE BUT SOMEHOW X CAME OUT ONTHIS- Mutt and Jeff f MAY I WEAR IT - TONIGHTS The Ryatta KN1W I OOUU0 ftV" Nancv I STUCK IT IN THE" GROUND OVER THERE WHERE" DIP YOU PUT MY PITCHFORK? GRIN AND BEAR IT By George Lichty tL-t ,-*. Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. IAUVE o GlfFKY r > v_ A ROUSIN© EFFECT ON Now arrange the circled letter! to form th« lurprise answer, u suggested by tht above ctrtoon, llVfN FOIST INVAOI GUITAt An»*en ToJiwiWMMIKMVI—STOlfN You ve had sermons on war, peace, poverty, housing, civil rights, free speech and law and order! ., How about doing a nostalgic one on sin, c|ear?" Astrological forecast "B Z U/I Zsi Gtbor to darling, ( am not Interested, in at cycle was on the upswing. Like many Born under her sign, Zsa Zsa has a soft spot for animals and does much to obtain more humane treatment for cloqj •nd cats. • ^ ARIES (Mirch Jl-April It): Accent Is on home, iecuritv, property values- Stick to what Is familiar. This Is no lime to so far afield. What YOU seelc .could b* c OS* at hand. Cancer Individual 1$ likely to play key role. Give logic equal play to emotional re- fly IYPNEYOMARR Friday, June 2», )t7l s lf d . n !L °. m 5 r r ! L IS RA "••"• IJ ;9d. »2)! Evaluate and it. Jnterested_ln discern, — oet money's worth. Yoi have^right to rece ve credit for con trlbutlons to special prelect. Older person rnay not sea It that way. Hold on to principles. Se f-esteem U Impor twit. AfCfgtp^fiWIity, money —I am Interested In lovel" The havi beautiful Aquarian actress was respond- irlb Ing to my forecast that her financial per: thlnl ., —_ finished. Aries Is .. - correspondence, 9V. 21)t What you "!»y •equally ' I n picture. Accent in correspondence, long-rang* " pro ect, Journeys, knowledge. This T» jme to publish, write, spread views I?, with Intt lecjuil MV»I«, Slop pull sponse. TAURUS (April facts." Involves money, wife .sex, Invi W n&'col&d'.Y wlln SKEW *"*!$' .*& TiWaSKf. Wwf WrfiBf addlfJoftl WcM Si $?«? (^cX^xMuWir! lives, neighbors figure prominently. in«nR7,?H mo • • ' Up, Aqyarius art Accept social Invitation. Keep.mlnd ial . open to various possibilities. You can earn by doing what you enioy. GEMINI (May 21-JUne . ...... M)i Emphasl*- coud arise, if merrledthert could 6 Is on money, personal possessions, business decision Involving a partner "ick fine Go slow. Let others snow their hands payments and collections. Check fin points. Be aware of what Is contains- between ttie,lines. Don't mix money ntas 1 opposf" — .-•-"—«:=• i -1.1. -?e* °* coyr . , surface Involved. CAPRICORN (Dec, 21-Jan. If): Emphe sis Is ,on public reaction to your af forts, If.slnsle, question of marrlas rrled thert could b — -tner and friendship. Key practical. Say what mean what you say. CANCER now you Is to be mean — without Veil r Feb. II) i Onewh requests favor. jGra.nt i nt. extravagant. Plenty o tha: such , Initiative. H (June Zl-Jvly 22): it you. can successful Cy y c, mauve, i-iisnugni me new. Be R endent In thought, action. If percep- v.e, there Is solid aovfnc«rant..F!nd iimgiivc. n tendent In but Veasons'wW"^'¥on/n&~s'a'tW$ with superficial explanations. L£0 (July 23-Avtf. Wi Work aulelly. Avoid making sensational claims. Strive for. harmony. Visit one confined to home, hospita. Cooperate with special charity protect. Taurus, Libra, persons are apt to be In .picture." Soft-Sell aP aroae fi hrlnas results. VIRGO (AMfl. Zl ru h°w. «o,We.wJshAS_e°me being extravagai travel, social life Indie tend now to be scattered. T Gemln persons play prominent roles let In check. (Feb. 19-March 20): Favorabl K mance, lunar aspect now coincides special relationships! ety of experien r ... o your lift. Do ear down for. purposi vaVy' IP — , DA change w ich lam e revising rebuildi HIM. W-SeptT' »)! m|ke, wishes come na,Y ^bt S^.W, too far, too fas*. Friends, are likely to ba Impractical. ^ . You set what you want but you may not want wbat'i good for you. Is very much In picture. of home ,... ... T . to make money save Tt. YOU draw sons Interested In ... T _... T . T .. under Aquarius and Leo. J.ulv be one of vowr most months of., 1W3. Diet Is Your sensitivity to extrem is marked. .'og Know how cannot alwav o vow many per mwslc, m».ny borr -' lulv coul Importan ... .. Important extremes In eafin Friday, taM 21, 1*71 The Arlzdfti Republic §41 - ................ ....... _ • -*•• * ^ ••> IF 5HE. WIRE IN •••WELL •»1KVMT«/«E.!«« THAT *H6 filVt YOU THE NAME. WOULD COME B.V MAIL 6F HER LAST EMPLOyER- AND eUTTHEVVE. NEVER PHONE THE PEWON AT ONCE? Marv Worth NOT FRIENDS! MM A DIRTY RAT. UH•ARC VOU TWO BROTHER AND SISTER? ' WELL!! WHOS YOUR ALWAYS STICK FRIEND BROTHER? Dick Trac\ IT COULD A DIRECT CALL,. -I DON'T KNOW EXCUSE ' ' ANSWER NO... JUST SAID V WAS IT LON© HE WAS PHONINS *k Dt&TANCB? SOMEONE CALLED TO \ GIVE AN CANCEL MR. LASSITER'S \EXPLANATIOM? FOR M.R. LASSITER! THREE O'CLOCK APPOINT MENT WITH YOU, . DRIVER! VOR6 TATER VE MAD6 IT ALL GONE AN' GUESS WHAR , IT ALL WENT" Snuffy Smith SAYINGS FROrA THE THE BUTLER DID IT! ANSWER TO THE (WVSTER9 OF UFE! LET IT KJOLU BE REVEALED- ANCIENTBOOK OF CHINESE PHILOSOEW Winkerbean Ask Andy a/ What is a torpedo fish? -front Julie Laturnus of Cottage Grove, Minn. He is a relative of the flapping rays, the stringy tailed sting rays and the so-called devil-fish that is not so fierce as it looks. The torpedo fish fires off torpedos, but not the sort you would expect. Its ammunition is powerful jolts of electricity. Ho.wever, it is not related to the famous electric eel, which' keeps up a constant barrage of jolts that whack its friends, its enemies and even itself. About 340 gristle-boned rays and skates belong in the bat- winged Order Batoidei. Some families in this fishy group have whip-tails armed with venomous stingers. Others do not. The 36 species of electri<? THE SUBSTANCETHAT DISSOLVES FAT WHILE FASTI N& HAS BEEN ISOLATED AND MAY BE AN IMPORTANT 'FACTOR IN A SUCCESSFUL, lOfTWUUTg PROWCTipNOF THgFAT-PgSTROY|N$ IJU16D - -9 uinssido > OA-OA 'Z omo rays are in the Family Torpedinidae. They are fitted with special organs that deliver large 6r small jolts of electricity. In this group we find the genus Torpedo, which includes the 13 or so large and small torpedo fishes. These stunning fellows enjoy life in tropical and semitropical seas, from the tidal shores out to waters almost a mile deep. A couple called the numbfish and the crampfish live off Australia—where they sometimes jolt cramps and numbness into the muscles of human swimmers. The qrampfish is a half-oval- shaped blob with no tail worth mentioning and the numbfish is no longer than 17 inches. At least two larger torpedo fishes flap off the Atlantic and Pacific shores of North America. The speckled Atlantic species is a roundish disk attached to a strong thick body with fleshy fins and a fat little fan-shaped tail. His average weight is around 100 pounds, although whopping 200 pounders have been caught. The California torpedo fish tends to be larger and 200 pounders are not uncommon. A large torpedo fish can send an electric jolt of 200 volts through the water. This is enough to stun a man for a minute or so, or knock him off his feet. And a shot from a torpedo fish has been known to shock a leopard shark clear out of its aquarium tank w onto the boaro> walk. The two batteries of ator- P£do fish are located in the wings, one on each side of the flat head. These electee or- gans are modified muscle tissue, built from small disks, called plate or prisms. The disks are separated by fibrous connective tissue and stacked in neat columns. Usually there are 400 disks in a column and each battery is a bundle of 150 to 1,000 columns. Apparently a torpedo fish can control the electric shots. He uses them to shock mackerel and other frisky fishes he fancies for dinner. Then he swallows his stunned victims whole. He also uses the battery to protect himself from sharks and other suspected enemies. When threatened, a la/ge torpedo fish shoots off a barrage of electric shocks. The first shot, maybe 200 volts, is the strongest. Gradually his power fails. After the series, his ammunition is spent and it takes him several days to recharge his batteries. Baby torpedo fishes are born alive and they can shoot off mild - shocks, even before birth. Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 2406, Phoenix, Ariz., 85002. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE *WW*r ttTfelt Pvuit Will it Fovm un*«r

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