The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 14, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1932
Page 6
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TEJf TBX DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. 8ATUEDAT. MAY 14, 193X Hood May Fete Principals Miss Lamade Proclaimed As Prince Hood And Her Consort Early This Morning. OPEN AIR CELEBRATION HELD THIS AFTERNOON Shakespearean Presentation To Be Followed By Social Events. Lindbergh Baby's Body Cremated As Father Looks On EDDIE O'BRIEN IS' AGAIN HELD IN BAIL FOR FEDERAL CO tinner for A. Z. Fisher, was painf till?' Goldsborou?h home, near Cilftoa. injured about the body Friday after- i laying spouting A physician was SB noon when he fell from the roof o! Uxe ! mooed and he was removed to his ho He And Clarence Foughn Re- Identifies Remains As Those Of His Kid- manded TO Jaii in Default napped Son. Of $500 Bond. AT MORGUE FOR HALF AN HOUR BUS OF WEROSED 1935, by The AiKXU'.fd Press; Marian Bod? Louise Lanude L'. 5 30 o'clock thss (homore class of Hjod College Marian Rudv. York. to proclaim her Queer. of annual ccllege May EXiv f"st.v.-i»rs and, Louie Larnade. W-lliamsport Pa., to proclaim her Pnnce Hcxxi The:-. they heralded es jester Helen P-lat New York. City, as inaid of honor Kaihenne Pranc-.«s. Pitt^burph. Pa. and as t«-st rnir:. Patricia Sullivan. Xe-w Kensington. Pa. The activities of the dav wer* continued at 10 o'clock the annual father-and-dauzhter baseball game Th* Nfay D.iy '.?'.*· Till b- ^ji at C 30 o clock in trie o?»n »lr theater constructed on the la-an vest of Brodbeck HaE The stage, built betireea fao overhanstng trees, is * suitable set'.L-is lor the presentation of Shakespeare's Midsummer. Nu;ht'.'. Dream before the queen and her court Precedins the arrival of the queen »nd her attendants, an oxertur*- M.SS Rudv York. Pa . ar.d Miss LK.-».ce W.^-rt. Pa . nil: preside at Che ar.r-.--al May bay :?:e at Hyd Ol-.-s- t-«:,»% as Q * «-r. ni Pr.nce Hood They Pa. serenaded :£«£. formally r.oti'yjss ·;i»-ni · : t:iflr tcletik,n the ·· '-- Hopewell. N. J., May 13.--The picture of a father, standing Possess ; on of ArtJc | es For Use alone before the body of his slain son, a mother, secluded in jgrief and President calling for action inspired the mightiest! In Manufacture Of Liquor , law enforcement agencies of the nation tonight to catch the : murderers of baby Lindbergh. | Meantime the wide-flung man-hunters were gripped with Charged. Copper Sliegs on se-.era'. Instruments afternoon formed the basis or Jaiat bond of $500 Hhf u fl'j T.'i --Vk "rLrT-Ie ^LsJre ciaa the growing belief that the criminals who stole the infant r. .: t:ifir f:«ik,n ' March 1 sought ransom after they had killed. " , The focal point Of this school Of thought was the little ! evidence on which O'Br.m and Clar' PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS white coverall sleeping suit the child wore on the night of the j ^hS* ·Z^gf'gS^'l?- A D P I I C n A T T I I M R P P I N H kidnapping. This was missing when the battered body, wasted J titles designed for use m :ae manu- ; AftUULU A1 UUfflDftLftniJ t) a skeleton was stumbled upon in a woods by a negro truck-j^^^^^4?'^.-^!' i i i · .- *· T u»,r nian vesterdav. less than five miles from the Lindbergh home, m the afternoon. J Involve Jurisdiction T O Hear - - . . . . . . was se- a n d 'he d e ' And a garment--purporting to be this same sleeping suit--was ;o ^"i,,"^,;.^ Io j Bank Case. t ^ .^Q^^' ^y wn i c h Col. Charles A. Lindbergh and his 72 year: s. District, court in 1 Arg-arr-i.t on certain preliminary old agent. Dr. John F. Condon, were brought to pay §50,000 ran- j pr *^, ^'j^ ^a^o-Br^ £ r, lev^-or-s, i-.v/·.!::; ;urL«dic'.:or. 1.1 rcf- ' sorn j n the murky darkness of a New York City cemetery. JFoughn. On information they had re- 'X'.'-^-V^--'-^~ d -~ v ^^'Fsr.^ L^CA- These were the sileni facts scrutinized by New Jersey's j^^f ' x-iiti. f *r.T.*r pn-iidt-nt of the _-i:»sed crac k detectives gathered at a distance from the bare Trenton naipfa ; centra-. -ir«.t c,«njMr.y. Gt-^e ^\\^ ; mor g ue w here the famous flyer looked at his first born for RESULT OF WINTER DINNER; ^ ^'L^^^J^; i as t time. ; **** -..^^ u« o B.^ **** .«- ] the circuit Cjjrt _of A..ejan jco ^ 1 ^- Mrs. Lindbergh, who is expecting a child within the next, e " pr tf*^:f s * " exh f"* p$ ',. t= J as ? n " Recommendation that b-.uuic* men o'JS-er's .set for May 23. depends «;xn 'several months, stayed Close beside her mother here, preferring I ..vx^r, {- asy believed to be O'Bneri Midsummer Xi?hfs Dreazr. by Men- . generally of acquaint them- or :.ot tr.e ub^ecturj are over- to remember^her CUrlv-haired bOY as she knew him alive. | norking on a still. delssohn. «-.!! be payed by El=»beth' sehra u;th . h « artnit-os of the Fred- ru'.-d. Jt Is sax · :«^K Q ^K ^oll^^ ,,r.r,T, hie mn-t ' P!lsh --» ahead to i=*'«'-saie. Agent Gabel. viclir.. Ruth Oabel. violirjc^o. cr:ck Ccu ~, F . lrni Bun-a-.i «r.d ,-acour- Mr Cob:e::t7. Charles McC Mathias.; Haggard and worn. Col. Lindbergh called upon his most . Ughtbourn said he came »:ihm »cd Mir^m Rhoads. pjinofort* the annual Mav pole: City Business Men Make Their Recommendation. proceeded :o a point near Incorporation Sale The furniture store of C. C. Caorty has been incorporated, with Mrs. Hallie W. Carty, Mr. J. Walker Carty and Mr. J. Earl Gilbert as incorporators. tt show our old friends that it is still the same "old store," and to acquaint those who have not visited us recently with our policies and quality of furniture, our Incorporation Sale begins today. Prices are lowered as much as 60 fc, and our whole stock is included in the sale. C. C. CARTY INCORPORATED ESTABUSIIED IN ISSS 48-52 East Patrick Street Fredericl, Md. .agWrR^'r tTsupi»« this^ or«ai^a- C Tr.onsos Sv.nirneri,. Gr^.pr L Mschael i n t i m a te friend, Col. Henrv BreckenridgC, to drive him by mot- . distance of the O'Brien ho-Jse and, ° : t o R w-as trade Thursdu ly a c.«nm.l- ! an« S E!n-..-r IJro.\n. of W . named l a , " ; peering from the fohage. saw OBnen fiance, the heralds. Harriet McClelland . fp of x \ c ll-k:'O«-:i biifini-ss'n-.-n of thl* | WM- uidicinionts left for Cum- Orcar tO Iremon. , and Poushn workms on a copper ar- lad Helen Cralc. v.'-U announce the ar- r . lv Those .T.ak::-.K the recomm-nda- ' o-r'ar.d -tnd mil be present, it was When he entered the room where the body lay, the Coroner '. :ic!e - ^l"Ch he thought was a. oO-ga!-. Jival cf the court process.on The ,i 0 " n n c r e M a -.or Elmer F M-.i-ssho»- V.U-K!. j.1 t!-.e jrgamor.t The officers . " ] ion sti". Thinking that they mignt fcdics of the court are Lou.-«i Patter-1 cr sam W Map'.es. R Anv-s Her-.d-· * lU be rrp't-wr.tcd by Gt-or;c M Brady inquired: ^ j escape if he .-ashed them, h* retraced pn. Eleanor Bowles. Kathcrine Fran- rlcfcwi Ka:nn:or.d C' J M Ci.'.l r . nr.d William Carraa. Baltimore. Leo; " " " Ses. Martha Err.erick. Madeline Dodd. nnd \vi:iiair. M Storm ! Welr-.bcr^. t:iL; citv. and State Senator I tizabeth I.~am. Cathrrjje St Cl^^-. hfx nc-v5 men r !n'd o-r tint Df. id Ribb. C.iir.bcrlnnd Mr Pasje u:Il rhetaa Mason and Sara P.V.tor. Predcr'ck'r't- -*as ou 't oil -Ac-i'-h t i i i - t ' b r-previ-.-ed !v William L Ra«!s a-id j "Take that off" requested the colonel in a low, tense voice, j were standing in t! n£n ^rST Patr^ ^kan! ^TM^T^ ^I^t '^ "^^'^/H^rd co^t^ T- · An attendant complied and all except the colonel retired S,TM^ " ;anice^Arch^r._^oJ-sc Larnade ^ ,,;,,,,,' vh ,. r f arn .,.^ ha-.i- i-.-Wo n-.ciuy ' !canv r.)i,ntv on a nct'tson of tne of- from the room. | the men. " ""' ^" ' ' J "It is positively the baby," said Lindbergh after a minute! inspection. tjyi^^ Lindbergh, do YOU positively identify this baby?" A ! ^rl a l l hut'thp facp of the child CU Rll WUL LIlc ld,Lc Ul Llic cniiii. to the road. Tvalked to the ; highway and down to the O'Bnec I house. When, he arn-.ed there, the men ! he front yard. He ' ieth Walton. ( The agents made a search of the i ' I premises out could not locate a still ! !^ I Ughtboum said he believed the men J :gj Hendrickson' Promote In a Huge Showing The Classiest Line Of Quality He was inside the morgue for half an hour. Just before he .£££*£ J^^S SuTS\ md Prince Hood .1 b'.ue j,uit - ;h( . ,.,,,.,.,.; b . LS ,, To Present Comedv. crick. Incre? Upon the'r am\al ?-t the throne, oreanlz-Ti^r.. no '»ibt. ·-'.n.tlc! oc o'. . t.nn Prince Hood w-Jl crown the Queen of · f ur;ncr mutual benefit ar.d « - rcc-rr.- Cjmp.u.;, .r.aamuch as the Tr^st Com-. _ be May. Following this ccrcmonv, tiie' m?nd tn;u oar biLsuw.-B men ge: ora..y ?-·«"· s » Frederick, count} institution, hundred persons gathered in the street, with a special police Senior Class »ill present Midsummer ar qm.-it themselves -»iLh the Kight's Dream for their entertainment, j o { ;[, c F arm Bureau and encotua^c was committed Otner p The play is one of Shakespeares most j farmers to support th.s onrinjatios: " '-ten- rcineot nc the legral iufficiency thannin? conwcie.^. The framei.iorfc is- D iscn«rd Problems. _ _ _ __ _ __ _ Tth^ HwaVd left a hearse drew up and the body was placed inside for trans- ! the house. 'sin;e taey had no search j Portion to a crematory. !LTS^ ^^^^SS , When the colonel arrived at the morgue a crowd of several coop, -here u s h:*mm had seen the j , ' * co ^ '"VT-^n^ nd further that no »ror.*. as alleged. , . , , , d «i co-nm^tcd Other prriiininary ques- detail OH ttanO to Keep O.aer. [ At the grounds of the Crematory the Colonel entered With ' also be argued CQ] Schwarzkopf and Co l. Breckenridge. Jjueen of the Amazons. Maro _ Muns=oner _ ol; cus.vd v.-i-.^ and .: ^ irise when tne fairies interfere In th« ( ^ ^ to f , :r ; ne ^ -he Interest of ti-.t- obtaini:w .-..irr.a;_res love affair* of Hcrrr.ia and Lr?ar-.cer.. Farm Eureal , a; a :npc:1:lg and a.nner rc-or^.x:-..,v t:i.~ clvc ind Helena sr.d Demetrius Tvt:ca "' «evcral months aqo The mwtii.5 vas Compa-.y Appro.Mrr-.itcly 50 per cent. Shakespearian humor is e\h.bited bv;,^^ a fc ,. (Ur ., c , ,.-, c * thx . FXT.-. B.- -i-i-.c b'-. ^--ar.M ir.H plans are go- the Athenian trackmen in the.r desire r " L ^',," a .,.j :!le bv:=.iic.^ men «-r- Sn-..ted' i-.^ :r.\ar« '· obtain others Tne corn- to present the trac«dy cf Pr-'rimus and ^ K .|.-Vs "-rh-" objoct o;' the meet^u ' m/.tco.- sV.. C it.r.K tlte sur.atures ha\e ^·vs to bijsir.CNS tntir'^ts of j m ¥ i ·*:'.! si::, i-s e\erjwhere tney have ' the c ty v t t h the piiipo-v.- ,im; ~.nd use- ' b--cn Ao^..' S' 1 per reit of depos.tors fulr.e^s of the Farm Bu-e.iu TJ S.IIE i". M . e -1 : "' I'-iiiTi Br.cso. Tlju-mont ond t l 'e voiv'.t. 1 ; farn«--s ceri\i .^s r.-.r. ETT..'.-j^-g .'.a'.o 5 ir^:*. it was rr.cri'ib**-? r f tr.e Burca'i x\oro ^^t f r t h s * t ' o i \Vr--i i^^ir 60 per cent in f.ict.s .ind ficin.^. :t:ivl :". \\A^ i v ".r/'Xi of t'u* fnt're r.unib^r hAic Mi on' thT a i.i"s° number of farn*er- are e\t":'r.^ v-^tnm.tve ·*:!! a'Jthirlz-e r.o: .i-.a.^.r.!; t.-.cir^"l\e-: of tho.'-- bon-- a~T.iv5.i! rc-mni.'tee to be;'.r. '.'.e . fits bv rci^on r-t net aff; \\.t-i- cf ^n.)ra- c .:*; t'.i the oriii-.-a:..m n b^ ."' \\a.^ nrTtl 1 --ill p nna ;- ;p;x-r; I ;! n*-ja a and m^re Eo:-.-ra'. rit^ of "he Fa-m B-ir-v i creator \^'' - "J sa^iness f-.-- -o nserchint* It T.IS also fc".' that bus. - "ts.- rr.. n The cast, of tr.e p'.av js as to'.'.cra-s- Herrma. Charlotte Kciona. Louise Patterson. Ly^ndT. V.rftir. a Magee. Dernc.rius. Gladys Sm.t! 1 . Theseivs. Catherine A-."rs K.ppol\ta. Gretchcn V."^.-.elni Esous Gretchen Wanrier: Ph.'jstra'a. Anne Dilv,orth: Oberon. Alice St?.';-; T.tania Louise Locan. P.ICK Mar.e Bro^-.-.. Qu.ncc Vesta Erb. Bo'.t.-m. Helen P.'at Snout Agnes St. C'--..r. Flu'e. Roonna Fahrney: StT.~pl.rt pearl \Vilker Bnu^, Louise Rod"°r^ Slarionettes Oancr. This e-.^nir-z '.''."^ttef ar« spcr^orirg 7. dince to be hold .n Cobler.t: c^ r.c rc--.m f;r all Marten- ''·-" c - ;r -" e " a i^-''.'^"- t. IT..V.-T : ettes. facu.t-. ar.a ^r.ors ar.d assj 1 -irr-^.-ie ;.-.c n'i"rbr- !-.»r- f seniors Sl'.nor N cnols. 33 U r. T-i-ri R -ri i .-ir.d h. r.-..-.-d -_ti charge of the The B ;;« Morn ^'-'-e a.-X.*d fo- an (tprc^'-on .1 orchestra frcrn Y.-r-c ^.1. f tht- :--* «ne After *o~.- tl^cuss-.-n .t mimic decided so h'-ld a rr.~^;.r.3 1-it The M=.y Da-, fest.-. ti-? - "- cra^ a '-'h'.rh ac'.on is-ul-i oe taU:. At a HcrcrirKjO" Mr Cli-r Mr C-.'.'-r ..r... Gives P.-T. A. Frocram. -T- -^ ;;~« p-rrr. B« ei'i -r. 'h- '.··" of Tae pr-*:r2rn f^r t^-; Apr., rrec'.rr of .^* ^ -- A A- Z*. --"^ A^^~j.^.o *.. v.- .- -- 2T.s cl-b. fcat_r.r.c tr.e T..rd b.-»r- ·sras a p.-no K!-D V:-- re a C-rar.d O'c Flair." by Mrs E^'. A play, ' A D^.i o: Cr-.ra Tea ^a? "'·:- sented M^s G»"»~ ··.".-: Tr.?n-.a- v%.v« ably S"ppor"^i ~ TO cas: b- Mrs Hose. Mr? p.-vije V-« Z r- -r,e-rr_ar: Mrs Ti'us M-s M-or= sr.; M- Gvch- nauer Otner ~ -r.:- -. ·.-·- -J-CJ-AT rectors ^^"·-t of -.~a- u^--. .-"^rc ·All Ab:--, Gxrrc W^- -..-;:. r. ' Sva Safrit. par.:orr..n-.: Tr.e S ar-Src,r;',ec Banner" ~- ?.-. ^oe Dj:roi. ?'.-xi;c .^ ' ?la£~ Sa^fT.r H3i: :eas.r= 3- -- Michse' sr- ^ F^-r.-r ' T.e I^r.c: '--V-e hey presented before commissioner sn axe. zound at :hicken COD?, a monkey a-rench. an irc- The three silently witnessed the cremation. They saw the i provised j^ 1112 ;^; ^"omniL^e^^ed tated Fnd.r-. in the tiork of oo( ]y lowered into the retort by three engineers and assistants. ' O'Brien for wlia: purpose he had been ~rJ^T'°?-.!.°' Without visible emotion, they peered for a moment through , ^TMs '- The axe. 6'Brien said, ^as \s± .ii..ii L »ii« us^fi the transparent opening provided for special witnesses. ' ^^ Then the bereaved father turned to the superintendent of c the crematory, shook his hand, and said: |dust--and copper is used in tne manti-' "I thank you." I facture of stias. The evidence was. _ _ _ . . , » i * » t i 1 1 - - · i Quite suSi-ifintt tlic couirn^sioncr rui^. Officialdom--backed by outraged public opinion and spur- ^ he hel;i ^.^ ^^ ;o _ Da . nc; ; red by President Hoover himself into making this the most in- court. Arrested Before. Ever Shown For The Price See and Examine. ·. ., the Crepes, each one new this season. . . . ^ ^ ^ .-^ ,_ -- Crepe--Crepe Senoussi--Kaskade Crepe facTtrrCqueSy j i| --Chalkrepe . . . All Silk and Washable. rV-»r? Tr-*-i rnnrv^r '^y^ tre -^^t.^ of tit % closed tensive man hunt the world has ever known--displayed a desire to write a sequel to the story. The call from the White House for a search "never to be' ff-f* J -_ ·' i O'Brien has been ir. I.qjor trojile ! · several times before. When arrested · j These Lovely Frocks are made carefully by master-makers (not down to a price) and we are prond to show them. When yon see these beautiful styles you'll know why we enthuse about them. to reor~- re laxed until the criminal implacably brought to justice" was he arrested by federal agents.; ^ TM *"."* "e\t fc*\ cays to s 3'. P-IO'.'\=\ ille and Fjrm Knrru KducaUonal. ..-". . f · ^ F-r:-i B-aroa's s« lv -ic'.-.".-.·- ·vf 'he b"~eau should Dr. Condon and John Hughes Curtis. Norfolk. Va.. who ca me to h-j home, figured in the case as intermediaries with the supposed kidnappers were questioned throughout most of last night by police DPI on the Lindbergh murder in an attempt to get an official pic-' lure their activities in the flyer's behalf. Swiftly the New Jersey investigators were piecing together i D'-jan t- rr.'.o Fndar /"ax F.Vr-'-v- V^-X"".;*/A-C^-.ion The the full story of the events that followed the sensational abduc- .*. .: -j - Fnrtr. s-re-w are *dixa- r j on 73 d a y s ago. iluch of such information had been withheld 'V ,, : ; r Co-x-u:-^ a.'--^.^^r. J pro- from them because of private investigations and negotiations. ^ .\ x-ni i-ar-.--, f-r th- wie an,. Col. Lindbergh himself aided them in mapping the man- ximi- · ; f.i-r~ .". -ciicts ;· the best', .,,.._,,,.,,,,,._ , hunting campaign. Rescued By American Steamer Off Coast Of Ireland. The Last Sad Chapter Missinc Child Found -ear Sr.-^.vt;-xr. P.-.c-' .".id ^ r. -.s^c-i sea.-- r.. STICKLER SOLUTION f P3DE//ATDPT3 TAT, BIB, DID, P£P Tr.e Jour ^orcL 1 - ^·ard. Tnt% v* fr TH* .hO-.Tr-^t^L'rC s-d «-d t«ck- i;; x Jw Ictrt-s ·FLYER IS SLIGHTLY HURT , tac crtrna-.orj o. Rj;e H-- C.-t ",,» i-^cy cf r_ -v-. .-. a Trert-r. N' J ur.dertak.ris room, bowed ha head and. said ir. a h^: -,', C "»"..- A ... -.^ .~ I ~.ibe - r- J- »AS on the AAV- to a ;rem*tor% It HAS .r.e '.i»; ,-i.d c In -ib^-.e p.vt..~e t .' ^xi - : ;a^ b"ie-eed c.irl.-' little oov 'oe.r.s bor~.e in a a? esrir Fr.»d. S S Pres-dent Roost-, e'.t May 13 -- : Lou i.e.cnors tne ir37i^ r *' l ean c ..^er 3-35 res-""jrd fr^rn the turouler.t Atlantic off tie so'j'r'em ttr of Ire.air. tor.ight 'oy a Kieooat cre-v frorr. t.te prw-den- Rocifrve.t ; The Xe^- Je^scr speed fiver ^ras I forced to oron h'^ - j?.d-b^f feted ir.Dr.c- P^ne ^it^* r .tie oc~ sn near *.^e .^ie-- ' befvjse of a crac'-ced vnns. damag-'-c fu.«?la;e ar.d fjsl sh--3?-- He suffered a orcen -"s a ?~- lacera - «c face The Iv-r'sc-t en the br.cce ^^ritei 'he 1 plane fl.rter.r.3 to :r.e surface at 910 p rn _ Greenwich rnesn t.rr.e '4 10 D nine. irr;rretu3' "!v prrps-'xi to i?.t- aboaru th" occ-«rant of th? sh.p. dc- so-te sess and a dar.gtrotS s-yj'h- The l.r.e- vis iran^u^red a- r.c^r boa- Xo !·"»"v-.-Ji Chief Of:"ic~r Mar.- 1 The l.feboit rr^c.e f:-r the rnono- plarx; ar.d after cUr.cerOi.s cj-cljig ! rratle fast Ions er.o;;cr. to '..ft out the j exhausted frrrr. the pilot's seat (The Kovxseie'.t. rnear.wh.le tvas lower-' ! .rig her sh p's ladder and niinu'-vennc . jss r.e^r -- - ble to the lifeboat I Chief Off .cer ar.d h s cre-a | 'caught the ladder ar.d the flyer *MS ; carr.ed aboard The sea -eras runnel a ' ! too high to salvage e.lher Uie lifeboat j i or tiie plane. i ' present a Strikingly Effective Collec- tion, portraying the Originality of Half size Jacket Frocks, fhaf cou'd not be made better. The models or* those simple, wearable, well - tailorea" dresses that Fit--slenderizing and flattering COLORS as bright as Spring, cs well as Navy and Biack. A T A NEW LOW PRICE $).90 Complete ran^e of Misses' and Women's nzes. also in-between sizes, j . r. a car be.iuii acl a lew m^iutes tbe c^ci's body WAS reduced to ashes I Falls From Roof. j S. Hato. i!6 Sas; T^rd street,) /"· -MERCHANDISE OF MERIT ESTABLISHED 1877 -^^^-,^-^--;.^--,!.^^-- _________

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